; 6060 LED panel lights
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6060 LED panel lights


LED panel, is a semiconductor light-emitting diode by controlling the display to display text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, video, video signals and other information display screen.

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									LED Panel Light
      As a professional manufacturer of LED panel light, we have many kinds of LED panel lights for choosing.
Advantages of our LED panel lights are no RF interference, free maintenance, easy installation, low power
consumption, high intensity and long lifetime.
     Our LED panel light can be built into existing applications or can be supplied with a variety of customized
frames to match decor such as aluminum, plastic or stainless steel. Our LED light panels are clearly the more
aesthetic option. Our LED panel light is ideal replacement for tube light and grille light.

Name: LED Panel Light (600mm*600mm)
Model: ESD-ZPM-CS4-6060-GOP36-A1 (natural white)
        ESD-ZPM-CS4-6060-GOW36-A1 (warm white)
        ESD-ZPM-CS4-6060-GOC36-A1 (cold white)

1Total power consumption: 41W
2 LED consumption: 36W
3 Input voltage: 90-254VAC/50-60HZ
4 Power supply: external constant current
5 Lighting source: low power 3528 LEDs
6 LED quantity: 576pcs
7 Main material: Aluminum + PMMA + PS
8 Dimension: 600 mm* 600mm*15mm
9 Luminous flux: 2,500lm
10 Color temperature: 2700-4500K, 4500-6500 K, 6500-9000K
11 Viewing angle: ≤120 °
12 CRI: Ra﹥70
13 Working temperature: -20~45℃(-4~104 ° F)
14 Environment humidity:<95﹪
15 Working environment: indoor use (applicable for dry environment)
16 Protection rating: IP44
17 Life-span: 30,000 hours
18 Weight: 5,600g (lamp), 6,000g (total)
19 Installation: suspended, mounted
20 Certification: CE, RoHS and UL pending
21 Warranty: 2 years

1 Ultra thin design, 15mm in thickness
2 Superior raw materials. Stylish everlasting color aluminum frame with advanced anodized and oxidation
 treatment. Modern & elegant appearance makes the ceiling more graceful
3 Different sizes available: 300*300mm, 300*600mm, 600*600mm, 600*1200mm
4 Diversity in shape (square, rectangle)
5 Dimmable optional
6 High quality light source. The attenuation of SMD LED light source is less than 3% by 3,000hrs aging test
 under temperature 50 degrees celsius, high luminous efficiency of single LED.
7 Advanced high efficiency constant current driver with short circuit protection, open circuit protection and
 overload protection.
8 Leading heat sink design, four light emission instead of backlight emission.
9 Special circuit design, each group of LEDs can work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting output
caused by single faulty LED
10 Wide range voltage input
11 No UV or infra-red radiation, no mercury or lead, eco-friendly, no danger of broken glass
12 Low energy consumption, saves 60% power comparing conventional light
13 No need for starter and ballast, instant soft-start, no speckle, no flickering, no humming, no buzzing, no RF
14 Even illumination, quiet, soft, comfortable and bright light, ease eye strain effectively.
15 Long life-span: 30,000-50,000 hrs
16 Strict quality control, lighting aging for 72 hrs and complete inspection before shipping
17 Solid-state, high shock resistant, strong packaging, convenient to transportation
18 Easy to install, low maintenance cost. Cut cost by reducing re-lamp frequency, especially in difficult to reach
  area that require lift.

1 Eco-friendly green product
2 Reliable quality
3 Competitive pricing
4 Quick shipment
5 OEM & ODM orders are acceptable
6 Our experienced professionals at your service if need

      LED panel light can be extensively applied to general lighting, such as mall, store, hotel, office,
supermarket, commercial building, station, warehouse, residential, parking lot, home, restaurant, railway, subway
station, bank, warehouse, exhibition gallery, library, closet, factory, etc. Replace conventional fluorescent lamp or
sodium lamp. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly


Spectrum Test Report

Electrical Connection
Connect live line and null line to the poles with ‘L’ and ‘N’ respectively. If it has protective ground, connect to
the pole with ‘PG’.
Two kinds of installation available: suspended, mounted
1 Suspended

2 Mounted

     1 Before installation, check whether the power is suitable. The light must work under the right voltage
       according to the specification.
     2 Check and make sure that the ceiling can hold the weight of the panel light.
     3Ensure the wire is OK and do not pull it. If the wire is broken, stop the usage.
     2 Cut off the power first for safety
     3 Don’t take the panel light apart by yourself.
     4 Indoor use only
     5 Please use it in a ventilation environment and keep it from water.
     6 DO NOT connect power (positive & negative) to the two pins at one end only. If they are connected
     together (positive/negative), you will create a short circuit!


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