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                        BEST OF JAMAICA 2009 POLL
                                  WE WON!
                   (Your company/event/organization/band/etc.)
       HAS WON THE BEST OF JAMAICA 2009 (Award Category) in (Name of City)

(Your City, Your State, Date of Press Release)

We are pleased to announce that we have won the 2009 Best of Jamaica (Fill in category) in
(Name of city). (Name of company/event/organization/etc) was the top choice among the more
than 40,000 individuals who responded to the online survey at

(Add your quote about winning here. See examples below.

For example, "We are very happy to have won the 2009 Best of Jamaica award for the Best Place
to Meet Other Jamaicans in Los Angeles, California, "said (Insert name of your contact
person)."We are proud to have our efforts recognized. We want to thank all the supporters and
fans who voted for us."

For example, "(Fill in the name of local reggae arts) has won the 2009 Best of Jamaica award for
Best Local Reggae Artist."It's great to have the recognition for my music from the global
community of reggae fans, "said (insert name of quoted musician).

For example, "(Insert the name of your restaurant) has won Best Local Jamaican Restaurant in
Toronto, Canada, in's Best of Jamaica 2009 survey."We are happy to serve real
Jamaican food and traditional Jamaican recipes to local residents," said (insert name of contact
person). "We try very hard to give our visitors a real taste of home."

ABOUT (Name of company/organization/event/etc)
(Insert information about your organization/event here.

For example: The ThinkCenter Restaurant opened in (Name of city) in 1990. It specializes in
Caribbean foods. The restaurant is located at (insert your address and phone number here.)

Members of the press may contact (put contact name here) for an interview.
(Insert all contact phone/fax numbers and addresses here), the premier online community for Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica, has
conducted the Best of Jamaica poll online for ten years. Visit the website of and
see what else we have to offer.
Out of many one people online
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