Computer Animation Computer Animation By Kimberly Madison Software Used  Art of by pengxiang


									Computer Animation
   By: Kimberly Madison
                        Software Used
   Art of Illusion, Ray Dream Studio, Bryce, Maya, Lightwave, Alice,
    and Adobe Flash (2D) are just a few examples. There are many

   Prices will vary greatly depending on target market.
        Workstations prices can run from $2,000 all the way up to $16,000.

   Some impressive animation can be achieved even with basic programs;
    however, the rendering (the process of producing the pixels of an image
    from a higher-level description of its components) can take a lot of time on
    an ordinary home computer, possibly taking tens to hundreds of years.

   Professionals also use digital movie cameras, motion capture or
    performance capture, bluescreens, film editing software, props, and
    other tools for movie animation.
The Future of Computer Animation
    One open challenge in computer
        animation is a photorealistic
     animation of humans. Currently,
    most computer-animated movies
     show animal characters (Finding
    Nemo), fantasy characters (Shrek,
      Monsters Inc.), or cartoon-like
      humans (The Incredibles). The
     movie Final Fantasy: The Spirits
      Within is often cited as the first
       computer-generated movie to
     attempt to show realistic-looking

    However, due to the enormous
     complexity of the human body,
       human motion, and human
    biomechanics, realistic simulation
      of humans remains largely an
             open problem.
         Computer Graphics
   Here are some examples of images created using
                  computer graphics.

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