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					                                              Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              Time-Management Company Raises Efficiency
                                              of Communications with New Server Solution

Overview                                      “Based on its experience with Exchange Server 2007
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Specialty retail
                                              and everything that Microsoft has invested in the
                                              latest releases, FranklinCovey is making a large
Customer Profile
FranklinCovey, headquartered in Salt Lake
                                              investment in its Microsoft-based infrastructure.”
City, Utah, is a leader in productivity and   Dan See, Service Delivery Executive, EDS
time-management products and seminars.
The company is licensed in nearly 130         FranklinCovey, which specializes in time-management materials
countries and sells its offerings through
stores, catalogs, and a Web site.             and seminars, wanted a solution that integrated its e-mail and
                                              voice-mail communications. After considering an upgrade of its
Business Situation
The company wanted an efficient, cost-        existing voice-mail system, the company chose Microsoft® Exchange
effective way to integrate its e-mail and     Server 2007. With the deployment, FranklinCovey projects that it
voice-mail systems.
                                              will save 40 percent on remote connectivity, while giving mobile
Solution                                      workers the ability to retrieve e-mail messages by phone. The
FranklinCovey installed Microsoft®
Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft            self-service and management features of Exchange Server 2007
Office Outlook® 2007 with Microsoft           are also expected to save the company money. In addition,
Office Outlook Web Access, and inte-
grated its voice communications with its      FranklinCovey expects quicker recovery from disk failures, faster
e-mail system.                                tape backups, and easier compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley
Benefits                                      regulations. Even more impressive, the Exchange Server 2007
 Provides cost-effective unified             deployment cost the company U.S.$100,000 less than the
 Is expected to reduce the cost of remote
                                              alternative solution would have cost.
  connectivity by about 40 percent
 Improves remote communications
 Simplifies installation and management
 Streamlines compliance efforts
“FranklinCovey was                         Situation                                       at FranklinCovey, overseeing critical IT
                                           FranklinCovey was founded in 1997 with the      services.
going to have to spend                     merger of the Franklin Quest Company and
money to upgrade its                       the company formed by Stephen Covey,            See and Gordon also experienced difficulties
                                           author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective      managing the e-mail system. “We had chal-
communications. And                        People. Today, FranklinCovey offers pro-        lenges maintaining the e-mail messages that
Exchange Server 2007                       ductivity and time-management products,         needed to be retained to meet regulations,
                                           including audio and video media, books,         such as those for Sarbanes-Oxley,” says
cost $100,000 less                         planners, software, and seminars.               Gordon. An employee might have messages
than the alternative.”                     FranklinCovey counts more than 90 percent       that had to be saved for varying time
                                           of the Fortune 500 as its customers, as well    periods—for example, one year, three years,
Dan See, Service Delivery Executive, EDS   as smaller businesses, organizations, and       or indefinitely. Handling those needs required
                                           government agencies.                            three separate personal folders, and the
                                                                                           company had to rely on the employee’s
                                           As a company long associated with produc-       diligence in retaining the e-mail messages.
                                           tivity, FranklinCovey seeks to maintain an
                                           efficient working environment. In early 2006,   To maintain the company’s e-mail com-
                                           when the company was told that it had to        munications, FranklinCovey was backing up
                                           update its voice-mail solution or lose vendor   its data to tape drives every night. And
                                           support, it decided to look at options for      although the company rarely experienced a
                                           improving communication by moving to a          disk failure, when it did, it sometimes took
                                           unified messaging system.                       more than a day to recover the data.

                                           At the time, the company used the Microsoft®    See and Gordon decided that the most cost-
                                           Office Outlook® 2003 messaging and col-         effective method might be just to upgrade the
                                           laboration client and Microsoft Exchange        company’s existing voice-mail system,
                                           Server 2003 to provide e-mail communica-        although that alone would not resolve the
                                           tions for its 1,500 employees. FranklinCovey    management issues. But when See asked the
                                           also relied on Microsoft Office Outlook Web     vendor for a quote to update the voice-mail
                                           Access for its mobile workers.                  system and integrate it with the company’s
                                                                                           e-mail system, he received a shock. The
                                           “We were particularly concerned about the       vendor demanded a price of U.S.$130,000
                                           communication needs of the mobile em-           for the upgrade and an additional $20,000 to
                                           ployees,” says Dan See, who is a Service        add the voice-messaging component. “When
                                           Delivery Executive with EDS and serves as       we saw the high cost of integrating voice mail
                                           Director of Infrastructure for FranklinCovey.   and messaging solutions from outside
                                           “We thought a unified messaging system that     vendors, we started looking at other options,”
                                           would include voice mail and e-mail messag-     he says.
                                           ing would be just what they needed. It would
                                           provide them convenient access to all their
                                           vital business communications, both at the      Solution
                                           office and on the road.”                        While the negotiations with the vendor were
                                                                                           proceeding, FranklinCovey looked at
                                           See, like Rick Gordon, Systems Administrator,   Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. “I had
                                           works for Microsoft Gold Certified Partner      heard that Exchange Server 2007 offered
                                           EDS and is dedicated to the FranklinCovey       unified messaging,” says See. “And when we
                                           account. Both See and Gordon work on-site       discovered we could deploy it for about
“If salespeople are                       $40,000, that alone made the business case      database that can be used for recovering the
                                          for the deployment.”                            e-mail data if a disk fails.
someplace without Web
access, Exchange Server                   FranklinCovey was one of the first companies    The implementation went smoothly. “This
                                          to deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.       was a lot easier than similar deployments in
2007 makes it possible                    Working with IT professionals from Adtech       the past,” says Gordon. Even setting up the
for them to have their                    Global Solutions (AGS), a Microsoft Certified   unified messaging was not difficult. “The
                                          Partner that assisted with the unified mes-     hardest thing was setting up the dialing
e-mail messages read to                   saging component, See and Gordon deployed       rules,” he says. “We finally decided we
them over the phone.”                     the solution for FranklinCovey. The IT team     needed only three—one for local calls, one for
                                          set up a server cluster of three server com-    domestic long distance, and one for inter-
Rick Gordon, Systems Administrator, EDS   puters. They deployed two server computers      national long distance.”
                                          on the internal network to handle the mail-
                                          boxes, central authentication server, and
                                          Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration    Benefits
                                          Server 2004, which provides firewall and        For FranklinCovey, the deployment of
                                          integrated virtual private network (VPN)        Exchange Server 2007 signaled new
                                          services. Adtech integrated Exchange Unified    improvements in operational efficiency and
                                          Messaging with the company’s existing Avaya     productivity. At a cost much lower than that of
                                          G3 PBX by using a Dialogic PBX-IP Media         upgrading its voice-mail communications,
                                          Gateway.                                        FranklinCovey gained a solution that has
                                                                                          improved communications for its remote
                                          On another computer on a perimeter              workers, while helping it reduce its VPN costs
                                          network, the IT team deployed the Edge          and better manage its communications. The
                                          Transport Server role of Exchange Server        deployment is the first step in creating a
                                          2007. Thus isolated from the internal           software infrastructure that will support the
                                          network, the Edge Transport Server provides     company for years to come.
                                          Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) routing
                                          and can quarantine or reject incoming           Provides a Cost-Effective Unified
                                          messages according to defined rules.            Messaging Solution
                                          Although it does not directly connect to the    Because FranklinCovey could deploy
                                          Active Directory® service, the Edge Transport   Exchange Server 2007 for less money than
                                          Server can make use of Active Directory         it would have spent upgrading its existing
                                          through Active Directory Application Mode.      voice-mail system, the decision to use a
                                          The company installed the Exchange Server       solution based on that software was obvious.
                                          software along with the Windows Server®         The Microsoft solution meant that
                                          2003 R2 Standard x64 Edition operating          FranklinCovey gained an efficient, unified
                                          system, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, and      messaging system, without changing its voice
                                          Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access.            infrastructure. “FranklinCovey was going to
                                                                                          have to spend money to upgrade its
                                          To provide backup for its new messaging         communications,” says See. “And Exchange
                                          system, FranklinCovey relied on the local       Server 2007 cost $100,000 less than the
                                          continuous replication (LCR) feature in         alternative. That made the return on
                                          Exchange Server 2007, which automatically       investment immediate.”
                                          replicates data to a single server computer,
                                          providing a backup copy of the production
“For people who only                       Should Reduce the Cost of Remote                   Simplifies Installation and Management
                                           Connectivity by About 40 Percent                   The Exchange Management Console in
need access to e-mail or                   FranklinCovey also expects to see savings          Exchange Server 2007 impressed Gordon,
Shared Folders, Outlook                    on remote connectivity as the deployment           too. “In the Exchange Management Console,
                                           proceeds. “With Exchange Server 2007               everything is intuitively located,” says Gordon.
Web Access is all they                     and Outlook Web Access, users can connect          “Having three panes, including one showing
need. As a result,                         to the e-mail system from remote locations,”       all the available actions, helps me find what I
                                           says See. “For people who only need                need much faster.”
FranklinCovey should                       access to e-mail or Shared Folders, Outlook
save about 40 percent                      Web Access is all they need. As a result,          Gordon also likes the command-line interface
                                           FranklinCovey should save about 40 percent         of the Exchange Management Shell. “For
on VPN costs, because                      on VPN costs, because fewer VPN connec-            small jobs, I prefer to use the console,” he
fewer VPN connections                      tions are needed.”                                 says. “But for something like moving our
                                                                                              1,548 mailboxes to Exchange Server 2007,
are needed.”                               Improves Remote Communication                      it’s much faster to write a script. With a script,
Dan See, Service Delivery Executive, EDS   The mobile workers at FranklinCovey will be        I can direct the process to run when the
                                           able to stay in touch from almost anywhere,        system is not busy, and I don’t have to sit
                                           because voice mail, e-mail, and faxes are all      there and watch. I can also string multiple
                                           routed through Exchange Server. “If                jobs together for even more efficiency.”
                                           salespeople are someplace without Web
                                           access, Exchange Server 2007 makes it              Boosts Productivity and Reduces
                                           possible for them to have their e-mail             Help-Desk Calls
                                           messages read to them over the phone,” says        FranklinCovey expects that features like the
                                           Gordon. “If a client meeting time changes,         Scheduling Assistant in Office Outlook 2007
                                           they will know at once. Even on the road, our      and Outlook Web Access will help employees
                                           people are never out of touch.”                    become more productive, because they won’t
                                                                                              have to wait until they are in the office to
                                           Both See and Gordon believe the attractive         check other employees’ calendars and set
                                           new interface in Outlook Web Access should         up meetings.
                                           make use easier for remote and mobile
                                           workers. “If it weren’t for the support in the     The self-service and management features of
                                           Office Outlook client for working offline, you     Exchange Server 2007 will also help increase
                                           could use Outlook Web Access all the time.         the productivity of IT workers. For example,
                                           Outlook Web Access gives you access to             with the AutoConnect option, which uses a
                                           everything in the Office Outlook client,           Web service to automatically connect the
                                           including the Scheduling Assistant. People         client to Exchange Server 2007, users can
                                           can determine the best time to meet, set up a      set up and configure their installations of
                                           meeting, and book the conference room even         Office Outlook themselves.
                                           when they’re traveling.”
                                                                                              Users can also change their voice-mail PIN
                                           Exchange Server 2007 also includes support         (personal identification number) from Office
                                           that could be very valuable if a Windows           Outlook or Outlook Web Access, which
                                           Mobile® powered smartphone or other device         reduces the number of help-desk calls for
                                           is lost or stolen. “An administrator can           voice mail, as well. “We think help-desk calls
                                           actually remotely wipe the device clean of all     at FranklinCovey could decrease by as much
                                           data if a mobile device is lost or stolen,” says   as 20 percent,” says See. “And with the new,
                                           Gordon. “That’s a great security feature.”         intuitive management features of Exchange
“Help-desk personnel                       Server 2007, help-desk personnel can               enjoyed the increased performance that
                                           manage the day-to-day operations of the            resulted from that adoption. It also plans
can manage the day-to-                     e-mail system, while we redeploy the highly        to deploy more Microsoft offerings in the near
day operations of the                      skilled IT professionals to more important         future, including the Windows Vista™
                                           corporate projects.”                               operating system; Microsoft SQL Server™
e-mail system, while we                                                                       2005 database software; and Microsoft
redeploy the highly                        Offers Faster Data Restoration and                 Office Live Meeting service, Microsoft Office
                                           Fewer Full Backups                                 Communications Server 2007, and Microsoft
skilled IT professionals                   Exchange Server 2007 will also make a              Office SharePoint® Server 2007, as well as
to more important                          difference in restoring data. “On the rare         Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM.
                                           occasions when we have had a disk failure, it
corporate projects.”                       took a long time to fix,” says Gordon. “But        “Based on its experience with Exchange
Dan See, Service Delivery Executive, EDS   with LCR, we should be able to restore within      Server 2007 and everything that Microsoft
                                           minutes, instead of hours.” And although           has invested in the latest releases,
                                           FranklinCovey now backs up all its messaging       FranklinCovey is making a large investment
                                           data to a tape drive nightly, eventually it        in its Microsoft-based infrastructure,” says
                                           expects to need full backups only weekly,          See. “I’m confident that we can deploy the
                                           with incremental daily backups, even with the      software right away. FranklinCovey can
                                           increased data from voice mail.                    standardize on one vendor and one skill set
                                                                                              and run the business more cost-effectively
                                           Streamlines Record Keeping for                     and efficiently.”
                                           Another feature of Exchange Server 2007
                                           that FranklinCovey appreciates is Managed
                                           Folders. With this feature, users can organize
                                           messages in Office Outlook folders that are
                                           provisioned and managed by the system
                                           administrator. If certain messages need to be
                                           kept for a certain period of time—for example
                                           to satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley requirements—they
                                           can be managed with a rule. “Sarbanes-Oxley
                                           compliance is a big deal for any public com-
                                           pany,” says Gordon. “People don’t under-
                                           stand how to save the e-mail communications
                                           that auditors may request. But with Exchange
                                           Server 2007, we can create the folder and
                                           put a rule in place to save it for the required
                                           time, automatically. That will simplify the pro-
                                           cess significantly. I expect that improvement
                                           will save 100 work hours or more per year.”

                                           Supports Long-Range Plans
                                           Exchange Server 2007 is just the first step in
                                           the long-range plan that FranklinCovey has
                                           for upgrading its infrastructure. The company
                                           has recently adopted 64-bit computing and
For More Information                                  Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
For more information about Microsoft                  For more information about the Microsoft
products and services, call the Microsoft             server product portfolio, go to:
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-      
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in
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                                                           Software and Services                     Hardware
                                                            Microsoft Server Product Portfolio       IBM HS20 Blade Servers with Intel Xeon
                                                             − Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard         processors and Extended Memory 64
                                                               x64 Edition                             Technology
                                                             − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007         HP Modular Smart Array 1000
                                                             − Microsoft Internet Security and
                                                               Acceleration Server 2004              Partners
                                                            Microsoft Office                           EDS
                                                             − Microsoft Office Outlook 2007            Adtech Global Solutions

                                                              Active Directory
                                                              Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access

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Document published October 2006

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