Classroom Rules Contract - DOC by pengxiang


									                     Classroom Contract
                        Mr. Benziger
Rules and Expectations:
1. Treat others in the classroom in a courteous and respectful manner. BAD

2. No profanity in the classroom.

3. Come to class prepared. This includes bringing notebooks, textbooks, a writing
utensil, and a calculator.

4. Students will come to class ON TIME, and be in their seats when the bell rings. DO

5. Homework will be done on time. No homework, no credit. Late work will NOT be

6. No cheating on anything. This includes wondering eyes, talking, copying the
quiz/test. If you feel it may be wrong, don’t do it!!!

7. Bring a positive attitude and be ready to learn!!! GO MATH!!!!!

       --- If these rules are not obeyed, consequences will follow ---

Grading Breakdown:
Tests: Tests will be given accordingly throughout each Chapter of the book. Tests will
be a major portion of your overall grade.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given throughout the material that is discussed in class. They
will count for a limited portion of your overall grade.

Homework: Homework will be given most nights and checked most nights. Homework
will be also be a major portion of your overall grade.

Class Participation: Class participation will count for a small portion of your overall
grade. Don’t be afraid to raise your hands and ask or answer questions. It will help your

Projects: On occasion projects will be given and will be a part of your grade. Project
grades will depend on the type of project.
1. Notebook - A notebook will be needed for this class. A three-ring binder would be

2. Textbook - The textbook will be used in class, so be sure to bring your textbook to

3. Writing Utensil - Work and notes will be done in class, so you will need a writing
utensil. A pencil would be best.

4. Calculator - A calculator will be needed for this class and will be used inside and
outside of the classroom.

        I will be available for help before, during, and after school BY APPOINTMENT.
It is important you let me know. Also, before any major tests, I will have an online help
session at which students can Instant Message me on AOL Instant Messenger.


Contact Information for Students and Parents:

        If you need to get in touch with me, you may reach me through Email or by Voicemail. I
strongly encourage using Email as it is easier and I will be checking that multiple times a day, but
if Email is not available, Voicemail will be acceptable.

Voicemail: (609) 671 - 5510 ext: 6035


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