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									Cristian Iuliu Pop
Mihai Bravu 188, bl.211, sc.A, ap.29, Sector 2 , Bucharest, ROMANIA
+40 726218765

Online CV:


     University “Politehnica” of Bucharest
     Automatic Control & Computers Faculty                                          Graduating in 2008
     Scholarship in 2004, 2005, 2006

     “Mihai Viteazul” National High school
     Special Mathematics Class                                                             1999 – 2003
     Participated at National Informatics and Mathematics Olympiads


        Trapeze Networks Advanced Planning & Administration (TNAPA)                               2006
        Trapeze Networks Installation, Administration & Maintenance (TNIAM)                       2006
        Cisco Network Security 1 Course Completion                                                2006
        Cisco CCNA All Semesters (1-4) Course Completion                                  2003 – 2005
        Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP ID# 2451855)                                        2001
     exam 70-176: Desktop Applications with Visual Basic 6.0
        Brainbench Certifications                                                                 2000
     C, C++, VB5.0, VB6.0, VBScript5.5, 3DStudio Max, Excel 2000, HTML
     ITC Networks - Trapeze Project                                                       2006 – present
     Software engineer, member of Specials and Sustaining team , having the responsibility to analyze and
     repair problems in the code of wireless embedded devices. Fast response and interaction with the
     main module developers is required in our team.
     Forest Watcher                                                                                  2006
     Team 44Tech leader. (SCRUM Agile project management, WinCE programming in C/C++, C#, SQL
     Mobile Edition 2005, Platform Builder, Bluetooth network stack)

     (First prize winner: Windows Embedded Student ChallengE

     TormenCRM Client                                                                              2005
     CRM Client connecting to Apache/MySQL Server (VB.NET 2005+ADO.NET)

     POSYS (                                             2002 – 2003
     Programmers Operating SYStem: Small microkernel operating system. (Developed in NASM and C)

     EviDent (                                                           2000
     CRM for dental care, compatible with the National Medical Insurance Agency
     (VB6.0+ADO, ASP + VBScript)

     Software Development
     C#/Visual Basic .Net, C/C++, Assembly Language
     C (7 years experience), ASM for x86 (both Real and Protected Mode 3 years experience), PPC/MIPS
     debugging, strong knowledge of Visual Basic (9 years experience with BASIC language s)

     Knowledge of C++, SQL, Java, Matlab, Prolog
    CISCO Routers, PIX Security Appliances, TRAPEZE Wireless Devices
    Networking Fundamentals, Routing, Network Design, Security and Administration as specified in CCNA
    and NS1 Curricula. ( )

    Wireless Fundamentals, Network Design, Security and Administration as specified in TNIAM and
    TNAPA courses ( )

    Embedded / Hardware / Low Level Programming
    Familiar with MIPS and PPC architectures on embedded WiFi devices operating with proprietary or
    QNX OS.

    Familiar with Microchip’s PIC 18F series microcontrollers, C18 an d MPLab.

    Familiar with Windows CE 5.0, Microsoft Platform Builder, .Net Compact Framework, SQL ME 2005.

    Basic administration of Windows 2003 Server system, IIS 6.0 web server, Visual Source Safe Server
    Basic administration of FreeBSD, RedHat/Fedora Family and Apache, OpenVPN, and other servers

       UPB Scientific Papers 2006: Section 03-6: “Embedded Systems” – Forest Watcher. Students:
        Cristian-Iuliu Pop, Ioana-Romelia Bratie, Omar Choudary, 3 rd year, Mircea Dan Gheorghe, 5 th year,
        Automatic Control & Computers Faculty. Scientific adviser: PhD. Decebal Popescu

       Romanian – native speaker
       English – speak fluently and read/write with high proficienc y
       French – speak, read and write with basic competence

       RONUA Romanian .NET User Association (
       VB_Ro Romanian Visual Basic discussion board (

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