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Classroom Contract - DOC by pengxiang


									                            Classroom Contract
                               Green Cluster

The students of the Green Cluster with their teachers have agreed that the
behaviors listed below are necessary to create a safe learning environment
that maximizes student and teacher achievement in a high functioning
classroom. All members of the cluster have agreed to try their hardest to
demonstrate these behaviors:

Students will:
 Cooperate with their classmates and teachers.
 Show respect for themselves, their classmates and teachers.
 Pay attention and ask meaningful questions to enhance classroom
 Complete their work on time.
 Not allow any type of bullying to take place with in our classroom.
 Arrive to class on time and prepared.
 Work together in groups or teams.
 Accept constructive criticism and work to improve their achievement.

Teacher will:
 Cooperate with their students.
 Show respect for their students.
 Provide in-depth directions and clearly state their expectations.
 Be enthusiastic.
 Be fair to all students.
 Present relevant material to address all students learning styles.
 Give appropriate time to introduce and review material.
 Organize classroom and content.

Wish List:
 Field trips that relate to curriculum.
 Study time
 Food and drink allowed during homeroom, water allowed all the time.

Green Cluster Teachers: _____________________________
Students Signature: __________________________________

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