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					                                           Aerobics Syllabus

     Instructor            Leanne A. Smith               E-mail     
       Phone                (307) 885-7847              Planning            Gold 12:27-1:50 p.m.
      Number                   Ext. 7209                  Time              Red 1:57-3:20 p.m.

                                              Course Description

Students will learn basic principles of how to organize a personal fitness program and an aerobic routine.
Students will follow a fitness program and teach an aerobic routine to the class. Students will learn and
demonstrate knowledge of fitness, weight control and nutrition, body composition, and body strength.


Physical Education
   1. Movement
   2. Fitness
   3. Personal and Social Behavior

                                           Performance Standards

Proficient Performance
   1. Movement – Students at the proficient performance level (1) consistently perform the basic skills, and
       (2) demonstrate in depth knowledge and understanding of the rules, strategies, and skill elements/skill
       cues key observation points in a combination of rhythm/dance, regulation, form team and
       individual/dual activities, and lifetime activities.
   2. Fitness – Students at the proficient performance level: (1) develop a personal fitness plan based on their
       personal fitness assessment; (2) participate in several lifetime health-enhancing activities; (3) analyze
       and compare some health and fitness benefits; and (4) evaluate cost and effectiveness of some products
       and programs.
   3. Personal and Social Behavior – Students performing at the proficient level regularly (a) recognize and
       use all safety principles, rules, and procedures; (b) demonstrate cooperation and teamwork using the
       skills of problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution; (c) respect diversity; and (d)
       recognize the benefits of participating in physical activity settings.
                                       Units of Study

         Units              Standards                  Benchmarks         Assessments
Introduction to      1. Movement               1:1                  Participation Rubric
Aerobics             2. Fitness                2:1,5                Written Test
                     3. Personal and Social    3:1,2,3,4

Principles of        1. Movement               2:2                  Participation Rubric
Aerobics             2. Fitness                                     Written Test
                     3. Personal and Social

Weight Control and   1. Movement               2:1,2                Written Test
Nutrition            2. Fitness                3:3                  Diet and Exercise Chart
                     3. Personal and Social

Body Composition     1. Movement               2:1,2                Written Test
                     2. Fitness                3:3                  Practical Test
                     3. Personal and Social

Step Movements for   1. Movement               1:1,2,3              Participation Rubric
Aerobics             2. Fitness                3:2                  Demonstration to Class
                     3. Personal and Social

Choreography &       1. Movement               1:1,2,3              Participation Rubric
Aerobic Layout       2. Fitness                3:1,2,3,4            Routine Layout
                     3. Personal and Social                         Routine Taught to Class
                        Behavior                                    Routine Evaluation

Fitness Program      1. Movement               1:1,2,3              Fitness Program
                     2. Fitness                2:1,2,3,5
                     3. Personal and Social    3:1,4
                                      Course Materials and Resources

Clothing that is modest and allows movement. No skins or tank tops. Please bring clean clothes at the beginning
of each week. When in gym, only non-marking soled gym shoes can be worn. NO HATS! Locks will be given
out and must be returned at the end of the semester. Keep your lockers locked at all times. Get a folder for all
your assignments, handouts, and tests. You will receive a grade on this. Keep a pencil in your locker.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination:.

Lincoln County School District Number Two agrees to ensure equitable access and equitable
participation in all District courses/classes. All district schools will effectively manage and creatively
utilize resources necessary to support student learning. The District’s Board of Trustees is committed to
a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, gender, age, national origin, color, religion or disability
in admission to, or access to, or treatment in its educational programs or activities.

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Description: Aerobic exercise for one hour before, and Apple can eat wheat bag (about 60% full), to ensure adequate strength. Aerobics warm-up before a full campaign. Jump process, pay attention to the standard action to avoid injury. Should always add water, people with low blood sugar, or glucose can drink some sports drinks.