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									Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054-1549

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Intel Corporation

Doug Fisher
Corporate Vice President, General Manager of the Software and Services Group's Systems
Software Division
Intel Corporation

               Doug Fisher is corporate vice president and general manager of the Software and
               Services Group's (SSG) Systems Software Division. He leads a worldwide organization
               responsible for Intel's efforts in software product development, enabling and
               architecture analysis. His responsibilities span a broad range of efforts that includes
               pre-boot firmware, operating systems (Windows, MeeGo, Android, Chrome OS, OS X,
               and Solaris), virtualization, middleware software, and platform performance and power
               projections. In addition, Doug recently assumed responsibility for SSG product planning
and program management.

Doug is currently chairman of the Linux Foundation and is a member of the internal board for Wind River
Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation.

For the first few years after joining Intel in 1995, Doug managed several new product development and
research efforts, including projects involving remote LAN access, TV data broadcasting and packaged
Internet server solutions before moving to Intel's Enterprise Platform Group, where for 3 years he led the
organization developing Server Management Software. In 1999, Doug transferred to Intel Online Services
as the director of engineering for Europe and shortly thereafter was appointed director of worldwide
engineering for Intel Online Services. Prior to joining Intel, Doug spent 10 years at Hewlett-Packard.

Doug holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University and a master's in
management from Stanford University.

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