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					 Oakland Unified School District

School Portfolio Management

     Board Presentation

         December 13, 2006

                     -0 -
School Portfolio Management: Framework

                                School Portfolio Management
Every family will have access to at least two quality school options in their neighborhood, and
    the ability to select from a diverse range of educational options throughout Oakland

                                                 OUSD is continually managing
 Enrollment / Capacity                           its dynamic portfolio of schools
                                                 across these three dimensions

                                     High quality and
                     SUPPLY        diverse educational       DEMAND

                                                  -1 -
School Portfolio Management: History of work

                            School closures with little community engagement;

                 2004-2005                                                   2005-2006
Increased community involvement in decision                Significant community engagement with four
making process; Differentiated interventions for            school communities to identify appropriate
 13 Program Improvement Year 4 elementary                              intervention strategies


          Chief Academic Officer                       Chief of Community Accountability
      Proactive and targeted intervention to         Transparent and authentic community engagement
      accelerate achievement in schools                 process to identify areas where more significant
              which are struggling                     interventions (either due to school performance or
                                                                 enrollment) may be necessary

                                                        -2 -
School Portfolio Management: Categorization of Schools - QUALITY

Blue                         • Achieved district level accelerated growth target* for either a one year or three
                             year period
                             • Growth in all subgroups; Achievement Gap less than 50 pts** (or subgroup API
                             > 800), closing achievement gap
                             • Made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)***; No Program Improvement Status

Green                        • Made AYP
                             • No Program Improvement Status; no SAIT status

Yellow                       • Failure to make AYP in at least one of the past two years

Orange                       • All schools in Program Improvement Years 3+
                             • Any school in PI Year 1 or 2 that experienced a >5% decline in schoolwide CST
                             proficiency for either Math or ELA
Red                          • All schools in Program Improvement Years 4+
                             • Any school in PI Year 3 that experienced a >5% decline in schoolwide CST
                             proficiency for either Math or ELA

 •165% of anticipated API growth based on average growth within large California school districts
 ** Based on numerically significant subgroups: 100 or more students OR 50 or more students who mak e up at least 15% of the st udents
 at school.
 *** AYP is the measure under No Child Left Behind to ensure all students are -moving towards proficiency
     School Portfolio Management: Categorization of Schools – QUALITY
                                    SCHOOLWIDE: ABSOLUTE
   Examples                             PERFORMANCE                      SCHOOLWIDE: GROWTH                                 SUBGROUP PERFORMANCE

                                                                     Met API Stretch          04-05/ 05-06
                                                                     Growth Target            CST Change
                                                                                                                                                    Change in
                                            05-06    05-06                                                   Growth in    Lowest         Achieve.    Achieve.    Closing
                       05-06 PI 06-07 PI    CST:     CST:    05-06                                                 All   Perform   05-06 Gap (API    Gap (API   Achieve.
School          Tier    Status Status        ELA     Math      API   3 years   1 Year          ELA    Math    Groups?      Group     API  points)     points)      Gap?
SOBRANTE PARK   Blue         4         -   36.3%    56.6%     729        yes      yes           9%    19%         yes         EL    713        16         -41        yes

                Absolute Performance                            School wide                             Subgroup Performance /                         Tier
                                                                Growth                                  Achievement Gap
   Sobrante     • Exited Program Improvement                    • Achieved stretch                      • All subgroups are improving                  BLUE
   Park         status this year                                growth target for both 1                • Gap between schoolwide and
                • Made AYP in both ELA and Math                 and 3 years                             lowest performing subgroup (EL
                                                                                                        students) declined by 41 points
                                                                                                        during 05-06

                                                                                       -4 -
School Portfolio Management: Categorization of Schools - ENROLLMENT

                                          Primary Criteria
1: Significantly Under Enrolled           •   Less than 200 students
2: Requires Significant Small School      •   Elementary: Less than 310 students
Subsidy                                   •   Middle: Less than 250 students
                                          •   High: Less than 350 students

3: Requires Some Small School             •   Elementary: Less than 360 students
Subsidy                                   •   Middle: Less than 300 students
                                          •   High: Less than 400 students

4: Appropriate Size                       Sufficient Facilities for students and enrollment greater than:
                                          • Elementary: 360 students
                                          • Middle: 300 students
                                          • High: 400 students
5: Overcrowded                            • “Negative” classrooms (based on facilities formula)

   Secondary Criteria:
   • Facilities: Does school have the facilities capacity to grow its enrollment?
   • “Mega-Boundary”: Do neighboring schools have the capacity to absorb additional students?
   • Isolation: Does school meet geographical need based on how far away the next closest school is
   • Programmatic Diversity: Does school meet a need not otherwise met in the district?

                                                       -5 -
   School Portfolio Management: Categorization of Schools

                                                       Ongoing intervention and support
                                                        for ALL Yellow, Orange & Red
                              QUALITY                               schools

                              Blue       Green     Yellow   Orange            Red

             Under                         Possible need for

             Enrolled                     additional proactive
                                            interventions to
                                           improve situation              Need for
             Appropriate                                                 Significant
             Size                                                       Intervention
             Over          May need to     Possible need for
             Enrolled       address       additional proactive
                           enrollment       interventions to
                           challenges      improve situation

                                            -6 -
   School Portfolio Management: Categorization of Schools
                        2006-2007 School Portfolio Management areas of focus

BOLD ITALICS            Schools at capacity (based on facilities utilization formula)

  ENROLLMENT            BLUE                       GREEN                                YELLOW                    ORANGE                RED                    NEW*
<200 students           MARSHALL                   BURCKHALTER                          MET WEST                  E. OAKLAND COMM. HIGH                        KIZMET ACADEMY
                                                                                        MELROSE LEADERSHIP AC     SHERMAN
Requires Significant    REDWOOD HEIGHTS            CARL MUNCK                           EOSA                      MAXWELL PARK          ACORN WOODLAND         EXCEL (McClymonds)
Small School            THINK COLLEGE NOW          HOWARD                               LEADERSHIP PREP           LAFAYETTE             HORACE MANN            BEST (McClymonds)
  Subsidy               ENCOMPASS                  PERALTA                              YES YOUTH EMPOWERMENT                                                  SANKOFA
(>50 students           SOBRANTE PARK              GRASS VALLEY                         MEDIA COLLEGE PREP
from optimal)           HILLCREST                  EMERSON                              MANDELA
                                                   CLEVELAND                            ROBESON
                                                   KIPP                                 LIFE ACADEMY
                                                   LA ESCUELITA                         INT'L COMM. SCHL. (ICS)
                                                   KAISER                               M.L. KING, JR.
                        MONTCLAIR         SEQUOIA                                       ARCHITECTURE ACADEMY      EXPLORE COLLEGE PREP                         PLACE @ Prescott
Requires Small          CROCKER HIGHLANDS PIEDMONT AVE                                  SANTA FE                  HOOVER                                       FRED T. KOREMATSU
School subsidy                            JOAQUIN MILLER                                LAZEAR                                                                 ESPERANZA ACADEMY
(within 50 students                       LAKEVIEW
of optimal)

                                                   EDNA BREWER                          CBIT                      BRET HARTE             MADISON MIDDLE SCHL   NEW HIGHLAND ACADEMY
                                                   MONTERA MS                           SKYLINE HS                FRICK MIDDLE SCHOOL    CLAREMONT MS          BRIDGES @ Melrose
Appropriate Size                                   GLENVIEW                             OAKLAND TECHNICAL HS      URBAN PROMISE          BROOKFIELD            COLISEUM COLLEGE PREP ACADEMY
                                                                                        WESTLAKE MS                                      ALLENDALE             UNITED FOR SUCCESS ACADEMY
                                                                                        ROOSEVELT MS                                                           PERALTA CREEK MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                                                                        MARKHAM                                                                REACH ACADEMY
                                                                                        ASCEND                                                                 ROOTS INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY
                                                                                        GARFIELD                                                               ALLIANCE ACADEMY
                                                                                        BELLA VISTA                                                            MANZANITA SEED
                                                                                                                                                               MANZANITA COMMUNITY SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                                               RISE COMMUNITY SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                                               ELMHURST COMMUNITY PREP
Overcrowded             THORNHILL                  FRUITVALE                                                      OAKLAND HS
                        LINCOLN                    FRANKLIN
                        CHABOT                     LAUREL

          Alternative Education                                                         Incubating                Phasing Out
TILDEN               OAKLAND COMMUNITY DAY                                              COLE                      HAVENSCOURT MS
STREET ACADEMY       FAR WEST (MS & HS)                                                 WEBSTER ACADEMY           CALVIN SIMMONS
MERRIT MIDDLE COL HS DEWEY HS                                                           LOCKWOOD                  ELMHURST MS
BUNCHE               Laney Indep Study (K-12)                                           WHITTIER
RUDSDALE Continuation                                                                   JEFFERSON

* Growing Schools categorized based on eventual full size enrollment
                                                                                                                  -7 -
School Portfolio Management: 2006-2007 Schools of Focus

            SCHOOL              SUPPORT TO BE PROVIDED
Quality:    1) Claremont        • Schools will receive close monitoring and support through the Tiered
                                Intervention model
(Red        2) Madison                1) Central Office Support team including the Chief Academic Officer and
                                Chief of Community Accountability who will meet with school leadership team
Schools)                        twice annually to ensure progress is made towards the school goals and
            3) Allendale        evaluate any additional supports that may be necessary
                                      2) Additional funding for professional development through the Oakland
                                Acceleration Schools grant process
            4) Horace Mann
                                     3) Prioritization for network coaching and centralized professional
            5) Acorn Woodland
                                • Are there any additional interventions that would help the schools
                                accelerate their growth?
            6) Brookfield

   District is clarifying additional supports for schools in the Yellow and
   Orange tiers, as well as planning additional supports for Red Schools

                                                     -8 -
School Portfolio Management: 2006-2007 Schools of Focus

             SCHOOL               SPECIFIC ISSUE TO BE EXPLORED
Enrollment   7) Kizmet - UNDER    • With only 100 students at the school, what is the best solution?

             8) Tilden - UNDER    • How can the enrollment of non-special education students be increased?
             9) Howard -          • Is there a need for middle schools seats in the area and does it make sense to
             UNDER                grow Howard to a K-8?
             10) Lincoln - OVER   • Are there any facilities solutions can reduce the overcrowding at Lincoln and
                                  what is the related impact on neighboring Franklin & La Escuelita?

Enrollment   11) Sherman          • Schools are significantly undersize and have experienced enrollment decline;
                                  Schools are in the ORANGE quality tier
& Quality    12) Maxwell Park
                                  • What are the best solutions for these schools?
             13) East Oakland
             Community High

                                                        -9 -
School Portfolio Management: Historical Significant Intervention Alternatives

Alternative                 Description
Continued support and       • School continues to operate as it is currently configured and
monitoring                  received extensive support and monitoring from Network Officer
                            • School will continue to be an “Area of Focus” school
Internal Restructuring      • School engages in a comprehensive internal restructuring
                            process to redesign the school from within

New School Incubation       • A new school is created through the OUSD new school
                            incubation process
Charter Conversion and/or   • Tenured members of the existing staff vote to convert the
New Charter                 school to a charter school OR
                            • A new charter school opens on or nearby the existing campus
Closure                     • School is closed and the facility is used for another purpose

                                             - 10 -
     School Portfolio Management: Summary of Historical Interventions for
     Red Schools
                                                                    Identified as “Red” School
                                                        • Receive intensive monitoring & support
                                                        • Engage in community informed decision making process regarding
                                                        appropriate long-term intervention strategy
                                                        Brookfield, Acorn Woodland

  Continued Intensive              Internal Restructuring: Year One                                                               Charter Conversion or New
                                                                                        New School: Incubation                        Charter: Year One                     Closure
  Monitoring & Support           • School implements self-created restructuring     • School engages in year long                • School re-opens as a charter          Carter, Lowell
• School does not undergo any    plan                                               incubation process                           conversion or a new charter opens
formal restructuring             • REQUIRED RESULTS: Grow th in both ELA            Lockwood, Webster, Whittier,                 on campus
                                 and Math                                           Jefferson, Cole
                                 M adison, Claremont
AYP and OUSD accelerated
grow th targets

                                                                                          New School: Year One                         Charter Conversion or New
                                   Internal Restructuring: Year Two                                                                        Charter: Year Two

                                •REQUIRED RESULTS: achieve AYP and OUSD
                                                                                     • School opens in new school netw ork             • School receives final year of
                                                                                                                                       “protection from additional
                                accelerated grow th targets                          Alliance, Bridges at Melrose, CCPA,               intervention
                                                                                     Elmhurst Community Prep,
                                Allendale, Horace Mann [reconstitution plan]                                                           EFC – Cox, EFC – East Oakland
                                                                                     Esperanza,            ,
                                                                                                Korematsu M anzanita
                                                                                     Community School, New Highland
                                                                                     Academy, Peralta Creek, Place at
                                                                                     Prescott, Roots, United for Success

                                                                                               New School: Year Two
                                                                                    • School moves to traditional netw ork; receives
                                                                                    final year of “protection from additional
                                                                                    Best, Excel, Kizmet M anzanitaSEED, Reach,
                                                                                    Rise, Sankofa

                                                                                                   - 11 -
School Portfolio Management: Sample Community Engagement

 School                        Engagement Already Underway
 East Oakland Community High   Staff meeting: 10/24/06
                               Community meetings: 11/14/06, 11/30/06, 12/5/06
 Howard                        Staff meeting: 11/30/06
                               Community meeting: 12/05/06
 Kizmet                        Staff meeting: 10/13/06, 10/27/06, 11/29/06
                               Community meeting: 12/04/06
 Sherman                       Staff meeting: 11/29/06
                               Community meeting: 12/04/06
 Maxwell Park                  Staff meeting: 11/30/06
                               Community meeting: 12/07/07
 Lincoln                       Ongoing community meetings with Director of Facilities

 Tilden                        Staff meeting forthcoming

Significant engagement will continue to occur in all community between now and mid-
February to identify the appropriate strategies for each school community

                                               - 12 -
School Portfolio Management: 2006-2007 Timeline – DECISIONS

Activity                                                        Dates
Strategy Group: Data analysis and identification of “Areas of   10/1/06 – 11/1/06
Focus” schools
Community Engagement: Review and evaluation of intervention     11/1/06 – 2/1/07
Board of Education: School Portfolio Management framework       12/13/06
Strategy Group: Recommendation of appropriate intervention      2/1/07 – 2/15/07
alternatives (informed by community engagement)
State Administrator at Board of Education meeting: Decisions    Mid-February
regarding appropriate interventions

                                                - 13 -
 School Portfolio Management: Additional Work in Progress

Area            Status                                         Next Steps
Long-term       • Hired a full-time internal demographer       • Detailed analysis of “Areas of Focus”
Enrollment      to lead enrollment projection processes        neighborhoods to inform decision
Projections     • Partnering with Lapkoff & Gobalet            making: by January 1, 2007
                Demographic Research for external              • Comprehensive long-term enrollment
                expertise regarding long-term projections      projections district-wide: by March 1,
                district wide and within each particular       2007
Alignment of    • Working sessions underway to ensure          • Recommendations made by June
Facilities      alignment and prioritize the facility work     regarding prioritization of facilities
Master          necessary to support School Portfolio          projects to support School Portfolio
                Management                                     Management over the next 3-5 years
Planning with
Review of       • Site visits and data analysis currently      • Recommendations made by mid-
Alternative     underway                                       February regarding additional supports
Education                                                      and interventions necessary for the
                                                               2007-2008 school year

                                                      - 14 -

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