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Singapore Airport Transfer Guide


Getting from Singapore Changi Airport to anywhere in Singapore and back is made easy with this mini-guide, which not only details all of the possible means of transport, but also explains the "pros" and "cons" of each one of them. Whether you travel to Singapore just for a short stopover, or whether you are here for a longer stay, I'm quite certain you will find this Singapore Airport Transfer Guide useful.

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                          Traveling to and from
                        Singapore Changi Airport
  To the city
Description                                     Price                                     Main pros and cons

Airport Shuttle Service                         One way fare (Airport - city) is SG$ 9    Pros
This relatively inexpensive minibus service     for an adult and SG$ 6 for a child.          Easy to board: Picking passengers from each of the
provides transport between the airport                                                        arrival halls.
and anywhere in the City center, as well as                                                  Cheaper than a taxi (if you are on your own)
to hotels all over Singapore (excluding           Fantastic discount hotel                   Takes you exactly to where you want to go..
Changi Village and Sentosa).                      rates throughout Asia!
                                                  Click NOW for some of the               Cons
You will need to book and pay the fare in         best available rates
cash at the Ground Transport Desk (there                                                     For two people or more, taking a cab usually makes
is one in each arrival Hall).
                                                  in Singapore, Hong Kong,                    more sense
                                                  Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing                 More expensive than a bus/MRT (although still
                                                  , Tokyo and Seoul…                          reasonable for what you get).
Return journeys to the airport can be
                                                                                             Relatively long traveling time, as there are other
arranged from most of the large hotels.
                                                                                              passengers on the minibus, who need to be taken to
                                                                                              different hotels…
 Daily, 24 hours a day

Phone booking : Terminal 1 : 6542 8297,
Terminal 2 : 6542 5831, T/3 : 6241 3818

                              The See Singapore Attraction Pass can save a lot of money for those of you who wish to make the most of their
                              precious holiday time… You can take a Singapore River Cruise, or ride the world’s largest observation wheel, visit
                              one (or more) of Singapore's fantastic museums, see the world's largest collection of tropical orchids at the
                              National Orchid Garden, visit Jurong's BirdPark and Singapore Zoo, join a guided walking tour and much more…

MRT Subway                                      Less than SG$ 2 to the city centre        Pros
Singapore's subway/metro system is              (Orchard Road / Singapore River).            Very cheap
among the best on earth but,                    A child will pay around SG$ 0.60             Quite fast and comfortable (especially if it is a "dead
unfortunately, there is no direct service                                                     hour" of the day, and the train is fairly empty…)
between Changi Airport and town, which
                                                Average traveling time is roughly         Cons
means you have to change trains
                                                35 – 50 minutes (including switching         You will need to change trains enroute, and although
enroute… Nonetheless, you are still likely
                                                trains), depends where in town are            the MRT stations are very comfortable, it still means
to get to town in a reasonable time, so it is
                                                you traveling to…                             dragging your luggage…
still an option worth considering…
                                                                                             The MRT does not take you exactly where you want
                                                                                              to go… You will still have to move between the
                                                                                              station and your hotel…
  Click HERE to find some of the                                                             There is no direct access from terminal-1 to the MRT
  best rates for hostels and                                                                  station: You will need to use the airport's "Skytrain"
  low-cost accommodations in                                                                  to move between the terminals, or the inter-terminal
                                                                                              travellators, which is very easy, indeed…
  Singapore and Asia !
                                                                                              (If coming from the Budget terminal, you will have to
                                                                                              take the shuttle to terminal-2, from where there is
                                                                                              direct access to the MRT station)
Public buses                                   Less than SG$ 2 for an adult             Pros
Bus No. 36 of SBS Transit connects Changi                                                  Very cheap
Airport with quite a few spots across the      Average traveling time is roughly an        In more than a few cases, the bus will drop you right
city centre, including all the major hotels    hour.                                        where you need.
along Orchard Road, Tanglin Road and
                                                 Click here to view ALL our             Cons
Bras Basah.
                                                 FREE travel eBooks of                     Slow…
Bus stops can be found right next to each        Singapore, Hong Kong,                     Do not operate 24 hours a day
of the arrival halls.                            Macau and Bangkok !

Taxis                                          Approximate rates (per vehicle):         Pros
Taxis are available 24 hours a day and can                                                 Takes you directly to where you want to go
be boarded next to each of the arrival         A trip from Changi Airport to the city      Operating 24 hours a day
halls.                                         centre (Orchard Road / Marina Bay /         Works out quite reasonable if there are 2 or 3 of you
                                               Singapore River) can start from as
                                               low as SG$ 20 (midweek, quiet hour       Cons
As in many countries, there are all sorts of
"surcharges" in Singapore, for example
                                               of the day), to as much as SG$ 35 –       More expensive than MRT, or bus, or even than the
                                               40 (weekend, after midnight…)                Airport Shuttle Service (if you are on your own)
when you take a cab after midnight, or on
Sunday, or if you have excess luggage…

Private transfers and Limousines               4-seater Airport Limousine (S$45 per     Pros
4-seater limos (Mercedes & London Taxis)       trip to any destination in Singapore)       Possibly the most comfortable way to travel
or "Maxi cab" (7-seater), or minibus (9-                                                   Takes you directly & exactly to where you want to go.
                                               7-seater Large Taxi (S$50-55 per trip       Operating 24 hours a day
sater) make a great solution for families      to any destination in Singapore)
and small groups                                                                           Makes a very good and economical solution for
                                                                                            groups of six people, or more.
                                               9-seater Mini-Bus (S$50-55 per trip,
They operate 24 hours a day and can be         anywhere in Singapore)
booked and paid for at the Ground
                                                                                           Taxi will be somewhat cheaper if there are 2-3 of you
Transport Desk (there is one in each arrival   Additional surcharge might apply
                                                                                           MRT, public buses and Airport shuttle service are far
Hall, Tel: (65) 6241 3818), or in advance,     (like the SG$ 10 midnight s'charge)          cheaper.
via the internet.

          To other sites and attractions across Singapore
To Singapore Zoo and The Night Safari : You can take the MRT, via Tanah Merah (change of trains), to City Hall Station, where you change
trains and travel to MRT-Ang Mo Kio, from where you continue with SBS bus No. 138 (departing from the adjacent bus interchange)

You can also take SBS bus No. 24 (from the bus-stop at terminal-2) and travel with it all the way to Ang Mo Kio, from where you continue
with SBS bus No. 138 to the zoo / night safari.

To Geylang Serai Market, the Malay Village and Joo Chiat Road: Take SBS bus No. 24 (from the bus-stop at terminal-2) and travel with it to
the bus-stop of Joo Chiat Complex (opposite Geylang Serai Market and a few steps from the entrance to Joo Chiat Road).

You can also take the MRT, via Tanah Merah (change of trains), to MRT-Paya Lebar and walk from there (less convenient).

To Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore : Take the MRT, via Tanah Merah (change of trains), to Outram Park station, where you
change trains and travel one more station to MRT-HarbourFront. Walk to neighboring VivoCity Shopping Mall (directly linked to
HarbourFront) and board the Sentosa Express monorail (the station is on Level 3 - Lobby L). Alight at either Waterfront Station, where
Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios are located, or at Imbiah Station, where most of Sentosa's attractions can be found.

To the town of Johor Bahru, on the Malaysian side of the border : Transtar Travel operates a shuttle service (TS1) from Changi Airport
(departing from all the arrival halls, including the Budget Terminal) to Kotaraya II Terminal, in the centre of Johor Bahru.
Shuttles run daily, from 7:15am to 11:15pm and the fare is SG$7 for an adult and SG$ 3.50 (They urge passengers to be at the pick-up
point 10 minutes before departure time, to avoid delays).

The ticket can be purchased directly from the driver (exact change, first comes – first served), and if you have any queries, Transtar's
counter is located at the Arrival Hall of Terminal 2 (Tel: 6297 9009)

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