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									Quicunque Vult.
The Athanasian Creed
                       8th Tone, 1st Ending.

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               O Lord Open Thou Our Lips – Morning Prayer &
CD music                                                                      $12.50

CD music       Lighten Our Darkness – Evening Prayer and Anthem               $12.50

CD music       The Order for Holy Communion - 1928                            $12.50

               Homilettes from Christ Church, Biddulph Moor,
CD                                                                            $12.50
               Collects. All the Collects of the Book of Common
CD                                                                            $12.50

CD set         Six Elizabethan Homilies from the official Books                 $17.00

CD-rom         The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity - Hooker                     $12.50

CD-rom         Annotated Book of Common Prayer (1662) - Blunt                 $12.50

Book           The First and Second Prayer Books of Edward VI                 $20.00

Book           Neither Archaic Nor Obsolete – Toon & Tarsitano                $14.00

               An Act of Piracy. The Truth behind the Episcopal
Booklet                                                                       $5.00
               Liturgy of 1979 - Toon

Booklet        The Annotated Order for Holy Communion - Toon                  $7.00

Book           Neither Orthodoxy Nor a Formulary –Tarsitano & Toon            $12.50

CD-.           Anglicanism: The Thought and Practice of the Church
PDF format     of England edited by More & Cross
               The Spanish Prayer Book 1928
Booklet        1-29 (copies) $2.00 ea: 30-49 (copies) $1.75 ea:               $2.00
               50-99 (copies) $1.50 ea: 100+(copies) $1.25 ea.


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     Mail order to: The Prayer Book Society-PO Box 35220-Philadelphia, PA 19128-0220

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                     Waiting Patiently for the
                       Report in October
                The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission of 2003/4

                    he Commission, led by Archbishop Eames          implications of the decision of the diocese of New
                    of Ireland, intends to complete its ini-        Westminster, Canada, to authorize services for use
                    tial report on the nature, extent and con-      in connection with same sex unions?
            sequences of Impaired/Broken Communion in                   3. What are the canonical understandings of
            the Anglican Communion as a result of recent            (a) communion, (b) impaired communion and (c)
            developments, by the end of September 2004 for          broken communion? (What is autonomy and how
            submission to the Archbishop of Canterbury in           is it related to communion?)
            October.                                                    4. How (do and) may provinces relate to one
               As required by its mandate, the Commission           another in situations where the ecclesiastical
            began by considering recent work elsewhere on           authorities of one province feel unable to maintain
            the issue of Communion -- the resolutions of the        the fullness of communion with another part of
            Lambeth Conferences of 988 and 998 on this            the Anglican Communion?
            issue, together with a consideration of what has            5. What practical solutions might there be to
            been achieved in the Grindrod, Eames and Vir-           maintain the highest degree of communion that
            ginia Reports, which addressed matters of Com-          may be possible, in the circumstances resulting
            munion, particularly in relation then to the issue of   from these two decisions, within the individual
            the ordination of women to the episcopate. It has       churches involved? (e.g., [alternative] episcopal
            given especial attention to the recent work of the      oversight when full communion is threatened)
            Inter Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Com-               6. Under (a) what circumstances, (b) what con-
            mission on the theological nature of Communion,         ditions, and (c) by what means, might it be appro-
            and the various statements and pastoral letters         priate for the Archbishop of Canterbury to exercise
            issued by the Primates at their recent meetings.        an extraordinary ministry of pastoral oversight,
               Further, the Commission has received a mass of       support and reconciliation with regard to the
            submissions in writing and a few in person relating     internal affairs of a province to maintain commu-
            to the matters under consideration. Information         nion between Canterbury and that province? (see
            may be found at: (            Lambeth Conf.998,Res. IV.3)
            ecumenical/commissions/primates/index.cfm),or           Response of the Prayer Book Society
            by contacting the Secretary to the Commission,              The Prayer Book Society is making plans to pub-
            Canon Gregory Cameron, on commission.secreta            lish by December 04 a collection of short essays
                                  responding to the proposals of the Commission.
            The Commission’s Key Questions                          The hope is to include appropriate parts of the
               Taking into account work on issues of commu-         Report in this publication. Watch the website www.
            nion carried out by Lambeth Conferences 988  928 for details. Meanwhile
            and 998, and the views of the Primates Meetings        for an explanation of the doctrine of reception,
            since 2000:                                             set forth by the earlier Eames Commission with
               . What are (a) the legal and (b) the theologi-      respect to women’s ordination see the new book-
            cal implications flowing from the ECUSA decision         let Reforming Forwards? The process of reception
            to appoint a priest in a committed same sex rela-       and the consecration of women as bishops (Latimer
            tionship as one of its bishops? (See Lambeth Conf.      Trust, London, 2004 — by
            998 Res. I.0)                                         Peter Toon (
               2. What are (a) the legal and (b) the theological

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             of the Book of Common Prayer                                                                   US POSTAGE
             (The Prayer Book Society)                                                                    FORT WORTH, TX
             P.O. Box 35220                                                                                Permit No. 467
             Philadelphia, PA 928-0220


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