CITY OF RIVER FALLS, WISCONSIN
                                   COMMON COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS

                                                 April 28, 2009

Mayor Richards called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located in City Hall.

City Council Members Present: Tom Caflisch, Dave Cronk, Bob Ebert, Randy Kusilek, Joleen Larson, Jim
Nordgren and David Reese

Staff Present: John Behling, City Attorney; Julie Bergstrom, Finance Director/Interim City Administrator;
Reid Wronski, City Engineer; Carl Gaulke, Utility General Manager; Lanny Gleason, Public Works Director;
Roger Leque, Police Chief; Lu Ann Hecht, City Clerk; Tony Steiner, City Planner

Others Present: Cedric Ellingson, Rosanne Bump, Darrell Delahousaye, Robert Hughes, Mark Pascke

The Mayor congratulated the winners of the recent election.

April 14, 2009, Regular Meeting Minutes
MSC Cronk/Larson to approve minutes as submitted. Unanimous.

City – $604,475.38                   Utility - $1,749,653.09
MSC Ebert/Caflisch approve the bills subject to comptroller. Unanimous.

Howie Nelson, American Legion Post 121, read aloud a certificate of appreciation which he presented to

Cedric Ellingson, Bo’s ‘N’ Mine, came forward to address Council about issues he faces being both a bar and
restaurant. He discussed the challenges of allowing underage people in his establishment.

City Attorney Behling asked the Mayor to delegate this matter to the Police Chief and the City Attorney to
handle. The Mayor referred the matter to the City Attorney and Police Chief.

Ellingson asked the Police Chief where things stood in regard to underage people visiting the restaurant.

Chief Leque said this was not a new matter. The Chief noted he met with Ellingson and that Ellingson
understood that underage people cannot be in the bar. He said told Ellingson it was not advisable to let
underage people in his establishment because he could be held accountable.

Ellingson continued to seek input from Council about his issue. City Attorney Behling reiterated that the Mayor
should delegate it to staff. The Mayor agreed.

Rosanne Bump, River Falls Chamber of Commerce, thanked the Council for their consideration and thanked the
staff who helped with the events. Bump went through the events.

RB & EH Inc. Elizabeth Hartl, Agent for American Pie Pizza & Sports Bar & Grill, 702 N. Main Street,
"Class B" Liquor and Beer License Revocation (disposition)
Mayor Richards recessed Council at 6:46 p.m. and went into a public hearing. At 6:46 p.m. with no one
wishing to speak for or against this issue, Council reconvened into Open Session for disposition.

MS Cronk/Nordgren move to approve ordinance.

There was discussion and questions by Council which were answered by City Clerk Hecht. At the close of
discussion, the Council unanimously voted to revoke the license.

Combination "Class B" Liquor and Beer License: ST Enterprises, Inc. Darrell Delahousaye, Agent for PR's
Place, 1107 S. Wasson Lane (disposition)
Mayor Richards recessed Council at 6:50 p.m. and went into a public hearing. Attorney Behling said there
were some concerns regarding noise, occupancy limits and information on the application. Behling
recommended striking the volleyball area from the license if it is not a regular use.

Chief Leque said there have been ongoing concerns about noise and bass vibrations about PR’s Place.

Darrell Delahousaye said the goal is to turn PR’s Place into an entertainment facility instead of a nightclub. He
spoke about the night events including softball, volleyball, and evening music events. Delahousaye addressed
the capacity and noise issues. He said if there are noise complaints in the community, they would like to resolve

Attorney Behling asked about his position on the volleyball courts. Delahousaye said he would like to have that
licensed for spectators. Chief Leque asked about the softball courts and the lighting.
City of River Falls, Wisconsin
Common Council Proceedings
April 28, 2009
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Robert Hughes, 416 ½ N. 4th Street, suggested addressing acceptable noise levels in an ordinance.

At 7:01p.m. with no one wishing to speak for or against this issue, Council reconvened into Open Session
for disposition. MS Larson/Cronk move to approve license.

Nordgren asked for clarification on location of volleyball courts. He spoke about the noise issue and asked that
Delahousaye address the bass vibration issue.

Cronk said he has also received noise complaints and needs reassurance that the issue will be addressed.

Reese addressed possible alcohol control problems. Delahousaye said people still have to come inside the
building to purchase alcohol. Kusilek asked if there would be staff monitoring the area. Delahousaye said yes.

Attorney Behling cautioned the Council on licensing the volleyball courts. He encouraged the Council to
exclude them.

MSC Caflisch/Cronk move to amendment motion to exclude volleyball courts until a plan is in place.

Motion to approve Combination "Class B" Liquor and Beer License for ST Enterprises, Inc. Darrell
Delahousaye, Agent passed unanimously.

Acknowledgement of the following minutes: Park and Recreation Advisory Board – 3/18/09; River Falls
      Housing Authority – 3/10/09; Plan Commission – 3/3/09; Fire Department – 3/2/09; Fire Department
      Special Meeting Minutes – 3/16/09; Police and Fire Commission – 3/2/09; Ambulance Commission –
      3/2/09; River Falls Utility Commission – 3/16/09; Historic Preservation Commission – 3/11/09

Resolution No. 5262 Awarding Contract for 2009 Rout and Seal Program

Resolution No. 5263 Authorizing Receipt of Bids 2009 Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Repair Program

Resolution No. 5264 Authorizing the Sale of Surplus Property

MSC Larson/Nordgren move to approve Consent Agenda. Unanimous.

The Mayor noted that the Utility minutes indicated that Carl Gaulke was named to the Honor Roll of the
American Public Power Association. The Mayor offered his congratulations.

Resolution No. 5265 Approving Request for Chamber of Commerce Summer Events/Funding for Town ‘N
Country Day/City Hall Open House
MS Nordgren/Larson move to approve resolution. Caflisch had a problem with co-sponsor of $500. He
asked how many co-sponsors there were. Bump said there were two – the City and the River Falls Municipal
Utilities was the other sponsor.

Larson called to question. The Mayor asked for a roll call vote. The resolution was approved 6-1 with
Cronk, Kusilek, Ebert, Larson, Reese and Nordgren all voting in favor and Caflisch voting against.

Resolution No. 5266 Awarding Bid for Asbestos Abatement for Building at 123 E. Elm Street
MS Cronk/Nordgren move to approve resolution.

Kusilek asked for clarification. Schwalen felt since part of the building was vacant, now was the time to take
care of the asbestos removal. Reese asked if a certificate was provided upon completion of the removal.
Schwalen said air monitoring would be done to ensure the abatement was complete. The motion was approved

Resolution No. 5267 Referring Alteration of Clark Street to the Plan Commission for Report and
Steiner gave a presentation to the Council. Due to the upcoming development in this area, part of Clark Street
needs to be altered. The Council needs to refer the alteration and also the vacation to the Plan Commission for a
report and recommendation. There is a 40-day period for street vacations that the City needs to advertise.

There was Council discussion about the right-of-way, set backs and how it would affect property owners.
Nordgren asked about a variance.

Mark Paschke, Frisbie Architects, said a variance had not been pursued yet but would be the next step.
City of River Falls, Wisconsin
Common Council Proceedings
April 28, 2009
Page 3

MS Nordgren/Ebert move to approve resolution.

Caflisch asked if it comes back to Council. Steiner said yes after the 40 days have passed. The motion to
approve resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 5268 Referring Vacation of River Street to Plan Commission for Report and Recommendation
MS Cronk/Larson move to approve resolution.

Caflisch asked how people would exit the building. Steiner said a certified survey map would be coming from
Frisbie Architects. Steiner said the Moody property would have access on Cedar Street. Caflisch asked about
access for residents of the apartment building. Paschke said it would become a private drive.

The motion to approve resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 5269 Regarding Irrigation System - City Hall building
MS Larson/Cronk move to approve resolution with Option B.

Caflisch said if the City is going to do it, it should be Option C. Nordgren agreed and thought the City should
scale back from the original landscaping plans and not place the burden on City staff. The Mayor agreed. Reese
also agreed and asked for clarification. Nordgren said it was included in the original bid but removed when the
budget was approved for City Hall. Reese asked if the vendor would have an opportunity to re-bid. The answer
was yes.

MSC Larson/Cronk move to amend resolution to Option C. Unanimous. The original motion was passed

City Administrator Evaluation Process
Caflisch asked for the evaluation to be on the agenda. He asked for a Closed Session to review the evaluation
form with the new City Administrator. Caflisch had a problem with wording. Nordgren thought it was a good

Update on City Hall/Cost Comparison
Caflisch asked for a regular update on City Hall and wanted to discuss the overages. Reese asked if it was
Frisbie’s job to monitor expenditures. The Mayor asked Mark Paschke for an update.

Paschke said the overages include items that were the owner’s responsibility or were added to the contract over
and above such as the soils and geotechnical report, soil corrections, design of security system. He said the
overages were a sub-consultant contracts that were in addition to Frisbie Architects site observation.

The Mayor asked for a step-by-step process. Paschke went through the items telling Council why the overages

Reese asked what the approval process was to approve overages.

Nordgren said the soil correction needed to be approved immediately or it would have cost more. He discussed
the overages and the reason for them. He said there is a cost savings to do items now rather than go back later
and make changes which would cost more. He said currently the City Hall is about 7 percent over budget.

Council members acknowledged that Tom Schwalen had done a tremendous job coordinating this building
project. There was continued discussion by Council.


Mayor’s Reappointments
MS Nordgren/Cronk to approve the following reappointments:

     Reappointment of Sandy Bowen through May 2012
     Reappointment of Todd Schultz through May 2012

     Reappointment of Mary Ayala through July 2012

The appointments passed unanimously.
City of River Falls, Wisconsin
Common Council Proceedings
April 28, 2009
Page 4

Comptroller’s Report
General Fund revenues through the end of the first quarter were $2,274,931 and include $35,478 in recreation
fees. Expenditures for the same period were $1,501,245, or 17.6 percent of budgeted, for a net of revenues over
expenditures of $773,686 for the year.

MSC Cronk/Beebe to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 p.m. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi McKahan
Deputy City Clerk

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