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                                                                Senior’s prom pictures. Courtesy of

                                                                THS Spotlight: Prom 2006                                            Outraged senior Laura Tesoro confirms for The Eagle’s
                                                                   By Brigitte Granger ‘06
                                                                                                                                    Eye, “Our party bus charged $127.50 per person!” Indeed,
                                                                   EE Managing Editor
                                                                                                                                    some students reasoned that the brief ride in a stylish
                                                                         After months of preparations, the anticipation of the      automobile was not worth the price and drove themselves
                                                                  senior prom finally proved worthwhile on Friday, June 2nd,        to prom in their own mode of transportation.
                                                                  2006. Held at the Italian Center in Stamford, the senior prom            The senior prom, like the other Trumbull High dances
                                                                  boasted delicious food, bright decorations, and of course,        of this year, made use of breathalyzers to prevent under-
                                                                  fantastic dance opportunities.                                    age drinking at the affair. Emily Abbate, senior, says, “It
                                                                         As typical of high school students, the ritual of get-     was a great way to wrap up the year with friends in a safe
                                                                  ting out of school early in order to prepare for the day’s        environment.” Indeed, the secure atmosphere added the
                                                                  events was no exception this year. Indeed, a long line of         evening’s splendor.
                                                                  students awaited their pass to leave at 11:00 as the eager-              As students danced the night away under the lights
                                                                  ness of the affair already set in. Girls attending the senior     on the dance floor, memories of the year passed by with
                                                                  prom had made appointments several weeks in advance               hot new songs as well as old favorites. Sharp senior Wade
                                                                  for this date, in order to achieve the perfect hairstyle, mani-   Shafer noticed that the DJ had a tendency to play two
                                                                  cure, makeup and tan.                                             slow songs back to back. While it is always difficult to
                                                                         When the time came, prom-goers flaunted their at-          please such a great number of people with different tastes
                                                                  tire in front of cameras, many taking photos at friends’          in music, most attendees will agree that the music made
                                                                  houses before the chic mode of transportation arrived.            the night enchanting.
                                                                  Junior Shane Connolly described everyone as “stunningly                  Of course, Post Prom allowed everyone to change
                                                                  attractive” in their prom attire, and he is looking forward to    out of his or her stiff formal clothes and relax into some-
                                                                  seeing photos of students dressed up in their formal best.        thing a bit more comfortable. With plenty of food and mu-
                                                                  Despite the rainy weather forecasted on the day of prom,          sic, the Post Prom provided a great way for the night to
                                                                  many students decided that the raindrops were not going           continue. The decorations of this year’s “board game”
                                                                  to cause their night to be overcast. Indeed, the shining          theme were remarkable, clearly taking many volunteers’
                                                                  smiles of seniors far outweighed the gloomy weather out-          hard work and hours of time to put together. Some favor-
                                                                  side.                                                             ites included the unforgettable “Guess Who?” set up of
                                                                          While many students opted for the classic white           seniors with a fact sheet covering their faces as well as
                                                                  limousine to take them to prom, others pitched in for the         “Pretty Pretty Princess” and “Candyland” hallways.
                                                                  infamous party bus, carrying thirty or more people. Party                All in all, Trumbull High’s senior prom of 2006 was a
                                                                  buses have become increasingly more popular over recent           delightful success, what many described to be everything
                                                                  years, but some argue that it just is not worth the price.        they had expected... and more.

 Sophomores partake in ‘Resurrection Project’
                                      prepared speech that involves a         given in early November, that be-       says Tegh Matharu who presented          diverse revoluntionists being por-
By Regina Kulacz
                                      little acting.                          ing the Resurrection project. The       his Resurrection project this past       trayed this year allow for students
EE Opinions Editor
                                          Global Insights is a sophomore      purpose of this project is to pick a    Monday as the first President of         to gain insight on how everyone
    It’s finally June, and sopho-     honors social studies class which       person whom you personally con-         Kenya, Jomo KenyaHa.                     makes a difference and affects the
mores in Mr. Blanc’s Global In-       serves as a supplementary option        sider revolutionary in history, to         Students this year have chosen        world around them.
sights class can breathe sighs of     to the U.S. History class. Unlike the   learn everything possible about         quite an aray of people. Selections         “It’s a relief to have finally pre-
relief. Well, maybe not quite so      traditional sophomore class, In-        them, and ultimately to become          stray from comedian phenomenon           sented, I was getting a little ner-
soon. Before they can relax before    sights focuses not on the history       them in a 15 minute presentation to     Dane Cook, to world renowned             vous towards the end” admits
their final exams, they’ll have to    of America, but on areas of revolu-     your classmates.                        ‘Barbie,’ even to the most photo-        Emily Lee who did her Resurrec-
become a completely different per-    tionary history. But what makes            “Everything we’ve done so far        graphed person in the world, Prin-       tion project as Anne Frank. “But it
son in front of their fellow class-   this class even more unique is the      this year has led up to this project,   cess Diana, as well as many people       was definitely a fun project to do.”
mates and teacher while giving a      assignment which students are           the whole curriculum, everything,”      in between. The great number of
                                                                                        Here’s to Goodbye...
                                                       In my four years at         most profound.                          This confidence was later se-            entire world. I also learned that
                                                        Trumbull High                        When I came into THS,         cured in a class that I took my          you do not have to be a great
                                                         School, I have            I had full intentions of focus-         sophomore year. With my new              writer, or even love writing to
                                                          participated in          ing my attention on softball            attitude, I knew what it was             love your time working for the
                                                            numerous ac-           and being a “sports girl.” I            that I wanted for my senior year.        Eagle’s Eye. There is no other
                                                             tivities, clubs       practiced pitching more than I          I wanted the position as Edi-            way to put it…I loved working
                                                              and       even       have practiced anything else in         tor-in-Chief of the paper and I          for this paper.
                                                              sports. Tak-         my life, and (pathetically) I still     worked for the next two years                     I had an awesome time
                                                                 ing part in       feel as if I did pretty well at try-    to achieve that goal. When I             writing these editorials this
                                                                 all of these      outs. In a sense, I kind of fig-        found out that I had received            year. How many people can say
                                                                 activities        ured I was “in.” Well…that did          the position as a Co Editor-in-          that they get to put their feel-
                                                                 h a v e           not exactly happen and I was            Chief for my senior year, I was          ings entirely out there for the
                                                                 helped me         totally devastated, but, as we          beyond elated. The best way              whole school to read once a
                                                                 learn        a    all know, life does move on.            to describe it was, it was a             month?! Since this is my last
                                                                 great deal        For me, moving on was joining           pretty “sick” moment.                    editorial that I will ever write
                                                                 about my-         the Eagle’s Eye. Literally, from                  I would not trade in my        for the Eagle’s Eye (wow), I’m
                                                                 self, where       the very first moment that I            four years on the Eagle’s Eye            going to leave you all with my
                                                                 I currently       walked through the doors into           staff for anything. I went from          last piece of advice. To every-
                                                                 stand, and        Mrs. Hennessy’s room, I was             being a staff writer, to an edi-         one who still has time here at
                                                                 what I in-        hooked.                                 tor, to one of the Editors-in-           THS, if you already haven’t,
                                                                 tend to do                  I became even more            Chief. I learned so much                 find something that you love
                                                                 with my fu-       hooked when I was given the             through this experience. The             to become involve in. It makes
                                                                 ture. Even        job of Entertainment Editor the         first thing I learned was how to         your time here feel even more
                                                                 though all        following year. I loved every-          handle a leadership role, see-           worthwhile than it already does
                                                            of these differ-       thing about working for the             ing as I never really had one            and you will learn a lot about
                                                                ent activi-        paper, and strangely, I was             before. I also learned, quite            yourself. To the seniors, all I
                                                                ties     had       pretty good at it. Up to this           strangely, that I do not want to         really have to say is good luck
                                                              their own af-        point of my life, I pretty much         be a journalist, because as I’m          next year!
                                                            fect on my life,       assumed that I was doomed for           sure you all have learned over
                                                           becoming part           mediocrity in everything that I         the past year (reading my glo-
                                                         o f t h e E a g l e ’s    did. The newspaper gave me              rious editorials) that I am not
                                                        Eye was by far the         the beginnings of confidence.           exactly the greatest writer in the       Laura Tesoro
                                                                                                                                                                    Co Editor-in-Chief ‘06

                                                                         “What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been”
                                                                                              Reflecting on an experi-     person who I have become                 sion of things, for me anyway. El-
                                                                                   ence like high school, it’s impos-      throughout high school. My En-           ementary school, middle school,
                                                                                   sible to sum up all of the good, bad,   glish class with Mrs. Rizza immedi-      high school, and college. If one
                                                                                   hilarious, insane times all in one      ately threw me in to a difficult read-   isn’t willing to accept the change,
                                                                                   word. It’s even harder to write an      ing curriculum and a plethora of         then where would that leave one?
                                                                                   editorial focusing on one or two        Latin roots which eventually would       Along, depressed, upset.
                                                                                   events, considering I’ve created so     aid me on the SATs. Through the                      So I pose this question,
                                                                                   many great memories throughout          teachings of Mrs. Owen sopho-            what’s so bad about this change?
                                                                                   my time here at Trumbull High.          more and junior year, I learned          You’ve been given the opportunity
                                                                                              However, my memories at      about communications and video           to apply to all different colleges,
                                                                                   Trumbull high would have been           production; she brought a whole          you’ve selected one and now
                                                                                   nonexistent without the company         new world of technology to my            you’ll be on your way. Next year,
                                                                                   of my friends. Freshman and             fingertips. Throughout the whirl-        your life will expand to a whole new
                                                                                   sophomore year, it seemed to be a       wind of chaos, the bicentennial          set of friends and an entirely new
                                                                                   whirlwind of new faces and differ-      class under Mr. Margonis – unde-         setting, which will open up dozens
                                                                                   ent acquaintances, but as the time      niably the one class that truly pre-     of opportunities for your future.
                                                                                   progressed – the people I continu-      pared me for my future endeavors         Sure, you have the friendships
                                                                                   ally hung out with became con-          at Uconn the greatest, is an experi-     from high school and a family at
                                                                                   stant. The fourteen or so girls that    ence I will hold close forever.          home, however if I can leave any-
                                                                                   I seem to do everything with be-                  All of the courses you         thing within the lines of this edito-
                                                                                   came the first people I called on       take in this school, and all of the      rial, it is that you have to cherish
                                                                                   Friday night, and the faces that        activities you are privileged to be      the memories you have because
                                                                                   were in all my pictures. Everything     involved in – are all aimed in such      you were fortunate enough to en-
                                                                                   from driving around Trumbull in         a focus that you are ending up at        joy them while you could. I guess
                                                                                   search of the components to make        some ultimate goal, graduation.          in some round about way, Be thank-
                                                                                   Brownie Sundaes, playing never          Now that the time is finally here,       ful for the memories, but be excited
                                                                                   have I ever late nights in the beach    it’s surreal. The fact that in less      to make more. Good luck to the
                                                                                   in Fairfield, ending up at funroe       than 3 weeks, I’ll be walking with       class of 2006; the best of luck in
                                                                                   diner after a long night, and scav-     my class of over five hundred, I         whatever the future may bring you.
   “The future is no place to                                                      enger hunts that left us laughing
                                                                                   to long car rides to West farms and
                                                                                                                           guess it just hasn’t hit me yet.
                                                                                                                                     I’ve been asked if I like

    place your better days”                                                        numerous days in a row at the
                                                                                                                           change, and I’ve come to realize
                                                                                                                           that the answer to that is yes. Per-
                                                                                              The teachers I’ve had        haps I don’t like change, but I ac-      Emily Abbate
                                                                                   have also continued to mold the         cept it. This is the natural progres-    Co Editor-in-Chief ‘06
                       [Dave Matthews Band]

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                                                                               !"#$#%$&                                                                                         3
        A dedication to Mr. Dimaggio
By Sarah Nugent ‘06                  might be making them feel em-
                                                                                                                        A farewell to Mrs. Curtiss
EE Opinions Editor                   barrassed when they are dis-
          In every student’s life,   cussing cars, and the fact that                                                By Dara Rosenblatt
there are always those teach-        their car has only three cylin-                                                EE Copy Editor ‘08
ers, those amazing teachers          ders, while the rest of the class                                                        After teaching 35 years asked her opinions and views on
who influence their life greatly.    is dead silent. Even if these                                                  at Trumbull High School, Mrs. how the school and especially
Even if those teachers’ classes      tactics end up making them cry                                                 Curtiss has announced her retire- the English department has
are extremely tough (and may         (and I can admit to doing just                                                 ment. When talking to her I real- changed since the year she be-
not always be fun), it is those      that), then so be it. Every stu-                                               ized that there was no doubt that gan teaching here. After many
tough classes, which usually         dent will realize in the end that                                              she had much to say about her years, Mrs. Curtiss has noticed
mean the most. I can person-         all of the strife and persever-                                                days here at Trumbull High.        a more structured, less creative,
ally vouch to that fact espe-        ance was so worth it. Mr. D                                                              Mrs. Curtiss first told less imaginative English depart-
cially for one teacher: Mr. Jim      helped me realize that just be-                                                me the many different classes ment. She states that students
DiMaggio. Mr. D is an intelli-       cause your grades may not be                                                   that she taught. These included are “living in the land of rubrics
gent, funny man and although         as good as you want them to                                                    Shakespeare, Literature of Peace, and CAPT testing, and somehow
his class was extremely hard, I      be, that does not mean that you                                                Protest, and Tolerance, American the English department needs to
learned a huge amount. At            have not learned something.                                                    Perspectives, Senior Writing encourage kids to question,
times, he may be a little misun-     The only way a student can                                                     Workshop (just                                       think,      and
derstood; however, I know that       become proficient in a topic is Mr. Dimaggio shows off his tattoo.             this year), and                                      probe.” We dis-
he was the very best math            to work hard in order to gain a Photocurtisy of Trillium                       American Stud-                                       cussed that kids
teacher I have ever had.             full comprehension. In harder                                                  ies with Mr. Wil-                                    don’t read as
          Moreover, this year is     classes students are pushed to               However, I did not en-            liams. She used          “The days are               much as they
his final year at Trumbull High.     work harder so that they learn joy Mr. D’s class just because                  to teach Adoles-       over, so it goes.” used to because
After many years of enlighten-       more and this is exactly what we went off on tangents often.                   cent Experience                                      of their ex-
ing freshman, sophomores,            Mr. DiMaggio did to me.           It was Mr. D’s ability to capti-             and a Vonnegut                                       tremely busy
juniors and seniors, he will of-              In addition, all of the v a t e t h e c l a s s r o o m , a n d t o   and      Chaplin                                     lifestyles. Mrs.
ficially depart from this school.    tough teachers that I have had know exactly when to stop fool-                 course. Mrs.                                         Curtiss has no-
The New York Giants and Yan-         a t Tr u m b u l l H i g h — M r. ing around and get work done.                Curtiss arrived at Trumbull High ticed a decline in how many
kees murals in his room will re-     DiMaggio, Mrs. Jenkins and I envy his abilities greatly, es-                   School the year it opened in 1971. pages she can assign for read-
main, but A-1 will never be the      Mr. Blanc included have sig- pecially since this year, I my-                   She has come to the point where ing each night. She makes sure
same.                                nificantly influenced me as a self have been in many leader-                   she has students whose parents to show students that reading is
          For that reason, this is   person. Although I took their ship positions and I certainly                   were in her classes many years “a window into another world”.
my dedication to Mr. DiMaggio        classes many years ago, I can do not possess his skills of                     ago. “THS gave me Mr. Curtiss,              Mrs. Curtiss is going to
and all that he has completed        still remember much of what captivation and control.                           thousands of wonderful stu- miss her spectacular, precious
in his career here at Trumbull       they taught me. For instance,                On that note, I give Mr.          dents, B12, and great col- homeroom, B12, and all other
High. Mr. D should feel accom-       Mrs. Jenkins’s fun Friday ex- D the tip of my hat, and a fond                  leagues,” said Mrs. Curtiss, students. She has had tremen-
plished for these past few de-       periments or Mr. Blanc’s 60’s farewell. I hope that Florida                    showing her strong feelings for dously successful years here at
cades of his hard work and im-       unit, and Mr. D’s random tan- suits him well, even though                      her experiences here at Trumbull Trumbull High. We are all sad to
mense amounts of dedication.         gents (and no, I don’t mean the there will be no adolescents in                High School.                       see her retire, but as Mrs. Curtiss
He has educated students the         math sort), which tended to take a 10-mile radius and yes, I said                        As a very well known states, “The days are over, so it
best way he knows how. This          over the entire period.           radius.                                      English teacher in our school, I goes.”
4   !"#$%#&
                                                                          !"#$#%$&                                                                                     5
       Just say no to
    mandatory minimum                                                       On the wings of our seniors
By Hannah Gurbarg
EE Staff Writer ‘08
           There should be no        hurt them more and make them       By Kylie Angell ‘08
 mandatory minimum drug              into more of a risk to society     EE Staff Writer
 laws at all. Congress enforced      than before.
 these laws, thinking they                                                    Before this year, it never     all in the game. The upperclass-    sophomore”, to “ill-wishing,
                                              Congress made manda-
 would work, but in fact they                                           really occurred to me that se-       men would never let anyone          conniving sophomore.”
                                     tory minimum sentences be-
 are making things worse.                                               niors would ever play a part in      mess around with their puny                As the school year
                                     cause they intended to target
 People who are first time of-                                          my life.                             freshmen. It must be the older      wanes, I anticipate the begin-
                                     big time drug dealers and big
 fenders have to serve sen-                                                   I can probably thank           sibling mentality: It’s all right   ning of summer. With this new
                                     time men in the business, but it
 tences that are way too long                                           shows like Boy Meets World,          to ruffle the feathers of a         beginning, however, comes the
                                     is not working out that way. In
 for the crime that they com-                                           where the slick seniors con-         younger brother or sister, but      inevitable separation between
                                     fact, the U.S. Sentencing Com-
 mitted. Congress should                                                tinuously shove Cory and             as soon as someone comes            my senior friends and myself.
                                     mission reports that only 5.5
 eliminate mandatory minimum                                            Shawn into lockers.                  along looking to pick a fight,      The thought that next year I
                                     percent of all federal crack co-
 once and for all.                                                            I never would have             the older sibling will make sure    will no longer see these famil-
                                     caine defendants and 11 per-
       Mandatory minimum are                                            guessed, though, that I would        to protect the younger sibling.     iar faces at soccer games or
                                     cent of the federal drug defen-
 sentencing laws that were en-                                          miss our senior class as much               After being a sophomore      track meets or swim meets, or
                                     dants are high-level drug deal-
 acted in 1986. They force                                              as I am going to when they           this year, I can attest to this.    hear their voices in choir or the
                                     ers. Law enforcement is lock-
 judges to deliver fixed sen-                                           graduate.                            Before the year began, I knew       musical or in the newspaper, is
                                     ing up people and putting them
 tences to individuals con-                                                   Last year as a freshman,       that as a Trumbull High vet-        something I will try to avoid
                                     in prison or time that high man
 victed of a crime, regardless                                          or as I was often dubbed by the      eran, it was now my duty to         for a while. However, eventu-
                                     on the totem pole should be
 of culpability or other factors.                                       loving upperclassmen, a              welcome the new batch of            ally, it will be time for them to
                                     spending in there. Low-level
 The sentences are based on                                             “freshie,” I remember coming         “freshies” into the Eagles’ nest.   move on to college and every-
                                     offenders, such as street deal-
 three factors: the type of                                             into high school expecting to        So, yes, I will admit that I too    thing else they have planned
                                     ers or drug mules, often end up
 drug, the weight of the drug                                           be treated just like Cory and        carried on the tradition of our     for their futures. They can rest
                                     serving a longer sentence be-
 mixture, and the number of                                             Shawn. Luckily, for me nothing       world-renowned “pool,” but          assured, though, that when it
                                     cause they do not have any or
 prior convictions. The only                                            even close to that happened.         only with the best of inten-        is my time to make the same
                                     have little information to give
 way you can reduce your                                                Sure, I may have been misdi-         tions. I had been in their shoes    flight from THS, it will be a
                                     the government. Also, manda-
 sentence is by providing the                                           rected a few times to the “3 rd      the year before and I knew how      great deal easier after being on
                                     tory minimum is putting these
 prosecutor with “substantial                                           floor” or the “Olympic-size          far to go before I crossed the      their wings.
                                     low-time offenders in prison is
 assistance” (information that                                          pool” in the basement, but it is     line from “funny, good-natured
                                     causing overcrowding prob-
 will help them bust a person
                                                                             Stereotypes and labels bring us
                                     lems. Mandatory minimum is
 that is higher up then you on       unjust and it is messing up the
 the chain).                         law system. Judges should be
           The standards for
                                     the ones to have the final say,
 mandatory minimum drug              not the prosecutor. Mandatory
 sentencing are not sufficient       minimum changes the author-        By Stephanie Helfrich
 at all. They leave out many         ity of making decisions from       EE Staff Writer ‘09
 important factors that should       the lawyer to the judge when                Have you ever sat                     “You’re such a poser.”
 also play a role; such as the       the judge should be the one to     down on a park bench staring         These four words can ruin your
 person’s true incentive, the        make the decisions.                at the people passing by?            style in a few seconds. If you
 likelihood that they will com-             Overall the mandatory       People watching is a interest-       are trying out a new look or try-
 mit the drug crime again, and       minimum drug sentencing laws       ing activity that everyone does      ing to fit in with a new group,
 the role that they played.          do not change the way people       without realizing it. But when       and they don’t accept you, you
 Without these factors, the law      think. The law is not going to     you are watching that boy run        could be called a poser. Accord-
 is putting offenders in prison      stop them. Diane Belinkie says,    by with the five inch high, blue     ing to a
 who do not deserve to be            “Mandatory minimum does not        mo-hawk hairstyle, do you            poser is: “a person who habitu-
 spending large amounts of           deter people from doing what       judge him? Do you think to           ally pretends to be something
 time in there. Attorney Diane       they are going to do anyway.       yourself, that kid has some is-      he is not”. Being known as a
 Belinkie states, “I absolutely      They do not think about the        sues?                                poser is a reason why kids to-
 do not agree with mandatory         consequences at all.” Manda-       Ever since I was in kindergar-       day do not wear skating shoes
 minimum. Not everything is          tory minimum is hurting the in-    ten adults told me Don’t judge       and a popped collar. They are
 black and white in this world.      nocent people and is not harm-     a book by its cover. When I          afraid people will not accept
 You need to take all the fac-       ing the big time monsters that     hear this I think I don’t. But the   them.
 tors into consideration.” In        it was set out to do. Mandatory    sad truth is, most do. Stereo-                 Style is supposed to be
 fact, by having vulnerable          minimum sentencing laws            types are everywhere. People         an easy choice to make. People
 and first time offenders in jail,   should be abolished from the       judge themselves and others.         that make fun of your fashion
 they can learn things that will     American law system.                                                                                      Some of THS’s most popular fads!
                                                                                 Groups are formed           and call you a poser make this
                                                                                                                                               Photo by Laura Tesoro
                                                                        where you need to were a             decision hard. Most kids follow
                                                                        popped-collar polo shirt or you      a fad like wearing a Northface
                                                                                                                                                 and eventually get to know
                                                                        need to dress in all black to fit    or clogs. That way no one can
                                                                                                                                                 him. For all I know, this kid may
                                                                        in. These styles bring up com-       make fun of them for being dif-
                                                                                                                                                 be my future husband. I guess
                                                                        mon labels such as ‘prep’ or         ferent.
                                                                                                                                                 the saying “don’t judge a book
                                                                        ‘gothic’. These labels can be                  If that boy with the
                                                                                                                                                 by its cover” means something
                                                                        hurtful. It is easy to poke fun      five inch mo-hawk walked up
                                                                                                                                                 greater than any human can ac-
                                                                        at the way someone dresses or        and started talking to me, at
                                                                                                                                                 complish but the good people
                                                                        the things they do or say.           first I would think “Whoa” and
                                                                                 Not all stereotypes are     stare at his hair. But I would not try.
                                                                        bad. Some stereotypes are re-        make a rude comment or make
                                                                        spected. Usually people within       fun of him. I would talk to him
                                                                        stereotypes are nice but its ac-
                                                                        cepting the other groups that
                                                                        can be hard. Fourteen year old
                                                                        Carolyn Clyons says that,
                                                                        “There are definitely different
                                                                        groups at our school. Basically
                                                                        you could categorize them as
                                                                        the athletic group, theatrical
                                                                        group, and academic group. I
                                                                        guess they socialize mostly
                                                                        within their group but the do
                                                                        socialize with other groups as
6                                                                                                                     !"#$            Hunger Project Page 7

      No Changes to Required Reading List Likely by Next
                                                  Options for Change are Being Evaluated; Situation is Difficult
By Bryan Murphy ‘06 and
Stephan Hock ‘06                          universally hailed as classics of        Racism is part-and-parcel of reality,   result of racial tensions either, said     dents, is currently “getting different
EE Staff Writers                          American literature, and, ironically,    and Mr. Tremaglio, in an interview      Mrs. Spillane, saying that such sub-       book lists… curricula guides, we’re
       The current controversy can        both staunchly oppose racism. To         with the Trumbull Times, said, “We      stitutions are often requested “based      looking at different set-ups in dif-
be traced back to a racially charged      attempt to construe “Huckleberry         need to present students with real-     on religious reasons, because of the       ferent districts to see what we can
Board of Education meeting held on        Finn” as racist, says Mr. Odoardi,       ity, and sometimes that might be        language, you know, or because of          do”.
April 25th in which numerous allega-      an English teacher at Trumbull High,     uncomfortable”. Mrs. Spillane re-       treatment of religious themes”.                       Nonetheless, the question
tions of racism were brought against      is “a misreading of Huck”. When          echoed this feeling, saying, “I think              Unfortunately, this is          that is begged is why a minority
the Trumbull school district.             asked if he considered “The Color        it’s good for students to read books    hardly an ideal solution. As Mrs.          might ever feel so isolated in the
           The situation was under-       of Water” or “The Miseducation of        that challenge their ideas. I think     Spillane explained, “When you as-          Trumbull High School environment.
standably distressing. The aspect         a Negro”, the two books proposed         there’s a big difference between        sign an alternate text, really essen-      The simple fact of the matter is that
of the meeting which most threat-         as replacements for “Mockingbird”        something that offends someone          tially what’s happening is most stu-       minorities are scarce in the upper
ened an immediate change to the           and “Huckleberry Finn”, as worthy        and something that challenges           dents don’t even stay in the class-        echelons of Trumbull High
educational environment in                substitutes, Mr. Odoardi replied,        somebody’s ideas”.                      room for the discussion of the text        academia. For example, minorities are
Trumbull High, however, was a pro-        “No. They’re good books, but                       It thus appears that “The     that the class is reading, and so          severely underrepresented in 400
posal floated by parent Kim               they’re not the quality of Huck          Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”         they’re missing out on weeks worth         and A.P. level classes.
Baskerville for the school board to       Finn”.                                   and “To Kill a Mockingbird” can be      of instruction and interaction with               Part of the problem, sug-
reconsider certain novels on the re-                The other English teach-       safely assured of their esteemed        their classmates”. The perverse situ-      gested a faculty member, is that there
quired reading book list, especially      ers of Trumbull High agree. Mr.          place in the Trumbull High curricu-     ation, then, is that in a situation such   are so few minority role models on
“The Adventures of Huckleberry                                                                                                                                        the Trumbull High faculty. There are
Finn” and “To Kill a Mockingbird”,                                                                                                                                    only two non-janitorial African-
because of their potentially racially                                                                                                                                 American members of the Trumbull
offensive language.                                                                                                                                                   High faculty, Mr. Lewis in the C-
           However, it appears almost                                                                                                                                 House Guidance Department, and
certain that Baskerville’s proposal                                                                                                                                   Mr. Grant, an aide in the Special Edu-
will not come to pass – at least this                                                                                                                                 cation Department. Neither of these
year. Said Mrs. Spillane, the head of                                                                                                                                 figures is a high-ranking member of
the English Department, “I don’t                                                                                                                                      the Administration or a regular staff
think anything would happen                                                                                                                                           teacher, the two positions in which
quickly enough to see a change for,                                                                                                                                   a minority faculty member would
certainly not the beginning of next                                                                                                                                   interact most with students. As
year, but probably not next year at                                                                                                                                   such, it is entirely possible that a
all”. This is because, at the best of                                                                                                                                 student might graduate from
times, changing the book list at                                                                                                                                      Trumbull High school without inter-
Trumbull High is an onerous pro-                                                                                                                                      acting with an African-American
cess requiring at least four steps.                                                                                                                                   member of the faculty.
That process would understandably                                                                                                                                                As noted by School Su-
take even longer in presence of ra-                                                                                                                                   perintendent Ralph Iassogna in an
cial tension.                                                                                                                                                         interview with the Trumbull Times,
           There is also dispute as to                                                                                                                                part of the problem is that Fairfield
whether altering the book list is an                                     Controversial books in Trumbull High School’s curriculum.                                    County, where Trumbull High
appropriate response to criticism                                                    Photo courtesy of The Eagle’s Eye.                                               School is located, is predominantly
under any circumstances. Says Dr.                                                                                                                                     white and very affluent, which makes
Tremaglio, Principal of Trumbull          Smith, another English teacher at        lum for now. However, that still        as that floated by Kim Baskerville,        difficult both the recruitment of mi-
High, the objective of the book list      Trumbull High, said, “When we            leaves us with the issue of racism at   where a student is the only African-       nority staff members from inside the
is to give a “varied, realistic, and      talked about it at the department        Trumbull High – an issue which can-     American in their class reading a          region and relocation of staff mem-
comprehensive view of Americana,          meeting two weeks ago, we were           not be solved by shuffling around       book which uses racial epithets, if        bers from outside the region prohibi-
or whatever the course of study           unanimous in feeling it [Huckleberry     novels.                                 that student feels uncomfortably           tively costly. Still one must wonder
might be”, and such necessary di-         Finn] was strongly anti-racism and                 If a student at Trumbull      alone, then the standard administra-       if it would not be possible to em-
versity would be compromised in “a        furthermore, excellent literature,”      High feels uncomfortable reading a      tive response is to single out that        ploy more than two African-Ameri-
situation where we just expunge           and went on to add, “it would be a       certain novel in a classroom setting,   student by assigning them a book           can faculty members.
certain books because some people         grievous loss to the education of        there is “an alternate set of books”,   separate from the rest of their peers                 When faced with such
don’t like them”.                         Trumbull High students if either         says Dr. Tremaglio, from which the      and essentially cut them out of class-     rampant inequality at the highest
           The specifics of this situ-    book were dropped”.                      teacher can “make alternative selec-    room interaction.                          levels of the academic and faculty
ation also make any possible alter-                  The administration also       tions to compensate for people’s                   It should be noted that the     environment, one must wonder if the
ation to the book list highly unlikely.   believes that it is not only impos-      discomfort”. Dr. Tremaglio empha-       administration is looking further into     issue of a book list is not a straw
The two books targeted – “The             sible, but against the student’s best    sized that, “That is not something      the situation. According to Dr.            man, distracting us all from far more
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”           interests to shield them from all that   that is new, we’ve always had that”.    Tremaglio, Mr. Pijar, the Dean of Stu-     pressing issues.
and “To Kill a Mockingbird” – are         might be considered unpleasant.          Such substitutions are not only the

            Schedule change official for next year
By Stephanie Helfrich ‘09                 days of the week will be a letter of     “lab day.” The school is increas-       the halls less congested through-          the teacher contracts of Trumbull
and Casey McCullough ‘09                  the alphabet (up to D). One of the       ing the student labs from 20% to        out the course of the day it inter-        High School and their student/
EE Staff Writers                          four rotating days will come twice       25%. This new schedule will cre-        fered with labs and lunch periods.         teacher interaction time.
       The new schedule that will         a week depending on what day is          ate “benefits for the health program             The “seven period modu-                     “Schedules were de-
be in effect next year will not be        on a Monday. Although it sounds          and benefits from the science pro-      lar schedule” has also been                signed to meet academic needs, to
very different from what we have          different from this year’s schedule,     gram,” according to Mr. Lippman.        dropped due to the Starbase atten-         provide safety and to try and al-
this year. Instead it will be what Mr.    it will only affect the science labs              In addition, this new          dance system not being able to             low the school to operate effi-
Lippman, the B-House principal,           and the P.E/Health program.              schedule is more flexible than the      keep up with the modular sched-            ciently as a place of learning as well
describes as an “A,B,C,D sched-                     Science classes, grades        original schedule change that           ule.                                       as for people to socialize,” says Mr.
ule.”                                     10-12, will be assigned a “lab day,”     Trumbull High School was consid-                 Mr. Lippman strongly              Lippman.
           We will have a rotating        either A, B, C, or D. You will do        ering for next year. Although the       emphasizes that the second change
letter schedule where the different       labs only on the day that is your        other schedule would have made          in schedule has nothing to do with
                                                                                                                 !"#$                                                                        7
                       REACH students participate in
                            Hunger Project                                                                                                                       “We the People”
                                       House, a soup                                                   After de-      cessfully. It took many weeks to
                                                                                                                                                                 Team Places First
By Kara Collins ‘06
and Tanya Jacheo ‘08                   kitchen in down-
                                       town Bridgeport.
                                                                                                       ciding         complete each bowl. The process
                                                                                                                      of rolling out the clay, shaping,
                                                                                                                                                                   in Northeast
EE Staff Writers                                                                                       w h a t
                                       The students                                                    project        smoothing, firing and then glazing
                                                                                                                                                               By Bryan Murphy ‘06
                                       served breakfast                                                to do, we      was fun but it also showed the stu-
                                                                                                                                                               EE Staff Writer
      Have you heard the recent        and helped to                                                   were met       dents how hard it was to make
commercial that talks about Con-       prepare lunch.                                                  with the       beautiful bowls out of clay or dirt.
                                                                                                                                                                           Trumbull High School’s
necticut being the wealthiest state    Student volun-                                                  task of               We also learned that twenty-
                                                                                                                                                               “Bicen” team, as it is affectionately
in the United States? This is not      teer Ana Rubino                                                 deciding       five percent of the people using
                                                                                                                                                               known, represented the state of Con-
that surprising to many of us, but     said, “It was                                                   what to        emergency feeding programs such
                                                                                                                                                               necticut at the beginning of May in
you may not realize that 280,000       heartbreaking to                                                do for         as the Merton House are members
                                                                                                                                                               the national “We the People: The Citi-
people in Connecticut are “food in-    see how many            Tom Sockolosky                          o u r          of the working class. This is a prob-
                                                                                                                                                               zen and the Constitution” competition
secure,” or not assured access at      people needed to        Photo Courtesy of Ms. Connon            project.       lem that is more wide-spread than
                                                                                                                                                               in Washington D.C.
all times to enough food for           come in to get                                                  After          any of us realized and it has in-
                                                                                                                                                                           The competition is a simu-
healthy, active lives, according to    food”.                                 much thought we agreed to volun-        creased dramatically during the last
                                                                                                                                                               lated congressional hearing which is
End Hunger Connecticut!, a state-             The funding for this project teer at the Merton House and to            decade. For anyone who is inter-
                                                                                                                                                               attended by over 50 teams, one from
wide advocacy organization.            was provided by a grant from The make bowls that we were going to              ested in finding out more about
                                                                                                                                                               each state and a smattering from the
               The Trumbull Alter-     School for Ethical Education in ask the Merton house to display.               this problem, you can visit the fol-
                                                                                                                                                               variousAmerican territories. Each team
nate students decided to bring at-     Milford. Whether it was through After a few weeks of working on                lowing                    websites
                                                                                                                                                               must respond to six “Units” of similar
tention to this problem through        making art, documenting the pro- the bowls, Ms. Connon, our advi-                  and
                                                                                                                                                               issues, each Unit covering a certain
their art exhibit, “The Hunger         cess on film and video, working on sor and English teacher, made ar- 
                                                                                                                                                               range of information concerning the
Project,” at the Nest Arts Factory     promotional material or through rangements for an exhibit at the                      Trumbull Alternate is cur-
                                                                                                                                                               Constitution. For example, Unit One’s
in Bridgeport during the month of      volunteering, all Alternate students Nest Arts Factory.                        rently holding a food drive to do-
                                                                                                                                                               focus is, “What Are the Philosophical
May. The students created a “dys-      and staff members participated in                    The idea for making       nate nonperishable food items to
                                                                                                                                                               and Historical Foundations of the
functional dinner table” that show-    this project in some way.              bowls to represent hunger was           the Merton House. If anyone
                                                                                                                                                               American Political System?” while Unit
cased ceramic bowls that were mis-            The idea for a service-learn- suggested by Mrs. Durand, our art         would like to participate, donations
                                                                                                                                                               Six must focus on, “WhatAre the Roles
shapen or damaged in some way,         ing project was originally brought teacher. Every student was shown            can be dropped off at the Trumbull
                                                                                                                                                               of the Citizen in American
thereby serving as visual meta-        to the teachers at Alternate in No- how to make a bowl and then we             Alternate School through June 9.
                                                                                                                                                               Democracy?”For each Unit, there are
phors for this problem.                vember. After much deliberation, decided what our bowls should
                                                                                                                                                               three multi-stage questions which the
      In addition, several students    the students decided that they look like. The process was long and
                                                                                                                                                               members of that Unit must be prepared
volunteered at the Thomas Merton       wanted to help the less fortunate. hard, but we finally finished suc-
                                                                                                                                                               to answer, in both a four-minute pre-
                                                                                                                                                               pared speech segment, and a six-

                                       Day without immigrants                                                                                                  minute question and answer session
                                                                                                                                                               with Constitutional experts from
                                                                                                                                                               around the country.
                                                                                                                                                                           Trumbull High School has
By Stephen Yenke ‘08                   Schwarzenegger urged the immi-           met with some opposition. Some        illegal immigration is a serious prob-   placed first at the State competition for
EE Staff Writer                        grants not to boycott on May 1,          Americans were alarmed at the         lem in the United States. On May         over a decade running, and thus this
                                       but rather on the weekend and af-        number of people marching             15, President Bush addressed the         year’s team had a great deal to live up
       The Day Without Immi-           ter work.                                through the streets clearly stating   nation and announced plans for the       too. However, this year’s situation was
grants, also known as the Great                  Nevertheless, the boycott      their illegal immigrant status.       Pentagon to deploy up to 6,000           complicated by the resignation of Mr.
American Boycott of 2006, and El       went on. In New York City, over          These anti-immigrants took the        National Guard troops to secure the      Sullivan, the excellent teacher who had
Gran Paro Americano, was a boy-        200,000 people marched from              streets holding signs like, “Keep     southern U.S. border. In short, the      led the “Bicen” team to success since
cott of American schools and busi-     Chinatown to Union Square and            marching; only 500 more miles to      boycott had little effect on the         the program’s foundation.
nesses held on May 1, 2006. This       then proceeded down Broadway.            Mexico.”                              economy, but had a huge effect on                 Thus, Mr. Margonis, a new-
date coincided with May Day, an        In Chicago, over 400,000 people                   The boycott showed that      the American people.                     comer to the Trumbull High faculty,
international labor holiday, (not      turned out to protest. One Chicago                                                                                      was delegated the task of leading 28 of
celebrated in the U.S. due to its      high school reported 85% of its stu-                                                                                    the finest scholars in Trumbull High to
communist and socialist connota-       dents absent.                                                                                                           victory. Said Mr. Margonis, “When I
tion). The participants in the rally             The protesters waved                                                                                          came in September, coming in as a first-
were legal immigrants, illegal immi-   American, Mexican, and various                                                                                          year teacher, “We the People” was just
grants, and supporters. They           Latin American flags chanting                                                                                           a term… I had no idea what the pro-
called for people to abstain from      things like, “People are not illegal!”                                                                                  gram entailed”. Caught off-guard, Mr.
buying, selling, working, and at-      They wanted to show the effect of                                                                                       Margonis admits, “the first two
tending school.                        immigrant labor on the economy,                                                                                         months of the class were not fun, for
          Studies show that over 1     but studies later showed that the                                                                                       me, or I don’t think for the class ei-
million people participated in the     American economy showed al-                                                                                             ther”. Trumbull’s foes were actively
boycott. Los Angeles and Chicago       most no difference.                                                                                                     planning on capitalizing on Trumbull
reported the highest amount of                   The rallies were sup-                                                                                         High’s weakness; Greenwich High
absenteeism at work and in school.     posed to be non-violent, and the                                                                                        School was planning on finally win-
          The boycott was an-          protesters wore white to symbol-                                                                                        ning the State competition this year.
nounced on April 10 in Los Ange-       ize peace; however, the day ended                                                                                                   However, this underdog tale
les. President George W. Bush and      in stabbings, shootings, and ar-                                                                                        has a happy ending. Mr. Margonis
California Governor Arnold             rests in several cities.                 Photo courtesy of                                                 congratulated his students’ resolve.
                                                 Also, the protesters were                                                                                     “Instead of saying hey, Mr. Sullivan’s
                                                                                                                                                               not here, we’re gonna lose this year,
                                                                                                                                                               you guys said no, we’re not going to
                                                                                                                                                               be the first losing class in over a de-
                                                                                                                                                                        Trumbull High decimated the
                                                                                                                                                               competition at the State level, placing
                                                                                                                                                               first overall and first in each of the Six
                                                                                                                                                               units, and, on the national level, placed
                                                                                                                                                               first in the Northeast. With the experi-
                                                                                                                                                               ence he’s gained this year, Mr.
                                                                                                                                                               Margonis will hopefully lead Trumbull
                                                                                                                                                               to even greater heights next year! Con-
                                                                                                                                                               gratulations to this year’s “We the
                                                                                                                                                               People” team, and good luck to next
                                                                                                                                                               year’s team!
 In this Section: Library summer attractions P.9
                                                                                             !"#$%&"'                             Teacher Softball Game
                                                                                                                                                   Page 9

                                                                                                                        A Fond Farewell...
A very special...
                    the Day!                                                                                                Coach Abe Breslow

            Back in                                                                 Mrs. Curtiss
                                                                             English Department
                                                                                                                        By Sara Sweeney ‘08
                                                                                                                        EE Staff Wirter
                                                                                                                               As Coach Abe Breslow’s
                                                                                                                        thirty-eight year teaching career
                                                                                                                        winds down to an end, the Eagle
                                                                                                                        Eye couldn’t help but get an inter-
By Kate Spalla ‘08                                                                       EE: What music would           view with the dedicated and highly
EE Staff Writer                                                                   you usually have in your              successful member of our physi-
                                                                                  player?                               cal education department.
       Mrs. Curtiss is a THS
                                                                                         Mrs. Curtiss: Let’s see.       Throughout the years he has cer-
original, teaching here since
                                                                                  We had 45 records. I loved            tainly left his mark on the school’s
Trumbull High opened in
                                                                                  Johnny Mathis, Frankie Vallie         athletic department and the stu-
1971. She is unquestionably                                                                                                                                      Photo courtesy of Trillium
                                                                                  and the Four Seasons and the          dents who were lucky enough to
a eminent asset to the                                                                                                                                         necticut State University and travel
                                                                                  Everly Brothers. I wore down          be coached by him. He spent eigh-
school. Her students (as well                                                                                                                                  with his wife, a fellow educator. Mr.
                                                                                  the groves in “Heavenly.”             teen years coaching girl’s soccer
as fellow teachers and other                                                                                                                                   and Mrs. Breslow have never been
                                                                                  That’s about all I can remem-         and their performance on the field
students she has not had in                                                                                                                                    to Europe and hope to visit soon
                                                                                  ber, except for the fact my           was nothing short of amazing. As
class) have had the great op-                                                                                                                                  depending on their son Craig and
                                                                                  mother can’t stand the smell of       well as bringing Trumbull High
portunity of knowing her.                                                                                                                                      his AAA league baseball career.
                                                                                  tuna fish, even today, and she        soccer to its peak, Coach Breslow
Unfortunately, all good                                                                                                                                        They also have a daughter who is
                                                                                  is 85. Apparently, I took a tuna      also coached girl’s basketball and
things must end. Mrs.                                                                                                                                          currently a guidance counselor in
                                                                                  fish sandwich to school every         boy’s tennis, which he will con-
Curtiss is retiring this year                                                                                                                                  Greenwich and a dog who was
                                                                                  day for four years. I still love it   tinue to coach after retirement. His
and EE caught up with her                                                                                                                                      named after Sandy Koufax, the
                                                                                  and eat it about once a week.         success and dedication to teach-
to put a wrap on her time at                                                                                                                                   leftie pitcher for the Brooklyn
                                                                                  But I have no memory of those         ing and sports is a direct result of
THS. Here she is, “back in                                                                                                                                     Dodgers. Breslow is going to miss
                                                                                  sandwiches. I barely know             his passion for both. As a high
the day.” Her high school                                                                                                                                      his students, peers, and the satis-
                                                                                  where I park my car anymore,          school student, he played soccer,
English background has                                                                                                                                         faction felt when a student accom-
                                                                                  never mind remember high              basketball, and baseball. Breslow
brought her to her position                                                                                                                                    plishes something. He states, “I
                                                                                  school.                               continued on to become a teacher,
today as one of the favorite                                                                                                                                   hope that I influenced students for
                                                                                         But may I speak directly       originally of history, but he later
English teachers at               A personal photo of Mrs. Curtiss from back in                                                                                the better and that they can look
                                                                                  to the students today at              switched to physical education and
Trumbull High. She will be        the day...(Photo courtesy of Mrs. Curtiss)
                                                                                  Trumbull Academy: parting             he hasn’t regretted it once. He en-    back and say that they enjoyed my
missed!                                                                                                                                                        classes. First and foremost, I was
                                                                               thoughts. Value your education           joys the different age levels of his
       Eagle’s Eye: Tell us some-             EE: Where could you be                                                                                           an educator, and then a coach.” He
                                                                                                                        classes, each new student’s
thing about this picture. found on Friday Nights? (especially English classes).                                                                                also believes that knowing that you
                                                                                                                        growth, and how natural high
Mrs. Curtiss: It’s a photo.            Mrs. Curtiss:              Probably Thank your parents for giving you                                                   have done the best you could and
                                                                                                                        school students can be in gym
       EE: What sports or clubs babysitting (I was the oldest of life. Contribute to the Trumbull                                                              being able to contribute positively
                                                                                                                        class. Mr. Breslow also finds satis-
were you active in during school? seven) or doing the dip at a dance. community. Care for the environ-                                                         to a team is more important than
                                                                                                                        faction in coaching. This part of
Mrs. Curtiss: I played basketball The guy leaned you backwards in ment. And as Walt Whitman said,                                                              winning. Breslow encourages each
                                                                                                                        the job has a higher emphasis on
my freshman year (Can you believe his arms. It was semi-sensuous. “Love the earth and sun and the                                                              student to utilize the skills taken
                                                                                                                        winning, sportsmanship, and
it, John Rolleri or Kenya Evans or That, of course, was prior to MTV animals, despise riches, stand up                                                         from whatever sport they may play
                                                                                                                        chemistry, but he managed to com-
Jane Kluspes?!?); I wrote for the and girls in dresses the size of post- for the stupid and crazy, have pa-                                                    as a building block for what they
                                                                                                                        bine all three to create teams that
school paper and I was in a few age stamps. Our “big thing” was tience and indulgence….read in the                                                             may face later in life. Abe Breslow’s
                                                                                                                        were a force to be reckoned with.
plays, usually a sailor in the back- rolling up the waist of our uniform open air every season of every year                                                   thirty-eight years here certainly
                                                                                                                        Coach Breslow is now moving on
ground. I attended a small acad- to slightly above knee length-then of your life, re-examine all you have                                                      have been memorable and remem-
                                                                                                                        to bigger and better things after
emy, all girls. There were 107 of us unrolling them. That was the height been told at school or church or in                                                   ber, “If we come to play, we’ll blow
                                                                               any book….” Keep thinking.               retirement. He plans to supervise
in the graduating class.               of both “cool” and defiance.                                                                                            you out.”
                                                                               Cheers.                                  student teachers at Southern Con-

                           Need an anime fix?                                                                               Try these hot anime titles!
    New club taking Trumbull High by storm!
By Minjee Kim ‘09                       can get together and watch films.       great place to make friends and –              Fruits Basket is about an or-
EE Staff Writer                         In addition, drawings of anime and      of course- enjoy anime! Advisor,        phan named Tohru Honda, who
                                                                                Mrs. Romanello first began this         makes a shocking discovery about
        The Anime Club is a new manga by the students are brought
                                                                                club under the influence of Presi-      the Sohmas. The Sohmas are
addition to the line of extracurricu- in to share with the other members.
                                                                                dent Jenn Falcon and Vice Presi-        cursed so that when they are
lar clubs and activities. Anime, a Members of the anime club also
                                                                                dent Liz Archer. They themselves        hugged by someone of the oppo-
little known but embraced form of help each other learn how to draw                                                                                            Image courtesy of
                                                                                are anime and manga lovers who          site gender, they turn into one of
media in the States, is a Japanese anime and manga cartoons. It is a
                                                                                          were determined to cre-       the animals of the zodiac: the rat,
styled animation or car-                                                                                                                                              Naruto is a twelve year old
                                                                                          ate this club. Shanon         bull, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake,
toon. Some examples are                                                                                                                                        orphan who is determined to be-
                                                                                          Hubler loves being a part     horse, monkey, rooster, dog, and
Inuyasha, Spirited Away,                                                                                                                                       come the Hokage of his village.
                                                                                          of the anime club. “The       boar. Kyo Soma, however is a cat,
The Castle in the Sky,                                                                                                                                         When he was born, a fox demon
                                                                                          anime club is fun and I       which is not part of the zodiac.
Fruits Basket, Cowboy                                                                                                                                          attacked his hometown, destroy-
                                                                                          became even greater           Tohru tries to help Kyo as much a
Bebop, Escafowne, and                                                                                                                                          ing everything in its path without
                                                                                          friends with others! I        possible. As she gets deeply in-
hundreds of other titles.                                                                                                                                      mercy. The Hokage of the town had
                                                                                          learned how to draw           volved with Kyo and Yuki(rat), she
Manga is Japanese styled                                                                                                                                       no choice but to seal it away, and
                                                                                          even more and love the        finds herself finding ways to help
comic books that you                                                                                                                                           found himself sealing it inside of
                                                                                          fun activities we do!”.       the other members of the family.
read from right to left in-                                                                                                                                    Naruto. Since then, Naruto was iso-
stead of left to right.                                                                          What are you wait-                                            lated from society. He perseveres
        In this club, anime                                                               ing for? We hope to see                                              and still has long way to go to be-
lovers get together and                                                                   lots of new members!                                                 come the Hokage of his village. On
discuss movies and                                                                        The meetings are held                                                his journey, he is accompanied by
books amongst each                                                                        on every other Thurs-                                                Sakura Haruno, Sakuke Uchiha,
other. From time to time,                                                                 day in Mrs. Romanello’s                                              and Kakashi Sensei. No matter
the club plans dates for                                                                  room. Prepare yourself                                               what the circumstances may be,
anime movie nights where          Jenn Falcon (President) and Liz Archer
                                                                                          for the best anime and        Image courtesy of                      Naruto is determined to become a
members and their friends                                                              manga filled experience!             Hokage!
                                                                                         !"#$%&"'                                                                                            9
                     They came, they played, they DENOMINATED!
By Kylee Angell ‘08                     digits of Pi as their uniform num-               The crowd found some-          were a key asset on the field, mak-                 However, the fielding ef-
EE Entertainment Editor                 ber, including Mrs. Payne as the       thing to cheer about for the Rough       ing valiant efforts to scoop up ev-      forts of the Rough Riders fell short,
                                        three and decimal point.               Riders right at the beginning of the     ery ball that got hit their way. Other   as the Denominators’ made their
           As ominous clouds stole                 The game was carefully      game: fielder Mr. Cafferty made a        key players for the Riders were          opponents “history” when up at
the sunlight from the sky, the his-     umpired by guest umps Mr. Savo         spectacular diving catch which had       teammates Mr. Monaco, the go-to          the plate. Overall, mathlete Mr.
tory and math departments’ soft-        and Mr Pijar, with the former sport-   fans from both sides on their feet.      pitcher, and Mr. Margonis, who           Kaminski reflects, “no one on the
ball teams took the field. An ever-     ing white golf spikes.                 Ms. Emond and Mr. Basbagill also         batted in one homerun.                   Denominators truly stood out. We
growing crowd of Trumbull High                                                                                                                                   all played really well.” However,
students from all grades found                                                                                                                                   some notable performances include
seats along the 3rd baseline, spill-                                                                                                                             Mr. DiMaggio (3 of 4), who had
ing off the bleachers onto the                                                                                                                                   three RBIs, two runs scored, a well-
grass, to witness their math teach-                                                                                                                              executed double play, and only one
ers take on their social studies                                                                                                                                 error. Also, Mr. Kaminski had three
teachers. Sophomore Carolyn                                                                                                                                      big-time homeruns, and Mrs.
Keeley, member of the JV softball                                                                                                                                Rodriguez and Mr. Darak contrib-
team, recalls, “My friends and I had                                                                                                                             uted with numerous RBIs.
an awesome time at the game. Ev-                                                                                                                                            Although each team com-
eryone was really psyched to see                                                                                                                                 peted for a win, and kept the com-
their teachers out of the classroom                                                                                                                              petitive edge throughout the game,
and playing softball...who                                                                                                                                       the atmosphere was still enjoyable
wouldn’t be?”                                                                                                                                                    and extremely entertaining to
            All week the game had                                                                                                                                watch. The final score showed that
been the subject of much hype up                                                                                                                                 the Denominators denominated at
around school, with much trash                                                                                                                                   20-7, but in the words of Mr.
talking going from team to team,                                                                                                                                 Kaminski, “Everyone on each team
and even caused some students to                                                                                                                                 had a good game both offensively
takes sides. Each team even had                                                                                                                                  and defensively.” Each teacher was
their own uniforms, which they                                                                                                                                   a good sport and did not let the
proudly wore the day of the game:                                                                                                                                adrenaline get the best of them. In
the math department wore black T-                                                                                                                                the words of Junior Sarah Sforza,
Shirts with the “Denminators” writ-                                                                                                                              “Who knew that middle-aged
ten in gold, intimidating letters,                                                                                                                               teachers have such athletic abil-
while the history department had                                                                                                                                 ity?” It is a surefire bet that the stu-
gold shirts with black writing with                                                                                                                              dent body will come out to sup-
their team name “The Rough Rid-                                                                                                                                  port the match next year to see their
ers” blazoned on the front. Clev-            The Denominators revel in their victory (Team photo courtesy of The Demoninators)                                   teachers duke it out on the softball
erly, the “mathletes” each had two                                                                                                                               field.

                                                          Summer too hot for you?
                                             Coming attractions at the library will keep you cool!
By Jon Mark ‘09                         so you can have                                                                              will receive free passes    ies, free of charge!
EE Advertising Editor                   fun trying your                                                                              to the exhibit at the                  Though the details have
                                        hand              at                                                                         Bruce Museum lo-            not been finalized completely, there
           Unknown to many of           cartooning. Call                                                                             cated in Greenwich.         will be a reading program for teen-
Trumbull’s youth, the library offers    452-5197 to regis-                                                                           Please call 452-5197 to     agers this summer. It will most likely
many cool and interesting pro-          ter for this work-                                                                           register.                   be a raffle system with amazing
grams specifically for teenagers.       shop.                                                                                                   Kids Summer      prizes. All of this is still up in the
With the newly added teen advi-                   Some                                                                               Reading Kick-off is         air, but check the website calendar
sory group, and other teen input,       space is still avail-                                                                        coming soon. Come           towards the end of the school year
the library has began a new cam-        able in the free                                                                             and meet “Atka” the         to see what is going on.
paign to bring fun events and en-       computer classes,                                                                            grey wolf on Saturday,                 Due to publication limits
tertainment to the library with no      Getting to Know                                                                              June 24 at 1 pm. But        as well as the fact that not every
or little cost to you! This is just a   Your Computer,                                                                               don’t stop there!           event the library has planned for
look at what the Library is             on Friday June 16                                                                            While you’re there, be      the summer has all the details ham-
sponsoringduring the month of           and August 23, at                                                                            sure to register for all    mered out of it, not all the events
June as well as throughout the sum-     9:30 am. Also, an                                                                            the great programs          are listed here. I implore you over
mer.                                    advanced e-mail                                                                              going on this summer        the summer to take five minutes
                                                                Trumbull Library--the place to be this summer! (Photo
           Tom Hart, critically ac-     class will be held                                                                           for the summer read-        from your busy schedule to go to
                                                                courtesy of Jon Mark ‘09)
claimed creator of the graphic novel    on Friday, August                                                                            ing program, Take a and
and comic strip Hutch Owen, is          4 from 9:30am –                                                                              bite out of Life – Read!    click on the calendar of events to
coming to the Trumbull library to       11am. Please call soon to take ad- presenting a slide show highlight-                     Finally, during the sum-       see what else is going on. You can
present a cartooning workshop for       vantage of this opportunity, as ing their latest exhibition, “Best in           mer, there will be a teen movie play-    also call the library at 452-5197.
ages 11 and up Friday June 9 at 3       most classes have had waiting Show: Dogs in Art from the Renais-                ing every Thursday night at 6:00         Come spend time at the town library
pm. Tom’s work won a 1994 Xeric         lists! Contact the Library for infor- sance to the Present,” on Saturday,       pm. This event lasts from July 6th       for fun and exciting events and
grant for his book “Hutch Owen’s        mation, 452-5197.                       June 17 at 2 pm. The first twenty-      to August 10th. Bring you friends        celebrations this summer!
Working Hard.” Wear old clothes                   The Bruce Museum is five attendees to the presentation                and have a fun night of great mov-

                                                                                                                                                                       The Italian Cooking Contest
                                                                                                                                                                 winners, not inclided in last
                                                                                                                                                                 months issue, are (1st) Jess
                                                                                                                                                                 Bubbico, Joe DiTulio, Alex
                                                                                                                                                                 Piechota, and Sam Cook (2nd) Dan
                                                                                                                                                                 Collins, Victoria Costello, Anthony
                                                                                                                                                                 Costella, Aja Sorrentino (3rd) Mike
                                                                                                                                                                 Stefura and Colin Binder.
10   !"#$%#&
                                  Jam and Spice Page 13
                     Fall Out Boy
                                                                              Some bands sound great on their
Fiorela Canaj ‘07
                                          I wasnt a fan of                    CD and then live, well you want a
EE Entertainment Editor                  theirs before this                   refund. FOB sounds great either
                                                                              way. The show was crazy; they had
       I don’t think I’ve ever seen      concert, but I am                    pyro going of, fire and explosions.
a longer line than the one at Har-              now.                          There even was a crewmember that
                                                                              was thrown into a table that was
bor Yard on May 5th. The reason
for the line might have been be-      near the floor seats and meshed in      exciting to see. Throughout the
cause a little band called Fall Out   with some people, and acted as if       show, Pete (guitarist) would speak
Boy was performing. The Ampt’         these were out seats. Sure enough,      to the audience, even getting us to
Mobil and MTV sponsored con-          we didn’t get kicked out. From then     do a perfect “Wave” telling all the
cert included a total of 5 bands.     on the real concert started.            boys in the crowd “You’re wel-
Fall out Boy was of course the               “The All American Rejects”       come” for getting them action with
headline band, but there were four    came on and I think I had a bit of a    their girlfriends after the show. The
other bands performing. “October      heart attack. They were simply          best part was when they played                  Image #1
Fest “ ”From First to Last” came      amazing, (amazing enough for me         their smash “Dance Dance” where          Guitarist Pete Wentz
on next and rocked out, they were     to buy their T-shirt), the crowd went   everyone pretty much went crazy,         talks to the crowd in-
extremely energetic and loud.         wild when they played their hits        and did what else but dance. So for      between songs, while
                                      “Move along” “Swing, Swing”, and        any one who says they are “Sell          gutiarst Andy Hurley
Now let me also mention that my
                                                                                                                       rocks out.
friends and I didn’t have the best    everyone sang along. After they         outs” FOB had one thing to say,
seats in the house, actually we had   finished their set, the stage was       and that’s not really appropriate for
                                                                                                                            Image #2
horrible seats. This obviously        covered. Twenty minutes later the       me to write, but you get the point.      Harbor Yard before
wasn’t going to work for us, so       lights went down and Fall Out Boy       Overall, I had a great time and so       the show.
during the intermission we de-        came out to defining applause and       did everyone who went there. In
cided we’d get ourselves better       screams. I wasn’t a fan of theirs       the end, that’s what concerts are
seats. We all casually went down      before this concert, but I am now.      for, making people feel great.

                                                                                                                                      Men, Women,
                                                                                                                                      and Children
                                                                                                                       Meg Loretan ‘07                       bands that I saw. They were
                                                                                                                       EE Photography Editor                 incredibly energetic, obviously
                                                                                                                                                             being thrilled that they were
                                                                                                                                 Not only do they have       performing in such a huge festival.
                                                                                                                       a pretty odd name, but Men            Their synchronized dance moves,
                                                                                                                       Women & Children is an                intense lyrics, and interesting
                                                                                                                       extremely unique band emerging        “monkey men” song, made for a
                                                                                                                       from New York City. Their sound:      great show.
                                                                                                                       Indie meets techno meets old                    It’s hard to describe what
                                                                                                                       school disco.                         these guys sound like, because they
                                                                                                                                 At Bamboozle (a music       just don’t sound like anyone else.
                                                                                                                       festival) two weeks ago, Men          They are playing in various areas
                                                                                                                       Women & Children put on a             during the summer, as well as playing
                                                                                                                       fantastic show. It was the most       with Brand New at the Webster
Fort Minor Courtesy of             memorable of all, out of about 10     Theater in July.

          Remember their Name                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                       Meg Loretan ‘07
Melissa Morais ‘07                                                                                                     EE Photography Editor
EE Staff Writer
                                                                                                                         is fairly new   bands. No one wants to be that guy
                                                                                                                       and not completely up to par          who doesn’t know the words to the
          You’ve probably heard       now gained the #5 position on the       the music.”                              compared to other music sites,        “it” song, so it really is helpful.
about the well-known band: Linkin     Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Another                  Artists Featured on the       yet it’s a great tool for those                  Since PodBop is just
Park. Well, Fort Minor is a solo      single you should look out for is,      “The Rising Tied” include: Holly         religious concert go-ers. It is a     starting, the website gives you the
project set up by Linkin Park,        “Remember the Name” which is            Brook, Common, Kenna, John Leg-          website        that      provides     option to add your own favorite
EmCee, & Mike Shinoda. This is        now currently #74 on the Billboard      end, Jay Z & the roots’ member           information about music events        band. All you need is their official
his solo album that he created        Hot 100 Charts.                         Black Thought. His work with these       going on in almost any city in        website to provide concert dates,
along with his closet friends. Mike              Why Fort Minor you ask?      artists shows Mike Shinoda along         the United States. It hasn’t been     and/or some sort of MP3 to allow
also plays every instrument on the    Mike Shinoda told interviewers,         with Linkin Park fans that he is now     connected to every single venue       others to listen to the band’s music.
entire newly released album, “The     “It’s called Fort Minor, instead of     rooting himself more toward the          in the country yet, but it gives      You can also add events to
Rising Tied”. Their well-known        my name because there are a bunch       hip-hop side instead of Linkin           you a good idea about what’s, which will then add
single is out as of now and it is     of other people involved in the         Park’s alternatives. Although, they      going on in cities near you.          them to the PodBop site as well.
getting popular everyday.             project, but I only wanted to work      are in the Alternative section at your              What’s great about         Make sure if you add an event to
“Where’d You Go” recently             with family and friends; people that    nearest FYE…I guess I’ll leave you       PodBop is that for many of the        Eventful that you tag it as “music”
boasted a high position on the        I feel are really close to me and we    to figure that one out.                  listings, you get a free sample of    or it will not show up on PodBop. If
Billboard charts considering it has   see eye-to-eye. Besides that, Fort                                               bands that are lined up to play at    you personally are in a band,
been on the charts for only five      has a militant meaning and Minor                                                 venues. So, other then being able     remember that PodBop is free
weeks. The single, featuring Holly    in music is a smaller, darker, sadder                                            to find out about something cool      publicity! PodBop has a promising
Brook and Jonah Matranga, has         note, so the name is a reflection of                                             to do on a Friday night, you can      future and is definitely a tool that
                                                                                                                       become more familiar with the         should be used.
12                                      !"#$%#&'"($"#
                                        TV Season Wrap Up                                                                                                               Alias
By Fiorela Canaj ’07
EE Enetrtainment Editor
& Lisa Frazier ‘07
EE Features Editor

            Veronica Mars                                                                       Gilmore Girls
                                        tective was in her last year of high
                                        school this season, besides SATs,
                                        college application she had to
                                        solve the occasional missing per-
                                        sons file, tax excavation, and mur-
                                        der mystery. You know the usual.
                                        On top of all that, there was the
                                        love triangle between Veronica,
                                        Duncan, and Logan. It’s hard to                                                                                         Photo courtesy of http://
                                        say who fans wanted to see to-                                                                                
                                                                                  Photo Courtesy of
                                        gether the most. Veronica and                                     gilmoregirls/800x600.jpg
Photo courtesy of http://               Duncan fans were about to kill             Veronica and Logan fans over the                 It’s very comforting to        rushes over to her ex’s (Chris)                    After five years of
XL_VM03cast.jpg                         debate. The comprise the writers        know that there will be another sea-    house where we see they spend           Sydney Bristow saving the world,
                                        came with was, Veronica was with        son of Gilmore Girls on the new         the night together. Now all fans are    the CIA agent finally leaves the
           This season the show re-     Duncan for half the season and          CW network. After the season five       wonder, “What’s gonna happen?           Agency to have a “normal life.”
ally hit its stride. Some fans were a   then in the finally ended up with       finally viewers must know what          Are Chris and Lorelai going to end      Don’t think that creator JJ Abrams
bit worried about how the show          Logan. After a fantastic year, the      happens next. The season finally        up together?” All good questions        made this transition easy for
would do now that last years big        new CW network has indeed de-           had Lorelai giving Luke a final ulti-   that will be answered next year.        Sydney. In the last episode
mystery was solved. But not to          cided to pick up the show for a         matum: either marry her now or the      Sadly Gilmore Girl creator Amy          Rambaldi’s legendary prophesy
fear! This year the show had not        third season. So no worries, we get     whole engagement is over. Luke          Sherman-Palladino will not be back      was finally revealed. Rambaldi’s
one but two new mysteries!              a whole new mystery next year!          caught of by surprise didn’t really     for the next season, hopefully that     master plan was making a device
Veronica, everyone’s favorite de-                                               have the answer she was looking         will not hurt the show. Anyhow,         that made its owner immortal.
                                                                                for. Well a crushed Lorelai then        make sure to catch it next year!        Sydney’s arch n emesis got a hold
                                                                                                                                                                of the device and he did become

       LOST                                                                                                                                                     immortal. Although that was ac-

                                                                                                                                                                complished, Jack Bristow sacrificed
                                                                                                                                                                his life and trapped Sloan under-
                                                                                                                                                                ground. In the Epic quote, he says,
The much-anticipated finale of                                                                                                                                  “You might have beat death, but
Lost left the audience with all their                                                                                   Now, without pain in his leg, House
                                                                                                                                                                you couldn’t beat me.” Pure TV
questions answered—just in time                                                                                         is suspecting foul play and possi-
                                                                                                                                                                Gold. At the same time, Sydney was
for new questions and theories to                                                                                       bly that his recovery might be a
                                                                                                                                                                in an ultimate battle with her mother
sprout. In the beginning of the                                                  Photo Courtesy of http://              work of a hallucination. For the
                                                                                                                                                                over the detonation of missiles
two hour finale we are reunited                                                               remainder of the finale, House
                                                                                                                                                                over the world. Sydney’s mother
with Desmond, the prior ‘hatch in-                                                                                      questions everything he experi-
                                                                                          How could one sum up                                                  doesn’t make it and she is killed.
habitant’. As the mystery unfolds,                                                                                      ences as either a hallucination or
                                                                                the season finale of House? How                                                 The end scene is a flash forward to
revelation after revelation is                                                                                          actual events. In a stunning cli-
                                                                                about the words ‘totally unex-                                                  a few years after Sydney is married
brought forth. Lost-watchers                                                                                            max, in which House ‘kills’ his pa-
                                        Photo Courtesy of http://               pected’? For the entire hour-long                                               to her long time love Michael
have now discovered that the                                                                                            tient with a robotic surgeon, the
                                 episode, the audience believes that                                             Vaughn and they have two chil-
electro-magnetic field that the                                                                                         audience is flashed back to the
                                                                                Dr. House has been shot by a dis-                                               dren. Both agents are out of the
hatch monitors is actually the                                                                                          moment of which House is at-
                                        into the island where it later          gruntled ex-patient. After hours in                                             CIA and living on a beautiful beach
cause of the crash of flight 815.                                                                                       tacked. The entire finale was a hal-
                                        crashed. Along with new discov-         the OR in a coma, House wakes up                                                house. The whole plot of the show
When Desmond left the ‘hatch’ to                                                                                        lucination. (WHAT?!?) Seems
                                        eries came new questions. What          with wounds healed and a sudden                                                 is very complicated and there’s no
investigate the disappearance of                                                                                        we’ll have to wait until the fall to
                                        is that four-toed foot on the other     lack of handicap in his leg.                                                    way to actually explain everything.
his fellow comrade, he failed to                                                                                        find out what really happened af-
                                        side of the island? Are the ‘others’    Throughout the past two seasons,                                                The shows out on DVD now. Do
press the fabled “button” to re-                                                                                        ter House’s attempted murder. Re-
                                        really the good guys? We will find      House has been faced with a hin-                                                yourself a favor and go pick it up
lease the magnetic pressure and                                                                                         runs of this past season are still on
                                        out at the beginning of the third       dering leg injury that has left him                                             and have a huge Alias marathon. It
as a result the plane was drawn                                                                                         air during the summer on Tues-
                                        season starting in Fall 2006.           clinging to his trademark cane.                                                 is worth it.

                                                              Photo Forum
                        What are your plans for summer vacation?
                                                                                  Photos courtesy of Lisa Frazier

       Diana Decarvalho ‘07                          Melissa Bazgk ‘06                                Arjun Shenoi ‘09                             Mr. Odoardi
       “I’ll be working and hanging out              “Going off to Marine boot                        “I’ll be volunteering at Yale and            “I’m going to take a trip to Italy
       with my firends”                              camp. I’ll miss all of my friends                the Pilot Pen [tennis tourna-                to visit the village I was born in”
                                                     and family”                                      ment]”
                                           !"#$%#&'"($"# 13
             Paradise in the form of                                                                                !"#$%&'()*+',-
                ‘Jam and Spice’                                                                                        .+"+,)
Lisa Frazier ‘07
EE Features Editor                                                                                                   /00#)#($,%!(
          In the spirit
and celebration of the
                                                                                               Jam and Spice
beginning of their sum-
mer season, The
Westport Country Play-
                                                                                         is a sweet, of-the-pe-
                                                                                         riod retrospective
                                                                                         through the works of
house has turned out                                                                     Kurt Weill. It doesn’t       The Story Behind Say Anything, One
another masterpiece.                                                                     matter if you are famil-
From Tazewell Thomp-                                                                     iar with the songs or                 Brother at a Time
son, the man who                                                                         not. Anyone—young                                      Shane Connolly
brought you On the                                                                       and old—will be able                                  EE Sports Editor ‘07
Verge, comes a whimsi-                                                                   to enjoy the comedy               It is rare to be
cal romp through the                                                                     of the upbeat dancing                                                         a full touring band for a
                                                                                                                    able to work with one                              few months now, lead
numerous and timeless works of                                              tunes as well as the somber poetry      of your best friends
Kurt Weill.                                                                 of Weill’s ballads. Jam and Spice       and brother. It is even      ...we are             singer Max Bemis’s his-
                                                                                                                                                                       tory for rotating band
          Jam and Spice is a work                                           will satisfy even the most novice
of non-stop music highlighting                                              of theatre-goers with its music.
                                                                                                                    rarer to be able to join     all so                members and mental in-
                                                                                                                    a band that just signed                            stability leads to ques-
such songs as Mack the Knife, My                                                      The Westport Country          to a major record label      young that            tions about how perma-
Ship, September Song, It Never                                              Playhouse is excited to announce        and has a fan base that
Was You, and Pirate Jenny. The                                              the commencement of their sum-          seems to be growing
                                                                                                                                                 we just               nent the new additions
                                                                                                                                                                       are. “At first we were a
stage is set in a theatre reflective
of the nineteen thirties and the sing-
                                                                            mer season, the season that made
                                                                            them the foremost summer theatre.
                                                                                                                    by the second. How           want to               little hesitant to join be-
                                                                                                                    both of those sce-
ers perform as if the performance                                           Upcoming plays that may strike          narios have unfolded         play music.           cause of the canceled
                                                                                                                                                                       tours, but once we went
we all were watching was merely a                                           your fancy include The Drawer           for twins Jake and Jeff
dress rehearsal. The cast is made                                           Boy, Constant Star (another                                                                to New York and saw
                                                                                                                    Turner of the band Say                             how well Max was do-
up of theatre veterans such as                                              Tazewell work), A Marriage              Anything, who have played in
Mary Testa (Broadway: Chicago,                                              Minuet, and The Archbishop’s Ceil-                                             ing, we were like ‘Let’s do this’” said
                                                                                                                    o t h e r                                                            Jake. Jeff
42nd Street), Kurt Zischke (Broad-                                          ing. Tickets start at $30 and dis-      b a n d s
way/OB: A Dolls House, Buddy,                                               counts are given to students and                                                                             added,
                                                                                                                    with each                                                            “Before,
Three Sisters), and Christianne          Top Picture: Mary Testa and Kurt   large groups. If you are interested     o t h e r
Tisdale (Broadway: Beauty and the        Zischke                            in taking in Jam and Spice or any                                                                            Max just
                                                                                                                    such as                                                              had the
Beast, One Touch of Venus). Per-         Bottom Picture: Carey Brown and    of this summer’s attractions, then
                                         J.D Webster                                                                Parkside                                                             wrong
forming in the production as well                                           you can contact the box office at       View and
are J.D. Webster, Jason Ma, and                                             (203) 227-4177 or visit their website                                                                        type of
                                                                                                                    XO. In ad-                                                           people in
Carey Brown (who makes her WCP                                              at           dition to                                                            t h e
                                                                                                                    touring                                                              group.
                                                                                                                    w i t h                                                              Now we
                                                                                                                    b a n d s                                                            are all re-
                                                                                                                    such as                                                              ally about
                                                                                                                    Hot Rod                                                              t h e

                                         “If you got editor
                                                                                                                                                           band.” Although Say Anything is
                                                                                                                    the Turners joined Say Any-            now a full band, Max is still doing
                                                                                                                    thing at separate times over the       almost all writing for the band. How-
                                                                                                                    past year. Jake joined first in Sep-   ever, he has already asked for the

                                         problems I feel bad
                                                                                                                    tember, and then convinced the         opinion of Jake, Jeff and other band
                                                                                                                    rest of the members of the band        members regarding some potential
                                                                                                                    that Jeff could fill the necessary     guitar parts. Also, drummer Coby
                                                                                                                    role. Subsequently, Jeff                                Linder, who was the

                                         for you son. I got                                                         was added to the lineup
                                                                                                                    in December.
                                                                                                                           Although the 21-
                                                                                                                                                      Now we
                                                                                                                                                                            only person to play
                                                                                                                                                                            an instrument on
                                                                                                                                                                            the record besides
                                                                                                                                                      are all
                                         99 problems, but
                                                                                                                    year old brothers played                                Bemis, has also
                                                                                                                    with many other bands,
                                                                                                                    none has been quite like
                                                                                                                                                      really                asked for the input
                                                                                                                                                                            of Jeff who played
                                                                                                                    this. “This is the first          about the             drums for 14 years

                                         layout ain’t one”                                                          band we have played in
                                                                                                                    where the number one
                                                                                                                    priority for everyone is
                                                                                                                                                      band.                 prior to picking up
                                                                                                                                                                            guitar only about a
                                                                                                                                                                            year ago. Although
                                                                                                                    the band and the music,”

                                         - Eagle’s Eye Staff
                                                                                                                                                           he plays guitar now, and still enjoys
                                                                                                                    said Jake. “Even Hot Rod was           the excitement of mastering the gui-
                                                                                                                    kinda about the money, which is        tar, Jeff admits, “Yeah, I definitely
                                                                                                                    understandable because most of         think about playing drums every so
                                                                                                                    those guys are older and have          often.” No matter what instrument
                                                                                                                    kids and families, but now we are      he is playing, Jeff and Jake are both
                                                                                                                    all so young that we just want to      now integral parts of Say Anything.
                                                                                                                    play music,” added Jeff. And           According to Jeff, “We definitely
                                                                                                                    played music they have. After          feel like we are a part of it, and have
                                                                                                                    going almost a full year without       felt so since the first show at
                                                                                                                    playing a show, Say Anything           CBGB’s. It’s been crazy so far and
                                                                                                                    has toured consistently over the       we can’t wait to see what else is
                                                                                                                    past 3 months, including a brief       around the corner. It’s gonna be
                                                                                                                    stint in Europe. They plan on          nuts.” Although the band is now
                                                                                                                    touring over the summer with           one, they still look out for one an-
                                                                                                                    Dashboard Confessional, in ad-         other. According to Jeff, “Some of
                                                                                                                    dition to plans they have for an-      the other guys have girlfriends that
                                                                                                                    other headlining tour next fall.       stick up for them. We have each
                                                                                                                           Although they have been         other.”
14                                       !"#$%&
                                                            NBA Draft Preview
By Shane Connolly ‘07                    being a huge seven footer proves        seems like every year there is an        ing it likely they will pick Bargnani    spite having his draft stock slip
EE Sports Editor                         his elite athleticism. He does not      international player that sweeps         if they do not trade the pick.           during the season, it is back on
                                         have many post moves or a great         every GM off there feet with a great             4. Brandon Roy – Roy is un-      the rise. The same talent made
       Every June NBA general            jumper so he will never be a great      mix of height, athleticism and           doubtedly the best guard in the          him the pre-season favorite to
managers slobber over the latest         scorer in the half-court. However,      shooting touch. This season that         draft this year. He is perceived to      be the number one pick, is now
prospects that enter the NBA draft.      he will get out in the open floor       player is Bargnani. Sometimes            be one of the most, if not the most,     making GMs salivate during pre-
This year is no different. Although      and score lots of fast break points     these international players work         NBA ready player in the draft. Of        draft workouts. Gay will cer-
this years draft class is considered     early in his career. If he can get on   out like is obvious now with Dirk        course “NBA ready” means that he         tainly go early in the draft the
to lack a ton of potential superstars    a team that likes to run with a good    Nowitzki dominating the playoffs.        does not posses as high of a ceil-       question is which team believes
that does not mean GMs across the        point guard, he could be a great        However sometimes these players          ing as some of the other players in      they can motivate him to con-
league are not enamored with cer-        player.                                 flop completely like Nikoloz             the draft. He does not have unbe-        sistently perform at a high level
tain players’ “length” and                      2. LaMarcus Aldridge –           Tskitishvili, who is averaging 2.9       lievable athleticism or an excep-        in the NBA.
athleticism. Although the strength       Aldridge is another player who          points and 1.8 rebounds per game         tional shooting ability, but he does
of this draft is considered the tal-     helped his draft stock with very        for his career. There is no real way     everything very well including all
ent of the players deeper in the         good play in NCAA tournament,           to know if he will be the next Dirk      the little things not really expected
draft there is still as always a group   although he was already ranked          or the next Tskitishvili, but one        of guards like rebounding (he av-
of elite prospects. The following is     highly before the tournament. He        thing he has going for him that is       eraged over five per game for three
the list of players who are gener-       is a legitimate power forward at        different than lots of international     of his years in college). He will most
ally considered the top five pros-       6’10, but he is a little light at 240   players is his current success in        likely be used as a shooting guard
pects although they may not be           pounds. He is often compared to         the Euroleague where he played 21        in the NBA, but will probably play
drafted that way.                        the Raptor’s Chris Bosh (which          minutes a game and averaged over         point guard too. With many of the
       1. Tyrus Thomas – His draft       makes it unlikely they will take him    10 points per game this past sea-        teams at the top of the draft need-
stock skyrocketed after the NCAA         with the number 1 pick). He has         son. Like Dirk he is 7 feet tall, but    ing a guard and Roy being the best
tournament in which he led LSU to        solid post moves that should con-       plays mostly on the perimeter with       one available he should have no
the final four. He projects to be ei-    tinue to develop as he plays in the     a very nice shooting touch. The          problem finding a team to take him
ther a bigger small forward or an        NBA and adds some muscle to his         Raptors seem to be eyeing him as         in the top five.
extremely athletic power forward in      somewhat thin body. Developing          the number 1 pick. He fits their team            5. Rudy Gay – Going into this
the NBA. As seen with his play in        post moves along with a respect-        a little better than Thomas and          college season Gay was the con-          Tyrus Thomas’s elite athleticism
the NCAA tournament his                  able jumper and superb defensive        Aldridge (although none of them          sensus number one pick, however          led LSU to the Final Four and is
athleticism is through the roof. He      should make Aldridge a force to be      really fit with Bosh and Charlie         he was wildly inconsistent during        now leading him to the top of
averaged more than three blocks                                                                                                                                    many draft boards. Photo
                                         reckoned with someday in the            Villanueva) and the Raptors hired        the course of the year. No one ques-
per game last year in college and                                                                                                                                  courtesy of
                                         NBA.                                    the GM of his Italian league team        tions his talent, but it is his moti-    profiles/largepics/
the fact that he did that without               3. Andrea Bargnani – It          to be part of their front office, mak-   vation that comes in question. De-       tyrusthomas01.jpg
                                                                                                            !"#$%& 15         Boys Lacrosse Shoot For More
   Boys Volleyball Looks To Cap Off Another Great Season                                                                        State Tournament Success
                                                                                                                                                                Walsh, Nick Watson, Max Sippel,
                                                                                                                             By Briana Dudas ‘07                Billy Dominick and goalies Mike
By Shane Connolly ‘07                                                                                                        EE Staff Writer                    Venditto and Casey Smith is what
EE Sports Editor                                                                                                                                                allowed Trumbull to shut down
       After reaching the state tour-                                                                                               The Trumbull High           some of the best teams in the
nament finals last year, expecta-                                                                                            Boys Lacrosse team continues       FCIAC. During the season, they
tions were high coming into this                                                                                             to succeed. After conquering       held New Canaan to a mere five
season for the Boys Volleyball                                                                                               teams like St. Joe’s, Ludlowe      goals. Midfielders Tore Dalaker,
team. Although the team featured                                                                                             and Warde they completed           Scott Brown, Pat Luppinachi, Ryan
many new players they still have                                                                                             their season with a record of      Perkins, Charlie Ogalin, Tim Palko
not disappointed. After suffering                                                                                            11-5. Last year THS was            and Chris McBride are key compo-
an early season loss at arch rival                                                                                           named DII State Champions.         nents as well. “Our defense is strong
Staples, the team ran the tables                                                                                             This year the Boys lacrosse        but our athletic midfielders are what
(including a win at home against                                                                                             program has eliminated Divi-       powered us through the season”,
Staples) and finished the regular                                                                                            sion 1 & 2 and switched to         states junior midfielder Tim Palko.
season 17-1. The Eagles finished                                                                                             Class M, L and S. Competi-         Attack players Nick Moreau, Matt
as the toped ranked team in the                                                                                              tion is now based upon class       Riccio and Brad Souza moved the
FCIACs and were ranked number                                                                                                size. However, that hasn’t         ball well on offense and put in a
two in the state in the most recent                                                                                          stopped the Eagles, “We take       majority of Trumbull’s goals.
coaches’ poll (5/22). Even more                                                                                              it one game at a time”, says              The balanced combination of
dominant than their impressive 17-                                                                                           Coach Zinser.                      a dynamic offense and a tough de-
1 overall record is the fact that they                                                                                                 Senior captains Nick     fense helps Trumbull close the gaps
have only lost a combined five                                                                                               Moreau, Tore Dalaker, Jon          that separate them from the more
games. “We knew we were going                                                                                                Walsh and Max Sippel, along        widely known Connecticut teams like
to be good this year, but we didn’t                                                                                          with 16 other seniors, lead the    Greenwich and Darien.
know we would be this good,” said                                                                                            team. Despite the amount of                  Compared to last year,
senior co-captain John Maleri.                                                                                               seniors, the team has a lot of     Captain Tore Dalaker points out,
Coach Shepro agreed by saying,                                                                                               depth. Juniors Ryan Perkins,       “We have better team chemistry.”
“I don’t think this was expected,                                                                                            Matt Riccio, Nick Watson, Tim      This along with Trumbull’s speed,
but I certainly don’t think anyone                                                                                           Palko, Charlie Ogalin and          skills and depth will hopefully allow
has been surprised.”                                                                                                         sophomores Brad Souza and          them to advance in the state tourna-
       However, the team has             Junior Rick Girard winds up for a spike against Bassick in one of their many        Chris McBride are important        ment because, “I hate losing to rich
higher expectations than just regu-      FCIAC wins. Photo taken by Shane Connolly                                           factors in the team’s victories.   people”, exclaims junior defenseman
lar season dominance. The team                                                                                                         Trumbull’s solid de-     Nick Watson.
headed into the FCIAC tourna-                                                   neutral court. After Trumbull took the       fense consisting of Jon
                                         FCIAC at least once during the
ment, with high expectations, as         regular season. After easily beat-     first game, Staples rallied to win the
they were top seed. They had also        ing Ridgefield 3-0 they faced          next two. In the fourth game Trumbull
already beaten every team in the         Staples once again, this time on a     was down by a lot early before they
                                                                                came back to take the game in a thrill-
                                                                                ing fashion. Eventually though
                                                                                Staples prevailed to take the FCIAC
                                                                                crown. Although it was a crushing
                                                                                loss, it was not the end of the road
                                                                                got the team. According to junior Tay-
                                                                                lor Collison, “Losing to Staples was
                                                                                very disappointing, but we’re now
                                                                                better prepared for another great
                                                                                game.” They still have a state tourna-
                                                                                ment, which they are the third seed
                                                                                and once again have high expecta-
                                                                                tions. “It’s just a matter of playing well
                                                                                at the right time,” according to Maleri.
                                                                                The team’s first game will be at home
                                                                                either against Amity, who is the sixth
                                                                                seed and won the SCC tournament, or
                                                                                Chesire who is the eleventh seed. If
                                                                                Trumbull can advance past that game
                                                                                they will most likely once again play
                                                                                Staples in the fourth and final meet-
                                                                                ing of the season. However, their ulti-
                                                                                mate goal is not only to defeat Staples,
                                                                                but to become state champions.
                                                                                                                             Dan Mancini is one of many seniors that lead this year’s Boys lacrosse
                                                                                                                             team. Photo taken by Meg Loretan

                                                                                     Spring Sports Record Roundup
                                                                                  Baseball: 13-8                                                 Girls Tennis: 6-11
 Senior co-captain John Maleri laid down one of his many kills this season on
 Senior Night against Bassick. Photo taken by Mary Santella.
                                                                                  Softball: 18-3                                                 Boys Tennis: 6-10

                                                                                  Boys Lacrosse: 11-5                                            Boys Track: 15th overall
                                                                                                                                                 in class LL state meet
                                                                                  Girls Lacrosse: 10-7
                                                                                                                                                 Girls Track: 13th overall
                                                                                  Boys Golf: 11-2-1                                              in class LL state meet

                                                                                  Girls Golf: 1-11-1                                             Boys Volleyball: 17-1
                                       BoysVolleyball Page 19
   Dude, Where’s
    My Sports?
By Shane Connolly ‘07                      coming off the bench. However,
EE Sports Editor                           with Bubba on the DL, they will
                                           have to rely on Melky Cabrera and
By Ben Davis‘08                            rookie, Kevin Reese. Basically,
EE Sports Editor                           they are going to have to just wait
       SHANO: Dude, where’s my             it out until they get some of their
sports?                                    big guns back in the lineup; Sheff
       FRANCHIZE: More like                should be back shortly, and get-
                                           ting A-Rod to start hitting and play-     effort and experience was just too      ever team comes from the East           tons will be in the finals once again.
dude, where’s my Ort?
                                           ing defense might help as well.           much for the Cavs in the end. With-     would like to pound it in to their            SHANO: That’s all the time
       SHANO: Well, I can’t find
                                                   SHANO: The bottom line is         out a doubt, though, LeBron took        big men and make Dirk concentrate       we have today.
Ort, but I think I see the sports
                                           they have trouble with pitching.          great strides this postseason and       on defense.                                   FRANCHIZE: You stay
somewhere on the laundry list of
                                           They can leave Melky Cabrera in           removed any lingering doubts of                SHANO: Speaking of the           classy, Planet Sports!
injured Yankee players.
                                           left field for the rest of the season,    whether he was a great player or        East, I like the Heat to take the se-
       FRANCHIZE: Speaking of
                                           it is okay to not have an all-star at     not.                                    ries. They looked dominant against
injuries, LeBron James isn’t.
                                           every position after all. However,               FRANCHIZE: He is an out-         the Nets. Dwayne Wade is clearly
       SHANO: That is true, but
                                           with Randy Johnson showing his            standing player, but I think we         the best single player in the series
back to the swamped medical fa-
                                           age, Carl Pavano never coming             should stop comparing him to            and Shaq can easily be the most
cilities in the Bronx. With Hideki
                                           back, Shawn Chacon being incon-           Michael Jordan (God), and just          dominant. The Heat have been
Matsui, Gary Sheffield, Carl
                                           sistent and Jaret Wright pitching         watch this young phenom’s career        able to rest, which is especially
Pavano, Bubba Crosby, Tanyon
                                           like Jaret Wright, they have to pray      progress.                               important for Shaq, while the Pis-
Sturtze all on the DL, Johnny
                                           that Mussina can keep up his Cy                  SHANO: But moving on to          tons will still be recovering from
Damon, Jorge Posada, Kyle
                                           Young-esque pitching and Wang             teams that are actually still in the    their series with the Cavs. The Heat
Farnsworth and Shawn Chacon still
                                           can continue to stay a reliable           playoffs, how impressive was the        would have won the series last year
battling injuries, and Octavio Dotel
                                           pitcher. Moving on to the NBA             Mavericks’ win over the Spurs and       if the Dwayne Wade did not get
still a ways off from being acti-
                                           playoffs…                                 how good are their chances to           hurt, so I expect them to pull it out
vated, do the Yanks have enough
                                                   FRANCHIZE: LeBron James           make it to the NBA finals and to        this year. My prediction is the Heat
depth to live up to pre-season ex-
                                           finally answered the biggest ques-        win it all?                             in 7.
                                           tion of his developing career this               FRANCHIZE: Dirk Nowitzki                FRANCHIZE: I’m gonna
       FRANCHIZE: Well, the
                                           postseason: Can LeBron lead his           is dirty. You have to love their        have to go with the Pistons in this
depth is there, the question is will
                                           team when it really matters and           chances to advance past the infe-       one. They have been there many
those role players step up and be-
                                           prove himself as a true star?             rior Suns. Steve Nash will push the     times before, and they still have the
come contributors just like last year.
                                                   SHANO: Although the Cavs          Suns to make this series competi-       talent to beat anybody out there.       Although LeBron James impressed in
With the starting pitching in
                                           eventually lost in seven games, it        tive, but Dirk and the Mavs with        Shaq is not as dominant as he used      his first ever playoffs, he could not lift
shambles, guys like Jared Wright,
                                           was a great performance by                their home-court advantage will be      to be, and Ben Wallace should be        the Cavs over the Pistons in their
and somewhat ironically, Aaron                                                                                                                                       second round matchup. Photo
                                           LeBron and the Cavs. Hardly any-          too much. As for winning it all, it     able to keep him away from the
Small, are probably going to have                                                                                                                                    courtesy of http://gblx.cache.el-
                                           one, myself included, expected this       will all come down to who can con-      basket. In the end, experience and
to carry a lot of the load. In the                                                                                                                         
                                           series to go any more than five           trol the tempo. The Mavs will like      chemistry will prevail, and the Pis-
outfield, they looked set, at least                                                                                                                                  imagenes/2006/01/01/
                                           games. The Pistons overall team           to run up and down while which
temporarily, with Bubba Crosby

       To Cheer or Not to Cheer? That Is the Question
By James Voytek ‘07                        ing performance?                          of him on the home run list did so
EE Staff Writer                                   Well, Barry Bonds dug his          with out them. All that matters to
                                           own grave a long time ago. Barry          Mr. Bonds is that he hits 715 home
                                           Bonds used performance enhanc-            runs.
       It is a sad sight, really. If you
                                           ing drugs, and claimed to not be                    My point is that Barry
look over at left field at a San Fran-
                                           aware, that they were in fact ille-       Bonds whether he likes it or not is
cisco Giants game, you see the
                                           gal. Whether you buy Barry’s story        an icon for baseball. He is more than
forty one year old, two hundred
                                           or not, he cheated not only base-         a forty one year old who can hit a
and thirty pound slugger limping
                                           ball fans across the country but          baseball over a fence. Babe Ruth,
play after play. His knee seems to
                                           himself as well.                          Hank Aaron and Willie Mayes are
be hanging on by a thread, and his
                                                     Babe Ruth may not have          all respected athletes; players who
body seems to be breaking down
                                           been a “role model” per say. He was       earned their right to become the
right in front of your eyes. How-
                                           a womanizer and an alcoholic.             faces of baseball. Barry Bonds has
ever, Barry Bonds continues to
                                           However, Babe Ruth treated the            not earned that right, and he never
perform in an attempt to make his
                                           game with the respect it deserved.        will. When Bonds took steroids, he
mark on history forever, and fans
                                           He never used steroids, and relied        ruined his career, and the record
could not be more upset.
                                           on his god given ability to hit a         books of baseball.
           It seems like you can
                                           baseball. He was and may still be                   I feel sorry for Babe Ruth,
count Barry Bonds supporters on
                                           the greatest hitter of all time, and      an athlete who earned his right to
one hand now. Each and every
                                           he did so legally.                        be called a legend. He never
away game he goes, he gets bar-
                                                     So, do not feel bad that        cheated and did not take any short-
raged with chants of hate. Fans are
                                           Barry cannot run as fast or feel bad      cuts to get to second on the all time
well aware that if Barry Bonds hits
                                           because it looks like his knee was        home run list. But, Bond’s will soon
one more home run he will pass the
                                           bitten by a snake. Just understand        pass him as hitting his 715th home
cherished icon of baseball in Babe
                                           that Barry Bonds did what Barry           run and becoming number two on           Barry Bonds has now tied Babe Ruth on Major League Baseball’s all-time
Ruth. So are these fans justified in
                                           Bonds had to do make his name             major league baseball’s all time         home run list, but should this milestone be celebrated? Photo courtesy of
their hate for Barry Bonds, or
                                           live on forever. It did not matter that   homerun list. But, the truth about
should Barry be congratulated and
                                           he did so with the help of illegal        Bonds is more significant than any       280x190.jpg
appreciated for his record break-
                                           substances, or that people ahead          home run he’ll ever hit.

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