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iBright_ Flat LED Panel


LED panel, is a semiconductor light-emitting diode by controlling the display to display text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, video, video signals and other information display screen.

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									iBright™ Flat LED Panel
iBright ™ Flat LED Panel is a well designed lay-in ceiling troffer fixture which is
widely-used in offices and hospitals etc

iBright ™ Flat LED Panel has amazing luminous efficacy of 65lm/W by adopting
ultra bright SMD LEDs and Japanese reflecting materials inside. Its luminous
efficacy is far better than common LED panels on the market that are only rated
at 50lm/W.

By mounting LED arrays at the back side of the panel rather than sideways
like common panels, iBright™ Flat LED Panel has maximum heat
dissipation and thermal control capabilities. Such design will also achieve
low lumen decay.

Electrical performance of iBright™ Flat LED Panel is guaranteed by high-reliable
external driver, which is UL/cUL, KEMA and CE certified.

iBright™ Flat LED Panel is ETL listed. ETL No.: 4003329.
It has a unique driver box that complies with US and CSA regulation for
recessed ceiling fixture.
                                                                Electronics Corp.
                                                              Light your world
                                                                   Color your life!
                                                 - Maximum heat dissipation with LED arrays at the
                                                  back side;
                                                 - UL/cUL, KEMA and CE certified external driver;
                                                 - High luminous flux and brightness;
                                                 - Solid state, high shock & vibration resistant;
                                                 - Instant-start, no flickering, no humming;
                                                 - Environmental protection and energy saving;
                                                 - Green and eco-friendly lighting source without

Features & Benefits:
- ETL Listed (ETL No.: 4003329);
- Flat surface, uniform and even light output;
Ordering Information

    Part Number                                         Description                                       Unit
HCL-FLT8N-060000-F1   iBright 2X2 Flat LED Panel, Flat, 729LEDs, Natural White, 595*595 mm, Milky Cover   PCs

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                       628 Zhangyang Road, Suite 1-21B, Shanghai 200122, CHINA
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