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Domain Names
 Web Certificates
coreFusion provides Domain    able to register and host

Name Registrations and Web    these domains for you.

Certificates from
                              Web Certificates keep the
                              data on your web site safe
OpenSRS registered Service
                              using encryption and the
Provider, coreFusion
                              Secure Socket Layer (SSL )
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Domain Names                                                                                     Web Certificates
Every web site needs a domain name, whether you already have a domain name or you are            Web Certificates are used to encrypt data that passes between a web browser and your web site
creating a new product or service, coreFusion can make the process easier.                       using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

By partnering with OpenSRS, we are able to leverage the very low cost of purchasing domain       coreFusion provides web certificates from GeoTrust in partnership with OpenSRS. For web sites
names in bulk as well as the technical infrastructure included with their online registration    hosted with coreFusion the process couldn't be simpler, we take care of the ordering, registering
system and domain management interface.                                                          and implementation of the certificate on the web server.

Currently, coreFusion can register the following Top Level Domains:                              Currently coreFusion can provide web certificates for the following web server platforms:

                .com .net .org .us .ca .name .info .biz .tv .cc                           Lotus Domino
                                                                                                         IBM HTTP/Go web server
Domain names can be registered for varying lengths of time from 1 year to 10 years depending             Apache/Tomcat
on the TLD chosen. Registering your domain for multiple years can help avoid "losing" your               Netscape
domain by forgetting to reregister it in time.                                                           Microsoft IIS
                                                                                                         and more...
If you prefer ot to register for multiple years, coreFusion will make sure that your domain
doesn't get de-activated by ensuring that the domain is renwed in time to keep it active.        All web certificates use true 128 bit encryption and are compatible with 98% of all web browsers.

What is OpenSRS?                                                                                 Patented "Smart Seal" Technology.

OpenSRS is a cooperative SLD (second level domain name) registration service for the gTLD        coreFusion offers patented GeoTrust "Smart Seal" technology, which resides on your web pages
(.com, .net, .org), MDNS (Multilingual registrations in Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and        automatically identifying the site as genuine, authentic, and validated by an independent third
ccTLD's (, and (.ca) namespace. OpenSRS is a business unit within      party. When a customer clicks on the True Site "Smart Seal", the server automatically performs a
Inc.                                                                                             domain look-up to verify they're visiting a legitimate site. The result is greater customer
                                                                                                 confidence, more e-commerce activity - and a significant increase in online revenue.
OpenSRS is designed for "Internet Solution Providers" (Internet Service Providers, Web Hosting
Companies, etc...) who process registrations for end users/organizations as part of their        Foolproof Validation and Cost-Effective.
solution offering. OpenSRS is not for end users, or anyone who registers fewer than 25 domain
names a year.                                                                                    Unlike other security products, True Site features an embedded company name/time/date stamp
                                                                                                 that can't be recreated as a static image - and immediately identifies your site as a valid True Site
OpenSRS is fully accredited by ICANN, CIRA and Nominet.                                          member. That's the kind of foolproof - and instantaneous - online validation Internet customers
                                                                                                 are looking for, available only from True Site.

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