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					Will Chrome OS Be The Best?
The year 2010 is going to see various new gadgets- Apple Tablet, Google Nexus, Google Tablet to name a few. But one new addition which may bring
a lot of change in the way we use the internet is the Google Chrome OS. Yes, first of its kind, Chrome OS is going to give a completely new interface
linking the computer and the world wide web.

What Is Google Chrome OS?

If you still haven’t heard about Google Chrome OS, here is quick review of what it is likely to do and how with Chrome OS out out there, web
usage may improve forever.

In it's plainest of terms, Google Chrome OS will function both as your browser and your operating system. That is all tools, applications etc will be
stored in cloud and whenever you need some application you take it from the cloud, use it and then give it back to the cloud. That makes work much
simpler. Also, Google Chrome OS is going to be super quick. Unlike now, you won't need to wait long for your pc to boot and then wait for it to connect
to the world wide web. This will all get processed in just few seconds.

So that was Google Chrome OS in summary.

The good part of Chrome OS is that it is going to be accessible by every one unlike those expensive devices which cost a lot. Moreover, a lot of
functions will come in their superior version.

It'll undoubtedly be exciting above all convenient to use an Operating System of such a kind. For better understanding you could watch a video talking
about Google Chrome OS in the best way and how it is different from our current OS. Google Chrome OS will truly go on to become best open source
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Description: Google Chrome OS is a formal announcement in the development of PC-based operating system. Google Chrome OS is a Linux-based open-source operating system. Google said on his official blog, early this operating system will be located in the Internet, compact and low-cost computers. The open source software will be named Chrome OS, Google Inc. on December 7, 2010 (Beijing time at 2:30 on December 8) Chrome-related products in the United States at conference, conference officially released Chrome Web store and the Chrome OS.