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									Christ Church Episcopal

          Alleluia Centennial
              Capital Campaign

This Alleluia Centennial Capital Campaign brochure celebrates the vision,
labor, and prayers of many people in our one hundred year history; from
Mom and Pop Squires and their vision to have an Episcopal Church in Las
Vegas to the vision of today s Vestry to build for future generations. You will
see our church, inside and out, with our campaign prayer and our Maryland
Parkway sign, welcoming all who seek Christ. You will meet our church staff
and clergy. You will read letters to you from our Campaign Chairman and
from a long-time member of our congregation. You will see inspirational
passages and you will see a chronology of our history. Finally, we present
the needs and plans for the future of Christ Church, and we ll show you the
costs involved and how your own sacrifices can help make this vision come
Join us on our journey to prepare Christ Church for the future. Be part of the
foundation from which we can grow and nurture our church family. We ask
you to prayerfully consider pledging to the Alleluia Centennial Capital
Campaign and to be a part of this very important chapter in Christ Church s
next one hundred years.
  O God of unchangeable power and might, throughout the ages you have moved your
   people to build houses of prayer and praise and then sustain them. We thank you,
 Almighty God, for making us in your image to share in the ordering of your world. We
thank you for those who founded Christ Church; especially Mom and Pop Squires, who
 made the missionary Bishop of Utah recognize this community in 1907. We thank you
 for the great multitude of your people who came before us and who have sacrificed so
   that many came to know you here. Be with us now in our time. Inspire our witness
    and enable us to serve you and make sacrifices for future generations that all may
know the power of God s forgiveness and hope. To God be the glory now and forever.
              Our Mission
     We shall inspire and nurture faith in
a welcoming and inclusive church where
   the risen Christ is the center of life.
Church Staff
The Rev d Kent Belmore, Jr.           Rector
Jerlyn (Jeri) Figearo                 Secretary
Bonnie Todd                           Receptionist
Ann (Annie) Seay                      Parish Administrator / Bookkeeper
Graci Vargas                          Christian Youth Director
Kathi Colman                          Principal Parish Musician
Mark Petrimoulx                       Plant Engineer
Kelley McCauley                       Sexton
Randy Jones                           Sexton
Chyloh Pryor                          Sexton

      Fr. Belmore              Jeri                       Bonnie

         Annie                Graci                        Kathi

       Mark                                                  Randy-Middle
Church Leadership
  The Rev d Kent Belmore, Jr.

  The Rev d DeLaney Armstead
  The Rev d Bonnie Polley

  Priest Associates
  The Rev d Constance D. S. Belmore
  The Rev d Mary Bredlau
  The Rev d Paul Colbert
  The Rev d Robert McNaul

  Spencer Adams
  JoAnn Roberts Armstead (Secretary)
  Linda Barnes (Senior Warden)
  Paul Bell III
  The Rev. Kent Belmore, Jr.
  Frank Cornett, Jr.
  Pete Falger
  Dennis Kesner
  David Martin
  Carol Mittwede
  Bill Rosado (Treasurer)
  Marsha Tarte
  Stephen Wilkinson (Junior Warden)

Capital Campaign Committee:
  JoAnn Roberts Armstead
  Linda Barnes
  Paul Bell
  The Rev. Kent Belmore, Jr.
  Senator Richard Bryan
  Jeff Colman
  Dr. Frank Cornett
  Elana Graham
  Dr. Lorell Guydon
  Bonnie Polley
  Bill Rosado
  Midgene Spatz
  Stephen Wilkinson (Chairman)
To the members of Christ Church,

We stand at the Tipping Point of our future. The decisions we face and the
commitments we are asking you to make are not small, and they are very
important to Christ Church. As I told many of you in our Focus Group Meetings,
our church needs your help. You and those before you sacrificed so much in order to care for the less fortunate
of our community. So many wonderful organizations were started and supported by you until they could stand
on their own feet. Organizations like Shade Tree, Las Vegas Interfaith Hospitality Network and Epicenter on the
Parkway can trace their origins to your sacrifices. It s time to turn inward, however; it s time to help ourselves.

By far the two major items we are asking you to fund are a new organ, and enlarging and remodeling of our
Parish Hall, Kitchen and Guild Room. Our organ has served us well, but it is 40 years old and our congregation
has actually grown beyond the organ s capability. When you hear the music generated from a Schantz organ
designed for Christ Church you will be moved. Other than the church itself no single part of the worship service
has as much influence on us as a well designed pipe organ. The new organ will serve as the anchor for
additional music programs for many years to come.

Your Vestry s Vision for Future Generations also includes expanding our Parish Hall, Kitchen and Guild Room.
The current facilities cannot support our present needs, but by enlarging and updating each room we will be
positioning our facilities for future expansion of our youth programs and congregational fellowship programs,
and enabling Christ Church to offer a facility capable of hosting marriages for our children and grandchildren.
When your daughters or sons consider a Church Wedding, let it be our church they dream about. These
remodeled facilities, as well as a first class worship environment that our new organ will help foster, will serve as
a foundation for future generations to remain as adults where they too will add to our church family.

I ask you to consider what Christ Church will look like in 10 years, in 20 years and in 100 years. Could Mom and
Pop Squires have envisioned the events of the last 100? Their actions and support so long ago gave us much of
what we have today, and those who have now gone before us have given us not only a blueprint of our future but
a legacy for us to maintain.

During our Focus Group Meetings many of you expressed your concerns as well as your hopes and desires for
Christ Church, the building; and Christ Church, the family. Your concerns are your Vestry s and we share your
hopes and dreams as well. This Alleluia Centennial Campaign is just the beginning of growth and inspiration in
our church. When visitors to Christ Church hear our music, see our facilities and feel the new welcome
inspiration we intend to foster, many will want to stay. That is where your Vestry s vision starts nourishing our
congregation and allowing it to grow into a parish family-a family where we foster Christian education and
provide a place for our young people to socialize and experience Christian life in a nurturing environment. The
additional issues which need funding allow us to protect the church by growing the Endowment Fund. By
supporting our current ministries and making available funds for new ministries, we stand with those who have
sacrificed before us; and finally, we owe it to the Diocese of Nevada to pay our obligation.

I ask you to consider our church, our congregation and who we are as Episcopalians and to sacrifice once again.
This is not an obligation we ask you to take lightly. Our future is at stake. Your church needs your help, your
congregation needs your help, we all need your help.

Please help.

Stephen C. Wilkinson, Chairman, Alleluia Centennial Capital Campaign
Dear Household of Christ s Church,

As a member of your Capital Campaign Committee, and a member of Christ Church since January 1970, I am
writing to encourage your consideration of our vestry s vision for our future. The committee is grateful for those
who have attended the focus groups, raised questions and offered helpful input.

Throughout the 38 years of making Las Vegas and Christ Church home, I ve earnestly prayed for our deep
spiritual transformation and have witnessed heroic accomplishments and faithful ministries, carried out year
after year by deeply committed members.

We ve been through some difficult and discouraging times. We ve lost some of our most faithful members to
newer congregations in their own neighborhoods. We ve lost some through disagreement with the direction
Christ Church seemed to be going. It is time for Christ Church to get its bearings and move forward in new
directions in order to attract and welcome new participants.

The plans for the proposed expansion of the organ and the building can be seen elsewhere and more details are

The feasibility study asked each of us to prayerfully assess our part in the future of Christ s Church in this place,
to prayerfully seek to be guided in going out on a limb, beyond our comfort zone, heroically and joyfully to give
back more of what God has given us.

How many times have we said, All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee? How
deeply have we understood it? How often do we reflect on the fact that even the ability and opportunity to
accumulate the comforts we enjoy are gifts of God s grace?

Ponder also two quotations from our historic past. If you attended Christ Church prior to 1996, you may recall
hearing, many times, these comforting and challenging words:

The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you.

And this-----

I said to the angel who stood at the portal of the year, Give me a light that I may go safely into
the unknown.

But the angel said to me, Go forth into the darkness and place your hand into the hand of
God. That will be better than a light, and safer than a known way.

Dear Household of Christ s Church, we stand at the portal of a new year, the next 100 years in the life of this
parish. Let us prayerfully put our hands into the hand of God, our loving Creator---who breathes into us the very
Breath of Life---and venture into an unknown opportunity for growth and deep, deep spiritual renewal
Resurrection! Amen.

                                       Midgene Spatz
                            Reaching For a Mighty Purpose

 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give
you hope and a future.
                                                                                                Jeremiah 29:11

 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called
according to His purpose.
                                                                                              Romans 8:28

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among your selves as you
follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus
                                                                                                 Romans 15:5

 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the
unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.
                                                                                            Ephesians 4:2-3

 If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship
with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the
same love, being one in spirit and purpose.
                                                                                                Philippians 2:1-2

 My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches
of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Jesus Christ, in whom
are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
                                                                                             Colossians 2:2-3

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
                                                                                          I Thessalonians 5:11

But encourage one another daily...
                                                                                                  Hebrews 3:13

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up
meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another
                                                                                      Hebrews 10:24-25

Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God
                                                                                                    I Peter 2:17
Church History
1907   Christ Church founded by Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Squires ( Mom and Pop ) & Chris Brown
1908   New church building was completed at Second and Carson Streets.
       The Rev. Harry G. Gray became first Vicar. Served 3 years
1909   Church Bell hung in the tower. First bell to ring from a church tower in Southern Nevada
1911   Railroad Strike Church was very inactive
1913   Church had no Priest for seven years
1918   World War I Church suffered greatly Services were sporadic
1924   Sunday Holy Communion service re-instated by The Rev. A.H. Haubert
1926   The Rev. Boyd Parker became the new Vicar
       Church organizations came back to life
1929   Former Rectory at 212 Carson Avenue became a meeting hall for the church
1937   The Rev. James Terry became the new Vicar
       Presiding Bishop, The Right Rev. Henry St. George Tucker 1ST to come to Las Vegas
1947   Christ Church became a Parish       The Church of Christ the King
       The Rev. Reginald G. Rosson became first Rector. Served 5 years
1951   The Rev. T. Malcolm Jones became second Rector. Served 4 years.
1953   One acre of land on Maryland Parkway donated to the church by Mrs. Jessie Hunt
1954   Parish membership reached 500+
       Church building downtown sold for $105,000
       Parish Hall constructed to be used for church services
1955   The Rev. T. Malcolm Jones murdered
       The Rev. Charles Hill became third Rector. Served 2 years
1957   The Rev. Charles Hill died of heart attack
       Sunday School wing constructed
1958   The Rev. Neville Tinker became fourth Rector. Served 1 year
1960   The Rev. Tally H. Jarrett, Jr. became fifth Rector. Served 10 years
1961   New church building and chapel construction began
1962   New church dedicated by Bishop Wright
       M.P. Moller Organ donated
       The Chapel of the Holy Family was completed
1963   Day School opened by Mrs. Mary Echols
1967   The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Michael Ramsey preached
1969   First year of the Lobster Fair
1970   The Rev. Karl E. Spatz became sixth Rector. Served for 26 years
1972   Mortgage burned at Maryland Parkway
1977   Christ Church offered a temporary home to the reformed Jewish congregation of Ner Tamid
1979   Intermediate school began under the direction of Dr. Herbert Smith
1980   Outreach Programs started Food Offerings, Prayer Services at State Prison
1992   South Property purchased for $800,000
1997   The Rev. B. Massey Gentry became seventh Rector. Served 9 years
2007   The Rev. Kent Belmore Jr. became eighth Rector. Currently serving
          100th Anniversary celebrated
Church History

1907   Church founded by Mom and Pop Squires and
       Chris Brown

1908   Church building completed at Second and Carson Streets

1909   Church Bell hung in tower. First bell to ring from a church tower in
       Southern Nevada

1954   Parish Hall constructed to be used for church
Church History
1957    Sunday School Wing constructed

1961    New church building and Chapel construction began

       Front Door of Church           Nave                  New Building

1962    M.P. Moller Organ donated    The Chapel of the Holy Family completed

1992    South Property purchased for $800,000
Scope of Needs-Points to Consider
        Installed in 1962 (46 years old)
        Limited in versatility (2 keyboards and 6 voices or sounds)
        Balcony is too small

Parish Hall
      More than 50 years old
      Serves as congregational meeting place
      Capacity is 1/3 of current congregation
      Patio is used only one or two times per year

      More than 50 years old
      Lack of freezer storage space
      Limited use results in limited Parish Hall use

Guild Room
      More than 50 years old
      Sub flooring is uneven
      Limited space

      Current ministries include:
         o Epicenter on the Parkway
         o Treasure House
         o Matthew s Closet
         o Family Promise

Endowment Fund
     Established in 1999
     Available funds to repair our church buildings
     Available to care for Christ Church well into the future

Diocesan Obligation
     $345,000 is owed to the Diocese
Scope of Needs-Proposed Plans
        New organ is extremely versatile (3 keyboards and 45 voices or sounds)
        Expanded balcony (1,040 sq. ft.) would allow room for new organ, larger choir and

Parish Hall
      Expanded Parish Hall would be approximately 6,050 sq. ft.
      Would hold entire congregation
      Would be big enough to allow other large events


        Expanded Kitchen would include area next to Patio and perhaps part of Patio
        Upgraded Kitchen would accommodate:
          o Catering Requirements
          o Large Scale Freezer and Cooler
          o Equipment to allow more wedding receptions
          o Suitable Workspace and Holding Area
          o Restaurant Oven

Guild Room

        Multi-purpose but must be upgraded to meet requirements of the Media Age
        Sub flooring must be replaced
        Expanded Guild Room would result in being more user friendly


        Future ministries would include:
           o Youth Programs
           o Support and Upgrade Epicenter, Treasure House,
              Matthew s Closet and Family Promise
           o New Service to our church community and entire

Endowment Fund

        Increase the Fund to $1 million in order to continue provided support for our church

Diocesan Obligation

        The debt must be paid
Estimated Costs
Organ                                                            $1,000,000
    Expansion of Balcony

Facilities Upgrade                                               $1,000,000
      Parish Hall Expansion
      Kitchen Expansion and Upgrade
      Guild Room Floor Replacement

Outreach                                                         $ 200,000
     Support & Upgrade Epicenter
     Upgrade Treasure House
     Support Matthew s Closet
     Support Family Promise
     New service to Christ Church community & entire community

Endowment Fund                                                   $ 350,000

Diocesan Obligation                                              $ 345,000

Capital Campaign Expenses
     Consultant s Fees                                           $ 101,500
     Campaign Materials                                          $   4,500
                       Unique Opportunity for Giving
                                   PLANING OUR GIFT

A capital campaign has certain features distinguishing it from annual giving:
   It is in response to a matter of Significant Need; therefore, taking place only when necessary.
   It invests its return in Permanent Properties.
   It seeks Larger Amounts of Money than a planned budget can meet.
   It schedules payments over a Longer Period of Time; donors select a giving plan convenient
   for them.
   It requires a Planned and Inspirational Effort; often involving gifts of annuities, real estate,
   trusts, IRA s, life insurance, securities or other assets. Through this, many individuals come to
   realize the joy of deepening their faith and commitment to the church.
   Campaign                      3 Years                                   5 Years
     Gift           Semi-                                    Semi-
    Amount         Annually     Quarterly     Monthly       Annually      Quarterly     Monthly
                   6 payments   12 payments   36 payments   10 payments   20 payments   60 payments
       $500,000       $83,333     $41,667       $13,889       $50,000         $25,000       $8,333
       $250,000       $41,667     $20,833        $6,944       $25,000         $12,500       $4,167
       $200,000       $33,333     $16,667        $5,556       $20,000         $10,000       $3,333
       $175,000       $29,167     $14,583        $4,861       $17,500          $8,750       $2,917
       $150,000       $25,000     $12,500        $4,167       $15,000          $7,500       $2,500
       $125,000       $20,833     $10,417        $3,472       $12,500          $6,250       $2,083
       $100,000       $16,667      $8,333        $2,778       $10,000          $5,000       $1,667
        $75,000       $12,500      $6,250        $2,083        $7,500          $3,750       $1,250
        $60,000       $10,000      $5,000        $1,667        $6,000          $3,000       $1,000
        $50,000        $8,333      $4,167        $1,389        $5,000          $2,500        $833
        $40,000        $6,667      $3,333        $1,111        $4,000          $2,000        $667
        $35,000        $5,833      $2,917          $972        $3,500          $1,750        $583
        $30,000        $5,000      $2,500          $833        $3,000          $1,500        $500
        $25,000        $4,167      $2,083          $694        $2,500          $1,250        $417
        $20,000        $3,333      $1,667          $556        $2,000          $1,000        $333
        $15,000        $2,500      $1,250          $417        $1,500           $750         $250
        $10,000        $1,667        $833          $278        $1,000           $500         $167
         $7,200        $1,200        $600          $200         $720            $360         $120
         $3,600          $600        $300          $100         $360            $180           $60
         $1,000          $167         $83           $28         $100              $50          $17

    And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices
        God is pleased.                                                 Hebrews 13:16
                                         THANK YOU
  Christ Church Episcopal
2000 South Maryland Parkway
    Las Vegas, NV 89104

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