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									Sheenly Lighting – LED Panel Light


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                                                           Brief Introduction
Panel light is a revolutionary product evolved from LED backlighting industry,
simultaneously possesses, light weight, thin, soft light output and long operational

3/31/2010                                    Security Classification   2

      •     Office Lighting
      •     Restaurants
      •     Hotels
      •     Meeting Rooms
      •     Subway Stations
      •     School
      •     Hospital
      •     Hallway
      •     lobbies

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3/31/2010                                            Security Classification   3
      • Replacement scheme

      • Heat Management

      • Driving Technology

      • Optics

      • Others

3/31/2010         Security Classification   4
                                                                            Replacement Scheme

  As LED panel light is a completely new product, there is no existing comparable
  traditional luminaire in the market. The table below only illustrates possible
  replacement scheme from power consumption perspective.

                                                     TRADITIONAL                  POWER
            LED Panel Light                    Down light / Grid Light            SAVING

                                                                  28W              57%
                 26W                                              60W              56%

                                                                 120W              63%

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3/31/2010                                                  Security Classification   5
                                                         Heat Management

Sheenly’s Panel Light adopts a design with superior heat dissipation, yet retains a strong
but light weight structure.

•Optimized LED distribution to eliminate any possible hot spot

•Aluminum printed circuit board with high current and heat conductivity, to
achieve low heat generation while providing rapid heat transmission

•Pure aluminum outer shell and back cover combines to form a huge heat sink with
enormous surface area

3/31/2010                                   Security Classification   6
                                                          Driving Technology

Sheenly’s Panel Light utilizes constant current driving technology and sophisticated
circuit layout to reach a balance of high light output, and long life time.

•Constant current driving technology to ensure best light output with high

•Specially designed electrical circuit so that the overall performance of the panel
light does not rely on individual LED package

•The panel is designed for continuous operation in case of single or multiple LED

3/31/2010                                     Security Classification   7

Optical performance is a core for all lighting products. As of today, we know that
brightness is not the only thing for LED lighting products.

•High quality LEDs to provide excellent brightness and color rendering index,
85lm/W, CRI >85

•The panel light uses premium light guide (optic PMMA) which consists of nano
light reflecting powder, and surface laser sculpture to minimize light reduction for
travelling through the inner structure

•High light transmission light diffuser is used to maximize beam angle

3/31/2010                                    Security Classification   8

•Ultra slim design (<12 MM) is one of the
thinnest and most light weight panel light found
in the market

•Fully oxidized aluminum surface creates a
gleaming appearance

•High permeability light diffuser is used to
maximize beam angle

3/31/2010                       Security Classification   9

•Comes in with 3 models, 12W(300x300), 26W(600X600), and 45W(300x1200),
For customers’ different requirements

•85lm/W, CRI>85

•50,000 hours of operating lifetime

•Low voltage operation, 24V

•Flame retardant materials

•Handy installation, includes surface mounted, pendent and recessed mounted

•IP 20

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3/31/2010                               Security Classification   10
Sheenly Lighting,
        Light Up A New World!

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