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PR Log - New Fun Aerobics Video Helps America Lose Weight


Aerobic exercise for one hour before, and Apple can eat wheat bag (about 60% full), to ensure adequate strength. Aerobics warm-up before a full campaign. Jump process, pay attention to the standard action to avoid injury. Should always add water, people with low blood sugar, or glucose can drink some sports drinks.

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									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                               New Fun Aerobics Video Helps America Lose Weight

       By Group One Fitness USA Press
       Dated: May 12, 2009

       DanceX is a fun new aerobics video that helps regular folks of all fitness levels and age's burn fat, get fit
       and lose weight while following easy to follow dance moves combined with hot new music hits from around
       the world.

       Aerobics videos are well known to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals while enjoying
       the fun of dancing. Now everyone can get fit, lose weigh, feel younger and have fun -- while traveling
       around the globe with some of the best dance music in the world -- with the new DVD, "DanceX -
       Everybody's Workout: Total Body Cardio" from

        “DanceX – Everybody’s Workout “is a new kind of aerobics video that your average person including
       those who don't exercise on a regular basis will find enjoyable and easy to follow. It definitely should be a
       staple in everyone's exercise video library with its fun easy to follow dance moves and motivating music
       from all around the world.

        This aerobics video features the irresistible and humorous Kenn Kihiu, a well known consumer health and
       fitness expert who has a dazzling smile and is choke-full of encouragement, and contagious enthusiasm. In
       the DanceX workout, Kenn demonstrates a series of easy to follow, low impact exercises designed to
       improve aerobic capacity, muscle endurance and strengthen your core while burning serious calories.

       Kenn combines fun and easy to follow dance aerobics with incredible music from around the world like
       Disco, Latin dance, 50's, Bhangra, Africa, Brazilian Samba, Irish Dance, Classical Music, and Soul Dance.

        According to the charming and motivating Kenn Kihiu, "The only requirement needed is a heartbeat!"
       Well known for his high energy, sense of humor and passion for health, Kenn frequently does professional
       appearances and talks on a variety of topics related to fitness, body image, and making healthy life choices.

        In his aerobics video, he features dance moves everyone will enjoy, such as The Chicken, Hitch Hike,
       Disco Rolls, Hug Me/Hold Me, John Travolta Point, Irish Kicks, The Twist, and many others. During the
       DVD's 42-minute easy-to-follow but challenging workout, Kenn calls out the moves in advance so no one
       needs to memorize them. People at all levels of fitness will derive great benefits from this enjoyable
       aerobic workout, leaving it feeling inspired and energized.

       "DanceX - Everybody's Workout: Total Body Cardio." (58 minutes, $24.95) is only available at http:// For a limited time, shipping is free to the U.S., including Hawaii, Alaska, and
       Puerto Rico (UPC Code #094922684653).


       DanceX = fun exercise dance videos that are easy to follow. Kenn Kihiu combines
       some of the hottest music hits from around the world with low impact dance
       exercise moves that give you a total body workout. Simply Fun & easy to follow dance exercise dvds

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       exercise dvd, aerobics

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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