Fall Election Statements by stariya


									Art Senators

Elana Lederman
         Hi, my name is Elana Lederman, I am a sophomore in the Sam Fox School of Design and
Visual Art, and I am running for reelection as Art Senator. Being a member of the Student Union
Senate has been a great opportunity for me to make a real impact on campus. Since I began at
Wash U, I have heard so many great ideas as well as many valid complaints from students where
nothing is ever done, and I want to make sure these ideas and complaints are properly addressed.
My interest in making a difference at Wash U led me to apply for the open Art Senator seat this
past September, and over the course of the last two months I’ve come to understand how Senate
works and how to tackle issues that are important to students from the Art School as well as the
wider Wash U community. Having been on Senate for the last two months and as a member of
the Campus Services Committee, I’ve developed relationships with other Senators, Student
Union officials, and faculties which allow me to more easily solve the problems and ideas
brought to my attention. Additionally, as a member of the Art School, I understand that Art
students can often feel isolated from the rest of the university, and it is one of my goals to help
bridge the gap between the Art students and the wider community, and to give a big voice to our
small student population. As one of only two Art Senators in a group of twenty seven, I am very
vocal about the issues of my constituents because if I am not, then who on Senate will be? This
includes working with Residential Area Real Art (RARA), which was started last year by my
fellow Art Senator Kelsey Brod to exhibit student artwork in different residential and dining
areas on campus, such as the DUC, Bear’s Den, and the Village House. My work as a Senator
also deals with all student concerns, not simply ones related to the Art School. For instance, I am
currently working with a committee addressing the issue of cup use reduction on campus. I
became a member of this committee after the student outcry over the tiny cups paper cups which
popped up in Whispers and the Bear’s Den during the last few weeks. My goal on this committee
is to reduce the amount of cups used on campus and switch to biodegradable cups without
shrinking the size of cups or reducing their availability. Another project I have begun working on
is getting Assembly Series Lectures and other guest lecturers videotaped and then posted to a
central online database for students to use. Wash U pays a large amount of money for these
lecturers to come and I think that students should be able to take advantage of this resource more
easily. For example, students who want to attend but have a conflicting class with the lecture can
watch them online later, or students who have to write an essay about a lecture for class can
watch it again to refresh their memory or get direct quotes. If reelected, I will continue all of
these efforts and continue to listen to student concerns and ideas to try to implement necessary
changes to the Wash U community. Thank you.

Architecture Senators
Sean Dula
Hey guys,
        I am Sean Michael Dula, a current freshman in the Architecture School, I am from
Louisville, Kentucky, and I am running for the open Architecture seat on the SU Senate. I am
currently a freshman class representative for the Architecture School Council (ASC), and I have
had various other leadership experiences in high school and grade school. As the Architecture
Senate representative I will work with my colleague Architecture Senator to represent the
interest of the School. I recognize the need for responsible leaders in SU and I believe I will
excel if given the opportunity to be on your SU Senate. As part of the ASC, it was partly my
responsibility to host Bauhaus, the Architecture event that had a great turnout this year. I believe
in the short amount of time that I have been a part of this community I have tried my best to
serve our student body. My goal is to continue to serve this student body over the next four
years. Please help me bring a new perspective to SU Senate and represent the Architecture
School, the freshman class, and our entire student body.

Sean Michael Dula

Arts and Sciences Senators

Mamatha Challa

Hey, everyone!

My name is Mamatha Challa, and I'm currently a sophomore in the College of Arts and
Sciences. I’ve been serving as an Arts and Sciences Senator on the Student Union Senate since
the fall of my freshman year, and last March, I was internally elected to serve as the Speaker of
the Senate.

Now, as the term for my seat is ending, I am running to continue serving on the SU Senate. This
candidate statement outlines my experience, ideas, and goals for the upcoming term.

In my last year on Senate, I’ve been heavily involved in Student Union, both as a Senator and as
Speaker of the Senate. Before being elected as Speaker, I specifically worked on increasing the
amount of student involvement in the University’s Campus Bike Plan project by establishing a
student focus group to provide constructive feedback and criticism to involved administrators. I
also worked to add a “Bike Share” program aspect to the University’s plan, something I hope to
continue pushing once the University’s plan progresses further.

I was elected as Speaker of the Senate by the rest of the Senate in March of 2010 with four main
priorities in mind:

   1.   Improving Senate committee efficiency
   2.   Increasing Senate’s collaboration with other Student Union bodies
   3.   Increasing our collaboration with student groups and students outside of Student Union
   4.   Improving and focusing Senate outreach
Some of the ways I’ve worked on accomplishing these goals include:

      Requiring all Senators to write action plans for projects they’re working on
      Increasing our communication with School Councils and Treasury
      Inviting specific student groups to Senate meetings that relate to their mission
      Actively polling students on issues that Senate that is addressing

If reelected to this position, I will continue working to make Senate as efficient and effective of a
body as possible. Listed are a few additional ideas that I would want Senate to address in the
coming semester:

      Improving alcohol education for incoming freshmen
      Working with academic departments to increase WUFI access in certain academic
      Developing a constituent follow-up form to use after responding to a student’s concern
      Increasing Senate committee accountability for project progression through action plan
      Increasing collaboration with Class Councils and CS40

Outside of a Student Union context, in general, I would consider myself a fun-loving, passionate,
and hard-working person. I love people, and I think I’m pretty approachable (definitely a little
goofy, at the least). Once I commit myself to something, I don’t let it go, and I work to make
things the best they can be. If you honor me with your vote, I can promise you that I will
continue working my absolute hardest to continue representing you on Student Union.

Feel free to contact me at mchalla@wustl.eduor senate@su.wustl.edu if you have any more
questions or ideas! 



Willy Chotzen-Freund

      Possesses the integrity, pragmatism, and follow-through to be a forceful and
       representative voice for students.
      Good at collaborating and negotiating with students, faculty, and administrators
      Goals include increasing the efficiency of food services (particularly, figuring out ways
       to decrease the lines at Bear’s Den) and increasing attendance and enthusiasm for WU
       sporting events.
      Hoping to increase communication between students and administrators and to expand
       the role of students in the decision making process for important WU decisions
      Energetic and solution-oriented
      Motivated and capable of getting things done
      Experience in student government as High School Student Body President, Student Body
       Treasurer, and Class President
Neel Desai
Hey Wash U,
My name is Neel Desai, and I’m a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. Through this
statement, I hope to share some of my ideas and stances in order to convince you that I’m your
candidate of choice for this upcoming Senate election.
First things first: a bit about myself. I’m from a suburb of Kansas City and I’m very passionate
about politics, discussion, coffee, music, food, travel, books... you could say I’m a pretty
passionate guy.
I like to stay to pretty involved too: here at Wash U, I’m a staff writer for Washington
University Political Review, and was elected to the Executive Board of Ashoka, the school’s
South Asian cultural organization, as Public Relations Chair and Webmaster.
As Senator, I would direct my time and effort toward whatever initiatives the student body
desires, including, but not limited to:
      Increased student involvement in the selection of speakers and musicians that
         come to Wash U, with a focus on bringing bigger name speakers and musicians,
         even if this practically means a smaller number of them.
      Improved, wider, and more reliable wireless Internet services across campus: our
         current system is very lacking, especially in highly-trafficked areas like the library
      Increasing the number of non-soda beverages in vending machines, including the
         possible return of water bottles. The reality is that while plastic water bottle waste
         may have been reduced, it has simply been supplanted with increased soda bottle
         waste. Environmental concerns must be weighed against student health concerns.

I strongly encourage you to contact me at nsdesai@wustl.edu if you have any questions or
concerns. I pledge to work to the best of my ability towards the implementation of the desires of
the student body – I firmly believe Senate exists for that very purpose. While I thoroughly enjoy
discussion for its own sake, I also am a pragmatic guy, and recognize that results speak louder
and truer than anything else.


Dan Robinson
The Student Union Senate should reflect your concerns and interests, and if re-elected, I will
continue to focus on facilitating dialogue between the student body and the administration. This
is the fastest and most effective way to create the change and improvements that will enhance the
experiences of all students on campus. I seek to not only bring the ideas of SU to students, but
also to bring the ideas of students to SU.

My name is Dan Robinson, and I’m a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in
Political Science. During my past year as a senator, I have strived to listen, learn, and advocate
for what you want. Since being elected last fall, I have been a member of the Senate Campus
Services Committee. As a part of this committee, I gather feedback from students regarding
dining, residential life, parking and transportation, and other important facets of the student
experience on campus. I also serve as the liaison to the Director of Parking and Transportation.
Besides relaying students’ concerns and helping to spread new information about parking and
transportation, I designed a Parking Permit Guide, which shows permit-holders where and when
their permits are valid. This guide is currently being distributed throughout campus by the
Office of Parking and Transportation, and can be found at su.wustl.edu. If re-elected, I will
continue to work on projects with realistic goals and positive, tangible results FOR STUDENTS.

I would love to continue representing the interests of the student body and would appreciate your
vote on November 10th and 11th.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, and suggestions.

Email: danielrobinson@wustl.edu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/danjrobinson

Sarah Roth
Dear Arts & Sciences student,

I’m Sarah Roth, and I want to make your voice heard in Senate.

As a student, you have the opportunity to vote for individuals to directly represent you in Student
Union. The full implications of this fact are not always fully realized: these are individuals whom
you can bombard with angsty emails regarding your discontent with doll-sized disposable cups
of water—with whom you can discuss not only the limitations on using campus-card points, but
also how we can expand usage to the region that so immediately surrounds our campus.

I’m a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences—and I want you to bombard me with these
emails. Acting as a direct line to Student Union, I hope for my ArtSci compatriots to feel not
only well-represented, but also appreciated, thoroughly informed, and involved.

My experience in leadership at Wash U has included serving as Vice President of the Park/Mudd
College Council for the 2009-2010 school year. I was actively involved in the creative
programming of events such as our Poker for Haiti benefit, and acted as a liaison to the Congress
of the South Forty. For the fall and spring semesters, I participated in the Internal Operations
Committee, working with the Vice Presidents of each College Council to edit and configure the
CS40 Constitution. In the spring 2010 semester, I served on the pledge executive board of Alpha
Phi Omega, the co-ed community service fraternity’s Alpha Phi chapter; I’m currently an active
member and thus engage in a variety of service projects. As Co-Musical Director of Wash U’s
Jewish a cappella group, Staam, small-group leadership has been an integrated part of my
educational experience.

As a wonderfully vast number of Wash U students can attest to, high school allowed me some
diverse experiences in working closely with peers and local organizations. I developed a zest for
rightful representation in Student Congress and Model United Nations, the latter for which I
served on the executive board as treasurer. Other leadership positions included being founding
member and press representative for an educational internet safety organization, iSafe; executive
board member for NHS and Blood Drive Coordinator (where I was given the opportunity to act
as a go-between for my school and Florida Blood Services), and representative on my class
council for several years.

It would be a great honor if you would allow me to represent you in Senate. I hope to be found
approachable, down-to-earth, and able to listen and transmit your concerns to SU—and make
change a reality. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to vote on November 10th or 11th!

Sarah Roth
Arts & Sciences, Class of 2013

Kai Zhang
        Hello My name is Kai Zhang, and I am running for the senate! Wash U has treated me
very well since I came here this September. I think I have fallen in love with it. For me, it is the
other home out of home. It is my love of Wash U that drives me to try my best to improve it and
create a even better community for all of its members.
        I believe that I am an excellent candidate for this position due to my life experiences,
which would contribute greatly to Senate as well as to the school of Arts and Sciences. Even in
high school, I was always actively involved and was even elected to become President of my
class in high school. Once I graduated high school, I wanted to experience the world and decided
to attend school outside of China. I applied and was accepted at Boston University, and decided
to get more involved with the student group, Made in China, and acted as the Vice-President.
Instead of staying there for my whole college time, I choose to begin another adventure to
transfer to Wash U. I feel that Wash. U. is very different in the sense that it provides students
with a way to voice their concerns and make a difference. I would love the opportunity to
represent my fellow students and relay current news and events of Senate back to the Arts and
Sciences Council. Also, I can represent a different perspective because of my transfer and
international background. I don’t just want to be a representative of the school of Arts and
Sciences, but rather be a bridge between Senate and the students of the Arts and Science school.
        There are several issues I want to add to my agenda if I become a senator.
        The first issue is about the post office. I remember when I first got settled down in the
dorm, I suffered by the long line waiting outside of the post office in the South 40. Everyone
hates that, right? I think we can push them to work more efficiently, just like they can hire more
student part-time employees during the busy hours.
        Second is about dining. Dining is excellent, except it is a little bit pricy, and we have to
wait so long. Furthermore, we may find it is interesting that someone may wait much longer than
others to get food. So I am considering if we can ask the staff in the dining hall to increase the
size of meal, and try their best to come up a way to cut the waiting time, as well as make sure
that the waiting process is fair for everyone.
        Also, some of my constituency told me that we should keep our dining service more eco-
friendly. We use so many disposable utensils, to-go boxes, and paper cups. Try to imagine how
many trees disappeared because of the abusive of disposable utensils! On one hand, we should
ask the dining service to reduce the amount of disposable utensils it uses; on the other hand, we
should also work more on recycling them.

         The Third one and fourth one relate to writing an essay. I can never find the book I want
in the library, even though they appear "not checked out" on the web. I think we should improve
the accuracy of the library service. Getting help from writing center is another pain. The writing
center should be bigger. I think you understand that you have a paper due in a few days and you
badly need help on it but figure out that you cannot make a reservation in the writing center. The
quality of service should also be improved: the tutors should be more efficient and most
importantly, they should make the reservation service online!
And last but not least, maybe the school can increase the number of bike racks in certain places.
For example, when I have big introductory level classes, I always find it is nearly impossible to
find a bike rack to lock my bicycle, because there are usually hundreds of students in the same
place parking their bikes.

If you have any good suggestion or question, you are more than welcomed to contact me at
anytime, by phone call, text or email. I would really appreciate it!

Please support me with your vote! I am your guy in the senate!
Bear Prevails!

Contact Information.
Kai Zhang.
Mobile. 617-818-2579
Email. rock.zhangkai@gmail.com

Business Senators
Donna Leung
Hi, everyone!

My name is Donna Leung. I am currently a sophomore in the business school and I am running
for election as a Business Senator.

Since arriving on campus last fall during the Leading Wash.U. Style pre-orientation program, I
realized that student representation is key to the success of the University. As such, I would
love to represent you in Senate.

Although I am relatively new to the Student Union scene, I have already gained leadership
experience via student group involvement. Since last spring, I have taken a role as an
Admissions representative by being a tour guide and an overnight welcome leader. These
positions have granted me the opportunity to speak with a number of prospective parents and
students, thereby proving my approachability and ability to interact with others effectively. I am
also currently the co-chair of Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity
(WU/FUSED). This role involves not only programming, but also communicating to the
administration ideas and concerns that the student body has regarding student financial

Speaking with students in Olin has given me a sense of some of the changes they would like to
see in effect. One of my goals is to revamp the writing I requirement for business school
students and establishing a "business writing" class instead, since the two formats vary
drastically. There is also concern that networking in the business school isn't a forte, as
indicated by the mediocre grade that BusinessWeek gives when judging Olin's recruitment rate.
I hope to work with the Career Center to see how we can improve this statistic.

I believe that my empathy and experiences will serve me well if I am elected as Business
Senator. Please feel free to contact me at dgleung@wustl.edu if you have any questions or
suggestions. Thank you for reading! :)


Jenny Wu
Have you noticed those ridiculously small water cups we now get? What is with that? As a
senator, I would advocate to change not only the issue of the water cups but also work on other
concerns that Olin students face.
Some ideas I have are:
    Increase school spirit! While there is a definite sense of community on campus, I am
       tired of seeing other schools getting represented by students on our campus. I want to
       improve spirit by hosting events such as a spirit day where all students wear school
       colors or other similar events.
    Work with the career center to find more job opportunities with small, start up
       companies. These companies often need the most help and have the best opportunities
       for interns to take an active role in the company.
    Bring more continuous volunteer opportunities at one location. While WashU has a
       variety of volunteer chances, most of the chances are one shot jobs or mentoring. I would
       want to encourage more focused projects, outside of mentoring, that target one place at a
       time such as bimonthly projects at a soup kitchen. These projects don’t necessarily need
       a commitment from an individual student but merely a group of students. This way,
       students can better see the impact they have by seeing how the place changes over time.

I am a freshmen on campus and I love the school already but there is always room for
improvement. I was a part of the student Congress in high school as well as led and started
various clubs at which gives me the experience of starting projects and seeing them through. I
am a very driven and energetic person who is good at meeting high goals by whittling them
down into small, accomplishable details. I am also the sort of person that everyone brings their
concerns to so I will listen to what Olin students are saying and try and address these issues. As
a senator, I would make a responsible, empathetic member who is energetic and full of ideas.

Engineering Senators

Matthew Johnson
        My name is Matt Johnson and I am currently one of the Engineering Senators and am re-
running for one of the Engineering seats on Senate. I am a Junior majoring in BME and have just
transferred from the University of Denver (DU,) where I double-majored in both Biology and
Mechanical Engineering. At my previous school, I also served as one of two Senators that
represented the Class of 2012. This position provided me with a lot of valuable leadership
experience, which I hope to use to continue to serve Wash U students in the School of
        As the current Engineering Senator, I have been working to make Senate more
transparent and more available to the students at Wash U. Currently, I am working on getting a
mascot for Senate to appear at events to help promote Senate and to let students know that if they
have any questions or concerns that Senate is here to listen and help!
        I haven’t even been at Wash U for a full semester and I have already realized that
transferring here was the best decision I have ever made. The Wash U community has been so
welcoming and accommodating that I feel right at home. This feeling has motivated me to give
back to the community that has already given me so much, by getting involved and serve as the
Engineering Senator. I would be honored to continue serving as your Engineering Senator and
look forward to representing you in the future!

Katherine Palmer

        Hi, my name is Katherine Palmer and I am running to be an Engineering Senator. I am a
freshman majoring in BME, and I plan to go to medical school. The main reason that I am
running to represent the student body is that I am honestly amazed at the endless list of activities,
seminars, discussions, and various other student-led events that are offered everyday. I love
trying new activities and challenging myself to leave my comfort zone, so having so many great
opportunities has been such a blessing for me. Therefore, I would like to give back to the
WashU community that I am so honored to be a part of. I am always open to suggestions and I
hope that, if elected, I will be able to morph student feedback into action that will make WashU
life even more enjoyable.

        As far as past leadership experience, I served as vice president of my high school class, I
was president of Math Honor Society and NHS, and I sat on the community service committee
during high school. Additionally, I have attended numerous leadership seminars that gave me
great training of how to lead and work with other student leaders more effectively to reach our

       It would be an honor to represent the engineering student body as a member of Senate.

Erich Yaeger
        Greetings! My name is Erich Yaeger, and I am running for the Student Union Senate,
representing the Engineering school. As a freshman, I still have much to learn about Washington
University, its campus, and its students. However, by getting involved so early, my hope is that I
can develop a relationship with the university to better represent it in the governing body.
        One of my goals when first arriving at Wash U was to get involved with the community
on campus. What better way to do that then by representing this community as a liaison between
the students that attend this university and the administration that runs it? When acting as a
senator, I hope to become an effective contact when students wish to make their needs known
and similarly, when the administration or other adults have expectations that need to be made
clear to students. I believe that I can excel in the role of the voice of the students. When
communicating with adults, or indeed any of my peers, I am not afraid to argue my case to
achieve my goals. That being said, I also am an experienced compromiser, and I have experience
in reaching solutions that benefit both parties.
        Just because I am a freshmen does not mean that I do not have the experience to
successfully serve my peers. Throughout my high school career, I took on leadership positions
that forced me to become an efficient decision-maker. My past experiences will serve me greatly
in Student Union, where I will use what I have learned from years of being a peer leader.
        If I am elected to Student Union Senate, I wish to accomplish several goals. Some of
these goals are personal in nature, but most are things about this school that I would like to
change in order to give the student body the best college experience possible. I am aware that, as
a freshman, I have limited experiences when it comes to knowing the key issues in the
community. However, I contend that my ability to solve problems with creativity and efficiency
more than make up for my lack of experience at Wash U. I will approach the Senate position
with enthusiasm and drive, and do my best to see that the needs of the community are met.
        I hope that the Wash U student body gives me the opportunity to prove my dedication to
self-government by electing me to an Engineering School Senate seat. If the community
experiences a problem that it deems worthy of being addressed, I promise to represent my peers
to the best of my ability. Remember, the essence of student government is electing students who
can advocate successfully for their community. I know I have the means to become a successful
Student Union Senator, and I hope that you help me help you!

Erich Yaeger

Treasury Representative

Jarius Anderson-Baylor
I am running for Treasury because I feel that each representative of Treasury needs to be familiar
with several student groups. Since Treasury must see numerous appeals from various student
bodies, it is crucial that each member understand and appreciate the perspectives of those student
groups. One can then make an informed decision on how to allocate funds based on the group’s
role in the Washington University community, the events that the group has programmed in the
past, and the group’s overall mission and goals. I have been an active member of several
different groups, and I have even served as Treasurer for the Minority Association of Premed
Students; during this term I even made an appeal before Treasury in the Spring of 2010. I feel
that I have a strong understanding of the budgeting and planning process that student groups
must undergo, and the groups’ expectations of Treasury.
I have served as a Treasury Representative for one semester, and I have been able to
communicate the perspectives and expectations of student groups to other members of Treasury
in the hopes that they will consider these factors as they make decisions regarding funds. Given
that I have appealed before Treasury once before, I have a very strong understanding of what
goes through the minds of those who make appeals, and how stressful it could become. Often
there can be a lack of communication between Treasury and student groups, which seems
contradictory to the overall purpose of Treasury. Because of my experience, both in various
student groups and in Treasury, I can give advice to various student groups on how to develop a
budget that will be approved and allocated, and I can give advice to Treasury on ways that we
can be more approachable to the student body based on opinions that I have gathered from others.
I feel that I have been an effective member of Treasury this semester, and I hope to serve as
Treasury Representative a second semester, working to improve the bonds between Treasury and
the student body.
    - Jarius Anderson-Baylor

Jasmine Berg

My name is Jasmine Berg and I am a senior in ArtSci running for re-election to Treasury. I am
currently the chair of Budget Committee and have also served as co-chair of the Student Group
Activities Committee.

 The role of the Treasury is to allocate the Student Union funds to student groups, and I believe
that the most important responsibility of a member of Treasury is to be responsive to the
demands of the student body and to fund programming on campus that will reflect the diversity
of its constituents. This means fairly balancing the funding needs of the majority with those of
minority groups.

My goals this year for Treasury are transparency, user-friendliness, and responsiveness. The
appeals process is often an intimidating one, and I plan to improve communication with student
groups so that they can know what to expect when presenting an appeal. Treasury has many
more resources to offer student groups than just money, and I hope to coordinate both Treasury
committees to reach out to students and groups to educate the campus about these.

Daniel Bernard
Dear Fellow WU Constituents:

       This is Daniel Bernard, and I am proud to be running for the SU Treasury for the
upcoming 2011 semester. Thank you for your support over the last 2.5 years! Having served on
the Treasury for two full terms, elected by YOU, I hope to be allocating the funds to bring the
programming you want to see on campus. In a nutshell, here’s my Treasury ideology:
              Bigger, large-scale events often times affect more people. I support campus-
               wide events because I believe they create valuable college experiences. I also
               support diverse events that bring people together.
              Meetings and mandatory regulations are burdensome. I know that it is
               difficult to come before Treasury and make a presentation. As an SU group’s
               treasurer, as well as a Treasury Rep, I know from experience that SU has a lot of
               rules and bureaucracy – I continuously seek to simplify our processes.
              Money should NOT be wasted! The student activity fee is paid by each WU
               undergraduate. Therefore, huge amounts of money should not be spent on events
               that only a few attend. Your money needs to be responsibly spent: funding paper
               plates at $1 each is not responsibly spending your money. Your money needs to
               be spent on what brings the most value to you and the WU community.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to talk about each of the votes I have made in Treasury, the reasons
behind them, and their individual results. However, I think it is more important to share the
rationale for how I make decisions: I make funding allocations decisions with you, my
constituents, in mind. I want to see the student activity fee completely spent at the end of each
academic year. I am on Treasury because I care about our campus – I care about programming –
and I care about you.

I hope to earn your vote, and I look forward to serving you for another year!

Spending your student activity fee smarter,


Daniel Bernard
Treasury Representative

Paul Blachar
Fall 2010

One of the biggest strengths of Washington University in St. Louis is the variety and quality of
activities and clubs on campus. In just one night, it is possible to attend a poetry slam, running
practice, cooking demonstration, community service event- the possibilities are endless. These
activities bring so much excitement to our campus. As a Treasury Representative, I want to be
part of and help create that excitement. My goal for the position is simple, I want to do
everything I can to help further the agenda of other student leaders. I took on a lot of leadership
roles in high school- I was President of my class, President of Math Honors Society, Vice-
President of National Honors Society- and with that behind me, now I want to use my experience
to help other leaders accomplish their own goals. I want to be a resource for you to add your own
brand of excitement to our campus.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at pblachar@aol.com
Thank you.
Nathan Brodell
Treasury has the difficult task of responsibly allocating money to the Student Groups on Campus.
I have shown a deep commitment to this process having served as Treasury Representative to the
Budget Committee and the Student Groups Activities Committee. In addition I have participated
in the Student Union Retreat and helped lead the Student Union pre-Orientation program,
especially with regard to coordinating the President's and Treasurer's Training. I have an in
depth understanding of how Treasury works and the role it plays in student government.

The student body of Washington University is very active and passionate about a number of
special interests. They frequently form new student groups and request funding from the
Treasury. This is a positive reflection on our student body; however, Treasury has a finite
amount of money to distribute. It is a concern of mine that as more groups are approved for
funding, long established groups will be allocated less money based on a lower funding
percentage. Since I believe it is not only Treasury’s responsibility to allocate money responsibly,
but also to protect the current student groups, I pledge to work with the committees in Treasury
to try to provide the funds necessary for the survival of these established groups. This will
undoubtedly require limiting the approval of funding for new student groups and may require
tightening the process in which student groups are approved and deregistering inactive groups.
Certainly, all decisions made will be done while considering the best interests of the Student

If re-elected, I also pledge to take a leadership role. I am qualified, hard-working, and desire to
hold the position of Speaker of Treasury. However, if I am not able to serve the school in this
capacity, I will happily serve as the Student Groups Activities Committee chair and help keep
Treasury moving in the right direction.

Jason Chang

Hey there - I’m Jason Chang, currently a sophomore in the business school. I am running for
treasury because I want to help make the most out of your student activity fee (1% of your tuition)
and allocating it such that student groups can effectively put on the best programming possible to
make your time at WashU most enjoyable. I’ve been around for a year so I know how the system
runs at WashU – but at the same time I am not so deeply immersed in the system that I become
oblivious to areas for improvement. I’d like to make treasury as transparent as possible – I’d love
to hear your suggestions for SU treasury, as well as what kind of fun events you and your student
group plan to do.

Thank you for participating in SU elections – ―Make a Bang, Vote for Jason Chang!‖

Michael Cohen
Hi Wash U Undergrads! My name is Michael Cohen and I’m running for re-
election to Student Union Treasury. Through my first couple of months as a freshman on
Treasury, I believe that I’ve developed the ability to accurately gauge the wants of the
student body and to subsequently apply that ability to decisions on whether or not to fund
an appeal. I’ve also adopted a ―get to the point‖ attitude during meetings (and also in
this statement) which I think, if elected, will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of
However, the place I believe Treasury can improve the most is in a department
we only indirectly control. Through, my first two months as a student, my eyes have been
opened to the diversity of interests on our campus. However, I don’t necessarily see this
diversity accounted for in appeals to Treasury for speakers and events. We’ve seen many
great appeals this semester but there is still plenty of untapped potential among you,
the student body. I hope that you will let me spread the word in the upcoming term as a
member of Student Union Treasury.

Thank you,
Michael Cohen

Jeff Goldenhersh

        As a current Treasury Representative, I am running for reelection with the hopes that I
can make Wash U a better place for all students. I like to focus on putting the Student Activities
Fee towards events, speakers, and organizations that target (or at least attempt to target) large
cross-sections of the University as opposed to a small group of select students. I don’t really
believe in ―residual value.‖ If we send 5 students to a conference, I believe that it has less value
than bringing a comedian or speaker that will draw 50 students. Even though those 5 students
might, arguably, come back with skills that will help them enhance their organization and what it
provides to Wash U, I still think that it is much more efficient and better for the students for them
to see exactly what they are getting for their money (it is, after all, coming out of your tuition).

        If elected to Treasury, I can promise that you will see the value that is being created from
your tuition money.

Nick Jenkins
Senior in the Engineering school with a second major in the Business school with one term's
experience in both Treasury and Budget Committee. Not afraid to speak up on controversial
subjects, and genuinely enjoys being a part of the student union. Seeking reelection for his final
semester on campus to serve as an example to new treasury members and to continue working to
improve life on campus.

Gregory R. Jones
 I am extremely excited to be running for the 2010 Student Union Treasury Fall Election. I was
recently appointed to a vacant Treasury seat that has allowed me to gain a better understanding
of not only Treasury, but also the Student Union framework as a whole. In addition to currently
serving on Treasury, I am also a member of Junior Class Council and have served on Sophomore
and Freshman Class Councils in the past. With well-rounded knowledge of multiple branches in
Student Union, I feel that I have a very valuable perspective that benefits Washington University
both internally and externally. I feel that the way Student Activities Fees are allocated is one of
the most important things Student Union does in that it directly affects the student body, and they
depend on Treasury to make good judgments when deciding what events and student groups to
fund throughout the year. Having been in quite a few Treasury meetings, I have learned how
important it is to have a prior knowledge of the philosophy behind Treasury so the budget can be
used in the most accurate and efficient way possible. I pride myself on bringing an unbiased and
open minded opinion while setting aside my personal beliefs and keeping in mind all of the very
different people that make up our school body when helping to make these decisions. I am
committed to reaching out to all students because I know that as a student I would be furious if I
felt that my fees were not going towards programming that would benefit me. If elected, I will
continue to make strides as a Treasury Representative to ensure the entire student body is happy
with the way Student Union and their Activity Fees are managed.
Gregory R. Jones
BU 2012
Treasury Representative Candidate

Maia Lamdany
        I have been involved with many student groups and activities at Washington University,
including Y-Tutor, Challah for Hunger, intramural frisbee, planning Pluralism Week and
Holocaust Awareness Week, and serving as a copy editor for Student Life. All of these activities,
as well as the many speakers and movies I have enjoyed, are made possible by Treasury, and I
want to serve on Treasury in order to give back to my school and community and ensure that
students continue to enjoy amazing opportunities. Wash. U. has provided me with a stellar
education and a great college experience, and when I serve on Treasury I will help ensure that
Student Union’s money is spent responsibly, to ensure that my fellow students will be able to
benefit from a wide range of exhilarating activities.
        Treasury allocates hundreds of thousands of dollars to student groups and activities every
year, enabling our students to participate in all sorts of activities, from concerts and weekly clubs
to educational speakers. Treasury Representatives receive many appeals for funds, and they have
to decide how to allocate the money. I will do my best to balance the many competing interests
that Treasury Representatives have to consider, such as activities that appeal to a wide segment
of the student body versus specialized opportunities that will probably only be enjoyed by a
small percentage of students. I will always do what I think is in the best interest of the student
body as a whole, and will also attempt to ensure that students have more fabulous speakers such
as Nicholas Kristof and Matisyahu.
        I spent the past summer interning for Congressman William Lacy Clay, so I have
experience in bureaucracies and constituent services. I appeased angry constituents and helped
them repair their lives after floods and financial ruin, and I want to apply my experiences to
serving Washington University students.
        Some facts about me: I am a junior majoring in History and Jewish, Islamic, and Near
Eastern Studies with a minor in Text and Tradition. I am from Bethesda, MD (right near
Washington, DC) and the first time I visited the Midwest was when I arrive for orientation. I
have walked across Israel from the east to the west. I am incapable of winking. My freshman
floor was TFL! And I love Washington University and cannot wait to serve as your Treasury

Sam Leffell
My name is Sam Leffell, and I would like to serve the WashU community as a member of its
Student Union Treasury. As a general background, I am a junior majoring in mechanical
engineering with a second major in finance and a possible minor in economics. In my time at
WashU, I have had very little exposure to our school’s student government and have participated
in it even less; however, I have decided that it is not too late, and that now is the time to get

To give an example of my qualifications, I will explain my role in one of the student groups with
which I have been affiliated. In the Fall of 2009 I was introduced to Student United Way, in
which I have served as the Vice President of Allocations ever since. As the title suggests, my
main role in SUW has revolved around creating a Civic Engagement Grant program from scratch.
One year later, the program is funding half a dozen projects run by WashU students in the St.
Louis area. Although Student Union’s budget is quite larger than that of Student United Way, I
believe that the skills I have learned in conjunction with organizing the grant program will
translate directly to being a member of the Student Union Treasury.

To all those reading these statements, I would like you to think of the various student groups you
are involved in regardless of whether you are the president or simply a quasi-member who shows
up to meetings every once in a while. Now I would like you to think about what a check from
Student Union could do for you and your group. Whether it be using funds to promote an
upcoming event, or organize a community service project in the local community, in my opinion,
all ideas are worthy and if elected to the treasury, I will give every one a shot.

Below I will briefly outline a couple of my main goals if elected to the treasury:

        I will fight for absolute transparency as to where the allocations from the treasury are sent.
        In one way or another, this is YOUR tuition money that is being spent; you should know
        where it is going.

        I will truly attempt to give all proposals brought to the treasury a chance. The amount of
        money that this council controls is astounding and could really be put to use in more

        While student groups are great, I do not believe that a student must be affiliated with one
        in order to have a great idea. Because of this, I plan to look into establishing ways in
        which individuals, or non-student groups, will be able to apply for funding.

I thank you for your consideration and ask for your vote. If you have any questions regarding my
plans once elected, please contact me via e-mail at sgl1@wustl.edu. In addition, if elected to the
council, I urge you to send me your ideas and/or proposals for the Student Union Treasury.


Sam Leffell

Jeff Lin
        My name is Jeff Lin and I am currently a freshman in the Business School. I want the
opportunity to be able to support the student groups of Washington University at St. Louis by
approving new groups and financially supporting others. I wish to have a voice in the decisions
governing student groups of Washington University. As an individual, I am amiable and
responsible. I will contribute my own opinions and thoughts to the board while working along
with those on the board as well. Also, I have considerable leadership experience that will help
and be useful in this position. I am currently a College Council Representative for Park/Mudd.
As a College Council Rep, I am tasked with the development and execution of events for
Park/Mudd. I was on the student council throughout high school. I contributed in fundraising
events, planning school events, and promoting school spirit. During the summer I am a counselor
at an overnight camp where I have the responsibility of keeping safe and taking care of a group
of kids. As a member of the treasury board, I hope to better distribute funds to student groups.

Chantel Miller
         My name is Chantel Miller and I am a junior pursuing a double major in Biology and
Political Science with a minor in Public Health. I am running again for a position in Treasury
because not only have I greatly enjoyed my experience as a Representative of the Treasury thus
far, I believe Treasury has had a commendable impact on the student body. My initial interest in
Treasury arouse out of a need other members of the student body and myself saw to diversify the
representation within Treasury and introduce a fresh, outside perspective into the body.
As the primary responsibility of the Treasury is to allocate the student activity fee, it is essential
to have representatives with a vested interest in how these funds are distributed. Having the
background as both a student group leader navigating the web of Treasury and a Treasury
representative working with a student group, I provide a duality of experience that well prepares
me for understanding opinions from both sides of the intimidating tables of Simon 113. Over the
past semester, I not only cultivated my understanding of ―How Things Work‖ in Treasury, but
also willingly served as a conduit for student groups in need of assistance in preparing for
appeals. I am aware that appealing to the body can be a daunting experience but in my
sophomore semester as a Treasury representative, I hope to continue promoting open channels of
communication between student groups and Treasury.
         In my opinion, one of the greatest problems facing Treasury is its own reputation. In that
regard, Treasury needs to continue evolving, allocating funds wisely but not parsimoniously, and
enabling students to use their funds in a way that most efficiently serves the larger student body.
I believe the past few months have seen incredible progress in Treasury, but further
improvements can always be made. One of my main personal concerns not only as a Treasury
representative but as a Wash U undergraduate is how much responsibility SU and Treasury
should have in funding programs that are meant to build Wash U’s reputation. In addition to
becoming more approachable to student groups, I would like Treasury to develop a stance on the
issue of funding programming meant to bring credibility to the university. This is a charge I hope
to take up with my current candidacy. Elsewhere on campus, I am Webmaster and Vice
President of External Relations for Chimes Junior Honorary, the STaRS Student Assistant in
Student Technology Services, and a member of the Association of Black Students.

Julian Nicks
My name is Julian Nicks and I want you to elect me as your Treasury Representative.

What changes do I seek?
  1. More Initial and Follow-Up with Student Groups Many student groups come before
      treasury, not fully understanding what it entails or what is expected out of them during
      appeals. I seek to be very transparent with what treasury expects out of appeals and meet
      with any student group that desires to, providing feedback so that your appeal is not shot
      down for a detail that you group overlooked. I would also like to see more follow up with
      student groups after budget allocations and appeals.
   2. Higher Awareness of Treasury Meetings As a student, you have the right to attend
      treasury meetings and voice your opinion on how your student dollars are spent. Treasury
      chooses speakers who come to campus that student groups are advocating for and you
      should be made more aware of meetings as important and large as this one.
   3. Understanding of marginalized groups Many people in treasury have no idea what it
      means to be a part of a minority group on campus whether it is religion, race, sexual
      orientation and etc... These types of groups are very different from other Student Union
      groups on campus and need to be looked at from a unique perspective. Student Union
      must develop a philosophy and understanding of the implications of what it means to be a
      minority group on campus, so that the issues they face are not overlooked.

Why am I qualified?
  1. I’ve been poor I understand what it’s like to be poor for the better. I have learned the
     difference that every single dollar student groups are funded makes a difference and will
     take that into account in every decision process. I also know how to operate with little
     and can help student groups figure out how to work with what they have and still make
     their event possible.
  2. Experience as Treasurer This school year, I have served as Treasurer of the Association
     of Black Students and have had the opportunity to learn more about Treasury and Student
     Union in both its positive and negative aspects. As a treasurer, I understand what it’s like
     to operate from a limited budgeted in which I had not part in submitting, being funded for
     less than 25% of our budget. I’ve went before treasury to ask for money for appeals that
     the groups you have been a part of are passionate about. It is important that you have
     someone who understands your circumstances. Since the first time I have went in front of
     treasury, I have been to almost all treasury meetings to voice my opinions.
  3. Understands Diversity As the leader and member of a cultural group, I understand the
     necessities that come with being a minority on campus. More often than not, judgment
     for the importance of events cannot be judged solely on the number of attendees at an
     event. Being able to understand these views is critical to making appropriate decisions in
     treasury from cultural and small groups on campus.
  4. Majors: Mathematics and Finance I’m a math nerd. I am more than excited to assist
     groups in budgeting events, spend efficiently and track spending effectively.
  5. I’m all ears My concerns and your concerns come from the same place and I am always
     willing to hear new ideas, criticisms and set aside time to make sure I make myself
     available to students.

Why is your vote important?
        By the end of this year, you, along with every full-time undergraduate student at
Washington University will have been charged $394 for what is labeled under your student bill
as a ―student activities fee‖. This money is all placed in the general budget of Student Union
totaling $2.3million, which the people you elect as your student government are in charge of
allocating. Unbeknownst to many of the undergraduate student population, $847,200 of this
budget is left in the hands of Student Union Treasury, 19 of your fellow undergraduates, who
fund events brought forth by student groups and individuals and are charged with the duty of
allocating funds to student groups and individuals for events that they believe fulfill the ―needs‖
and ―desires‖ of our students. Thus, every student has the responsibility to make sure your
treasury is composed of individuals who reflect the needs of our entire community, people who
have been actively involved in student groups as a president or treasurer and people who have
seen treasury from the outside and can take a look at student events from a different vantage
        I will certainly be an advocate and firm voice speaking from the identified needs of our
students. I am the right person for the job and committed to you. Every dollar that treasury
allocates comes from you, the student, and I promise to fulfill my role in SU Treasury to the best
of my ability.

If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to email me at nicksj@olin.wustl.edu.

Gregory Porter

         Treasury Representatives should come from all classes, and among freshmen, I have the
most experience possible: I have already served on Treasury this semester, am a member of
Budget Committee and did the ―Leading Wash U Style‖ pre-o. I applied for the position in
September because I am interested in the work done by Treasury and believed that I could make
a valuable contribution. My experience as a Treasury Representative has been great, and I have
been honored to represent the student body. The primary role of Treasury is to allocate the
student activities fee. This is of great significance, and I have worked hard to ensure that the
activities fee is used solely for the students.
         As a result of attending Treasury meetings over the past two months, I have gained the
experience necessary to make good consistent decisions. I am an active participant in Treasury
meetings and provide good insight to the events being brought before the board. I have also
developed my own standards and philosophy on how Treasury should fund events. First and
foremost I believe that events that benefit the greatest number of students are the most important,
as they generally appeal to a broadest group of students. Having said that, I also value smaller
events as long as the attendees are able to bring something back to campus or utilize their
experiences at the event to improve the Wash U community.
         Students like college for many reasons, and I believe that the activities on campus and
participation in student groups can lead to the best memories. As a Treasury Representative, I
know that your interests come first. I am also open to meet with individual students or student
groups in order to discuss funding, what events you would like to see on campus or anything else
that has to do with SU.
         In addition to the experience I have gained through Treasury, I also attended the pre-o
Leading Wash U Style and am a member of the Budget Committee. I believe it is important for
students from all classes to be on Treasury, and among freshmen, I have the most Wash U
Student Union experience possible that pertains to being a Treasury Representative. Through my
pre-o, I acquired a fundamental understanding of how SU operates and I have contacts from all
classes available to me to ask for assistance if I need it.
        While on pre-o, I served on team ―allocate‖ and practiced in reviewing budgets from
category II student groups. I enjoyed that experience so much that I immediately applied for and
was accepted to hold a position on Budget Committee. Through Budget Committee, I have been
able to learn about every student group on campus and develop my views and philosophies about
funding various events. My extensive knowledge of the groups on campus makes me a good
resource on Treasury. I can make sure that we are not over programming in certain areas and
that we are using the student activities committee fee in the best way possible – putting on events
that interest many students in various ways.
        For the next Treasury term, I have some goals that I would like to achieve in order to
improve the way in which Treasury operates and to continue supplying Wash U students with
fun and interesting events. I hope to improve Treasury philosophy and create a uniform set of
guidelines to be used when evaluating different events (such as conferences and speakers). I also
will continue to support a wide breadth of programming so that every student can be involved in
campus activities. Additionally, I will continue publicizing the possibility of bringing individual
appeals to Treasury. This is a new procedure that enables students to appeal for events without
being tied with a student group. I believe that as a Treasury Representative, I am responsible for
getting the word out to students about how to do this. Encouraging and supporting interesting,
engaging, and fun events on campus is Treasury’s duty. As a Treasury Representative, I have
and plan to continue to spend the student activities fee responsibly and to listen to the opinions,
requests, and ideas of the student body.

Adrienne Sands
        I’m a little outrageous, a little drastic. I attend treasury meetings for fun, and I Pride
myself on my willingness to drop knowledge on treasury, about what they are doing wrong, right
or not at all. You could say I’m a little crazy—about treasury that is. But I understand that not all
treasury meetings are fun and games. Every Tuesday in Simon 113, 19 students allocate
thousands of our dollars for events and initiatives that ―we‖ deem ―worthwhile.‖ I question
whether this is always the case for two reasons: first, ―we‖ are over 6,000 students who value
events and initiatives differently; second, there is a dearth of communication between the
treasury representatives and their constituents.
        Treasury has a habit of funding events which are sure to draw ―the greatest number of
students.‖ Our resources are limited and must support the widest variety of interests, but event
attendance should not be the deciding factor. If it is, smaller events hosted by minority groups
like Pride and Mixed slip through the cracks and important issues are ignored. This risks pushing
marginal groups even further into the margin. To curb these issues, I pose the following
         Mandatory diversity training (i.e. groups such as Safe Zones) for treasury members
             for better understanding of minority groups and how their needs differ from larger
         Frequent dialogue with the Diversity Affairs Council which has been elected to
             represent the interests of our diverse student body and works closely with Treasury
         Discussion/ follow-up with student groups before, during, and after appeals via the
             Treasury Liaison program to understand the value of their event beyond large
         Dialogue about the appeals and budget process from former student leaders in
             treasury to broaden the perspective of mechanical, robotic, unaware treasurers
           Dialogue about intersectionality and how ―minority‖/ ―small group‖ issues affect
I promise to harass treasury members until these suggestions are either fulfilled or deemed
unnecessary. As a triple minority on campus, I understand how it feels to posit oneself and one’s
passion against the majority. I will vote and encourage discussion within treasury based on this
        But I’m just one person, and I acknowledge that changing a bureaucracy takes more than
just one voice. Thus, I want to promote open lines of communication between treasury and the
student body so anyone with a criticism or better idea doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I offer the
following suggestions:
     Greater publicity of treasury meetings to the general body so that they can participate in
        appeal discussion and influence where their dollars are spent
     Transparency of treasury decisions to be applauded or condemned by the Student Body
        as we deem appropriate
     More consistent communication with student group leaders (extension of the current
        liaison program) who have been charged to represent different sectors of the general
        body and have greater insight as to their specific interests
     More student feedback about events and treasury funding decisions, for obvious reasons
        (e.g. the survey taken before Assembly Series speakers were chosen).
I understand my limitations as one of nineteen, but I believe that the opinion of vocal students,
student group leaders, and those who attend events have considerable influence.
        Please vote for Adrienne Sands on November 10th and 11th if you’d like a treasurer who’s
passionate, determined, and focused on the little person. I’m a seasoned co-president of Pride
where I worked to serve the interests of the non-homogenous LGBT Wash U Community. I
reorganized the administration of Pride, rewrote constitutional legislation, and promoted an
LGBT-inclusive campus. Like Pride, we are a diverse community, and treasury has a
responsibility to serve all of our interests. With your vote, I’ll make sure they get that message.

Ziming Shi
My Dearest Bears,
     My name is Ziming Shi. I am a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences, and I
am a candidate for Treasury Representative. We all have paid a great deal to be here, and there is
nothing more important than making sure that our money is best used to enrich our college
experience. Every initiative from the student body deserves attention from the student union and
school administration and as your treasury representative, my goal is to make sure every voice is
     In my high school I started a club called the Journey of Chinese Culture. However, our
school did not provide us with any funds, so in the beginning we had to pay for virtually
everything on our own. Yet by the end of the school year, we had created a surplus of a few
hundred dollars through many fundraising events, and we were able to make a trip to Beijing
over the summer of 2009 with the help of a sponsor. Following the success of our club, I went on
to help more clubs raise funds - during my senior year in high school I served as the president of
LOP, a subdivision of student government that organized events for all student organizations.
During my term I organized many different kinds of fund-raising events (bake sales, book fairs,
etc…) that helped the clubs in our school to raise tens of thousands of dollars.
      There are so many things that students can only learn outside their classroom. My chief goal
is to help improve the quality of our student organizations through better and more efficient
allocation of treasury funds. In my opinion, the students’ activities should follow the same
direction as Wash U.’s long-term development goals, that is, to prepare students with the
attitudes, skills and habits of lifelong learning and to help them become useful members of a
global society. Every organization that receives funds from the treasury should be evaluated
using this standard. For example, a club should be credited for helping promote the culture of
cooperation or helping the students develop real-world problem-solving skills. At the same time I
will push for legislation that will make it easier to provide resources directly to individual
students in addition to student groups. For instance, in order to promote student-faculty
interaction, students should be allowed to apply for a discount for meals with their professors.
      As a member of the treasury, the top guidelines of my agenda are:
     1. Collect opinions and suggestions from the students and bring these issues up at the
        treasury meeting every week.

   2. To help design a comprehensive mechanism for the evaluation of money allocation based
      on the performance of the organizations.

   3. Provide Student Union resources to individuals in addition to student groups.

     I feel truly honored to have this opportunity to serve you and to show you the kind of
positive difference I can make. Let us go forward to make our school and our community a better
place with our passion and experience, you being the brave passenger and I being your loyal
driver, knowing that we, the students, are the true architects of our destiny.
Thank you all for reading my statement. Vote for Ziming, your best candidate for Treasury

Jack Sun
As a member the Washington University community, I strongly desire to do my part in
improving our school. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to make informed and rational
policy decisions. Thus, I believe I can utilize this skill through participation in Student Union
Treasury, ensuring that SU funding is spent efficiently and resourcefully.
I am an experienced leader, having assumed leadership positions in various groups (debate team,
National Honor Society, etc.) Those leadership experiences taught me that leadership is less
about filling a role, and more about being in a position to improve the group. I am not the type
of leader who desires domination over others. Rather, I am more satisfied knowing that my
contribution has helped my group reach its goals.
I strongly feel that I am well suited for Treasury. I tend to execute good financial decisions
because I view all choices with an economic mindset. When encountered with an option, my
thoughts follow an effective progression. First, I comprehend the issue at hand, and try to
understand multiple viewpoints. I then incorporate a cost-benefit analysis by accounting for both
explicit and implicit consequences of the decisions. This allows me to arrive at an initial
judgment regarding the decision. However, before I make an official decision, I consult others’
opinions regarding the matter. Afterwards, I decide on the issue with confidence. I plan on
using this thought process when making decisions in Treasury. Not only will it help me arrive at
an informed decision, it will also help other Treasury members see a more holistic view of the
My main goal in participating in Treasury is to ensure Student Union funding is spent efficiently
on worthy causes. There are many issues facing the Wash U community, and money is often
needed to solve them. As a member of Treasury, I promise you that I will make sound financial
decisions with our funding. Our money will NOT be wasted!

Jacob Trunsky
         Hi Wash U! My name is Jacob Trunsky, and I’m a current member of Student Union
Treasury running for re-election. I’ve spent this past semester learning the ins and outs of
Student Union/Treasury and helped allocate SU funds in a way that benefited the diverse
interests of the Wash U student body. While I feel that our student groups do fantastic
programming that all students can enjoy, there are two main things I’d like to see change while
serving on SU Treasury.
         1) It is my belief that Treasury can fund an even more diverse group of student interests.
In treasury, I feel that often times too much emphasis is placed on the cost per student benefit of
the event. To me it is more important to look at each unique group of students and make sure
everyone’s needs are being served. In addition to the number of people an event is benefiting, it
is essential to consider what an event is bringing back to campus, and which student needs are
being fulfilled.
         2) I think Treasury is wastefully spending student funds on highly personal costs. While
it has always been Treasury’s policy not to fund t-shirts, is it okay for Treasury to spend
thousands of your dollars (that could go to campus programming) on flights to conferences and
hotels? While understandably some travel costs are necessary for certain groups to function, in
most cases I believe the Student Activities Fee should fund activities for students, and I believe
that money could be spent better elsewhere.
         In addition to those two main focuses, I’d like to see Treasury become more transparent,
so students know who their Treasury Representatives are, and what they are funding. I want to
see Treasury Representatives being held accountable by their constituents for the way they vote.
I also see a lot of room to improve the efficiency of Treasury meetings, which are long and
stressful for groups who appeal. Understand that I’m in this for the long run. I hope to work
with SU Treasury for the next several years, so I believe I can really change these operating
         I’m committed to serving my constituents in the best way possible. I take my role as a
treasury member very seriously. I’m at every meeting, focused, and ready to better the Wash U
community. If you have any questions regarding my philosophy on the Student Activities Fee,
how I’ve voted in Treasury, or anything else, please contact me at jbtrunsky@wustl.edu and
make sure to vote November 10-11.

Jacob B. Trunsky

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