directory by stariya


									School Directory – The office would like to put together a phone directory (listed by
class). This would be in place for the individual class lists that have previously been
sent out in the past years. In order to put this directory together, we need to have
permission from each family to put their information into the directory (similar to
the public schools). This directory will only be given to the families in Learning Tree.
The purpose of this directory is to set-up play dates, car pools or birthday parties
and should not be used for any other reason. If you would like to be part of the
directory, please fill out the form below.

                                   Permission Form
_____ Yes, we would like to have our information part of the school directory.
         Name _________________________________________(both parents if appropriate)
         Address: _______________________________________________________
         Phone: ______________________
         Child’s Name __________________________
_______ No, We would NOT like to be part of the school directory.

(Parent Signature) _______________________________ Date: _______________________

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