BE THE BEST by wuyunqing


									  BE THE BEST
An intellectual contest
      “DO YOU KNOW
       BE THE BEST
1. The Republic of Tatarstan is a
   _______ of the Russian

a) subject
b) object
c) state
       BE THE BEST
2. The Head of the Republic of
    Tatarstan is _______________.

a) the President
b) the Prime Minister
c) the Speaker of the State
       BE THE BEST
3. The territory of the republic is
    about _____________ square km.

a) 48 000
b) 58 000
c) 68 000
        BE THE BEST
4. The official languages of Tatarstan
    are _______________.

a) Russian
b) Tatar
c) Russian and Tatar
        BE THE BEST
5. There are ________ letters in
   the Tatar alphabet.

a) 26
b) 33
c) 39
         BE THE BEST
6. People of ________ nationalities
    live friendly in the republic.

a) 10
b) 100
c) 115
        BE THE BEST
7. There are ________ cities and
   towns in Tatarstan.

a) 5
b) 9
c) 20
         BE THE BEST
8. The population of the Republic of
    Tatarstan is _______ mln people.

a) 1.1
b) 3.8
c) 38
       BE THE BEST
9. Chistopol is situated on the
    ________ bank of the Kama River.

a) right
b) left
c) both
       BE THE BEST
10. Tatarstan’s second largest city
   is ______________.

a) Almetyevsk
b) Naberezhnye Chelny
c) Nizhnekamsk
11. Christmas is celebrated in
    Tatarstan in ______________.

a) December
b) January
c) February
       BE THE BEST
12. One of the oldest universities
   in Russia, Kazan University was
   founded in ________.
a) 1810
b) 1812
c) 1804
       BE THE BEST
13. The President of the Republic of
    Tatarstan is ___________ now.

a) M.Shaimiev
b) R.Minnikhanov
c) F.Mukhametshin
       BE THE BEST
14. One of the national sports in
   our republic is ___________.

a) football
b) wrestling
c) swimming
15. Ichigs are

a) ancient leather boots
b) slippers
c) modern shoes
        BE THE BEST
16. The Suyumbike Tower is
   _______ metres high.

a) 58
b) 46
c) 50
       BE THE BEST
17. The flag of Tatarstan is

a) white, blue, red
b) green, white, red
c) red, white, green
18. Kul-Sharif is a

a) Cathedral
b) Church
c) Mosque
       BE THE BEST
19. ________ was a talented
  composer, who contributed a lot to
  the development of Tatar
  professional music
a) Kavi Nadzhmi
b) Salikh Saidashev
c) Baki Urmanche
       BE THE BEST
20. Sabantuy is

a) a religious holiday
b) a celebration of the plough
c) the officially sanctioned

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