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     Ho e use
Open     Sal
   ul4, 2006
& B
                                                    Wright Auction Service
                                                           Boissevain, MB.

            Aprilp.m. at tMenFoarom Hwy 10
                          h       n
              1:30          i t
                         h of
                iles nort miles east
         3 1/2 m - 1 3/4

              See the bulls at
                                                     AD BY GAIL’S GRAPHICS 204-824-2323
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                                                                  the $2.00 per head CLA rebate from provincial registra-
                                                                  tions. Your new Board of Directors will have a challenging
                                                                  year trying to generate revenue to cover the cost of adver-
                                                                  tising, 4-H promotions and running the Limousin News &
                                                                  Views. Just a reminder that your membership fees help fund
   Hello everyone!                                                these cost.
   It’s a pleasure to be writing the President’s report for           Congratulations to Alvin Finlay on receiving the Com-
another year. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and            mercial Limousin Breeder of the Year award for 2005. This
Happy New Year.                                                   award goes to cattle producers using Limousin genetics to
   We started the New Year off with the AGM in Brandon.           improve their herd and promote the breed. Our Junior Lim-
I appreciated the strong membership turn out and the direc-       ousin Ambassador for 2006 is Kyle Wright of Boissevain.
tion given to the Board for 2006. I welcome two new di-           Congratulations Kyle. I’m sure you will be a definite asset
rector’s to the Board, Sherry Daniel from Kenton and              to the Junior Association and promoter for the breed.
Leonard Gertz of Virden. We welcome your involvement                  Events being planned for this summer are the MLA pic-
and ideas to the MLA Board. Directors stepping down were          nic and our Provincial Summer Show. Be sure to watch for
Gary Robinson and David Finnson. We appreciate their years        dates and plan on attending these association sponsored
of commitment to help run the Association and know they           events.
will remain active Limousin breeders that you can still call on       Your Board would very much like to hear your ideas and
for direction.                                                    thoughts on how to increase the Limousin presence in to-
   The membership had lengthy discussion on plans for 2006.       day’s beef industry, give a director a call today.
The financial statement showed a loss for 2005 and the mem-           Till next issue: good luck calving and purchasing that new
bers debated ways to replace funds from the cancelling of         Limousin herd sire.

                                                                       Entertainment at this year’s AGM Banquet was
                                                                       hypnotizing! Top left: Preparing pets to do stunts.
                                                                       Lower left: Body Builders. Above: The birth of
                                                                       Buford. Photos courtesy of Cheryl McPherson.
                                                                                  Limousin News & Views        7


BW 1.5

WW 28.9

YW 51.9

tot. mat 37.9
TOt.                                                                                RIVERSIDE
                                                                                    POLLED ACE
SC .2                                                                         GKF POLLED DYNAMO
                                                                                    GKF POLLED ALEX
                                                                                    GOLDENVIEW REVAMP
                                                                              PVSF DENA
                                                                                    PVSF TICKLER

                                                You are welcome to stop in and check out our
                                                     Bull Pen sired by our Herd Sires

       TEXS STAR

 bw 5.3 ww 46.5 yw 79.3
 tot. mat 44.6 sc .4                                      USED HEAVILY ON HEIFERS -
                                                     VERY EASY CALVING - GROWTHY CALVES

                                       2 YR OLD BY
                                       JETLINER                               Tracey F        net
                                                                      David & finnson@mts.
                                                                           MB. d
                                                                   Arborg,        4-2422

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8     Limousin News & Views

    Next year’s calf crop?
    Here’s some options -                                                     Board of Directors
    Bulls for sale at the farm                                                      2006
     -yearlings, 2 year olds & 3 year olds with experience
     -8 red polled, 2 red horned, 3 black polled
     -birth weights range from 86-108 lbs
     -sired by Nordal Handyman, B-Bar Polled Kokanee,
      JCL Back Fire, Tubbs Crown N’7 & Anders Poll
    Our bulls are registered, semen tested, guaranteed and have
    EPDs. Tell us what you need in your calf crop and we will help
    you pick the bull that will work for you. We stand behind our
    breeding program and if any problem occurs with your bull, we
    want to know about it. We strive to make you a satisfied cus-

            Check out the bulls at Pine Creek Limousin
            located 3 miles south of Kenton’s west edge
                                                                       The 2006 Board of Directors: Back row l-r: Leonard
                                                                     Gertz, Keith Overand, Ian Hamilton, Bob Davey, Art
                                                                     Rodgers, Kevin Basso, Bill Campbell. Front row l-r: Sherry
                                                                     Daniel, Travis Hunter, Cheryl McPherson, Darby Cochrane.
                                                                     (Missing: Mark Angus)

           For best selection come and check us out soon.
                You can pick your favourite now and
                the chore boy will let us hang around
                    till you need us in the spring.
            He’ll even deliver us to your yard or pasture.              During the 2004-2005 4-H year there were 62 4-H
     Be sure to check out our bulls at the 5                         members showing Limousin sired animals.The numbers have
                                                                     remained the same for the past three years.
           Douglas Bull Test Station.                                   This year each of these 4-H members received Mani-
                     They’re sired by                                toba Limousin Association calculators which came in handy
            Nordal Handyman, Tubbs Crown N’7                         when they were filling out their record books.
                   and Anders Poll Cash.
                     They sell April 1st.
                                                                        The M.L.A. also jointly sponsored six educational clinics
                                                                     put on by the different 4-H Districts. These clinics were well
                  L&S Limousin Acres                                 attended with between 25 and 75 members registering at
               Box 191, Kenton, MB. R0M 0Z0                          each one.
                   2 miles south, 1 mile west,                          I received many thank yous from the clinic organizers
               1 mile south of Kenton’s west edge                    who were grateful for the support from the beef associa-
                        Ph: 204-838-2198                             tions.
                  Lawrence & Sherry Daniel

                  Pine Creek Limousin                                                 Limousins are
               Box 132, Kenton, MB. ROM 0Z0
              3 miles south of Kenton’s west edge                        Topping Sales All Over the Country!
                       Ph: 204-838-2311                                             Make a Limousin
              William, Sharon, Kaylee & Brady
                                                                               your Terminal Sire of Choice
                      Your source for                                    It’s a decision that makes good cents!
           Polled Purebred Performance Limousin
                                                                                                                    Limousin News & Views                        9

      C.L.A. Report
      by Ian Hamilton
                                 Our Manitoba Meeting is
                          complete and the message I will
                          take to the C.L,A. is to increase the
                          marketing budget.
                             We have a great breed and must
                          tell everyone we can of the many
                              My new position on the C.L.A.
                          is membership committee chair.
       If anyone has any ideas that I can use to enhance mem-
bership or improve things for the membership we have, give
me a call.
   Remember to get the “SALE” on non enrolled cows en-
rolled before March 31st. This is a one time deal and if you

                                                                                                                                            Jako Farms
are a purebred breeder, now is your opportunity to get those
BSE drop outs back in the system.

                                               Good Calving

                                                                  Temperament 2nd to none!

                                                                                                                                                    Jean Anne & Keith Overand
                                               Ian Hamilton

                                                                                                                  Come to the farm to see
                                                                                                                   his outstanding sons-
                                                                                             Possess the muscle

                                                                                                                                                          (204) 845-2324
                                                                                                                                                            Elkhorn, MB.
                                                                                             buyers look for
                                                                  Easy fleshing

                                                                                             Red or black


by Travis Hunter
   There were 274 bulls at the start of the
2005-2006 test at the Douglas Test Sta-
tion. We have lost one to bloat and have
had a high pull rate of 30-35%.
   56 day weights were done on December 27, 2005. Test
average: 3.7 ADG, WDA 3.34.
   Limousin have 18 bulls (6 black, 12 red) on test from 7
Manitoba breeders. Average weight is 1028 lbs., ADG of
group 3.64 lbs. Highest ADG 5.09, WDA of group 3.22
lbs. Highest WDA of group 3.62 lbs.
   There are 29 heifers on Test. ADG 3.04, WDA 2.79.
   The Open House will be held March 11, 2006 with beef
on a bun at noon and private treaty heifer sale to follow.
Guest speakers will talk on ultrasound, fertility testing and
structural soundness. John Popp will speak on benefits.
   Remember the Bull Sale on April 1, 2006 at 1:00 p.m.
Sale criteria will be the same as last year.
   Our current Test Station Manager, Brady Fawn has re-
signed effective the end of this year’s test.

                                              Travis Hunter.
                                                                                                       Ad design by Gail Campbell 204-824-2323
10 Limousin News & Views

                                             58 Day Weight Report
                                              LIMOUSIN BULLS
                         Birth                            On 58         ADG WDA
Pen       Tag      %    Date    Wgt  Tattoo              Test Day Gain  lbs lbs
Sire: WULF’S KLINT 5874k
5     P 176 PB RE 2/26/2005 107      U     LGL   2R       860 1046 187  3.33 3.44
5     P 177 PB BLA 2/19/2005 112     E     LGL   1R       887 1067 180  3.21 3.43
5     P 178 PB BLA 1/24/2005 100     U     THX   20R      829 952 124   2.21 2.82
5     P 179 PB RE 2/7/2005      92   U     THX   48R      857 1073 217  3.87 3.32
Sire: TUBB CROWN ‘N7 660L
5     P180     PB RE 1/27/2005 98    U     LDS   18R      835 1066 232  4.13 3.19
5     p 181 PB RE 2/3/2005      96   U     LDS   29R      806 1027 221  3.95 3.14
5     p 182 PB RE 2/20/2005 96       U     LDS   60R      748 1033 285  5.09 3.33
5     P 183 PB RE 1/28/2005 102      U     WDH 20R        819 1038 220  3.92 3.12
5     P 184 PB RE 2/12/2005 92       U     WDH 50R        804 964 161   2.87 3.03
5     P 185 PB BLA 2/15/2005 98      U     RJM   553R     771 978 207   3.70 3.10
5     P 186 PB RE 2/2/2005      104  U     RJM   520R     872 1050 179  3.19 3.20
5     P 187 PB BLA 3/16/2005 100     U     RJM   577R     884 1035 151  2.70 3.62
5     P 188 PB RE 2/6/2005      98   U     MAN 12R        895 1058 164  2.92 3.27
5     P 189 PB BLA 3/16/2005 85      U     MAN 18R        801 996 196   3.49 3.48
5     P 190 PB RE 1/18/2005 101      U     HNH   5R       872 1126 254  4.54 3.28
5     P 191 PB BLA 1/21/2005 92      U     HNH   8R       749 966 217   3.88 2.84
5     P 192 PB RE 2/2/2005      93   U     HNH   28R      802 1055 253  4.52 3.22
Sire: L7 LUCKY ME 9041J
5     P 193 PB RE 2/16/2005 100      U     HNH   52R      753 982 230   4.10 3.13
Ad design by Gail Campbell 204-824-2323
                                                                    and 1/2 mile south on #351
                                                           Located 17 miles east of Brandon on Hwy. #1
                                                             Ph/Fax: 204-763-4696 Cell: 204-724-6271
                                                                Box 1190 Carberry, MB. ROK 1H0
             look at our animals
            Stop by and take a                             BULL TEST STATION
                   Private Treaty
                will be available by
                       Heifers                                Gene Parks & Ward Cutler, Canadian Champion Auctioneer
                A limited number of                                              AUCTIONEERS
                                                                  Call for a catalogue today!
                     Breeding Soundness
                        Ultrasound &
                        Speakers on
                                                                         New Time - 1:00 p.m
                    ~Sponsored by Ivomec~
                Free Beef On A Bun                            Saturday, April 1, 2006
                          12:00 Noon
                     March 11th
                                                              BULL SALE


                                                                                             2nd Annu

11    Limousin News & Views
12 Limousin News & Views


                                                                              President                Evan Overand
                                                                              Vice President:          Kyle Wright
                                                                              Treasurer:               Kaitlin Campbell
                                                                              Secretary:               Dillon Hunter

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○            ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

                                                                               Annual Meeting
                                                                   The Manitoba Junior Limousin Association held their
                                                                 Annual Meeting on January 7, 2006 at the Royal Oak Inn in
                                                                 Brandon, Manitoba. There were 11 members present. The
                                                                 National Show was discussed and was a huge success.

                                                                    Our next meeting will be at the Royal Manitoba Winter
                                                                 Fair following our Junior Show. Could every family please
                                                                 get a sponsor for Winter Fair.

                                                                    Congratulations to Kyle Wright on being named Mani-
                                                                 toba Junior Limousin Ambassador.

                    MJLA Thanks everyone who supported their
                             JUNIOR AUCTION!
        We also held our Annual Junior Auction at the meet- Hidden Valley Limousin donated a wooden tray, can-
     ings. Thank you to all the juniors who donated items dle holder and ornaments that were purchased by
     and to our buyers. The juniors made a total of $316.50. Katelin Wilderman.

     Maplehurst Farms donated a garden ornament pur- Wright Way Limousin donated a $60 Co-op gift cer-
     chased by Amaglen Limousin.                     tificate that was purchased by Cherway Limousin.

     Triple R Limousin donated a fountain that was pur- Jako Farms and Diamond T Limousin donated a pop-
     chased by Cochrane Stock Farms.                    corn popper, bowl, spices and popcorn that was pur-
                                                        chased by Poplarview Stock Farms.
     Campbell Limousin donated a wooden frame and dart-
     board that was purchased by Tim Davey.                We would like to thank all our sponsors and every-
                                                        one who helped make 2005 a great year.
     Cherway Limousin donated a wooden shelf and hanger
     that was purchased by L&S Limousin.                   If anyone is interested in becoming a member please
                                                        send $5.00 to Kaitlin Campbell, cheque payable to
                                                        MJLA. We welcome new members.
                                                                                        Limousin News & Views   13

                                                                            Get your
                                                                     WEB PAGE
               MLA President Travis Hunter
        congratulates Kyle Wright of Boissevain, MB.              added to the new
                                                                 Manitoba Limousin
         Kyle Wright named
            MLA Junior                                              Association
            Ambassador                                              WEBSITE:
   The Manitoba Limousin Association’s Junior Ambassa-
dor for this year is Kyle Wright.
   Kyle is the oldest son of Warren and Theresa Wright from          Don’t know
Boissevain where they maintain a Limo cross herd of 150
   Kyle has been involved in showing, both in the Junior
                                                                   anything about
shows, summer shows and his local 4-H Club. He has done
well in all of them and was a Gold Watch winner through his
                                                                making up a web page?
involvement in 4-H.
   He has started his own herd after receiving an animal as a
gift and has bought and built it up to 15 head. Kyle is pres-
ently taking Agri Business at ACC in Brandon and remains                 No Worries!
involved with the family farm. We would like to congratu-
late Kyle for his promotion and involvement with this breed.            Price includes
                                                                         Page Set-up
         Free Junior Membership                                 *Changes/Updates charged at an hourly rate
     to all first year Manitoba Junior
      The Manitoba Limousin Association board would                For information contact
     like to promote the junior association by offering a             Darby Cochrane
             free first year junior membership
    to cattle enthusiasts between the ages of 8 and 21.
              You do not need to own an animal.
                                                                       (204) 855-2633
              Contact Keith Overand, Jr Director                   Email: CSF@escape.ca
                204-845-2324 jako1@mts.net
14 Limousin News & Views

                                        Presenting our 2006 bulls.....
     The Boys-
                  For Sale at Douglas Bull Test Sale (all are double polled)
                   Anders Poll Cash and Gunfighter dam-                        HC Overtime 972 and Hardball dam
      BW 7.3                                                      BW 1.8
                   Performance on Performance!                                 Black with a different pedigree
      WW 51.3                                                     WW 34.1

      YW 99                                                       YW 65.5

      MA 18.2                                                     MA 19.6

      TM 44.2                                                     TM 36.7

      SC .4                                                       SC 1.0

                  D.J. Gentlemen in Black and the                               L7 Lucky Me and Amaglen Dam Fine
     BW 3.7       mother of the Highest Indexing Limo Bull        BW 3.4
                                                                                The Performance Great and Mother
                  ever at Douglas, Amaglen Given                  WW 42.6       of Given
     WW 48.9

     YW 92.4                                                      YW 76

     MA 24.3                                                      MA 22.0

     TM 48.8                                                      TM 43.3

     SC .5                                                        SC .5

                                                                            We will be using a flush mate for our newest sire!

        BW .07                                                     Other Good Bulls For Sale
        WW 38.4                                                       at the farm sired by:
        YW 74.4

        MA 20.5                                                                     L7 Lucky Me
        TM 39.7

        SC .7                                                                  HC Overtime 972
                 RPY Rawhide 32R
                 LVLS Polled Black Jack and the Great Fare-
                 well Cow. If you need calving ease and mater-
                                                                                      TMF 759N
                 nal traits, this homo polled double black bull                  (Our Outbreak son)
                 will work for you. SEMEN FOR SALE:
                                     Contact us or Rocky
                                                                      Limousin News & Views       15

The Girls-
Amaglen Limousin would like to to thank
        Lee Bros                   Poplar View
                                   Stock Farms

                                                               With 1 ad
                                                              in this
           Each selected a group of                         magazine
      mature females to add to their herds.               we sold
                                                       60 Females!

                                                           don’t worry -
                                                    we have lots of good
             Amaglen welcomes
          Dusty Ridge Family Farms                cows to keep supplying
    Manitoba’s newest purebred breeders,
    selecting an elite group of bred heifers
                                                  you with the seed stock
 and 2 super cows to start their purebred herd.              you require!

                           Ian & Bonnie Hamilton & Glen
                               Amanda & Clint Seward
                   Box 55 Darlingford, MB. ROG 0L0 204-246-2312

                                                              Ad design by Gail Campbell 204-824-2323
16 Limousin News & Views

                      Agribition Results

  Congratulations to the following Manitoba exhibitors on   Bull FB or PB born 2005
  their accomplishments at Agribition last November:        2nd LNA REMEDY
                                                                  Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.
  Female FB or PB born 2005                                 4th LNA REVOLVER
  3rd LNA REVLON RUBY RED                                         Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.
      Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.                      5th JAKO’S RED RIDER
  5th RISKY BUSINESS                                              Jako Farms, MB.
      Cochrane Stock Farms, Alexander, MB.                  1st MSC ROCCO
  6th JAKO’S RED ROSE                                             Cochrane Stock Farms
      Jako Farms, Elkhorn, MB.
  5th MSC ROXIE                                             Bull FB or PB born Jan. 1-Aug. 31
      Cochrane Stock Farms, Alexander, MB.                  1st LNA POTION
  4th LNA RITA                                                    Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.
      Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.                      3rd VALLEY GENERAL PATON
  4th MSC RUBY LIL                                                Campbell/Amaglen Limousin
      Cochrane Stock Farms, Alexander, MB.                  3rd JDT PHILOSOPHER KING
                                                                  Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.
  Female FB or PB born 2004 Jan. 1-Aug. 31
  4th JAKO’S PRISSY                                         Reserve Champion Interbreed Pen of Bulls
      Jako Farms, Elkhorn, MB.                                   Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.
      Cochrane Stock Farms, Alexander, MB.                  Breeder’s Herd
  5th CAM POLL PEARL                                        4th Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.
      Campbell Limousin, Minto, MB.                         6th Cochrane Stock Farms,
      Cochrane Stock Farms, Alexander, MB.                  Get of Sire
  4th MSC POLLY                                             4th Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.
      Cochrane Stock Farms, Alexander, MB.
  6th MSC PRECIOUS GIRL                                     Campbell/Amaglen also represented the
      Cochrane Stock Farms, Alexander, MB.                  Limousin breed in the RBS Supreme Challenge.
  7th MSC 12P
      Cochrane Stock Fams, Alexander, MB.

  Female FB or PB born 2003 with 2005 tattooed calf

        Campbell Limousin, Minto
        Jaymarandy Limousin, Roblin, MB.
                                                                                       Limousin News & Views        17

                                Open House
                             Bull & Female Sale
                               April 6-7-8 at the farm
                                    10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. each day
                                        (lunch served all day)
                                       Bull Offering -
                                       7 - 2 Year Olds
                                        18 Yearlings
                                            Sires Represented:
                                           Paynes Full Throttle
                                         Wulfs Klint Wulfs Kolton
                                             Diamond T Levi
                                        Diamond T Limited Addition

                           RWX 9R
    Sire: Paynes Full Throttle                                          DIAMOND T RENEGADE 22R
                                                                       Sire: Wulfs Klint Dam: Diamond T Kit Kat
      Dam: Heartbreak Girl
LG -1.1 BW 1.5 WW 34.0 YW 61.3                                         CL -3.1 BW 4.7 WW 48.4 YW 86.6 MA 11.8
        MA 24.0 TM 41.0                 Also on offer will be a                  TM 36.0 SC .6 DOC 18.4
                                                                       This black, double polled son of Klint was
   Ripcord is a member of our
 Champion Get of Sire at M.L.E.
                                Select Group of                         part of our summer and fall show string.
    and a fine example of the                                            His dam 2K is a past show champion.
                               10 Open Yearling
  6 full Throttle Bulls for sale.
                 For more information or a catalogue contact:

          Travis, Rilla, Dillon & Brodie Hunter                          Bob & Marg Hunter
          Box 161, Kenton, MB. ROM OZO                               Kenton, MB. ROM OZO
          Ph: 204-838-2019                                                  Ph: 204-838-2374

                                                                               Ad design by Gail Campbell 204-824-2323
18 Limousin News & Views

                  Manitoba Limousin
              Commercial Breeder of the Year:

                                         Alvin Findlay,
                                                Snowflake, MB.

    It is a great honour to announce our
Manitoba Limousin Commercial
Breeder of the Year: Alvin Findlay of
Snowflake, MB.
    Alvin started farming before a lot of
us were born. He is a proud, hard-
working gentleman that has put his eve-
rything into the soil and his cattle. He
has always been an innovator and will-
ing to accept new technology. He has
expanded            his      farm        to
3 700 acres of which 1900 are pasture
and hay land. He runs 260 cows and
will calve out 90 heifers as well this year.
    One of the innovations that Alvin has
created is the “shark cage” for his bidi-
rectional tractor. Unless you’ve got a
couple of good cowboys that can rope
and ride or a handling system in every
pasture you could use one of these. This
was an idea picked up by Grain News
and lots of ranchers copied Alvin’s idea.
    Alvin was one of the first in our area
to make hay silage bales, but not in the
tube. He makes a stack of about 140
bales, covers it in plastic, removes the Left-right: Alvin Findlay accepts jacket from Ian Hamilton and Travis Hunter
air and has the best feed he ever made.
   When most men have decided to take it easy, Alvin bought after time. When the sale barn closed Alvin, always willing
more land in the Pembina Valley. Working with nature, he to try something new, sold his calves to Ja-Lyn Farms for
cleared the plateau flats and seeded them to pasture. He the Laura’s Lean program. They bought his calves again
built roads, built fences and improved this land into a very this year so both parties must be happy.
productive pasture. I’ve seen Niagara Falls and the Rockies,      He has bought bulls of other breeds but keeps coming
but one of the prettiest places in the world is a look out over back to Limo. Not just any bull, only the best will do.
the Snowflake Creek in this pasture.                              Farmer, cattleman, innovator, inventor, Manitoba Lim-
   Alvin has done tile drainage to improve some of his land. ousin Commercial Breeder of the Year, Alvin Findlay.
He likes to play in the dirt; building a road, digging stones
with the indestructible fork he made for his tractor, or the                                                 Ian Hamilton
dam he made by Star Mound (where people come hun-
dreds of miles to see the wild crocuses bloom in the spring).
   If you want to catch Alvin, I don’t know the best time.                 Have you see the new
He is a busy man and likes it that way - early morning until
late at night.                                                       Manitoba Limousin Website?
   Alvin has used Limo bulls for many years and when Pilot
Mound Auction Barn was still operating he topped sales time
                                                                                       Limousin News & Views                                           19

                                    Offering For Sale...
                                            At Home:
    Douglas Bull Test:                 An Excellent Group of                     At Home:
         3 Bulls                        Open Replacement                   2 Year Old &
                                             Heifers                       Yearling Bulls
        2 Heifers
                      Your choice of Red or Black
             Bulls & Heifers out of Homozygous Polled Sires.

                                                                                                             Ad design by Gail Campbell 204-824-2323
                                       Sires represented are -
    Amaglen Magnum                                                        Spring Valley Black Midas
Overall High Indexing Bull at the       A One’s Polled Kerryon            A beefy, high performance son of
 2002-2003 Douglas Bull Test           High W.D.A. Indexing Bull at the      Planet Hollywood out of an
                                         2000/2001 Douglas Bull Test               exceptional dam

                                                              Rodger & Anne Mawer
                                                              RR#1, Alexander, MB. ROK 0A0
                                    LIMOUSIN                  Ph: (204) 328-7141
20 Limousin News & Views

                            Ellen McPherson wins
                             Bursary from MCPA
    Ellen McPherson is a young woman with a wealth of cat-
tle experience behind her and if she has her way, in her fu-
ture too! Ellen is a University student who was recently
awarded a $500 bursary from the Manitoba Cattle Produc-
ers Association.
    Ellen’s breed of choice is Limousin. She has been in-
volved with cattle all her life. She has been a member of the
Manitoba Junior Limousin Association for 13 years as well
as the Canadian Junior Association. She has been involved
as treasurer and as vice president. She has assisted with
fundraisers and in generating sponsorships for various events.
She was on the planning committee of the National Junior
Limousin Conference committees in both 2001 and 2005.
She was the Manitoba Limousin Association Junior Ambas-
sador for 2001.
    Ellen has also been an active 4-H member with the
Sanford Stars 4-H Club, starting out as a mini-member for

                                                 FOR SALE:
                                                 2 Black Double Polled Coming 2 Yr Olds:
                                                 PVSF PURCELL
                                                 Sired by Richmond Macgiver. Dam’ sire LVLS Black Top .
                                                 BW 78 lbs. Raised by first calf heifer used in our herd last year.
                                                 BW 2.4 WW 22.2 YW 42.4 Milk 12.5
                PIPESTONE, MB.
               Trevor 204-854-2510               PVSF PHOENIX
            Lloyd & Joan 204-854-2947            This bull is 50% Limousin, 50% Angus. Used in our herd last year
                                                 Sired by KMK Halfbrick, Angus dam. BW 90 lbs.
                                                 BW -.2 WW 24.1 YW 46.6 Milk 12.4

                                                 For those operations calving                     Sires represented -
                                                 later we have a selection of                     * RICHMOND MACGIVER
                                                 April born, coming yearling bulls                * AMAGLEN KORKER
                                                 that may have                                    * TMF LAND MARK
           SEMEN FOR SALE!                       a place in your herd.                            * PVSF KING
               KMK HALFBRICK
              LVLS UNFORGIVEN

                                                                                                 Ad design by Gail Campbell 204-824-2323
                                                               Limousin News & Views       21

01/30/05                01/27/05                 02/02/05
Sire: Wulf’s Klint      Sire: Wulf’s Klint       Sire: Anders Jag
Dam: Anders Kyra        Dam: Anders Kamille      Dam: Carrousel’s Latifa

                             22nd Annual
             Cattlemen’s Choice
                  Bull Sale
                  Thursday, March 16, 2006
                          Johnstone Auction Mart
                         Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

                             HOUSE      306-638-4400
                       GARY’S CELL:     306-731-7439
                      GEOFF’S CELL:     306-731-7921

                               BOX 8 BETHUNE, SK.
                                    SOG OHO

                                                       Ad design by Gail Campbell 204-824-2323
22 Limousin News & Views

Ellen McPherson
                                                               What’s Happening!
the first two years. Another 11 years saw Ellen involved in    Congratulations to Tracey Robinson, daughter of Gary
club, district, regional and provincial events. She has been and Josie Robinson on her engagement to Pat Wilcox, son
active on the Club executive holding various positions. She of Ernie and Betty Wilcox.
is a Junior Leader in her club, was Beef Queen at Interclub     A July 2007 wedding will take place in Treherne.
2000 and Most Valuable Member of Sanford Beef Club
2005. She is currently a Manitoba 4-H Ambassador and
on both the membership and scholarship committees.
    Ellen is an active member of the Agribusiness Student’s
Association and participated in the Stockman’s Club judg-
ing team in Winnipeg. She has worked summers to put her-
self through University with 4-H projects and showing cattle
as well as working for various businesses.
    “As a young producer myself, I look forward to continu-
ing to raise beef cattle. This is another reason why the beef
industry is so important. It is a future focus for many young
people like myself, who find the industry to be interesting
and rewarding and want to stay involved. In spite of hard-
ships encountered over the past few years, it is rewarding to
see how important our beef industry is to people of Mani-
toba, both young and old, whether they are a producer or
consumers of the final product,” says Ellen.
    We congratulate Ellen and wish her all the best in the
future and know that Limousin will continue to play a role in
years to come.

                                                                                Eden Meadows Limousin
                                                                                Terry & Lynette Hepper & Family
                                                                                (306) 781-4628

                                                                                Edwards Limousin
                                                                                Rob & Laird Edwards (306) 734-2853

                                                                                Elian Limousin
                                                                                Terry & Gwen Elian & Family (306) 237-4827
                   SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 2006
                                                                                Ken-Doc Limousin
                                   1 P.M                                        Ken Gillies
                                                                                (306) 382-2390 221-1159

                   SASKATOON LIVESTOCK SALES                                    Stoneyview Limousin
                                                                                Dale Turner (306) 374-6585
                   SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN.                                     Bob Turner (306) 528-4510

                                       40 Big, Rugged Bulls
                                  35 Yearlings * 5-2 Year Olds
                                  RED & BLACK - MOSTLY POLLED
              View catalogues on line at: www.gerrardlivestock.com
                                  SALE CONSULTANT: GERRARD LIVESTOCK SERVICES
                             Dory & Janine Gerrard Ph: (403) 227-5632 Cell: (403) 302-1016
Limousin News & Views   23
24 Limousin News & Views

                                                              • Specializing in        M.R.S. Limousin
                                                                small orders           Ron, Marg and Bruce Sangster
                                                                                       Box 165, Kenton, Mb. R0M 0Z0
                                                              • Monogramming           (204) 838-2472
                                                              • Personalized Gifts
        Polled, Fullblood Limousin
                                                              • Club Jackets &         Raising
        Red and Black, Polled P/B                                                      Commercial Cattle-
    Ken Davey
                              Bob Davey
                                                     Judy Hart 354-2267                Where LIMOUSIN
                                                                                       Makes the Difference
                                               Box 66 Brookdale, MB. ROK OGO

    Hockridge Farms
         PUREBRED LIMOUSINS                               Pine Creek
                       Gail & Glen
                                                                 William, Sharon,
                        Box 446                            Kaylee & Brady Daniel
                                                                                                  Contact us for your
                      Dauphin, MB.
   Polled                                                                                       nearest dealer location
                        R7N 2V3                              Box 132 Kenton, MB.
                                                                                          1-888-448-6902 or starlake@mts.net
 & Purebred          (204) 638-8554                                     ROM 0Z0
                                                                                              Charlene & Craig Kaartinen,
  Limousin            Cell: 648-5222                                 204-838-2311
                                                                                                     Eriksdale, MB.

                                              TWIN OAK LIMOUSIN
                               Purebred,      Gary, Josie, Tracey, Leasa & Mary Jane
                             Percentage,                      Robinson
  Lloyd & Joan Atchison       Red, Black         Box 412 Treherne, Mb. R0G 2V0
      Trevor Atchison       Polled & Horned              Ph: (204) 723-2275                Kevin & Jackie Basso & Family
      (204) 854-2947              •                     Fax: 1-204-723-2144              Box 2639 Swan River, MB. ROL IZO
       Box 4, RR #1           “Limousin             6 km north of Ed’s Tire Shop                 PH (204) 734-4797
 Pipestone, MB ROM 1T0        Rumps are                      at Treherne                       Email: rrlimo@mts.net
    tatchison@mts.net          Trump”               Females & Bulls For Sale

    1203-17th Street East
    Brandon, MB.
    Canada R7A 7C3

    Bus. (204) 728-0231
    1-888-667-0739                                   is distributed
    Fax (204) 726-1178
                                                    Free of Charge
                                                    to purebred &
         This spot                                     cattlemen
   Reserved for Your Ad!
                                                If you know of anyone who
    Only $144.00/year                          would like to receive it please
                                                 call Gail at 204-824-2323
                                                to get their name on the list.
Limousin News & Views   25
26 Limousin News & Views

 EVENTS                                                         2006 Membership

March 11, 2006                            Twin Oak Limousin
                                          Cochrane Stock Farms                           Dustyridge Family Farms
Douglas Bull Test Station Open                                                           (D&C Harder)
                                          Amaglen Limousin
House & Private Treaty Heifer Sale..      Roaring River Limousin                         Maplehurst Farms
                                          Cherway Limousin                               L.G. Limousin
March 16                                  Campbell Limousin                              Jaymarandy Limousin
22nd Annual Cattlemen’s Choice Bull       Lowland Limousin                               Jako Farms
Sale, Moose Jaw, SK.                      Triple R Limousin                              L&S Limousin Acres
                                          Diamond T Limousin                             Fort Ellice Limousin
                                          Robert G. Deveson                              (Lionel Fouillard)
March 17                                  Poplarview Stock Farms (Lloyd Atchison)        Hidden Valley Limousin
Anchor B Limousin 5th Annual Bull         Poplarview Stock Farms (Trevor Atchison)       Todd & Jay-Dean Smyth
Sale. Saskatoon, SK.                      M.R.S. Limousin                                Amanda Hamilton-Seward
                                          Hockridge Farms                                Mitchell Farms
March 26-April 1
Royal Manitoba Winter Fair                       Check out the Manitoba Limousin Website:
April 1
Douglas Bull Test Station Bull Sale.
                                              To request a Manitoba Limousin Breeder’s Map
1:00 p.m.
                                               or to get your name on the mailing list for the
April 4                                         Manitoba Limousin News & Views (Free!)
Campbell Limousin Bull Sale. Minto,                  please contact Cheryl McPherson
MB.                                              (204) 736-2878 or email cherway@mts.net

April 5                                                    ADVERTISER LIST:
Cochrane Stock Farms Bulls Sale.       Cochrane Stock Farms.......................................2
Alexander, MB.                         Hidden Valley Limousin...................................... 3
                                       Campbell Limousin............................................ 5
April 6-7-8                            Lowland Limousin............................................. 7
Diamond T Open House & Bull Sale.      L&S Limousin/Pine Creek Limousin................... 8
Kenton, MB.                            Jako Farms........................................................ 9
                                       Douglas Bull Test Station.................................. 11
April 7
Jaymarandy Bull Sale. Roblin, MB.
                                       Amaglen Limousin................................... 14 & 15
                                       Diamond T Limousin....................................... 17
April 8                                Spring Valley Limousin..................................... 19
Prairie Gold Limousin Bull Sale.       Cherway Limousin............................................19
Sasktatoon, SK.                        Poplarview Stock Farm.................................... 20
                                       Anderson Limousin.......................................... 21
June 17-18                             Prairie Gold Bull Sale........................................22
MLA Provincial Show. Treherne          Anchor B Limousin.......................................... 25
Fairgrounds, Treherne, MB.             Jaymarandy Limousin....................................... 27
                                       Triple R Limousin............................................ 28
                                                                                Limousin News & Views   27

       LNA Remedy 551R
       LNA 72G x
       Born:                                                                Full sib to
       March 5, 2005                                                    2005 Reserve
       Black &                                                    National Champion:
       Double Polled
                                                                   LNA Potion 473P

                             Friday, April 7
                                at the farm
                        Noon lunch Sale 1:00 p.m.
                  Auctioneer: Gene Parks 1-204-727-2828
            Sired by: Anders Main Dock u Anders Jag u Anders Nikeback
                   Denison Polled Pub u Auto Hackett u US Choice

Current EPD’s * Ultra Sound Data available * All Bulls Semen Tested
 Guaranteed Breeders * Delivery Available * Free Board until May 1st

                        LIMOUSIN FARMS

                                              Len & Ruth Angus          204-937-4980
    For catalogues and more                                Cell
                                                   Mark Angus
        information contact:                   Todd & Jay-Dean          204-937-4384
                                                           Cell         204-937-0828

                                                      Ad design by Gail Campbell 204-824-2323
28 Limousin News & Views

                                                                                            Our 2006 line-up
                                                                                            include sires by:
                                                                                            TMF Landmark

                                                                                            RPLF Maverick
    RED                                                                                     -our newest addition
                                                                                            from Minnesota
                                                                                            Anders Jag
     POLLED                                                                                 grandsons

      HORNED                                                                                JCL Backfire

                                                                                            Coles First Down

                   We’ve been working really hard to bring you something that will work for everyone.
                              We feel that we’ve accomplished this by putting together the
                           strongest, most powerful set of yearling and 2 year old bulls ever.
                Selecting for GROWING ABILITY with lots of MEAT & MUSCLE, MATERNAL TRAITS,
                              GOOD TEMPERAMENT are qualities we feel are important.

                           FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY:
                  We have 56 outstanding yearling and 2 year old bulls
                                  on offer at the farm.
                           All bulls guaranteed. Delivered. We will hold them ‘til spring
            To add some interest, we also have a few growthy Charolais bulls for sale as well.

                                                                           The Rodgers
                                                                        Art, Maria Rodgers & Family
                                                                      Box 156 MacGregor, MB. ROH ORO

                                                           Art & Maria                         Adam & Rochelle Young
                                                           Home 204-685-2628                     Home 204-685-2297
                                                           Cell 204-856-3440                      Cell 204-856-6484
                                                           Fax: 204-685-2597                Email: triplerlimo@yahoo.ca
       Our grandson Damian checking out                                            We’re located
      some of Pop’s newest herdsire line-up                      west of Macgregor at Rd. 62W, 4 1/4 miles north
                                                              or 3 miles east of Jct. #1 & #34, and 4 1/4 miles north

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