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LED panel, is a semiconductor light-emitting diode by controlling the display to display text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, video, video signals and other information display screen.

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                                                                                                                                        鸿升 艾尔美
     HOSHAEM                                                                                                                              HOSHAEM

    LED Panel light
    AEM-a01- C24W

    Products Intrduction:

       LED panel lamp is a high-end indoor lighting,the frame 6063.which is formed by the anodic oxidation

    of aluminum,light source is high power LED,LED light trans mittance of the light guide plate through the

    high after the formation of a homogeneous plane.Distinguished and elegant design of the lighting

    atmosphere deluxe,both good lighting effects but also brings the beautiful feelings.LED panel lamp’s

    unique design allows the entire lamp illumination unifor mity is good,light,soft and comfortable feel to

    the public yet bright ,can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.
                                                                                                                                  AEM-a0 1-C24W
      From green lighting design considerations,panel lamp shape and smooth appear ance,materials,

    environmental protection,power consumption small.Luminous efficiency, lighting,brightness,etc.are

    superior to Grille, truly appreciate light during the day,night lighting,whichare gradually replace T8

    fluorescent light source of the Grille,Panel lamp life is 10 times the fluorescent,the power consumption

    is only 60%of the Grille,PWM dimming signal is used can saving70%.

       LED panel lights installed in various forms,easy installation,can be mounted on the ceiling and

    installation of raised surfaces, can also be hung from the ceiling or installed beneath the body of ,when mounted on a white ceiling, the entire

    ceiling was the same color,very beautiful,clean and coordinated.

       LED panel lamp using broadband voltage design(AC100-240V/50Hz-60Hz),can be used worldwide, high-power LED with isolated power

    supplies,Constant current drive,power supply have high efficiency,no pollution to the power grid, performance,stability and security,Lights

    have DALI bus interface module configured,can acceptable 24V PWM dimming the output signal.


          Office space,banks,hotels,shopping malls,hospitals,schools,etc.

                               Order number                                             AEM-a01-B24W

                                     Material              Aluminum+LGP

                               LED Quantity                    24PCS

                            Lu minous Efficien cy           100-110Lm/w                      CR I                    Ra≥ 75

                               In put Voltage           AC 100V-240V/50-60Hz                Pow er                     24W

                               Luminou s Flux                2100-250 0lm            Luminou s 1.5 meter           120-160Lux

                             Color Tempe rature               35 00-6800K              Dimension(mm)              300L*300W*26H

                             Packing(PCS/CTN)                       4              Single Package Size(mm)          350*350*50

                             Carton size(mm)               360*360*220

                                                                    1m                 2m                    3m

                                 0                                       0.25m              0.5m                  0.85m

                                                                        428.8LUX        106.32LUX      47.04LUX

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                                                                                                                                  鸿升 艾尔美
     HOSHAEM                                                                                                                        HOSHAEM

      LED Panel light

      Product installation drawing

                        Power Line



                                     Expansion colloidal       Controller Box
                                      Lifting Screw
                                     Self-tapping screws

                                      Lifting nut

                                                            Aviation male and female plug

                                                                                                    Light surface

      Installation wiring diagram


                                                                       Bule Line

                                                                                      Brown Line

                                                                                   Olivine Line

                                                             Wiring Terminal


         1、Lamp light surface protection film installed in the lamp, after completely tore off, ensuring clean for illumination surface.

         2、The product must be installed only after the completion of power.

         3、Maintaining lamps must be a professional and technical personnel,non-professionals should not be demolished lamps.

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