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					                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED

                                           PART I

                            POST NUMBER: LAA ATC 0100
                         CLOSING DATE: 5 October 2011
                     HEADQUARTERS / UNIT: KAIA / Air Ops
                       LOCATION: Kabul, AFGHANISTAN
                               GRADE: ICC IIIA

                               The benefit package includes:
                - € 6469.00 monthly salary, tax-free in the host country.
                           - € 78.90 per day spent in the Theatre
            (€ 45.09 Hazard allowance + € 33.81 austere living allowance).
                     - Installation allowance equal to one-month salary
       (50% to be reimbursed if not completing two consecutive years of service).
                        - Accommodation in the Camp, free of charge.
                         - Meals of good quality available to purchase.
                                  - Laundry at nominal charge.
                             - Two days of annual leave per month.
                      - Start of Tour & End of Tour paid transportation.
              - 5 + 2 days “Leave from Theatre” plus reimbursement of ticket
                   up to € 1.000 for every 6 months spent in the Theatre.
          - Medical Insurance from Van Breda International, small fee charged.

                                    PART II – CE DUTIES

Post Context:

The incumbent is responsible for the control and management of the Kabul International
Airport air traffic in accordance with published regulations, whether they be issued by Afghan
Civil Aviation Authorities, ICAO or NATO/ISAF. The incumbent exercises supervision of
assigned subordinate personnel on shift duty when properly qualified by Deputy SATCO, the
Unit License Assessor (ULA) and the Local Competent Assessor (LCA) for Kabul
International Airport, and as per applicable qualification program. The incumbent must
present Instructor/ OJTI (On-Job Training instructor) skills to provide instruction to ATC

Reports to:

Deputy Chief Air Traffic Control / Instructor (LAA ATC 0020)

Principal Duties:

   -   Provides OJTI to ATC personnel as prescribed on the ATC OJT Program.
   -   Ensures that published regulations are observed at Kabul International Airport,
       including ATC procedures, SOPs and LOPs
   -   Able to work in a multinational environment of Civilian and Military Traffic with
       combined operation of FW (Fixed Wing) and RW (Rotary Wing) aircraft.


                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                   NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   -    Responsible for the execution of the air traffic service including all coordination in
        conjunction with the preparation and the conduct of air traffic control at Kabul
        International Airport during the assigned shift.
   - Maintains contact with command and control agencies and Afghan / international
        authorities in connection with the execution of air traffic control at Kabul International
   - Develops flight schedules in coordination with command and control agencies when
        is tasked by SATCO or Deputy.SATCO
   - When qualified and appointed by Deputy SATCO or SATCO, supervises air traffic
        control at Kabul International Airport during shift
   - Monitors appropriate safety regulations on Kabul International Airport
   - Monitors flight movements of arriving or departing aircraft
   - Monitors flights in control zone
   - Monitors actual weather conditions, disseminates, and updates supervisors and crew
   - Disseminates of flight plans and flight notification to all users
   - Checks all incoming ATC messages and posts, files, or transfers information
        appropriate authority
   - Maintains ATC proficiency pertaining to operations and reports as required
   - Organizes shifts to man Kabul International Airport ATC Tower
   Liaises with other organizations at Kabul International Airport to ensure safe operation at
   all times

Additional Duties:

   -   The incumbent of the post may be required to perform other related duties as
       directed. Duties are to be performed in a multinational environment.

                               PART III - QUALIFICATIONS

Essential Qualifications:

   Professional / Experience:

       -   Highly experienced senior Air Traffic Controller and certified IAW civilian and/or
           military standards
       -   ATC Instructor certified IAW civilian and/or military standards.

   Education / Training:

       -   Approved ICAO Course (or FAA equivalent) and assessment. Training skills
           regarding instruction methods.
       -   Human Factors associated to operation and instruction.

   Security Clearance:

       National authorities are asked to ensure that security clearance is provided
       before the arrival of the individual.


                                   NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

       Mandatory Proficiency:
       English: SLP 3333

       The normal working language within the organisation is English for all written
       and oral work.

   Standard Automated Data Processing (ADP) Knowledge:

       Word Processing              : Working Knowledge

       Spreadsheet                  : Working Knowledge

       Graphic Presentation         : Working Knowledge

       Database                     : Working Knowledge

Desirable Qualifications:


   -   Previous experience in business/operational risk management.
   -   Previous experience at the operational level or higher.
   -   Previous NATO assignments.

   Education / Training:

   -   Group Facilitation training.
   -   Masters level qualification focused in the area of Human Resources
       Management, Business Administration, Business Process Engineering or
       related discipline.


       Desirable Proficiency:
       English: 4343


   Personal Attributes:

       -   The incumbent must be able to manage and oversee ATC Training objectives.
       -   Requires good judgement to quickly analyse and assess training scenarios.
       -   Must have good communication skills and ability to interact with Afghan students.
       -   Must be able to interface/communicate in a mutlinational environment (language;
           professional; education; religion, etc.)
       -   Must be able work under stressful situations and maintain professionalism with
           student trainees.

   Managerial Responsibilities:


                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                   NATO UNCLASSIFIED

The incumbent of the post assists DSATCO for ATC OJT at Kabul International Airport.

   Professional Contacts:

       -   Must maintain contacts with the KAIA leadership/management to resolve
           problems and to exchange ATC related information .
       -   Must maintain contacts with host nation officials to support the Air Terminal
           Operations at Kabul International Airport;
       -   Must maintain contacts with local flying operators and the airport safety

   Contribution to the Objectives:

       -   Must work well with all forms of management at Kabul International Airport.
       -   Ability to interact with trainees and the operators will have a direct impact on the
           flight operations of KAIA.

   Work Environment:

Performs ATC duties at Kabul International Airport Terminal/Tower building. Transits
billeting posts to/from Tower building during shift work. Additionally, maintains administrative
actions from buildings at the KAIA command building.


   -   CFACC retains upper airspace management, KAIA AIROPS retains slot control for
       KAIA military flights and Kabul International Airport Authorities retains slot control for
       civilian flights. Kabul International Airport falls under ISAF Senior Airfield Authority.
   -   A minimum 14 days overlap for rating at Kabul International Airport TWR is required
       before assuming position responsibilities.


                                   NATO UNCLASSIFIED

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