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A2 Media Studies, Horror Genre questionnaire 2 by LeeTopnotchSmith


									                                     HORROR GENRE QUESTIONNAIRE
                                                  Please only tick ONE in each box unless instructed not to.

Gender:                                                                                             M         F      AGE:

What type of
                                     Action       Thriller       Supernatural       Non-Supernatural               Slasher       Documentary horror
horror you like

                                                                                            How many times a year do
Last horror film you watched:
                                                                                            you watch horror films?

                                                             PERSONAL VIEWS ON HORROR

What attracts you
                            Celebrity endorsement        To get scared       The story      Sequels        Realism  Other
to horror films?
Which of these films              Scream                                                         Friday the 13th
have you seen?
                                  Exorcist                                                       The Rite
(Can tick more than one)
                                  Saw                                                            Paranormal Activity

Any Other comments on personal views on horror:

General questions:
Do you think that older horror films “1960-2000” films are more effective than modern
horror explain why? (e.g. Scream, exorcist, Friday the 13th, The Texas chainsaw massacre 1974)
Do you prefer a trailer to give too much away about the storyline explain why?
Do you find watching a trailer more effective than looking at a poster or magazine
explain why?
Are supernatural horrors scarier than any other sub-genre horror, why? (e.g. paranormal
activity, exorcist, exorcism or Emily rose, The Rite, Insidious )
Is the only time you watch a trailer at the cinema?                                                         YES/NO

Do you find a trailer is more scarier than watching the film if yes why?

General answer questions:
What is your favourite horror film and why?

What sources of secondary research do you use to find out
more about a horror film you want to watch and why do you
use them? (e.g. internet, magazines, YouTube)
What is most effective about a horror trailer?

                                                               RESEARCH INTO HORROR

What ways of advertisement do you find out about the latest horror film? (Can tick more than one)

       Websites                                              Print: Magazines/ newspaper                               By Post

       Social networks/Forums                                Posters                                                   Radio

       TV                                                    Youtube                                                   Billboards

       Cinema                                                On game systems such as PS3, Xbox                         E-Mail

       Word of mouth                                         Library/ Books                                            Other (please comment):

       Monthly Orange text messages                          Mobile phone Apps

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