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									     Vol. 3 No. 10

                                                                                       PROjECT ABC
           In this                                                                                                CHOOSING
           edition…                                             WHAT’S IT ABOuT?                              A FAmILy DAy HOmE
                                                      The regional Early Learning and Child           Looking For Child Care?
                                                      Care team continues to recognize that           Choose an approved Family Day Home! If
Project ABC.......................................1   parents want affordable and quality             you are looking for child care, the Family
                                                      child care, in addition to complementing        Day Home Agency in your community may
Initiatives and Family Day                            Alberta’s 5 point investment plan.              have an approved Family Day Home, with
Homes                                                                                                 an experienced child care provider who is
                                                      Project ABC supports and raises                 committed to meeting your child’s needs.
                                                      awareness for early childhood educators
Quality Child Care......................... 2         and early learning throughout our region,       What is an approved Family Day Home?
Options and Opportunities                             helps to create and strengthen resources        An approved Family Day Home is a
                                                      and works together with parents and             monitored home in your community that
                                                      community to create quality child care          has been screened by a Family Day Home
Internet Safety for the Family... 3                   services for children.                          Agency to provide a safe, healthy and
Click to Learn, Get Web Wise,                                                                         stimulating environment for your child.
                                                      Project ABC is all about awareness and
Internet 101                                          advocating for early childhood educators        What is a Family Day Home Agency?
                                                      and early learning and child care pro-          A Family Day Home Agency is contracted
Onion Lake Cree Nation............. 4                 grams. It’s also about collaboration and        with Alberta Children’s Services to
                                                      building capacity, which is the fundamental     screen and monitor Family Day Homes
First Nations People of Canada                        idea of working with communities, parents       to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating
                                                      and individuals to build sustainable, quality   environment for your child.
                                                      services for children.
                                                                                                      Who provides the Child Care?
                                                      Project ABC strategies for the 2007-08          A Family Day Home Provider! The provider
                                                      business year include:                          is a warm, mature individual who has been
                                                                                                      screened by the Family Day Home Agency,
                                                      •   Inclusive Child Care                        and who has chosen a career in child care.
                                                      •   Accreditation Supports
                                                      •   Family Day Home Enhancement                 Who can use a Family Day Home?
                                                      •   Regional Child Care Conference              Family Day Homes are available to infants,
                                                      •   Regional Preschool, Family Day Home         toddlers, and pre-school children. Some
                                                          and Day Care Meetings                       agencies provide before and after school
                                                      •   Footprints Newsletter                       care.
Footprints is published four times each year          •   Preschool and Out of School Care
by the East Central Alberta Child and Family              Resources                                   Why choose a Family Day Home?
Services Authority. Footprints provides               •   Respite                                     Family Day Homes Are:
parents, communities and service providers            •   Nutrition                                   • Screened
with child care and early learning news,              •   Promoting and Marketing Early               • Approved
options and opportunities.                                Learning & Child Care                       • Monitored
Story ideas and written submissions are always                                                        • Conveniently Located
welcome. Articles may be edited for length. To        The next edition of Footprints will feature
submit, please contact the editor, Ron Bos at         Project ABC’s new strategies for the 2008-09    Family Day Homes can offer flexibility in
(780) 603-2500 or e-mail to:                          business year.                                  hours of care, and government subsidies                                                                                     are available to qualified families.

VOGEL FAMILY DAY HOME SERVICES                                                 GARDNER COLLEGE - CAMROSE

Project ABC continues to focus on Fam-          Donnalyn Froese, President of Gardner            Recognizing the need for ECD profession-
ily Day Home enhancement. The CFSA              College in Camrose, recently announced           als to upgrade their training, the college
is working closely with Vogel Family Day        that the college has received a provincial       has provided opportunity for local profes-
Home Services to increase child care            government grant to deliver training to pro-     sionals to upgrade by providing evening
options for families in the communities of      fessionals in the field of child development     courses at Gardner College. To have a
Wainwright and area.                            and offer innovative methods of study for        greater impact in the region, the college is
                                                those interested in entering the career.         developing a program that offers a variety
Victoria (Vicky) Vogel has been a resident                                                       of ways for current professionals and those
of Wainwright for many years. Her experi-
ence as a Family Day Home Provider
encouraged her to become an agency in
Wainwright. As a previous day home pro-
vider, Vicky believes in a safe and healthy
environment for young children.

She opened her Family Day Home Agency
in September 2007 and has been very
busy recruiting providers, assisting families
in placing children in Family Day Homes,
and in promoting the Family Day Home
program. Currently, Vicky has three Family
Day Home Providers.

Vicky believes that encouraging children
to learn and develop at their own level will
help them gain confidence and self-esteem.
She knows that by providing children with
guidance and understanding they will have
the opportunity to explore their world in a
safe and controlled environment.

Are you looking for a great career as a
Family Day Home Provider? Looking for           One great need in East Central Alberta           interested in entering the child care field
quality child care? Call Vicky at Vogel Fam-    Child and Family Services Authority is find-     to receive the education they require and
ily Day Home Services: (780) 842-5684 or        ing solutions to challenges in the delivery of   continue working while upgrading through
(780) 209-5684.                                 services to employees in child care centres.     seminars and course modules taught as
                                                With the new Child Care Licensing Regula-        weekend seminars in the field, one or two
                                                tions coming into effect April 1, 2008, some     week intensives, evening seminars at the
                                                staff in the region will need to upgrade their   work place, on-site after hour courses, or
                                                education prior to 2012.                         mentor assisted distance education.

                                                A shortage of professional caregivers            The partnership with the Alberta govern-
                                                in the field of childcare has long been a        ment allows the college to hire a fac-
                                                challenge. Current Federal and Provincial        ulty member to work in the field travelling
                                                Government funding is presently provid-          through the region. This delivery solution
                                                ing an opportunity for professionals in the      will broaden training and development
                                                field, or those who have left the field, with    opportunities for those already working in
                                                an affordable way to upgrade their educa-        the child care field and those interested in
                                                tion and re-enter the profession. However,       entering the career making education and
                                                the challenge for child care centres is to       upgrading affordable and time effective.
                                                find adequately trained temporary staff
                                                to replace permanent staff while they are          Photo credit: Gardner College in
                                                upgrading. Gardner College is providing a          Camrose, reprinted from the Gardner
                                                solution.                                          College website

                             INTERNET SAFETy FOR THE WHOLE FAmILy

         CLICK TO LEARN                                     GET WEB WISE                                   INTERNET 101

Here is a very brief list of some valuable       Parents, do you know what you’re up            If your child has a webpage or website, you
internet safety sites. Each site features        against?                                       should make sure that he/she takes the fol-
hundreds of great links to other information                                                    lowing precautions when posting informa-
on the web to help you fight against internet    Chat rooms allow two or more people to         tion online:
luring and cyber bullying.                       ‘speak’ over the Internet using text mes-        - Photos: Try to avoid putting up photos
                                                 sages. They are especially popular with            altogether – once you post something – An interac-         children and teens. People often use               on the Internet it’s out of your control
tive and fun safety site for kids ages 5-10      aliases in chat rooms.                             and can be downloaded by anyone.
from Alberta Children’s Services. Kids play                                                         A sexual predator can use that photo to
a game that teaches them awareness of            Chat rooms are divided by channels named           identify the child.
internet safety, rules to follow to be safe      to indicate the topic of conversation in the
and lets them print off a certificate to join    chat room. People can hold private con-          - Landmarks: Don’t mention street
the Bad Guy Patrol at the end.                   versations by leaving the main room to con-        names or landmarks near where you
                                                 duct their conversation in a private room.         live. Even without your address, a – An informative                                                           predator could use this information to
site with pages for kids, teens and parents.     Some chat rooms are monitored for inap-            track down a child.
This site, from the office of Prevention of      propriate content; others are not. Predators     - Schools: For the same reason, you
Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation gives        often lurk on chat rooms to lure children          should never tell anyone online the
internet safety tips to all age groups and       into private conversation and possible             name of your child’s school.
has great links to other sites that provide      sexual abuse.
information about internet luring, as well                                                      It is extremely important to be aware of
as games for kids. The parent zone also          Transcript of chat involving a predator from   the information that your child shares on a
includes links to report incidents of internet   an actual chat with a 13-year-old girl...      blog, a webpage, or when they chat online.
luring and resources such as isafe.                                                             Kids will often leave clues behind without
                                                 Session Start                                  even knowing it. A predator will spend – This site is geared      Man 27: hey sexy… what’s up                    hours examining every single piece of infor-
toward youth, and features safety tips,          C?UEE:on the phone wiff erica                  mation to track that child down.
predator tactics and true stories to help        Man 27: cool                                 A secure webpage should not contain:
you protect yourself from online predators.      Man 27: go on cam hun?
                                                                                                - Your child’s real name – a nickname
Information about cyber bullying for youth       C?UEE:Mhmm
                                                                                                   should be used instead
is a great resource.                             Man 27: please hun
                                                 Man 27 has accepted your invitation to start   - Names of friends or family members – This site, from      webcam conversation.                           - Your address
RCMP and police forces around the coun-          The webcam conversation has ended. The
try, features bilingual information kits for     man can no longer see you.                     - Your home phone number or child’s
parents, teachers and youth. Also includes       Man 27: go back on hun                           cellular number
links to other resources and games for           Man 27: youa re sexy….what are you             - Photos
children. Downloadable internet safety           wearinf hun
                                                                                                - Name of your child’s school
resources and information about cyber            Man 27: can I see….
bullying.                                                                                       - Name of your child’s sports teams
                                                 Examples of chat rooms...                      - Links to another site that may contain – Features an                                                             information about your child
interactive game for kids about bullying.        * Calgaryplanet        * Enternexus
                                                 * The Palace           * Teen chat               - Any other piece of information that – A site spon-    * Teen flirt           * Neopets                   could identify your child
sored by the Government of Alberta with                       * Nexopia                         If your child has a blog or a website, you
free resource information including comic                                                       should read the section where people can
books featuring the S-Team Heroes.                                                              add comments to make sure he/she is not
                                                                                                giving out information or receiving inappro- – A site developed by                                                      priate messages. If the website has links
youth for youth focusing on bullying preven-                                                    to other websites, pictures, or videos you
tion and strategies for youth dealing with                                                      should check those as well.
bullying. Features a page of stories from
celebrities and site users about overcoming                                                     Make sure you visit your child’s website
bullying.                                                                                       regularly with him/her, and that Internet
                                                                                                safety rules you have established are
                                                                                           FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE
                                                                                                    OF CANADA

Onion Lake First Nations is located along    a doctor, health nurse, dentist, Children’s    Why is it important to learn about Aboriginal
the Alberta and Saskatchewan border 50       Services office and pharmacy. The centre       people in Canada? Learning about the his-
kilometres north of Lloydminster, which      employs home care nurses specializing          tory of Aboriginal people in Canada helps
makes Onion Lake the only Cree Nation to     in care for Elders. There is also a healing    caregivers gain an understanding and
straddle a provincial border. They are the   lodge which serves as a drug and alcohol       awareness that Aboriginal peoples have a
largest Treaty Land Entitlement Reserve in   rehabilitation centre.                         distinct culture as rich and varied as many
Saskatchewan and the first reserve created                                                  other cultures.
under the Saskatchewan Claims and            The Community Healing and Wellness
Implementation Act: Bill C-37.               program is a community based program           Many Aboriginal people share a strong
                                             which offers a variety of support services     connection to the “circle”. For some it
Onion Lake is self sufficient and is very    to individuals and families who require        symbolizes and resembles many cycles in
active in community and economic             assistance with healing and wellness. The      the natural world such as the shape of the
development. Band owned as well as           program has a unique holistic approach         earth, sun, moon, and wind as it whirls in
privately owned business provide the         that incorporates western/contemporary         circles, and birds as they make their nests.
community with all the essential services.   and a cultural perspective.                    In other Aboriginal communities it is also
In addition, Onion Lake continues                                                           a symbol of fairness, equity and balance.
to develop business initiatives and          Onion Lake First Nations owns and              Most Aboriginal people believe wellness
partnerships in order to meet the ever       operates the Memorial Communiplex that is      is achieved through the balance of body,
changing needs of the community.             home to the Winterhawks Junior B hockey        mind, emotion and spirit. We may address
                                             team and the Eagles senior recreational        each dimension individually but we must
Onion Lake has educational facilities, a     hockey team. The Band also owns and            realize they are all connected.
health care centre and a growing range       operates a radio station that offers English
of industries and services. There is an      and Cree programming, call in contests and     The colours of this medicine wheel may not
elementary school, secondary school,         Saturday night bingo.                          reflect the colours used by all First Nations
a post secondary education and adult                                                        people. Some Aboriginal groups may not
education facility. A wide selection of      Onion Lake First Nations continues to be       use the concept of the wheel; however, the
courses and activities designed for          a successful and growing community that        idea of the holistic wellness is common to
students pursuing post secondary             embraces and maintains their pride and         all Aboriginal people. We use this concept
education and those upgrading their high     spirituality. Elders are seen as pillars in    to understand Aboriginal child wellness.
school education are offered.                the community that are paramount to the        Aboriginal child wellness results from the
                                             success of their culture.                      balance of the physical, emotional, mental
The health centre provides residents with                                                   and spiritual dimensions of the individual,
many essential health services and has        Photo credit: Onion Lake Cree Nation,         family and community.
                                              reprinted from the Band website
                                                                                            Is your wheel

                                                                                                                SPIRITuAL    mENTAL



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