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                  the Chesapeake

News on visiting, living in, and doing business in Dorchester County, Maryland             SUMMER 2009

                                                                 Without entrepreneurs, downtown
   Celebrate                                                     Cambridge wouldn’t move forward.
  summer in                                                      What inspires them to take the risk?

Tourism and
Hooper’s Lighthouse
remains Dorchester
Saving heritage, one
piece at time.


Dorchester Business

Downtown                                        Ian Campbell,
                                     Chef/Owner, Bistro Poplar
Marketing downtown
Governor names
                            THE DOWNTOWN
“Smart Site” in
Cambridge.                  ENTREPRENEUR
                                                                                                PHOTO BY JILL JASUTA


                            Ian Campbell had a dream. He wanted to open a French
Calendar                    bistro with fine cuisine, attentive service, and a welcoming
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                            atmosphere. But where to open it? There was no question:
                            Only in downtown Cambridge. Yes, Cambridge.
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THE DOWNTOWN                            “Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of downtown
ENTREPRENEUR                            Cambridge. Without them, it wouldn’t happen.”
                                        —FRED SMYTH, EASTERN SHORE ENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTER
 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                                              has also seen businesses close,
    The idea of opening a French bistro in a revitalizing down-     it’s true; but despite the current
 town that had made its fortunes on the seafood industry            economy, there has still been a
 seemed unlikely to some. But for chef Ian Campbell, there          net gain of eight businesses and
 was no question. He grew up in Cambridge. It was here he           roughly 50 jobs at a time when
 first caught the bug, washing dishes in local restaurants. And     the unemployment rate in
 since he opened the bistro on December 31, 2007, he’s              Dorchester County is rising.
 gained attention. Chesapeake Life magazine named the bistro           But why are entrepreneurs
 one of 20 hottest restaurants on the Bay earlier this year. It     drawn to Cambridge? “There’s
 was recently the reader’s choice for favorite French restau-       something about Cambridge
 rant in What’s Up Eastern Shore magazine. On top of that, the      that seems to attract these real-
 bistro has created 30 jobs.                                        ly passionate risk-takers,” says
    “I always wanted to do it,” is the straightforward explana-     Jim Duffy, executive director of
 tion from Campbell. After graduating from the Culinary             Cambridge Main Street. “Part       Amanda Bramble, Jimmie &
 Institute of America in New York and working at top restau-        of it is the gorgeous waterfront   Sook’s Raw Bar and Grill.
                                                                                                       When a bank turned her
 rants in Maryland, Florida, and California, he came home.          and our beautiful old buildings,   down for a loan, this former
                                                  He and local      without a doubt. But I suspect     bartender turned to friends
                                                  investors pur-    the magic really happens when      and family for help.
                                                  chased      an    people meet some of the fasci-
                                                  1895 building     nating entrepreneurs we have here, and they catch the Cam-
                                                  on       Poplar   bridge fever.”
                                                  Street, spent a
                                                                    Many paths to entrepreneurship
                                                  year gutting
                                                                      So who are these men and women who take the risk of
                                                  and reinvent-
                                                                    opening their own businesses? Among downtown’s entre-
                                                  ing it, and
                                                                    preneurs there is a former biologist, a farmer, a chief finan-
                                                  opened      on
                                                                    cial officer at a big-city law firm, a correctional officer, a non-
                                                  New Year’s
 Jeff Pelayo, Chesapeake Classics.                                  profit executive, a bartender, an architect, and an advertising
 Former duck biologist who took his               Eve, 2007.
                                                                    executive. Some are following lifelong dreams; others are
 passion for decoys to a whole new level.
                                                                    turning hobbies into commercial ventures; others are seeking
                                                                    to fill a gap in the marketplace.
 One storefront at a time                                             When Michelan Gibbs was growing up in Cambridge,
    Today, it’s downtown entrepreneurs like Ian Campbell
                                                                    people found all they needed in a few square blocks. But then
 who are revitalizing downtown Cambridge. One shop, one
                                                                    downtowns across the country struggled as malls and big
 restaurant, one gallery at a time, they’re redefining the expe-
                                                                    box stores took over. Michelan and her mother, Oceanious
 rience of Main Street America.
                                                                    Gibbs, saw that women’s clothing—particularly clothing for
    “They’re the lifeblood of downtown Cambridge. These lit-
                                                                    plus-size women—was hard to find in Cambridge. For two
 tle start-up businesses that employ a couple of people,
                                                                    years, they attend-
 they’re the key. Without them, it wouldn’t happen,” says
                                                                    ed seminars and
 Fred Smyth of the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center.
                                                                    classes and got
 “They’re the backbone of the country,” adds Smyth, pointing
                                                                    advice from the
 out that entrepreneurial ventures make up 80 percent of
                                                                    Small       Business
 businesses nationwide.
                                                                    Development Cen-
     Despite a shaky economy, despite a devastating fire on
                                                                    ter and other agen-
 Race Street, entrepreneurs have been busy in downtown
                                                                    cies, then devel-
 Cambridge. In the past 18 months, downtown has seen the
                                                                    oped a business           Michelan Gibbs, Ceanie’s Apparel.
 opening of more than a dozen new businesses. Cambridge
                                                                    plan.           They      Correctional officer with a flair for
 AMANDA BRAMBLE PHOTO BY DAVE HARP. OTHER PHOTOS BY JILL JASUTA.                             fashion who worked on a business plan
                                                                                             for two years before opening.
    shore ines                                                                                                                             SUMMER 2009               PAG E 3

                                               opened Ceanie’s                             perhaps its lowest in late 2000—with many stores shuttered—
                                               Apparel on Wash-                            Staniforth decided to open an art gallery. A native of Wales,
                                               ington Street in                            she studied textiles in university and had been creating work
                                               November 2008                               from home and selling it around the Eastern Shore. When a
                                               with a range of                             coffee shop on Race Street closed its doors, she jumped at
                                               plus-size clothing                          the opportunity. Her friends gave the gallery no more than
                                               and accessories at                          six months. Nearly eight years later, her gallery is an
                                               affordable prices.                          attraction for residents and visitors alike. She represents
Joy Staniforth, Joie de Vivre Gallery.         “Every     day     is                       about 100 artists, all of whom she knows personally. “I felt
Textile artist with a keen imagination.        a learning experi-                          that we were starting something,” she says. Indeed, other
                                               ence,” says                                 businesses did follow.
   Michelan, who continues her full–time job as a sergeant cor-                              There are also entrepreneurs who have remained in
   rectional officer with the Talbot County Correctional Center.                           Cambridge through decades of ups and downs. Lednum’s
      Then there are those entrepreneurs who have a vision like                            Jewelers, for one, has been selling fine jewelry in downtown
   no one else. Growing up in California, Jeff Pelayo did a lot of                         Cambridge since 1937. Family-owned Simmons Center
   fishing and hunting, and began collecting duck decoys. He                               Market opened the same year. They started during a very
   went on to pursue a career as a duck biologist and began sell-                          different time in Cambridge; before malls and Wal-Marts
   ing decoys over the Internet on the side. He moved to the                               existed. Now it’s a differ-
   Eastern Shore, where he ran into Gail Bowen, an antique                                 ent reality, and today’s
   shop owner whose husband has a vast collection of decoys.                               entrepreneurs must be
   Fast forward several months, and suddenly Pelayo’s hobby                                more innovative. “In an
   became an all-consuming venture in the form of Chesapeake                               economy like this, it
   Classics, which opened in August 2008 in a stunning early                               takes constant creativity
   20th century storefront newly restored by historic preserva-                            to figure out how to
   tionist Victor MacSorley. This combination gallery, retail                              attract people,” Smyth
   store, and museum showcases thousands of decoys and                                     says. “And I see a
   hunting and fishing collectibles. Plans call for turning the sec-                       glimmer of light in
   ond floor into an auction house for decoys, a move that                                 Cambridge thanks to           Sam Owings, Scoop Station.
   Pelayo says could draw hundreds to downtown.                                            Main Street. I see            Farmer from Chestertown who
                                                                                                                         transformed a former gas station
      All entrepreneurs need imagination, but Joy Staniforth                               attempts that are mov-
                                                                                                                         into a coffee/ice cream shop and
   needed a little more than most. Just when Cambridge was at                              ing forward.”                 music performance space.

   Support for would-be downtown Cambridge entrepreneurs
     Entrepreneurs thinking about down-                        spring, 37 men and women completed                            Development Visions, a firm hired by
   town Cambridge now have more                                the center’s first entrepreneurship pro-                      Cambridge Main Street to conduct a
   resources to turn to. “There are people                     gram at Chesapeake College, Wye                               market analysis. That analysis,
   with fire in their belly. They have the                     Mills. In September, the center will                          completed in early 2009, is available on
   idea and the will to start, but they don’t                  offer two Shore Venture entrepreneur-                         the Main Street website at www.
   have the funding or knowledge,” says                        ship training programs, one in Cam-                 
   Fred Smyth of the Eastern Shore Entre-                      bridge and one at Wye Mills. (For                               Both the city and county economic
   preneurship Center, which helps new                         details, go to                             development departments also serve
   entrepreneurs find funding and pro-                           Another initiative related to entrepre-                     businesses, as does a vibrant county
   vides ongoing “brain capital.” This                         neurship is coming from Economic                              Chamber of Commerce.

   Since Jan. 2008, these 15 businesses opened or expanded downtown.

                                                                                                                                                        (Does not include
                                                                                                                                                         businesses that
                                                                                                                                                        lasted fewer than
   Arlene’s    Avé     Backfin    Bella   Bistro   Ceanie’s   Chesa- Dorch.       El      Fibre      Jimmie      Main     Steppin’ Trumpeter Wrap
   Antiques   salon   Antiques    Luna    Poplar   Apparel     peake Ctr. for     Sol    Cafe &     & Sook’s    Street    In Style Swan       Me Up        six months.)
               spa    (formerly                               Classics the Arts          Crab-      Raw Bar     Gallery             Antiques Boutique
                        Shore-                                                          catcher’s   and Grill
Tourism and Heritage
SHORELINES         SUMMER 2009             PAGE 4

                                                                   Watch free movies under
                                                                   the stars this August
                                                                   Enjoy films under the stars on the banks of the Choptank
                                                                   River this summer throughout the month of August. Bring
                                                                   your lawn chairs, blankets, and a picnic basket of goodies.
                                                                   In the event of inclement weather, the movies will be shown
                                                                   at the Dorchester YMCA at 201 Talbot Street, Cambridge.
                                                                   Here’s the line-up:
                                                                    August 1: Jurassic Park        August 22: Holes
                                                                    August 8: Casino Royale        August 29: Kung Fu Panda
                                 PHOTO BY AMANDA FENSTERMAKER
                                                                    August 15: Spiderman
Heritage Day.        For the first time, guided cycling tours
were held during the Heart of Chesapeake Country Her-              All shows start at dusk, around 8:30 p.m. Come early to get
itage Day, held annually in May throughout Dorchester              a good spot! Entry is free to all, thanks to our sponsors
County. One of the tours began and ended here at the
Vienna Heritage Museum, 303 Race Street, Vienna. On Her-
                                                                   including Bay Country Bakery, Dorchester County Friends
itage Day, museums and historical attractions highlight            of the Library, Wise Oil & Fuel, Hubbard’s Pharmacy,
their ongoing work and projects. The event also featured           Tri-Gas & Oil, Craig’s Drug Store, and Pizza Ziya. Movies
walking tours, food, kids’ activities, and more.                   are shown by Moonflicks.

Dorchester represented in 2009 Shore Leadership
  Among this year’s Shore Leadership       region, allowing them to develop a           Eastern Shore faces,” Fenstermaker
participants are Amanda Fenstermaker,      more in-depth understanding of the           said.
director of Dorchester County              region’s interrelationships and com-           Shore Leadership participants came
Tourism, and Keasha Haythe, director       plexities.                                   to Cambridge in June to discuss
of the county’s Economic Develop-            Each session focuses on a topic            community. Participants listened to a
ment Office.                               of regional interest including legacy,       panel that included Mayor Victoria
  For a dozen years, Shore Leadership      technology, economic development,            Jackson-Stanley, a city commissioner,
has been helping community leaders         community and arts, environment,             and leaders of the Dorchester County
develop a regional approach to com-        education, and government.                   Chamber of Commerce and Cam-
munity issues. Over the course of nine       “Shore Leadership gives you                bridge Main Street. They also toured
months, participants meet monthly to       an excellent opportunity to become           the Main Street and Maple Street areas
talk with leaders and experts from         educated and enlightened by the              and made a visit to Delmarva Commu-
organizations and institutions in the      challenges and opportunities that the        nity Services.

                             Hooper’s Light remains Dorchester treasure
                                Off the coast of Hooper’s Island sits a part of      It is now managed by the Chesapeake
                             Dorchester County’s maritime heritage that           Chapter of The U.S. Lighthouse Society, a
                             will soon be restored, hopefully through a           nonprofit that restores and preserves light-
                             joint effort between residents and a national        houses.
                             organization.                                           Later this year, the Chesapeake Chapter will
                                Last year Dorchester County, with the sup-        hold a public meeting to discuss plans for the
                             port of residents, applied for ownership of the      lighthouse restoration and several volunteer
                             Hooper’s Island Lighthouse. Ownership of the         opportunities. This meeting will be announced
                             lighthouse was eventually awarded to The             through the local media.
                             United States Lighthouse Society, but the               For more information, contact 410.228.1000
                             structure will remain in its current location.       or
SHORELINES          SUMMER 2009               PAGE 5

Saving heritage, one piece at a time                                                       Tourism & Heritage
Heritage Area honors efforts to preserve history                                               IN BRIEF
   With passion, dedication, and hard          Colonial-Georgian house on Indian-          New Dorchester County
work, there are many volunteers in this        town Road near Vienna. Handsell was         Visitors Guide
county who go beyond the call of duty          nominated for and accepted on the           The new Dorchester
in efforts to promote, preserve, and           National Register of Historic Places and    County Visitors Guide
research local heritage and history.           was selected as one of Maryland’s Ten       is now available. This
                                                                                           year’s guide was
Three such efforts were highlighted            Most Endangered Places.
                                                                                           designed by Janette
and honored during the Heart of                  The Outstanding Project Award             Jones of Cam-
Chesapeake Country Heritage Area               was presented to John Creighton and         bridge, and 50,000
awards celebration this spring.                Pat Lewis for the Many Rivers Commu-        copies were print-
   The Individual Achievement                  nity History Project/Harriet Tubman         ed by Delmarva
                                                                                           Printing of Salis-
Award was presented to Chief Sewell            Underground Railroad Discussion             bury. Dorchester
Winterhawk Fitzhugh of the Nause               Group. The purpose of this project is to    Tourism uses the
Waiwash Band of Indians for his dedica-        research, organize and disseminate          guide to market
tion in promoting the heritage of the          historical information related to Harriet   the county to visitors and to
                                                                                           help drive traffic to www.
native peoples of Dorchester County.           Tubman, the Underground Railroad,
                                                                                  As always,
Some of Fitzhugh’s achievements                and other aspects of 19th-century           the guide is free to the public and
include the annual Native American Fes-        African-American history. Creighton         is available at all Maryland
tival, now in its 16th year, his leadership    and Lewis’ work has educated and            Welcome and Visitors Centers.
in regaining ownership and restoring           informed the public and helped to build
a former church on Maple Dam Road              knowledge and pride about community
                                                                                           New water trails guide
for the local Nause Waiwash Band of            history.                                    Dorchester Tourism is developing
                                                                                           a new water trails guide. Funded
Indians, and his activities with other           The awards were presented during          by a grant from the National
regional and state organizations.              a celebration at the Dorchester Center      Recreational Trails Program, the
   Nanticoke Historic Preservation             for the Arts in historic downtown           guide will include information on
Alliance was honored with the Organi-          Cambridge. The Heritage Awards are          kayaking, canoeing, sailing,
                                                                                           power boating, and other water
zational Excellence Award for their            made possible through the Heart of
                                                                                           activities in Dorchester County.
strong and effective leadership in cham-       Chesapeake Country Heritage Area            The guide will be available later
pioning the preservation and restoration       with support from the Maryland              this year.
of Handsell, the 18th century brick            Heritage Area Authority.
                                                                                           East New Market begins
                                                                 At the annual Heart       community visioning
                                                                 of Chesapeake Coun-
                                                                 try Heritage Awards       East New Market is about to
                                                                 celebration were          embark on a community vision-
                                                                 (back row) Sen.           ing process in partnership with
                                                                 Richard Colburn,          the Eastern Shore Land
                                                                 John Creighton, Linda     Conservancy (ESLC) and Urban
                                                                 Prochaska of Sen.         Dialogues (UD). The goal is to
                                                                 Barbara Mikulski's        provide a practical but insightful
                                                                 office, Pat Lewis, and    process for the town to consider
                                                                 Chief Sewell              its most pressing issues related
                                                                 Winterhawk Fitzhugh;      to growth, identity, community,
                                                                 (front row) Jackson       and quality of life. The idea is to
                                                                 Browhawn, Caroline
                                                                                           help the town retain its distinct
                                                                 Cline, Del. Addie
                                                                                           sense of place. UD and ESLC facil-
                                                                 Eckardt, Midge
                                                                                           itate the process, with the focus
                                                                 Ingersoll, and Amanda
                                                                 Fenstermaker.             on community participation.
                                                                                           The process will occur during
                                                                                           the next few months.
Economic Development
SHORELINES         SUMMER 2009            PAGE 6

BUSINESS                                                                           B&G Foods

                                                                                   Producer of
                                                                                   pickle and

Econ. dev. officials tour
county businesses
   Officials from Dorchester County’s Economic Develop-
ment Office held their 2009 Spring Business Blitz on May
11–15. The face-to-face outreach visits were designed to
gather insights and information from business leaders about      Delmarva
their challenges and opportunities.                              Community
   “Businesses seem optimistic about the future, despite the     Services
national gloomy economic picture,” said Keasha Haythe,
                                                                 nonprofit that
director of Dorchester County Economic Department.
                                                                 helps the
“Generally speaking, business leaders felt that Dorchester       disabled and
County possessed a trainable workforce that could be poised      the elderly.
to staff existing and future businesses.
   “Business leaders also voiced their desire to see technical
training opportunities increase, as traditional manufacturing
processes become more automated,” she noted. “The visita-
tion team was excited to learn that many Dorchester Coun-
ty companies are pursuing non-traditional product and serv-                       GKD
ice offerings as a way to increase revenue, and that R&D                          Producer of
investment is on the increase.” Companies said they may                           woven metal
consolidate secondary locations into Dorchester County,                           fabrics used
which could potentially create new jobs.                                          in architec-
   The Economic Development Office will continue its visi-                        ture and
tation efforts throughout the year. Businesses interested in
becoming part of the visitation program may call the office
at 410.228.0155.

“Businesses seem
optimistic about the future,
despite the national gloomy
economic picture.”                               Marvesta Shrimp
—KEASHA HAYTHE, DIRECTOR OF                      Farms, Waterland
DORCHESTER COUNTY ECONOMIC                       Fisheries
DEVELOPMENT                                      Marvesta harvests
                                                 shrimp; Waterland
                                                 harvests tilapia.
SHORELINES          SUMMER 2009         PAGE 7

                                        Cambridge hosts statewide
                                        economic development event
                                                                                    Northrop Grumman. There was also a
                                        MEDA conference                             luncheon panel with members of
                                        draws more than 260                         O’Malley’s cabinet, plus information
                                                                                    about drawing businesses to sites in the
                                          Engaging in discussions that ranged       region and small support counseling.
                                        from Maryland’s competitiveness to             Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, the con-
                                        multi-state partnerships to the federal     ference keynote speaker, talked about
                                        stimulus package, more than 260             the importance of partnerships—between
                 Hyatt                  economic development professionals          public and private organizations and
                 Regency                from around the state gathered in           within the various levels of government
                 Chesapeake             Cambridge this spring for the annual        local, state and federal agencies—in
                 Bay Resort             conference of the Maryland Economic         attracting and retaining businesses.
                 Resort, spa,           Development Association (MEDA).                He also said that economic stimulus
                 golf course.
                                          The conference, “Responding to            efforts by the federal government serve
                                        Challenging Times; Solutions for            as a partnership that will help protect
                                        Maintaining Our Economic Base,”             existing jobs and create up to 90,000
Economic                                happened May 31 through June 2 at           new jobs in Maryland, through infra-
                                        the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay            structure improvements (such as road
Development open                        Resort in Cambridge.                        repair and creation) and through ener-
                                          The focus was on issues that impact       gy-saving efforts such as home weath-
house is July 31                        job creation, business retention, and       erization.
  The Dorchester County Eco-            small business assistance. Members of          Mr. Brown concluded with a quote
nomic Development Department            Governor O’Malley’s cabinet respond-        from President Barack Obama’s inau-
will hold an open house 2–5 p.m.,       ed to questions concerning how the          gural address. “The challenges we face
Friday, July 31. This is an opportu-    federal stimulus package will affect        are real, they are serious and they are
nity to meet the staff and get an       Maryland’s present and future.              many. They will not be met easily or in
update on projects that the depart-       “This year’s MEDA conference pro-         a short span of time. But know this
ment believes will transform the        vided statewide economic developers         America: They will be met.”
county’s economic future, such as       the means to better assist their business      MEDA also presented awards,
the proposed technology park, the       customers and help them cope with           including recognition of the Main
county’s revolving loan program,        today’s economic challenges,” said J.       Street Maryland program as the Eco-
the county’s strategic plan, and the    Thomas Sadowski, president of               nomic Development Redevelopment
county airport expansion project.       MEDA, whose members include more            Program of the Year. Dorchester
  “We want to get together with         than 500 economic development               County is home to one Main Street
people to talk about how Dorch-         professionals in Maryland. “Ultimately      community, Cambridge.
ester County can continue to be a       the hope is to promote policies and            A surprise presentation from new
great place to live, work, and play,”   programs that foster valuable and           Cambridge restaurant owner Amanda
said Keasha Kaythe, director of the     sustainable economic growth.”               Bramble, who was recently highlighted
department.                               Highlights of this year’s conference      on Tom Brokaw specials on national
  For more information, contact         included remarks from Congressman           TV, prompted a standing ovation by
the Economic Development                Frank M. Kratovil Jr.; University of        the audience. See the Today Show clip
Office at 410.228.0155.                 Maryland basketball coach Gary              at
                                        Williams; and James F. Pitts of             (click on “Media/In the News”).
Historic Downtown Cambridge
SHORELINES         SUMMER 2009              PAGE 8

Marketing downtown Cambridge
From the traditional to social media, marketing raises city’s profile
   One of Cambridge Main Street’s core      tinues to send out media releases and to     to Main Street News,” to office@
missions is to help promote downtown        do limited advertising with local media
as a destination for both residents and     outlets in print, radio, and television.        Weekend Update: This spring, Main
visitors. Over the past year, Main Street   Last summer we tapped into the               Street started the Weekend Update, a
has been stepping up efforts to generate    expertise of Boyd Tamney Cross, a            digital guide to each weekend’s down-
interest in downtown. According to          marketing and public relations firm to       t o w n ’s
state officials and marketing experts       help us spread the word about Cam-           events,
who work with other Main Street com-        bridge beyond the Eastern Shore.             s p e -
munities, Cambridge is ahead of the            V i s i t o r ’s                          cials,
pack with this work. Over the past year,    guide: For the                               and art exhibits. We email it to local
volunteers have implemented several         second        year,                          hotels, B&Bs, the visitor center, attrac-
marketing initiatives. Here are some of     Main Street cre-                             tions, and merchants to share with their
them:                                       ated a down-                                 guests and customers. Some of the
   Website: In the past year, traffic       town guide that                              area’s largest employers also distribute
to the Cambridge Main Street website        highlights busi-                             it to their employees; at least one firm
( has           nesses, restau-                              includes it in their payroll envelopes.
increased 70 percent, with more than        rants, and attrac-                             Arts and Entertainment: Because
14,000 unique visitors. We’ve put an        tions. This guide                            part of downtown has been designated
emphasis on continually updating the        is available at                              an Arts & Entertainment District, Cam-
site with news, events, and evolving        area hotels, attractions, visitor centers,   bridge was able to secure a grant from
content. The site also includes informa-    and more. It also goes out to those          the Maryland State Arts Council to
tion for visitors and residents, with       coming to town for special events, such      help market downtown as an arts desti-
a descriptive directory of businesses,      as the more than 1,200 athletes and          nation. Work is now under way with
museums, attractions, and lodging           their families who were here for the         the marketing and public relations firm
options.                                    Eagleman Ironman 70.3 triathlon.             Boyd Tamney Cross to help unify and
   Social media marketing: Cam-             Download a digital version of the guide      improve the way galleries promote
bridge Main Street recently developed       at              themselves. Cambridge is also one of
a presence on Facebook, which has              E-newsletter:                             nine communities in the new “Eat.
more than 200 million users worldwide.      Cambridge Main                               Drink. Buy Art.” campaign that launch-
Through Facebook, “fans” of the page        Street’s colorful,                           es in September as a project of Mary-
keep up with news big and small. As of      informative, and                             land Life magazine (See the website at
press time, close to 500 people were        entertaining e-                    
fans, and every day, new people from        newsletter now
                         Cambridge and      goes out to more
                         beyond join on.    than 2,000 sub-                                 Keep up with media
                         Main Street has    scribers      each
                         also     experi-   month—a         six-                            coverage of Cambridge at
                         mented with        fold      increase                    
“pay-per-click” ads on Facebook to          over last year. The content has also
promote downtown events.                    expanded, with the number of pages in           Click on “Media/In the
   Traditional marketing: The online        issue doubling over the past year. (If          News.”
marketing efforts don’t replace tradi-      you’d like to subscribe for free, send an
tional marketing, so Main Street con-       email, with the subject line “Subscribe
SHORELINES          SUMMER 2009               PAGE 9

                                                                                                IN BRIEF
                                                                                            City comprehensive plan
                                                                                            released in draft form
                                                                                            The draft of the City of
                                                                                            Cambridge’s comprehensive plan
                                                                                            is out. This plan could mean a lot
                                                                                            of improvement and growth for
                                                                                            downtown. Download it and read
                                                                                            it at
                                                                                            For more information, contact
                                                                                            city planner Anne Roane at

                                                                                            Helping merchants
                                                                                            improve building facades
                                                                     PHOTO BY JILL JASUTA   Downtown businesses have been
Governor Martin O’Malley (blue shirt and red tie) walks down Pine Street in Cam-            taking advantage of Cambridge
bridge June 28 with city and county officials, community leaders, and residents.            Main Street’s Facade Improve-
                                                                                            ment program, which gives own-
Cambridge becomes Smart Site                                                                ers up to 50 percent off certain
                                                                                            building improvements. Bistro
                                                                                            Poplar, for one, improved its
Downtown’s Maple Street area becomes only                                                   entrance with a new awning.
                                                                                            To learn more, go to cambridge
site on the Eastern Shore for new program                                          and click on
   Governor Martin O’Malley walked            The specifics of how Smart Sites will         “For Businesses.”
through downtown Cambridge June               work in Cambridge will be determined
28, checking on revitalization projects,      by city officials in the weeks and
                                                                                            Membership matters
attending a church service at historic        months ahead.                                 Cambridge Main Street relies on
                                                                                            our members and their generous
Bethel AME on Pine Street, and                  “What a beautiful, proud, historic          support to continue the work we
announcing that Cambridge’s Maple             place Cambridge is,” Governor O’Mal-          do in making downtown a better
Street area is one of 15 new “Smart           ley told the crowd. “Up from the ashes        place to live, work, and enjoy.
Sites” in Maryland—and the only one on        of the fire has come more renewal.            This summer, we launch a new
                                                                                            “Family Membership” program
the Eastern Shore.                              “Smart Sites initiative means growing
                                                                                            designed to get residents
   Named after a program created by           in and renewing our city cores,” he said.     involved. This comes on top of
the state Department of Housing &             “We’re planting a flag of opportunity         the traditional Main Street mem-
Community Development, the Maple              here. . . and becoming a model of smart,      bership, which has targeted local
Street area covers key blocks of Gay,         green, and growing.”                          businesses and organizations.
                                                                                            To learn more or to donate online,
Muir, Pine, and High streets that are           During his visit to Cambridge, the          go to
adjacent to the main downtown com-            governor also joined in a tree planting
mercial corridor. The Smart Sites ini-        at Waugh Chapel on High Street. As he         Cambridge Farmers’
tiative will focus specially targeted state   walked through downtown, he chatted           Market bigger than ever
resources on capital projects that mix        with residents and business owners, and       The third season of the Main
the concepts of Smart Growth and              even helped place a few pieces of             Street Farmers’ Market has more
Green Growth, such as green building          mosaic on the new mural taking shape          than a dozen vendors filling the
                                                                                            parking lot near Academy and
practices, energy efficiency projects,        in Cannery Way on Race Street.
                                                                                            Muir Streets downtown. The
and the revitalization of older residen-        In related news, the Maple Street area      market continues every Thursday,
tial neighborhoods—especially ones            will soon launch a visioning project          3:30–6:30 p.m.
near Main Street commercial corridors.        with an emphasis on community input.
    Calendar & In the News
    SHORELINES          SUMMER 2009        PAGE 10

 IN THE NEWS                                                                CALENDAR
                                             ONGOING                                          SEPT 19: Summer Send-Off Beer & Wine
                                                                                              Block Party. Fun-loving street festival in
                                             Main Street Farmer’s Market. Thursdays,          downtown Cambridge. Wine, beer, music,
                                             3:30–6:30 p.m., Academy Street near Muir         food, and the hysterical Main Street Mile
                                             Street, historic downtown Cambridge.             relay race.
                                             Skipjack Nathan of Dorchester. Public sails      SEPT 19-20: Native American Festival.
                                             most weekends. Charters available. Visit         Traditional dancers, singers, drumming,
                                    Long Wharf on           crafts, artists’ demonstrations, food, a
                                             High Street, Cambridge. 410.228.7141.            tomahawk throw, silent auction. Vienna
                                                                                              ballfield. 10 a.m.–4 p.m. 410.376.3889.
                                             Walking Tour of Historic High Street
                                             One-hour tour, 11 a.m. Saturdays, weather        SEPT 26: Choptank Heritage Skipjack
Cambridge media buzz                         permitting. Long Wharf at the end of High        Races. Watch historic Chesapeake skipjacks
                                             Street, Cambridge. Adults $8, children           from around the Chesapeake race on the
goes national on TV                          under 12 free with adult. 410.901.1000.          Choptank. Races start at 10 a.m.; coffee
                                                                                              and close-up looks at 7 a.m. at Snapper’s.
• Cambridge was in the national spot-
                                             JULY 2009                                        SEPT 26: ChesapeakeMan Ultra Triathlon
light this spring when segments featur-
                                             JULY 25–26: 99th Annual Cambridge                Triathlon, aqua velo, swimfest. 2.4-mile
ing restaurant owner Amanda Bramble                                                           swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run.
                                             Classic Powerboat Regatta. American
of Jimmie & Sook’s, Jack Brooks and          Powerboat-sanctioned World Class of    
the J.M. Clayton crab house, water-          inboard hydroplane and flat-bottom race          SEPT 27: Dorchester Arts Showcase
                                             boats at Great Marsh Park, Cambridge.            Fine arts and crafts fair on High Street in
men, and others aired nationally. After
                                             410.228.1000. Free.                              Cambridge. Plus free sails on the Skipjack
Tom Brokaw’s visit to Cambridge in
                                             JULY 31: Dorchester County Economic              Nathan of Dorchester at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30,
April, segments aired on the Today           Development Open House. Meet the staff           3:30 p.m. 410.228.7782.
Show, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, and            and get an update on projects that affect
USA Network. Watch the videos at             the future of the county. 2–5 p.m. 5263          OCTOBER 2009
                                             Bucktown Road, Cambridge. 410.228.0155. (click                                                            OCT 3: Hurlock Fall Festival. Parade, train
on “Media/In the News.”)                     AUGUST 2009                                      rides, craft tables, line-dancing, live music,
                                                                                              pony rides, games and plenty of food.
• Bicycling in Dorchester County was         Movies in the Park. Bring your lawn chair.       10 a.m.–5 p.m. or
the cover story of the June issue of         August 1, Jurassic Park. August 8, Casino        410.943.4181.
                                             Royale. August 15, Spiderman. August 22,
Spokes magazine for bicyclists.              Holes. August 29, Kung Fu Panda. Free.           OCT 3: Blackwater Annual Refuge Open
• WBOC-TV aired a story in June about        Sailwinds Park East, adjacent to the Visitors    House. For the whole family. Includes bird
                                             Center, Cambridge. 8:30 p.m.                     walks and eagle prowls, nature talks and
how a group of residents saved a his-                                                         management demonstrations, wildlife
toric High Street home in Cambridge          AUG 8: 30th Annual Seafood Feast-I-Val           exhibits and programs. 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
                                             All-you-can-eat, entertainment, craft sales.     Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.
from demolition.                             In the American Bus Association’s top 100        410.228.2677.
• Cambridge restaurant Clearview at          group tour events for 2009. Governor’s Hall
                                             at Sailwinds Park, Cambridge. 1-6 p.m.           OCT 10: Horn Point Laboratory Open
Horn’s Point made the cover of the                                                            House. Exhibit, science tours, presenta-
                                             Tickets $30 in advance, $35 at the gate, $10
June issue of What’s Up Eastern Shore.       for ages 3-11.          tions, hands-on activities, games, free
                                                                                              t-shirts for kids. 10 a.m.–3 p.m. 2020 Horns
Cambridge businesses were featured           AUG 8: Peach Festival. Peaches, pies,            Point Road, Cambridge.
in the “Best of the Eastern Shore” list-     fritters, cobblers, crab cakes, vendors. Anti-
                                             och United Methodist Church, Town Point          OCT 10: Cambridge Second Saturday
ing: Bella Luna, Chesapeake Classics,                                                         Gallery openings, late shopping hours,
                                             Road, Cambridge. 410.228.4723.
and Jimmie & Sook’s Raw Bar and Grill.                                                        entertainment, and fine and casual dining
                                             AUG 8: Cambridge Second Saturday                 options. 5–9 p.m. Downtown Cambridge.
• The Baltimore Sun ran an April 13          Gallery openings, late shopping hours,
story about a free house in Dorchester       entertainment, and fine and casual dining        OCT 11: Sailwinds Park East Kite Festival
                                             options. 5–9 p.m. Downtown Cambridge.            Free festival features kites of all shapes
—if the buyer could move it from the                                                          and sizes, stunt kite competitions,
spot of the planned Harriet Tubman           AUG 22: Wings-N-Wheels                           demonstrations. 12–4 p.m. 410.228.1000
Underground Railroad visitor center.         Aircraft, cars, motorcycles, boats. Live         or
                                             entertainment and food. Cambridge
• Cambridge shops and restaurants and        Regional Airport, Bucktown Road.                 OCT 17: Beckwith Apple Festival & Neck
                                             410.221.8009, 410.221.0606. Rain date            District Day. Flea market, crafts, face paint-
the Harriet Tubman driving tour were                                                          ing, apples, apple dumplings and pies, oys-
                                             August 23. 10 a.m.–9 p.m.
highlighted in a travel story on the                                                          ter sandwiches, more. 9 a.m.–noon. Rt. 343,
Washington Times website in April.                                                            Cambridge. 410.228.7725.
                                             SEPTEMBER 2009
• Maryland Life ran a one-page feature                                                        OCT 17: Crabtoberfest
                                             SEPT 12: Cambridge Second Saturday               Oktoberfest, Dorchester County-style at
on the Antique Fly-In in Cambridge in        Gallery openings, late shopping hours,           Governor’s Hall at Sailwinds Park,
the May/June issue.                          entertainment, and fine and casual dining        Cambridge. Doors open 12 p.m. $5.
                                             options. 5–9 p.m. Downtown Cambridge.            410.228.SAIL.
    Resources & Information
    SHORELINES         SUMMER 2009    PAGE 11

           INFO                                                 CONTACT US

If you want to open, move,       Dorchester County              Cambridge                       Dorchester County
or expand a business in          Tourism & Heart of             Main Street                     Economic
Dorchester County                Chesapeake Country             A volunteer-driven nonprofit    Development
Dorchester County
                                 Heritage Area                  dedicated to revitalizing       A government agency that
                                 A government agency that       Historic Downtown               fosters economic growth and
Economic Development
                                 preserves local characteris-   Cambridge.                      a business-friendly environ-
410.228.0155                     tics while broadening and      450 Race Street, Suite 206      ment within the county.
                                 deepening the local econo-     Cambridge, MD 21613
Cambridge Economic Development                                                                  5263 Bucktown Road
                                 my by strengthening ways       410.228.0020                                                                         Cambridge, MD 21613
                                 to make a living with new      www.cambridge
410.221.6074.                                                                                   410.228.0155
                                 opportunities through
Dorchester County                increased tourism.
Chamber of Commerce              2 Rose Hill Place              Board of Directors        Cambridge, MD 21613            Chad Malkus, President          Staff
410.228.3575                     410.228.1000                   William Jarmon,                 Keasha Haythe
                                Vice President                  Director
If you want to visit                                            Linda Pasden, Treasurer
Dorchester County Tourism                                       Dave Harp, Chair, Economic
                                 Staff                          Restructuring                   John Mason                                                                          Business Attraction &
800.522.TOUR                     Amanda Fenstermaker            Billie Jo Heister, Chair,       Expansion Manager
                                 Director                       Promotions
Cambridge Main Street                                                                           jmason@
                                                            Meredith Lathbury, Chair,
410.228.0020                     Amanda Fisher                  Clean, Green & Safe
                                                                                                Joy Loeffler
                                 Assistant Director             Abby Messick, Chair,            Technical Assistant
                            Organization                    jloeffler@
If you want to help              Linda Cashman                  Beth Lynch, Farmers’  
revitalize Historic              Program Administrator          Market Master
Downtown Cambridge                                              Jerry Burroughs
                                 Ceres Bainbridge
Cambridge Main Street                                           Harvey Davis
                                 Project Manager       Phil Feldman
410.228.0020                                                    Fred Findlen
                                 Heart of Chesapeake            Cherie Koontz
                                 Country Heritage Area
                                 Management Board
                                                                Carol Levy
                                                                Brett Summers
                                                                                                  shore ines
                                 Suzanne Baird                                                     Shorelines is produced
                                                                Staff                              three times a year as
                                 Jane Baynard                                                      a joint effort among
                                                                Jim Duffy, Executive Director
                                 Don Bradley                    office@cambridge                   Dorchester Tourism,
                                                                           Cambridge Main Street,
                                 Mary Calloway
                                                                                                   and Dorchester County
                                                                Lee Weldon, Maple Street
                                 Caroline Cline                                                    Economic Development.
                                                                Coordinator, 410.228.1955,
                                 Tony Easter                                                       Written/edited and
                                                                                                   designed by Jill Jasuta,
                                 Effie Elzey                                             
                                 Jay Meredith
                                 David Owens                                                       To subscribe to the digital
                                                                                                   version, email info@
                                 Amy Owsley                                              
                                 Gerald Testerman
                                                                                                                                                                                                   PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                     Shorelines                                                                   US Postage
                                                                                                                     2 Rose Hill Place                                                               PAID
                                                                                                                     Cambridge, MD 21613                                                         Cambridge, MD
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Permit #121
                                                                                                                     RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

          the Heart of
      the Chesapeake

  INSIDE                                                                                                  DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                                                          34% of Dorchester’s land is devoted to agriculture
                                                                                                          With its rich agricultural        Cornerstone Farm               Dorchester agro tour
                                                                                                          heritage, Dorchester County       4720 Williamsburg Road,
                                                                                                          has much to offer in fresh        Hurlock, 410.943.8791
                                                                                                                                                                           is July 23
                                                                                                          produce. Try these spots          Pick-your-own strawberries,    Celebrate Buy Local Week
                                                                                                          throughout the county.            fall farm stand.               with an agricultural tour in
                                                                                                          Breckenridge Farms                                               Dorchester County July 23.
                                                                                                                                            Emily’s Produce
                                                                                                                                                                           Visit SB Farms Bison Ranch
                                                                                                          Route 50, Linkwood                2206 Church Creek Road,
                                                                                                                                                                           in Hurlock, J.M. Clayton
                                                                                                                                            Cambridge, 443.521.0789
                                                                                                                                                                           Seafood Company in
                                                                                                          Opens Labor Day and includes      Fresh fruits and vegetables,   Cambridge, Emily’s Produce
                                                                                                          7-acre corn maze, pick your       fresh desserts, plants, and    outside
                                                                                                          own pumpkin, and more.            more. Open daily. Look for     Cam-
                                                                                                                                            the big red tomato.            bridge,
                                                                                                          Cambridge Main Street                                            and the
                                                                                                          Farmers’ Market                   Fit N Fresh                    Cambridge
                                                                                                          Academy & Muir Streets,           322 Sunburst Highway,          Main
                                                                                                          Cambridge, 410.228.0020           Cambridge, 410.228.8400        Street Farmers’ Market.
                                                                                                           Produce, plants, seasonal      Includes lunch featuring local
                                                                                                          Fresh produce, specialty meats    goodies. Open daily.           ingredients prepared by the
                                                                                                          and cheeses, breads, and          Simmons Center Market          Chesapeake Culinary Center.
THE                                                                                                       more. Every Thursday,
                                                                                                                                            600 Race Street, Cambridge     $40 per person; free for chil-
                                                                                                          3:30–6:30 p.m., May–October.                                     dren under 12. To sign up,
DOWNTOWN                                                                                                                                    410.228.4313
                                                                                                                                            Fresh produce, plants,         contact Kelley Cox at
ENTREPRENEUR                                                                                                                                vegetables, herbs, flowers. or
S E E PAG E S 1 – 3
                                                                                                                                                                           410.886.2643. Or contact
                                                                                                          SOURCE: DORCHESTER SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT,
                                                                                                                                                                           Wenfei Uva at 410.770.4798
              PHOTO BY JILL JASUTA                                                                        MID-SHORE REGIONAL COUNCIL                                       or

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