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									Internet Corporation for Assigned
  Names and Numbers (ICANN)

  Presentation to 32nd TSACC

        Malcolm Andrew
        Industry Canada
        October 19, 2004
ICANN: Key Results of Kuala Lumpur

 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
 WHOIS Policy Development
 Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs)
 IPv6
 Wildcards
 Verisign versus ICANN Litigation
 Other issues
ICANN: WSIS / Internet Governance
 First WSIS Summit held in December 2003
  − Countries agreed that UN will create a working
    group to examine the issue
 ICANN supports WSIS process and attends UN
  meetings to provide expert advice on technical
  matters within its mandate
 Markus Kummer, Executive Coordinator, Secretariat
  of UN Working Group on Internet Governance
  (WGIG), attended ICANN workshop to discuss WSIS
 He encouraged all ICANN constituents to participate
 Members of WGIG to be announced shortly. Canada
  will be invited to participate.
 Phase II: Tunis in November 2005
ICANN: WHOIS Policy Development

 Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO)
  has policy development process underway on
  WHOIS issues

 Main issues are authentication and privacy

 Three separate Task Forces consulted with
  stakeholders, including the GAC and ccTLD

 GNSO’s work will continue in preparation for
  next ICANN meeting. No decision on timing for
  final report.
ICANN: Internationalised Domain
 Internet should become more accessible to those
  who do not use the ASCII character set, e.g. Arabic,

 Internationalization of Domain Name System should
  be accomplished through open and non-proprietary

 ICANN Board will establish an Advisory Committee
  on IDNs to provide advice on issues related to IDN

ICANN: Internet Protocol version 6

 On July 20, 2004, ICANN announced addition of IPv6
  nameserver addresses to the Internet's root DNS
 IPv6 will provide trillions more addresses than the
  current IPv4.
 IPv6 records for Japan (.jp) and Korea (.kr) country
  code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) are now visible in
  the root zone. IPv6 records for France (.fr) will be
  also be added.
 Other requests are pending and will be added.

 WIPO II recommends that ICANN extend the Uniform
  Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) to
  apply to country names and names of international
  intergovernmental organizations
 ICANN formed a Working Group to explore
  implementation of these recommendations
 Chaired by Jonathan Cohen, Working Group
  presented interim report to ICANN Board – no
  consensus was reached on how to implement WIPO
  II recommendations
 ICANN Board will review the report and report back
  by December 2004

 ICANN: Wildcards
 Wildcards redirect traffic that would otherwise result in a "no
  domain" response (e.g. unregistered or misspelled names) to
  a VeriSign-operated website (SiteFinder)
 SSAC report on redirection in .com and .net domains:
    - concludes that there are shortcomings in specifications of
      wildcards and their usage
 ICANN Board recommended:
    - Consultation with Internet Architecture Board on its
      interpretation of standards regarding wildcards in DNS
    - In the meantime, no new introduction of wildcards in any
      TLDs; and
    - Any material changes in registry services should be done
      with appropriate notice and opportunity for community
      consultation and consensus-building.                  8
ICANN: Verisign versus ICANN
 Verisign filed a lawsuit in California Federal Court against
  ICANN on February 26, 2004, alleging that:
 ICANN overstepped its contractual authority and
  improperly tried to regulate Verisign’s business
 ICANN has improperly attempted to become the de facto
  regulator of the domain name system
 On August 26, 2004, the US Federal Court for District of
  California dismissed Verisign’s anti-trust claim, with
 The Court declined to exercise supplemental jurisdiction
  and dismissed the remaining claims, without prejudice to
  their being filed in state court.
 Not discussed at the ICANN meetings due to sensitivity
ICANN: Ongoing Issues
 Deliver on commitments contained in MOU with U.S.
  Department of Commerce to achieve independence by
  September 2006.

 Develop a transparent process for creating new Top Level
  Domains by end of 2004 – draft proposal released

 Finalize Address Supporting Organization/Number Resource
  Organization MOU with Regional Internet Registries to
  manage Internet address space

 A one-time only process to award sponsored TLDs is
  underway; to be completed in 2004

 Designation of .NET successor registry operator

 Country Code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO)
  elected a Council and held its first meeting in Kuala Lumpur

 ICANN Resolutions on-line at               10
GAC: Key Results from Kuala Lumpur
GAC Structure and Financing
 European Commission will continue to finance and host
  GAC Secretariat until permanent funding solution is found
 Work will continue to examine different structural and
  financial models to sustain GAC over long term

GAC Operating Principles
 Revision of GAC Operating Principles almost complete
 Amendments limited to operational changes representing
  innovations already in effect
 Fundamentals of mandate and scope unchanged

GAC: Key Results from Kuala Lumpur

 The GAC will not formally participate in the WSIS
  process as an organization, but individual member
  countries, including Canada, are participating

WHOIS Policy Development
 GAC is engaged in ICANN’s GNSO process and
  providing input and expertise on WHOIS issues

GAC: Key Results from Kuala Lumpur

ccTLD Principles
 Revision of best practice guidelines for relationship
  between governments, ccTLD registries and ICANN

 Progress made to finalize new text by Cape Town

 Issues regarding appropriate role of ICANN in new
  delegations; and role of ICANN and governments in

Next Steps

  Next ICANN / GAC meetings to be held
   concurrently in Cape Town, South Africa

  GAC: November 29 – December 2, 2004

  ICANN: December 1 - 5, 2004

                  Malcolm Andrew
                   Industry Canada
                   (613) 998-4341

Industry Canada                        15

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