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									                                                                                                                                     English/Courses of Instruction              151

measures of sound and their units ; noise generation                                                                      232 American Literature II : Civil War to the Present
and transmission, noise control principles and appli-        ENGLISH                                                      (3) Development of American literature from Civil War
cation, materials and procedures for noise abatement.                                                                     to the present.
Prereq: 431.                                                  101 English Composition I (3) Expressive, informa-
                                                             tive, and persuasive writing, with emphasis on invention,    233 Major Black Writers (3) Black American literature
442 Fluid Mechanics II (3) Differential forms of the         organization, style, and revision ; practice in writing      as a literary tradition.
basic laws ; compressible flow, isentropic flow, shocks,     journals, letters, and reports, as well as expository
duct flows with heat transfer and friction ; open chan-      and persuasive essays ; intensive study of prose for         237 Honors American Literature I : Colonial Era to
nel flow, critical flow, energy methods ; internal and       meaning and ways of expressing meaning ; confer-             the Civil War (3) Enriched section of 231 designed for
                                                             ences on individual writing problems . A,B,C,NC grading.     students with a 3 .25 or higher GPA.
external viscous flows, boundary layers, elementary
turbulent closure models . Prereq : 341, Mathematics
                                                             102 English Composition II (3) Analytical writing based      238 Honors American Literature II : Civil War to the
231.                                                         on the study of literature and the study and practice        Present (3) Enriched section of 232 designed for stu-
                                                             of research writing ; individual conferences . Prereq:       dents with a 3 .25 or higher GPA.
 451 Similitude and Dimensional Analysis (3) Dimen-          101 . A,B,C,NC grading.
 sional analysis, Buckingham's theorem, dynamic                                                                           248 Honors Introduction to Poetry (3) (Enriched section
similarity, scale modeling ; dimensionless forms of well-    103 Writing Workshop (1) Self-paced laboratory course        of 251 designed for students with a 3 .25 or higher
 known equations, invariance of differential equations       only for students remanded to it at the beginning of         GPA.
 under transformation groups ; reduction of systems          the semester by their English Composition teachers.
using group invariants . Prereq : 321, 341, Mathemat-        Individual instruction in grammar, mechanics, sen-           251 Introduction to Poetry (3) Poetry as a distinct
ics 231.                                                     tence patterns, and paragraph development . To receive       mode of artistic expression . Critical tools for percep-
                                                             credit, a student must participate at least two hours        tion reading of poems.
453 Project in Design and Development (3)                    per week and must also pass the 101 class in which
Conceptualization, analysis, design, and presenta-           he or she is currently enrolled . Satisfactory/No credit     252 Introduction to Drama (3) Critical tools for perceptive
tion of an engineering science project . Prereq : 301,       grading.                                                     reading of play texts.
senior standing in E&SM, and a grade of C or better
in 231, 321, 341, and 351.                                   118 Honors English Composition (3) Open only to              253 Introduction to Fiction (3) 5-7 novels from the
                                                             those students selected on the basis of placement            eighteenth through the twentieth centuries, with empha-
455 Computer-Aided Design (3) Computer graphics              scores and high school record . Grading scale and            sis on English and American authors . Critical tools
and analysis programs for design of selected machine         workload the same as regular sequence . Expository           necessary for judging longer works of fiction.
and structural components and systems ; evaluation           and analytical writing based on the study of literature
                                                             and non-fiction prose ; the study and practice of research   258 Honors Introduction to Drama (3) Enriched sec-
of design alternatives . Prereq : 351.                                                                                    tion of 252 designed for students with a 3 .25 or higher
                                                             writing ; individual conferences . Students receiving a
                                                             grade below B in 118 will complete a year's work in          GPA.
461 Experimental Stress Analysis (3) Theory, tech-
niques, and instrumentation of resistance strain gauges;     English composition by taking 102 . Students receiv-
                                                             ing a grade of A or B will complete their freshman           263 Introduction to Creative Writing (3) Practice in
theory and techniques of brittle coating method ; intro-                                                                  writing poetry and fiction, combined with study of models
duction to other strain measuring devices . 2 hours          English requirements by choosing 102, a sophomore
                                                             literature course in the English Department or 355.          and techniques.
and laboratory . Prereq : 321, E&CE 301.
                                                             A,B,C,NC grading.
                                                                                                                          268 Honors Introduction to Fiction (3) Enriched sec-
463 Photomechanics (3) Photoelasticity, photoelas-                                                                        tion of 253 designed for students with a 3 .25 or higher
                                                             121 English Grammar Review for Foreign Students
tic coating method, Moire' method, interferometry,           (4) Comprehensive review of English grammatical struc-       GPA.
and holography . 2 hours and laboratory . Prereq : 321,      tures . Required during their first semester in the
Physics 232.                                                 University of all foreign students who demonstrate on        281 Introduction to Film Studies (3) Selected world
                                                             the English Placement Examination a need for work            cinema feature films . Critical techniques necessary
465 Dynamic Data Acquisition (3) Use and calibra-            in English structures . Admission to this course is by       for understanding and analysis of narrative cinema.
tion of instrumentation for measuring and recording          the English Placement Exam only . Meets four hours           Basic elements of film expression and contours of
dynamic events ; Fourier analysis, transfer function         a week . A,B,C,F grading.                                    film history . Writing assignments.
analysis, digital signal processing, transduction, exper-
imental parameter estimation with applications to modal      131 Composition for Non-Native Speakers of Eng-              301 British Culture to 1660 (3) English literature in the
vibration analysis . 2 hours and laboratory . Prereq:        lish I (3) Paragraph and composition organization and        context of parallel developments in art, architecture,
431, E&CE 301.                                               development with emphasis on informative and per-            music, and social and intellectual history.
                                                             suasive writing . Includes grammar and mechanics.
471 Clinical Engineering and Bioinstrumentation (3)          Individual conferences . Admission to this course is         302 British Culture : 1660 to present (3) English litera-
Function and characteristics of health care delivery         by the English Placement Exam only . A,B,C,NC grad-          ture in the context of parallel developments in art,
systems including hospital organization and health           ing.                                                         architecture, music, and social and intellectual histo-
care economics ; development and management prin-                                                                         ry.
ciples for a hospital-based clinical engineering program.    132 Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English
                                                             II (3) Writing based on reading and discussion . Empha-      306 Introduction to Shakespeare (3)
Biomedical instrumentation system operational char-
acteristics ; performance of transducers, signal             sis on research techniques and writing research papers.
                                                             Individual conferences . Admission to this course by         332 Women in American Literature (3) Women as
conditioning, data readout and storage devices ; eval-                                                                    writers and as subjects in American literature from its
uation of commercially available systems, selection          the English Placement Exam only . A,B,C,NC grading.
                                                                                                                          beginnings to the present . (Same as Women's Studies
and procurement methods, custom-designed sys-                                                                             332 .)
tems, equipment maintenance and control programs             201 British Literature I : Beowulf through Johnson (3)
                                                             Major literary works from three periods : Middle Ages,
for hospitals . Ethical issues and professionalism in        Renaissance, and Restoration and Eitheenth Centu-            333 Black American Literature and Aesthetics (3)
clinical engineering . Prereq : 271, E&CE 302.               ry.                                                          Black American literature and aesthetics since 1899,
                                                                                                                          with emphasis on cultural evaluations and the princi-
473 Biomechanics (3) Mechanical properties of living         202 British Literature II : Wordsworth to the Present        ples of being "American".
tissues ; biomechanics of injury ; mechanics of prosth-      (3) Major literary works from three periods : Roman-
eses ; material compatibility of prosthetic devices;         tic, Victorian, and the Twentieth Century.                   334 Film and American Culture (3) American films as
biomechanical problems related to impact . Prereq:                                                                        both works of art and social documents . Relationship
321.                                                         207 Honors British Literature I (3) Enriched section         between the medium of film and American culture in
                                                             of 201 designed for students with a 3 .25 or higher          the twentieth century . (Same as American Studies
475 Design of Artificial Internal Organs (3) Design,         GPA.                                                         334 .)
development and evaluation of artificial internal organs;
analysis of transport processes in therapeutic devices       208 Honors British Literature II (3) Enriched section        351 The Short Story (3) Emphasis on 20th century:
for design optimization ; review of currently available      of 202 designed for students with a 3 .25 or higher          American, British, and International.
devices ; federal regulation and ethical considera-          GPA.
tions . Prereq : 341, Mathematics 231.                                                                                    355 Advanced Expository Writing (3) Strategies of
                                                             221 Literature of the Western World I : Ancient, Medie-      writing on personal and academic subjects . Discus-
476 Transport Phenomena in Living and Life Support           val, and Renaissance (3)                                     sion of student and professional writing . Open to
Systems (3) Application of mass, momentum and heat                                                                        sophomores with instructor's consent.
transport theory to quantitative analysis of in-vivo phys-   222 Literature of the Western World II : Enlightenment,
iological function ; analysis of transport phenomena in      Romantic, and Modern (3)$                                    363 Writing Poetry (3) Introduction to writing poetry.
life support systems including design considerations         227 Honors Literature of the Western World I (3)             364 Writing Fiction (3) Introduction to writing novels
for artificial organs ; application to blood rheology,       Enriched section of 221 designed for students with a         and short stories.
cardiovascular dynamics, mass diffusion in bio-mem-          3 .25 or higher GPA.
brane systems, and heat transfer in living systems                                                                        365 Writing Drama and the Screenplay (3) Introduc-
and extracorporeal blood flow devices . Prereq : 271,        228 Honors Literature of the Western World II (3)            tion to writing one-act and full-length plays, as well as
Mathematics 231.                                             Enriched section of 222 designed for students with a         screenplays.
                                                             3 .25 or higher GPA.
494-495 Special Engineering Science Topics (3,3)                                                                          371 Foundations of the English Language (3) Pho-
Problems related to recent developments and prac-            231 American Literature I : Colonial Era to the Civil        nology, morphology, and syntax of English . History of
tice. May be repeated once for credit . Prereq : junior      War (3) Development of American literature from its          the English language to 1800 . (Same as Linguistics
or senior standing, consent of instructor.                   beginnings to the Civil War .                                371 .)
152     Courses of Instruction/Entomology and Plant Pathology

372 The Structure of Modern English (3) Survey of            421 Modern British Novel (3) Includes such authors            472 American English (3) Phonological, morphologi-
approaches-traditional, descriptive, and generative-         as Lawrence, Joyce, Woolf.                                    cal, and syntactic characteristics of major social and
transformational-to the structure of modern Eng-                                                                           regional varieties of American English, with attention
lish . (Same as Linguistics 372 .)                           422 Women Writers in England (3) Emphasis on the              to their origins, functions, and implications for cultural
                                                             literary consciousness and works of British women             pluralism . Prereq : 371 or 372 or Linguistics 200 or
376 Colloquium in Literature (3) Methods and objectives      writers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries . (Same     consent of instructor . (Same as Linguistics 472 .)
of literary study ; conferences to plan student's pro-       as Women's Studies 422 .)
gram in major.                                                                                                             474 Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Lan-
                                                             431 Colonial, Federal, and Early National American            guage I (3) Grammatical structures of English with
379 Literary Criticism (3) Historical survey of major        Literature (3)                                                emphasis on particular grammatical difficulties of non-
works of literary criticism.                                                                                               native learners of English . Basic phonological struc-
                                                             432 American Romanticism and Transcendentalism
                                                                                                                           tures of English . Teaching grammar and phonology
381 Introduction to Folklore (3) Essential terms and         (3)                                                           to non-native speakers with some attention to con-
concepts in modern folklore-folk-life studies . Empha-       433 American Realism and Naturalism (3)                       trastive analysis of English with other languages . Prereq:
sis on North American materials : folktale, folksong,                                                                      Second year of a foreign language . (Same as Linguis-
myth, legend, proverbs, riddles, superstitions, dance,       434 Modern American Literature (3) World War Ito              tics 474 .)
games, and architecture.                                     the present.
                                                                                                                           475 Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language
385 Literature of Adolescence (3) Reading of con-            435 American Novel Before 1900 (3) From earliest               II (3) Second language acquisition theory . Issues in
temporary fiction and non-fiction written expressly          sentimental novels through Brown and Cooper, and              teaching the four language skills to learners of Eng-
for adolescents.                                             major figures to 1900, including Hawthorne, Melville,         lish . Materials and methods of language teaching and
                                                             Stowe, Clemens, and James.                                    testing with emphasis on preparation of materials.
389 Literature of the English Bible (3) Types of litera-                                                                   Observations of and team teaching with experienced
ture in the Bible : legend, folktale, history, biography,    436 Modern American Novel (3) Authors such as                  staff member . Prereq : 474 . (Same as Linguistics 475 .)
poetry, prophecy, apocalyptic . (Same as Religious           Faulkner, Steinbeck, Welty.
Studies 389 .)                                                                                                             480 British and American Ballad and Folktale (3)
                                                             441 Southern Literature (3) Southern writing from             Popular ballads and folktales of English, Scottish, and
401 Medieval Literature (3) Reading and analysis of          colonial period into the twentieth century, including         North American tradition.
selected medieval literary masterpieces in modern            frontier humorists, local color writers, and southern
English.                                                     literary renaissance.                                         481 Studies in Folklore (3) Topic varies . May be repeat-
                                                                                                                           ed with different topic. Maximum 6 hours.
402 Chaucer (3) Reading and analysis of the Canter-          442 American Humor (3) Development of American
bury Tales and Troylus and Criseyde in Middle English.       humor from the early nineteenth century into the twen-        482 Major Authors (3) Content varies . Concentrated
                                                             tieth century, with particular emphasis on Mark Twain.        study of at least one of the most influential writers in
404 Shakespeare I : Early Plays (3) Shakespeare's                                                                          British or American literary history: e .g ., Donne, Ten-
dramatic achievement before 1601 . Selected plays            443 Topics in Black Literature (3) Contents vary accord-      nyson, Jane Austen, Whitman, Faulkner, Baldwin or
from the romantic comedies (e .g ., Twelfth Night), the      ing to particular genres, authors, or theories from           Lawrence.
English histories (e .g ., 1 Henry IV) and early tragedy     1845 to the present, including Langston Hughes and
                                                             the Harlem Renaissance, Richard Wright and Gwen-              483 Special Topics in Literature (3) Topics vary. May
(e .g ., Hamlet).
                                                             dolyn Brooks, writing by Black women, international           be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
405 Shakespeare II : Later Plays (3) Shakespeare's           Black literature in English, and Black American auto-
dramatic achievement between 1601 and 1613 . Selected        biography.                                                    484 Special Topics in Writing (3) Original writing inte-
plays from the great tragedies (e .g . Othello), the prob-                                                                 grated with reading, usually taught by a professional
                                                             451 Modern British and American Poetry (3) From               author . Topics vary . May be repeated . Maximum 6
lem plays (e .g . Measure for Measure), and the dramatic     Yeats and Frost to Auden, Stevens, and more recent
romances (e .g . The Tempest).                                                                                             hours.
                                                                                                                           485 Special Topics in Language (3) May be repeat-
406 Renaissance Drama (3) English theatre between            452 Modern British and American Drama (3) O'Neill's
1590 and 1640 . Representative plays by Shake-                                                                             ed . Maximum 6 hours with consent . (Same as Linguistics
                                                             works as precursors to modern dramatists, such as             485 .)
speare's contemporaries (e .g ., Marlowe, Webster,           Williams, Miller, Albee, and representatives of Black
Jonson).                                                     theater, like Sullins and Baraka.                             486 Special Topics in Criticism (3) Content varies.
                                                                                                                           Special topics in theoretical and practical approaches
409 Spenser and his Contemporaries (3) Principal             453 Continental Drama (3) Plays in English transla-           to British and American literature . May be repeated
achievements in prose and poetry of sixteenth-               tion by major European writers from the late Renaissance      with consent of department. Maximum 6 hours.
century authors such as Spenser, Wyatt, Marlowe,             to the present, with some emphasis on the twentieth-
More, Sidney and Bacon.                                      century achievement.                                          489 Special Topics in Film (3) Content varies . Partic-
                                                                                                                           ular directors, film genres, national cinema movements,
410 Milton, Donne and their Contemporaries (3) Prin-         454 Twentieth-Century International Novel (3) Such            or other topics . May be repeated with consent of
cipal achievements in prose and poetry of the first          authors as Joyce, Camus, Kafka, Nabokov.                      department. Maximum 6 hours.
two-thirds of the seventeenth century (such as the
poetry of Milton, Donne, Marvell ; and the prose of          455 Persuasive Writing (3) Persuasive strategies in           491 Foreign Study (1-15) Seeing, studying, and writ-
Browne, Bacon, Walton).                                      student and professional writing . Practice in master-        ing about drama as performed in London and Stratford-
                                                             ing effective logical and emotional appeals.                  upon-Avon during the summer . See page 97.
411 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Poetry and
Prose (3) Dryden, Swift, Pope, Johnson, and their            456 Professional Writing (3) Principles and practices         492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) Seeing, studying, and
contemporaries with emphasis on major works such             of writing for publication . Dissertations, theses, arti-     writing about drama as performed in New York City.
as MacFlecknoe, Rape of the Lock, Gulliver's Trav-           cles, and reports in science and technology . Prereq:         See page 96.
els, and Rasselas.                                           459 or consent of instructor.
                                                                                                                           493 Independent Study (1-15) Tutorial in subjects
412 British Drama from 1660 to 1800 (3) Playwrights          459 Advanced Technical Writing (3) For students               not adequately covered in regular courses . See page
from Dryden and Wycherley to Goldsmith and Sheri-            planning careers in industry, education, and govern-          96.
dan, including formal developments such as heroic            ment who need technical writing skills . Writing of
play, cynical comedy, affective tragedy, and exempla-        definitions, process descriptions, sets of instruc-           497 Senior Honors I (3) Admission by consent of
ry drama.                                                    tions, descriptions of mechanisms, recommendation             department.
                                                             reports, abstracts, proposals, and major reports . Prereq:
413 The Eighteenth-Century British Novel (3) Selected        Junior standing in student's major or consent of instruc-     498 Senior Honors 1I (3) Admission by consent of
British novels from Defoe and Austen.                        tor.                                                          department.

414 Romantic Poetry and Prose I (3) Emphasis on              460 Technical Editing (3) Editing technical material
Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Blake, with readings from         for publication . Principles of style, format, graphics,
Lamb, De Quincey, and other prose writers.                   layout, and production management . Prereq : 456 and          ENTOMOLOGY AND
                                                             459, or consent of instructor.
415 Romantic Poetry and Prose II (3) Emphasis on                                                                           PLANT PATHOLOGY
Keats, Shelley and Byron, with readings from Hazlitt,        463 Advanced Poetry Writing (3) Development of
Peacock, and other prose writers.                            skills acquired in basic Writing Poetry course . Prereq:      306 Forest Protection (3) Biological, economic, and
                                                             363 or consent of instructor.                                 legal considerations of fire, pathogens, insects, ver-
416 Victorian Poetry and Prose I (3) Emphasis on                                                                           tebrates, wind, and pollutants in the forest ecosystem.
authors such as Tennyson, the Pre-Raphaelites, Car-          464 Advanced Fiction Writing (3) Development of               2 hours and 1 lab . Sp, E
lyle, Newman, and Mill.                                      skills acquired in basic Writing Fiction course . Prereq:
                                                             364 or consent of instructor.                                 313 Plant Pathology (3) Principles of plant pathology
419 Victorian Poetry and Prose 11 (3) Emphasis on                                                                          illustrated by diseases of common agricultural crop
authors such as Browning, Arnold, Hopkins, Hardy,            471 Sociolinguistics (3) Language in relation to soci-        plants. Prereq: Six hours of Biological Science . 3 hours.
Ruskin, Darwin, and Wilde.                                   ety . Empirical and theoretical focus . Emphasis on large-    (Same as Botany 313 .) F, E
                                                             scale units : tribes, nations, social groups . Prereq : 371
420 The Nineteenth-Century British Novel (3) Major           or 372 or Linguistics 200 or consent of instructor.           321 Economic Entomology (3) Structure, life history,
novelists from Scott to Hardy .                              (Same as Linguistics 471 and Sociology 471 .)                 habits and principles of control of important insect
                                                                                                                                    Forestry/Courses of Instruction               153

pests of farm, garden, orchard and household . Prereq:       269 Meat Evaluation and Grading (2) Grading stan-            fire management . Prereq: Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries
Six hours of Biological Science . 2 hours and 1 lab.         dards for quality and yield ; principles for evaluating      312 . Coreq : 323, 324, 325, and Entomology and Plant
Sp, E                                                        beef, pork and lamb, and application of standards for        Pathology 306 . Sp
                                                             institutional meat cuts . Practice grading, judging car-
325 Veterinary Entomology (3) Identification, biology        casses and cuts, and application of purchase                 323 Forest Management and Recreation Practices
and control of arthropods that attach major livestock        specifications . F                                           (3) Forest practices in the public and private sectors.
species. Introduction to entomology, methods of insect                                                                    Prereq : Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries 315 . Coreq:
control, major pest species groups and problems asso-        360 Meat Science (2) Carcass characteristics of meat         322, 324, 325 and Entomology and Plant Pathology
ciated with specific host production operations . Prereq:    animals, muscle structure and composition, cut               306 . Sp
Biology 122 or equivalent. 2 hours and 1 lab. F, E           identification, curing, freezing and cookery . Sp
                                                                                                                          324 Forest Resource Analysis (3) Growth and yield
                                                             369 Meat Science Lab (1) Slaughter and processing            prediction ; harvest determination ; goal setting under
                                                             methods for beef, pork, lamb and poultry . Prereq : 360
FINANCE                                                      or concurrent enrollment . Sp
                                                                                                                          multiple use concepts ; approaches to regulation ; finan-
                                                                                                                          cial aspects of forestry with computer simulation . Prereq:
                                                                                                                          Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries 315 . Coreq : 322, 323,
301 Financial Management (3) Principles of financial         401 Food Technology and Science Seminar (1-2)
management . Investment, financing and asset man-                                                                         325 and Entomology and Plant Pathology 306 . Sp
                                                             Review of scientific literature, oral and written reports.
agement functions of the firm.                               May be repeated ; maximum 3 credit hours . Prereq:           325 Forest Resource Inventory and Surveying (3)
                                                             Senior standing or consent of instructor . F, Sp             Volume and growth estimation ; timber appraisal ; sur-
400 Special Topics (3) Seminar . Topic(s) announced
prior to offering.                                                                                                        veying techniques ; road layout and construction as
                                                             410 Food Chemistry I (3) Reactions of proteins,              applied to forestry ; timber harvest techniques . Prereq:
                                                             enzymes, and additives in foods . Study of physico-          Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries 313 . Coreq : 322, 323,
421 Investment Analysis (3) Principles and concepts          chemical interactions of food materials . Prereq:
of asset valuation in competitive and efficient finan-                                                                    324 and Entomology and Plant Pathology 306 . Sp
                                                             Chemistry 110 or equivalent . 2 hours and 1 lab . F
cial markets . Basic analytical tools are developed and
used to study valuation of different types of securi-                                                                     331 Wood Properties and Uses (2) Fundamental struc-
                                                             411 Food Chemistry II (3) Reactions of inorganic com-        ture, properties, and uses of wood . Prereq : Botany
ties . Major writing requirement.                            pounds, carbohydrates, lipids and vitamins in foods.         110 or consent of instructor . Coreq : 332 for Forestry
                                                             Prereq : Chemistry 110 or equivalent . 2 hours and 1         and Wood Utilization majors . Sp
422 Portfolio Analysis and Management (3) Portfolio
theory and evidence of behavior of security returns          lab . Sp
with a view to determining rational investment policy.                                                                    332 Wood Identification (1) Macro and micro
                                                             420 Food Microbiology (2) Physical, chemical and             identification of important commercial softwoods, hard-
Includes statistical analysis for risk and return of port-
                                                             environmental factors moderating growth and surviv-          woods, and foreign woods . Prereq : Forestry, Wildlife
folios, portfolio evaluation and revision, capital market    al of foodborne microorganisms ; pathogenic and
theory, and extensions of portfolio analysis . Prereq:                                                                    and Fisheries 311 or consent of instructor . Coreq:
                                                             spoilage microorganisms affecting quality of foods           331 for Forestry and Wood Utilization majors . 1 lab.
421.                                                         and their control . Prereq : Microbiology 210 . Coreq:       Sp
                                                             429 . F
430 Financial Markets (3) Role of short and long term
financial markets in the process of capital formation                                                                     421 Forest and Wildland Resource Economics (3)
                                                             429 Food Microbiology Lab (3) Methods for exami-             Production functions, supply-demand and market anal-
and allocation . Theories and mathematics of interest        nation, enumeration, cultivation and identification of
rates in money and capital markets.                                                                                       ysis ; non-market programs and projects ; economic
                                                             foodborne microorganisms . Prereq : Microbiology 210.        analysis and decision models ; investment and finan-
431 Financial Institutions (3) Management policies           Coreq : 420 . F                                              cial analysis ; managerial economics ; taxes ; forest
of financial institutions including asset, liability and                                                                  products marketing . Prereq: 324 or consent of instruc-
                                                             430 Sensory Evaluation of Food (3) Principles and
capital management . Legal, economic and regulatory          methods of sensory evaluation of foods . Prereq : Basic      tor . F
environment and their implications for management.           statistics . 2 hours and 1 lab . Sp
Financial institutions' structure and competition and                                                                     422 Forest and Wildland Resource Policy (3) Policy
changing trends in the U .S . Financial System.              440 Preservation of Food (3) Prevention of deteriora-        formulation ; criteria for policy determination ; forest
                                                             tion and spoilage of foods . Methods of preservation.        and wildland law and regulation ; theory of conflict
450 Financial Management: Theory and Practice (3)            Prereq : Agricultural Engineering Technology 422 . 2         resolution; formal and informal resolution . Prereq : Senior
Decision making topics in financial management includ-                                                                    standing . F
                                                             hours and 1 lab . Sp
ing valuation, capital budgeting under uncertainty, cost
of capital, capital structure theory and dividend policy.    450 Dairy Products I (3) Procurement, processing             423 Forest Recreation Planning and Management
Major writing requirement.                                   and distribution of fluid milk . Manufacture of butter,      (3) Planning processes, master and site planning, site
                                                             frozen and condensed dairy products . Prereq : 140 or        design projects ; management strategies, methods of
460 Advanced Topics in Financial Management (3)              consent of instructor . 2 hours and 1 lab . F                visitor and recreation site management ; case studies.
Contemporary issues in corporate finance, liquidity                                                                       Weekend field trips may be required . Prereq : 321,
and current asset management, corporate growth and           451 Dairy Products II (3) Manufacture of cheese and          323, Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design
control, international financial management, and pen-        specialized dairy products . Market standards and grades,    280, or consent of instructor. 1 hour and 2 labs . F
sion fund management . Prereq: 450.                          product defects, scoring of dairy products . Prereq:
                                                             140 or consent of instructor . 1 hour and 2 labs . Sp        431 Solid Wood Processing (3) Production processes
470 Risk Management and Insurance (3) Identification,                                                                     for solid wood products including sawmilling, sec-
measurement and decision making with regard to insur-        460 Meat Products Technology (4) Processing meth-            ondary machining, drying and preservation . Prereq:
ance-type risks facing the firm . Emphasizes handling        ods for making cured, smoked, fresh, flaked and formed       331 and 332, or consent of instructor . 2 hours and 1
these risks in the most cost-efficient manner.               products . Effect of processing methods on product           lab . Sp
                                                             characteristics. Prereq : 360 or consent of instructor.
471 Estate and Financial Planning (3) Process of             3 hours and 1 lab . F                                        432 Practicum in Wood Products (2) Standard labo-
estate accumulation, safekeeping, and distribution,                                                                       ratory procedures used in the evaluation of wood and
with particular emphasis on impact of insurance and          470 Food Crop Products (3) Food products from plants         wood products . Plant visitations including sawmills,
taxation.                                                    emphasizing types, manufacturing systems, quality            pulp, plywood, flooring, furniture, composite panel,
                                                             attributes and utility . Prereq : 3 hours Biological Sci-    and wood treating . Prereq : Senior standing in Wood
481 Real Estate Finance and Investment Analysis              ence . 2 hours and 1 lab. Sp-E                               Utilization or consent of instructor.
(3) Principles of financing and investing in real prop-
erty . Utilizes discounted cash flow models and ratio        480 Cereal Science and Bakery Products (3) Chemistry         433 Wood Composites and Gluing (3) Principles of
analysis . Current federal tax law applicable to real        and technology of processing cereal grains ; interac-        adhesion ; wood adhesives ; fundamentals of plywood
property . Limited partnerships and other joint ven-         tions of ingredients during production and storage of        and composite panel manufacture . Evaluating resin
tures . (Same as Urban Studies 481 .)                        baked products . Prereq : 410 or 411 or equivalent . 2       properties ; testing bond strength and durability . Prereq:
                                                             hours and 1 lab . F-O                                        331 and 332, or consent of instructor . 2 hours and 1
482 Urban Development and Finance (3) Economic                                                                            lab . F
analysis of determination of urban land value and            493 Special Problems in Food Technology and Sci-
use, and discussion of current urban problems in the         ence (1-3) Research problems in student's area of            434 Measurement and Marketing of Wood Products
United States . Primary and secondary mortgage mar-          interest . Supervised field experience in approved food      (3) Measurement systems used for sale and transfer
kets and economic analysis of the effects of these           industry. May be repeated ; maximum 6 credit hours.          of wood products . Application of market principles
markets on urban development . (Same as Urban Studies         Prereq : Consent of instructor . E                          and analysis to wood products markets and econom-
482 .)                                                                                                                    ic structure of wood products industry . Prereq : 431,
                                                                                                                          433 and Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries 313, or con-
                                                                                                                          sent of instructor . Sp
FOOD TECHNOLOGY                                              FORESTRY
                                                                                                                          492 Off-Campus Internship in Forestry (1-6) Supervised
                                                             321 Forest Recreation (3) Philosophical foundation           experience at departmental-approved internship site.
AND SCIENCE                                                  of recreation ; planning, development, and manage-           Prereq : Junior standing . Satisfactory/No credit only.
                                                             ment of forest recreation resources ; interpretation of      E
140 The Food Industry (3) Role of the food industry          forest resources . Overnight weekend field trips may
in providing an adequate, safe food supply for the           be required . F                                              493 Independent Study in Forestry (1-15) Special
United States and international markets . Interaction                                                                     research or individual problem in forestry . E
of the food industry with governmental agencies and          322 Applied Silviculture (3) Application of silvicultur-
consumers . 2 hours and 1 lab. F                             al techniques ; tree improvement ; use of herbicides ;       494 Independent Study in Wood Utilization (1-15)
154      Courses of Instruction/Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries

Special research or individual problem in wood utilization.     of A in 211 may enter 218 with permission of instructor.        415 French Literature of the 20th Century (3) Evolu-
E                                                               Credit for 300 given to students receiving a grade of           tion of 20th century French literature . Prereq : 212,
                                                                A or B in the course.                                           218 or equivalent.

                                                                291-292 French Literature in English Translation (3,3)          416 Survey of Francophone Literature (3) Introduc-
FORESTRY, WILDLIFE                                              291-From the origins through the Age of Voltaire . Song         tion to writing in French outside of France . Prereq:
                                                                of Roland, Rabelais, Montaigne, the Classical period,           212, 218 or equivalent.
AND FISHERIES                                                   and Voltaire . 292-Diderot, 19th and 20th centuries;
                                                                                                                                419 Readings in French Literature (3)
                                                                Flaubert, Rimbaud, Sartre, Camus. May not be counted
211 Introduction to Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries            toward the major or minor.
                                                                                                                                420 French Cinema (3) The French cinema from its
(3) History of natural resources policies and prac-                                                                             earliest days through the New Wave directors . Prereq:
tices ; social perspectives and attitudes concerning            300 French Transition (2) Development of linguistic
natural resources and their use ; techniques of inte-           skills necessary for satisfactory work in courses above         212, 218 or equivalent. Can be applied to major.
grated natural resources management, ecological                 300 . Recommended for students who would benefit
principles, current policies, social trends, and forest         from additional training beyond 212 in basic skills of          421 Phonetics (3) Foundation in the science of pho-
                                                                                                                                netics . Practical exercises and individual performance.
and wildland resource use . Day-long field trips may            reading, speaking and writing French . May not be
                                                                                                                                Laboratory training highly recommended . Prereq : 212,
be required . Sp                                                counted toward the major or minor.
                                                                                                                                218 or equivalent.
250 Conservation (3) Use and abuse of wildland                  301-302 Elements of French for Upper Division and
                                                                                                                                422 Advanced Grammar (3) Improving one's own
resources . Historical perspectives and current man-            Graduate Students (3,3) Elements of language, ele-              style studying basic and more refined structures of
agement of forests, wildlife, and fish of North America         mentary and advanced readings . Open to graduate
including aspects of outdoor recreation and pollution                                                                           the French language . Writing creative free-style com-
                                                                students preparing for language examinations, and
problems.                                                                                                                       positions . Prereq : 342 or 345.
                                                                upper division students desiring reading knowledge
                                                                of the language . Undergraduate credit only . Not for           423-424 Advanced Conversation (1,1) Informal
300 Current Issues in Renewable Natural Resources               credit for those having had 111-112 or equivalent . No
(1) May be repeated . Maximum 3 hours . Satisfactory/                                                                           conversation with native speaker on contemporary
                                                                auditors.                                                       topics . Stresses in class contact rather than outside
No credit only . F
                                                                                                                                preparation . Meets two hours a week for one semes-
                                                                311-312 History of French Literature (3,3) Chrono-
311 Dendrology/Ecology/Silvics (4) Principles of plant          logical view of French literature in relation to the specific   ter credit . Prereq : 342 or 345.
identification ; ecological principles ; characteristics of     historical developments that have influenced it . Prereq:
forest and associated ecosystems . Prereq : 1 year of                                                                           425 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (3) Phonetics
                                                                212, 218 or equivalent.                                         and phonemics, morphology and syntax . Types of
Botany or Biology . 2 hours and 2 labs . F
                                                                313 Aspects of French Literature (3) Study of mas-              languages, linguistic groups, dialects, and dialect geog-
312 Silviculture (2) Principles for treating forest stands      terpieces from the great literary movements and                 raphy . Application of descriptive linguistics-field
to achieve selected objectives . Prereq : 311 . Coreq:          countermovements . Prereq : 212 or equivalent.
                                                                                                                                linguistics, dialect study ; its practical use in learning
313, 315 . 1 hour and 1 lab . F                                                                                                 languages and in language teaching . Introduction to
                                                                324 Women in French Culture (3) Role of women in                transformational grammar . Prereq : six hours of upper
313 Measurements and Sampling (2) Measurement                   shaping French history and culture . Feminists (George          division English or six hours of upper division courses
techniques and sampling methods for vegetation ; esti-          Sand), royal mistresses (Mme de Maintenon), intel-              in a modern or ancient language (exclusive of German
mation of animal populations ; map and aerial photo             lectuals (Mme de Stael) ; actresses (Sarah Bernhardt),          and French 301-302, courses in literature in transla-
use . Prereq : Statistics 201 . Coreq : 312, 315 . 1 hour                                                                       tion, and general courses in Latin and Greek requiring
                                                                scientists (Marie Curie) . Taught in English . May not
and 1 lab . F                                                   be counted toward the major or minor . (Same as                 no knowledge of these languages), or consent of depart-
                                                                Women's Studies 324 .)                                          ment . (Same as German 425, Russian 425, Spanish
315 Forest Soils and Watershed Management (3)                                                                                   425 and Linguistics 425 .)
Soil information, properties, water relations and the
                                                                341-342 Intermediate Composition and Conversa-
basis for cation exchange . Nutrient cycling . Classification                                                                   426 Methods of Historical Linguistics (3) (Same as
                                                                tion (3,3) Grammatical analysis of modern French prose;
and management of forest soils . Hydrology and man-                                                                             Russian 426, German 426, Spanish 426 and Linguis-
agement of water in the forest ecosystem . Coreq:               review of grammatical principles and their application
                                                                in translation from English to French, both written and         tics 426 .)
312, 313 . 2 hours and 1 lab . F
                                                                oral ; exercises in free composition . Prereq : 212, 218
                                                                                                                                429 Romance Linguistics (3) Development of Classical
316 Principles of Forest and Wildland Management                or equivalent . Either 342 or 345 may be applied toward         Latin through Vulgar Latin into major Romance lan-
(3) Land management tools and systems including                 the major, but not both.
                                                                                                                                guages . (Same as Spanish 429 and Linguistics 429 .)
planning use of forest resources, environmental impact
statements and geographic information systems . Anal-           345 French for Business (3) Contemporary French                 430 Theatrical French (2-3) Performance in one or
ysis of land management determinants - legal,                   language as it applies to business transactions . Under-
                                                                                                                                more French plays . Prereq : 212, 218 or equivalent
institutional, economic and social . Theory and prac-           standing and composing business letters ; oral                  and consent of instructor . Can be applied to major.
tice of management of organizations that administer             communication and elements of French culture relat-
and use forest and wildlands . Prereq : 211 . 2 hours           ed to good business practices . Either 342 or 345, may          431 Highlights of French Civilization (3) Survey of
and 1 lab. F                                                    be applied toward the major but not both . Prereq : 341         French Civilization from the Gauls to World War II.
                                                                or consent of instructor.                                       Historical events, daily life, all forms of arts . Prereq:
317 Principles of Wildlife and Fisheries Manage-                                                                                212, 218 or equivalent.
ment (3) Ecological relationships of wild animals with          400-401 Consecutive and Simultaneous French-
other animals and their habitats . Biological, social           English and English-French Translation (3,3) 400-               432 Contemporary French Culture (3) French con-
and economic aspects of their management . Coreq:               Consecutive Translation to and from English . Intro-            temporary civilization and culture since World War II.
312, 313 and 315, or consent of instructor . F                  duction to simultaneous translation to English . 401-           Problems, trends and organization of French society
                                                                Simultaneous Translation to and from English, train-            today . Prereq : 212, 218 or equivalent.
416 Planning and Management of Forest and Wild-                 ing of students with good knowledge of French for
land Resource (3) Integrated forest and wildland                consecutive and simultaneous translation from French            440 Capstone Experience in French (4) Synthesizing
resource management through developing land man-                into English, and vice versa, on a variety of subjects          senior colloquium and tutorial in which students reflect
agement plans and analyzing case studies including              such as business, politics, science . .Prereq : 342, 345        on the raison d'@tre of the discipline from a multi-
conflict resolution . Prereq : Senior standing . 1 hour         or equivalent . Preferably taken in sequence.                   dimensional point of view.
and 2 labs . Sp
                                                                410 Medieval French Literature (3) Major represent-             491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.
                                                                ative works of Medieval French Literature . Texts in
                                                                modern French. Prereq : 212, 218 or equivalent . (Same          492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.
FRENCH                                                          as Medieval Studies 410 .)
                                                                                                                                493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.
111-112 Elementary French (3,3) Introduction to French.         411 French Literature of the 16th Century (3) High-
May not be repeated for credit by students with two             lights of 16th century French literature . Excerpts from
years of high school or one year college French . Must          Rabelais and Montaigne ; readings of poems from the
be taken in sequence . Language Laboratory required.            writers from Lyon and members of the Pleiade . Prereq:          GEOGRAPHY
                                                                212, 218 or equivalent.
211-212 Intermediate French (3,3) Sequence stresses                                                                             101-102 World Geography (3,3) Selected topics and
the reading, writing, listening, and speaking of French         412 French Literature of the 17th Century (3) Mas-              world regions, especially those with problems or situ-
to prepare for upper division courses in the language.          terpieces of 17th-century French literature . Prereq:           ations of contemporary interest, to illustrate geographical
Must be taken in sequence . Language Laboratory                 212, 218 or equivalent.                                         points of view, concepts, and techniques . Must be
required.                                                                                                                       taken in sequence.
                                                                413 French Literature of the 18th Century (3) Major
217-218 Honors : Intermediate French (3,3) For stu-             works of the Enlightenment . Prereq : 212, 218 or equiv-         131-132 Geography of the Natural Environment (4,4)
dents of superior ability in French . Incoming freshmen         alent.                                                          Characteristics and processes of the earth's surface
admitted on basis of diagnostic test, high school aver-                                                                         and lower atmosphere ; their interaction to produce a
age, and performance on ACT . Class held to a maximum           414 French Literature of the 19th Century (3) French            world pattern of distinctive environments significant
of 15 for individual attention . Students follow enriched       Romanticism and its counter movements : Realism,                to humanity . Must be taken in sequence . 3 hours
program with emphasis on speaking ability and read-             Parnassianism and Naturalism . Prereq : 212, 218 or             lecture and 2 hours lab per week . Not open to stu-
ing, including literary selections . Students with a grade      equivalent .                                                    dents who have taken 330 .
                                                                                                                                         Geology/Courses of Instruction               155

141 Introduction to Economic Geography (3) Location             on geographic interpretation and mapping techniques.           ing the formation of rocks, plate tectonics and earth-
and spatial organization of the world's major types of          Prereq: 310 or consent of instructor.                          quakes, and landscapes . 102-Fossils, evolution and
economies : agriculture, energy and mineral produc-                                                                            ancient environments, plus a review of 4 .5 billion years
tion, manufacturing, transportation, trade, and services.       415 Quantitative Methods in Geography (3) Geo-                 of earth history . Must be taken in sequence . 3 lecture
                                                                graphic application of statistical techniques, point pattern   hours and one 2-hour lab or field period.
310 Introduction to Maps, Aerial Photographs, and               analysis, and analysis of areal units . Prereq : Mathe-
Cartography (3) Properties, sources, uses, design               matics 115 or two semesters of calculus or consent             201 Fossils and the Meaning of Evolution (3) Theo-
and production of maps, aerial photos, and other forms          of instructor.                                                 ries and evidence of evolution presented in a non-
of spatial images as tools for geographical analysis.                                                                          technical manner, with emphasis on its relevance to
2 hours lecture and 2 hours lab per week.                       419 Practicum in Cartography/Remote Sensing (2-                modern society . Topics include creationism, purpose
                                                                6) Supervised practice in design and production of             of life, progress . 2 lecture hours and one 2-hour lab.
320 Cultural Geography: Core Concepts (3) Back-                 maps and other graphic materials in the Cartographic           May not be applied toward the Geology major.
ground and method of cultural geography ; basic                 Services Laboratory or a similar organization . Prereq:
concepts and theories focusing on cultural land-                Written consent of department prior to registration.           203 Geology of National Parks (3) Geologically spec-
scape, culture regions, cultural ecology, innovation                                                                           tacular landscapes and geologic history of national
and diffusion, cultural integration, and world patterns         421 Geography of Folk Societies (3) Geographical               parks of the world . Human attempts to preserve the
of cultural phenomena.                                          study of folk culture, emphasizing traditional material        Earth's geologic heritage . 3 lecture hours, plus a field
                                                                culture and rural settlement, with examples drawn              trip during the term . May not be applied toward the
323 Behavioral Geography (3) Types of human behav-              from eastern North America and selected foreign areas.         Geology major.
ior, such as shopping, territoriality, commuting, residential   Prereq : 101-102 or 320 or consent of instructor.
mobility, and regional consciousness as they relate to                                                                         210 Basic Geology for Engineers (2) Materials and
distance, natural environment, and culture . (Same as           425 Historical Geography of the United States (3)              structures of the earth . For College of Engineering
Urban Studies 323 .)                                            Survey of the changing human geography of the United           students only . 2 lecture hours and one 2-hour lab or
                                                                States during four centuries of settlement and devel-          field period.
324 Political Geography (3) Importance of geograph-             opment . Emphasis on changing population patterns,
ical factors in understanding political relationships within    development of agricultural regions, and patterns of           310 Mineralogy (3) Crystallography and study of min-
and among nations ; spatial implications of political           urban-industrial development . Prereq : 361 or con-            erals . Laboratory includes hand specimen, optical,
decision-making processes ; geography of adminis-               sent of instructor.                                            and x-ray methods of identification . Prereq : 101, Chem-
trative units.                                                                                                                 istry 120-130 or equivalent . 2 lecture hours and one
                                                                433 The Land-Surface System (3) Nature and regional            2-hour lab.
330 Physical Geography: Core Concepts (3) Topics                variations in relationships among surface form, water,
in physical geography emphasizing climate, land forms,          vegetation, and surface materials . People as evalua-          320 Paleobiology (3) Fossils and their uses in func-
and the circulation of water . Not open to students             tors and agents of change . Prereq : 131-132 or 330 or         tional morphology, paleoecology, biogeography,
who have taken 131 or 132.                                      consent of instructor.                                         biostratigraphy, and evolution . Prereq : 102 or con-
334 Meteorology (3) Dynamic atmosphere and result-                                                                             sent of instructor . 2 lecture hours and one 2-hour lab
                                                                434 Climatology (3) General circulation system lead-           or field period.
ing weather events . Nature of individual weather               ing to world pattern of climates . Climatic change and
elements, their measurement and analysis over time              modification, and interrelationships of climate and human      325 Geological History of Land Organisms (3) Origin
and space.                                                      activity . Prereq : 131-132 or 330 or 334 or consent of        and development of terrestrial organisms in space
                                                                instructor.                                                    and time with emphasis on the fossil and present
340 Economic Geography : Core Concepts (3) Con-
cepts, theories, and practices in economic geography.                                                                          record of land plants and vertebrates . Prereq : Ele-
                                                                441 Urban Geography (3) Concepts and theories con-
Real and theoretical patterns in agriculture, manufac-                                                                         mentary biology sequence or consent of instructor . 2
                                                                cerning development and significance of systems of             lecture hours and one 2-hour lab or field period.
turing, and service activities.                                 cities and internal morphology of cities . Prereq : 101-
                                                                102 or 141 or 340 or consent of instructor . (Same as          330 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (3)
361 Regional Geography of the United States and                 Urban Studies 441 .)
Canada (3) Physical, economic, and social distribu-                                                                            Classification and properties of igneous and meta-
tions as they interrelate to give distinctive character                                                                        morphic rocks, the processes that produce them, and
                                                                443 Rural Geography (3) Geographical appraisal of              the tectonic environments in which they form . Prereq:
to regions of the United States and Canada.                     rural areas of the United States, including small towns        310, 2 lecture hours and one 2-hour lab.
                                                                and urban fringes . Problems and potentials of rural
 363 Geography of the American South (3) Geograph-              America . Prereq : 101-102 or 141 or 340 or consent
ical appraisal of the southeastern United States, including                                                                    340 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation (3) Stratigraph-
                                                                of instructor.                                                 ic principles and practices ; physical sedimentary
 physical environment and human resources . Origin
 and development of contemporary economic and cul-                                                                             processes and interpretation of depositional environ-
                                                                445 Geography of Resources (3) Factors related to              ments . Prereq : 101, 102 and 310 . 2 lecture hours and
 tural traits of the area.                                      variations in resource availability from time to time
                                                                and place to place, with particular emphasis upon              one 2-hour lab or field work.
 365 Geography of Appalachia (3) Interrelation of               energy and metallic resources . Prereq : 101-102 or
 physical, economic, and social patterns that give dis-                                                                        345 Geology of East Tennessee (1) Geology of the
                                                                141 or 340 or consent of instructor.                           Southern Appalachians in Tennessee . Prereq : Com-
tinctive character to the region and its parts, especially
in southern Appalachia . Appalachia in perspective in           449 Geography of Transportation (3) Examination of             pletion of major core courses or consent of instructor.
the current American scene.                                     transportation systems, emphasizing their effects on           1 lecture hour plus fieldtrips.
                                                                trade patterns, land use, location problems, and devel-
372 Geography of Middle America (3) Physical, cul-                                                                             346 Introduction to Oceanography (4) Physical, chem-
                                                                opment . Prereq : 141 or 340 or consent of instructor.         ical, biological, and geological processes of the oceans,
tural, and economic characteristics of Mexico, Central
America, and the West Indies . (Same as Latin Ameri-            450 Process Geomorphology (3) (Same as Geology                 including tides, waves, ocean circulation, ocean basin
can Studies 372 .)                                              450 .)                                                         processes, marine sedimentation, biogeochemical
                                                                                                                               cycles, and food webs . Prereq : Chemistry 120-130;
373 Geography of South America (3) Physical, cultural,          491 Foreign Study (1-15) Prereq : Written consent of           recommended : 101-102 . 3 lecture hours and one 2-
and economic characteristics of the countries of South          department required prior to registration . See page           hour lab . (Same as Botany 346 .)
America . (Same as Latin American Studies 373 .)                97.
                                                                                                                               370 Structural Geology (4) Common geologic struc-
375 Geography of the Soviet Union (3) Geographical              492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) Prereq : Written con-              tures (folds, faults, cleavage) and their genesis.
appraisal of the Soviet Union, including physical envi-         sent of department required prior to registration . See        Laboratory includes map interpretation, cross-sec-
ronment, economic patterns, and human resources.                page 96.                                                       tions, projections, stereonets . Prereq : 101-102,
                                                                                                                               Mathematics 141-142 . 3 lecture hours and one 2-
379 Geography of Africa (3) Physical, cultural, and             493 Independent Study (1-15) Prereq : Written con-             hour lab.
economic characteristics of Africa, with particular empha-      sent of department required prior to registration . See
sis on the area to the south of the Sahara . (Same as           page 96.                                                       380 Resources Crises - Minerals and Energy (3) World
Afro-American Studies 379 .)                                                                                                   and United States resources of minerals and energy,
                                                                499 Proseminar in Geography (3) Major themes in                price and production trends, future supply of miner-
411 Computer Mapping and Geographic Informa-                    geography, especially trends over the past 40 years.           als and energy, national mineral and energy policies.
tion Systems (3) Concepts, management, and                      Required for majors . Not open to graduate students.           Emphasis on appraisal of conventional and alternate
presentation of digital data for spatial analysis, with         Prereq : Senior standing and completion of at least 12         energy resources . 3 lecture hours.
emphasis on cartographic data structures . 2 hours              hours of major or minor requirements in geography.
lecture and 2 hours lab per week . Prereq : 310 and                                                                            410 Advanced Mineralogy (3) Crystal chemistry of
knowledge of a computer language or consent of                                                                                 the rock-forming minerals . Interaction of electromag-
instructor.                                                                                                                    netic radiation and crystalline solids . Optical properties
                                                                GEOLOGY                                                        of minerals, visible and infrared spectroscopy, and
412 Cartography (3) Cartographic techniques applied                                                                            x-ray diffraction . Laboratory exercises emphasize thin
to the design, compilation, and reproduction of maps            100 The World's Oceans (3) Geological, physical,               section and x-ray diffractometer methods of mineral-
and other graphics . 2 hours lecture and 2 hours lab            and biological aspects of oceans and human interac-            ogy. Prereq : 310. 2 lectures, one 2-hour lab.
per week . Prereq : 310 or consent of instructor.               tions with the marine environment . 3 lecture hours
                                                                per week.                                                      420 Paleoecology (4) Principles of ecological analysis
413 Remote Sensing: Types and Applications (3)                                                                                 as applied to fossils and fossil assemblages with empha-
Principles and uses of remote sensing imagery, digi-            101-102 General Geology I, II (4,4) 101-Physical               sis on data collection and interpretation . Laboratory
tal data, and spectral data, with particular emphasis           processes within and upon the Earth's surface, includ-         is designed around preparation of scientific reports
156      Courses of Instruction/German

based on field and laboratory analysis . Writing emphasis    107-208 Honors : Elementary and Intermediate German          fundamental assumptions about language change
course . 3 lecture hours and one 2-hour lab.                 (6,6) Honors course for students of superior ability.        through time . Non-phonological linguistic change, lan-
                                                             Freshmen are admitted on the basis of high school            guage families, Proto-Indo-European and other proto
421 Invertebrate Paleontology I (3) Preservational           average and performance on the American College               languages . Prereq : 6 hours of upper division foreign
processes and geologically important representa-             Testing Program . Upperclass students must have a             language courses excluding courses in translation or
tives of Protista, Porifera, Cnidaria, Bryozoa, and          B average . A grade of C or above must be achieved           graduate reading courses . (Same as Russian 426,
Brachiopoda . Emphasis is on functional morphology,          in 107 in order to continue German 208 . A student            French 426, Spanish 426 and Linguistics 426 .)
skeletal structures, ecology, and stratigraphic distri-      obtaining a grade of D or better in 107 may continue
bution . Prereq : 320 or consent of instructor . 2 lecture   with German 102 . This sequence is equivalent to 101-        435 Structure of the German Language (3) Contras-
hours and one 2-hour lab.                                    102 and 201-202 and its completion allows the stu-           tive English-German segmental and suprasegmental
                                                             dent to enter all 300-level German courses.                  phonemes, contrastive English-German linguistic struc-
422 Invertebrate Paleontology II (3) "Higher inverte-                                                                     tures, selected topics in advanced German grammar
brates" : Annelida and other worms, Mollusca,                201-202 Intermediate German (3,3) Must be taken in           and syntactic analysis . Prereq : 6 hours of upper divi-
Arthropoda, Echinodermata, Graptozoa, Conodonta,             sequence. Prereq : 102 or equivalent.                        sion German language courses excluding courses in
Chordata . Emphasis is on functional morphology, skel-                                                                    translation and graduate reading courses . (Same as
etal structures, ecology, and stratigraphic distribution.    221-222 German Literature in English Translation             Linguistics 435 .)
Prereq : 320 or consent of instructor . 2 lecture hours      (3,3) German literature from earliest times to the pre-
and one 2-hour lab.                                          sent . No foreign language credit . Writing-emphasis         436 History of the German Language (3) Develop-
                                                             courses.                                                     ment of the German language from Indo-European
425 Evolution and the Geologic Record (3) Evolution                                                                       through Proto-Germanic, Old High German, Middle
of life viewed from the fossil record . Includes mass        301-302 Introduction to German Literature (3,3) Prereq:      High German to New High German . Internal and exter-
extinctions, macroevolution, and evolutionary rates.         202 or equivalent . Need not be taken in sequence.           nal linguistic history of German speech . Prereq : 6
Prereq : 320 . 2 lecture hours and 1 seminar.                                                                             hours of upper division German language courses
                                                             304 Elementary Dutch (3) Prereq : Reading knowl-             excluding courses in translation or graduate reading
426 Paleobotany and Palynology (3) Evolutionary his-         edge of German . Primarily for graduate students in
tory of terrestrial plant life through examination of the                                                                 courses . (Same as Linguistics 436 .)
                                                             German . No graduate credit allowed.
fossil record of macrobotanical remains, spores, and
pollen grains . Origin and diversification of Gymno-                                                                      485 Business German (3) German used in fields of
                                                             305 Readings in German (3) Topics in both literary           business, government, administration and econom-
sperms and Angiosperms ; changes in floristic provinces      and non-literary fields . Students or student groups
through geologic time . Prereq : 102 ; Botany 310-320                                                                     ics . Prereq : 6 hours of upper division German excluding
                                                             are encouraged to suggest topics for future courses.         courses in translation and graduate courses.
or consent of instructor . 3 lecture hours and one 2-        May be repeated twice with approval of department.
hour lab . (Same as Botany 426 .)                            Prereq : 202 or equivalent.                                  491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.
440 Field Geology (6) Summer field course for advanced       311-312 Conversation and Composition (3,3) Prereq:
undergraduate geology majors and first-year gradu-                                                                        492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.
                                                             202 or equivalent.
ate students in geology . Taught off-campus at the
                                                                                                                          493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.
Geology Field Station and requires the full time of the      325 Modern German Novel in English Transition (3)
student . Field techniques demonstrated, practiced,          Great twentieth-century German novels, including study
and applied to the solution of geologic problems . Prereq:   of novel theory and criticism . No foreign language
Completion of major core courses and consent of
                                                             credit.                                                      GREEK
                                                             326 German Drama in English Translation (3) German           121-122 Beginning Greek (3,3) Must be taken in
445 Regional Geology of the United States (3) Evo-           drama from the Enlightenment to the present, includ-
lution of geologic provinces within the United States                                                                     sequence.
                                                             ing study of dramatic theory and criticism . No foreign
with emphasis on the integration of several types of         language credit.                                             261 Intermediate Greek : Grammar Review and Read-
geologic data . Prereq : 330, 340, 370 . 3 lecture hours.                                                                 ings (3) Systematic review of Attic Greek and readings
                                                             331-332 Elements of German for Upper-Division and            from selected authors . Prereq : 122.
450 Process Geomorphology (3) Integrative approach           Graduate Students (3,3) Elements of language, ele-
to the development of the surface of the Earth based
                                                             mentary and advanced readings and a final 10,000             262 Intermediate Greek : New Testament and Early
upon case histories, maps, remote sensing imagery.
2 lecture hours and one 2-hour lab . Prereq : 101-102.       word translation project . Open to graduate students         Christian Literature (3) Selected readings from the
                                                             preparing for language examinations, and upper-divi-         New Testament and Ante-Nicene Fathers . Prereq: 261.
(Same as Geography 450 .)                                    sion students desiring reading knowledge of the
455 Basic Environmental Geology (3) Applications of          language . Undergraduate credit only . No credit for         401 Greek Poetry (3) Epic, lyric, drama . Authors vary.
                                                             students who have completed 101-102 or 107.                  Prereq : 261.
the geological sciences toward a comprehension of
the effects of geological processes on humans and                                                                         402 Greek Prose (3) History, philosophy, and orato-
                                                             363 Modern German Culture (3) German culture from
the effects of human activities on the earth ' s environ-                                                                 ry . Authors vary . Prereq : 261.
ments . Prereq : 12 hours of geology courses . 2 lecture     the mid-nineteenth century to the present : customs,
hours and one 3-hour lab or field period.                    art, music, literature, society, state . Readings in Eng-
                                                             lish . No foreign language credit . A writing-emphasis       405-406 Selected Readings from Greek Literature
                                                             course . Fulfills Upper Level Distribution Requirement       (3,3) For advanced students in Greek, the study of
460 Principles of Geochemistry (3) Application of
chemical principles to geologic problems . Emphasis          for Foreign Studies for those who have not satisfied         plays, the historical writings, the poetry of ancient
                                                             the history requirement with western civilization.           Greece in the original Greek . May be repeated for
on crystal chemistry and relation between basic atomic
structure and distribution and behavior of elements in                                                                    credit . Maximum 9 hours . Prereq : 401-402 or consent
                                                             411-412 Advanced Conversation and Composition                of instructor.
the Earth's crust . Prereq : Chemistry 120-130 ; recom-
mend Geology 330 . 2 lecture hours and one 2-hour            (3,3) Prereq : 311-312 or equivalent or consent of depart-
lab.                                                         ment.

470 Applied Geophysics (3) Basic principles and appli-       420 Selected Topics in German Literature from 1750           HEALTH
cations of seismic, gravity, magnetic, and electrical        to the Present (3) Prereq : 6 hours of 300 courses
                                                             excluding 331-332 and courses in English translation,        110 Personal Health and Wellness (3) Information
prospecting methods . Recommended : Math 141-142                                                                          and behavior necessary to approach health and well-
or 147-148 and Physics 131 .2 lecture hours and one          or equivalent.
                                                                                                                          ness scientifically and to develop confidence in judgments
2-hour lab.                                                                                                               affecting personal health and wellness . E
                                                             421 German Lyric Poetry (3) Prereq : 6 hours of 300
480 Principles of Economic Geology (3) Ore-forming           courses excluding 331-332 and courses in English
                                                             translation, or equivalent.                                  200 Seminar in Human Sexuality (2) Problems and
processes, classification of mineral deposits, survey
of different types of mineral deposits with examples.                                                                     responsibilities of being male and female as they relate
and metallogenesis . Prereq : 310 and 330 or equiva-         422 German Drama (3) Prereq : 6 hours of 300 courses         to health and wellness . Satisfactory/No Credit only.
lents . Recommended : 460 . 2 lecture hours and one          excluding 331-332 and courses in English translation,        F, Sp
2-hour lab.                                                  or equivalent.
                                                                                                                          225 Alcohol/Drugs and the College Student (2) Prob-
490 Special Problems in Geology (1-3) Directed study         423 German Narrative Prose (3) Prereq : 6 hours of           lems related to use and abuse of substances potentially
or special topics . Prereq : Consent of instructor. May      300 courses excluding 331-332 and courses in Eng-            harmful to health and wellness . Covers alcohol, drugs,
be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.                               lish translation, or equivalent.                             tobacco and other substances . Satisfactory/No Credit
                                                                                                                          only . F, Sp
491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.                        424 German Literary Movements (3) Major periods
                                                             in the development of German literature since 1750,          230 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (1) Theory and
492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.                     with emphasis on the problems and pitfalls of peri-          skills to implement basic cardiac life support follow-
                                                             odization.                                                   ing cardiac arrest due to such conditions as heart
493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.                                                                                 attack, drowning, electrocution, suffocation, poison-
                                                             425 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (3) (Same        ing, drug intoxication, and vehicular and other accidents.
                                                             as Russian 425, French 425, Spanish 425, and Lin-             Educational and preventive aspects of controlling car-
                                                             guistics 425 .)                                              diovascular disease . Leads to basic life support
GERMAN                                                                                                                    certification . F, Sp
                                                             426 Methods of Historical Linguistics (3) Phonetics,
101-102 Elementary German (3,3) Must be taken in             distinctive feature analysis, sound change types, nature     300 Health Education,Promotion, and Behavior (3)
sequence .                                                   of sound change, principles of reconstruction and            Health education goals, roles, target populations in
                                                                                                                                        History/Courses of instruction             157

school, community and health care settings ; health            430 Suicide and Crisis Intervention (3) Factors which         251-252 History of the United States (3,3) 251-Set-
careers and opportunities ; health behavior and inter-         make suicide a serious health problem . Assessment,           tlement to 1877 . 252-1877 to present . E
vention techniques ; health appraisal techniques ; health      intervention, and prevention techniques . Sp
promotion strategies . F, Sp                                                                                                 253-254 United States History for International Students
                                                               435 Substance Use and Abuse (3) Drug and alcohol              (3,3) 253-Settlement to 1865 . 254-1865 to present.
305 The School in Community Health (2) Roles and               abuse problems and suspected causes ;pharmacolo-              253-F ; 254-Sp
responsibilities of teachers in school health pro-             gy of drugs and effects on society ; strategies for
grams with emphasis upon : health problems of the              intervention and education . Sp                               257-258 Honors : History of the United States (3,3)
school child, recognition and methods of handling                                                                            Prereq : Consent of department . 257-F ; 258-Sp
them; healthful school environment ; school health serv-       465 Aging and Health (3) Aging process in a health
ices ; and community resources, health personnel,              perspective as it relates to health promotion and well-       307 Honors : Introduction (3) Historical analysis and
voluntary and official health agencies . May not be            ness of the aged . F, Sp                                       interpretation, philosophy of history, principles and
taken for credit by health majors . F, Sp                                                                                    techniques of research . Required of students work-
                                                               470 Special Topics (1-3) For advanced students,               ing for honors in history. Prereq : Consent of department.
306 Health Instruction in Elementary Grades (2) Topics         teachers, school administrators, nurses and other para-
appropriate for school-aged child in elementary grades.        medical personnel . Lectures, demonstrations, films,          308 Honors : Historical Problems (3) Application of
Organization and presentation of health content empha-         field trips, and supervised research in special health/       techniques and insights from 307 to selected histori-
sized . Teachers become familiar with health materials,        wellness or health promotion issues . May be repeat-          cal issues to emphasize problems of evidence,
curricula, literature, community resources and planned         ed . Maximum 12 hours . E                                     interpretation, and objectivity . Required of students
processes for teaching health . Prereq : 305 and admis-                                                                      working for honors in history. Prereq : Consent of depart-
sion to Teacher Education Program . F, Sp                      475 Directed Independent Studies (1-3) Individual             ment.
                                                               identification and study of a health/wellness or health
310 Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care (3)                  promotion problem/issue . Prereq : Consent of instruc-        310-311 The Ancient World (3,3) 310-Development
Theory and practice of first aid and emergency care.           tor . May be repeated . Maximum 12 hours . E                  of Athenian democracy: its successes and failures;
Provides essential information for developing func-                                                                          polls crisis of the fourth century B .C . ; emergence of
                                                               481 Internship I : Grades 7-12 (3-6) Methods and theories     hellenistic civilization . 311-Origins of Roman imperi-
tional first aid capabilities of lay persons . Course leads
                                                               of teaching . Internship is completed in local public         alism and its consequences : militarism, empire,
to Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care certification.        schools . Application for internship should be made
Applicant must be at least 18 years old for certificatjon.                                                                   socioeconomic changes, constitutional crises, emer-
                                                               upon admission to Teacher Education Program . Prereq:         gence of military and political autocracy.
E                                                              410 and admission to Teacher Education Program.
325 Planning, Evaluation and Administration of Health                                                                        312-313 Medieval History (3,3) 312-Early Middle Ages:
                                                               482 Internship II : Grades 7-12 (3-6) Demonstration           300-1100 . Formation of medieval society and institu-
Programs (3) Organization of health programs in school,
                                                               of professional competence in planning, instruction,          tions . 313-Later Middle Ages 1100-1400 . Height of
community and health care settings at public and pri-
                                                               and classroom management . Internship is completed            medieval civilization, and its waning in the fourteenth
vate levels . Plan and assess various health education         in local public schools . Prereq : 481 and admission to       century . (Same as Medieval Studies 312-313 .)
and health promotion efforts . F                               Teacher Education Program . Satisfactory/No Credit
                                                               only . Sp                                                     314 Renaissance Europe (3) The period traditionally
330 Wellness Through Health, Leisure and Physical
Activity (3) Emphasis on taking personal responsibili-                                                                       seen as a transition from the Middle Ages to the the
                                                               483 Field Practice (8) Off-campus health internship           modern world . Interrelationship of cultural, social, eco-
ty for one's health . Includes topics related to the healthy   or field practice in an educational or other agency
lifestyle, and provides specific guidelines of how to                                                                        nomic, political and intellectual developments, with
                                                               with qualified professional . Prereq : Consent of instruc-    an emphasis upon historical interpretation.
change inappropriate behaviors . (Same as Physical             tor . E
 Education 330 .)                                                                                                            315 Reformation Europe, 1500-1650 (3) The period
                                                               510 Trends and Issues in Health Education (3) History,        during which Europe witnessed religious disunity, eco-
375 Health Education : Curriculum, Methodology, Com-           philosophy, principles, problems, and trends of and
munications (3) Principles of health education curriculum                                                                    nomic dislocation and insecurity, political centralization,
                                                               in health and health education . F                            intellectual skepticism, the origins of modern science,
construction, methodology and communication strat-
                                                                                                                             war and the witch craze . (Same as Religious Studies
egies for teaching/transmitting health education               520 Sex Education and Human Sexuality (3) Educa-
information . Sp                                                                                                             315 .)
                                                               tional and health counseling theory, techniques, materials
                                                               to be used in school, community, or health care facili-       316 Early Modern Europe, 1650-1800 (3) Dynamic
380 Research and Grant Writing (2) Study and appli-            ty . Sp                                                       conflict of a search for order in an age of revolutions,
cation of research methods and grant writing techniques
                                                                                                                             seen in the continued push for political centralization,
for health education programs . Skills for reading and         530 Curriculum Development for Health Education
interpreting journal and research articles. Exercises                                                                        the impact of the scientific revolution, the intellectual
                                                               Programs (3) Current health education curricula for           flowering known as the "Enlightenment", and the Eng-
and student projects to develop a research or grant            elementary and secondary schools, community and
proposal . Emphasis on development and review                  health care settings . Su                                     lish and French revolutions.
processes . Sp                                                                                                               319 Modern Europe, 1750-1914 (3) Political, industrial
                                                               540 Evaluation in Health Education (3) Principles of
                                                                                                                             and intellectual revolutions against traditions . Topics
400 Consumer Health (3) major consumer health care             evaluation of health instruction and programs in regard
                                                                                                                             such as the modern population explosion, urbaniza-
providers and health care services ; selecting, pur-           to health knowledge, attitudes, and behavior . Con-
                                                                                                                             tion, the political emergence of the middle class and
chasing, evaluating and financing medical and health           struction of instruments and criticism of existing
                                                               instruments . Sp                                              the masses, nationalism, imperialism, rationalism and
care services/products . (Same as Public Health 400 .)
E                                                                                                                            Romanticism in social thought and politics.

                                                                                                                             320 Contemporary Europe, 1900-Present (3) The trans-
405 Alcoholism and Alcohol Education (3) Factors
which make alcoholism a serious health and safety              HISTORY                                                       formation from industrial to post-industrial society and
                                                                                                                             the transformation of the European nation-state . Topics
problem . Various types of instructional/educational                                                                         such as war and depression and the consequent polit-
and intervention programs . F, Sp                              151-152 Development of Western Civilization (3,3)
                                                               Historical survey of the civilization of the western world.   ical and social instability ; totalitarian control;
406 Death, Dying and Bereavement (3) Aspects of                151-Ancient world to 1715. 152-1715 to present . E            decolonization ; the impact of Freud, Einstein and exis-
dying, death and handling the trauma of loss . Medi-                                                                         tentialism ; welfare states; and the problems of European
cal, financial, physical, legal and social implications of     157-158 Honors : Development of Western Civiliza-             unification.
death . F, Sp                                                  tion (3,3) Consent of department required . 157-F ; 158-
                                                               Sp                                                            321 New Testament Origins (3) (Same as Religious
410 Pre-Internship Seminar (1) Objectives and poli-                                                                          Studies 321 .)
cies of the internship program . Must be completed             161-162 A History of World Civilization (3,3) Histori-
the term immediately preceding the internship . Prereq:        cal survey of world civilization . 161-Origins to 1500.       330-331 History of England (3,3) 330-to 1688 . 331-
Admission to Teacher Education Program . Satisfac-             162-1500 to present . 161-F; 162-Sp                           1689 to the present . Medieval state, church, and soci-
                                                                                                                             ety ; origins of Anglo-American law, the monarchy and
tory/No Credit only . Sp, Su
                                                               195-196 Afro-American History : An Introduction (3,3)         parliamentary government, the Reformation, 17th Cen-
414 Physical Activity and Fitness (2) (Same as Physical        195-Afro-American experience to 1890 . Traditional            tury revolutions, commercial, agricultural and industrial
Education 414 .)                                               African societies from which Afro-Americans emerged;          revolutions ; class conflict, empire, the welfare state,
                                                               evolution of prejudice and racism in America ; institu-       world wars, economic crisis.
415 Field Evaluation of Physical Fitness (1) (Same             tion of slavery ; free Negroes ; Civil War and
as Physical Education 415 .)                                   Reconstruction. 196- Afro-American experience from            332-333 History of France (3,3) 332-The emergence
                                                               1890 . The Afro-American struggle for political, civil,       of modern France from the Renaissance to 1789.
420 Sex Education As It Relates to Human Sexuality             and social equality ; leaders of the struggle, their phi-     333-France since the Revolution, 1789 to present.
(3) Science of human sexuality . Emphasis on the trends,       losophies and programs; responses of Black community
issues, content of sex education . E                           institutions to the challenges of the 20th century ; the      334-335 History of Germany (3,3) 334-Germany I, to
                                                               rise of the urban ghetto ; the Civil Rights and Black         1815 . The first Reich's Fortune and Failure . The devel-
425 Women's Health (3) Factors influencing women's             Power movements.                                              opment of the German lands, from the medieval empire
health and women as consumers in nation ' s health                                                                           to its disintegration, through dynastic and religious
service delivery systems . Study of health problems/           202 The City in Europe, 1000-1900 (3) Urban growth,           realignments, to the Austrian-Prussian dualism in the
concerns of women and techniques for prevention,               emphasizing the relationship between the economic             time of Fredrick the Great and Maria Theresa, culmin-
maintenance and/or correction . (Same as Women's               and social foundation of the cities, their political and      ating with the end of the older order in the Age of
Studies 425 .) E                                               cultural development and their physical structure .           Napoleon . 335-Germany II, Since 1800 . The Quest for
158     Courses of Instruction/History

Nationhood . The evolution of modern Germany through         and the failure of Africans in the south to achieve that     445 The Afro-American Experience from the Colonial
revolution, industrialization and wars, from Metter-         goal . Issues of urbanization, industrialization, and for-   Period to the Present (3) Topics in 19th and 20th
nich's Confederation, to Bismarck's Second Reich,            mation of a national identity within the twentieth-          century Afro-American history, such as Pan-African-
to the Weimar republic to Hitler's Third Reich, to Aden-     century African context . (Same as Afro-American Studies     ism and the effect of education on the status of Blacks.
auer's Federal Republic and the present nation of two        371-372 .)                                                   (Same as Afro-American Studies 445 .)
                                                             373 Historical Issues (3) Broad, thematic issues in          449 History of Tennessee (3) Tennessee's history
336 A History of Austria and Central Europe : Fron-          historical perspective . Lecture-discussion . Especially     from the 18th century to the present.
tier and Civilization Center (3) Austria's development,      suitable for non-majors ; also open to majors.
as part of the Hapsburg collection of states, and its                                                                     450 History of American Foreign Relations (3) Rise
                                                             374 The West and the Third World Since 1870 (3)              of United States from weak nation to global power.
search for identity as it underwent drastic changes,
from a multi-national empire and great power status          Relationships between the West and Africa, Asia, and         Ideology of expansionism and United States response
                                                             Latin America since 1870 across a broad spectrum of          to challenges of autarchy, communism and third world
to an unstable truncated republic, to an exploited Third
Reich province, to a four-fold Allied occupation zone,       critical issues . Includes economic interdependence          nationalism.
                                                             and underdevelopment, ideologies in conflict with non-
to -finally- an independent neutral nation at the            Western world views, and the search for individual           451 United States Military History, 1754 to the Pre-
crossroads of Europe . Major themes are balance of           identity in circumstances of cultural disruption.            sent (3) The nation's broad strategic aims and means
power politics, relationships with neighboring peo-
                                                                                                                          used to attain them, shifting strategy, tactics and
ples, cultural achievements, economic integration and        375 Revolutions in Historical Perspective (3) Com-           weaponry involved in wars, and relationship between
disintegration, and the problems of centralization versus    parative history of major revolutions which transformed      American society and its armed forces . (Same as Mil-
national diversity.                                          political, social, and economic structures and values,       itary Science 430 .)
                                                             such as those in France, Russia, China, Mexico, and
340-341 History of Russia (3,3) 340-To the middle of         Iran . Contrasts and common patterns in their causes,        452 The American Experience in World War II (3)
the 19th century . 341-From the middle of the 19th           phases and outcomes . Relations between leaders and          Diplomacy and warfare in Europe and Asia and the
century.                                                     masses . Major theories of revolution.                       impact of the war on American society . (Team-taught
350-351 Early Modern America, 1607-1815 (3,3) A                                                                           course .)
                                                             376 History Behind the News (3) Contemporary anal-
thematic approach to early American history in the           ysis and the historical background of selected               453 Women in American History (3) Approaches of
formative years ; 350-to 1776 ; 351-1776 to 1815.            newsworthy events in North and South America, Europe,        432 applied to American society . (Same as Women's
                                                             and the non-Western world . May satisfy history major        Studies 453 .)
352 The United States during the Jacksonian Era,             requirements except those of geographical distribu-
1815-1860 (3) An examination of the major economic           tion. May be repeated by non-majors . Maximum 6              454 Cities and Urbanization in American History (3)
and political developments in antebellum America within      hours.
the framework of the struggle between nationalism                                                                         Origins, growth, and influence of American cities in
                                                                                                                          development of the nation, from colonial era to pre-
and sectionalism.                                            379 American Issues: Individualism and Community             sent . (Same as Urban Studies 454 .)
                                                             (3) Ways in which Americans have organized their
353 The Civil War and Reconstruction Eras, 1860-             lives so as to retain the benefits of individual and         455 Local and Regional History (3) History of the
1877 (3) An examination of the major political, eco-         small group identity while seeking to achieve the pur-       concept of regionalism, the applicability of region-
nomic, and social developments in the United States          poses that come from larger shared values and goals.         alism, and an analysis of the United States regional
during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras.                Topics include conflicting and competing tendencies          models.
                                                             toward laissez-faire and "Americanism" and ethnic
354 United States, 1877-1933 (3) America's political,        identity.                                                    456 History of Sports in the United States (3) Devel-
economic, and social development from the Gilded
                                                                                                                          opment of sports and their significance in American
Age through the Great Depression.                            380 American Issues : War and the Peaceful Ideal             life from colonial period to present . Emphasis on social,
                                                             (3) Evolution of the dual tendency among Americans           cultural, economic and political impact of both spec-
355 United States, 1933 to the Present (3) American          to express abhorrence to war and imperial conquests          tator and participatory sports in 20th century.
experience from Roosevelt ' s New Deal through World         and, to engage in war and exercise economic or polit-
War II and the Cold War to present . Emphasizes domes-       ical dominion over other peoples . Topics include            459 Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Historians
tic history but includes military and foreign policy.        relationship between leaders and followers, patterns         (3) Collecting, collating, coding and analyzing machine-
                                                             and dissent, mobilization for war, and post-war atti-        readable data with SAS (Statistical Analysis System).
360-361 History of Latin America (3,3) 360-                  tudes.                                                       Uses practical historical problems in urban and rural
Colonialism and Independence, 1500-1825 . 361-Na-                                                                         perspectives.
tional Development, 1825 to present . (Same as Latin         407-408 Honors: Senior Paper (3,3) 407-Supervised
American Studies (360-361 .)                                 reading, bibliographical search, conceptual clarification,   470 Studies in British History (3) Variable content.
                                                             research . 408-Organization and writing of the senior        Selected themes and issues in British history . May be
362-363 History of East Asia (3,3) 362-East Asia:            honors paper . Both are required of students working         repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
History and Culture to 1600 . Chiefly China and Japan;       for honors in history.
Korea and Vietnam also included . Confucianism, Bud-                                                                      471 Studies in Western European History (3) Varia-
dhism, social structure, political tradition, and Japanese   430-431 European Intellectual and Cultural History           ble content. Particular aspects of Western European
feudalism . Comparison and contrast with Western his-        (3,3)430-Renaissance to Revolution, 1300-1789 .431-          history such as witchcraft, revolutions, or nation-
tory and culture . 363-Modern East Asia since 1600.          Romanticism to Relativism, 1750-Present.                     alism . May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam . Comparative mod-
ernization : Western impact, cultural transformation,        432 Women in European History (3) Comparative                472 Studies in Central European History (3) Variable
communist movement, and Japan's militarism and               analysis of the roles of women in Medieval, Renais-          content . May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
post-war economic success.                                   sance and Victorian Europe . Relationship between
                                                             family structure, sexual attitudes and the economic          473 Studies in Eastern European History (3) Variable
364 History of China (3) Changes and continuities of         and political roles of women with an emphasis on             content . Selected aspects of Eastern European his-
the world's longest uninterrupted civilization with a        autobiographical writings by women. (Same as Women's         tory, especially on Russian and Polish history . May
quarter of the human race ; similarities and differences     Studies 432 .)                                               be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
between China and Western civilizations ; Chinese rev-
olutions in historical context.                              433 War and Society in Europe from Medieval to               474 Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Europe-
                                                             Modern Times (3) Relationship between the nature of          an History (3) Variable content . Particular aspects of
365 History of Japan (3) Japanese history from               war and society in Europe which covers medieval,             medieval and early modern Europe. May be repeat-
mythological origins to the postwar age, with empha-         early modern and modern warfare, culminating in the          ed . Maximum 9 hours.
sis on politics and society. Topics include the influence    World Wars of the 20th Century.
of disease on society, Japanese Feudalism, popular                                                                        475 Studies in Latin American History (3) Variable
culture in the 1700s, the Meiji Restoration, and Japa-       440 America : Mind, Mood and Society (3) Social and          content . Significant issues in Latin American history.
nese militarism.                                             cultural history and thought from mythology behind           May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours . (Same as Latin
                                                             colonization to major beliefs and values which form          American Studies 475 .)
366 Ancient Near Eastern Civilization (3) Bronze and         the foundation present-day life in the United States.
Iron Ages . Origin of civilization ; institutional struc-                                                                 476 Studies in Asian History (3) Variable content.
tures; imperialism, cuneiform traditions and their           441 The American Frontier and Westward Move-                 Particular aspects of Middle Eastern and East Asian
perpetuation.                                                ment, From the Atlantic to the Trans-Mississippi West        history such as modernization in the Middle East,
                                                             (3) Settlement and development of the "West" through-        Revolution in China, Japanese Feudalism, and others.
369-370 History of the Middle East (3,3) 369-Rise            out American history.                                        May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
and spread of Islamic civilization to the sixteenth cen-
tury . 370-The Middle East from the sixteenth century        442 Indian-White Relations in United States History          479 Studies in United States History (3) Variable con-
to the present . Impact of the West and background           (3) Dilemma of two cultures existing side by side;           tent . Particular aspects of United States history . May
of current problems in the area.                             background and formulation of official Indian policy;        be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
                                                             undermining of policy by frontier circumstances ; Indian
371-372 African History (3,3) 371-Ethnic groups of           wars and campaigns ; present-day relationship.               480 Study of African History (30 Variable content.
the southern and western regions of sub-Saharan                                                                           Different areas of the continent and diverse aspects
Africa and the conflict and change occurring there           443-444 History of the South (3,3) 443-Old South             of the African experience such as African resistance
from 1000 A .D . through the World War I era in 1919.        from colonial period through the Civil War . 444-New         movements, African political parties, the relationship
372-Dynamics of African independence since 1919.             South from Reconstruction through the Second Recon-          of social and economic development under colon-
Achievement of independence by west African nations          struction .                                                  ialism to social and economic conditions in modern
                                                                                                                                Interior Design/Courses of Instruction 159

African nations, and Apartheid and resistance in South            460 Directed Study : Human Ecology (1-3) Topic              and complex visual systems ; role of movement in
Africa . May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.                       arranged by individual student under supervision of         experiencing scale and volumetric space . F
                                                                  faculty . May be repeated with different topic . Maxi-
481 Studies in History (3) Variable content. Subject              mum 6 hours . Prereq : Junior or Senior standing in a       200 Human-Environment Systems (3) Role of culture
matter not covered in other courses . May be repeat-              major in the College of Human Ecology and consent           in defining environment ; physical, social and concep-
ed . Maximum 9 hours.                                             of instructor. E                                            tual aspects of human-environment systems ; impact
                                                                                                                              of environment on human behavior, feelings and values;
482 Colloquium in History (3) Historical theme or                                                                             mutual-casual properties of behavior-environment sys-
problem ; emphasis on questions and skills, with spe-                                                                         tems . (Same as Urban Studies 200 .) Sp
cial reference to historical writing, including critical          HUMAN SERVICES
analysis of both primary and secondary sources . Rec-                                                                         240 Fundamentals of Interior Design I (4) Principles
ommended for seniors.                                             220 Introduction to Human Services (3) Focus on             of spatial organization ; creative problem-solving and
                                                                  related societal values and contemporary issues in          communication techniques for micro-interior environ-
491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.                             human services . Emphasis on the various profes-            ments ; perspective drawing, model building,
                                                                  sions, settings, and roles as students examine the          experimentation with various media . Prereq : 140, Arch
492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.                          complexities of human needs and social problems.            172 . F
493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.                        320 Peoples and Problems of Appalachia (3) Explo-            250 Fundamentals of Interior Design II (4) Problem
                                                                 ration of life style and institutions from contemporary      solving, spatial organization of micro environments,
                                                                 human services' point of view . Special emphasis placed      increasingly larger scale ; communication of total design
HOME ECONOMICS                                                   on political and economic structures of region.              solution, graphic, audio and photographic tech-
                                                                                                                              niques . Prereq : 240 . Sp
                                                                 330 Thinking About People (3) Development of thought-
EDUCATION                                                        ful, informed and empathic attitudes toward human            270 History of Interior Architecture I (3) Interior
                                                                 beings-those providing services as well as those             architecture, decoration and decorative arts within
210 Field Experience in Teaching Home Economics                  receiving service . Prereq : Progression to the major.
Education (1-3) May be repeated . Maximum 3 hours.                                                                            cultural context, ancient through seventeenth centu-
                                                                 F                                                            ry . Emphasis on Italy, France and England . Prereq:
Satisfactory/No Credit only . F, Sp
                                                                                                                              one semester Art History . Sp
                                                                 380 Human Services Methodologies I (3) Basic help-
220 Introduction to Home Economics Educational                   ing skills essential to the effective delivery of Human
Programs (3) School-based and community-based home                                                                            280 Micro-Computers for Interior Design (3) Elec-
                                                                 Services . Prereq : Progression to the major or con-         tronic spreadsheets and data-base organization and
economics programs . Field experience included . Sp              sent of instructor . F                                       management ; data-base information to relate anthro-
320 Strategies of Teaching Home Economics (3) Teach-                                                                          pometrics to furniture dimensioning and specifications
                                                                 390 Information Interpretation and Assessment (3)            for maximizing design criteria ; cost-estimating and
ing methods, techniques, use of media . Field experience          Information gathering and assessment for human serv-
included . Prereq : 220. F                                                                                                    product trade-offs in meeting budget constraints . Prereq.
                                                                 ices are examined in depth in relation to human services     or Coreq : 240 . Interior Design students only . F
                                                                 practice . Formulating questions, identifying relevant
420 Curriculum Development in Vocational Home
                                                                 data, using related resources, interpreting informa-         310 Survey of Interior Design (3) Planning and organ-
Economics (3) Program planning, evaluation, design               tion and applying this information in a practical setting.
of instruction for classroom . Prereq : 320, Admission                                                                        izing interior spaces (rooms, apartments, residences)
                                                                 Prereq : Progression to the major . Sp
to Teacher Education Program . To be scheduled imme-                                                                          to meet personal and family housing needs ; relation
diately preceding student teaching . Sp                          420 Human Services Methodologies II (3) Includes             of furnishings to architectural space . Not open to Inte-
                                                                 reality therapy, behavior modification, family sys-          rior Design majors . Enrollment preference given to
421 Teaching Occupational Home Economics (1)                     tems, client-centered and rational emotive therapy.           Home Economics Education and Tourism, Food and
Methods, organization, curriculum for Home Econom-               Discussion and role playing of methods and skills that       Lodging Administration majors . A, Sp
ics Related Occupational programs . Prereq . or Coreq:
                                                                 will be used during the field experience. Prereq: Progres-   315 Survey of Contract Interiors (3) Planning and
420 . Sp                                                         sion to the major, 220, 330 . Coreq : 440 . F
                                                                                                                              organizing interior spaces for restaurants and lodg-
430 Student Teaching in Vocational Home Econom-                  430 Working Within The System (3) Capstone                   ing facilities ; relation of furnishings to architectural
ics (6-15) Prereq : 420 . Satisfactory/No Credit only . F        Experience . Context within which the need for human         space . Open only to Tourism, Food and Lodging majors.
                                                                 services arises and analysis of the process through          (Offered Fall and Spring in even years ; A, F Sp .)
440 Teaching in Community-Based Programs (3) Plan-
ning and implementing non-formal instructional                   which such services are provided . Prereq : Progres-         340-350 Intermediate Interior Design I, II (4,4) Studio
                                                                 sion to the major, 330 ; senior standing or consent of
programs; methods, curriculum, delivery systems, eval-                                                                        problems of intermediate complexity ; integrates and
uation . Includes field experience . Prereq : Senior standing.   instructor . Sp                                              extends previous knowledge of working drawings,
(Same as CFS 440 .) Sp                                           440 Human Services Field Work (6) Practical field            materials and sources, design methods, spatial orga-
                                                                 experiences in appropriately organized and directed          nization and planning of micro and macro environments.
445 Field Experience in Community-Based Pro-                     human services settings . Develops specific helping          Prereq : Third year in Interior Design ; courses must be
grams (1-15) Placement in Home Economics-related                                                                              taken in sequence . F, Sp
                                                                 skills ; involvement in roles and function of social serv-
programs or businesses . Includes seminar . May be               ices, and provides direct services in a supervised
repeated. Maximum 15 hours . Prereq : Consent of                                                                              360 Business Principles and Practices (3) Interprofes-
                                                                 learning situation . For majors only . Prereq : Progres-
instructor . Satisfactory/No Credit only . F, Sp                 sion to the major or consent of instructor. Coreq: 420.      sional relationships and business practices,
                                                                 Satisfactory/No Credit only . F                              responsibilities, and liabilities . Prereq : Third year in
497 Honors: Home Economics Education (3-6) Issues                                                                             Interior Design . F
or topics affecting home economics education, designed
                                                                  441 Human Services Field Work 11 (6) Practical field
to meet particular interests of the student . Prereq:             experiences in appropriately organized and directed         370 History of Interior Architecture II (3) Interior archi-
Junior or Senior standing and consent of instructor.                                                                          tecture, decoration and decorative arts within cultural
                                                                 _human services settings . Develops specific helping
May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.                                                                                            context, seventeenth through the nineteenth centu-
                                                                  skills ; involvement in roles and functions of social
                                                                  services ; and provides direct services in a supervised     ries; emphasis on France, England and America . Prereq:
                                                                  learning situation . For majors only . Prereq : Progres-    270 or consent of instructor . F
HUMAN ECOLOGY                                                     sion to the major, 380, 420, 440 . Satisfactory/No Credit
                                                                  only . Sp                                                   400 Proxemics (3) Analysis of spatial behavior ; empha-
                                                                                                                              sis on cultural basis of spacing behavior . Prereq : 200
200 Professional Orientation (3) Presentation of ecosy-                                                                       or consent of instructor . A, Sp
stem model and its application to the enhancement of             450 Special Topics in Human Services (3) Issues,
individual and family well-being ; examination of the            methods, values, and trends with implications for help-
                                                                 ing practitioners, such as art therapy, legal and ethical    410 Environment as Code (3) Advanced theoretical
biosocial nature of human beings ; nature of human                                                                            issues in environment as a medium of human com-
environments ; relationship between people and their             issues, and self-awareness education . May be repeat-
                                                                 ed . Maximum 9 hours.                                        munication . Prereq : 200, 400 or consent of instructor.
environments . F, Sp %210 Microcomputer Applica-                                                                              A, Sp
tions (3) Introduction to microcomputer use and five
                                                                 491 Foreign Study (1-15)
software programs ; operating systems, word process-                                                                          417 Honors: Interior Design (1-4) Advanced research
ing systems, data base systems, spreadsheet programs             492 Off-Campus Study (1-15)                                  in interior design problems for juniors or seniors . May
and graphics programs ; design of a management infor-                                                                         be repeated . Maximum 8 hours . Prereq : Consent of
 mation system ; spreadsheets, word processing, and              493 Independent Study (1-15)                                 Interior Design faculty . E
database. Prereq : Declared major in College of Human
 Ecology . F, Sp                                                                                                              420 Practicum for Interior Design (15) Supervised
                                                                                                                              experience in a professional design firm ; business
400 Professional Environments (3) Application of ecosy-
stem model to the enhancement of individual and
                                                                 INTERIOR DESIGN                                              practices, project management and design philoso-
                                                                                                                              phy . Prereq : Third year in Interior Design, 360 and
family well-being ; interrelatedness of the specializa-          140 Introduction to Interior Design (2) Orientation to       consent of instructor . Sp
tions within human ecology and their common                      the profession ; relationship to allied fields ; contem-
commitment to helping individuals and families manage            porary developments ; philosophical approaches . F           430 Computer-Aided-Design (3) Interaction between
change and technology through decision making, the                                                                            computer-aided-design process, data-base, spread-
management of resources, and the evolution of social             150 Visual Studies (3) Classification and properties         sheet software, cost estimating, construction drawings
policy . Prereq : 200 and 3 credit hours each in CFS,            of two and three-dimensional visual organization ; design    related to space planning . Prereq : 230, 340 ; Interior
NFS, ID or TA exclusive of HE 210 . F, Sp                        principles ; visual and spatial elements within simple       Design majors only . Sp
160     Courses of instruction/Italian

440-450 Advanced Interior Design I, II (4,4) Complex          409 Directed Readings (3)                                     American history . Newspapers, radio, television and
problems utilizing systematic design methodology, com-                                                                      magazines . F
mercial and institutional environments, and/or historic       491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.
preservation/adaptive reuse of older structures with                                                                        470 Public Relations Campaigns (3) Preparation of
considerations of governmental policies . Prereq : 350                                                                      communications materials to implement planned public
                                                                                                                            relations programs . Preparation of news releases.
for 440 ; 440 for 450 and fifth year in Interior Design.
                                                              JOURNALISM                                                    Research, planning, communication and evaluation
                                                                                                                            of major public relations projects and campaigns . Prereq:
                                                              201 Publicity and Public Relations (3) Principles and         203, 270, and senior standing . E
460 Lighting for Interior Designers (3) Application of        practice of writing for mass media . Public information
elements and principles of lighting and wiring to design
                                                              campaigns for organizations and institutions . Not avail-     480 Journalism in the High School (3) Functions and
of visual environment . Prereq : Third year in Interior                                                                     methods of high school publications . Staff selection,
                                                              able for majors in the College of Communications.
Design . Sp                                                   Prereq : English 102 . E                                      content of publications, copy, layout, photography,
                                                                                                                            printing, advertising and business . Planning course
470 History of Contemporary Interior Architecture             203 Editing (3) Methods and practice in judging news,         outlines and curricula for journalism/mass media studies.
(3) Interior architecture, furniture, design philoso-         editing copy, writing headlines and designing news-
phies, nineteenth century roots of twentieth century                                                                        490 Advanced Photojournalism (3) Advanced princi-
                                                              papers and magazines . Emphasis on precise word
developments, Europe and America ; design as influenced       use and news display . Prereq: Communications 200.            ples and methods of black-and-white photography.
by movements in fine arts, technological advances,            E                                                             Introduction to color photography . News and feature
cultural context . Prereq : 370 or consent of instructor.                                                                   photographs, photo essays . Prereq : 290, or consent
F                                                             270 Public Relations Principles (3) Theories and prin-        of instructor.
                                                              ciples of public relations. Overview of public relations
475 History of American Interior Architecture (3) His-        in management of business, government, institu-               492 Field Experience (1) Approved internships and
torical developments in interior architecture and             tions, and organizations . Case studies and basic public      other supervised practice in journalism and public
decorative arts within cultural context, colonial era         relations projects . Prereq : 201 or Communications           relations . May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credit
through nineteenth century . Prereq : 370 or consent          200 . E                                                       hours . Prereq : Senior standing and consent of instruc-
of instructor . Sp                                                                                                          tor . E
                                                              290 Photojournalism (3) Principles and practice of
480 Furniture Design (4) Human factors data applied           photography as a creative tool of communication . Basic       493 Independent Study (3) May be repeated for
to design of body support, task support, storage and          camera technique, darkroom work, historical and con-          maximum of 6 hours . Prereq : Consent of instructor.
systems, construction drawings and scale models;              temporary photojournalism . Lecture and laboratory.
advanced millwork design ; materials and manufac-             Prereq : 201, or Communications 200, or consent of
turing processes . Prereq : 200, 350 and fifth year in
Interior Design . F
                                                              instructor . E
                                                              310 Feature Writing (3) Skills of journalism for writing
485 Interior Design Synthesis (4-8) Student and instruc-      feature articles for newspapers, magazines and com-           111-112 Beginning Latin (3,3) Must be taken in
tor initiated advanced research ; topics must be approved     pany publications . Critiquing of students' work in writing   sequence.
by supervising Interior Design faculty . Prereq : 450 or      workshops, and writing short in-class pieces as assigned.
consent of instructor. Sp                                                                                                   251 Intermediate Latin: Grammar Review and Read-
                                                              Prereq: 203, or consent of instructor . E
                                                                                                                            ings (3) Prereq : 112 or equivalent.
491 International Study (1-15) Individual or group            360 Reporting (3) Gathering news about business
studio and/or study abroad ; academic research, field                                                                       252 Intermediate Latin: Vergil's Aeneid (3) Prereq:
                                                              and government for publication . Emphasis on the inter-
investigation, or studio experiences . May be substi-                                                                       251 or equivalent.
                                                              pretation of financial documents . Prereq: 203. Sp
tuted for 420 in student' s professional curriculum.
Determination of credit based on particular interna-                                                                        351 Cicero and Sallust (3) Prereq : 252 or equivalent.
                                                              390 Communications Graphics (3) Principles and
tional experience . Prereq : Consent of department head.      practice in the visual aspect of communications. Empha-       352 Roman Lyric Poetry (3) Poetry of Catullus, Horace,
Su                                                            sis on graphic design, typography, illustration and           and the elegists . Prereq : 252 or equivalent.
                                                              photography, printing and production techniques and
493 Directed Study in Studio (1-4) Student or staff           publication design . Lecture and laboratory . Prereq:         414 Cicero and Techniques of Latin Prose Composi-
initiated studio for investigation of special topic(s).       201, or Communications 200, or consent of instruc-            tion (3) For advanced students in Latin . Practice in
Elective credit only . May be repeated . Maximum 8            tor.                                                          prose composition, the writings of Cicero the model.
hours . Prereq : Consent of department head . E                                                                             Prereq : 351-352 or consent of instructor.
                                                              403 International Communications (3) Development
                                                              and operations of world mass communications chan-             431-432 Selected Readings from Latin Literature (3,3)
                                                              nels and agencies . Comparative analysis of media,
ITALIAN                                                       media practices, flow and news throughout the world.
                                                                                                                            For advanced students in Latin . Oratory, historical
                                                                                                                            writings and poetry of ancient Rome, in the original
                                                              Print and broadcast systems studies in terms of rele-         Latin . May be repeated for credit . Maximum 9 hours.
111-112 Elementary Italian (3,3) Introduction to Ital-        vant social, political, economic, and cultural factors.       Prereq : 351-352 or consent of instructor.
ian . May not be taken for credit by students with two        Relation of communication practices to international
years of high school or one year college Italian . Must       affairs and understanding . Sp                                435 Medieval Latin (3) Selected readings from the
be taken in sequence . Language Laboratory required.                                                                        Latin prose and poetry of medieval Europe . Prereq:
                                                              412 Opinion Writing (3) Analysis of editorial posi-           Consent of instructor.
211-212 Intermediate Italian (3,3) Sequence stresses          tions, practices, and pages . Writing editorials and
reading, writing, listening and speaking Italian to pre-      columns for newspapers, magazines, and company
pare for upper division courses in the language . Must        publications, with emphasis upon study and use of
be taken in sequence . Language Laboratory required.          rhetorical devices and logic . Prereq : 203 or consent        LATIN-AMERICAN
                                                              of instructor . Sp
311-312 History of Italian Literature (3,3) Chronolog-
ical view of Italian Literature in relation to the specific   414 Magazine Article Writing (3) Techniques of writ-
historical developments that have influenced it . Prereq:     ing in-depth articles for mass circulation and specialized    251-252 Introduction to Latin American Studies (3,3)
212 or equivalent.                                            magazines . Organizing and presenting material, with          Societies of Latin America with special emphasis on
                                                              attention to problems in areas such as business, sci-         dominant culture patterns, social changes, and impact
341-342 Intermediate Grammar, Composition and                 ence, agriculture, the humanities . Prereq : 203 or consent   of nationalism . 251-Pre-Colonial and Colonial periods
Conversation (3,3) Grammatical analysis of Italian prose;     of instructor . F                                             through Independence era . 252-Latter 19th century
review of grammatical principles and their application                                                                      and the Modern period.
in translation from English to Italian, both written and      416 Issues in Journalism (3) Topics vary . May be
oral ; exercises in free composition . Prereq : 212 or        repeated . Maximum credit 6 hours . Prereq : Consent          311 Aspects of Luso Brazilian Literature (3) (Same
equivalent.                                                   of instructor.                                                as Portuguese 311 .)
401 Dante and Medieval Culture (3) Introduction to            420 Print Media Management (3) Current business               312 Aspects of Spanish American Literature (3) (Same
the significance of this great Italian writer . Prereq:       practice among print news media, especially news-             as Spanish 312 .)
212 or consent of instructor . (Same as Medieval Studies      papers . Problems in management and production,
401 .)                                                        and the outlook for new technologies . Prereq : 6 hours       313 Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica (3) (Same
                                                              math and/or accounting , and senior standing . Sp             as Anthropology 313 .)
402 Petrarch and Boccaccio (3) Prereq : 212 or con-
sent of instructor . (Same as Medieval Studies 402 .)         430 Public Affairs Reporting (3) Reporting and writ-          355 Latin American Government and Politics I (3)
                                                              ing about courts, government and public agencies.             (Same as Political Science 355 .)
403-404 Literature of the Rinascimento (3,3) From              Event and issue-oriented journalism of politics and
Pucci to Tasso, the Quattrocento and the Cinquecen-            public affairs . Prereq : 360 . Sp                           360 History of Latin America (3) (Same as History
to . Prereq : 212 or consent of instructor.                                                                                 360 .)
                                                              433 Advanced Editing (3) Primary focus is on sensi-
405 Modern Italian Poetry (3) Prereq : 212 or consent         tivity to language and editing skills . Includes headline     361 History of Latin America (3) (Same as History of
of instructor.                                                writing, layout and production . Prereq : 203.                361 .)

406 The Modern Italian Novel (3) Prereq : 212 or con-         460 Mass Communications History (3) Development               372 Geography of Middle America (3) (Same as Geog-
sent of instructor .                                          of the press and the role of mass communications in           raphy 372 .)
                                                                                                                                 Mathematics/Courses of Instruction               161

373 Geography of South America (3) (Same as                     420 The Development of Historical Linguistics as a           431 Personnel Management (3) Theory, methods and
Geography 373 .)                                                Science (3) Development of the scientific understand-        issues pertaining to successful personnel manage-
                                                                ing of language change . Emergence of the                    ment . Prereq : 301, senior standing.
401 Cultural Plurality and Institutional Changes in             Neogrammarian paradigm from 19th century intellec-
Latin America (3) Value systems, behavioral pat-               tual trends . Impact of synchronic, descriptive, structural   432 Implementation and Evaluation of Personnel
terns, political parties, role of the military, the Church,    and transformational-generative linguistics on con-           Programs (3) Methods of identifying, developing, imple-
educational institutions, dictatorship and nationalism.        temporary diachronic theory . Prereq : 6 hours of courses     menting and evaluating various personnel programs.
                                                               required for Linguistics concentration or consent of          Prereq : 431, senior standing.
402 Latin American Studies Seminar (3) Selected                instructor.
topics in Latin American studies . May be repeated.                                                                          441 Operations Management 11(3) Planning and con-
Maximum 6 hours.                                               425 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (3) (Same         trol of operations systems . Aggregate planning;
                                                               as French 425, German 425, Russian 425, and Span-             scheduling systems, materials management . Prereq:
431 Directed Readings in Brazilian and Portuguese              ish 425 .)                                                    341.
Literature (3) (Same as Portuguese 431 .)
                                                               426 Methods of Historical Linguistics (3) (Same as            461 Database Management in Business (3) Applica-
432 Directed Readings in Brazilian and Portuguese              French 426, German 426, Russian 426, and Spanish              tion, logical structure, and implementation of database
Literature (3) (Same as Portuguese 432 .)                      426 .)                                                        systems . Management of data resources to effective-
                                                                                                                             ly support information systems in organizations . Prereq:
450 20th Century Hispanic Theater (3) (Same as Span-           429 Romance Linguistics (3) (Same as French 429
                                                                                                                             Computer Science 261.
ish 450 .)                                                     and Spanish 429.)
                                                                                                                             471 International Management (3) Factors significant
455 Latin American Government and Politics I1 (3)              430 The Development of Synchronic Linguistics as
                                                               a Science (3) Development of the first synchronic             to the manager in international business activities.
(Same as Political Science 455 .)
                                                               paradigm of linguistics . Impact of social sciences on
                                                                                                                             481 Management Science (3) Quantitative methods
471 Latin American Civilization (3) (Same as Span-             the American descriptivists . Prague School . Trans-          for production and operations management . Linear,
ish 471 .)                                                     formational-generative theory . Prereq : 6 hours of courses
                                                                                                                             dynamic and network programming, inventory, queue-
                                                               required for Linguistics concentration or consent of          ing and simulation . Prereq : Statistics 251, 252.
472 Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature                instructor.
(3) (Same as Spanish 472 .)                                                                                                  493 Independent Study (3) Readings, research, and
                                                               435 Structure of the German Language (3) (Same as
                                                                                                                             special projects . Prereq : Consent of instructor . May
473-474 Survey of Spanish American Literature (3)              German 435 .)
(Same as Spanish 473-474 .)                                                                                                  be repeated one time for credit.
                                                               436 History of the German Language (3) (Same as
475 Studies in Latin American History (3) (Same as             German 436 .)
History 475 .)
                                                               471 Sociolinguistics (3) (Same as English 471 and             MARKETING
479 Social Protest Literature of Latin America (3)             Sociology 471 .)
                                                                                                                             301 Marketing Management (3) Institutions compris-
(Same as Spanish 479 .)                                                                                                      ing the marketing system ; principal environmental
                                                               472 American English (3) (Same as English 472 .)
                                                                                                                             opportunities and constraints facing the marketing
                                                               474 Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Lan-              manager. Prereq : Economics 201.
LIBRARY AND                                                    guage I (3) (Same as English 474 .)
                                                                                                                             310 Buyer Behavior - Analysis for Marketing (3) Com-
                                                                                                                             prehensive framework of consumer behavior concepts
INFORMATION SCIENCE                                            475 Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language
                                                               II (3) (Same as English 475 .)                                and processes . Application to market analysis, design
                                                                                                                             and control of marketing programs . Prereq : 301.
310 Finding Information : Resources and Strategies             485 Special Topics in Language (3) (Same as Eng-
(3) Information as a critical resource for research and        lish 485 .)                                                   320 Marketing Research and Information Planning
decision making, emphasis on planning and execut-                                                                            (3) Marketing Research process from its inception to
ing information searches and using library resources.                                                                        implementation of the study ' s results . Student should
E                                                                                                                            be able to critically evaluate the merit of a research
                                                               MANAGEMENT                                                    project, as well as possess the ability to design a
330 Books and Related Materials for Children (3)                                                                             sound marketing project . Major writing requirement.
 Materials for children in leisure time or classroom           301 Principles of General and Operations Management           Prereq : 301 and Statistics 201.
activities; criteria for selecting books, magazines, record-   (3) Basic functions of general management and the
ings, films and related materials ; storytelling and other     concepts and techniques used in operations man-               420 Promotion Management (3) Principles and prac-
devices for encouraging reading . Undergraduate Credit         agement . Includes lectures and discussion/problem            tices of promotion management and their relationship
only . E                                                       solving sessions . Prereq : Statistics 201.                   to overall marketing program . Managerial focus empha-
                                                                                                                             sizing types of decisions continually confronting
340 Books and Related Materials for Young People               303 Management Information Systems (3) Manage-                promotion executives . Prereq : 301.
(3) Materials for teenagers in leisure time or class-          ment information concepts . Organizational information
room activities ; criteria for selecting books, magazines,     needs, management decisions relating to technology            430 Marketing Analysis and Strategy (3) Approach-
recordings, films and related materials ; book talks           and systems design. Data base management sys-                 es for finding markets and evaluating them for
and other devices for encouraging reading . Under-             tems and applications development software.                   opportunity . Concepts, types of information and anal-
graduate credit only . Sp                                                                                                    ysis techniques combined into a framework for strategic
                                                               311 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (3)             decisions . Major writing requirement . Prereq : 301 and
430 History of the Book (3) History of writing and             American labor history, structure and philosophy of           320.
various methods of bookmaking from earliest times              contemporary unions, nature of collective bargaining,
through the 19th century . Sp                                  and dispute settlement . (Same as Economics 343 .)            440 Organizational Psychology (3) (Same as Psy-
                                                                                                                             chology 440 .)
475 Utilization of Instructional Media (3) Basic com-          321 Organizational Structure and Behavior (3)
munication process, need for instructional media,              Behavioral processes in organizations ; motivation, lead-     493 Independent Study (1-6) Directed research on
instructional development, selection and utilization of        ership, decision making, communication ; behavioral           subjects of mutual interest to student and staff member.
basic media, and basic software production tech-               consequences ; group behavior, informal organiza-             Prereq : Consent of instructor.
niques . (Same as Educational Curriculum and Instruction       tions, organizational structure, conflict, politics, change
475 .) E                                                       and development.                                              497-498 Honors I & 11 (3,3) Topics may include non-
                                                                                                                             business marketing applications, macroenvironmen-
                                                               341 Operations Management I (3) Design of opera-              tal issues, market segmentation, international marketing,
                                                               tions systems . Process and methods analysis and              services marketing, marketing channels and related
LINGUISTICS                                                    measurement, location and layout, project manage-             issues . Prereq : Consent of instructor.
                                                               ment, operational forecasting . Prereq : 301, Statistics
200 Language, Linguistics and Society (3) Introduc-            201.
tion to linguistics with focus on language development
and use of language by individuals and groups . Prereq:        401 Business Strategy/Policy (3) Strategy and policy          MATHEMATICS
Completion of Freshman English or equivalent.                  which affect the character and success of the total
                                                               enterprise . Capstone course which integrates all func-       110 Algebraic Reasoning (3) Algebraic functions, their
371 Foundations of the English Language (3) (Same              tional areas in the formulation and implementation of         properties and uses, including applications in finan-
as English 371 .)                                              strategy which will enable the organization to reach          cial mathematics and other areas . No student who
                                                               objectives . Major writing requirement . Prereq : Com-        has earned a grade of C or better in any Mathematics
372 The Structure of Modern English (3) (Same as               pletion of business core courses and senior standing.         course numbered 121 or higher may subsequently
English 372.)                                                  Must be admitted to a business major.                         receive credit in 110. Prereq : Two years of algebra
                                                                                                                             and one year of geometry in high school.
400 Topics in Linguistics (3) Content varies . May be          421 Business Strategy Formulation and Implemen-
repeated . Maximum 6 hours.                                    tation (3) General business simulation used by teams          115 Statistical Reasoning (3) Introduction to proba-
                                                               which formulate and implement business strategy.              bility and statistics without calculus . Not available for
411 Linguistic Anthropology (3) (Same as Anthropol-            Application of strategic planning and group manage-           credit to students in the College of Business Adminis-
ogy 411 .)                                                     ment skills . Prereq : 311, 321, 341 .                        tration . Prereq : Two years of algebra and one year of
162      Courses of Instruction/Medical Biology

geometry in high school, plus satisfactory placement           Gaussian elimination, determinants, vector spaces,              variables, Fourier series, solution of Laplace, wave,and
test scores, or 110, or 130.                                   linear transformations, eigenvalues, and eigenvec-              heat equations . Prereq : 231, 241.
                                                               tors . Prereq : 141-142.
121 Calculus A (3) For students not planning to major                                                                          443 Complex Variables I (3) Introduction to the theory
in science, engineering, mathematics, or computer              253 Microcomputer Laboratory (1) Optional supplement            of functions of a complex variable, including residue
science . Calculus of algebraic, exponential, and loga-        to 251, featuring computer demonstrations and projects.         theory and contour integrals . Prereq : 241 ; one 300 or
rithmic functions, with applications . No student who          Coreq : Students registering for 253 must also be reg-          400-level mathematics course recommended.
has received credit for Math 141 or 151 with a grade           istered for 251.
of C or better may subsequently receive credit for                                                                             444 Complex Variables II (3) Applications of complex
121 . Prereq: Two years of algebra and one year of             257 Honors : Matrix Algebra I (3) Prereq : 147-148 or           variables to steady-state temperatures, electrostat-
geometry in high school, plus satisfactory placement           invitation of the department.                                   ics, and fluid flow . Prereq : 443.
test scores, or 110, or 130.
                                                               323 Probability I (3) Elementary combinatorics ; dis-           445-446 Advanced Calculus I, II (3,3) Introduction to
122 Calculus B (3) Sequel to 121, including elementa-          crete probability spaces, conditional probability and           the theory of sequences, series, differentiation, and
ry matrix algebra, multivariable calculus, and optimization.   stochastic independence ; discrete and continuous               Riemann integration of functions of one or more vari-
No student who has received credit for 241 or 251              random variables (including binomial, Poisson, uni-             ables . Prereq : 341 or consent of instructor.
may subsequently receive credit for 122 . Prereq : 121,        form and normal) ; joint distributions, expectations and
or 141, or 151.                                                characteristic functions ; elementary treatment of laws         447-448 Honors : Advanced Calculus I, II (3,3) Honors
                                                               of large numbers and the central limit problem . Prereq:        version of 445-446 . Prereq : 341 or consent of instruc-
130 Precalculus (4) Review of algebraic, logarithmic,          241.                                                            tor.
exponential, and trigonometric functions for students
who satisfy the course prerequisites for 141 or 151,           341 Analysis I (3) Introduction to the theory of the            451 Topics in Algebra (3) Topics chosen from number
but whose placement test scores indicate additional            real number system, limits of sequences, and func-              theory and the theory of polynomial equations, such
preparation is necessary . Students who have earned            tions of a real variable . Prereq : 241.                        as the quadratic reciprocity law and Sturm separa-
a grade of C or better in 141 or 151 may not subse-                                                                            tion . Prereq : 351.
                                                               351 Algebra I (3) Introduction to abstract algebra,
quently receive credit for 130 . Prereq : Two years of         emphasizing integers and polynominal rings . Prereq:
algebra, a year of geometry, and half a year of trigo-                                                                         453 Matrix Algebra II (3) Advanced topics in matrix
                                                               221 and 251.                                                    theory, including the Jordan canonical form . Prereq:
nometry in high school . Students who did not study
trigonometry in high school may take the noncredit             371 Numerical Algorithms I (3) Selection of algo-
course in trigonometry simultaneously with 130.                rithms and associated library software for problems             455-456 Abstract Algebra I, II (3,3) Introduction to
                                                               selected from roots of equations, systems of linear             algebraic structures such as groups, rings, fields, vector
141-142 Calculus I, II (4,4) Standard first-year course        equations, least squares data fitting, interpolation, numer-    spaces and linear transformations . Prereq : 351 or
in single variable calculus, especially for students of        ical integration, numerical methods for ordinary
science, engineering, mathematics, and computer sci-                                                                           consent of instructor.
                                                               differential equations . Prereq : 231, 241, 251, and knowl-
ence . Differential and integral calculus with applications.   edge of a high level programming language, such as              457-458 Honors : Abstract Algebra I, II (3,3) Honors
Credit will not be given for both 141 and 151 . Prereq:        FORTRAN . Credit will not be given for both 371 and             version of 455-456 . Prereq : 351 or consent of instruc-
Two years of algebra, a year of geometry, and half a           Basic Engineering 201.                                          tor.
year of trigonometry in high school, plus satisfactory
placement test scores, or 130.                                 399 Studies in Mathematics (3) May be repeated.                 460 Geometry (3) Axiomatic and historical development
                                                               Maximum 9 hours . Prereq : Consent of instructor.               of neutral, Euclidean, and hyperbolic geometry stress-
143-144 Microcomputer Laboratory (1,1) Optional sup-
                                                                                                                               ing proof technique and critical reasoning . Models of
plement to the calculus courses, featuring computer            400 History of Mathematics (3) Development of math-             Non-Euclidean geometries. A term paper required.
demonstrations and projects. Coreq : Students regis-           ematics from ancient to modern times . Does not satisfy         Prereq : 141-142 and 221, or consent of instructor.
tering for one of these lab courses must also be               major requirements for a B .S . or M .S . in mathemat-
registered for the corresponding calculus course.              ics . Term paper required . Prereq : 141-142 or equivalent.     461 Topology (3) Includes topology of line and plane,
                                                                                                                               separation properties, compactness, connected-
147-148 Honors: Calculus I, II (4,4) Honors version            401 Mathematics and Microcomputers (3) Primarily                ness, continuous functions, homeomorphisms, continua,
of 141-142 for well-prepared students . Qualified stu-         for students seeking certification as mathematics teach-        and topological invariants . Prereq : 341 or consent of
dents are usually invited to enroll, but inquiries from        ers at the secondary level . The use of microcomputers          instructor.
other students having excellent high school mathe-             to study concepts and problems in mathematics . Does
matics backgrounds are welcome.                                not satisfy major requirements for a B .S . or M .S. in         471 Numerical Analysis (3) Introduction to computa-
                                                               mathematics . Prereq : 141 ; 221 or 504.                        tion, instabilities, and rounding . Interpolation and
151-152 Biocalculus I, II (3,3) For students majoring
                                                                                                                               approximation by polynomials and piecewise polyno-
in the life sciences . Topics from calculus of algebraic,      404 Applied Vector Calculus (3) Topics from mul-                mials . Quadrature and numerical solution of initial and
logarithmic, and exponential functions, probability and        tivariable and vector calculus including line and surface
                                                                                                                               boundary value problems of ordinary differential equa-
statistics, with emphasis on applications to the life          integrals, the divergence theorem and the theorems
                                                                                                                               tions, including stiff systems . Prereq : 371 . (Same as
sciences . Credit will not be given for both 141 and           of Gauss and Stokes . Prereq : 241.                             Computer Science 471 .)
151 . Prereq : Two years of algebra, a year of geome-
try, and half a year of trigonometry in high school,           405 Models in Biology (3) Difference and differential           472 Numerical Algebra (3) Direct and iterative meth-
plus satisfactory placement test scores, or 130.               equation models of biological systems . Prereq : 141-
                                                                                                                               ods for systems of linear equations . Solution of a
                                                               142 or 151-152.                                                 single nonlinear equation and nonlinear systems . Orthog-
200 Matrix Computations (1) Introduction to matrix
                                                               411 Mathematical Modeling (3) Construction and anal-            onal decomposition, least squares and the algebraic
calculations, including determinants, eigenvalues and
eigenvectors . For students in the College of Engi-            ysis of mathematical models used in science and                 eigenvalue problem . Prereq : 371 . Recommended : 453.
                                                               industry . Projects emphasized . Prereq : 231, 241, and         (Same as Computer Science 472 .)
neering and College of Business Statistics majors
only . Students who have received a grade of C or              251.
                                                                                                                               490 Readings in Mathematics (1-3) Open to superior
better in 251 may not subsequently receive credit for                                                                          students with consent of department head . Indepen-
200 . Prereq : 141-142.                                        421 Combinatorics (3) Introduction to problems of
                                                               construction and enumeration for discrete structures            dent study with faculty guidance . May be repeated.
221-222 Discrete Mathematics I, II (3,3) Logic, sets,          such as sequences, partitions, graphs, finite fields            Maximum 9 hours . Prereq : Agreement of faculty mentor
combinatorics and probability, functions and rela-             and geometries, and experimental designs . Prereq:              to supervise independent work.
tions, induction and recursion, elementary number              323 or consent of instructor.
theory . Prereq : 141 or 151.                                                                                                  499 Seminar in Mathematics (1-3) Students must reg-
                                                               423 Probability II (3) Law of large numbers and cen-            ister for the number of credit hours announced for a
231 Differential Equations I (3) First course, empha-          tral limit theorems for discrete and continuous random          particular seminar. May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
sizing solution techniques . Includes first-order equations    variables ; Poisson processes ; discrete and continu-           Prereq : Consent of instructor.
and applications, theory of linear equations, equa-            ous parameter Markov chains and their applications,
tions with constant coefficients, Laplace transforms,          Kolmogorov differential equations ; Brownian motion
and series solutions . Prereq : 141-142.                       process as a limit of random walks . Prereq : 323.
                                                                                                                               MEDICAL BIOLOGY
241 Calculus III (4) Calculus of functions in two or           425 Statistics (3) Derivation of standard statistical
more dimensions . Includes solid analytic geometry,            distributions including t, F and X 2 ; independence of          410 Laboratory Safety Education (2) Preparation for
partial differentiation, multiple integration, and selected    sample mean and variance ; basic limit theorems ; point         teachers of laboratory safety . Hazards of flamm-
topics in vector calculus . Prereq : 141-142.                  and interval estimation, Bayesian estimates ; statisti-         ables, corrosive chemicals, isotopes, pathogens,
                                                               cal hypotheses, Neyman-Pearson theorem ; likelihood             poisons, and equipment will be discussed . Tech-
243 Microcomputer Laboratory (1) Optional supple-              ratio and other parametric and non-parametric tests;            niques of safe operation and handling will be presented.
ment to 241, featuring computer demonstrations and             sufficient statistics . Prereq : 323.
projects . Coreq : Students registering for 243 must                                                                           411 Undergraduate Research Participation (1-3) Expe-
also be registered for 241.                                    431 Differential Equations 11 (3) A second course in            rience in active biomedical research projects under
                                                               ordinary differential equations . Linear systems of differen-   supervision of faculty . Students in pre-medicine and
247 Honors : Calculus 111(4) Prereq : 147-148 or invita-       tial equations, Frobenius method, Sturm-Liouville               other biology majors may conduct their own research
tion of the department.                                        eigenvalue problems, phase plane analysis . Prereq:             projects within designated areas . Prereq: Junior or
                                                               200 or 251, and 231.                                            senior standing ; prior consent of faculty member. May
251 Matrix Algebra 1 (3) First course in the algebra of                                                                        be repeated with consent . Maximum 9 hours . Satis-
simultaneous linear equations and matrices . Includes          435 Partial Differential Equations (3) Separation of            factory/No Credit only .
                                                                                                                            Military Science/Courses of Instruction                 163

                                                                312-313 Medieval History (3,3) (Same as History 312-        440 Virology (3) Pathogenesis and molecular biology
MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY                                              313 .)                                                      of viruses . Prereq : 310.
410-411 Microbiology (4,4) Laboratory work in                   322 Medieval Philosophy (3) (Same as Philosophy             449 Virology Laboratory (1) Laboratory procedures
bacteriology, mycology, and parasitology . Emphasis             322 .)                                                      for isolation, handling, and culturing of animal viruses.
on pathogenic bacteria and fungi, their sources, meth-                                                                      Prereq : 310. Coreq : 440.
ods of culture, techniques of identification, and evaluation    371 Early Christian and Byzantine Art, to 1350 (3)
of antibiotic sensitivity . Gross and qualitative chemi-        (Same as Art 371 .)                                         470 Microbial Ecology (3) Physiological diversity and
cal examination of feces and methods of identification                                                                      taxonomy of microorganisms from natural environ-
of protozoa and helminth parasites of man.                      372 Northern European Painting, 1350-1600 (3) (Same         ments . Emphasis on the functional role of
                                                                as Art 372 .)                                               microorganisms in natural and simulated ecosy-
420-421 Clinical Chemistry (4,4) Clinical aspects of                                                                        stems . Prereq : 310.
                                                                381 Medieval Art of the West, 800-1400 (3) (Same as
biochemistry, including overview of principles and instru-      Art 381 .)
mentation with emphasis on practical laboratory                                                                             479 Experimental Microbial Ecology (2) Survey of
application of analytical procedures, specimen col-                                                                         techniques for assessment of microbial forms, func-
                                                                382 The Art of Italy, 1250-1450 (3) (Same as Art 382 .)     tions, activities, and interactions in a variety of habitats.
lection and handling, significance of results, and quality
assurance . Includes blood gas analysis, including              401 Dante and Medieval Culture (3) (Same as Italian         Prereq : 319 . Coreq : 470.
radioimmunoassay, and analysis of blood and other               401 .)                                                      480 Mycology (3) Morphology, physiology, genetics,
body fluids for enzymes, hormones, and other con-                                                                           and taxonomy of yeasts and molds ; pathogenesis of
stituents of clinical interest, utilizing both automated        402 Petrarch and Boccaccio (3) (Same as Italian 402 .)
                                                                                                                            disease causing fungi . Prereq : 310.
and manual techniques.
                                                                403 Seminar in Medieval Studies (3) Interdisciplinary       489 Mycology Laboratory (1) Laboratory exercises
430-431 Hematology and Clinical Microscopy (4,4)                treatment of selected topics . Content varies. May be
                                                                                                                            designed to accompany 480 . Coreq : 480.
Principles, theories, and instrumentation related to            repeated.
qualitative and quantitative evaluation of cellular ele-                                                                    491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.
ments of blood and other body fluids ; factors of               410 Medieval French Literature (3) (Same as French
hemostasis, quantitative chemical analysis of urine,            410 .)                                                      492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.
and renal function studies . Emphasis on microscopic            415 Medieval Architecture (3) (Same as Architecture
identification of cells and the significance and correla-                                                                   493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.
                                                                415 .)
tion of laboratory data.
                                                                                                                            495 Senior Seminar (3) In-depth consideration of
                                                                475 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (3) (Same        microbiological problems of current interest requiring
440-441 Immunohematology (3,3) Theory and practice              as Political Science 475 .)
in blood bank operation . Erythrocyte antigens and                                                                          an integration of two or more disciplines . Emphasis
their normal and abnormal immunology . Standard tech-                                                                       on original literature and the experimental basis of
nical practices used in evaluating blood typing,                                                                            current knowledge . Historical background, impact on
crossmatching, antibody detection, and preparation              MICROBIOLOGY                                                society, predictions of the future, and the basis of
                                                                                                                            moral and ethical judgements . Written reports required.
of blood components for transfusion . Safety control
                                                                200 Microbiology for Student Nurses (3) Only for            A capstone course . Prereq: Senior standing.
methods standard to efficient blood bank.
                                                                student nurses in diploma program of hospitals affiliated
450 Clinical Serology and Immunology (1) Perform-               with The University of Tennessee . Microbiological prin-
ance and interpretation of broad range of clinical
serological and immunological procedures with empha-
                                                                ciples as they apply to nursing care of the patient,
                                                                epidemiology of infection, and principles of immunity
                                                                                                                            MILITARY SCIENCE
sis on principles and clinical correlation . Formal lecture     and allergy.                                                110 Basic Military Science (2) Formation and func-
series included.                                                                                                            tioning of the American defense establishment, customs
                                                                210 General Microbiology (3) General properties of          and traditions of the army, application of the princi-
460 Nuclear Medicine (1) Physical characteristics,              bacteria and viruses including physiology, metabo-
                                                                                                                            ples of war, and current military threat faced by the
detection and use of short half-life radioactive materi-        lism, genetics, applied bacteriology, pathogenesis, and     United States . Introduces military skills of marksman-
als for in vivo diagnostic medical uses . Performance           immunity . May not be used as part of the major in
                                                                                                                            ship and mountaineering. Prereq : United States citizen;
and theory of in vitro procedures such as radioim-              microbiology . 2 hours and 2 labs . E                       freshman or sophomore standing . Students with higher
munoassay which utilize radioisotopes.                                                                                      standing require consent of instructor . Letter grade
                                                                310 Introduction to Microbiology (3) Introduction to
                                                                bacteria and viruses including physiology, metabo-          only . F, Sp
470 Orientation and Basic Techniques (1) For facilitation
of students from campus to hospital community and               lism, and genetics of bacteria and replication and          120 Leadership Development Techniques (2) Intro-
clinical laboratory . Introduction to medical terminolo-        expression of viruses ; bacterial and viral pathogen-       duction to basic leadership theory, human motivation
gy, ethics, and health team concept . Orientation to            ecity ; mechanisms of resistance to disease . Coreq:        theory, and principles of efficient and effective com-
basic techniques including procedures for collection            319 . F, Sp
                                                                                                                            munications . Application of theories and principles in
and handling of specimens, principles of operation of                                                                       individual and group exercises . Prereq : 110 or con-
many laboratory instruments, review of laboratory math,         319 Introductory Microbiology Laboratory (1) Basic
                                                                techniques for the examination, cultivation, and            sent of the Professor of Military Science . Letter grade
and introduction to quality control procedures . Por-                                                                       only. F, Sp, Su
tions of course extend over entire clinical year.               identification of microorganisms . Coreq : 310, F, Sp

                                                                400 Laboratory Problems in Microbiology (2-4) Research      200 Basic Military Studies - Practicum (4) 240 con-
480 Principles of Supervision and Education in                                                                              tact hours of instruction and evaluation at Fort Knox,
                                                                projects under the direction of a faculty member . May
Medicine (1) Seminars in basic principles of manage-                                                                        Kentucky over a six week period during the summer.
ment, supervision, and education theories and methods.          not be used for credit toward requirements for a major.
                                                                                                                            Prereq : United States citizen ; physically qualified ; at
Comprehensive examination covers entire course.                 May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours . Satisfactory/No
                                                                Credit only . Prereq : Consent of instructor. E             least sophomore standing with two years remaining
                                                                                                                            at the University (either undergraduate, graduate or
                                                                410 Physiology and Genetics of Bacteria (3) Modern          in pursuit of additional course work ; cumulative GPA
                                                                                                                            2 .00 or above ; legally qualified . Letter grade only . Su
MEDIEVAL STUDIES                                                concepts of the structure and function of the bacterial
                                                                cell, including metabolism, energy flow, and the trans-
                                                                mission and expression of genetic information . Prereq:     210 Basic Military Leadership (2) Preview of the pla-
201 Medieval Civilization (3) Introduction to basic                                                                         toon leaders job with practical exercises in leadership
themes in medieval experience, approached from inter-           310.
                                                                                                                            principles and skills . Performance based program.
disciplinary points of view and including philosophy                                                                        Prereq : 110 or consent of the Professor of Military
and religion, art and architecture, language and litera-        419 Bacterial Physiology and Genetics Laboratory
                                                                (1) Laboratory exercises designed to accompany 410.         Science . Letter grade only . F, Sp, Su
ture, social and political history.
                                                                Coreq : 410.
                                                                                                                            220 Basic Officer Skills (2) Small unit operating tech-
261 Medieval Culture: Readings from the Early Middle            420 Pathogenic Bacteriology (2) Disease producing           niques to include familiarization with military equipment,
Ages, 500-1000 (3) Critical analysis and interpreta-                                                                        land navigation, and first aid . Prereq : 110 or consent
                                                                microorganisms including bacteria, rickettsia, and
tion of selected works from the early medieval period.          chlamydia . Prereq : 310.                                   of the Professor of Military Science . Letter grade only.
Focuses on major types of literature produced during                                                                        F, Sp, Su
the period 500-1000 A .D ., e .g ., cultural, religious, rhe-   429 Pathogenic Bacteriology Laboratory (1) Tech-
torical, lyric, epic, biographical . Includes Augustine ' s     niques for isolation, cultivation, and identification of    310 Advance Military Studies I (4) Applied leader-
Confessions, Boethius' Consolation, St . Gregory's Life         pathogenic bacteria . Prereq : 319 . Coreq : 420.           ship including operation of the military team, electronic
of St. Benedict, The Life of Charlemagne, etc.                                                                              communications, land navigation, small unit leader-
                                                                430 Immunology (2) Principles of inflammation and           ship, internal defense development, field trip, and
262 Medieval Culture: Readings from the Later Middle            immunity; immunoglobulin structure and theories of          leadership laboratory . Philosophy of organization and
Ages, 1000-1500 (3) Critical analysis and interpreta-           formation and diversity ; complement, hypersensitivi-       organization of military in tactical and administrative
tion of selected works from the later medieval period.          ties, cell cooperation and recognitions in immune           roles . Prereq : United States citizen ; minimum of 30
Focuses on romantic, allegorical and mystical writ-             mechanisms ; soluble factors . Prereq : Biology 220.        credit hours passed and have at least two years remain-
ings from the high and later Middle Ages, e .g ., the           (Same as Zoology 430 .)                                     ing to complete degree (undergraduate or graduate);
Song of the Nibelungen, the Romance of the Rose,                                                                            physically qualified ; cumulative GPA 2.00 or higher;
St . Bernard's Commentary on the Song of Songs,                 439 Immunology Laboratory (1) Laboratory exer-              legally qualified ; under thirty years age at time of com-
Peter Abelard's History of My Calamity . Should be              cises designed to accompany 430 . Coreq: 430 . (Same        missioning ; 3 or 4 years of JROTC (or) 110, 120, 210,
taken in sequence with 261 .                                    as Zoology 439 .)                                           220 completion (or) 200 completion (Or) Basic training
164      Courses of Instruction/Music Education

Completion (or) regimented course structure of 310,             350 Field Experience in Music Education (1) Prereq:           342-542 Opera Workshop (1,1) May be repeated.
320, 200, 410, 420, 400. Letter grade only . 3 hours            Consent of instructor and admission to Teacher Edu-
and 1 hour lab . F                                              cation Program . May be repeated . Maximum 3 hours.           350-550 Concert Band (1,1) May be repeated.
                                                                Satisfactory/No Credit only . E
320 Advance Military Studies I1 (4) Applied leader-                                                                           352-552 Campus Band (1,1) May be repeated.
ship including operation of the military team, electronic       410 Pre-Internship Seminar (1) Objectives and poli-
communications, land navigation, small unit leader-             cies of the internship program . Must be completed            354-554 Varsity Band (1,1) May be repeated.
ship, internal defense development, four field trips,           the term immediately preceding the internship . Prereq:
and leadership laboratory . Philosophy of organiza-             Admission to Teacher Education Program . Satisfac-            356-556 Laboratory Band (1,1) May be repeated.
tion and operation of military in tactical and administrative   tory/No Credit only . Sp, Su                                  359-559 Marching Band (1,1) May be repeated.
roles . Prereq : 310 or consent of instructor . Letter grade
only . 3 hours and 1 hour lab . Sp                              420 Music Methods for the Junior High School and
                                                                                                                              370-570 Symphony Orchestra (1,1) May be repeat-
                                                                Middle School (3) Methods and materials for teach-
400 Advance Camp-Practicum (4) 249 contact hours                ing vocal, instrumental, and general music at the junior      ed.
of instruction and evaluation at Ft. Lewis, Washington          high school or middle school level . Prereq : Admission
during the summer between the Junior and Senior                                                                               380-580 Concert Choir (1,1) May be repeated.
                                                                to Teacher Education Program and consent of instruc-
year . Prereq : 310, 320. Letter grade only . Su                tor . Letter grade only . Sp                                  382-582 University Chorus (1,1) May be repeated.
410 Command and Staff Functions (4) Command and                 430 Music Methods for High School (3) Methods and             383-583 Men's Chorale (1,1) May be repeated.
staff duties and relationships including logistics, per-        materials for vocal and instrumental music at the high
sonnel systems, efficiency reports, correspondence,             school level, including charting for the marching band.
training management, briefings, counselling, strate-                                                                          389-589 Women's Chorale (1,1) May be repeated.
                                                                Prereq : Admission to Teacher Education Program and
gic force positioning, and non-commissioned officer             consent of instructor. Letter grade only . F                  399-599 Accompanying (1,1) May be repeated.
relationships . Prereq : 310 and 320, 400 or consent of
instructor . Letter grade only . 3 hours and 1 hour lab.        450 Eurhythmics (3) Principles and practice of eurhyth-
F                                                               mics, as developed by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze . Prereq:
420 Military Ethics and Law (4) Military profession,
                                                                Consent of instructor . Letter grade only . F                 MUSIC GENERAL
ethical reasoning, staff operations, military briefings         481 Internship I : Grades K-12 (3-6) Methods and the-         100 Fundamentals of Music (3) Theory and practice
and leadership, military justice system, individual lead-       ories of teaching . Internship is completed in local public   of basic elements of music.
ership, Law of Land Warfare . Prereq : 310, 320 and             schools . Application for internship should be made
400, 410 or consent of instructor . Letter grade only.          upon admission to the Teacher Education Program.              110 Music Appreciation (3) Developing listening skills
3 hours and 1 hour lab . Sp                                     Prereq : 410 and admission to Teacher Education Pro-          and understanding of Western music from the ancient
                                                                gram . Satisfactory/No Credit only . F                        world through the 20th century . For non-music majors.
430 U .S . Military History, 1754 to the Present (3)
(Same as History 451 .)
                                                                482 Internship II : Grades K-12 (3-6) Demonstration           120 History of Rock (3) Study and appreciation of
                                                                of professional competence in planning, instruction           rock music, its origins in blues and rock and roll, its
                                                                and classroom management . Internship is completed            development and cultural dimensions to the present.
MUSIC EDUCATION                                                 in local public schools . Prereq : 481 and admission to
                                                                Teacher Education Program . Satisfactory/No Credit            130 Music Performance (3) Individualized course of
210 Class Woodwind Methods (3) Structure, use,                  only . Sp                                                     study combining participation in a University musical
techniques of playing, care and repair of principal                                                                           ensemble with collateral study of an instrument or
instruments in school instrumental organizations . Empha-       490 Special Topics in Music Education (3) Prereq:             voice . One hour of applied study (Music Performance
sis on techniques necessary for basic understanding             Consent of instructor . May be repeated . Maximum 9           103-440) and ensemble rehearsals as scheduled (Music
and effective teaching of the instruments . Practical           hours . Letter grade only . E                                 Ensemble 301-389) . May be repeated once for credit.
use of current instructional materials . Letter grade                                                                         Requires payment of Applied Music fee . For non-
only . F                                                        493 Independent Study in Music Education (2-5) Prereq:        majors only . Prereq : Performing ability on an instru-
                                                                Consent of instructor . May be repeated . Maximum 9           ment or voice.
220 Class Brass Methods (3) Structure, use, tech-               hours . Letter grade only . E
niques of playing ; care and repair of principal instruments                                                                  200 Solo Class (0)
in school instrumental organizations . Emphasis on              495 Advanced Music Methods for Elementary Teach-
techniques necessary for basic understanding and                ers (3) Continuation and amplification of the concepts        301 Junior Recital (0)
effective teaching of the instruments . Practical use of        and skills covered in Music Education 300 . Intended
current instructional materials . Letter grade only . Sp        for Elementary Education majors . Prereq : 300 or con-        401 Senior Recital (0)
                                                                sent of instructor . Letter grade only . Sp
230 Class Percussion Methods (3) Structure, use,                                                                              411 Lecture Recital (0)
techniques of playing ; care and repair of principal
                                                                                                                              421 Special Topics in Performance (1-3) Prereq:
instruments in school instrumental organizations . Empha-
sis on techniques necessary for basic understanding             MUSIC ENSEMBLE                                                Consent of department head . May be repeated . Max-
and effective teaching of the instruments . Practical                                                                         imum 4 hours.
use of current instructional materials . Letter grade           301-501 Woodwind Choir (1,1) May be repeated.
only . F, Sp                                                                                                                  431 Special Topics in Pedagogy (1-3) Prereq: Consent
                                                                303-503 Small Jazz Ensemble (1,1) May be repeated.            of department head . May be repeated . Maximum 4
300 Music for Elementary Teachers (2) Singing, rhyth-           Maximum 12 hours.                                             hours.
mic activities, instrumental activities, listening, music       304-504 Jazz Ensemble (1,1) May be repeated.
reading, and creative activities appropriate for the
elementary grades . For elementary education majors
only . Prereq : Admission to Teacher Education Pro-
                                                                305-505 Studio Orchestra (1,1) May be repeated . Max-
                                                                imum 12 hours.
                                                                                                                              MUSIC HISTORY
gram . Letter grade only. E
                                                                                                                              200 Introduction to Music Literature (3) Basic forms
                                                                306-506 Trombone Choir (1,1) May be repeated.
310 Conducting I (3) Basic skills of conducting:                                                                              of music and accepted masterworks through chrono-
baton,time beating of traditional patterns, preparato-          309-509 Tuba Ensemble (1,1) May be repeated.                  logical approach . For music majors and minors only.
ry beat, cut-offs, cueing . Development of the left hand,
fermata, subdividing . Mechanics of full score . Video          310-510 Percussion Ensemble (1,1) May be repeated.            210-220 History of Music I, II (3,3) 210-to 1750. 220-
tapes of great conductors . Conducting "live" groups.                                                                         1750 to present. Prereq : 200 . Must be taken in sequence.
Video tapes of each student conductor . Prereq : Two            311-511 Marimba Choir (1,1) May be repeated.
years of music theory or consent of instructor and                                                                            310 Introduction to Afro-American Music (3) History
admission to Teacher Education Program . Letter grade           312-512 Baroque Ensemble (1,1) May be repeated.               of African music, blues, gospel music, and jazz with
only . F                                                                                                                      emphasis on Black artists and their contributions . (Same
                                                                313-513 Synthesizer Ensemble (1,1) May be repeat-             as Afro-American Studies 310 .)
320 Conducting II (3) Developing advanced baton                 ed.
technique . Multiple rhythms, modern beat patterns                                                                            330 Women in Music (3) History of women in music
and their variations . Studying, analyzing and interpre-        314-514 Brass Choir (1,1) May be repeated.                    from the Middle Ages to present as composers, per-
tation of the full score . Achieving complete physical                                                                        formers, educators, and patrons . (Same as Women's
                                                                315-515 Chamber Music Ensemble (1,1) May be                   Studies 330 .)
control . Rehearsal techniques. Conducting live " groups
in advanced works . Video tapes of all student con-             repeated . Maximum 12 hours.
ductors . Prereq : Conducting I or consent of instructor                                                                      350 History of Jazz (3) Origin, development, and styles
                                                                320-520 UT Singers (1,1) May be repeated.
and admission to Teacher Education Program . Letter                                                                           of jazz music and its exponents . Cultivation of special
grade only . Sp                                                 330-530 Chamber Singers (1,1) May be repeated.                listening techniques . (Same as Afro-American Studies
330 Music Methods for the Elementary School (3)                 332-532 Collegium (1,1) May be repeated.
Methods and materials for teaching music in the ele-                                                                          390 World Music (3) Basic attitudes and techniques
mentary grades . Primarily intended for music education         334-534 Saxophone Choir (1,1) May be repeated.                of ethnomusicology . Survey of music cultures through-
majors . Prereq : Consent of instructor and admission                                                                         out the world, with emphasis on the Pacific, Near
to Teacher Education Program. Letter grade only . F             340-540 Opera Theatre (1,1) May be repeated .                 East, Asia, and Europe.
                                                                                                                              Music Theory/Courses of instruction 165

400 Music History Survey (3) History of music with           150 Studio Guitar Styles (2) Introduction to guitar
emphasis on genres, style changes, and cultural forces.      styles in jazz, rock, country, and blues idioms . Prereq:     MUSIC PERFORMANCE
Western European tradition from 400 to 1900 . Rec-           Consent of instructor.
ommended as a review course for graduate students.                                                                         103-203-303-403-503 Flute (1-4) May be repeated.
Prereq : Consent of instructor.                              160 Introduction to Styles in Jazz Drumming (2) Exam-
                                                             ination of major composers and performers who have            105-205-305-405-505 Oboe (1-4) May be repeated.
410 Music History Genre (3) Topics vary . May be             contributed significantly to creation of principal styles
repeated for credit . Maximum 6 hours.                       of jazz drumming.                                             110-210-310-410-510 Bassoon (1-4) May be repeat-
420 History of Opera (3) Dramatic, vocal, and orches-        210-220 Jazz Improvisation I, II (2,2) Study and appli-
tral elements in opera of Italian, French, and German        cation of principles of improvisation, including              115-215-315-415-515 Clarinet (1-4) May be repeated.
schools. 1600-present.                                       nomenclature, chord progressions, chord-scales, pat-
                                                             terns, melodic development, and tune styles . Prereq:         120-220-320-420-520 Saxophone (1-4) May be repeat-
430 Symphonic Literature (3) Survey of literature for        110.                                                          ed.
orchestra from Baroque to the present, with empha-
sis on the evolution of the symphony.                        310 Jazz Composition and Arranging (2) Prereq : Con-          125-225-325-425-525 Horn (1-4) May be repeated.
                                                             sent of instructor.
440 Music of North America (3) Folk and art music                                                                          130-230-330-430-530 Trumpet (1-4) May be repeated.
of the United States and Canada from colonial times          320 Jazz Band Arranging (2) Arranging and scoring
to the present.                                              for the Big Jazz Band . Prereq : Consent of instructor.       135-235-335-435-535 Trombone (1-4) May be repeat-
450 Composer Seminar (3) Life and works of a single          410 Advanced Improvisation (3) Development of indi-
composer . Subjects vary.                                    vidual skills and solving individual problems in jazz         140-240-340-440-540 Baritone (1-4) May be repeated.
                                                             improvisation . Prereq : 210 and 220.
                                                                                                                           145-245-345-445-545 Tuba (1-4) May be repeated.
460 Music Aesthetics (3) Nature of music and musi-
cal experience, sense perception and emotions, music,         420 Jazz Pedagogy (1) Methods and materials relat-
                                                              ing to teaching of jazz, designing and administering         150-250-350-450-550 Percussion (1-4) May be repeat-
and role of artist in society . Aesthetic viewpoint of                                                                     ed.
 individuals and historical eras through selected writ-      jazz programs, and rehearsal techniques for jazz ensem-
ings.                                                         bles . Prereq : Studio Music and Jazz major or consent
                                                                                                                           155-255-355-455-555 Voice (1-4) May be repeated.
                                                              of instructor.
480 Music in Christian Worship (3) Music traditions                                                                        160-260-360-460-560 Violin (1-4) May be repeated.
in Christian worship, including hymnody.

490 Church Music Methods and Administration (3)              MUSIC KEYBOARD                                                165-265-365-465-565 Viola (1-4) May be repeated.

                                                                                                                           170-270-370-470-570 Cello (1-4) May be repeated.
493 Independent Study (1-15) Prereq : Consent of             110-120 Class Piano I, II (1,1) Development of key-
department head . May be repeated for credit.                board skills in reading, technique, repertoire,               175-275-375-475-575 String Bass (1-4) May be repeated.
                                                             harmonization, and transposition . Must be taken in
                                                             sequence.                                                     176-276-376-476-576 Electric Bass (1-4) May be repeat-
MUSIC INSTRUMENT                                             210-220 Class Piano III, IV (1,1) Continuation of 110-
                                                             120 ; 220 completes piano competency requirement;             179-279-379-479-579 Guitar (1-4) May be repeated.
310 Brass Literature (3) Prereq : Consent of instruc-        must be taken in sequence.
tor.                                                                                                                       180-280-380-480-580 Piano (1-4) May be repeated.
                                                             230 Keyboard Harmony (1) Melody harmonization,
320 Woodwind Literature (3) Prereq : Consent of              figured bass realization, and improvisation . Prereq:         185-285-385-485-585 Harpsichord (1-4) May be repeat-
instructor.                                                  Music Theory 110-120.                                         ed.

330 Percussion Literature (1) Prereq : Consent of instruc-   240 Church Service Playing I (1) Practical skills appli-      190-290-390-490-590 Organ (1-4) May be repeated.
tor.                                                         cable to the use of the organ in church services, including
                                                             improvisation, hymn playing, and accompanying . Prereq:       294-394-494-594 Composition (1-3) May be repeat-
340-350 String Literature I, II (2,2) 340-Survey of string   230 and organ proficiency at the 200 level.                   ed . Prereq : Consent of instructor.
techniques, issues, research and pedagogies ; topical                                                                      395-495-595 Composition with Electronic Media (1-
presentations by the applied string faculty and guests.      310-320 Church Service Playing II, III (1,1) Continua-
                                                             tion of 240 . Prereq : 240.                                   3) May be repeated. Prereq : Consent of instructor.
350-Development of the violin family of instruments
and bows; survey of string literature, performances,                                                                       496 Composition for Media (2) May be repeated . Prereq:
and performance styles ; application of historical, ana-     330 Sight Reading at the Keyboard (1) Prereq : Consent
                                                             of instructor.                                                Consent of instructor.
lytical, and pedagogical procedures to performance.
Prereq : 340 and applied enrollment in strings at 300                                                                      499 Improvisation (1-2) May be repeated . Prereq:
                                                             410 Early Keyboard Literature (2) Keyboard music
level or above or consent of instructor.                     through the baroque period, with primary emphasis             Consent of instructor . Cannot be used to satisfy applied
                                                             on music for the harpsichord . Prereq : Music History         music requirement.
410 Band Arranging (3) Study and application of tech-
niques employed in scoring for the marching and concert
bands . Prereq : Music Theory 320.                           420-430 Piano Literature I, I1 (2,2) 420-From 1750 to
                                                             middle 19th century . 430-Middle 19th century to the          MUSIC THEORY
490 Instrumental Conducting (3) Knowledge and skills
in instrumental conducting ; various periods and com-                                                                      110-120 Theory I, II (3,3) Materials of music including
posers and relationship of different styles to the           440-450 Piano Pedagogy I, II (2,2) Pedagogical meth-          basic elements through triads and seventh chords
conductor's art ; musical analysis and practice in con-      ods and materials related to the development of principles    and modulation . Exercises in writing and analysis of
ducting . Prereq: Music Education 320 or equivalent.         of learning ; specific programs based on pupil apti-          music with emphasis on common practice.
                                                             tude and background ; collateral teaching experience.
495 Suzuki Violin Method (2) Psychology, procedures,         Must be taken in sequence . Prereq : Consent of instruc-      130-140 Ear Training I, II (1,1) Development of proficiency
and literature of the Suzuki violin method and peda-         tor.                                                          in identifying and notating melodic, harmonic and rhyth-
gogy . May be repeated . Maximum 8 hours . Prereq:                                                                         mic models . Includes computer lab . Must be taken in
Consent of instructor.                                       460-470 The Organ and Its Literature I, II (3,3)              sequence . Should be taken concurrently with 110-
                                                             Development of the organ and organ literature from            120 . A,B,C,NC grading.
                                                             the Middle Ages to the present ; problems of style and
                                                                                                                           210-220 Theory III, IV (3,3) Materials of music with
MUSIC JAZZ                                                   interpretation ; pedagogical literature and methods;
                                                             organ design . Prereq or Coreq : Music History 220            emphasis on literature of Classic, Romantic, and con-
                                                             and consent of instructor.                                    temporary periods . Exercises in writing and analysis.
110 Jazz Theory (2) Fundamentals of the jazz lan-                                                                          Must be taken in sequence . Prereq : 120 or consent
guage, including terminology, chord symbols, chord/          480-490 Teaching Class Piano (1,1) Historical survey          of instructor.
scales, and chord progressions, plus ear-training lab.       and evaluation of teaching materials and methodolo-
Prereq : Music Theory 110.                                   gy for college and/or adult beginning piano classes,          230-240 Advanced Ear Training III, IV (1,1) Develop-
                                                             with collateral teaching experience . Prereq : Consent        ment of skill in identifying and notating complex melodic,
120 Analysis of Jazz Styles (2) Individual improvisa-                                                                      harmonic, and rhythmic models . Must be taken in
tory styles through analysis of their transcribed solos.     of instructor.
                                                                                                                           sequence. Prereq: 130-140 . Coreq : 210-220 . A,B,C,NC
Training and function of the ear in music . Transcrip-       495 Suzuki Piano Method (2) Study of the psycholo-            grading.
tion of solos from recordings and preparation of analysis.   gy, procedures, and literature of the Suzuki Piano
Prereq : 110.                                                                                                              250 Composition (2) Writing short vocal and instru-
                                                             Method . Prereq: Consent of instructor .
                                                                                                                           mental compositions . Prereq: 220 or consent of
 130-140 Jazz Piano I, II (1,1) Harmonic language of                                                                       instructor . May be repeated for credit . Maximum 4
jazz. Interpretation of chord symbols, formulae for                                                                        hours.
voicing chords, chord progressions, and fundamen-
tal melody-playing and improvisation for right hand.                                                                       290 Sound Recording Techniques (3) Theory and
Must be taken in sequence .                                                                                                applications of tape recording's sound reproduction
166     Courses of Instruction/Music Voice

and reinforcement systems . Topics include room              301 Pharmacology (3) Biochemical and pharmaco-                 related to community health nursing . 2 lec ., 2 lab.
acoustics, audio measurements, microphones, studio           logical effects of therapeutic drugs on the human body;        Prereq : All 300 level nursing courses.
and real-time processing, noise reduction, mixing, edit-     positive and negative reactions to drugs and interac-
ing, monitors, system wiring, and maintenance.               tion effects between and among drugs . Prereq: Chemistry       404 Nursing Management and Strategies (8) Theo-
                                                             100-10 and 6 semester hours of anatomy and physi-              ries, concepts, and principles of organization, planning,
310 Form and Analysis (3) Study and practice in analysis     ology.                                                         decision-making, and leadership and their application
of forms of music from smallest structural units to                                                                         to management of nursing care for groups of clients;
large compound forms . Prereq : 220.                         302 Introduction to Professional Nursing (9) History,          exposure to a variety of nursing service organization-
                                                             philosophy, and scope of nursing practice with empha-          al models and staffing patterns ; examination of legal,
320 Instrumentation (3) Basic techniques in scoring          sis on nursing process; cognitive and psychomotor              ethical, political, and social trends and nursing issues
for voices ; brass, woodwind, and string choirs ; and        skills necessary for effective nurse/client interac-           with implications for nursing practice ; in depth study
percussion . Prereq : 220.                                   tions . Clinical laboratory experiences emphasize the          of a topic of particular interest to the student . 5 lec-
                                                             nursing process and its application to the care of             tures, 3 lab . Prereq : 10 credits of 400 level nursing
390 Sound Synthesis Techniques (3) Studio and real-          individuals whose health problems require in-patient           courses.
time applications of synthesizers. Historical back-          services. 6 lectures, 3 lab. Coreq: 301 and 304.
ground, theoretical concepts, equipment interface and                                                                       406 Nursing Leadership (3) Theories, concepts, and
usage, analysis of sounds and compositions . Prereq:         304 Nursing Assessment and Health Promotion (4)                principles utilized to deliver and manage nursing care
290 or consent of instructor.                                Developmental, psychosocial, cultural, spiritual, family,      for clients in community or other health care facilities.
                                                             and physical dimensions of health assessment . Col-            Pre or Coreq : 401 or 411 . For generic MSN students
400 Survey of Music Theory (3) Emphasis on harmo-
nic practice of Baroque, Classic, and Romantic periods.      lection, analysis, and application of assessment data          only.
                                                             in formulation of health-oriented nursing diagnoses
Exercises in writing and analysis . Recommended as                                                                          411 Psychosocial Long-Term Nursing (6) Nursing
a review course for graduate students. Prereq : Con-         and use of the nursing process in promotion of well-
                                                             ness . Evolution and expansion of the nursing role in          needs of clients whose health problems are of a devel-
sent of instructor.
                                                             health promotion and education . Laboratory ses-               opmental, behavioral, or long-term nature . Equal
420 Orchestration (3) Advanced techniques in                 sions for development of health assessment skills . 3          emphasis on prevention, health promotion, and reha-
instrumental writing with emphasis on scoring for the        lectures, 1 lab. Coreq : 301, 302.                             bilitation. Nursing laboratory/clinical experiences with
concert orchestra . Prereq : 320.                                                                                           a psychiatric and chronic illness emphasis in a variety
                                                             305 Transition to Professional Nursing (4) Current             of acute, extended care, and rehabilitation facilities.
430-440 Counterpoint I, II (3,3) 430-Species counter-        status of professional nursing ; utilization of the nurs-      3 lectures, 3 lab. Prereq : All 300 level nursing courses.
point in modal and tonal styles with emphasis on works       ing process in a changing health care delivery system;
of Palestrina and J .S . Bach . Prereq : 220 . 440-Writing   Philosophy and conceptual framework of the bacca-              412 Psychosocial Long-Term Nursing Theory (3) The-
of contrapuntal forms of the 18th century and fugue          laureate nursing program and selected physiological            oretical component of 411 . For RN's only . Prereq:
analysis of works from the 18th through the 20th cen-        and behavioral deviations demonstrated by clients              312.
turies . Prereq : 430.                                       whose health problems require in-patient services . 3
                                                             lectures, 1 lab . For RN's only.                               450 Physiological Principles (3) Concepts and prin-
493 Independent Study in Music Theory (1-15) May                                                                            ciples of normal human physiology ; tissue and organ
be repeated for credit . Prereq : Consent of depart-         311 Acute Care Nursing (10) Continuation of 302                physiology as a basis for integration of system physi-
ment head.                                                   with emphasis on physiological and behavioral devia-           ology and for understanding pathophysiological
                                                             tions which underlie or are associated with more complex       mechanisms . Prereq : RN status or consent of instruc-
                                                             and critical illnesses of adults and children . Clinical       tor . No credit for students who have taken 302, 305,
                                                             laboratory experiences in adult and pediatric acute            311 or 312.
MUSIC VOICE                                                  care settings for enhanced knowledge and skill in
                                                             providing nursing care for children and adults with            451 Computers and Nursing Care (3) Computerized
110 Class Voice I (1) Development of basic vocal             complex and critical illnesses . 6 lectures, 4 lab . Prereq:   information processing with application to patient care,
skills . May be repeated for credit . Maximum 2 hours.       301, 302 and 304.                                              health care administration, nursing education, and nurs-
                                                                                                                            ing research . 2 lectures, 1 lab . Prereq : All 300 level
120 Class Voice II (1) Prereq : Consent of instructor.       312 Acute Care Nursing Theory (6) Theoretical com-             nursing courses or consent of instructor.
May be repeated for credit . Maximum 2 hours.                ponent of 311 . For RN's only . Prereq : 305.
                                                                                                                            453 Oncology Nursing (3) In-depth exploration of cancer
210 Vocal Techniques in Popular Music (1) Develop-           313 Introduction to Nursing Research (3) Language              problem ; relates cellular kinetics to theories of carcin-
ment of performance techniques in Broadway and               of research, types of research designs, meth-                  ogenesis and metastasis ; treatment modalities and
other contemporary music styles . Prereq : Consent of        odological approaches, sampling, data analysis, and            nursing interventions employed in all phases of the
instructor . May be repeated for credit . Maximum 4          significance of findings . Evaluation of existing and          disease . Interdisciplinary approach analyzed . Prereq:
hours.                                                       ongoing nursing research studies . Prereq : 302 or con-        411, RN status or consent of instructor.
                                                             sent of instructor.
220 Introduction to Music Theatre Technology (2)
                                                                                                                            493 Independent Study (1-3) Nursing or health-relat-
Stage technology unique to lyric stage.                      315 Clinical Nursing Practicum (2) Application of nursing      ed topic not covered in other nursing courses . Prereq:
                                                             theories, principles, and concepts to care of hospital-        Senior standing or permission of instructor.
230 Fundamentals of Opera Acting (2) Analysis of             ized clients . Prereq : 305 . Prereq : or Coreq : 312 . For
roles . Techniques of singing actor.
                                                             RN's only . Satisfactory/No Credit only.
240-250 Diction I, II (2,2) Sounds by phonetic sym-
bols . Opera and art songs used for examples.
                                                             317 Wellness and Lifestyle (3) Models of wellness
                                                             and holistic health within the framework of modern
                                                                                                                            NUTRITION AND FOOD
Performance practice.
                                                             medicine, eastern philosophy, and recent discoveries
                                                             about the interaction of mind and body . Biopsychoso-
330 Opera Production (1-3) Supervised work on opera
productions . May be repeated for credit. Prereq : Con-      cial interactions of lifestyle and genetic risk factors        100 Introductory Nutrition (3) Nutritional concepts;
sent of instructor . Maximum 12 hours.                       for cardiovascular and malignant diseases, wellness            current consumer issues in nutrition ; nutritional needs
                                                             potential, and potential longevity . Process of lifestyle      through life cycle ; international nutrition concerns and/
410-420 Song Literature I, 11(2,2) 410-German songs.         changes will be facilitated by faculty . Open to under-        or issues . A student who has received credit for NFS
420-French, Italian, Russian, Scandinavian, Czechos-         graduate students in all colleges.                             107 or 300 may not receive credit for this course . F,
lavakian, British, and American art songs.                                                                                  Sp
                                                             401 Family Health Nursing (6) Nursing needs of families
430 Styles in Opera Acting (2) Study and practice of         in health and in crisis . Provision of comprehensive           101 Food Principles (3) Food selection, safety, prep-
styles in opera acting based on historical and national      care to families in the childbearing and childrearing          aration, evaluation, meal planning, service . 2 hours
characteristics . Prereq : 230.                              phases of family development . Application of theo-            and 1 lab. Sp
                                                             ries of human growth and development, family dynamics,
440 Projects in Opera Theatre (1-3) May be repeated          and crisis intervention to provision of nursing care to        105 Food for the Next Century (3) Interdependence
for credit . Prereq : Consent of instructor . Maximum 9      families experiencing normal pregnancy and child birth         of people on this planet for food ; global perspective
hours.                                                       and to those experiencing such health problems or              from United States point of view . F
                                                             complications as congenital anomalies, high risk birth,
450-460 Pedagogy I, II (1,1) 450-Concepts and                disturbed parent/child relationships, or gynecologic           107 Honors : Introductory Nutrition (3) Nutritional con-
approaches to teaching singing (past and present).           disturbances . 3 lectures, 3 lab . Prereq : All 300 level      cepts ; current consumer issues in nutrition ; nutritional
460-Vocal teaching materials ; includes collateral teach-    nursing courses.                                               needs through life cycle ; international nutrition con-
ing experiences . Prereq : Consent of instructor.                                                                           cerns and/or issues . A student who has received credit
                                                             402 Family Health Nursing Theory (3) Theoretical               for NFS 100 or 300 may not receive credit for this
                                                             component of 401 . For RN's only . Prereq : 312.               course . F, Sp
NURSING                                                      403 Community Health Nursing (4) Application of the            120 Introduction to Tourism, Food and Lodging Admin-
                                                             nursing process to care of individuals, families, and          istration (2) History and place of industry in national
214 Integrated Biomedical and Health Sciences (1-            groups in home and community settings with special             economy ; basic operating systems, organization struc-
3) Examination and application of selected theories          emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention,              ture ; problem areas in hospitality complex . F
from physics and chemistry, microbiology, and nutri-         and control of communicable diseases. Epidemiolog-
tion to nursing process . Each module carries one            ical approach is used to identify aggregates within            126 Front Office Management (3) Front office procedures
credit . Prereq : One year of biology or chemistry or        the population that are at risk for illness, disability, or    within context of overall operation of a hotel/motel;
consent of instructor .                                      premature death . Political, social, and ethical issues        includes reservation systems, equipment, accounting
                                                                                          Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design/Courses of Instruction 167

procedures, settlement procedures, public relations               412 Food and Nutrition Resources Management (3)
and management. A, Sp                                             Integration of community food and nutrition resources;          ORNAMENTAL
                                                                  geographic, social, economic, educational, cultural,
200 Physiological Chemistry (3) Metabolism of car-
bohydrates, lipids, and nitrogenous compounds ; role
                                                                  health characteristics associated with food and nutri-
                                                                  tional problems and the need for services by individuals
                                                                                                                                  HORTICULTURE AND
of vitamins and minerals as co-enzymes and pros-
thetic groups . Prereq : Chemistry 110 or equivalent . F
                                                                  in community ; public policy . Prereq : 411 . Sp                LANDSCAPE DESIGN
                                                                  413 Experimental Food Science (3) Individual and
                                                                                                                                  110 Environmental Horticulture (3) Basic plant sci-
201 Food and Clinical Analysis (4) Principles, proce-             group laboratory experimentation in food science;               ences and their relationship to ornamental horticulture.
dures, instrumentation for analysis of food and body              microcomputer applications . Prereq : 312, PSSc 471.
                                                                                                                                  Introduction to awareness and appreciation of orna-
fluids . Prereq : 200 with a grade of C or better for NFS         1 hour and 2 labs . F
                                                                                                                                  mental plants, design and management of home
majors . 2 hours and 2 labs . Sp                                                                                                  landscapes, selection and use of herbaceous plants
                                                                  414 Nutrient-Drug Interactions (2) Nutrient effects on
                                                                  efficacy and toxicity of drugs ; drug effects on absorp-        and turfgrasses . 3 hours . F
220 Foodservice Systems Administration (3) Man-
agement concepts, processes, resources in foodservice             tion, metabolism of nutrients . Prereq : 300 or equivalent.
                                                                  A, Sp                                                           210 Floral Design (2) Principles and techniques of
systems ; decision-making and problem solving prin-                                                                               basic flower arranging with emphasis on arrange-
ciples . F
                                                                  420 Advanced Field Experience in Tourism, Food                  ments for home and special use . Lab fee will be charged.
                                                                  and Lodging (5) Supervised educational experiences              2 labs . Sp
300 Fundamentals of Nutrition (3) Nutrition in normal
and altered health states during life cycle ; nutritional         in selected tourism, food or lodging operations fol-
                                                                  lowed by a two-day seminar . Offered only in summer             220 Basic Landscape Plants (2) Identification,
analysis of diets . Prereq : Chemistry 110 or equiva-                                                                             classification, adaptation, culture and landscape design
lent, Zoology 230. A student who has received credit              semester . Students enrolled in this course may not
                                                                                                                                  uses of basic ornamental trees, shrubs, and vines.
for NFS 100 or 107 may not receive credit for this                enroll in any other courses . Prereq : 323, Accounting
                                                                  202, Economics 201, Marketing 310, Business Law                  Prereq : 8 hours Botany or consent of instructor . 2
course . Sp                                                                                                                       labs . E
                                                                  310, Statistics 201, progression into TF&LA program.
301 Nutrition for Educators (3) Principles of nutrition;          Satisfactory/No Credit only . Su
                                                                                                                                  230 Interior Plants (2) Identification, culture, design
biochemical and physiological aspects of nutrition during                                                                         application, and propagation of foliage plants used in
the life cycle ; nutrition education concepts and strate-         422 Food and Lodging Personnel Development (3)
                                                                  Training programs ; personnel management proce-                 the interiorscape ; introduction to interiorscape man-
gies . Prereq : 100 or 107, 101, Chemistry 100 or                                                                                 agement . 2 labs . Sp
equivalent, Zoology 230, or consent of instructor . A,            dures and policies involving human resource analysis
Sp                                                                for lodging and foodservice systems . Prereq : 320,
                                                                  420 or consent of instructor . F                                280 Fundamentals of Landscape Design (3) History
                                                                                                                                  of landscape design as it relates to contemporary
311-12 Science of Food (4,4) Chemical and physical                                                                                applications. Awareness and sensitivity to the land-
properties of food related to functional and nutritional          423 Foodservice Systems Design and Equipment
                                                                  (3) Physical facility design ; production, delivery system      scape; basic graphic skills and design theory with an
properties ; application of food principles to meal plan-                                                                         emphasis on residential landscape planning . Intro-
ning and presentation ; computer applications . Prereq:           analysis ; equipment selection, purchase . Prereq: 320,
                                                                  321 or consent of instructor . A, F                             duction to landform, landscape materials, and planting
100 or 107, 201, Micro 210.3 hours and 1 lab . Must                                                                               design . Prereq : 110, 220 or consent of instructor . 1
be taken in sequence . F, Sp                                      424 Lodging Administration (3) Marketing and finan-             hour and 2 labs . E
313 Advanced Nutrition (4) Integrated knowledge of                cial techniques in lodging administration ; hotel marketing
                                                                  plans ; feasibility studies ; accounting systems ; com-         310 Greenhouse Production and Management (3)
physiological chemistry and physiology applied to under-                                                                          Management and operation of a greenhouse for com-
standing human nutrition requirements ; computer                  puter information systems . Prereq : 420 . Sp
                                                                                                                                  mercial purposes, research and institutional use, and
analysis for dietary adequacy . Prereq : 100 or 107,              425 Hospitality Law (3) Legal rights and responsibilities       home hobby purposes . Culture and management of
201, Zoology 230 . F                                              of staff, management and guests . Prereq : 324, Busi-           economically important florists ' crops in the United
                                                                  ness Law 301 or consent of instructor . Sp                      States ; basic plant physiological principles including
320 Quantity Food Procurement, Production and Serv-                                                                               photoperiodism, thermoperiodism, growth regula-
ice (2) Principles for determining needs, procuring,              426 Convention Management (3) Scope and segments                tion, and nutritional requirements of crops . Prereq:
storing, producing and serving foods in volume . Prereq:          of convention market including requirements meeting             110 or consent of instructor . 2 hours and 1 lab . F
100 or 107, 101 or 311, 220, Micro 210 or PH 310,                 individual needs ; methods and techniques for out-
progression into TFLA or consent of instructor . Coreq:           standing service . Prereq : 325, Marketing 310 . A, Sp          320 Plant Materials (2) Identification, classification
321 or 322 . Sp                                                                                                                   and design uses of ornamental plants including trees,
                                                                  429 Marketing of Hospitality Services (3) Strategic             shrubs, vines and herbaceous plants and generally
321 Quantity Food Procurement, Production and Serv-               marketing plans for hotel/motel properties ; includes           excluding those covered in 220 . Prereq : 220 or con-
ice Laboratory (1) Application of principles in determining       product analysis, market analysis, competition analy-           sent of instructor. 2 labs . Sp
needs, procuring, storing, producing and serving foods            sis, and planning toward maximum revenue and profit
in volume . Prereq : 100 or 107, 101 or 311, 220, Micro           potential . Prereq : 324, Marketing 310, or consent of          330 Plant Propagation (3) Physiology, methodology,
210 or PH 310 . Coreq : 320. Sp                                   instructor. F                                                   and environmental requirements for propagation . Prereq:
                                                                                                                                  110 and 8 hours Botany or consent of instructor . 2
322 Quantity Food Procurement, Production and Serv-               440 Special Topics: Tourism, Food and Lodging Admin-            hours and 1 lab . F
ice Observation (1) Application of principles in                  istration (1-3) Developments, issues, and problems
determining needs ; procuring, storing, producing and             in Tourism, Food and Lodging Administration ; topics            340 Turfgrass Management (3) Practical turfgrass
serving foods in volume as they apply in the hotel/               variable . Prereq : Junior or Senior standing in TF&LA          management; cultivar selection, identification, and estab-
motel industry . Prereq : 100 or 107, 101 or 311, 220,            or consent of instructor . May be repeated . Maximum            lishment ; basic applied fertility programs, mowing,
Micro 210 or PH 310 . Coreq : 320 . Sp                            3 credits . E                                                   and irrigation practices, and thatch and compaction
                                                                                                                                  control ; pest identification and basic controls . Prereq:
323 Field Experience in Tourism, Food and Lodging                 450 Special Topics : Nutrition and Food Sciences                110, Plant and Soil Science 210 and 8 hours of Botany
(2) Supervised educational experiences in selected                (1-3) Developments, issues and problems in Nutrition            or consent of instructor . 2 hours and 1 lab . F
tourism, food and lodging operations ; discussion, sem-           and Food Sciences; topics variable . Prereq : Junior or
inar . Prereq : 320, 321 or 322, progression into TF&LA           Senior standing in NFS or consent of instructor . May           350 Basic Landscape Construction (3) Basic materi-
program . Satisfactory/No Credit only . F                         be repeated . Maximum 3 credits . E                             als and detailing . Introduction to the landscape
                                                                                                                                  construction and contracting industry ; application of
324 Tourism and Travel Administration (3) Economic                487 Honors : Nutrition and Food Sciences (1-3) Senior           landscape materials, wood, concrete and masonry
and social forces influencing domestic and interna-               project . Prereq : Senior standing and consent of instruc-      construction ; site drainage, and landscape grading.
tional tourism ; services, functions of retail, wholesale         tor . E                                                         Prereq : 280 . 2 hours and 1 lab . F
travel agencies . Prereq : 120 . F
                                                                  492 Field Experience : Nutrition and Food Sciences              360 Practicum in Landscape Construction (3) Practi-
325 Hospitality Sales (3) Products, services and sales            (1-3) Prereq : Junior or Senior standing, consent of            cal experience in implementation of landscape
conditions within industry ; emphasis on integrating              instructor. Satisfactory/No Credit only . E                     development projects . Directed lab and field instruc-
operating statements with total earnings and profit                                                                               tion in planting operations and basic landscape
goals of hospitality operation . Prereq : 120 . F                 493 Directed Study : Nutrition and Food Sciences                construction including interpreting and implementing
                                                                  (1-3) Individual student :faculty experience . Prereq: Junior   landscape design drawings and specifications . Prereq:
326 Food and Lodging Cost Control (3) Budget, cost                or Senior standing, consent of instructor . Satisfacto-         350 . Two e hour labs . Sp
analysis ; computer, financial statement use in deci-             ry/No Credit only . E
sion making in lodging and foodservice systems . Prereq:                                                                          370 Grounds Maintenance (3) Identification and under-
323, Accounting 202 . Sp                                          494 Directed Study : Tourism, Food and Lodging                  standing of maintenance tasks ; transplanting, soil
                                                                  Administration (1-3) Individual student :faculty expe-          amendments, growth control, irrigation, climate pro-
410 Professional Issues in Dietetics (1) Dietetic reg-            rience . Prereq : Junior or Senior standing, consent of         tection and pest control . Maintenance and use of
istration, licensure; third party payments ; dietetic practice;   instructor. Satisfactory/No Credit only . E                     equipment ; management practices . Prereq : 110 .2 hours
marketing dietetics ; internship application prepara-                                                                             and 1 lab . F
tion ; public policy in dietetic practice . Prereq : Senior       497 Honors: Tourism, Food and Lodging Adminis-
standing . F                                                      tration (1-3) Senior project . Prereq : Senior standing,        380 Supplemental Landscape Design Graphics (2)
                                                                  consent of instructor . E                                       Refinement of graphic skills . Sketches, elevations,
411 Nutrition in Disease (4) Metabolic processes of                                                                               sections, isometric projections, and perspectives . Let-
diseased organs and/or tissues ; dietary modificat-                                                                               tering, plan graphics, color rendering, and other visual
ions required . Prereq : 312, 313 . F                                                                                             presentation media . Prereq : 280. Two 2 hour labs . F
168     Courses of Instruction/Philosophy

410 Nursery Management and Production (3) Man-               324 Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Philoso-              twentieth century . Prereq: 6 hours of philosophy or
agement methods as applied to retail and wholesale           phy (3)                                                       consent of instructor. When content varies, may be
nurseries and landscape contracting firms. Methods                                                                         repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
of producing liners, container and field-grown woody         326 Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Philosophy
ornamental plants . Prereq : 220, 330, and Plant and         (3)                                                           425 American Philosophy (3) Colonial to early 20th
Soil Science 210 . 2 hours and 1 lab . Sp                                                                                  Century . Prereq : 6 hours of philosophy or consent of
                                                             335 Intermediate Formal Logic (3) Metatheory of formal        instructor.
440 Advanced Turfgrass Management (4) Principles             logic and philosophy of logic . Prereq : 135 or consent
and scientific basis of turfgrass culture ; adaptation,      of instructor.                                                430 Topics in Logic (3) Prereq : 6 hours of logic or
ecology, physiology, soil fertility, and grass nutrition;                                                                  consent of instructor . When content varies, may be
                                                             342 Business Ethics (3) Ethical problems as they              repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
climatic influences on grass culture ; physiology of         confront both business as a social institution and indi-
clipping and water management ; design, construc-            viduals in business.                                          440 Contemporary Ethical Theory (3) Topics in meta-
tion, and management of golf courses ; physiological                                                                       ethics or ethics. Prereq : 6 hours of philosophy or
influences of pest infestation and control measures.         344 Professional Responsibility (3) Critical analysis         consent of instructor.
Prereq : 340 or consent of instructor . 3 hours and 1        of selected classic texts from philosophy, religious
lab . Sp                                                     studies, and social sciences dealing with responsibili-       446 Theoretical Issues in Medical Ethics (3) Prereq:
                                                             ty and the nature of professionalism . Theoretical            240 or 345 or consent of instructor . (Same as Reli-
450 Specialty Landscape Construction (2) Design,             principles and analytical skills applied to selected case     gious Studies 446 .)
materials, and construction techniques for special-          studies and other detailed descriptions of profession-
ized components of the landscape industry . Irrigation       al practice from engineering/architecture ; business/         460 Philosophy of Science (3) Methodological and
systems, outdoor lighting, pools and other water fea-        accounting ; and at least one of law/politics ; helping       conceptual issues in the natural and social sciences:
tures, and interiorscape construction . Prereq : 350.        professions (social work, human services, ministry);          patterns of theory modification and replacement, the
Two 2 hour (abs . F                                          teaching. (Same as Religious Studies 344 .)                   nature of explanation and causation, the status of
                                                                                                                           theoretical entities. Prereq : 360 and one year of natu-
460 Professional Practices in Landscape Construc-            345 Medical Ethics (3) Ethical issues in medicine such        ral or social science, or consent of instructor.
tion and Management (2) Professionalism,                     as abortion, euthanasia, human experimentation, fair-
salesmanship, proposals, bidding, estimating, specificat-    ness in health care delivery and the doctor-patient           465 Philosophy of History (3) Speculative and critical
ions, and contract management in landscape services          relationship . (Same as Religious Studies 345 .)              aspects of philosophy of history . Prereq : 6 hours of
industry . Computer technology applicable to land-                                                                         philosophy or consent of instructor.
scape construction and contracting industry . Includes       349 War and Morality (3) Moral justification for war
                                                             (jus ad bellum) : legal and moral constraints in war (jus     473 Philosophy of Mind (3) Problems of mind and
presentations by industry representatives . Prereq: 350                                                                    body in relation to consciousness and personal iden-
or consent of instructor . 2 hours . F                       in hello).
                                                                                                                           tity . Prereq : 6 hours of philosophy or consent of
                                                             350 Aesthetics (3) Philosophical discussion of art.           instructor.
480 Advanced Landscape Design (4) Comprehen-
sive application of landscape design skills . Design                                                                       475 Analytic Metaphysics and Epistemology (3) Topics
applications involving site layout, landscape grading,       353 Philosophy and Literature (3) Nature of litera-
                                                             ture ; philosophical assumptions in literary works.           in metaphysics and epistemology in recent Anglo-
applied landscape construction, and planting design.                                                                       American tradition . Prereq : 6 hours of philosophy or
Analysis, programming, design, detailing, estimating,                                                                      consent of instructor.
                                                             360 Introduction to Philosophy of Science (3) Standard
and specifying applicable to a variety of landscape          topics in philosophy of science: scientific method, nature
projects . Prereq : 280, 350, and 380 . 1 hour and 2         of laws and theories, problem of induction, explana-          476 Philosophy of Language (3) Survey of issues
three hour labs . Sp                                         tion, measurement . No background in logic is                 such as meaning, reference, and truth . Prereq: 6 hours
                                                             presupposed.                                                  of philosophy or consent of instructor.
490 Seminar (1) Current problems in ornamental hor-
ticulture and landscape design . Prereq : Senior standing.   363 Conceptual History of Science (3) Historical evo-         479 Studies in Recent Continental Philosophy (3)
Sp                                                           lution of thought in astronomy, mechanics, and the            Selected thinkers or topics from areas such as Exis-
                                                             study of living things from the Greeks through the            tentialism, Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Structuralism,
492 Off-Campus Internship (1-3) Work experience in           early twentieth century . Prereq : 8 hours of physical        Post-Structuralism . Prereq : 6 hours of philosophy or
approved ornamentals, turf or landscaping industry.          science or consent of instructor.                             consent of instructor. When content varies, may be
May be repeated . Maximum of 6 credits . E                                                                                 repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
                                                             370 Philosophy of Religion (3) Analysis of basic issues
493 Individual Problem Study (1-3) May be repeated.          of religion . (Same as Religious Studies 370 .)               491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.
Maximum of 6 credits . E
                                                             374 Philosophy and Religion of India (3) (Same as             492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.
                                                             Religious Studies 374 .)
                                                                                                                           493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.
PHILOSOPHY                                                   376 Buddhist Philosophy and Religion (3) (Same as
                                                             Religious Studies 376 .))
110 The Human Condition : Value and Reality (3) The
meaning of life, the existence of God, freedom of the        379 Religion and Philosophy in China (3) (Same as             PHYSICAL EDUCATION
will, human nature and value.                                Religious Studies 379 .)
                                                                                                                           100 Orientation to Physical Education (2) Overview
111 The Human Condition : Knowledge and Reality              380 The Concept of Woman (3) The nature of woman              of the professional and disciplinary areas in physical
(3) The place of mind in a material universe and the         as it has been conceived by major western philoso-            education with special emphasis on introductory field
nature and possibilities of human knowledge . May be         phers from Plato to Simone deBeauvoir . (Same as              experiences.
taken before 110.                                            Women's Studies 380 .)
                                                                                                                           102 PE Major: Basketball (1) Fundamentals of bas-
120 Foundations of Western Thought Antiquity through         382 Philosophy of Feminism (3) Various feminist the-          ketball, including individual and team skills with
1500 (3) Plato, Late Antiquity and the Medieval Period.      ories and their application to social issues of concern       consideration of techniques for effective teaching of
                                                             to women today . (Same as Women's Studies 382 .)              these fundamentals.
121 Foundations of Western Thought : 1500 through
Early Twentieth Century (3) Development of Ratio-            390 Philosophical Foundations of Democracy (3) Phil-          103 PE Major : Tennis (1) Development of skills, rules
nalist and Empiricist thought, Nineteenth Century and        osophical problems relating to the nature and justification   and game strategies to an intermediate level in tennis
early Twentieth Century Philosophy . May be taken            of the central values, principles, and concepts of dem-       with application to the various techniques of teach-
before 120.                                                  ocratic society.                                              ing.

130 Informal Logic (3) Analysis, evaluation, and con-        393 Marxism (3) Basic philosophical issues in Marxist         104 PE Education Major : Gymnastics I (1) Beginning
struction of reasoning in ordinary language.                 thought : ideology, dialectics, praxis, the critique of       to intermediate skills in tumbling and on selected men's
                                                             modern society.                                               and women's gymnastics apparatus . Tumbling skills
135 Formal Logic (3) Introduction to formal deductive                                                                      include forward, backward, and balance skills . Appa-
systems : propositional and predicate logic.                 395 Existentialism (3) Themes related to freedom              ratus include vaulting, balance beam, and pommel
                                                             and finitude in the tradition that begins with Kierke-        horse. Specal emphasis on teaching techniques, safety,
200 Special Topics (3) When content varies, may be           gaard and Nietzsche, and extends to Heidegger and             progression, and spotting.
repeated . Maximum 6 hours.                                  Jaspers, Sartre and Merleau-Ponty.
                                                                                                                           105 PE Major: Folk and Square Dance (1) Basic folk
240 Ethics (3) Theories of ethical values.                   400 Special Topics (3) When content varies, may be            and square dance steps, patterns and designs with
                                                             repeated . Maximum 6 hours.                                   emphasis on skill development, terminology, eti-
290 Social and Political Philosophy (3) Basic prob-                                                                        quette and teaching techniques.
lems and concepts of social and political philosophy.        411 Modern Religious Philosophies (3) (Same as Reli-
                                                             gious Studies 411 .)                                          106 PE Major: Track and Field (1) Basic skills of track
320 Ancient Western Philosophy (3)                                                                                         and field with consideration of techniques for effective
                                                             412 Classical Indian Systems of Philosophy : The              teaching.
322 Medieval Philosophy (3) Development of medie-            Moksha Tradition (3) (Same as Religious Studies 412.)
val thought from St. Augustine to William of Occam.                                                                        271 PE Major: Soccer/Softball (1) Basic fundamen-
Secondary and primary sources . (Same as Medieval            420 Topics in History of Philosophy (3) One or more           tals, including individual and team skills with consideration
Studies (322 .)                                              figures or movements from antiquity through mid-              of techniques for effective teaching .
                                                                                                   Physical Education Service Program/Courses of Instruction                    169

272 PE Major: Volleyball (1) Elementary and interme-           330 Wellness Through Health, Leisure, and Physical        415 Field Evaluation of Physical Fitness (1) Mea-
diate volleyball skills, general rules, and strategy related   Activity (3) (Same as Health 330 .)                       surement and evaluation of cardiorespiratory function,
to the game of volleyball with particular emphasis on                                                                    body composition, and healthy low back . Emphasis
teaching techniques and skill development.                     332 Applied Anatomy (3) Structure and roles of bones,     on tests that can be used in large groups with a mini-
                                                               joints and muscles in human movement and exercise.        mum of equipment . Prereq : Progression to the major.
273 PE Major: Golf (1) Fundamental skills, general             Prereq : Junior standing and admission to Teacher         Coreq: 414 . (Same as Health 415 .)
rules, and strategies related to the game of golf with         Education Program or progression to the major.
emphasis on skill development and teaching tech-                                                                         416 Athletic Coaching Field Experience (1) Practical
niques.                                                        335 Approaches to Physical Education for Children         experience in coaching and related responsibilities.
                                                               (3) Contemporary approaches with emphasis upon            May be repeated . Maximum 2 hours . Prereq : Approv-
274 Physical Education Major: Gymnastics II (1)                movement education . Prereq : Admission to Teacher        al of instructor.
Beginning to intermediate skills in tumbling and on            Education Program.
selected men's and women's gymnastics apparatus.                                                                         420 Methods in Physical Education (3) Application of
Tumbling skills will include twisting skills, kips, and        345 Educational Games, Dance, and Gymnastics              theory and styles of teaching to teaching/learning envi-
combinations of previous skills . Apparatus will include       for Children (3) Theme approach to games/sports           ronment including planning, presenting, and evaluating
uneven bars, horizontal bar, parallel bars, and still          and creative dance forms for children . Prereq : Admis-   lessons concerning knowledges, strategies, and skills
rings.                                                         sion to Teacher Education Program.                        for physical activity, games, and sport . Microteach-
                                                                                                                         ing, macro teaching and field experiences . Prereq:
275 PE Major: Ballroom Dance (1) Basic ballroom                356 Human Growth and Motor Development (4)                Minimum 6 credits in Physical Education Major activi-
dance patterns and designs, terminology and eti-               Evolution of movement patterns in the context of struc-   ty courses and admission to Teacher Education Program.
quette with application to the various techniques of           tural and functional development, analysis of changes
teaching.                                                      in motor performance and underlying attributes across     422 Applied Kinesiology (3) Human movement with
                                                               the lifespan . Prereq : Admission to Teacher Education    emphasis on biomechanical principles and their appli-
290 Human Motor Behavior (3) Theories and princi-              Program or progression to the major.                      cation to movement and neuromuscular fitness . Prereq:
ples explaining motor behavior ; psychological factors                                                                   322 and admission to Teacher Education Program or
related to and/or affecting motor skill acquisition and        372 Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education (2)        progression to the major.
performance . Prereq: At least sophomore standing.             Theories of reality and value as they apply to sport
                                                               with emphasis on ethnical issues . Prereq : Admission     423 Readings in Physical Education (2) Current and
291 Sport in American Society (3) For all university           to Teacher Education Program or progression to the        classic literature in physical education.
undergraduates on the study of sport in American               major.
society from a sociological perspective . (Same as Soci-                                                                 424 Program Planning in Physical Education (2) Cur-
ology 291 .)                                                   380 Special Topics (1-3) Study in selected discipli-      riculum theory, principles, practices and issues specific
                                                               nary or professional areas of Physical Education . May    to physical education with opportunities to develop
292 Field Studies 1(3) Builds on observational techniques      be repeated . Prereq : Progression to the major.          and evaluate K-12 physical education programs . Prereq:
from Physical Education Orientation . Provides oppor-                                                                    Admission to Teacher Education Program.
tunities to lead, instruct, manage and test individuals        391 Psychology of Coaching (2) Major topics and
and/or small groups in K-12 physical education set-            theories dealing with social-psychological factors        426 Practicum for Physical Education Majors (1-10)
tings . Includes peer teaching and video-taped analyses.       affecting and relating to sport performance, with prac-   Experiences in the community to support and clarify
Prereq : 100.                                                  tical implications and applications to teaching and       career goals . May be repeated . Maximum 10 hours.
                                                               coaching . Prereq : Admission to Teacher Education        Prereq : Consent of instructor and progression to the
311 Coaching Football (1) Theoretical and practical            Program or progression to the major.                      major.
application of various coaching techniques in football
for the prospective secondary/college coach . Includes         405 Sociology of Sport (3) Social meaning, organiza-      442 Administration of Physical Education and Ath-
analysis and selection of appropriate game plans,              tion and process of sport. Difference between sport       letics (2) Topics in organizational concepts and
specific conditioning and training programs, practice          and play and games, social stratification and sport,      management strategies as related to physical educa-
organization, player evaluation, scouting, individual          sport as an occupation, place of sport in mass cul-       tion programs and athletics in the public schools. Prereq:
and team offensive and defensive . Prereq : Consent            ture, sport sub-cultures, and reciprocal influences of    Admission to Teacher Education Program or progres-
of instructor.                                                 sport and cultural milieu . Prereq : 291 or Sociology     sion to the major.
                                                               285, or permission of instructor . (Same as Sociology
312 Coaching of Basketball (1) Individual and team                                                                       450 Field Studies II (3) For physical education majors
                                                               405 .)
fundamentals for the high school coach ; conditioning,                                                                   to design and implement learning units and evalua-
schedule making, and other business arrangements.              409 Measurement and Evaluation of Physical Edu-           tion techniques appropriate for K-12 physical education
Prereq : Consent of instructor.                                cation (1) Relationship of measurement and evaluation     settings . Includes video-taping of learning experi-
                                                                                                                         ences in the school setting . Prereq : 292 or 466 and
313 Coaching of Track and Field (1) Coaching meth-             in Physical Education . Critique, selection, and admin-
                                                               istration of appropriate affective, sport skill, and      admission to Teacher Education Program.
ods and training techniques for various track and field
events, including experience observing and working             knowledge assessment instruments for children through     466 Motor Development Laboratory : Preschool or
at meets and practices . Prereq : Consent of instruc-          adult age group . Prereq : Junior standing and admis-     Primary (3) Application of selected perceptual-motor
                                                               sion to Teacher Education Program or progression to       development, movement education, and pedagogical
                                                               the major.                                                concepts to performance assessment and motor task/
314 Coaching of Gymnastics (1) Fundamentals used                                                                         lesson design and presentation to normally develop-
in the coaching and judging of competitive men's and           410 Pre-Internship Seminar (1) Objectives and poli-
                                                                                                                         ing preschool or primary grade children . Participation
women's gymnastics . Emphasis on the safety and                cies of the internship program . Must be completed        in intra- or inter-disciplinary research projects . Prereq:
spotting of competitive gymnastics skills . Prereq : Con-      the term immediately preceding the internship . Prereq:   100 and admission to Teacher Education Program.
sent of instructor.                                            Admission to Teacher Education Program . Satisfac-
                                                               tory/No Credit only . Sp, Su                              481 Internship I : Grades K-12 (3-6) Methods and the-
315 Coaching of Baseball/Softball (1) Theoretical and                                                                    ories of teaching . Internship is completed in local public
practical application of various coaching techniques           411 Adapted Physical Education (2) Developmental          schools . Application for internship should be made
in baseball/softball for the secondary/college coach.          disabilities, other physical/mental handicaps and var-    upon admission to Teacher Education Program . Prereq:
Topics include analysis and selection of appropriate           iant/invariant characteristics of specific syndromes      410 and admission to Teacher Education Program.
game plans, specific conditioning and training pro-            germane to motor development/programming for those        Satisfactory/No Credit only . F
grams, practice organization, player evaluation, scouting,     with special education needs.
individual and team offensive and defensive strate-                                                                      482 Internship II : Grades K-12 (3-6) Demonstration
gies. Prereq : Consent of instructor.                          412 Practicum in Adapted Physical Education (1)           of professional competence in planning, instruction,
                                                               Teaching those with special education needs . Obser-      and classroom management . Internship is completed
321 World History of Sport and Physical Education              vation and assistance to physical education teachers      in local public schools . Prereq : 481 and admission to
(2) Historical survey of the development of sport and          who teach in schools for the handicapped and/or in        Teacher Education Program . Satisfactory/No Credit
physical education from ancient primitive to twentieth         which many handicapped individuals are main-              only . Sp
century civilization . Prereq : Admission to Teacher Edu-      streamed . Prereq: Progression to the major. Coreq:
cation Program or progression to the major.                    411.                                                      493 Directed Independent Studies (1-3) Indepen-
                                                                                                                         dent study in a specialized area with physical education.
322 Fitness Activities (2) Methods of instructing and          413 Special Practicum in Adapted Physical Educa-          May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours . Prereq : Con-
leading fitness activities, including jogging, exercise        tion (1) Two sections including an on-campus lab          sent of advisor and progression to the major.
to music, water activities, and fitness games . Prereq:        program with one-one-one with a 2-5 year-old child
 At least junior standing and progression to the major.        who is a high-educational risk and a section with expe-
                                                               riences relevant to student needs with a physical
325 Athletic Training Techniques (2) Prevention of             education teacher, physical or occupational thera-        PHYSICAL EDUCATION
athletic injuries through sound conditioning programs          pist, at a school for the handicapped. May be repeated.
and practices ; recognition and immediate treatment            Maximum 3 hours.                                          SERVICE PROGRAM
of injuries . Prereq : Progression to the major.
                                                               414 Physical Activity and Fitness (2) Relationship of     200 Special Topics (2)
326 Practicum in Preschool Aquatics (2) Individual-            exercise to cardiorespiratory function, body compos-
ized planning and teaching of aquatic experiences to           ition, healthy low back, and stress . Prereq : 200, 292   201 ARC WSI-Handicapped (1)
3 to 5 year-old children within the context of a broad-        and admission to Teacher Education Program or
based motor development program .                              progression to the major . (Same as Health 414 .)         202 Badminton (2)
170     Courses of Instruction/Physics

203 Elementary Ballet I (2)                               131-132 Fundamentals of Physics : Mechanics and               341-342 Structure of Matter (3,3) 341-Subatomic phys-
                                                          Heat (4,4) For engineers and liberal arts majors in           ics ; including physics of the nucleus and elementary
204 Elementary Ballet II (2)                              mathematics and the physical sciences . Basic Engi-           particles . 342-Physics of molecules and condensed
                                                          neering 131-132 is equivalent course for engineers.           matter . May be taken in either order . Prereq : 340.
205 Basketball (1)                                        Must be taken in sequence . Coreq : Mathematics 141-
                                                          142 . 3 hours lecture, 2 hours lab.                           361-362 Electronics Laboratory (3,3) Electronic com-
206 Bowling (2)                                                                                                         ponents, circuits and instruments for physicists, with
                                                           137-138 Honors : Fundamentals of Physics : Mechan-           emphasis on application of simple circuits to instru-
209 Flag Football (1)                                     ics and Heat (4,4) Honors for physics and engineering         mentation . 361-Analog electronics, including fundamental
                                                          physics majors and qualified students from other dis-         network theorems, complex impedance and admit-
210 Folk and Square Dance (1)
                                                          ciplines . Must be taken in sequence. Coreq : Mathematics     tance, frequency response and resonance, feedback,
211 Golf (2)                                               141-142 . 3 hours lecture, 2 hours lab.                      operational amplifiers, oscillators, and various semicon-
                                                                                                                        ductor devices, as applied to scientific instrumentation.
                                                          141-142 Nature of the Physical World (3,3) Con-               362-Digital electronics, including elementary building
212 Handball (2)
                                                          cepts, vocabulary, and principles of physical sciences        blocks of relevance to data acquisition systems, digi-
213 Ice Skating (1)                                       to establish a unified picture of the physical universe.      tal to analog conversion, analog to digital conversion,
                                                          141-Principles of mechanics, electricity, and wave motion     simple applications of microprocessors . Prereq : 222
214 Elementary Jazz 1 (2)                                 are developed and applied to fields such as solar             or 232 . 6 hours lab per week.
                                                          systems, atomic and molecular behavior, radiation,
215 Elementary Jazz II (2)                                dynamic changes in atmospheres and in earth's crust.          390 Junior Seminar (1-3) Topic of current interest.
                                                          142-Principles applied to topics such as stellar and          Prereq : Introductory Physics . May be repeated with
216 Martial Arts: (Special Topics) (1)                    galactic phenomena, nuclear energy, cosmology, atmo-          consent of department . Maximum 6 hours.
                                                          spheric and oceanic phenomena, drifting continents,
219 Coed Gymnastics : Men's Apparatus (1)                 and science and society . Must be taken in sequence.          401 Background of Physics (2) Historical develop-
                                                          3 hours lecture including demonstration lab.                  ment and philosophical foundations of natural science.
220 Elementary Modern Dance I (2)
                                                                                                                        Classical theories of gravitation, electromagnetism,
                                                          145 Physics of Athletic Activity (3) Principles of phys-      and relativity . Unifying mathematical principles under-
221 Elementary Modern Dance II (2)                        ics, particularly mechanics and energy with emphasis          lying physical applications . Readings from important
222 Paddleball (1)                                        on their role in physical activities, particularly sports-    original papers, thought-provoking problems and order-
                                                          related . Topics include statics, equilibrium, linear and     of-magnitude calculations combining different fields
223 Personal Safety and Self-Defense (1)                  angular motion, momentum, force, work, and energy.            of classical physics. Written report on independent
                                                          3 hours lecture and demonstration.                            study . Prereq : Senior standing in Physics or consent
224 Physical Fitness : Conditioning (1)                                                                                 of instructor.
                                                          151-152 Elements of Physics for Computer Scien-
225 Physical Fitness : Exercise to Music (1)              tists (4,4) For students majoring in computer science.        402 Forefront of Physics (2) Modern developments
                                                          Principles of mechanics, heat and thermodynamics,             in physics : various forms of quantum mechanics, quan-
226 Physical Fitness : Exercise and Weight Control        wave motion and sound, electricity and magnetism,             tum electrodynamics and recent theories of particles,
(1)                                                       light, relativity, and modern physics . Must be taken in      fields and their interactions . Unsolved questions in
                                                          sequence . Coreq : Mathematics 141-142 .3 hours lec-          physics, experiments of current interest, readings in
229 Physical Fitness : Jogging (1)                        ture, 2 hours lab.                                            recent literature, and applications in other fields . Final
230 Physical Fitness : Swimming (1)                                                                                     oral report and term paper . Prereq : 401 or consent of
                                                          181 Physics of Music (3) Production, transmission,
                                                          and reception of sound waves . Frequency, intensity,          instructor.
231 Physical Fitness : Walking (1)                        timbre . Basic acoustics of instruments and voice . 3         411-412 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (3,3)
                                                          hours lecture and demonstration.
232 Racquetball I (1)                                                                                                   Fundamental principles of quantum mechanics and
                                                          221-222 Elements of Physics (4,4) Basic physical              methods of calculation . Solution of the Schrodinger
233 Racquetball 11 (1)                                                                                                  equation for simple systems . Application to atomic,
                                                          principles and applications required in pre-medical,
                                                                                                                        molecular, nuclear, and condensed matter physics.
234 Soccer (1)                                            pre-dental, pre-pharmacy and pre-veterinary pro-
                                                          grams . 221-Mechanics, heat, wave motion, and optics.         Must be taken in sequence . Prereq : 232 or equiva-
                                                          222-Electricity and magnetism, modern physics . Must          lent, Mathematics 435.
235 Social Dance (1)
                                                          be taken in sequence . 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab.          421 Modern Optics (4) Transmission of light in uniform,
236 Softball (1)                                          Prereq : Mathematics 121-122 or 141-142 or 151-152.           isotropic media, reflection and transmission at inter-
239 Swimming I : Elementary (2)                           231 Fundamentals of Physics : Electricity and Mag-            faces ; mathematics of wave motion and interference
                                                          netism (3) For engineers and liberal arts majors in           effects . Rudiments of Fourier optics and holography.
240 Swimming II : Lifesaving (2)                          mathematics and the physical sciences . Required of           Prereq: 431 or 232 and consent of instructor . 3 hours
                                                          all engineering students . Prereq: 131-132 or Basic           lecture, 3 hours lab.
241 Swimming III : WSI (2)                                Engineering 131-132 . Coreq : Mathematics 231 .2 hours
                                                                                                                        425 Principles of Non-Destructive Testing (3) (Same
                                                          lecture, 3 hours lab/recitation.
242 Tap Dance I (2)                                                                                                     as Engineering Science and Mechanics 425 .)
                                                          232 Fundamentals of Physics : Wave Motion, Optics,
243 Tap Dance II (2)                                                                                                    431-432 Electricity and Magnetism (3,3) Electrostat-
                                                          and Modern Physics (4) Continuation of 231 . Required         ics, magnetostatics, coupled electric and magnetic
                                                          of all engineering students . Prereq : 231 . Coreq : Math-
244 Tennis I (1)                                          ematics 241 . 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab/recitation.        fields, Maxwell's Equations, electromagnetic waves
                                                                                                                        and radiation . Prereq : 232.
245 Tennis 11 (1)
                                                          237 Honors : Electricity and Magnetism and Light (4)
                                                          Honors course for selected students admitted on basis         451-452 Techniques of Theoretical Physics (3,3) Meth-
246 Track and Field (1)                                                                                                 ods and general solutions in potential theory, spectral
                                                          of performance in 131-132, 137-138 or Basic Engi-
                                                          neering 131-132 . Coreq : Mathematics 231 . 3 hours           analysis, wave mechanics, specific Sturm-Liouville sys-
249 Tumbling I (1)                                                                                                      tems and other selected techniques of theoretical
                                                          lecture, 3 hours lab.
                                                                                                                        physics . Must be taken in sequence . Prereq : 232 and
250 Tumbling II (1)                                                                                                     Mathematics 241 . Coreq : Mathematics 251.
                                                          238 Honors : Wave Motion and Modern Physics (4)
251 Volleyball (2)                                        Honors course for selected students . Continuation of
                                                          237 . Prereq : 237 . Coreq : Mathematics 241 . 3 hours        461-462-463 Modern Physics Laboratory (3,3,3) Vari-
252 Weight Training (2)                                   lecture, 3 hours lab/recitation.                              ety of experimental techniques, including spectroscopy,
                                                                                                                        electronic measurements, computer interfacing, res-
253 Coed Gymnastics: Women's Apparatus (1)                311-312 Mechanics (3,3) 311-Kinematics and dynam-             onance, detectors and statistical analysis, applied to
                                                          ics of single particle systems, rotating reference systems,   experiments in nuclear, atomic, molecular, and solid
254 Yoga and Relaxation (1)                               many body problems . 312-Many body systems, rigid             state systems . Classic experiments in quantum phys-
                                                          bodies, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, small           ics for advanced undergraduates . Prereq : 232 and a
                                                          oscillations and normal modes . Must be taken in              basic knowledge of circuits.
                                                          sequence . Prereq or Coreq for 311 : 231 and Mathe-
PHYSICS                                                   matics 231 . Coreq for 312 : Mathematics 241.                 471-472 Health Physics (3,3) Radioactivi-
                                                                                                                        ty,interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter,
 121-122 Introductory Physics (3,3) For students whose    321 Thermal Physics (3) Concepts of temperature                radiation quantities and units, point kernel and extend-
major is outside the physical sciences . Concepts of      and heat ; laws of thermodynamics ; elementary statis-        ed sources, x-rays and gamma rays, neutron activation,
physics developed by observation of phenomena and         tical mechanics ; applications to physical and chemical       interaction of charged particles with matter, stopping
logic, using a minimum of mathematical analysis . 121-    problems . Prereq : 311 or 231 and consent of instruc-        power, range-energy relations, counting statistics, shield-
Description of motion, forces, energy and momen-          tor.                                                          ing, dosimetry, waste disposal, criticality prevention,
tum, properties of matter . 122-Electricity, magnetism,                                                                 radiation biology and ecology . Prereq : 340 or 341.
light, topics from modern physics including proper-       340 Relativity and the Structure of the Atom (3) Special
ties of atoms and nuclei . Must be taken in sequence.     relativity and the wave model of the atom . Fundamen-         490 Senior Seminar (1-3) Topics of current interest.
3 hours lecture including demonstration lab . Prereq:     tal concepts of modern physics and their applications         May be repeated with consent of department . Maxi-
Algebra .                                                 to atomic systems . Prereq : 231 .                            mum 6 hours .
                                                                                                                                 Political Science/Courses of Instruction              171

491 Foreign Study (3-15) See page 97.                           interest . May not be used as 300-level prerequisite             including the background, nature, and effects of present
                                                                for any course in Plant and Soil Science . Prereq : Con-         policies, and options for the future.
492 Off-Campus Study (3-15) See page 96.                        sent of advisor and faculty committee.
                                                                                                                                 312 Popular Culture and American Politics (3) Popu-
493 Research and Independent Study (1-3) Research               401 Seminar (1) Current topics in the plant and soil             lar culture related to American politics and government
and study in field of particular interest with faculty          sciences . Techniques of effective oral and written pro-
guidance . Consent of department is required . Maxi-                                                                             focusing on the role of film, television, fiction, music,
                                                                fessional presentation ; professional ethics ; review of         drama, art and sports.
mum 6 hours.                                                    literature ; assignments for written and oral presenta-
                                                                tions . Senior standing . Sp                                     315 Tennessee Government and Politics (3) Major
                                                                                                                                 elements in Tennessee government and politics.
PLANNING                                                        411 Soil Microbiology (3) Soil microbial population
                                                                and the soil ecosystem ; microbial transformations of            320 State Government and Politics (3) Setting, insti-
                                                                inorganic and organic compounds ; decomposition of               tutions, and processes of government in the fifty states:
401 The City in the United States (3) Development
                                                                residues ; dynamics of soil organic matter . Prereq:             generalizations and comparisons, with emphasis on
and character of United States cities . Contemporary            210 and Biochemistry 311 or consent of instructor . F            federalism and inter-governmental relations.
issues and selected case studies . (Same as Urban
Studies 401 .)                                                  412 Soil Genesis, Classification and Mapping (3)                 321 Urban Politics and Process (3) Development of
                                                                Soil genesis and formation ; observing and describing            politics and policy-making in the Modern American
402 Survey of Planning (3) History of city develop-             morphology of agricultural and forest soils ; chemical           city. (Same as Urban Studies 321 .)
ment and of planning with special attention to the              and physical properties, classification ; mapping . Two
United States experience in urban and other levels of           Saturday field trips required . Prereq : 210 or consent          322 Minority Group Politics in the United States (3)
planning . State of the art, the process, the compre-           of instructor . 2 hours and 1 lab . Sp                           Content varies . May be repeated with the consent of
hensive plan, implementation devices . Planning issues                                                                           the department . Maximum 6 hours . (Same as Afro-
in society . Not for credit for M .S .P . degree . (Same as     413 Soil Chemistry (3) Structure and chemical prop-              American Studies 322 .)
Urban Studies 402 .)                                            erties of soil materials with emphasis on the colloidal
                                                                fraction as it relates to exchange, chemical equilibria,         330 Law in American Society (3) Law as a process
                                                                soil acidity, oxidation-reduction, weathering, nutrient          through which social problems are addressed in the
                                                                availability and waste disposal . Prereq : 311 or con-           United States . Examples from case law, legislation,
PLANT AND SOIL                                                  sent of instructor . F                                           and administrative regulation.
SCIENCE                                                         414 Soil, Land Use and the Environment (3) Soil as                331 Judicial Process (3) Courts as components of
                                                                an environmental component and soil properties affecting          political systems, and public policy formulation through
210 Introduction to Soil Science (4) Differences in             land use . Soil as a resource in development planning            judicial decision making.
soils ; soil genesis ; physical, chemical, and biological       including nonengineering aspects of site selection for
properties of soil ; relation of soils to land use and          land use, soil survey and resource data in land use,             340 Introduction to Pub l ic Administration and Public
pollution ; soil management relative to tillage, erosion,       recognition and prevention of soil pollution . Prereq:           Policy (3) Public agencies, their organization, per-
moisture supply, temperature, aeration, fertility, and          210 or consent of instructor . Sp-A                              sonnel, and financial management and administrative
plant nutrition . Introduction to fertilizer chemistry and                                                                       responsibility; the policy-making process, political envi-
use . Prereq : Chemistry 130 or equivalent. 3 hours             431 Crop Physiology and Ecology (3) Plant physiolo-              ronment.
and 1 lab . F                                                   gy and ecology applied to crop production . Effects of
                                                                environmental factors on physiological processes.                350 Political Change in Developing Areas (3)
230 Introduction to Crop Science (3) Fundamentals               Prereq : 230, Botany 321 . 2 hours and 1 lab . F-A               Characteristics and problems of political changes with
of structure, classification, growth and reproduction                                                                            primary focus on developing areas.
of higher plants and use of plant products basic to             433 Agricultural Pesticides (3) Regulation of pes-
plant science. Principles and methods of growing sev-           ticide development, manufacture, transportation,                 355 Latin American Government and Politics I (3)
eral of the world's important agronomic, fruit and              marketing and use . Structure, use, mode of action,               Introduction to contemporary conditions in Latin Amer-
vegetable crops, detailing their origin and cultural require-   degradation and environmental impact of pesticides               ica . (Same as Latin American Studies 355 .)
ments . Prereq : Botany 110, 120 or Biology 110, 120.           used in agriculture, forestry and related areas . Prereq:
Sp                                                              1 year biological sciences and 1 semester chemistry.             361 Politics in Western Democracies (3) Political culture
                                                                2 hours and 1 lab . Sp                                           patterns, and institutions of Western democratic sys-
292 Soil Morphology (1) Intensive course involving                                                                               tems.
describing, classifying and interpreting soils in prepa-        453 Principles of Plant Breeding (3) Genetic princi-
ration for regional and national soil judging contests.         ples and techniques used in crop improvement . Prereq:           365 Introduction to International Relations (3) Resource
Prereq : 210 and consent of instructor . May be repeat-         Biology 220 or equivalent . 2 hours and 1 lab . Sp               availability, international economics, international secur-
                                                                                                                                 ity and peace (imperialism, war, diplomacy, the balance
ed . Maximum 4 hours . 1 hour and 1 lab . F, Sp                 471 Statistics for biological Research (3) Notation,             of power, international law and international organi-
311 Soil Fertility (3) Influence of soil properties on          descriptive statistics, probability, distributions, confidence   zation .)
plant nutrient availability and uptake . Principles of          intervals, student's t and chi-square tests, analysis of
fertilizer use and their reaction in soils . Prereq : 210.      variance, mean separation procedures, linear regres-             366 United States Foreign Policy Process (3) Processes
2 hours and 1 lab . Sp                                          sion and correlation . Prereq : Math 121 or equivalent.          whereby United States foreign policies are made and
                                                                3 hours and 1 rec . F                                            implemented, focusing on interaction within federal
312 Soil and Water Conservation (3) Principles, prac-                                                                            bureaucracy and roles of the President, Congress,
tices and control of soil erosion by water and wind;            493 Problems in Plant and Soil Science (1-3) Special             the press, and public opinion.
                                                                research or library problems in plant and soil science.
farm planning for soil conservation ; minimum and no-
tillage farming ; forest management ; soil-water-plant          May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours . E                            370 Contemporary International Problems (3) Analy-
relationships. Prevention of soil, water, and air con-                                                                           sis of current international events.
tamination in agriculture . Prereq : 210 . 2 hours and 1
                                                                                                                                 374 American Political Thought (3) Major themes
lab. Sp                                                         POLITICAL SCIENCE                                                and ideas in American political thought related to the
331 Field and Forage Crops (3) Agronomic principles                                                                              development of American political institutions, values,
                                                                101 United States Government and Politics (3) Intro-             and practices.
of crop production and management. Crop improve-                duction to fundamental institutions and processes of
ment, cropping systems, tillage, fertilization, pest            American National Politics including the constitution,           387-388 Junior Honors Seminar (3,3) Required of
management, harvest and utilization of major field              voting, presidency, congress and the courts.                     honors majors ; admission with consent of depart-
and forage crops . Prereq : 210 or 230 . 2 hours and 1
lab . Sp                                                        102 Introduction to Political Science (3) Analysis of
                                                                politics and political systems in various countries.             410 Special Topics in United States Government
332 Fruit Crops (3) Fundamentals of site selection.                                                                              and Politics (3) May be repeated with consent of
Fruit propagation, tree training, pest control and relat-       107 Honors: United States Government and Politics                department . Maximum 6 hours.
ed management factors for deciduous fruit crops will            (3) Analysis and exploration of the American political
be emphasized . Prereq : 230 . 2 hours and 1 lab . F-A          system for students with superior ability . Admission            411 Presidency (3) Nature, functions, and processes
                                                                by permission of department for students with at least           of the United States Presidency.
333 Vegetable Crops (3) Characteristics, economic               a B average ; entering freshmen accepted on basis of
importance, adaptability and production of vegeta-              strong placement scores and high school record.                  412 Congress (3) Nature, functions, and processes
bles for fresh and processing markets with emphasis                                                                              of the United States Congress.
on both warm and cool season crops . Prereq : 210 or            301 Introduction to Political Analysis (3) Nature, char-
230. 2 hours and 1 lab . Sp-A                                   acter, and functions of research design, data collection,        420 Political Attitudes and Opinions (3) Nature, for-
                                                                and statistical techniques used in the study of poli-            mation, development, and dissemination of politically
334 Weed Management (3) Principles of weed inter-               tics.                                                            relevant attitudes and opinions in the American politi-
ference, integrated management, herbicide selectivity                                                                            cal system.
and behavior, specific recommendations for various              310 Political Community (3) Examination of a variety
crop and non-crop situations . Prereq : 210 . 2 hours           of value systems and social and political structures             421 Political Parties and Interest Groups (3) Role of
and 1 lab . F                                                   related to political community.                                  political parties and organized groups in American
                                                                                                                                 politics and government.
392 Practicum in Agriculture (2-4) Working with agri-           311 Contemporary Issues in American Public Policy
cultural-related enterprises in area of student ' s career      (3) Selected public policy issues confronting the nation,        422 Political Campaigns and Elections (3) Nature of
172     Courses of Instruction/Portuguese

campaigns and elections in the American political           211-212 Intermediate Portuguese (3,3) Stresses read-            395 Methods of Research in Psychology (3) Funda-
                                                            ing, writing, listening, and speaking of Portuguese to          mentals in the design, conduct, and interpretation of
                                                            prepare for upper division courses in the language.             research, including systematic observation, experi-
430 United States Constitutional Law : Sources of            Must be taken in sequence . Language Laboratory                ments, quasi-experiments, and program-evaluations.
Power and Restraint (3) Judicial review, constitution-      required.                                                       Focus on both laboratory and natural settings . Prereq:
al powers of President and Congress, federalism,                                                                            110 or equivalent.
sources of regulatory authority, and constitutional pro-    300 Portuguese for Spanish Speakers (3) Acceler-
tection of political and economic rights.                   ated class for beginning students of Portuguese with            396 Laboratory in Psychology (2-3) Introduction to
                                                            a strong background in another Romance language.                techniques used in the laboratory to study different
431 United States Constitutional Law : Civil Rights         Introduction to grammar, reading and culture of Por-            topics is psychology, such as perception, memory,
and Liberties (3) Current issues in civil rights and        tugal and Brazil . Prereq : 3 hours at 300 level in another     learning, and social behavior . Supervised experience
liberties including : first amendment freedoms, equal       Romance language or equivalent.                                  in the use of laboratory techniques, collection and
 protection, privacy and the rights of the accused.                                                                          interpretation of data . Different topic each semester.
                                                            311 Aspects of Luso-Brazilian Literature (3) Luso-               Prereq : 110 or equivalent, 210, 220, 385, 395 . May be
440 Public Management and Human Resources (3)               Brazilizan literature, with emphasis on contemporary
                                                                                                                             repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
How to mobilize and manage technical and human              works . Genres may vary . Prereq : 212 or equivalent.
resources in pursuit of public sector organization goals.   (Same as Latin American Studies 311 .)                          399 Supervised Research and Field Work (1-3) Field
                                                                                                                            experience in community-based research and serv-
441 Budgetary Process and Financial Management              323 Conversation and Composition (3) Development
                                                            of speaking, listening and writing skills in Portuguese;        ice settings. Prereq : 110 or equivalent, 210, 220, 385,
(3) Fiscal planning, budget and expenditure processes                                                                       395 . May be repeated . Maximum 12 hours in 399,
in government, their policy and administrative impli-       some review of grammar . Prereq : 212 or 300 equiva-
                                                            lent.                                                           489, 491, 492, and 493 combined may be applied
cations.                                                                                                                    toward the major.
442 Administrative Law (3) Legal dimensions of              431-432 Directed Readings in Brazilian and Portuguese
                                                            Literature (3,3) May be repeated with consent of instruc-       400 Cognitive Psychology : Language and Symbolic
administrative power and procedures, and constitu-                                                                          Processes (3) Psychology of knowing, explaining, and
tional controls over administrators.                        tor . (Same as Latin American Studies 431-432 .)
                                                                                                                            understanding . Directed and associative thinking,
452 Black African Politics (3) Recent evolution and         491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.                           memory, problem-solving, and concept-formation.
current political environment of Black African nations.                                                                     Nature, use, and development of language . Prereq:
(Same as Afro-American Studies 452 .)                                                                                       310 or consent of instructor.

454 Government and Politics of China and Japan (3)          PSYCHOLOGY                                                      409 Group Facilitation (3) Study of theory and tech-
Political setting, structure and political processes in                                                                     nique through supervised experience in small groups.
China and Japan.                                            110 General Psychology (3) Introduction to primary              Prereq : 359 and consent of instructor . May be repeat-
                                                            approaches to the study of human behavior and expe-             ed . Maximum 6 hours.
455 Latin American Government and Politics II (3)           rience.
Selected topics on Latin American political dynamics,                                                                       410 Sensory Processes and Perception (3) Physiological
including consideration of leading theoretical expla-       117 Honors : General Psychology (3) Enriched                    and psychological theories of perception . Emphasis
                                                            introduction with extra readings . Prereq : Consent of          on audition and vision . Prereq : 210, 385.
nations . (Same as Latin American Studies 455 .)
459 Government and Politics of the Soviet Union (3)                                                                         420 History and Systems of Psychology (3) History
Origins and development of the Soviet political system,     210 Biological Basis of Behavior (3) Survey of theo-            of psychological thought . Classical approaches and
and selected policy areas.                                  ries and research concerning the role of genetic factors,       recent developments . Prereq : 110, 210, 220 and three
                                                            nervous and endocrine systems, and other biological             upper division courses in Psychology.
460 Revolution (3) Characteristics, theories, and con-      influences on behavior . Recommended : 110 or equiv-
sequences of revolution with particular focus on left-      alent.                                                          424 Psychology and the Law (3) Psychological aspects
wing revolutions and movements.                                                                                             of legal systems. Prereq : 110 or equivalent, upper-
                                                            220 Behavior and Experience: Humanistic Psychology              division standing and consent of instructor.
461 Policy Making in Democracies (3) Comparative            (3) Behavioral and phenomenological analysis of indi-
approach to theory and process of making public             viduals and their development in natural environments.          430 Health Psychology (3) Psychological factors relat-
policies.                                                                                                                   ed to health and illness, including stress, personality,
                                                            300 Child Psychology (3) The normal child from con-             and environment . Applications of psychological treat-
463 Contemporary Middle East Politics (3) Govern-           ception through infancy, childhood, and adolescence.            ments to physical illness . Prereq : 110 or equivalent,
ments and movements in the Middle East, their               Physical, cognitive, social, and emotional develop-             210.
characteristics, bases, and interrelationships.             ment . Prereq : 110 or equivalent and 200 or 210.
                                                                                                                            434 Psychology of Gender (3) Biological, psycholog-
464 Special Topics in Comparative Government (3)            310 Learning and Thinking (3) Survey of theory and              ical, and social factors in gender . Importance of gender
May be repeated with consent of department . Maxi-          findings of research concerning both humans and                 roles and stereotypes for behavior and experience.
mum 6 hours.                                                nonhumans . Prereq : 110 or equivalent . Recom-                 Prereq: 110 or equivalent, 210, 220 . (Same as Women's
                                                            mended : 210, 220.                                              Studies 434 .)
469 Soviet Foreign Policy (3) Soviet international
behavior since 1917 and selected problems of Soviet         320 Motivation (3) Survey of theories and related               440 Organizational Psychology (3) Social-psycho-
foreign policy post World War II.                           research ; discussion of applications . Prereq : 110 or         logical analysis of organizations, emphasizing role-
                                                            equivalent. Recommended : 210, 220.                             theory and systems theory . Prereq : 360. (Same as
470 International Law (3) Nature and development of                                                                         Management 440 .)
international law and compliance with it . Particular       330 Abnormal Psychology (3) Individual and environ-
attention to function of international law in the context   mental factors in deviant and maladaptive behavior;             445 Measurement and Testing (3) Theory of test con-
of international conflict.                                  neurotic and psychotic reactions . Contemporary meth-           struction and psychological measurement . Statistical
                                                            ods of treatment . Prereq : 110 or equivalent.                  methods in measurement . Survey of existing tests.
475 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (3) Major        Recommended : 210, 220.                                         Prereq : 385, 395.
western political thinkers from Socrates to Marsilio of
Padua . (Same as Medieval Studies 475 .)                    359 Laboratory in Human Relations (3) Interpersonal             450 Comparative Animal Behavior (3) (Same as Zool-
                                                            relations and communication through structured expe-            ogy 450 .)
476 Modern Political Thought (3) Major western polit-       riences in small groups . Prereq : 110 or equivalent,
ical thinkers from Machiavelli to Marx.                     and consent of instructor. May be repeated . Maxi-              459 Comparative Animal Behavior Laboratory (3) Coreq:
                                                            mum 6 hours.                                                    450 . (Same as Zoology 459 .)
487-488 Senior Honors Thesis and Seminar (0-6)
Required of honors majors ; admission with consent          360 Social Psychology (3) Theories, methods, and                461 Physiological Psychology (3) Nervous system
of department . Students register for zero hours credit     findings of research concerning individual behavior in          and physiological correlates of behavior. Biological
fall semester and six hours credit in spring semester.      a social context . Prereq : 110 or equivalent.                  basis of emotion, learning, memory and stress . Prereq:
Credit is granted on completion of thesis.                                                                                  110 or equivalent, 210, and one year of Biology or
                                                            370 Ethology and Sociobiology (3) Basic concepts in             Zoology introductory sequences or equivalents.
491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.                       the evolutionary approach to behavior, including appli-
                                                            cations to psychology, the social sciences, and the             469 Laboratory in Physiological Psychology (3) Lab-
492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.                    arts . (Same as Zoology 370.)                                   oratory studies of nervous system and physiological
                                                                                                                            correlates of behavior . Coreq : 461.
493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.                   382 Contemporary Topics in Psychology (3) Current
                                                            issue or problem, such as architectural psychology,             470 Theories of Personality (3) Major theories of
                                                            impact of technology, artificial intelligence, or stereo-       human personality and their development . Prereq : 220
                                                            types . Different topic each semester . Prereq: 110 or          and 300 or 330.
PORTUGUESE                                                  equivalent . May be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.
                                                                                                                            480 Theories of Learning (3) Classical and current
111-112 Elementary Portuguese (3,3) Introduction to         385 Statistics in Psychology (3) Descriptive statis-            approaches to learning and cognition . Prereq : 310.
Portuguese . May not be taken for credit by students        tics ; logic of hypothesis-testing and statistical inference.
with two years of high school or one year college            Basic parametric and non-parametric tests . Prereq:            482 Topics in Psychology (3) Intensive analysis of
Portuguese . Must be taken in sequence . Language            Mathematics 110 . Not open to students with credit in          special topics, such as Afro-American Psychology or
Laboratory required .                                        Mathematics 115, Statistics 201, or equivalent .               evaluation of programs in the community . Prereq : 110
                                                                                                                             Religious Studies/Courses of Instruction              173

 or equivalent . Recommended : 210, 220, 385, 395 . May       nology (1) Responsibilities of recreation, occupation-          211 Ways of Understanding Religion (3) Sources
 be repeated . Maximum 9 hours.                               al, physical, horticulture, art, and music therapists.          and methods used in the study of religion and reli-
                                                              Basic terminology used in medical environment . Sp              gions ; analysis of approaches to the study of religion.
 489 Supervised Research (1-9) Prereq : Consent of
 instructor. May be repeated . Maximum 12 hours in            250 Specialized Study in Leisure Education (1-3)                212 Criticism of Religion (3) Classical and contempo-
 399, 489, 491, 492, and 493 combined may be applied          Focus on developing positive attitudes toward lei-              rary forms of criticism of western religious thought as
 toward the major.                                            sure . Contribution of leisure to mental and physical           in the work of Marx, Freud, Nietszche, and current
                                                              health . Creative Cooking, Bike Hikes, New Games . E            feminist and liberation movements.
 491 Foreign Study (1-15) Prereq : Consent of instruc-
 tor . May be repeated . Maximum 12 hours in 399, 489,       290 Field Practice (1-2) Supervised practice in approved         232 Varieties of Religious Community (3) How different
 491, 492, and 493 combined may be applied toward            agency offering leisure services . Each hour's credit            forms of religious communities (cults, tribes, sects,
 the major.                                                  requires 25 hours of work in field agency . For recrea-           monastic orders, denominations, familial, etc .) have
                                                             tion students only . Prereq : Permission of instructor.           sought to reject, reinforce, transform, ignore, or dom-
492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) Prereq: Consent of instruc-      E
tor . May be repeated . Maximum 12 hours in 399, 489,                                                                         inate their culture and society. (Same as Sociology
491, 492, and 493 combined may be applied toward             310 Leisure Program Development and Evaluation
the major.                                                   (3) Essential elements and basic principles involved             235 Issues in Religious Studies (1-3) Introduction to
                                                             in organization, administration, marketing, evaluation           the study of religion through selected themes, prob-
493 Independent Study (1-15) Prereq : Consent of
instructor . May be repeated . Maximum 12 hours in           of various types of recreation programs with empha-              lems, controversies, or contemporary issues . Variable
                                                             sis on development of program objectives, practical              content. May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
399, 489, 491, 492, and 493 combined may be applied
                                                             and comprehensive program designs and evaluation
toward the major.                                                                                                             301 Religious Myth, Symbol, and Ritual (3) Distinc-
                                                             for population and facility within student's particular
                                                             area of interest . Prereq : 210 or consent of instructor.        tive modes of religious expression and analysis of
496 Senior Seminar: Great Ideas in Psychology (3)
Key ideas that have shaped conceptions of human-             Sp 320 Analysis of Leisure and Special Populations               theoretical approaches appropriate to their particular
                                                             (3) Principles, concepts, historical development of rec-         social and cultural functions in religions.
kind . Exploration of historical development, scientific
evolution, and larger social context . Prereq : Consent      reation, therapeutic recreation, and leisure services
                                                             to special populations . Explanation of legislation, atti-       302 Religion of Primitive Peoples (3) Religions of
of instructor and senior standing.                                                                                            selected non-literate peoples . Role of religion in their
                                                             tudes, barriers to participants, mainstreaming, advocacy,
                                                             as related to leisure fulfillment . Prereq : 220 or con-         social and cultural systems . (Same as Anthropology
                                                             sent of instructor . F                                           302 .)
PUBLIC HEALTH                                                                                                                 305 Contemporary Religious Thought (3) Major themes,
                                                             390 Field Practice (1-2) Supervised practice in approved
300 Introduction to Public Health (3) Aspects of public      agency offering leisure services . Each hour's credit            issues, and thinkers in twentieth century religion.
health including discussion of contemporary and con-         requires 25 hours of work in field agency . For recrea-          309-310 Elementary Classical Hebrew (3,3) Basic
troversial health issues . E                                 tion majors only . Prereq : 290 and permission of instructor.    elements of Hebrew phonology, script, morphology
                                                             E                                                                and syntax . Introduction to basic elements of text,
305 Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases                                                                                 form, and literary criticism.
(3) Modern concepts of diseases ; etiology of common         410 Maintenance and Management of Recreation
communicable and chronic disease problems includ-            and Sports Related Facilities (3) Principles for oper-           311 Ancient Hebraic Religious Traditions (3) Devel-
ing prevention and control . Prereq : 1 year of biological   ationalizing modern facility maintenance systems and             opment of ancient Israelite and early Jewish traditions
science or consent of instructor. F, Sp                      management strategies for recreation/sports related              with emphasis on those concerning the Exodus, Davidic
                                                             facilities and settings . Cost tracking, inventory sys-          kingship, and Zion in historical, prophetic and apoca-
310 Environmental Management and Control (3) Con-            tems, specialized maintenance techniques, safety                 lyptic material.
temporary principles of control of disease-producing         guidelines, maintenance management systems and
agents in our environment . Emphasizes concepts for          security . Prereq : 110, 310 or consent of instructor . F        312 Religious Aspects of Biblical and Classical
effective application of control principles to vocation-                                                                      Literature (3) Ways in which contemporary modes of
al endeavors and/or daily living activities . Includes:      420 Principles of Therapeutic Recreation (3) Princi-             literary study enhance appreciation of biblical and
Drinking water quality (chemical, physical and biolog-       ples and practices in therapeutic recreation including           classical material . Ways in which the western literary
ical), waste management (liquid, solid and hazardous),       activity analysis, activity and program selection adap-          tradition has appropriated and recast the biblical and
vector control, safe food management, recreational           tation, individual assessment, treatment plans and               classical heritage.
sanitation and safety to include pool management,            professional issues . Prereq: 320 or consent of instruc-
shelter hygiene (homes, child care, schools, hospi-          tor. Sp                                                         313 Religious Aspects of Modern Literature (3) Issues
tals, etc .), occupational health and safety . F, Sp                                                                         raised for religious inquiry in contemporary literature.
                                                             430 Organization and Administration of Leisure Service          Relation of religious and moral considerations to prob-
400 Consumer Health (3) (Same as Health 400 .)               (3) Principles of administration applied to provision of        lems of literary analysis ; relation between religious
                                                             leisure services offered by public, private and/or com-         language and forms of human expression (symbol,
410 Health in the Work Environment (3) Fundamental           mercial enterprises . Organizational structures, personnel      metaphor, myth, image) identified in study of litera-
activities involved in field of industrial health aimed at   management, evaluation, legal authority, introduction           ture.
reducing health problems for employees . Emphasis            to budgeting and fiscal procedures . Prereq : 310 or
on workplace health hazards and problems of con-             consent of instructor. F                                        315 Reformation Europe, 1500-1650 (3) (Same as
cern to nurses, medical staff, management, engineers                                                                         History 315 .)
and others involved in industrial health and safety          440 Dimensions of Private and Commercial Recrea-
fields . Prereq : Consent of instructor . May not be taken   tion Businesses (3) Nature and function of recreation           316 Topics in Religion and Literature (3) Selected
for credit by occupational health concentration (MPH)        in private, commercial, and industrial settings . Devel-        themes that suggest points of intersection between
majors . F, Sp                                               opment and management of commercial goods and                   literary art and the religious imagination . Variable con-
                                                             services offered in leisure market, factors influencing         tent . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
480 Special Topics (3) Instructional or research topics      participation, management considerations, and research
to be assigned . Prereq : Consent of instructor . May be     in commercial recreation and tourism . Prereq : 110,            319 Sociology of Religion (3) (Same as Sociology
repeated under different topic . Maximum 6 hours . F,        junior standing or consent of instructor . Sp                   319 .)
                                                             450 Specialized Study in Leisure Education (1-6)                321 New Testament Origins (3) Influence of pre-
493 Directed Independent Study (1-3) Individual study        Special interest leisure activities for developing posi-        Christian Judaism and Greek culture and philosophy
of selected issues . Prereq : Consent of instructor . May    tive attitudes toward leisure . Contribution of leisure to      on early Christianity . Motivations and guiding con-
be repeated . Maximum 6 hours . E                            mental and physical health . May be repeated . Maxi-            cepts which led to the formation of the New Testament.
                                                             mum 6 hours . E                                                 Victory of the Christian Church over the forces of
                                                                                                                             persecution and the Constantinian settlement (311
                                                             490 Practicum in Recreation (12) Full time practice             A .D .) . (Same as History 321 .)
RECREATION AND                                               in approved recreation agency . Emphasis on supervi-
                                                             sory and administrative procedures . Prereq : 290, 390,         322 Christian Thought (3) Principal forms of Christian
LEISURE STUDIES                                              senior standing . Satisfactory/No Credit only . E               thought and institutions through the interpretation of
                                                                                                                             representative thinkers and movements from Augus-
110 Foundations for Leisure Studies and Services                                                                             tine of Hippo to Immanuel Kant.
(3) Focuses on understanding concepts, principles,
and practices relevant to providing leisure service          RELIGIOUS STUDIES                                               326 Images of Jesus (3) Major portrayals of Jesus
including philosophy, history and theory, program-                                                                           Christ from the first century to the twentieth within the
ming, economics, leadership, and a survey of leisure         101 World Religions in History (3) Introduction to              context of the cultural milieu which gave birth to each.
services organizations and occupational opportuni-           religion in culture and society, including examination          Extensive use of slides, video material, recordings,
ties. F, Sp                                                  of religious traditions from China, India, and the Med-         and literature.
                                                             iterranean world.
210 Dynamics of Recreation Leadership (3) Theories,                                                                          329-330 Intermediate Classical Hebrew (3,3) 329-
practices and concepts as they apply to all roles of         102 The Comparison of World Religions (3) Introduction          Readings in narrative material from the Hebrew Bible.
recreation leadership . F                                    to religion in culture and society, focusing on cross-          330-Readings in poetic and prophetic material from
                                                             cultural interpretation and the treatment of common             the Hebrew Bible . Prereq : 329 or consent of instruc-
220 Introduction to Therapies and Medical Termi-             problems and themes within religious traditions .               tor .
174     Courses of Instruction/Rural Sociology

331 Judaism (3) Comprehensive introduction to the            412 Classical Indian Systems of Philosophy : The
historic traditions, culture, and religious institutions     Moksha Tradition (3) Selected writings and philosoph-           RUSSIAN
of Judaism, and interactions with modern culture.            ic problems of the traditions of Samkhya, Yoga, Vedanta,
                                                             Buddhism, or Jainism . Prereq : Religious Studies/Phi-          101-102 Elementary Russian (4,4) Must be taken in
332 Islam (3) Comprehensive introduction to the origin       losophy 374 or 376 or consent of instructor . (Same as          sequence.
and early history of Islam, rapid spread as a mission-        Philosophy 412 .)
ary religion, development of theology and culture, and                                                                       201-202 Intermediate Russian (4,4) Must be taken in
interactions with modern culture.                            416 Jesus and Paul Compared (3) Central ideas and               sequence.
                                                             concepts of each person compared with equivalent
342 Religious Ethics (3) Selected ethical theories and       concepts in the other . Advanced study of the Gospels           221-222 Russian Literature in English Translation
moral teachings of religious communities and think-          and Epistles of Paul, involving extensive independent           (3,3) Nineteenth and twentieth-century Russian liter-
ers, their action-guides for individuals and institutions,   research.                                                       ature . Writing-emphasis courses . No foreign language
their application to persons and social problems.                                                                            credit.
                                                             421-422 Elementary Sanskrit I, Elementary Sanskrit
344 Professional Responsibility (3) (Same as Philos-         II (3,3) 421-Introduction to the grammar of classical           226 Russian Philosophical and Theological Thought
ophy 344 .)                                                  Sanskrit . 422-Introduction to the reading of epic and          (3) Development of philosophical and theological thought
                                                             classical Sanskrit texts . Prereq : 421 or consent of           in Russia from the Middle Ages to the Revolution.
345 Medical Ethics (3) (Same as Philosophy 345 .)            instructor.                                                     Emphasis on expression of this thought in Russian
                                                                                                                             literature and literary criticism . No knowledge of Rus-
351 Introduction to United States Religious History          425 Seminar in Western Religions (3) Selected figures,          sian required.
(3) Religious thought, institutions and movements in         themes, movements, and problems . Prereq : Consent
the United States, formation of denominations, church        of instructor . Variable content . May be repeated . Max-       301-302 Introduction to Russian Literature (3,3) Russian
and state, American theology, non-protestant tradi-          imum 6 hours.                                                   poetry, short stories, and short novels . Prereq : 202.
tions, women, and fundamentalism.                                                                                            Need not be taken in sequence.
                                                             430 Seminar in American Religion (3) Selected figures,
352 Afro-American Religion in United States (3)              themes, movements, and problems . Prereq : Consent              311-312 Russian Composition and Conversation (3,3)
Historical and critical examination of formation and                                                                         Practice in writing and speaking ; grammar review and
                                                             of instructor. Variable content . May be repeated . Max-
development of Afro-American religious thought and           imum 6 hours.                                                   vocabulary building . Prereq : Completion of 202.
institutions in America . (Same as Afro-American Studies
352 .)                                                       435 Seminar in Asian Religions (3) Selected figures,            321 Works of Dostoevsky in English Translation (3)
                                                             themes, movements, and problems . Prereq : Consent              Crime and Punishment, Brothers Karamazov, and other
353 Topics in Afro-American Religion (3) Selected
                                                             of instructor. Variable content . May be repeated . Max-        works.
figures, themes, movements, or problems in the Afro-         imum 6 hours.
American religious tradition . Variable content . May                                                                        322 Works of Tolstoy in English Translation (3) War
be repeated . Maximum 6 hours . (Same as Afro-               440 Seminar in Comparative Religion (3) Selected                and Peace, Anna Karenina, and other works.
American Studies 353 .)                                      figures, themes, movements, and problems . Prereq:
                                                             Consent of instructor . Variable content . May be repeat-       326 Special Topics in Russian Literature in English
355 Religion and Culture in the United States (3)                                                                            Translation (3) Topics vary and are announced in
Selected figures, movements, and problems in Amer-           ed . Maximum 6 hours.
                                                                                                                             advance . Student suggestions for topics are wel-
ican religious life, thought, and culture from pre-          446 Theoretical Issues in Medical Ethics (3) (Same              come . No foreign language credit. May be repeated
colonial period to present . Prereq : 351 or consent of      as Philosophy 446 .)
instructor . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.                                                                              once.
                                                             462-463 Intermediate Sanskrit I/Intermediate San-               371-372 Background and Main Currents of Russian
370 Philosophy of Religion (3) (Same as Philosophy
                                                             skrit II (3,3) 462-Advanced grammatical constructions           Culture (in English) (3,3) Interdisciplinary approach
370.)                                                        and reading of epic and classical religious and narra-          to the appreciation of the language, religion, litera-
371 Eastern Religions and Western Thought (3) Com-           tive texts (e .g ., Bhagavad Gita, Mokshadharma,                ture, art, music, history, geography, and social problems
parative study of selected movements, thinkers, and          Ramayana, Kathasaritsagara) . Prereq : 422 or con-              of Russia. No knowledge of Russian required.
practices of religious traditions, Asian and Western.        sent of instructor . 463-Continued reading of classical
                                                             religious and narrative texts . Introduction to classical       401-402 Advanced Grammar, Conversation and Com-
373 African Religions (3) Religions of the indigenous        Sanskrit poetry (e .g ., Kalidasa's Shakuntala or Megh-         position (3,3) Prereq : 312 or equivalent.
peoples of Africa, including how myth, rites, and sym-       aduta . Prereq : 462 or consent of instructor.
bols and certain cultural and political movements in                                                                         425 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (3) (Same
Africa have been and are being informed by religious          469 Readings in Selected Languages Related to                  as German 425, French 425, Spanish 425 and Lin-
sensibilities . (Same as Anthropology 373 and Afro-           Religious Studies (1-3) Prereq : Consent of instruc-           guistics 425 .)
American Studies 373 .)                                       tor . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
                                                                                                                             426 Introduction to Historical and Comparative
 374 Philosophy and Religion in India (3) Survey of           490 Readings and Research in Religious Studies (3)             Linguistics (3) (Same as German 426, French 426,
 the development of the major non-Buddhist themes             Prereq : Consent of instructor . May be repeated . Max-        Spanish 426 and Linguistics 426 .)
 of philosophical and religious thought in India . (Same      imum 6 hours.
 as Philosophy 374 .)                                                                                                        450 Selected Topics in Russian and East European
                                                              491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.                          Studies (3) Interdisciplinary seminar on a selected
 376 Buddhist Philosophy and Religion (3) Survey of                                                                          topic using a comparative approach.
 the origins of Buddhism in India and further develop-        492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.
 ment of Buddhist philosophy and religion in India,                                                                          451-452 Senior Seminar (3,3) For majors in Russian;
                                                              493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.                      minors admitted at the discretion of the instructor.
 China, Korea, Japan, the countries of Southeast Asia,
 and beyond . (Same as Philosophy 376 .)                                                                                     Intensive study of language, literary style, and literary
                                                              499 Proseminar in Religious Studies (3) For advanced           criticism based on selected major novels.
                                                              students in Religious Studies ; required for majors.
 379 Religion and Philosophy in China (3) Traditional         Selected topics, e .g ., nature and function of myth in
 thought and religion of China in its cultural setting as                                                                    491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.
                                                              religion, problem of evil, transcendence, theories of
 basis for understanding modern China . (Same as Phi-         religion, hermeneutics, integrating various disciplines
 losophy 379 .)                                                                                                              493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.
                                                              involved in study of religion . Prereq : Consent of instruc-
 383 Religion in Japan (3) Traditional religious heritage     tor. May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
 and contemporary expressions of religion in Japan
 with attention to relationships of persons to nature,
                                                                                                                              RUSSIAN AND EAST
 self-mastery and spontaneity, individual and commu-
 nity and secular to sacred.
                                                              RURAL SOCIOLOGY                                                 EUROPEAN STUDIES
                                                              380 Rural Sociology (3) Topics include cultural variability,   410 Selected Topics in Russian and East European
 384 Zen Buddhism (3) Historical, philosophical, and
                                                              reference group theory, social stratification, major social    Studies (3) Interdisciplinary seminar on a selected
 meditational aspects of Zen . Special emphasis on            institutions, demographic changes, rural community
 motifs of emptiness, no-mind, and enlightenment and                                                                         topic using a comparative approach . Requires research
                                                              and decision making, diffusion of technology and rural         using Russian language sources, regardless of coun-
 on practices of meditation and the use of the koan.           industrialization . Prereq : Sophomore standing . F (Same
 Recommended Prereq : One or more of the following:                                                                          try, and a paper of 25-30 pages.
                                                               as Sociology 380 .)
 376, 379, 383.
                                                              480 Diffusion of Agricultural Technology (3) Diffusion
 389 Literature of the English Bible (3) (Same as Eng-
 lish 389 .)
                                                              and communication processes whereby new technol-
                                                              ogy spreads from scientists to change agents and
 390 Topics in Religious Studies (3) Selected figures,        then to farmers . Innovation-decision process ; com-           400 Directed Independent Study (1-3) Individual
                                                              munication behavior, mass media, role of professional          identification and study of safety or safety education
 themes and issues . Variable content . May be repeat-        change agents, opinion leadership and conse-
 ed . Maximum 6 hours.                                                                                                       problem/issue . Specific proposal must be made to
                                                              quences of technological change . Prereq : 380 or consent      instructor before registration . May be repeated . Max-
 411 Modern Religious Philosophies (3) Religious              of instructor . Sp (Same as Sociology 480 .)                   imum 12 hours . Prereq : Consent of instructor.
 implications of major Western thinkers and move-
 ments from Nicolas of Cusa to the nineteenth century                                                                         441 Driver and Traffic Safety Education (3) Preparation
 German Idealists . (Same as Philosophy 411 .)                                                                                of teachers of driver education in schools and col-
                                                                                                                                           Sociology/Courses of Instruction                175

 leges . Students are required to teach at least one             480-481 Field Practice in Social Work II, III (4,4) Six-          346 Organization of Occupations (3) Occupations
 non-driver. Valid driver's license required . 2 hours           teen-hour-per-week supervised agency field practicum              and professions as interest groupings in work set-
 and 2 labs . E                                                  for integration of theory and practice and critical exam-         tings and the wider community.
                                                                 ination of oneself as a professional helping person.
 442 Advanced Driver and Traffic Safety Education                Concurrent field seminar on integration of knowledge              350 Criminology (3) Systemic inquiry into alternative
 (3) Teaching driver education through use of simula-            with practice experiences . Prereq : Full progression.            definitions of crime, statistical distribution of different
 tion, multimedia, and multiple-car driving range . Emphasis                                                                       types of crime causation, and responses to crime,
 placed on teaching skills and supervision . 2 hours                                                                               primarily by the police.
  and 2 labs . Sp
                                                                 SOCIOLOGY                                                         351 Juvenile Delinquency (3) Critical assessment of
 443 Sports and Recreational Safety (3) Accident pre-                                                                              historical and contemporary nature of the delinquen-
 vention and injury control in sports activities ; philosophy    100 General Sociology (3) Major concepts and theo-                cy problem . Major theories of delinquency . Current
 of sports safety ; human environmental factors and              retical approaches of sociology with emphasis on culture,         issues in juvenile justice.
 interrelationship in sports injury and control ; risk-          socialization, social organization, and social stratification.
 taking and decision solution strategies ; and contribu-                                                                           352 Deviance and Social Control (3) Deviants, their
 tions of sports medicine to safety . 3 hours and 2 labs.       110 Social Problems and Social Change (3) Increas-                 lifestyles, social organization, and social control.
 Sp                                                             ingly acute and intense problems such as alcoholism,
                                                                violence, crime, inequality, life-style preferences, and          360 Environment and Resources (3) Relationship
 452 General Safety (3) Principles, practices, and pro-         environmental abuse within the context of social change.          between scarcity of natural resources and changes
 cedures in general safety . Safety problems in school,,        Assessment of control strategies . May be taken instead           in societal beliefs and social structure . Topics include
 traffic, recreation, industry, home, and other public          of 100.                                                           social and physical limits to growth and collective
 areas . E                                                                                                                        action problems.
                                                                200 Sociological Analysis (3) Selected set of con-
                                                                                                                                  363 The City (3) The revolutionary impact of cities
470 Special Topics (1-3) Study in selected discipli-            temporary issues emphasizing theoretical and logical
nary or professional areas of safety . May be repeated.         structure of the issues and development of data needed            and city life as seen from an ecological perspective.
                                                                                                                                  The organization of life in cities into communities,
Maximum 12 hours.                                               to enter into informed debate on the issues . Students
                                                                                                                                  neighborhoods, and other territories . Urban planning
                                                                are expected to develop their own analytical argu-                and problems.
                                                                ments . Prereq : English 102 or consent of instructor.
SOCIAL WORK                                                     220 Interpersonal Communication (3) (Same as Speech
                                                                                                                                  370 Social Psychology (3) Social psychological anal-
                                                                                                                                  ysis of social behavior emphasizing its acquisition, its
                                                                220 .)
                                                                                                                                  enactment, and its dynamic nature.
200 Introduction to Social Work (3) Emergence of
the social work profession ; professional mission ; knowl-      232 Varieties of Religious Community (3) (Same as                 375 Gender in Society (3) Exploration of gender in
edge, skills, and values ; practice settings ; client groups;   Religious Studies 232 .)                                          society utilizing various sociological perspectives with
helping services ; career patterns ; practice methods.                                                                            special focus on the relationships between social struc-
Designed to assist students to consider their ability           291 Sport in American Society (3) (Same as Physical               tures, social roles, and gender identities . (Same as
for careers in social work.                                     Education 291 .)                                                  Women's Studies 375 .)
250 Social Welfare (3) Development, structure and               310 American Society (3) Institutional organization               380 Rural Sociology (3) (Same as Rural Sociology
function of the social welfare institution . Analysis of        of contemporary American society with particular atten-           380 .)
social welfare programs and impact of the institution           tion to major social values.
on society.                                                                                                                       400 Special Topics (3) Variable topics . Scope of sub-
                                                                311 Family (3) Theoretical frameworks and                         ject matter determined by students and instructor with
310 Social Work Research (3) Scientific method and              methodological approaches ; their application in the              consent of department . Prereq : Determined by depart-
research strategies to evaluate one's practice and/or           sociological study of past and present family forms.              ment . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
social service delivery . Knowledge of statistical tech-
niques required . Prereq : Sociology 392 or Psychology          319 Sociology of Religion (3) Interrelationship of soci-          405 Sociology of Sport (3) Social meaning, organization,
385 . Coreq : 380.                                              ety, culture, and religion . (Same as Religious Studies           and process of sport . Prereq : 291 or consent of instruc-
                                                                319 .)                                                            tor. (Same as Physical Education 405 .)
312 Social Work Practice 1 (3) Knowledge, values,
and skills for entry level generalist practice in a varie-      320 Interpersonal Communication Processes (3) (Same               413 Formal Organization (3) Organizational models,
ty of settings . The social work problem solving process,       as Speech 320 .)                                                  typologies, and theories; hierarchies of authority ; com-
different size client systems, ethnic-sensitive assump-                                                                           munication ; interpersonal relations in work settings;
                                                                321 Sociological Theory (3) Survey of contemporary                organizational change.
tions, and the worker's regard for person-                      issues and problems in sociological theory with an
environment configuration . Concurrent skills labora-
                                                                emphasis on their historical development and their                414 Organization of Medical Care (3) Organization of
tory . Prereq: Initial progression . Pre or Coreq : 314.        importance for the field . Students are required to form          health care facilities, staff-patient relationships, demo-
                                                                critical appraisals of the topics addressed.                      graphic characteristics, and prevalence of disease.
313 Social Work Practice II (3) In-depth study of
generalist practice with individuals and families . Prac-       330 Computers and Society (3) History of computing                415 Sociology of Aging (3) How roles and statuses
tice roles, value dilemmas, and working with people             and computer systems; capabilities of computer appli-             change with age in relation to the major social institu-
of diverse backgrounds . Concurrent skills laboratory.          cations in various fields ; social, cultural, and economic        tions ; the impact that the rapidly increasing number
Prereq : Initial progression, 312 . Coreq : 310 and 380.        impacts.                                                          of older people have on society, the effect of society
                                                                                                                                  on older people.
314 Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3)               331 Sociological Research (3) Selected issues in phi-
Interrelatedness of biological, social, cultural, envi-         losophy of social science, research design, sampling,             446 The Modern World System (3) Critical examina-
ronmental and psychological factors in human behavior.          methods of data collection, and interpretation . Requires         tion of the capitalist world-system as a social system,
Person-in-environment over the life span with special           written research report.                                          its coherence, boundaries, regions, member groups,
attention to diversity, impact of racism, sexism, and                                                                             cleavages, and patterns of conflict . Analysis of who
other sociocultural factors . Integration of knowledge          336 Elementary Social Statistics (3) Statistics used              gets what, why, and how in the global political econo-
into a social work practice perspective . Prereq : Initial      in social research ; elementary descriptive tech-                 my.
progression.                                                    niques ; measures of central tendency, dispersion;
                                                                elementary statistical inference ; tests of significance          451 Criminal Justice (3) A critical assessment of the
 380 Field Practice in Social Work I (3) Eight-hour-            for parametric and non-parametric data.                           criminal justice apparatus and its components . Brief
 per-week, supervised field experience with practice                                                                              examination of the police, with most of the emphasis
 situations for developing professional skills, values          340 Class Structure (3) Class structure and conflict;             on the criminal courts and institutions and programs
 and attitudes . Concurrent seminar focuses on inte-            causes and consequences of structured social inequal-             such as the prison, probation, and parole . Analysis of
gration of knowledge with practice experiences . Prereq:        ity . Emphasis on the United States.                              their operation and impacts . Prior completion of 350
Initial progression . Coreq : 313 and 310.                                                                                        is recommended.
                                                                343 Race and Ethnicity (3) Social sources of racial
412 Social Work Practice III (3) Generalist practice            and ethnic cleavages and social, economic, and polit-             455 Society and Law (3) How laws and legal processes
with emphasis on groups and communities, including              ical consequences . Emphasis on race and ethnicity in             are affected by social change, the social impact of
treatment theories, techniques, and issues . Prereq:            the United States . (Same as Afro-American Studies                legal sanctions, relations between law and social jus-
Full progression . Coreq : 416 and 480.                         343 .)                                                            tice.
416 Social Welfare Policies and Issues (3) Policy               344 Power and Society (3) Sociological analysis of                459 Organizational and Corporate Crime (3) Crime
formulation processes, policymakers in systems and              the formation and application of nation state policies.           and deviance committed by organizations . Case studies
policy-related role expectations . Emphasis on utiliz-          Examination of who gets what, why and how . Empha-                of corporate and organizational crime, the organiza-
ing an analytical framework and social change efforts.          sis on contrasting explanations of the control of the             tional dynamics of crime, and theories of corporate
 Prereq : Full progression . Coreq : 480.                       state and the relative autonomy of the state.                     crime, and organized responses to this type of crime
                                                                                                                                  by governmental regulatory agencies.
460 Integrative Seminar (2) Social work content for             345 Collective Behavior and Social Movements (3)
entry-level professional practice and current issues            Collective phenomena leading to social change.                    462 Population (3) Demographic factors and social
influencing the profession. Includes development of             Response to disaster, popular crazes, and social pro-             structure; trends in fertility, mortality, population growth,
a portfolio reflecting BSW competencies . Prereq : Full         tests and development, organization, and function of              migration, distribution, and composition ; population
progression . Coreq : 481 .                                     social movements . Emphasis on American cases .                   policy .
176     Courses of Instruction/Spanish

                                                              425 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (3) (Same           404 Appraisal of Speech and Language Disorders
464 Urban Ecology (3) The relation of humans to their                                                                         (3) (Same as Audiology and Speech Pathology 404 .)
urban environment with emphasis on conservation               as French 425, German 425, Russian 425 and Lin-
and the use of appropriate technology . (Same as Urban        guistics 425 .)
                                                                                                                              410 Pre-Internship Seminar (1) Objectives and poli-
Studies 464 .)                                                                                                                cies of the internship program . Must be completed
                                                              426 Methods of Historical Linguistics (3) (Same as
471 Sociolinguistics (3) (Same as English 471 and             Russian 426, French 426, German 426 and Linguis-                the term immediately preceding the internship . Prereq:
                                                              tics 426 .)                                                     Admission to Teacher Education Program . Satisfac-
Linguistics 471 .)
                                                                                                                              tory/No Credit only . Sp, Su
480 Diffusion of Agricultural Technology (3) (Same            429 Romance Linguistics (3) (Same as French 429
                                                              and Linguistics 429 .)                                          423 Communication Processes for the Hearing
as Rural Sociology 480 .)
                                                                                                                              Impaired (3) Expressive and receptive vocabulary devel-
491 Foreign Study (1-15) Prereq : Advance depart-             431 Spanish Civilization (3) Major social, political,           opment in sign communication . Fingerspelling and
mental approval of number of hours and topics . May           and cultural achievements of the Spanish people from            educational applications of sign language.
be repeated . Maximum 15 hours . See page 97.                 the origins of their civilization until today . Prereq : 311,
                                                              312 or equivalent.                                              424 Nature of Hearing Impairments (3) Anatomy and
492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) Prereq : Advance depart-                                                                          physiology of hearing ; nature and causes of hearing
mental approval of number of hours and topics . May           432 Cervantes (3) Emphasis upon selections from                 loss ; methods and instrumentation for assessment of
be repeated . Maximum 15 hours . See page 96.                 Don Quixote and study of the shorter Novelas ejem-              hearing level ; interpretation of audiologic services to
                                                              plares. Prereq : 311, 312 or equivalent.                        medical and other rehabilitative disciplines.
493 Independent Study (1-15) Prereq : Advance depart-
mental approval of number of hours and topics . May           433 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature (3) Selections           425 Introduction to the Psychology and Education
                                                              from both the Golden Age and the modern period of               of the Hearing Impaired (3) Primarily for those plan-
be repeated . Maximum 15 hours . See page 96.
                                                              works of all genres . Prereq : 311, 312 or equivalent.          ning to teach the hearing impaired . Research related
                                                                                                                              to psychology, social adjustment, communication meth-
                                                              435-436 Survey of Spanish Literature (3,3) 435-                 odology, language development and education of the
SPANISH                                                       Spanish literature through the Golden Age . 436-                hearing impaired . Survey of literature . Visits to pro-
                                                              Spanish literature since 1700 . Prereq : 311, 312.              grams.
111-112 Elementary Spanish (3,3) (Introduction to
Spanish . May not be taken for credit by students with        450 20th Century Hispanic Theatre (3) Emphasis on               433-434 Clinical Practice in Speech Pathology (1-
two years of high school or one year college Spanish.         major 20th century Spanish American dramatists . Prereq:        4,1-4) (Same as Audiology and Speech Pathology
Must be taken in sequence . Language Laboratory               311, 312 or equivalent. (Same as Latin American Studies         433-434 .)
required.                                                     450 .)
                                                                                                                              440 Voice Disorders (3) (Same as Audiology and Speech
211-212 Intermediate Spanish (3,3) Reading, writ-             459 Captone Colloquium in Spanish (3) An integra-               Pathology 440 .)
ing, listening and speaking of Spanish to prepare for         tive experience focusing on a broad range of issues
upper division courses in the language . Must be taken        and topics that affect much of the Spanish-speaking             451 Psychology and Education of the Mildly Handi-
in sequence . Language Laboratory required . Prereq:          world and also involve those who specialize in His-             capped (3) Nature and characteristics of mildly
 111-112 or equivalent.                                       panic Studies . Prereq : 311, 312 or equivalent.                handicapped students with learning disabilities, emo-
                                                                                                                              tional disturbance, and mental retardation . Instructional
217-218 Honors : Intermediate Spanish (3,3) Honors            460 Capstone Tutorial in Spanish (1) Independent                approaches, techniques, and evaluation and devel-
course for students of superior ability in Spanish.           study project supervised closely by a faculty member.           opment of materials . Prereq : Admission to Teacher
Incoming freshmen are admitted on the basis of a              Prereq : Capstone Colloquium in Spanish . Prereq : 311,         education Program . Coreq : 480 . F
diagnostic test, high school average and perform-             312 or equivalent.
                                                                                                                              452 Psychology and Education of the Moderately
ance on the ACT . Classes normally held to a maximum
of 15 students . Students follow enriched program with        471 Latin American Civilization (3) Latin America 's            and Severely Handicapped (3) Nature and charac-
continuing emphasis upon speaking ability and with            diverse heritage and major social and political institu-        teristics of children and youth with moderate and severe
an introduction to reading literary selections . Stu-         tions . Prereq : 311, 312 or equivalent . (Same as Latin        handicapping conditions, and educational strategies
dents who earn an A or B in 218 receive credit for            American Studies 471 .)                                         necessary to accommodate them . Traditional and inno-
300. Prereq : 111-112 or equivalent.                                                                                          vative trends and approaches . Prereq : Admission to
                                                              472 Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature                 Teacher Education Program . Coreq : 490 . Sp
291 Spanish Literature in English Translation (3) From        (3) Selected works by major Spanish American writ-
the Golden Age, Don Quixote, the picaresque novel,            ers such as Dario, Paz, Borges, Fuentes and others.             454 Education of the Gifted and Talented Children
and St . John of the Cross, to the modern, Unamuno,           Genres and periods may vary . Prereq : 311, 312 or              (3) Psychometric and behavioral studies of gifted-
Lorca, Ortega, and Cela . No foreign language or major        equivalent . (Same as Latin American Studies 472 .)             ness . Analysis of past and present school practices
credit.                                                                                                                       in reference to curriculum and program implementa-
                                                               473-474 Survey of Spanish American Literature (3,3)            tion . Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education Program.
292 Spanish American Literature In English Trans-              473-Historical survey from the Conquest to late 19th           Sp
lation (3) Contemporary Spanish American fiction: such         century . 474-Major literary movements, writers and
as Borges, Fuentes, Marquez, Asturias . No foreign             works of the 20th century . Prereq : 311, 312 or equiv-        456 Speech and Language Basis of Learning Dis-
language or major credit.                                      alent . (Same as Latin American Studies 473-474 .)             abilities in the Classroom (3) Normal communication
                                                                                                                              development ; understanding of speech and language
300 Spanish Transition (3) Development of linguistic           479 Social Protest Literature of Latin America (3)             impairments in school-age students ; integration of
skills necessary for satisfactory work in courses above        Literature as a means of unmasking social ills that            oral/written communication skills into existing curric-
300 . Recommended for students who would benefit               have traditionally beset Latin America . Among major           ulum, especially for high incidence special education
from additional training beyond 212 in the skills of           themes : indigenismo, Black literature, women writ-            students . Sp
speaking, reading and writing Spanish . Particular atten-      ers, the role of the writer in Latin American society.
tion for preparation to read Hispanic literature and           Prereq : 311, 312 or equivalent . (Same as Latin Ameri-        470 Psychology of the Exceptional Child (3) General
other advanced-level material.                                 can Studies 479 .)                                             characteristics and educational needs of exceptional
                                                                                                                              children . Implications of developmental variations for
311 Aspects of Spanish Literature (3) Introduction to          491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.                          functioning as adults . Enrollment limited to non-edu-
Spanish literature, using selections from prose, drama                                                                        cation majors.
and poetry of the medieval, Golden Age and modern
periods . Required of all majors . Prereq : 212, 218 or                                                                       471 Internship I : Special Education (3-15) Testing
equivalent.                                                    SPECIAL EDUCATION                                              methods and theories of teaching . Internship is com-
                                                                                                                              pleted in local public schools . Application for internship
312 Aspects of Spanish American Literature (3) Intro-          270 Special Education Seminar (1) Introduction to              should be made upon admission to the Teacher Edu-
duction to the study of Spanish American literature,           the field ; career goals and objectives including obser-       cation Program . Prereq : 410 and admission to Teacher
with emphasis on contemporary works . Genres may               vation in the field.                                           Education Program . Satisfactory/No Credit only . F
vary . Prereq : 212, 218 or equivalent . (Same as Latin
American Studies 312 .)                                        331 Articulation Disorders (3) Prereq : Admission to           473 Audiology II (3) (Same as Audiology and Speech
                                                               Teacher Education Program . (Same as Audiology and             Pathology 473 .)
323-324 Intermediate Conversation and Composi-                 Speech Pathology 331 .)
tion (3,3) Designed to improve proficiency in oral and                                                                        480 Field Experience with Mildly Handicapped Stu-
written communication in Spanish.                              370 Survey of Exceptional People (2) Definition, char-         dents (3) Practicum in teaching mildly handicapped
                                                               acteristics and special needs of exceptional individuals;      persons : planning, developing, implementing, and
421 Phonetics (2) Prereq : 212, 218 or equivalent.             mainsteaming ; historical and legal background of spe-         evaluating instruction . Prereq : Admission to Teacher
                                                               cial education ; cause-effect of handicapping conditions;      Education Program . Coreq : 451 . F
 422 Advanced Grammar (3) Finer points of grammat-             educational settings/adaptations for instruction ; pro-
 ical structures . Required of all majors . Native speakers    fessional roles and responsibilities ; social adjustments      481 Policies, Procedures, and Practices in Special
 must receive permission from the instructor to take           of exceptional persons and others ; current trends             Education (3) Comprehensive review of Federal and
 this course . Prereq : 212, 218 or equivalent.                and issues in special education . Prereq : Admission to        State laws and regulations which direct implementa-
                                                               Teacher Education Program . (Same as Education 370 .)          tion of special education programs in all public and
 423-424 Advanced Conversation and Composition                                                                                private facilities and agencies . Multiple service deliv-
 (3,3) Advanced conversational and written skills in           371 Audiology I (3) (Same as Audiology and Speech              ery models reviewed . Prereq : Admission to Teacher
 Spanish for pre-professionals .                               Pathology 371 .)                                               Education Program . Sp
                                                                                                                                   Statistics/Courses of Instruction              177

482 Speech and Language Services in the Schools               by the face-to-face communication situation . (Same         470 Theories of Argumentation (3) Conceptual bases
(3) Organization and implementation of speech and             as Sociology 220 .)                                         of argumentation from classical to contemporary the-
language programs. Emphasis on the IEP process as                                                                         orists . Prereq : Consent of instructor.
it affects assessment, case-selection, and program-           240 Business and Professional Speaking (3) Basic
ming for students age 4-21 . Procedures and materials,        principles of oral communication within organiza-           480 Ensemble Interpretation (3) Study and presentation
group intervention, and classroom consultation . Prereq:      tions, including such topics as                             of literary texts through group performance.
Admission to Teacher Education Program.                       organizational/communication theory, group prob-
                                                              lem solving, formal presentations, and interviewing.        491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97 and descrip-
483 Clinical Practice in Communication Disorders in                                                                       tion of major concentration.
Schools (3) Supervised practice with children with            270 Argumentation and Debate (3) Reasoned decision-
communication disorders . Prereq : 482 and Audiology          making with emphasis on analysis, evidence, reason-         492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96 and
and Speech Pathology 433, 434 (80-100 clinical con-           ing, constructing and refuting arguments.                   description of major concentration.
tact hours) and admission to Teacher Education
Program.                                                      271-272 Intercollegiate Forensics (1,1) Supervised          493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96 and descrip-
                                                              work in tournament debate and individual events . Prereq:   tion of major concentration.
484 Internship with Hearing Impaired Children (6)             Consent of instructor.
Supervised practicum with preschool, day school and
                                                              280 Introduction to Oral Interpretation (3) Art of read-
residential students . Prereq : Admission to Teacher
Education Program.
                                                              ing aloud ; development of interpretive techniques and      STATISTICS
                                                              their application to selected passages of prose, poetry,
490 Field Experience with Moderately and Severely             and drama.                                                  201 Introduction to Statistics (3) Descriptive statistics,
Handicapped Students (3) On-site teaching experi-                                                                         including bivariate trends and time series analysis;
                                                              300 Nonverbal Communication (3) Exploration of non-         concepts of probability and probability distributions,
ence with moderately and severely handicapped children        verbal communication from human communication
and youth . Prereq : Admission to Teacher Education                                                                       binomial and normal distributions, linear correlation
                                                              perspective ; origins and research, usage and coding        and regression, estimation and significance tests for
Program . Coreq : 452 . Sp                                    of nonverbal behavior, research strategies, and theo-       means, contingency tables . Prereq : Mathematics 121.
                                                              retical approaches.                                         E
494 Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation (3) (Same as
Audiology and Speech Pathology 494 .)                         310 Persuasion (3) Methods which contribute to effective    221 Sampling Techniques (2) Procedures used in
                                                              and ineffective persuasion . Topics include credibility,    probability sampling from finite populations . Devel-
506 Internships in Teaching in Special Education              message construction, receiver variables.
and Rehabilitation (3-15) Placement in professional                                                                       opment of estimators and standard errors associated
settings in public schools or agencies under supervi-                                                                     with sampling schemes . Properties of estimators . Deter-
                                                              320 Interpersonal Communication Processes (3) Social
sion of master practitioners . Enrollment limited to those    dimensions of interpersonal communication and rela-         mination of sample size . Prereq : 201 . E
in fifth year program and admission to Teacher Edu-           tionships . (Same as Sociology 320 .)
cation Program . Satisfactory/No Credit.                                                                                  251 Probability and Statistics for Scientists and
                                                              330 Group Communication (3) Small group decision-           Engineers 1 (3) Probability . Discrete and continuous
539 Transition from School to Work (3) Development            making ; evidence, argumentation, leadership, roles,        random variables . Expectation, variance, and covari-
of programs and procedures to facilitate adjustment           and norms as they affect critical thinking in groups.       ance . Binomial, Geometric, Poisson, normal and
of exceptional persons to independent living . Evolv-                                                                     exponential . Sampling distributions . Central Limit The-
ing perspectives of work, attributes of effective programs,   350 Communication Theory and Research (3) Survey            orem. Estimation, confidence intervals and hypothesis
and the interface between school-based programs               of contemporary communication theories, their appli-        testing . Introduction to non-parametric statistics and
and rehabilitation agencies.                                  cations in society, and the process by which theories       linear regression . Prereq : or Coreq : Mathematics 241.
                                                              are created, tested, and changed.                           E
541 Psychosocial Aspects of Exceptionalities (3)
Psychosocial impact of exceptionality on the person           360 Topics in Communication and Society (3) Con-            252 Probability and Statistics for Scientists and Engi-
                                                              tent varies . Studies in social function of such            neers II (3) Hypothesis testing . Introduction to statistical
and the person's family . Reaction to loss, coping with
disability, and societal rehabilitation.                      communication forms as posters, speeches, songs,            process control, reliability, analysis of variance . Simple
                                                              plays, demonstrations . May be repeated with con-           and multiple linear regression . Prereq : 251 . Sp
543 Medical Aspects of Disability (3) Etiology and            sent of department . Maximum 6 hours.
                                                                                                                          261 Computing for Data Management and Analysis
clinical symptoms related to disabling conditions served
                                                              370 Evidence and Argumentation (3) Concept of               (3) Use of computer operating system commands
by special education and rehabilitation personnel.                                                                        and packaged programs for managing data files and
 Restrictive measures to eliminate or minimize result-        evidence in public controversies, uses and sources
                                                              of evidence, and conditions affecting credibility.          statistical analysis. Prereq : 251 . Sp
ing handicaps. Skills for communication with lay and
professional persons.                                         371-372 Intercollegiate Forensics (1,1) Continuation        365 Industrial Statistics (3) Introduction to statistical
                                                              of 271-272 . Prereq : Consent of instructor.                process control . Control charts for attributes and var-
553 Assessment of Exceptional Students (3) Histor-
                                                                                                                          iables data . Process capability analysis . Special
ical and legal issues related to assessment; concepts         380 Oral Interpretation of Prose Literature (3) Indi-       applications . Prereq : 201 . E
of evaluation models, test instruments and assess-            vidual oral interpretive techniques of fiction and non-
ment processes demonstrated, practiced, results applied       fiction ; ensemble interpretation including readers and     411 Introduction to Statistical Computing (3) Use of
to educational programming ; basic statistics relative        chamber theatre forms . Prereq : 280 or consent of          computer operating system commands and pack-
to norm and criterion-referenced testing . Coreq: 595.        instructor.                                                 aged programs for statistical analysis and file
F                                                                                                                         management . Not acceptable for credit for statistics
                                                              385 Oral Interpretation of Poetry (3) Individual and        majors . Prereq : 201 or 251 . E
595 Clinical Experience in Assessment and Instruc-            group performances of poetry . Prereq : 280 or con-
tion (3) Academic remediation applied in a lab/field          sent of instructor.                                         461 Applied Regression Analysis (3) Linear regres-
setting ; student performs tasks related to teaching                                                                      sion and correlation, multiple regression, polynomial
such as assessment, preparation of lessons, and deliv-        400 Topics in Speech Communication (3) Variable             regression, selection of variables, use of dummy vari-
ery of instruction . Coreq : 553 . F                          content course affording opportunity to offer subject       ables, analysis of residuals . Logistic regression and
                                                              matter not covered in an existing course . Topics, scope    its applications . Use of standard computer packages.
                                                              of subject matter, and prerequisites to be determined       Major writing requirement . Prereq : Six hours of sta-
                                                              by department . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.          tistics or consent of instructor . F, Sp
SPEECH                                                        Major credit limited to 3 hours.
                                                                                                                          462 Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design
COMMUNICATION                                                 420 Communication and Conflict (3) Communication            (3) Variance techniques for single and multifactor models.
                                                              as a significant factor in the development, manage-         Post hoc procedures . Design considerations for com-
100 Introduction to Speech Communication (3) Fun-             ment, and resolution of conflict at the interpersonal,      pletely randomized, randomized block, factorial,
damental theories and practices with particular reference     small group, organizational, or societal levels.            hierarchical and split-plot experiments . Major writing
to intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organization-                                                                     requirement . Prereq : 252 or 461 . Sp
al, and public communication.                                 440 Organizational Communication (3) Organization-
                                                              al setting and those variables of the communication         471 Random Processes and Probability Models (3)
200 Developing Speech Confidence (1) Principles               process that affect the quality of human interaction        Functions of random variables, multivariate distribu-
and techniques for coping with apprehension about             both within and outside the organization . May be repeat-   tions, conditional expectations, waiting time distributions,
communicating . Recommended for students who are              ed . Maximum 6 hours.                                       random processes, Markov chains, queuing theory.
concurrently enrolled in 200 level speech courses and                                                                     Prereq : 251 . F
desire additional work in dealing with their anxiety          460 History of Rhetorical Theory (3) Western rhetorical
about speaking.                                               theory from Plato to the present.                           481 Special Topics in Probability (1-3) Topics in prob-
                                                                                                                          ability and stochastic processes . Prereq : Consent of
210 Public Speaking (3) Preparation and delivery of           465 Studies in Rhetorical History and Criticism (3)         the instructor . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
informative and persuasive speeches . Topics include          Historical and critical study of public address . May be
research, organization, adapting to an audience, topic        repeated . Maximum 6 hours.                                 483 Special Topics in Statistics (1-3) Topics vary.
selection, reasoning, and evaluating the discourse of                                                                     Prereq : Consent of instructor . May be repeated . Max-
others.                                                       466 Rhetoric of the Women's Rights Movement (3)             imum 6 hours.
                                                              Historical and critical study of public address in cam-
220 Interpersonal Communication (3) Process by which          paign for women's rights from the 1830's to present.        485 Principles of Statistical Process Management
thoughts, feelings, and actions affect and are affected       (Same as Women's Studies 466 .)                             (3) Control charts and other statistical techniques applied
178      Courses of Instruction/Technological and Adult Education

to management of business processes . Prereq : Consent           336 Micro Business Applications (3) Operating and           410 Pre-Student Teaching Seminar (1) Objectives
of department head . E                                           programming microcomputers . BASIC language is used         and policies of the student teaching program . Must
                                                                 and programming examples are oriented in business           be completed the term immediately preceding stu-
486 Undergraduate Seminar (1) Directed readings                  applications . Prereq : Admission to Teacher Educa-         dent teaching . Prereq : Admission to Teacher Education
and active participation in the Department's under-              tion Program . F                                            Program . Satisfactory/No Credit only . F, Sp
graduate seminar program . Prerep : Senior standing
and consent of Chairperson of Statistics Department              350 Related and Applied Theory in Occupations (1-           413 Special Topics in Technological and Adult Edu-
Undergraduate Affairs Committee . Satisfactory/No credit         15) Applicants must show evidence of bonafide occu-         cation (1-3) Topics to be assigned . May be repeated.
only . May be repeated . Maximum 2 hours.                        pational experience compatible with State Plan              Maximum 6 hours . E
                                                                 requirements . Written theory tests and the submis-
492 Internship (1-6) Supervised off-campus experi-               sion of a comprehensive portfolio are used to award         414 Individual Study in Technological and Adult Edu-
ence in application of statistical principles and methods        variable credit . Measures evaluated by technical spe-      cation (3) Prereq : Consent of supervising instructor
in business, industry, or government, culminating in             cialist and departmental faculty . May be repeated.         with approval form filed in the office of the depart-
a written and oral report . Prereq : Permission of the           Maximum 15 hours . Prereq : Junior standing and depart-     ment head . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours . E
Chairperson of the Statistics Department Undergrad-              mental approval . E
uate Affairs Committee . Satisfactory/No credit only.                                                                        415 Coordination Techniques (3) Necessary procedures,
May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.                               351 Manipulative Skills in Occupations (1-15) Applicants    duties and responsibilities to implement, maintain, and
                                                                 must show evidence of bonafide occupational experi-         evaluate a successful cooperative education pro-
493 Independent Study (2-6) Faculty directed read-                                                                           gram . A
                                                                 ence compatible with State Plan requirements . Written
ing and investigation of specified topic in probability          theory tests and the submission of a comprehensive
or statistics culminating in a written report . Prereq:                                                                      420 Introduction to Adult Education (3) Breadth of
                                                                 portfolio are used to award variable credit . Measures      adult education activities and the diversity of adult
Two courses in statistics and permission of the Chair-           evaluated by technical specialist and departmental
person of the Statistics Department Undergraduate                                                                            clientele, including opportunities for professional prac-
                                                                 faculty . May be repeated . Maximum 15 hours . Prereq:      tice apart from traditional instructional settings . A
Affairs Committee . Letter grade or Satisfactory/No              Junior standing and departmental approval . E
credit . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours.
                                                                                                                             421 Adult Education Program Design and Management
                                                                 352 Practicum in Industrial Education (1-3) Updating        (3) Processes of program development and special
497 Honors Thesis (6) Undergraduate thesis culmin-               and upgrading experiences in non-traditional settings
ating in written report and oral defense . Prereq : Invitation                                                               application to adult training programs.
                                                                 for technical teachers . May be repeated . Maximum of
of the Department Undergraduate Affairs Committee.               6 hours . Satisfactory/No Credit only . E                   422 Adult Development and Training (3) Application
Satisfactory/No credit only.                                                                                                 of adult development concepts to design and man-
                                                                 354 Job Analysis Techniques and Curriculum Devel-           agement of training programs for adults . Sp
                                                                 opment (3) Instructional materials development utilizing
TECHNOLOGICAL AND                                                the techniques of job analysis . F                          430 Principles and Organization of Business Marketing
                                                                                                                             Education (3) Historical background and develop-
                                                                 355 Microcomputer Applications in Technology (3)
ADULT EDUCATION                                                  Use and applications of microcomputers for educa-
                                                                                                                             ment needs . Principles of vocational education in
                                                                                                                             business and marketing, curriculum implications, estab-
                                                                 tion, business, and industry . Implications and impact      lishing, evaluating, and improving the programs . Prereq:
161 Graphic Communications (3) Drafting as a means               of microcomputers on occupations and everyday living.
of communication in technology . Orthographic and                                                                            Admission to Teacher Education Program . F
                                                                 Open lab for required hands-on experience in opera-
multiview drawing, conventional practices, pictorial             tions and programming . F                                   431 Word Processing and Office Technology (3) Word
techniques and applications, sheet metal develop-
                                                                                                                             processing concepts and applications, methodology
ment and auxiliary view drawing . Sketching,                     356 Lab Organization, Management, Maintenance,              for teaching word processing and machines . Prereq:
dimensioning, board work, and CAD . F                            and Safety (3) Principles of classroom and laboratory       Advanced typewriting skill and permission of instruc-
                                                                 organization, maintenance, safety, and management           tor . Sp
163 Power and Energy Systems (3) Automotive tech-                in vocational and technical laboratories . Sp
nology and internal combustion engines. Includes various
                                                                                                                             432 Methods and Materials in Business and Marketing
prime movers, methods of utilization, distribution, and          361 Graphic Reproduction Processes (3) Principles           Education (3) teaching techniques, aids and evalua-
transmission of power . Engine tune up and overhaul              of printing, duplicating, photography, and other forms      tion in subject matter fields . Prereq : Admission to
and small engine maintenance and repair is stressed              of graphic communication ; includes laboratory expe-        Teacher Education Program . Sp
through experimental and applied laboratory experi-              rience in SLR camera applications, camera copy
ences. F                                                         preparation, line and halftone photography, layout,         433 Methods in Office Technology (3) Materials, meth-
                                                                 stripping, platemaking, and offset presswork. Prereq:       ods, evaluation procedures, and recent research in
165 Woods Technology (3) Processes, tools, equipment,                                                                        typewriting, shorthand, and other office procedures.
                                                                 Admission to Teacher Education Program . F
and products of the woodworking industry . Impor-                                                                            F
tance of safety and using hand tools and basic                   363 Applications of Integrated Electronics (3) Elec-
machinery . F                                                    trical circuit analysis and IC applications ; including     434 Methods in Accounting and Data Processing (3)
                                                                 amplifiers, switching and timing circuit, oscillators and   Methods, materials, evaluation procedures, and recent
166 Metals Technology (3) Processes, equipment,                                                                              research in accounting and data processing . Auto-
materials and products of metal working industries.              the basic principles and applications of digital elec-
                                                                 tronics through lecture and laboratory experiments          mated accounting is introduced . Prereq : Admission
Processes in machine, foundry, forging, heat treat-                                                                          to Teacher Education Program . F
ment, sheet metal and fabrication . F                            and projects . Prereq : 263 or consent of instructor and
                                                                 admission to Teacher Education Program . F
                                                                                                                             436 Supervised Occupational Experience (3) Practi-
201 Field Experience in Vocational Technical Education                                                                       cal field experience in business and marketing settings
(1) Field experience in public school programs in dis-           365 Manufacture of Wood Products (3) Design and
                                                                 construction of case and carcass furniture and built-       under the supervision of practitioner and departmen-
tributive education . May be repeated . Maximum 3 hours.                                                                     tal representative . May be repeated to a maximum of
Satisfactory/No Credit only . E                                  ins . Emphasizing use of wood as material . Prereq:
                                                                                                                             9 credits . E
                                                                  165 . Sp
230 Typewriting and Shorthand Proficiency (3)                                                                                439 Areas of Marketing (3) Marketing, personnel devel-
Proficiency credit for students planning to certify in           366 Manufacturing Technology (3) Manufacturing
                                                                 system, including researching and developing products,      opment, operations and management as these affect
business education and office technology who have                                                                            the instructional leadership program in marketing edu-
typewriting and/or shorthand courses . Prereq : Depart-          preparing to produce, producing . marketing, and ser-
                                                                                                                             cation . Sp
ment approval . E                                                vicing products . Prereq : 165, 166, and admission to
                                                                 Teacher Education Program . Sp                              440 Special Topics in Business and Marketing
261 Architectural Graphics (3) Graphic representation                                                                        Education (1-3) Topics to be assigned . May be repeat-
and architecture . Principles of construction, working           372 Job Analysis (3) Applied techniques of job analy-
                                                                                                                             ed . Maximum 9 hours . E
drawings for a residential dwelling, and CAD tech-               sis to determine job descriptions, training requirements,
niques . Prereq : 161 or consent of instructor . Sp              performance standards and sequence of training tech-        450 Seminar in Industrial Education (1-3) Current
                                                                 nical personnel . F                                         issues, innovations, problems, and other topics asso-
263 Basic Electricity/Electronics (3) Operation and                                                                          ciated with technical programs . May be repeated.
characteristics of electrical systems and devices ; includes     373 Instructional Techniques in Industrial Education        Maximum 6 hours . A
general DC/AC theory and application, use of elec-               (3) Application of learning theories, motivational tech-
tronic measuring instruments, circuit analysis,                  niques, and instructional strategies to technical and       454 Training Aids Development (3) Study and prepa-
introduction to semi-conductors and various labora-              related subjects . F                                        ration of instructional aids and non-print media commonly
tory experiences that involve the function of different                                                                      used by technical instructors and trainers . F
types of circuits . Prereq : 163 or consent of instructor.       374 Planning Instruction for Human Resource Devel-
Sp                                                               opment (3) Selection, design, and development of            455 Performance-Based Evaluation (3) Assessing
                                                                 performance-based training programs . Prereq : 372          the effectiveness of training through the development
265 Construction Technology (3) Residential con-                 or consent of instructor.                                   of performance-based measures ; evaluation of incum-
struction, including site selection, foundations, framing,                                                                   bent worker job performance . Sp
roofing, interior, and exterior finishes . Prereq : 165 or       401 Utilization of Community Resources (3) Strate-
consent of instructor. Sp                                        gies of developing linkages between vocational education    456 Organization and Operation of VICA/HOSA (3)
                                                                 and the private sector through advisory committees,         Planning, organizing and implementing youth-club activ-
266 Machine Tool Processes (3) Function, care, set-              councils and working partnerships . Development and         ities in vocational-technical programs . A
up, operation and theory of basic machine tools . Prereq:        management of public relations programs . Prereq:
166 or consent of instructor . Sp                                Three years of teaching experience . A                      459 New Developments in Industrial Education (3)
                                                                                                                                        Theatre/Courses of instruction              179

 Developments , significant problems and recent trends        styles in western civilization from middle ages to present;    260 Fundamentals of Lighting and Sound Produc-
in industrial education presented by coordinating instruc-    factors associated with origin, adoption and aban-             tion (3) Survey of practical information on electricity,
tor in conjunction with knowledgeable resource                donment including historic, social and economic settings.      physics, psychology, and instrument engineering as
personnel . May be repeated . Maximum 6 hours . E             F                                                              it relates to stage lighting and sound production . Empha-
                                                                                                                             sis on hands-on skills in labs.
464 Methods and Mediation in Technology Educa-                350 Consumers in the Market (3) Consumer deci-
tion (3) Methods and media used in teaching technology        sion-making and problems in the domestic and                   310-311 History of the Theatre (3,3) 310-Drama in
education in the secondary public schools . Prereq:           international marketplace ; consumer issues and poli-          performance with particular emphasis in theatre archi-
Admission to Teacher Education Program . A                    cies, emphasis on consumer choice, information,                tecture, scene design, and acting styles Antiquity to
                                                              consumer protection and current issues . Prereq : Eco-         Renaissance. 311-The European and modern theatres.
465 Materials and Processes (3) Materials relative to         nomics 201 . Sp
specifications, testing, and methods to classify and                                                                         312-313 History of the American Theatre (3,3) Devel-
categorize materials . Determining correct processes          390 Introduction to Field Experience (1) Interviews,           opment of the theatre as social institution in American
to match industrial product needs . Prereq : Consent          placement and planning for field experience . Prereq:          life . 312-From its beginnings to 1900 . 313-From 1900
of instructor.                                                Approved application for field experience . Sp                 to present.

466 Course Construction in Technology Education               410 Retail Management (3) Retail sector of economy             320 Advanced Acting (3) Special problems in con-
(3) Selection and arrangement of course content . Plan-       from management perspective ; decision-making in retail        temporary roles . Prereq : 220-221 and consent of
ning, instructional objectives, project/product selection,    operations : promotion, pricing, financial planning and
assignments and evaluation . Prereq : Admission to            control, computer application, product mix-strategy.           340 Introduction to Costume Design (3) Develop-
Teacher Education Program . A                                 Prereq : 2 semesters Marketing . Sp                            ment of research and rendering skills . Prereq : 245 or
469 Plastic Technology (3) Characteristics and appli-                                                                        consent of instructor.
                                                              415 Fashion Promotion (3) Advertising and special
cations of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials.         purpose media used to promote fashion merchan-                 345 Costume Construction (3) Study and practice of
Plastics production equipment related product design          dise ; evaluation of retail sales promotion activities.        skills in costume construction . Includes stitching, cor-
and processing of plastics . Prereq : 165 and admis-          Sp                                                             setry, millinery, and crafts . Production participation is
sion to Teacher Education Program . A                                                                                        required.
                                                              420 Textile Microscopy and Physical Testing (3) Micro-
470 Training for Human Resource Development (3)               scopic techniques applied to textile fibers, yarns and         355 Introduction to Scenic Design (3) Introduction to
Organization and management of training, including            fabrics ; standard methods and equipment used in               art and craft of scenic design.
roles and functions performed and the needs, costs,           physical testing . Prereq : 320 . F
benefits, and productivity of training systems . F                                                                           362 Introduction to Lighting Design (3) Mechanics
                                                              422 Textile Fiber Chemistry (3) Chemistry of textile           and theory of stage lighting ; problems in basic light-
471 Principles of Supervision (3) Problems of moti-           fibers ; emphasis on structure, preparation and reac-          ing practice . Prereq : 260.
vation, communication, interpersonal relationships and        tions ; implications relating to dyeing and finishing of
leadership . Sp                                               fabrics . Prereq : Chemistry 350 . Sp                          380 Theatre Practicum : Production (1-3) Supervised
                                                                                                                             work on departmental productions . Available for credit
479 Internship in Human Resource Development (5-              450 Textile and Apparel Economics (3) Economics                only to theatre majors or with consent of department.
10) Assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluat-           of the United States textile, apparel and fiber indus-         Prereq : Consent of instructor . May be repeated . Max-
ing the effectiveness of training programs in an industrial   tries; emphasis upon production, distribution, institutions,   imum 3 hours.
setting . E                                                   impact upon consumers; international and domestic
                                                              issues . Prereq : 350 or consent of instructor . Sp            381 Theatre Practicum : Performance (1-3) Supervised
481 Student Teaching : Grades 7-12 and Adults (10)                                                                           work on departmental productions . Available for credit
Full-time experience in classroom and laboratory teach-       490 Methods in Field Experience (6) Investigation of           only to theatre majors or with consent of department.
ing and related responsibilities under the direct             training systems and business organization, analy-             Prereq : Consent of instructor . May be repeated . Max-
supervision of a master teacher in the content area.          ses of jobs, and evaluation of field experience . Prereq:      imum 3 hours.
Prereq : Admission to Teacher Education Program . E           390. Coreq: 492 . F
                                                                                                                             401 Principles of Theatrical Design (3) Fundamental
                                                              492 Field Experience in Merchandising, Apparel or              principles of design ; visual and structural relation-
                                                              Textiles (9) Off-campus, cooperative program with              ships. Projects will be assigned to develop understanding
TEXTILES AND APPAREL                                          business establishments which merchandise or man-              and perception.
                                                              ufacture textiles and/or apparel . Prereq : 390 . Coreq:
101 Apparel Construction (3) Garment construction             490. F                                                         409 Stage Make-Up (2) Problems in make-up design
focused on decision making and time management;                                                                              and application, character analysis, physiognomy and
pattern alterations, fitting and quality of construction.     493 Directed Study (1-3) Individual problems for Junior        chiaroscuro . Prereq : 100.
Not available for credit for departmental majors . F, Sp      and Senior students with special interests in textiles,
                                                              merchandising or apparel . Prereq : Junior or Senior           410 Dramatic Theory and Criticism (3) Theatre aeshe-
120 Textiles 1 (3) Consumer-oriented textiles : fibers,       standing, consent of instructor . E                            tics from Aristotle to the present.
fabric construction and finishes in relation to use,
serviceability and care of apparel and household fab-         495 Special Topics (3) Topics in textiles, merchan-            420 Special Studies in Acting (3) Content varies.
rics . Laboratory examination of fibers, yarns, fabrics       dising, and/or apparel . May be repeated . Maximum             Exercises in selected concentrated areas such as
and finishes . E                                              of 9 hours . Prereq : Junior or Senior standing, con-          styles, techniques, approaches, e .g ., Shakespeare,
                                                              sent of instructor . E                                         movement, humor. Prereq: 320.
230 Apparel Evaluation (3) Analysis of construction
techniques to ascertain cost/quality relationships ; ele-     497-498 Honors : Textiles and Apparel (3) Individual           426 Advanced Phonetics (3) Phonetic aspects of con-
ments and principles of design in relation to garment         problems for Junior and Seniors showing special abil-          temporary dialects of the English language . Prereq:
construction . Prereq : 120 . F                               ity and interest in textiles and apparel . Prereq:             Consent of instructor.
                                                              Recommendation of Department Head . E
232 Design Analysis (3) Apparel design analysis based                                                                        430 Principles of Play Directing (4) Problems in com-
on flat pattern, draping and drafting techniques ; com-                                                                      position, picturization, rhythm, movement . Prereq: 220,
parison of methods for style variations and costing of                                                                       221 and consent of instructor.
garments . Sp                                                 THEATRE                                                        440-441 Advanced Theatre Costume Design (3,3)
310 Principles of Merchandising (3) Buying prac-              100 Introduction to Theatre (3) Understanding theatre:         Costume as an expressive element in dramatic pro-
tices, procedures, problems, activities, techniques,          thought, philosophy, aesthetics, and production prac-          duction . Prereq : 340.
underlying concepts fundamental to merchandising.             tices.
Prereq : Accounting 201 . F                                                                                                  445 Advanced Costume Construction (3) Advanced
                                                              210-211 Survey of World Drama (3,3) 210-Includes               construction technique, such as tailoring, vacuum form-
320 Textiles II (3) Recent developments in fibers,            Greek, Roman, Medieval, Elizabethan, and Eastern               ing, plastic molding, and cobbling . Prereq : 345 or consent
fiber structure, yarn processing, yarn structure and          forms of drama . 211-Covers 19th century, as well as           of instructor.
fabric construction ; dyeing, finishing and printing ; tex-   realism through contemporary drama.
tile performance and evaluation ; legislation and                                                                            446 Costume Patterning (3) Draping patterns for period
standards . Prereq : 120, Chemistry 100-110 or 120-           220-221 Acting (3,3) 220-Improvisations, theatre games,        costumes . Includes corsetry and the study of historic
130 . F                                                       acting skills . 221-Use of acting skills in extensive scene    patterns 1500-1900 . Prereq : 345 or consent of instruc-
                                                              work.                                                          tor.
330 Apparel Production (3) Industrial methods in gar-
ment production ; focus on stages of production, plant        226 Voice and Diction (3) Voice production ; attention         450 Advanced Scenery Technology I (3) Study and
layout, costing and quality control . Prereq : 230 . F        to individual speech problems.                                 practice of theatre woodworking ; production partici-
                                                                                                                             pation will be required . Prereq : 250 . Graduate credit
340 Cultural and Functional Aspects of Clothing (3)           245 Basic Stage Costuming (3) Costume design and               available to theatre M .F .A . students only.
Cultural, socio-psychological, functional and techno-         construction ; basic theory and technique . Production
logical developments in textiles and apparel ; integrative    participation required . Prereq : 100.                         451 Advanced Scenery Technology 11 (3) Study and
approach to apparel design . Prereq : Sociology 100.                                                                         practice of metalworking and plastics for theatrical
Sp                                                            250 Introduction to Scenery Technology (3) Tech-               productions ; production participation will be required.
                                                              niques of scenery and stage properties construction.           Prereq : 250 . Graduate credit to theatre M .F.A . stu-
345 Fashion in History (3) Development of apparel             Production participation required .                            dents only .
180      Courses of Instruction/Transportation and Logistics

452 Advanced Scenery Technology III (3) Study and                 402 Transportation Operations and Cost Manage-               the boundaries of a single discipline . Topics may be
practice of stage rigging for theatrical productions;             ment (3) Freight and passenger carrier operations            initiated by faculty or students through arrangements
production participation will be required . Prereq : 250.         with the development of carrier costs and their con-         with the University Studies Program . Taught by facul-
Graduate credit available to theatre M .F .A . students           trol, considered by each mode individually and in            ty from throughout the University (often team-taught).
only.                                                             coordination with each other . Prereq: 302.                   Extensive use of films, field trips, student discussion.
                                                                                                                                May be repeated . Maximum : 9 hours.
454 Scenery Painting (2) Introduction to materials,               441 International Transportation and Logistics (3)
techniques, and principles of the craft . Emphasis on             Multi-national logistics strategy, import-export process,    410-420 Advanced Topics in University Studies (3,3)
gaining skill and understanding through studio expe-              international sea, surface and air operations, com-          Interdisciplinary research approaches to major issues
rience . Prereq : Consent of instructor.                          parative transport systems analysis . Prereq : 301-          transcending the boundaries of a single discipline.
                                                                  302.                                                         Topics may be initiated by faculty or students through
455-456 Intermediate Scenic Design (3,3) Materials,                                                                            arrangements with the University Studies Program.
techniques and processes of scenic design . Develop-              461 Seminar in Logistics Strategy (3) Senior seminar         Taught by faculty from throughout the University (often
ment of skills . Prereq : 355 and consent of instructor.          in development of strategy to logistics management.          team-taught) . Extensive use of films, field trips, stu-
                                                                  Major writing requirement . Prereq : 401.                    dent discussion . May be repeated . Maximum : 9 hours.
460 Advanced Lighting and Sound Technology (3)
Projects in lighting and sound coordination . May include         462 Seminar in Transportation Strategy (3) Senior
opera, dance, musical theatre, and "rock videos".                 seminar in evaluation of freight and passenger carrier
Final projects will be live productions . Emphasis on             strategies to compete in transportation marketplace.         URBAN STUDIES
developing artistic sensitivity and subleties in control.         Major writing requirement . Prereq : 402.
                                                                                                                               200 Human-Environment Systems (3) (Same as Inte-
Prereq: 260.                                                      493 Independent Study (1-6) Directed research on             rior Design 200 .)
 461 Special Effects in Lighting and Sound (4) Projects           subject of mutual interest to student and staff member.
 in special effects including creative application of tech-       Prereq : Consent of instructor.                              250 Introduction to Urban Studies (3) Multidimensional
                                                                                                                               nature of urban studies . Includes lectures by special-
 nology . Problem solving, drafting, and execution of             497 Honors : Executive-in-Residence in Transporta-
 effects for production emphasized . Production par-                                                                           ists presenting the approach of their disciplines to
                                                                  tion and Logistics (3) Student interaction with top-         Urban Studies ; application of general approaches to
 ticipation required . Prereq : 260 or instructor's permission.   level logistics and transportation executives . Focus        a specific issue ; and collaborative teaching involving
 462 Advanced Lighting Design (3) Advanced prob-                  on the strategic decision-making process . Prereq : Con-     most faculty of Urban Studies.
 lems in lighting design and theory including areas               sent of instructor.
 such as lighting musical theatre, opera, and dance.                                                                           321 Urban Politics and Process (3) (Same as Political
 Prereq : 362 or consent of instructor.                                                                                        Science 321 .)

 463 Sound Design (3) Sound design for the perform-
                                                                  UNIVERSITY HONORS                                            323 Behavioral Geography (3) (Same as Geography
 ing arts . Review of equipment and acoustical factors                                                                         323.)
                                                                  118-128 Honors : First Year (3,3) Small seminar classes
 that affect sound production . Sound designs will be             taught by faculty from all undergraduate colleges of         350 Practicum in Urban Studies (3-6) Student and
  plotted from selected plays. Final projects will be mixed,      the university . Open to first and second year students      faculty member team, in conjunction with the East
 edited, and cued for production.                                 on the basis of GPA, test scores, or professorial rec-       Tennessee Design Center, study a selected problem
 465 Introduction to Lighting Design for Non-Design-              ommendation . Topics vary . May be repeated.                 or aspect of the modern city.
 ers (3) Theory and practice of stage lighting design             218-228 Honors : Second Year (3,3) Small seminar             401 The City in the United States (3) (Same as Plan-
 with emphasis on the relationship between designers              classes taught by faculty from all undergraduate col-
 and non-design practitioners such as directors, actors,                                                                       ning 401 .)
                                                                  leges of the university . Not open to first year students;
 choreographers, architects, etc . Not open for option            open to all other students with a GPA of 3 .25 or grea-       402 Survey of Planning (3) (Same as Planning 402 .)
 in lighting design.                                              ter . Topics vary . May be repeated.
                                                                                                                                441 Urban Geography (3) (Same as Geography 441 .)
 470-471 Playwriting (3,3) Advanced instruction in the            318-328 Honors : Junior Colloquium (3,3) Small group
 writing of plays . Prereq : Consent of instructor.               studies of selected topics, issues or problems . Open         450 Directed Field Work (3-15) Participant observa-
                                                                  to juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3 .25 or greater.        tion and directed field research . Project results are
 480 Theatre Practicum: Production (1-3) Continua-                                                                              presented to Urban Studies students and faculty.
                                                                  May be repeated.
 tion of 380 . Prereq : Consent of instructor . For theatre
 majors only . May be repeated . Maximum 3 hours.                 338-348 Tennessee Scholars Seminar (1,1) Sequence             454 Cities and Urban American History (3) (Same as
                                                                  limited to and required of all Tennessee Scholars each        History 454.)
 481 Theatre Practicum : Performance (1-3) Continu-               year . May be repeated . Maximum 8 hours . Satisfac-
 ation of 381 . Prereq : Consent of instructor . For theatre      tory/No Credit grading only.                                  460 Senior Seminar (3) Variety of disciplines used to
 majors only . May be repeated . Maximum 3 hours.                                                                               approach student selected problem . Prereq : 250, 350
                                                                  418-428 Honors: Senior Colloquium (3,3) Small group           and senior status . Student may not take 460 prior to
 491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.                            studies of selected topics, issues, or problems . Open        having taken 450, except with prior permission of the
                                                                  to juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3 .25 or greater.        Urban Studies Committee.
 492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.
                                                                  May be repeated.
                                                                                                                                464 Urban Ecology (3) (Same as Sociology 464 .)
 493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96.
                                                                   491 Honors: Foreign Study (3-15) Open to any under-
                                                                   graduate honors student. Proposals must be approved          481 Real Estate Finance and Investment Analysis
                                                                   in advance . See the Director of University Honors for       (3) (Same as Finance 481 .)
 TRANSPORTATION AND                                                further information.
                                                                                                                                482 Urban Development and Finance (3) (Same as
                                                                                                                                Finance 482 .)
 LOGISTICS                                                         492 Honors: Off-Campus Study (3-15) Open to any
                                                                   undergraduate honors student . Proposals must be
                                                                   approved in advance . See the Director of University
 301 Introduction to Logistics (3) Business logistics
 as a functional area within the firm, and as a strategic
                                                                   Honors for further information.
                                                                                                                                WILDLIFE AND
 element of the marketing mix . Role of materials man-             493 Honors: Independent Study (3-15) Open to any
 agement and physical distribution, and activities such            undergraduate honors student. May be used by Ten-            FISHERIES SCIENCE
 as customer service, order processing and informa-                nessee Scholars preparing their senior projects.
 tion flow, transportation, warehousing, purchasing,               Proposals must be approved in advance . See the              341 Law Enforcement and Public Relations (3) Fun-
 inventory, and system design and organization.                    Director of University Honors for further information.       damentals and general principles of local, state and
                                                                                                                                federal laws and regulations governing natural resources
 302 Transportation Principles and Policies (3) Trans-                                                                          and their management . Principles and practices of
 portation and distribution as a vital part of the nation ' s                                                                   interacting with the public . F
 economic and social structure ; U .S . transportation             UNIVERSITY STUDIES                                           441 Wildlife and Fisheries Techniques (3) Capturing
 system ; society's demands for mobility and policies
 of public and private sectors to meet those demands.              101 Freshman University Seminar (3) Introduction to          and handling fish and wildlife ; population restoration;
 Prereq : Economics 201.                                           university education as an adventure in personal growth      food habit sampling ; wildlife damage control ; marking
                                                                   and professional development . A/B/C/NC grading . Open       techniques ; fish culture systems ; management plans;
 400 Special Topics in Transportation and Logistics                only to freshmen, transfer students, and re-entry stu-       track and sign identification . Prereq : Forestry, Wild-
 (3) Seminar in current problem areas in transporta-               dents, or by permission of instructor.                       life and Fisheries 317 . 1 hour and 2 labs . F
 tion and logistics . Topic announced prior to offering.
 May be repeated once for credit . Prereq : Consent of             210-220 Case Studies (4,4) Variable content using            443 Fisheries Science (3) Quantification and
 instructor.                                                       case studies and problem-solving approaches to explore       management of freshwater fisheries including popu-
                                                                   interdisciplinary issues . Includes a one-hour learning      lation estimation, age and growth, biological assessment,
 401 Materials and Traffic Management (3) Planning                 laboratory . Open only to students enrolled in a Uni-        and stocking . Prereq : Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries
 and management of logistics activities including pur-             versity Learning Community.                                  317 or Biology 230, and 6 hours of mathematics . 2
 chasing, transportation, storage and control, and supply                                                                       hours and 1 lab. Sp
 strategies . Materials management tools and organi-               310-320 Special Topics in University Studies (3,3)
 zational structures for various industries . Prereq : 301 .       Interdisciplinary approaches to issues transcending          444 Ecology and Management of Wild Mammals (3)
                                                                                                                                  Zoology/Courses of Instruction                  181

Biological and ecological characteristics of game                                                                       with a variety of techniques including microscopy,
mammals and endangered mammals . Current princi-          ZOOLOGY                                                       embedding and sectioning, chromosome prepara-
ples and practices of wild mammal management . Prereq:                                                                  tions, autoradiography, in situ hybridization,
Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries 317 or Biology 230 . 2   117-118 Honors : Fundamentals of Zoology (4,4) For            histochemistry, and immunofluorescence . Prereq : Biol-
hours and 1 lab . F                                       superior students in any field ; open to students with        ogy 210 . 2 labs.
                                                          a minimum ACT composite score of 27 or a minimum
445 Ecology and Management of Wild Birds (3) Bio-         college GPA of 3 .2, or consent of instructor . Students      405-406 Minicourse in Zoology (1) Selected advanced
logical and ecological characteristics of game birds,     not achieving at least a B in the first semester must         topics in zoology, concentrated in time and subject
endangered birds, and bird pests . Current principles     complete the sequence with Biology 120 . Must be              matter . Consult departmental listing for topics offered.
and practices of wild bird management . Prereq : For-     taken in sequence . 117-Cellular processes, genetics,         Prereq : As announced . May be repeated for credit
estry, Wildlife and Fisheries 317 or Biology 230 . 2      and development . 118-Physiology, phylogeny, and ecol-        but a maximum of 3 hours may be applied toward the
hours and 1 lab . Sp                                      ogy . 6 hours combined lecture and lab . May not receive      Zoology major.
                                                          credit for 117-118 and Biology 110-120 or Botany
493 Independent Study in Wildlife and Fisheries Sci-      110-120.                                                      409 Perspectives in Zoology (2) Critical analysis of
ence (1-15) Special research or individual problem in                                                                   selected readings in biology . Prereq : Senior stand-
wildlife and fisheries science . E                        210-220 Human Biology (3,3) For non-majors ; not              ing.
                                                          available as prerequisite or major credit in Zoology or
                                                          Biology . May be taken out of sequence . 210-Diversity        410 Advanced Cell Biology (3) Molecular and
WOMEN'S STUDIES                                           of life forms, uniqueness of humans, cell biology, genet-
                                                          ics, reproduction, prenatal development . 220-Human
                                                                                                                        supramolecular structure and functions of eukaryotic
                                                                                                                        cells including regulatory mechanisms, physiology,
                                                          physiology and ecology.                                       behavior, and cellular interactions . Prereq : Biology
210 Images of Women in Literature : Biography and
                                                                                                                        210, 220 . 2 hours and 1 lab.
Autobiography (3) Introduction to women's journals,       230 Human Physiology (5) Fundamentals of human
diaries, biographies and autobiographies.                 physiology, primarily from the perspective of cellular        415 Parasitology (3) Parasitic relationships : physio-
215 Images of Women in Literature : Fiction, Poetry,      and organ-system interactions . Credit may not be applied     logical, ecological, evolutionary and economic aspects.
                                                          toward Zoology major . Prereq : One year of college           Prereq : Biology 230 or consent of instructor . 2 hours
Drama (3) Introduction to the study of women through      chemistry . 4 hours and one lab.
the roles and stereotypes portrayed in a variety of                                                                     and 1 lab.
literary genres (fiction, poetry, and drama), including   240 Human Anatomy (3) Gross and microanatomy of               420 Cell and Tissue Structure and Function (4) Animal
works from diverse historical periods and cultures.       the human. Credit may not be applied toward Zoolo-            cells and tissues at light and electron microscope
                                                          gy major. Prereq : One year of introductory biology or        levels . Prereq : Biology 210 . 2 hours and 2 labs.
220 Women in Society (3) Role played by women in
                                                          Zoology 230 or equivalent . 2 hours and 1 lab.
various societies during different historical periods,                                                                  430 Immunology (2) (Same as Microbiology 430 .)
factors which have limited women 's participation in      301 Special Topics (1-2) Topics of current interest.
society, social scientists' assumptions about women.      Consult departmental listing for topics offered . May         439 Immunology Laboratory (1) (Same as Microbiology
                                                          be repeated but maximum of 2 credit hours may be              439 .)
230 Marriage and Family : Roles and Relationships         applied toward the Zoology major.
(3) (Same as Child and Family Studies 220 .)                                                                            440 General Physiology (3) Principles of cellular and
                                                          302 Zoology Colloquium (1) Weekly discussions of              organ-system animal physiology . Prereq : Biology 210.
310 Emergence of the Modern American Woman (3)            topics of contemporary interest . Intended for life.sci-      Coreq : Organic Chemistry ; Physics recommended.
Role of women in the development of American civili-
zation and values . Major topics include women's legal    ences majors . Satisfactory/No Credit only . May be
                                                          repeated but one 1 credit hour may be applied toward          445 Comparative Animal Physiology (3) Comparison
and political status, the emergence and development                                                                     of diverse physiological mechanisms aiding in adap-
                                                          the Zoology major.
of feminism, women and the creative arts, and women's                                                                   tation to particular habitats and lifestyles . Prereq : Biology
roles in industrial and post-industrial American socie-   310 Bioethics (3) Relationships between biological            210, 230, 2 years of chemistry ; recommended : 360.
ty.                                                       discoveries and human values . Open discussions of
                                                          selected dilemmas arising from new knowledge about            449 Laboratory in Physiology (2) Prereq or Coreq:
324 Women in French Culture (3) (Same as French                                                                         440 or 445.
                                                          evolution of behavior, genetics, reproduction, medi-
324 .)                                                    cine, and environment.
                                                                                                                        450 Comparative Animal Behavior (3) Principles and
330 Women in Music (3) (Same as Music History             322 Physiology of Reproduction and Lactation (3)              methods of ethology with emphasis on ecological,
330 .)                                                                                                                  developmental, physiological and evolutionary aspects.
                                                          (Same as Animal Science 322 .)
332 Women in American Literature (3) (Same as Eng-                                                                      Coreq : 459 . (Same as Physiology 450 .)
                                                          330 Animal Development and Embryology (3) Princi-
lish 332 .)                                               ples of animal development : differentiation, growth,         459 Comparative Animal Behavior Laboratory (3) Intro-
                                                          morphogenesis, and developmental anatomy . Rec-               duction to observational and experimental research
375 Gender in Society (3) (Same as Sociology 375 .)
                                                          ommended prereq : Biology 210, 220.                           in ethology . Coreq : 450 . (Same as Psychology 459 .)
380 The Concept of Woman (3) (Same as Philosophy
                                                          331 Animal Development and Embryology Laboratory              460 Evolution (3) Modern concepts of animal evolu-
380 .)
                                                          (2) Coreq : 330 . 2 labs.                                     tion . Prereq : Biology 220.
382 Philosophy of Feminism (3) (Same as Philoso-
phy 382 .)                                                350 Comparative Vertebrate Biology (4) Origins, phy-          465 Human Genetics (3) Genetic and molecular
                                                          logeny, diversity and functional anatomy of vertebrates.      principles and problems of human inheritance . Prereq:
383 Women in the Greek and Roman World (3) (Same           Laboratory involves dissection of shark, cat, and selected   Biology 220.
as Classics 383 .)                                        other vertebrates . 2 hours and 2 labs.
                                                                                                                        470 Aquatic Ecology (3) Introduction to the physio-
400 Topics in Women's Studies (3) Content varies.         360 Comparative Invertebrate Biology (4) Origins,             chemical nature of inland waters with description of
May be repeated.                                          phylogeny and functional anatomy of invertebrates             biotic communities and their interrelationships . Prereq:
                                                          with emphasis on diversity of life forms and adapta-          Chemistry 120-130 and Biology 230 . 2 hours and 1
410 Psychology of Sex Role Development (3)                tions to specific local environments . 2 hours and 2          lab.
422 Women Writers in England (3) (Same as English                                                                       472 Arachnology (3) Biology of spiders, mites, scor-
422 .)                                                    370 Ethology and Sociobiology (3) (Same as Psy-               pions and relatives . Prereq : 360 or 380 . 2 hours and
                                                          chology 370 .)                                                1 lab.
425 Women's Health (3) (Same as Health 425 .)
                                                          380 General Entomology (3) Introduction to insects:           473 Herpetology (3) Biology of amphibians and rep-
432 Women in European History (3) (Same as Histo-         basic structure, physiology, behavior, evolution and          tiles with emphasis on ecology and adaptive radiation.
ry 432 .)                                                 classification of insect orders . 2 hours and 1 lab.          Prereq : Biology 230 . 2 hours and 1 lab.

434 Psychology of Gender (3) (Same as Psychology          400 Undergraduate Research (2) Research projects              474 Ichthyology (3) Evolution, classification, collec-
434 .)                                                    under supervision of faculty . Prereq : Junior or senior      tion and identification, distribution and biology of fishes
                                                          standing and prior consent of instructor . May be repeat-     with emphasis on freshwater fauna of Eastern North
453 Women in American History (3) (Same as Histo-         ed . Maximum of 4 hours may be applied toward the             America . Prereq: Biology 230 or consent of instruc-
ry 453 .)                                                 Zoology major.                                                tor . 2 hours and 1 lab.
466 Rhetoric of the Women's Rights Movement (3)           402 Practicum in Zoology (2) Participation in individ-        475 Ornithology (3) Behavior, ecology, populations,
(Same as Speech 466 .)                                    ualized practical applications of zoology in community,       evolution and field identification of birds . Prereq : Biol-
                                                          government, and industry. Prereq : Biology 210, 220,          ogy 230 . 2 hours and 1 lab.
483 Afro-American Women in American Society (3)           230 and prior consent of instructor.
(Same as Afro-American Studies 483 .)                                                                                   476 Mammalogy (3) Evolution, classification,
                                                          403 General Genetics Laboratory (2) Experiments               biogeography, ecology, behavior and functional anat-
493 Independent Study (1-15) Registration by con-         designed to illustrate basic principles of inheritance;       omy of mammals . Prereq : Biology 230 or equivalent.
sent of chair of Women's Studies . See page 96.           primary organism used is Drosophila . Prereq : Biolo-         2 hours and 1 lab.
                                                          gy 220. 2 labs.
                                                                                                                        480 Physiology of Exercise (3) Functions of the body
                                                          404 Cytological Technique (2) Practical experience            in muscular work : physiological aspects of fatigue,
182    Courses of Instruction/Zoology

training and adaptation to the environment . Prereq:    in vertebrates and invertebrates, their role and inter-   491 Foreign Study (1-15) See page 97.
230 or 440 . 2 hours and 1 lab.                         action in maintenance of the organism and species.
                                                        Prereq : 440 or equivalent .                              492 Off-Campus Study (1-15) See page 96.
490 Comparative Endocrinology (3) Comparative anal-
ysis of physiology and morphology of endocrine glands                                                             493 Independent Study (1-15) See page 96 .

                                                                                                                                           Index 183

    Index                                                Communications, 29
                                                         Education, 29
                                                         Engineering, 29
                                                                                                           Elementary, 67
                                                                                                          Health, 156
                                                                                                          Health, Leisure and Safety, 66, 68
                                                         Human Ecology, 30                                Honors and Awards, 23
    Academic Calendar, 5                                 Liberal Arts, 30                                 Industrial, 68, 164
     Academic Common Market, 10                          Nursing, 30                                      Music, 66, 69
    Academic Policies and Regulations, 26                Social Work, 30                                  Optional Minors, 64
    Administration :                                     Athletics, 10                                    Physical, 66, 69, 168
        Knoxville, 8                                     Awards, 22                                       Progression, 65
        Statewide, 4                                     Black Cultural Center, 10                        Public Health, 173
    Admission : 26                                       Board of Trustees, 4                             Recreation, 70, 173
        Academically Talented High School                Business Administration :                        Safety, 174
            Students, 28                                 Accounting, 57, 129                              Special, 71, 176
        Association, 26                                  Admission, 55                                    Special Services, 66
        Deadlines for Applications, 28                   Association, 29                                  Student Teaching, 65
        Exceptions, 28                                   Advising, 55                                     Teacher Certification, 64, 65, 66
        Fee Classification, 28                           Business Administration, 139                     Technological and Adult, 67, 178
        Freshman, 26                                     Business Law, 57, 139                         The Educational Assistance Program, 12
        Freshman Early-Admission, 28                     Center for Business and Economic              EEO/Title IX/Section, 29
        High School Unit Requirements, 27                    Research, 55, 59                             Statement, 29
        International Students, 27                       Degrees, 36                                   Energy, Environment and Resources Center,
        Non-Degree Students, 28                          Economics, 57, 143                               126
        Re-Entry Students, 28                            Finance, 57, 153                              Engineering:
        Requirements for Admission as a UTK             General Business, 58                              Accreditation, 73
            Undergraduate, 26                            Honors and Awards, 22                            Aerospace, 78, 79, 145
        Senior and Disabled, 28                          Independent Study, 57                            Agricultural, 74
        Special State and Federal Laws, 29               Management, 58, 161                              Association, 29
       Transfer Students, 27                             Management Science Programs, 58                  Basic, 145
       Visiting Students, 28                             Marketing, 58, 161                               Chemical, 74, 80, 145
    Advanced Placement Examinations, 27                  Marketing, Logistics and Transportation, 58      Civil, 75, 80, 145
    Agriculture :                                       Public Administration, 59                         Cooperative, 72
       Agriculture, 131                                 Statistics, 59                                    Curricula, 73
       Animal Science, 47, 131                          Transportation and Logistics, 59, 180             Degrees, 36
       Association, 29                               Calendar, 5                                          Electrical and Computer, 75, 80, 147
       Course Load, 44                               Campus Map, 6,7                                      Graduate Program, 73
           Curricula in, 43                          Career Planning and Placement Services, 10           Honors and Awards, 23
           Curriculum, selection of, 44              Center for Extended Learning, 11                     Industrial, 77, 80, 148
       Degrees, 35                                   Center for International Education, 11               Materials Science, 77, 149
       Economics and Business, 45                    Choral Groups, 11                                    Mechanical, 78, 81, 149
       Economics and Rural Sociology, 44, 130,       Communications :                                     Metallurgical, 81, 149
           173                                          Advertising, 61, 129                              Nuclear, 79, 81, 150
       Education, 45                                    Association, 29                                   Physics, 76, 80
       Engineering, 46, 130                             Broadcasting, 61, 139                             Polymer, 150
           With Concentration in Food Engineering,      College of, 60                                    Science, 80
               46                                       Communications, 61, 141                           Science and Mechanics, 76, 150
       Engineering Technology, 46, 131                  Degrees, 36                                    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 29
       Entomology and Plant Pathology, 47, 152          Honors and Awards, 22                          Federal and State Laws, 29
       Extension Education, 45, 130                     Journalism, 61, 160                            Fees and Expenses: 14
       Facilities, 44                                   News-Editorial, 61                               Application Fee, 15
    Food Technology and Science, 48, 153                Public Relations, 62                             Auditor's Fee, 15
    Forestry, 48, 153                                Comparative and Experimental Medicine, 126          CLEP Fees, 15
    Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, 48, 154        Computing Center, 11                                COOP Registration Fee, 15
       Graduate Study in, 43                         Concerts, 12                                         Deferred Payment Service Fee, 15
    Honors and Awards, 22                            Credit Hours, Grades and Grade Point Average :       Estimate of Expenses, 16
    Independent Study, 44                               30                                               Graduation Fee, 15
    Minimum Requirements, 44                            Freshman English, 31                              Late Payment Fee, 15
       Optional Minors, 44                              Grades of Incomplete, 30                          Late Payment Service Fee, 15
       Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape            Grades that do not Influence Grade Point          Late Registration Fee, 15
           Design, 49, 167                                  Average, 30                                   Maintenance Fee, 14
       Plant and Soil Science, 50, 171                  Graduate School Grades, 31                        Music Fee, 15
       Pre-Veterinary Medicine, 47                      Law School Grades, 31                            Other Information Regarding Fees, 16
       Satisfactory/No Credit Courses, 43               Mid-Term Progress Reports, 31                     Proficiency Fees, 15
       Transfer Students, 44                            Repeating Courses, 31                             Refund of Fees for Withdrawal, 15
       Wildlife and Fisheries Science, 49, 180          Satisfactory/No Credit Grading System, 30         Reinstatement Fee, 15
    American History Requirement, 29                    Undergraduate Grades, 30                          Returned Check Service Fee Policy, 15
    Annual Faculty Phi Kappa Phi Lectures, 10        Cultural Opportunities, 11                           Summer Term Fees and Expenses, 16
     Architecture :                                  Dean's List, 22                                     Tuition Payment Plans, 15
       Architecture, 133                             Degrees, 35                                          University Programs and Services Fee, 15
       Association, 29                               Disabled and Senior Persons, 28                   Food Service Facilities, 12
       Degrees, 36                                   Education :                                       General Regulations : 31
       Facilities, 52                                   Agricultural, 45                                 Academic Advising at UTK, 31
       Financial Assistance, 52                         Art, 66, 67, 137                                 Accelerated Program, 31
       Honors and Awards, 22                            Association, 29                                  Advanced Military Service/Air Force
       Lecture Program, 52                              Business, 67                                         Aerospace Studies, 31
       School of, 52                                    Counseling Psychology, and, 66, 144              Class Attendance and Eligibility, 31
       Second Baccalaureate Degree, 54                  Curriculum and Instruction, 66, 144              Classification, 32
    Association, College/School, 26, 29                 Dance, 66, 67, 143                               Classification of Students by Semester
       Agriculture, 29                                  Degrees, 36                                           Hours Passed, 32
       Architecture, 29                                 Education, 144                                   CLEP Credit, 32

    184 Index

       Correspondence, 32                                 Arrowmont-Arts and Crafts, 137                 College of, 116
       Course Numbers and Levels, 32                      Asian Studies, 98, 102, 137                     Degrees, 36
       Deviation from Catalog Rules, 32                   Association, 30                                Honors and Awards, 24
       Failure to Meet Progession                         Astronomy, 99, 112, 138                        Nursing, 166
            Requirements, 32                              Audiology and Speech Pathology, 99, 138     Ombudsman Office, 13
       Graduating Senior Privileges, 32                   Bacteriology, 99                            Phi Kappa Phi Annual Faculty Lectures, 10
       Honors Courses, 32                                 Biochemistry, 99, 138                       Planning, Graduate School, 96, 171
       Minimum Class Size, 32                             Biology, 138                                Pre-Dental Program, 94
       Proficiency Examination, 32                        Biology Consortium, 99                      Pre-Medical Program, 94
       Program Assessment and Improvement                 Botany, 99, 139                             Pre-Pharmacy, 95
            Through Student Evaluation, 33                Chemistry, 100, 140                         Pre-Professional Program, 89
       Seniors Eligible for Graduate Credit, 33           Chinese, 101                                Pre-Veterinary Medicine, 47, 95
       Special Requirements for Student-                  Cinema Studies, 102                         Registration : 33
           Athletes, 33                                   Classics, 101, 141                             Auditing Courses, 34
       Teacher Certification, 33                          College Scholars Honors Program, 89, 114,      Changes in, 34
       University Students, 33                                 141                                       First Class Meeting, 34
       Writing Competence, 33                             Comparative Literature, 101, 103, 141          Maximum Hours Per Term, 34
       Writing Deficiency, 33                             Computer Science, 101, 142                     Prerequisite and Corequisite Courses, 34
    General Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree,         Cultural Studies, 102                          Requirements for Admitted Students, 33
            35                                            Degrees, 36, 89                                Withdrawing from the University, 34
    Grades :                                              Distribution Requirements, 90               Registration Dates, 5
        Graduate, 30                                      Ecology, 104, 143                           Religious Resources, 13
        Incomplete, 30                                    Economics, 104                              Reserve Officers Training (ROTC):
        Law School, 31                                    English, 105, 151                              Air Force, 122, 131
        That do not Influence GPA, 30                     French, 105, 154                               Army, 124
        Undergraduate, 30                                 Geography, 105, 154                             Military Deposits, 16
    Graduate Studies : (See Graduate Catalog)             Geological Sciences, 106                       Military Science, 163
        Biomedical Sciences, 125                          Geology, 155                                Returned Check Service Fee Policy, 5
       Comparative and Experimental Medicine,             German, 156                                 Scholarships, 18
            126                                           Germanic and Slavic Languages, 106          Scholarships and Grants, 17
        Energy, Environment, and Resources                Greek, 106, 156                             Science-Medical Technology, 95
            Center, 126                                   Health Professions, Preparations for, 94    Second Bachelor's Degree, 35
       Grades, 30                                         Hebrew, 106                                 Singers, UT, 11
       Graduate School, 35, 125                           History, 106, 157                           Social Security Number Use, 29
       Law, 125                                           Honors and Awards, 24                       Social Work:
       Library and Information Science, 126               Human Services, 107, 159                       Association, 30
       Life Sciences, 126                                 Individualized Program, 93                     Curriculum, 119
       Planning, 126                                      Italian, 107, 160                              Degree, 36
       Space Institute, 126                               Japanese, 107                                  Social Work, 175
       Transportation Center, 126                         Latin, 107, 160                             Space Institute, 126
       Veterinary Medicine, 125                           Latin-American Studies, 103, 107, 160       State Board of Education, 29
       Water Resources Development, 126                   Linguistics, 103, 107, 161                  Student Affairs and Services : 10
    Handicapped Student Services, 12                      Mathematics, 107, 161                          Academic Common Market, 10
    Hearing and Speech Services, 12                       Medical Biology, 107, 162                      Annual Faculty Phi Kappa Phi Lectures, 11
    Historical Background, 9                              Medical Technology, 108, 162                   Athletics, 10
    Honorary and Professional Societies, 24               Medival Studies, 103, 107, 163                 Black Cultural Center, 10
    Honors and Awards, 22                                 Microbiology, 107, 163                         Career Planning and Placement Service, 10
    Housing :                                             Music, 108, 164                                Center for Extended Learning, 11
       Graduate, 13                                       Organizational Psychology Program, 111         Center for International Education, 11
       Married, 13                                        Philosophy, 111, 168                           Computing Center, 11
       Off-Campus, 13                                     Physics and Astronomy, 112, 170                Cultural Opportunities, 11
    Human Ecology :                                       Political Science, 112, 171                    Educational Assistance Program, 12
       Apparel, 87, 179                                   Portuguese, 172                                Food Service Facilities, 12
       Association, 30                                    Psychology, 113, 172                           Handicapped Student Services, 12
       Child and Family Studies, 84, 140                  Religious Studies, 113, 173                    Hearing and Speech Services, 12
       Degrees, 36                                        Romance Languages, 113                         Housing, 13
       Home Economics Education, 85, 159                  Russian, 114, 174                              Learning Research Center, 13
       Honors and Awards, 23                              Russian and East European Studies, 104,        Minority Student Affairs, 13
       Human Ecology, 159                                      114, 174                                  Ombudsman Office, 13
       Interior Design, 87, 159                           Sociology, 114, 175                            Religious Resources, 13
       Nutrition and Food Sciences, 85, 166               Spanish, 176                                   Student Conduct Office, 13
       Optional Minors, 83                                Speech Communication, 114, 177                 Student Counseling Services Center, 13
       Teacher Certification, 82                          Statistics, 115, 177                           Student Government Association, 13
       Textiles, Merchandising and Design, 87             Theatre, 114, 179                              Student Health Insurance, 16
       Tourism, Food and Lodging, 86                      Urban Studies, 104, 180                        Student Health Service, 13
    Identification Card, 16                               Women's Studies, 104, 115, 181                 Student Organizations, 14
    Insurance, Student, 16                                Zoology, 115, 181                              Student Orientation Office, 14
    Law :                                             Library Science, 96                                Student Publications, 14
       Admission, 125 (See College of Law Bulletin)   Library and Information Science, 126, 161          Student Rights and Responsibilities, 14
       Degree, 36                                     Life Sciences, 126                                 Vehicle Operation and Parking, 14
       Grades, 31                                     Majors, 39-42                                      Women's Center, 14
    Learning Research Center, 13                      Map, Campus, 6,7                                   Writing Laboratory, 14
    Lectures, 12                                      Master's Degrees, 128                           Student Financial Aid : 16
    Liberal Arts, College of,                         Minority Student Affairs, 13                       Deadlines for Application, 17
       Afro-American Studies, 97, 102, 129            Minors, 39-42                                      Scholarships and Grants, 17, 18
       American Studies, 97, 102, 131                 Museum, Frank H . McClung, 11                      Student Employment, 18
       Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, 97, 102   Neyland Stadium, 10                                Student Loans, 17
       Anthrology, 97, 132                            Nursing :                                          Transfer Students, 17
       Art, 97, 134                                       Association, 30                             Symphony Orchestra, UT, 12
                                                                                                                   Index 185

Table of Contents, 3                           Degree, 35                          Vehicle Operation and Parking, 14
Teacher Certification, 33                   Honors Categories for Graduation, 35   Veterinary Medicine, 36
Transportation Center, 127                  Readmission, 34                        Water Resources Research Center, 127
Undergraduate Retention Standards : 34      Second Bachelor's Degree, 35           Women's Center, 14
   Academic Review, 35                      Transfer Students, 34                  Work Study, College, 18
   Academic Second Opportunity, 34       University Honors, 120, 180               Writing Competence, 33
   General Requirements for Bachelor's   University Studies, 121, 180              WUOT, 12

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