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                                                                          Church Secretary Ann P. Taylor
                                                             tel. 01386-561314 e-mail:

                                             Dear Friends                                said ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.’’ (John
                                             It seems fitting and significant that my    20:21). Think also about Jesus’ own
    Pershore Baptist Church                  first ‘official’ service as your minister
                                             should be a baptismal service.
                                             Hallelujah!         Helping candidates
                                                                                         baptism as described in the synoptic
                                                                                         Gospels.        Mark uses striking
                                                                                         language ‘As Jesus was coming up
                                             prepare for their baptism and sharing       out of the water, he saw heaven bring
                                             with them on such great God-                torn open and the Spirit descending
                                             honouring occasions is for me one of        on him like a dove. And a voice
                                             the most joyful privileges of ongoing       came from heaven: ‘You are my
                                             pastoral ministry. For there to be one      beloved Son, whom I love: with you I
                                             so soon is a real honour, it maintains      am well pleased’ (Mark 1:9-11). As it
                                             momentum and, I pray, also helps set        was for Jesus, so it can be for us too
                                             the tone and focus for our ongoing life     in baptism and beyond. Although the
                                             and mission together in God.                relationship between the believer and
                                             Without question, baptism is an             God has already begun before the
                                             important step of obedience to the          moment of baptism, it can now be
                                             command of the Lord Jesus as each           deepened in a special moment of
                                             one freely chooses to respond to            encounter.
                                             God’s gracious call to follows Christ’s     It has been a great honour to support
                                             example by the help of the Holy             Ema, Josh and Nathan as they
                                             Spirit. Yet I have also come to realise     journey on in their vibrant and
                                             that to be baptised in the name of the      growing Christian faith. And I have to
                                             Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is      say I have been greatly encouraged
                                             to be immersed into Trinitarian             and always learn much as I listen and
                                             dynamic of the life of God. The             share in such preparations. It is
                                             implication is that our discipleship        essential to realise that baptism is not
                                             ceases to be just a response of duty        reserved for mature, ‘got it altogether’
                                             and becomes a participation in the          Christians (and I seriously doubt if

         Messenger                           creativity, compassion, energy and
                                             life of God, the missionary God.
                                             Therefore, the Great Commission is
                                             not       merely       something    God
                                                                                         there is such a thing!?). No, it’s for
                                                                                         people who, knowing that their
                                                                                         shortcomings, have been covered by
                                                                                         Christ’s righteousness come, knowing
                                             commands and that we do. It is              that their deepest needs are and will
                                             something God initiates and we are
    Broad Street, Pershore, Worcestershire   invited to partner with him in what he
                                                                                         always be met in God’s tender and
                                                                                         strong embrace. Baptism is about
                                             is doing.                                   new beginnings, about washing away
                                             John’s version of the Great                 the past, wiping the slate clean. It is
                  July 2008                  Commission captures this sense of           about dying to the past and rising in
                                             movement well: ‘As the Father has           newness of life. As a person comes in
                                             sent me, so I am sending you. And           faith to the baptismal pool, the triune
                                                        God meets him or her with gracious
                                             with that he breathed on them and
3                                                                                                                                                                         4
presence which transforms his or her       body/empty tomb and the many                  faith and of the faith community.         If you forget all else, remember this:
life. So if anyone is questioning ‘Am I    witnesses to his risen presence) but          Yet, as we witness each baptism,          We are baptised into the life of the
really ready to be baptised? ‘The          more especially to the living out of a        we are also turning again to recall       triune God and live to share God’s
kind of things to ask include: ‘Am I…      vibrant Easter faith in our ongoing,          the central truths of our faith,          mission, his amazing movements of
• Turning from my sins to God in           everyday lives. The danger is that            namely the death, burial and              love in Christ and by the Spirit to
     repentance (Acts 2:38)                we robustly defend the Easter fact            resurrection of Jesus Christ. (1          transform the whole cosmos. This
• Trusting in Jesus as my Lord and         but fail to adequately demonstrate            Corinthians 15:1-3) Moreover, we          includes you and me!
     Saviour (Mark 16:16)                  the life of Easter faith.                     turn to face outwards, toward an          Yours because we are His
• Teachable – knowing a little, am I       This ‘Easter faith’ is expressed and          open door (Colossians 4:2) of             Mark
     hungry to know more and to allow      encountered and experienced vividly           manifold opportunity to share   
     His Spirit to fill, shape, empower    and vitally in the baptismal waters.
                                                                                         together in God’s own mission.
     and guide my whole life. (Matt.       (Romans 6:1-11, Colossians 2:11-
     28:19-20)                             12). In application of the message, I                                                   shop, putting her accounting and
                                           encouraged the worshippers at the             Megan Turver
• Taking my place, playing my part                                                       2nd July 1916 – 8th May 2008              secretarial skills to good use. Although
     in the family of God’s people and     service to renew their baptismal                                                        Megan had a very happy and fulfilled
                                           vows, something they did with                 With familiar Welsh hymns being
     in the work of God’s mission. (1                                                                                              life it was not without its sad times. Her
                                           surprising enthusiasm.         You don’t      played quietly in the background the
     Corinthians 12:12-13, Galatians                                                                                               firstborn son died of whooping cough
                                           need to be a rocket scientist to notice       little church of St Nicholas, Peopleton
     3:26-29)                                                                                                                      and a second son died as a young boy
                                           that      baptismal      services       are   just about filled to capacity on 16th
Baptism is like passing through                                                                                                    after an accident, followed two years
                                           memorable          and        meaningful      May as people gathered to celebrate
customs at the airport and entering                                                                                                later by the death of her husband
                                           occasions and, I believe, this is             the life of Megan (Meg) Turver.
the departure lounge. Baptism is not                                                                                               James. Megan bore these losses with
                                           intentionally so. It’s kind of difficult to   Known as ‘Meg’ by the Joneses and
our destination, but it surely denotes                                                   ‘Megan’ by the Turvers, she died on       dignity and fortitude. It was while on
our journey with Jesus is well under       forget the time when you got ‘dunked’                                                   holiday some time later that she met Ed
                                           and in consequence thoroughly                 8th May 2008 about 7 weeks short of
way. It is, as Ema said to me, ‘the                                                                                                Turver – after two years they were
                                           soaked in the presence of friends and         her 92nd birthday.            Following
end of the beginning.’ In baptism, we                                                    readings by Anne Turver and Jeffrey       married and lived in Lincolnshire where
                                           family baptism, we are surely                                                           they enjoyed 11 happy years together.
anticipate God’s future in the here                                                      Jones, her younger brother Elfed
                                           challenged to recall our own                                                            With the passage of time Megan
and now.                                                                                 shared memories of Meg with us.
This past Easter, I had the joy of         baptismal vows, and to allow fresh                                                      decided to move to Worcestershire to
                                           opportunity for our life’s purpose to         Born the second daughter of James
leading worship and preaching on
                                                                                         Jones in 1916 she married her first       be closer to Roger and his family. She
Resurrection Sunday morning at             be shaped and sustained by the                                                          became a member and regular
                                           central foolish message and claims            husband James Jones in 1933 and,
Chester Road Baptist Church in my                                                                                                  worshipper at Pershore Baptist Church
home town of Sutton Coldfield. As I        of the cross.                                 as well as bringing up a young family,
                                                                                                                                   and joined in many of the activities and
prepared, I recalled from College that     There is one added dimension to               she managed a shop which her
                                                                                         father had bought from yet another        group meetings. She endured the loss
it was customary in the early patristic    baptismal services held at Pershore.                                                    of another son and also her sister with
period for churches to hold baptismal      You’ll know better than I that it is the      James Jones – it could only ever
                                                                                         happen in Wales Elfed said, pointing      courage sustained by her faith.
services on Easter Sunday. It dawned       necessary to rearrange the lay out of                                                   Megan (Meg) was dearly loved by both
on me that it was exactly 25 years         the church to face the doorway for            out that there were at least 5 James
                                                                                         Jones in the congregation!                her families. Her outgoing personality,
since I had been baptised as a             this is where the baptistery is                                                         kindness and generosity warmed the
believer and in that church too. With      situated. In some ways this may               As a young girl she went away to
                                                                                         school in Cardiff with her sister where   hearts of all who knew her and we will
this as my cue, I took the opportunity     seem inconvenient or point to an ill                                                    all have our own special memories. I
to preach from Colossians 3:1-3 on         thought out baptistery. I strongly beg        she enjoyed sport particularly tennis,
the challenge of not just holding firmly                                                 hockey and cricket. From school she       can picture her now one Bank Holiday
                                           to differ. It offers us a profoundly                                                    Monday, sitting on a shooting stick at
to the historical facts of Christ’s        simple and prophetic symbolism.               went on to secretarial college before
resurrection (credibility firmly based                                                                                             the end
                                           Baptism, properly viewed, is the              returning to Pontypridd to help her
on the twin pillars of the absent          historic entry point into the life of the     father in his
5                                                                                                                                                              6
of the pavement outside The Brandy        Bibles - made in China!                 Billy Graham's daughter was               they misbehave because their little
Cask, glass in hand having been           A new, expanded printing facility       being interviewed on the Early            personalities would be warped and
determined to get a good vantage          seems set to make China's ancient       Show (US National TV) and Jane            we might damage their self-
point    to    watch the       carnival                                                                                     esteem       (Dr.    Spock's     son
                                          capital, Nanjing, the Bible centre of   Clayson asked her "How could
procession. We give thanks for her                                                                                          committed suicide)
                                          the world.                              God let something like this
life and Christian witness and rejoice                                                                                      And we said, an expert should
that she is at peace with the Lord.
                                          The Amity Printing Company - a          happen?"
                                          joint venture with the Bible            And Anne Graham gav e an                  know what he's talking about so we
                           Ann P Taylor
                                          Societies - can now produce 23          extremely profound and insightful         said OK.
PS Sincere apologies to both                                                                                                Then, someone said teachers and
families for any factual inaccuracies
                                          Bibles every minute to keep up          response.
                                          with growing demand for the Bible       She said, "I believe that God is          principals better not discipline our
in this article.                                                                                                            children when they misbehave.
                                          in China. In 2007 it printed six        deeply saddened by this, just as
                                          million Bibles. With the new press,     we are, but for years we've been          And the school administrators said
It is with great sadness that
                                          the potential will be 12 million -      telling God to get out of our             no faculty member in this school
we report the deaths of Peggy
                                          most of which will be distributed       schools, to get out of our                better touch a student when they
Whittem and Christina Haworth.                                                                                              misbehave because we don't want
There were dear friends and died          throughout mainland China.              government and to get out of our
                                          About 55,000 churches distribute        lives. And being the gentleman            any bad publicity, and we surely
within days of each other. Our                                                                                              don't want lo be sued (There's a
prayers and sympathies go to both         the Bibles. According to experts,       that He is, I believe that He has
                                          there is a real increase of interest    calmly backed out. How can we             big difference between disciplining
families.                                                                                                                   and touching, beating, smacking,
Lynne Gosney’s brother has also           in Christianity in China, where now     expect God to give us His blessing
                                          an estimated seven per cent of the      and His protection if we demand           humiliating, kicking, etc.)
died. Our thoughts are with all of                                                                                          And we said, OK.
his family.                               one billion population are believers.   that He leave us alone?"
                                          A pocket edition of the Bible costs     I know there's been a lot of e-mails      Then someone said, let's let our
When I sent a copy of the June                                                                                              daughters have abortions if they
Messenger to America, I received          about 68p and Chinese Christians        going around in regards to 9/11/01,
                                          can receive the full-size Bible at a    but this really makes you think. If       want, and they won't even have lo
an e-mail to say that Marjorie                                                                                              tell their parents.
Barbour is well.                          subsidised cost of £1.16.               you don't have time, at least skim
                                          If you would like to help fund this     through it, but the bottom line is        And we said, OK.
                                          effort, visit                           something to think about....              Then some wise school board
4 July
                                          In light of recent events...terrorists'   member said, since boys will be
Elizabeth of Portugal
                                                                                  attacks, school shootings, etc.           boys and they're going to do it
(1271 - 1336)                                                                                                               anyway, let's give our sons all the
Elizabeth of Portugal could be the                                                Let's see, I think it started when
                                                                                  Madeline Murray O'Hare (she was           condoms they want, so they can
patron saint of all well-to-women                                                                                           have all the fun they desire, and
who have compassionate hearts.                                                    murdered, her body was found
                                                                                  recently) complained she didn't           we won't have to tell their parents
As wife of Denis, the King of                                                                                               they got them at school.
Portugal, Elizabeth became a                                                      want any prayer in our schools,
                                                                                  and we said OK.                           And we said, OK.
byword for her acts of piety and                                                                                            Then some of our top elected
charity to the poor. She founded                                                  Then, someone said you better not
                                                                                  read the Bible in school... the Bible     officials said it doesn't matter what
convents, hospitals, and shelters                                                                                           we do in private as long as we do
for prostitutes. After Denis died                                                 that says thou shall not kill, thou
                                                                                  shall not steal, and love your            our jobs.
she became a Franciscan tertiary                                                                                            And agreeing with them, we said it
at a Poor Clare convent.                                                          neighbour as yourself. And we
                                                                                  said, OK.                                 doesn't matter to me what anyone,
                                                                                  Then, Dr. Benjamin Spock said we          including the President, does in
                                                                                  shouldn't spank our children when
7                                                                                                                                                                       8
private as long as I have a job and       AND THE REPLY                              Coffee brings Baptists and               Greetings!
the economy is good.                      Dear Concerned Student, I am not                                                    Can I ask you to please encourage
                                                                                     Costa Coffee together
And then someone said let's print         allowed in schools".                                                                folk in your churches to join together
                                                                                     Two of the world's largest high
magazines with pictures of nude           Sincerely, God.                                                                     on 12th July for prayer. Hopefully,
                                                                                     street coffee shop chains have           they will already be aware of the date,
women and call it wholesome, down-        Funny how simple it is for people to
                                                                                     given a major boost to the Baptist-      time and nearest venue from previous
to-earth appreciation of the beauty of    trash God and then wonder why the
                                                                                     led 'cafechurch' network. Costa          notices but if you could also use
the female body.                          world's going to hell.
                                                                                     Coffee and Gloria Jean's Coffees         services over the next three weeks to
And we said, OK.                          Funny how we believe what the
                                                                                     have agreed to the set-up of             keep this in focus that would be great!
And then someone else look that           newspapers say, but question what
                                                                                     cafechurches in their UK stores.         Four of our churches will serve as
appreciation a step further and           the Bible says.
                                                                                     The formalizing of the partnership       hosts for the gatherings, providing
published pictures of nude children       Funny how everyone wants to go to                                                   coffee/ tea/ cakes etc. and a variety of
                                                                                     has given Baptist minister the Rev
and then stepped further still by         heaven provided they do not have to                                                 ways in which to pray – alone and
                                                                                     Cid Latty, the chance to dream big:
making them available on the              believe, think, say, or do anything                                                 together. We anticipate that there will
                                                                                     of a café church in every high
internet And we said OK, they're          the Bible says.                                                                     be opportunities for praise and
                                                                                     street, in every town, village and
entitled to their free speech.            Funny how someone can say, "I                                                       adoration as well as more reflective
                                                                                     city.                                    moments, prayer for our churches and
And then the entertainment                believe in God" but still follow Satan
                                                                                     Mr Latty says: "We never dreamed         communities, the wider Association etc.
industry said, let's make TV shows        who, by the way, also "believes" in
                                                                                     that what we began at Christchurch       People are welcome to take part for
and movies that promote record            God.
                                                                                     Baptist, Welwyn Garden City two          the whole two hours (10:00-Midday) or
music that encourages rape, drugs,        Funny how we are quick to judge but
                                                                                     years ago would mushroom into a          just call in for some of the time.
murder, suicide, and satanic themes.      not to be judged.
                                                                                     national venture. It is now the          Additional copies of Prayer Watch will
And we said it's just entertainment, it   Funny how you can send a                                                            be made available at each venue but if
                                                                                     responsibility of the cafechurch
has no adverse effect, and nobody         thousand 'jokes' through e-mail and                                                 there are additional, up-to-date prayer
                                                                                     network      to     train    churches
takes it seriously anyway, so go right    they spread like wildfire, but when                                                 requests from your church please
                                                                                     nationwide, so they can utilize the
ahead.                                    you start sending messages                                                          send these via e-mail by Sunday 5th
                                                                                     opportunity      to     reach    their
Now we're asking ourselves why            regarding the Lord, people think                                                    July to the host Ministers:-
                                                                                     communities in this innovative and
our children have no conscience,          twice about sharing.                                                                Worcester (Sansome Walk) - led by
                                                                                     fresh way."                              Kerry Birch
why they don't know right from            Funny how the lewd, crude, vulgar
                                                                                     Anyone who wants to set up a             ( ),
wrong, and why it doesn't bother          and obscene pass freely through
                                                                                     cafechurch, or just explore the          Simon Harry and Jeff Porter
them to kill strangers, their             cyberspace,       but    the     public
                                                                                     idea, is encouraged to visit             Kidderminster (Franche Road)
classmates, and themselves.               discussion of God is suppressed in
                                                                           , or to        led by Simon Gudger
Probably, if we think about it            the school and workplace.
                                                                                     email       ( )
long and hard enough, we can              Funny how someone can be so
                                                                                     There are currently six café church      Redditch – led by Stuart Potter
figure it out.                            fired up for Christ on Sunday, but                                                  ( )
I think it has a great deal to do with    be an invisible Christian the rest of      locations in England: in Gloucester,
                                                                                     Trowbridge,         Southend-on-Sea,     Evesham – led by Edward & Sarah
"WE REAP WHAT WE SOW."                    the week.                                                                           Pillar ( )
"Dear God, Why didn't you save the        Are you laughing?                          Welwyn            Garden         City,
                                                                                                                              Now to him who is able to do
little girl killed in her classroom? "                     Stormont Stepping Stone   Berkhamsted, and Bromley.
                                                                                                                              immeasurably more than all we ask or
                                                        and March 2007 Messenger
Sincerely, Concerned Student...                                                      I have not failed, I have just           imagine, according to his power that
                                                                                     found 10,000 ways that do not            is at work within us, to him be glory in
                                                                                     work.                   Edison
                                                                                                                              the church and in Christ Jesus
                                                                                                                              throughout all generations, for ever
                                                                                                                              and ever! Amen. (Eph. 3.20-21)
                                                                                                                              Yours in Christ,       Keith Judson HEBA
                                                                                                                                           Regional minister Team Leader
9                                                                                                                                                                      10
Baptists apologise for the              Back to Church Sunday                                                 Weekly Church Events
slave trade                             goes global
A delegation of British Baptists has    People in churches all over Britain,                                              Sundays
gone to Jamaica to apologise to         and for the first time, in other parts                      10.30am
                                                                                                                           Family service with Sunday School
Jamaican       Baptists    for    the   of the world, will be backing Back                                                    Communion 3rd Sundays
transatlantic slave trade.              to Church Sunday this September                              6.00pm                       Evening Worship
The decision to go was made             28th, and inviting a friend back to                     (5.00pm in winter)             Communion 1st Sundays
following last year's Baptist World     church with them.                                                                Mondays
Alliance's annual gathering, at         Thirty eight Church of England
which American and Dutch Baptist        dioceses     from      Cornwall     to                       1.30pm                     Little Fishes playgroup
leaders apologized for the trade,       Newcastle will join with Churches
                                                                                                                                    House Group
but not the British Baptists.           Together in Scotland, the Church                             7.30pm
                                                                                                                               Middle Lane, Cropthorne
Last November's session of the          in Wales, Baptist, Methodist and
                                                                                                                                    Prayer meeting
Baptist Union of Great Britain          United      Reformed         churches                        7.45pm
                                                                                                                                      at Church
(BUGB) then decided to apologise        nationwide,      Elim     Pentecostal
"to God and to our brothers and         churches and Anglican churches in                                              Wednesdays
sisters for all that has created and    New Zealand and Canada.
                                                                                                     2.30pm                  Women’s Own – Lower Room
still perpetuates the hurt which        This represents exponential growth
originated from the horror of           for Back to Church Sunday, which                             7.45pm
                                                                                                                                Prayer and Bible Study
slavery." It was, says the Rev          began in Manchester in 2004 with                                                         21Ganderton Court
Jonathan        Edwards,      general   the message 'Missing You', and                               8.00pm
                                                                                                                                      Bible Study
secretary of BUGB, "an historic         spread to Wakefield in 2005, nine                                                          48 Mayfield Road
moment."                                Church of England dioceses in                                                   Thursdays
He went on: "Taking the apology to      2006 and 20 in 2007, when 20,000
Jamaica in person seemed to             people came back to church in one                           10.30am                            Baby talk
many people a vital step on the         day.
                                                                                                                                  Deacon’s Meeting
journey."                               Research by the Diocese of                                   7.45pm
                                                                                                                                1st and 3rd Thursdays
Karl Johnson, general secretary of      Lichfield after last year's Back to
the Jamaican Baptist Union, said        Church Sunday suggests that              There is a Monthly   Communion service on a Wednesday at 2.30pm
that BUGB's apology and visit "will     6,000 people came back to church         Impact- A generation Youth Event on 4th Sunday at 7.00pm
underscore our sense of oneness         on that day and that, six months
                                        later, between 700 and 900 (12-15%)      The Thursday Club meets in the Lower Room at 7.30pm            on the 4th Thursday of each
and common journey."
                                        had become regular members.
                                        About a further 3,000 are still in       Church Badminton           is between 8-9pm on 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month in Pershore
Sometimes the majority only             touch with their inviting churches       High School. Details from Anne Sadler.
means that all the fools are on the     and may have come at Christmas           The Multiple   Sclerosis Group meet on Monday mornings in the Worship area.
same side.                              or to a social event.                         John’s Ambulance use the Upper and Lower Rooms on Tuesday evening.
                                                                                 The St
Lead your life so you won't be          The 2008 resources centre on a           U3A Choir uses the Upper Room on alternate Wednesdays at 2.15pm.
ashamed to sell the family parrot to    special and personal invitation,
the town gossip.                        with a place card bearing the
                                        emblem 'VIP'.
11                                                                                 12

                   THURSDAY CLUB OUTINGS
We are planning to go on outings for our meeting July. There will be an
afternoon trip and we shall leave the Church at 12 noon, and travel in
cars. We would like more people to join us to make up the numbers to
constitute a group.

Thursday 24th July
A visit, with an introductory talk, to the garden of “Woodpeckers” at
Marlcliff, Bidford-on-Avon, created and maintained unaided since 1965
by retired doctors Andy and Lallie Cox. The garden is open under the
National Gardens Scheme and there is a charge of £5 per head. There
will be an opportunity to take a picnic lunch or to have a lunch at the
Cottage of Content nearby.

Please let Pam Rayner (01386-552892) know if you would like to join us
or to ask for further information.
                         ALL ARE WELCOME!

                                   Woman’s Own
                        2      U3A choir

                               Archie Nicholas
                        16     Communion service
                               Summer tea afterwards

                                           The curate went to the bank and
I do apologise for making a                asked for a statement of his
complete mess of             the    June   account, adding: "We want to know
Women’s Own notice.                        how far afield we can go for our
                                           holiday."    Handing     him      his
Signs found outside churches               statement the cashier enquired
- If you don't like the way you were       very gently: "Have you got a field
born, try being born again.
                                           at the back of your garden, sir?"
- Looking at the way some people live,
they ought to obtain eternal fire          Sky at night
insurance soon.                            The scientific theory I like best is
- Forbidden fruit creates many jams.       that the rings of Saturn are
- In the dark? Follow the Son.             composed entirely of lost airline
- Running low on faith? Stop in for a
13                                                                                                                                                              14
A tourist attraction with a                  compact discs, wafers, sacrament         Prayer Calendar for July 2008
                                             candles,       church     stationery,
                                             greetings cards and gift items on           1    Kath Parker
If you like visiting old churches, and if
                                             offer. Only your need for caffeine          2    Jayne Pickering
you also like books, here is an idea
for a great day out this summer: why         will finally drive you out - and up         3    Ken & Jill Porter
not head for London's Westminster            the road to one of the many coffee          4    Mike & Wendy Porteus
Abbey - and the extraordinary book           shops of Westminster.                       5    Ken & Barbara Price
shop next door to it?                        If getting to London is too difficult,      6    Before you were born, I set you apart for a special work
Church House Bookshop, situated              you can always 'shop' at Church                                                                         Jeremiah 1:5
in the heart of Westminster, is one          House Bookshop via its website             7     Nick & Yvonne Price & family
of the major independent Christian           and mail order department. Simply          8     Barbara (Joan) Pritchard
bookshops        in    the   country.        ring 020 7799 4064 or visit                9     Trevor & Elizabeth Pryce-Jones
Thousands of people visit each                            10    Mary Pugh
year, including many tourists from           The Church House Bookshop is               11    John & Lee Rawson
all over the world.                          managed by Melanie Tucker,                 12    Pam & Paul Rayner
Church House Bookshop is the                 whose team of six work hard to             13    … Each one of you is a separate and necessary part
                                             offer a first class service to their                                                              1 Corinthians 12:27
Hilton of Christian bookshops, and                                                            Peter & Rosemary Read & family
                                             thousands of customers.                    14
just the sort of place you could                                                              Andrew & Anne Sadler & family
                                             So - next time you are near                15
browse in for hours - if not days.                                                            Hasnah Sheriff
                                             Westminster, head for the Abbey,           16
After all, it stocks 8,000 books that                                                         Andy Smith
                                             and then next door, to 31 Great            17
cover the whole spectrum of                                                                   Gerald & Alvina Smith
                                             Smith Street, Westminster, London          18
theological                  thought,                                                         Simon & Julie Smith & family
                                             SW1P 3BN. There you will be                19
churchmanship        and    Christian
                                             most welcome!                              20    You will not receive because the reason you ask is wrong
experience.                                                                                                                                              James 4:3
For keen shoppers, there are also                                                       21    Phyllis Smith
                                             Life is 10% what happens to you            22    Alan & Mary Taylor
A man wrote to a newspaper                   and 90% of how you respond to it           23    Mike & Brenda Taylor
saying” I think I’ll stop going to church.                                              24    Pete & Ann Taylor
                                             Did it ever occur to you that              25    Elisabeth Taylor-Gowdy
I have gone for thirty years and heard
thousands of sermons, yet I can’t
                                             nothing occurs to God?                     26    Margaret Thomson
remember any of them. I’ve been              Learn from the mistakes of                 27    Save them…show mercy, mixed with fear…                     Jude 1:23
wasting my time.”                            others. You can't live long enough         28    Richard & Alison Tisdall & family
Another churchgoer wrote back, “I’ve         to make them all yourself.                 29    Marina Townend & family
been married for thirty years. In that                                                  30    Simon Townend
time my wife has cooked thousands            Following the path of least                31    Peter & Penny Wagner & family
of meals. I don’t remember any of            resistance is what makes rivers
them , but they nourished me and             and men crooked.                         Editorial
gave me strength. Without them I
would be dead and without a sermon           Pride is to character like the              1. Messenger material for the August edition to be in by noon on
I would be spiritually dead.”                attic to the house, the highest part           Sunday 20th July. Please observe this deadline.
The first man continued to go to             and generally the most empty.               2. If there are any serious errors/oversights, please tell me!
church.                                                                 Sydney Gay    If you would prefer a larger print version of the Messenger, have a word
                                                                                      with me.                                               Thanks, Mike Taylor

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