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					                                       «FIRST» «LAST»        M: (email for phone number)
OBJECTIVE                                                    Orange County, CA
I’m looking to take my engineering experience into
more of a business and customer focused role.      

I am a US citizen and willing to relocate.

     Category                                Familiar Technologies
Software              C, Objective-C, C++, C#, bash, PHP, SQL, perl, awk, sed, python,
Languages             x86 asm
Protocols             802.11a/b/g, PCI, ISA, TCP/UDP, RS232, I2C, SPI
Hardware Design
                      OrCAD Schematic Capture and Layout, Xilinx Foundation
Architectures         x86, ARM, XScale, TI DSP DM64x, SHARC
Microcontrollers      PIC, Scenix, Rabbit
                      Cocoa/iPhone, OpenGL, GTK/GNOME, SDL, LUA, wxWidgets,
S/W toolkits
I have extensive experience with Linux, embedded systems, and an understanding of the
Open Source community. I also have great attention to detail and a commitment to
excellence in quality, presentation, and communication.

  • Self motivated
  • Able to keep track of and prioritize tasks, and perform or assign them to the most
     qualified person
  • Led and trained a team of 2 IT professionals in maintaining our corporate computer
     and information systems, including our PBX and A/V equipment.
  • Led a team of 2-4 software engineers for the NetWeaver project (see below)
  • Focused on maintainability of projects, code/design reuse, longevity, and flexibility.
  • Experience working with the entire design process, from system requirements,
     software, hardware, and final product..
  • Basic experience with designing for manufacture principles
  • Experience creating marketing literature, manuals, artwork, etc., utilizing page-
     layout, image, and video editing applications.

2006-CURRENT         (TBA)                              PRINCIPAL SOFTWARE ENGINEER
Danny Sung

This company mostly focused on serial to ethernet gateways. I was brought in to help develop a new VPN-
like product.

    •   Became the project lead and promoted to a Principal within one year
    •   Lead a team of 2 engineers
    •   Served as the lead architect
    •   Worked closely with the Director to bring this product from concept to release
    •   Design made extensive use of open source technologies: OpenSSH, GnuPG, SQLite, PostgreSQL
    •   Developed a simple warm-failover solution

2005/11-2006/05      MADPAD MOBILE, INC.                                              PROGRAMMER
A mobile phone game development company. I worked on their lead software project, adding/update
elements including:

    •   Adding game elements according to predefined specifications
    •   Contributing new methods of controlling game play mechanics (eg. Splines)
    •   Adding network support, including relevant server-side capabilities
    •   Evaluated new technologies that allowed us to offer digital audio on phones that were previously
        thought to be unsupported.
    •   Extended build tools with PHP scripts to modify XML files required for the build process.
    •   Editing/remixed sound files to provide new and/or more appropriate sounds to the game
Reason for leaving: Company ran out of funding awaiting publication. The game was completed, however.

1998/07-2005/11       CHANG INDUSTRY, INC.                         SENIOR RESEARCH ENGINEER
This company was a government contractor, focusing on research primarily for military and law enforcement.

NetWeaver Product Development (2002/11 – 2005/11)
Goal: Expand upon the ADSS project, creating a Layer 2 wireless mesh network system

    •   Worked with a team of 3 others to design and create the logic for the mesh network
    •   Evaluated options for reducing the cost of manufacture
    •   Wrote the kernel drivers to handle special mesh packets, L2 tunneling, fragmentation, etc.
    •   Came up with coding style guidelines and a documentation system (doxygen)
    •   Wrote a C-based wrapper library for processing XML that is easier to use and less prone to error
    •   Created product sell sheet
    •   Performed thorough research of competitors
    •   Coined the NetWeaver trademark
    •   Evaluated numerous WiFi/ethernet-based video products.
    •   Lead the design of an in-house video capture system for military/law-enforcement needs, utilizing the
        TI DM642 DSP.
    •   Implemented the communication layer between the DSP and the XScale-based host processor. This
        involved a thin layer and API on the DSP side as well as a Linux kernel PCI driver and corresponding
        library on the host side.
    •   Proposed a pseudo-realtime PTT audio communication system to make optimal use of the network,
        while providing error free multi-channel radio transmissions.
ADSS Project (2001/05 – 2003/07)
Goal: Allow serial/modem-based communication system to be repeated up to a 22 sq. km. area.

    •   Developed a Serial-to-TCP gateway, emulating a Hayes compatible modem
    •   Implemented a simple Layer 3 mesh network system
ISIS Project (2002/02 – 2002/10)
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Danny Sung

Goal: Use a system of 3 or more 802.11b radios to determine the location of a particular transmitter.

     •   Used an FPGA to monitor timing, interfacing with an embedded computer via the ISA bus
     •   Wrote support utilities on the PC104-based embedded Linux system
     •   Wrote an MS-Windows OpenGL application to view the data
Miscellaneous Projects
   • Network servo controller for a pan-tilt camera, involving Linux driver and daemon, and Windows C#
       application to send joystick events over serial or network
   • C# GUI to send/receive information to a TI DSP, while keeping engineers accurately informed of
       control register contents and DSP state information
   • C# Program to launch multiple command line programs in a tabbed window
   • Developed Linux v4l driver for a PCI wavelet video compression board
   • Updated front-end for displaying and processing information for a FMCW radar-based concealed
       weapon detection system, involving reading in data from a dual-SHARC processor based DAQ,
       performing FFT, and some signal processing
   • Worked with several A/V codecs: JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG, Wavelet
   • Helped write a proposal for an under vehicle inspection system, utilizing video striping

     •   In addition to engineering duties, I simultaneously doubled as the senior IT manager, responsible for
         training, leadership, hiring, and firing of junior IT administrator and senior Windows administrator.
     •   Lead the development of the in-house web-based Purchase Order system, utilizing SQL, PHP,
         LaTeX, and Ghostscript to generate PS and PDF files
     •   Created a license-free mechanism for all workstations to create PDF files
     •   Implemented corporate firewall rules, spam filter, tutorials and video walk-throughs of software
     •   Lead implementation of corporate servers, RAID/LVM configuration, anti-virus policy, web proxy,
         backup software and policy, SSL usage, digital signatures for emails from all employees

1996,SUMMER             SPACE SYSTEMS/LORAL                                                      TEST TECH
Created an autobuild script and procedure for the Data Acquisition System used in satellite testing. Ported
old SunOS system, written in Modula-2, to a newer Solaris-based system. The build system was based on

1996                   UCLA, OFFICE OF ACADEMIC COMPUTING                                PROGRAMMER
Wrote custom scripts (Perl, Java, csh, awk) for use by users and staff on AIX/RS6000 machines. Also
handled some software installations.

BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles in 1998.

    • Co-founder of UCLA’s Linux User’s Group, 1996-1999.
    • I have been using Linux since the SLS distribution in 1993.
    • Wrote a Linux driver for the CX100 video frame grabber.

Additional coursework and projects for personal growth:
   • 2010 - Developing iPhone music time-stretching app
   • 2010 - Joined Toastmasters
   • 2009 - Developed and published an iPhone Port Knocker
   • 2004 – Speech: Public Speaking at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA
   • 1993 – Business: Human Relations at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA
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Danny Sung


       Description                 Expertise                               Tools
                                                   OrCAD; familiar with the entire process from high
Schematic Design and Layout Intermediate           level design, to component selection, and board
                                                   Xilinx (VHDL)
                                                   Implemented several designs interfacing an
FPGA Design                 Intermediate
                                                   embedded computer or microcontroller with
                                                   additional hardware

        Description                Expertise                        Tools/Comments
                             Expert; 15 years
C Language                                         GNU C; follow OO design methods and unit-testing
                             Intermediate; 2-3     Quite comfortable with iPhone development and
                             years                 framework.
                             Intermediate; 2-3
C++                                                Some MSVC++ experience
C#                           Beginner; 1 year      Very easy to transition from C
Documentation                Expert                doxygen, LaTeX, graphivz
Shell Scripts                Expert                Bash, perl, awk, sed
Shell Scripts                Beginner              Python
Unix Software Design                               Separation of processes, creating libraries, drivers,
Concepts                                           etc.
Low-level software                                 Familiar with real-time issues (e.g. servo control),
development                                        writing PCI and ISA-based drivers
                                                   scons, make, imake, rpm
Build Process Management     Expert                I developed a complete and robust multi-targeted
                                                   build process.
Unix Software Design                               Separation of processes, creating libraries, drivers,
Concepts                                           etc.
         Description               Expertise                        Tools/Comments
Version Tracking             Expert                git, mercurial, svn, cvs, rcs
                                                   Built entire Linux distribution from scratch
                                                   Built GNU toolchain from scratch
Embedded Linux Systems       Intermediate/Expert
                                                   Created RPMs and IPKG files for targets for
                                                   Wrote several device drivers (v4l, networking,
Linux Kernel                 Intermediate
                                                   PCI/ISA), interrupt handlers, task queues, ioctls.
                                                   Familiar with TCP, UDP client/server programming.
Network Programming          Intermediate/Expert   Created a custom library to abstract
                                                   TCP/UDP/Serial communications.

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Danny Sung

        Description               Expertise                     Tools/Comments
                                               Intimately familiar with 802.11b (and some
Wireless Networking         Intermediate       802.11a/g) MAC, protocol, spectrum, and RF
Mobile Development          Beginner; 1 year   BREW 1.x/2.x

        Description               Expertise                              Tools
Configuration Management    Expert             cfengine, rcs, svn, git
                                               BRU, RAID (hardware+software), evaluation of
Backup/Redundancy           Expert
                                               entire backup processes
                                               iptables, ferm, port knocking; developed firewall
Firewall/Network Security   Expert
                                               rules, and company security posture

        Description               Expertise                              Tools
                                               Lead the development of an internal web-based
                                               Purchase Order system. Created a simple
PHP                         Intermediate
                                               authentication system to consolidate open source
                                               web applications.
SQL                         Intermediate       PostgreSQL, mysql
Java                        Beginner
Javascript/AJAX             Beginner           I do have a firm grasp of client/server architectures

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