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                         April 15, 2008 Meeting Report


The Interagency Sustainability Working (ISWG) Group held its 38th meeting on April 15,
2008. The working group is chaired by Matthew Gray of DOE’s Federal Energy
Management Program (FEMP). ISWG is composed of members representing 20 major
Federal departments and a number of independent agencies serving on the Interagency
Energy Management Task Force. The April 15th meeting was a meeting for Federal and
Non-Federal members. The next meeting will take place on June 12th, 2008, from 1:30
– 4:00 at the Department of the Interior.


Federal and non-Federal representatives provided updates on the sustainable design
activities taking place within their organization.

OFEE – Announced the upcoming Federal Environmental Symposia. This year there
will be two, one in the East and the other in the West. The East symposia will be held at
the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD from June 2-4; the West symposia will
be held in Big Sky, MT from June 17-19. Additionally, applications for the White House
Closing the Circle were greatly appreciated. A winner will be announced in the coming

Navy – A presentation was given at NAVFAC focused on going beyond green. The
goal is to look at issues such as green procurement and what additional steps can be
taken to go beyond being green. The Navy is also focusing on sustainability during
disaster recovery effort, using lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina.

Air Force – The agency has been aggressive with their sustainability workshops, with
ten scheduled throughout the remainder of the calendar year. Additionally, there has
been work done to create sustainability templates for buildings at specific locations.
The agency has been working with CERTA to develop a sustainability metric at the
Ventura County Navy Base.

DOI – Anyone who did not get the Implementation Plan handout from the previous
ISWG meeting should contact Catherine Cesnik. DOI is also working on check sheets
for new design and operation and maintenance, and welcomes participation from other
agencies that have created similar check sheets or are looking to create them.
ASHRAE – Currently working on training webcasts and a workshop, with GSA, to
examine ways to meet the goals set for in the Energy Independence and Security Act of

State Department – The agency is developing a memorandum of understanding with
DOE to perform Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC).

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) – Announced that acceptance of
entries for the “Beyond Green” awards will begin next month; SBIC would like to see
more entries from Federal agencies. Also, updates have been made to the high
performance green building curriculum.

HUD – Currently working on an Energy Savings Performance Contract. An ESCO has
been selected and now they are just waiting for an initial proposal.

HHS – Working on finalizing a tool for existing buildings which should be completed
within the next few weeks.

DOD – Working on DOD policy for sustainable design to integrate both Executive Order
13423 and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Also, DOD is working
on a sustainable building implementation plan and socialization of sustainable practices
within the agency to raise awareness.


   •	 A New Look For the Whole Building Design Guide – Earle Kennett (National
      Institute of Buildings Sciences)

   •	 Implementing Federal Energy Efficiency Standards – Vestal Tutterow and Nils
      Petermann (Alliance to Save Energy)

   •	 Introduction to GSA’s Office of High Performance Federal Green Buildings –
      Kevin Kampschroer (GSA)

   •	 The Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) – Joelle
      Michaels (Energy Information Administration)

   •	 High Performance and Sustainable Green Buildings Guidance – Matthew Gray
      (U.S. DOE Federal Energy Management Program)

All presentations will be attached to the meeting minutes.

ISWG Meeting Notes and Presentations

ISWG April 15 Meeting Report                                                          2
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A New Look For the Whole Building Design Guide

Earle Kennett (NIBS) provided a tour of the updated Whole Building Design Guide
website, found at The new site has improved graphics and a
more intuitive interface. The design guide is composed of copyrighted material from a
variety of other groups to create a comprehensive information source. A new
component to the website includes continuing education. Currently, there are four
courses up and running with four more planned. Work is also being done with GSA to
create a repository for all Federally funded research materials.

Implementing Federal Energy Efficiency Standards

Vestal Tutterow provided an overview of the new Federal requirements, success stories
from buildings recently completed, and awareness and implementation approaches at
agencies. Nils Petermann provided an assessment of emerging technologies. The
Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) was tasked to support the Federal Energy Management
Program (FEMP) in helping Federal agencies respond to EPACT 2005. Mr. Tutterow
provided an overview of the sources of the new Federal requirements and presented an
update on the recently completed buildings and how they fare against the new

Mr. Tutterow found that all subjects who were interviewed were aware of EPACT 2005
and the 30 percent below ASHRAE requirement. Some respondents questioned the
start date for the requirements and are waiting until FY09. Other concerns included
confusion about including plug loads, energy-intensive building compliance (hospitals
and labs) being able to comply, revisiting earlier designs, and when to begin addressing
the requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA). The
recommendations included improving education, providing plan language guidance,
tracking building energy performance, promoting emerging technologies, and
establishing a long-term demonstration program. Nils Petermann provided a brief
discussion about the importance of emerging technologies and the implementation
mechanisms that can be utilized such as ESPCs and UESCs.

ISWG April 15 Meeting Report                                                             3
Mr. Petermann discussed the DOE and DOD new technology initiatives which
demonstrate ways to establish agency-level teams that lead to technology validation
and implementation. Mr. Petermann provided recommendations which included the
establishment of an interagency coordinating team to provide consistency to Federal
efforts, disseminating project results, leveraging private sector funding and financing
mechanisms, and involving non-Federal stakeholders in implementation strategies.

Introduction to GSA’s Office of High Performance Federal Green Buildings

Kevin Kampschroer provided a description of the newly formed Office of High
Performance Federal Green Buildings at GSA. Mr. Kampschroer stated that the focus
will be on groups already in existence, such as the ISWG, and to work with them
accordingly. The goal is to not recreate the wheel but make the wheel better. There
needs to be work done to set standards more broadly. Mr. Kampschroer was asked
how he envisioned the cooperation between GSA and DOE and he answered stating
that he sees a close relationship utilizing DOE’s commercial buildings program but
adding another dimension to capture the process as a whole. Mr. Kampschroer stated
that the structure of the Office will be sketched out in June.

The Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS)

Joelle Michaels (DOE/Energy Information Administration) provided a presentation on
the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS). Ms. Michaels
provided an explanation of what CBECS is and a sample calculation. The CBECS data
collection is a two-phase process composed of a buildings survey and an energy
supplier’s survey. The 2007 CBECS is being conducted right now and should be
completed by the beginning of September 2008. Ms. Michaels provided a CBECS data
table and explained to the audience how to utilize the table to meet their needs.

High Performance and Sustainable Green Buildings Guidance

Matthew Gray (DOE/Federal Energy Management Program) provided a presentation on
the latest draft of the high performance and sustainable buildings guidance. Mr. Gray
began by thanking the ISWG members who contributed to the draft guidance. Mr. Gray
stated that the purpose of the guidance was to provide the guiding principles for existing
buildings and provide guidance in calculating an agency’s sustainable building
inventory. Executive Order 13423 authorizes the ISWG to develop guidance for
implementation. Mr. Gray provided a timeline for the draft guidance process which
included a target date of July for OMB/OFEE to issue official guidance to all Federal

Mr. Gray discussed the calculation methods for new construction and major
renovations, existing buildings, and leased buildings, as well as definitions for each.
The percent of building inventory determined sustainable is equal to the sustainable
building square footage divided by the total square footage of buildings leased and
owned above the agency’s capital asset threshold. Buildings that meet one of the
sustainable building definitions, but fall under the agency’s capital asset threshold, can

ISWG April 15 Meeting Report                                                            4
still be counted within the sustainable square footage. Mr. Gray noted that updated
crosswalks between the guiding principles and third-party green building rating systems
will be provided in subsequent resource documents.

Mr. Gray continued with a description of the major updates to the new construction
guiding principles including metering for natural gas and steam, storm water runoff,
solar hot water heaters, and water conservation technologies. The new existing
buildings guiding principles includes changes to commissioning, measurement of
energy efficiency, indoor/outdoor water usage, lighting controls, and indoor air quality.
The key issues currently being addressed include Energy Star not applying to all
building types, leasing language, definition of quantifiable metrics, and how to ensure
compliance with the guiding principles. Lastly, Mr. Gray noted ideas for additional
requirements which included electronics procurement, post-occupancy evaluations,
renewable energy, the purchase of Energy Star/Water Sense equipment, alternative
transportation, native vegetation, and reduction in the use of harmful chemicals. Many
recommendations were provided from the meeting participants, which will be
considered for integration into the next draft of the guidance.

Wrap Up

Mr. Gray thanked the attending members for their participation and announced that the
next meeting would be held on June 12th, 2008, from 1:30-4:00 at the Department of the

ISWG April 15 Meeting Report                                                           5

                                       APRIL 15, 2008


        Last                   First                      Email
      Arnold                Dana           
     Bindocci                Gay        
       Broad              Catherine      
     Campbell               David                David.Campbell@HHS.GOV
      Cesnik              Catherine   
    Claybaugh                Erin           
      Colker                Ryan            
     Connett                 Joe            
     Deutsch               Michael          
        Eng                William        
    Falzarano               Aaron       
    Flansburg                Rick         
      Glawe                 Diana     
       Gray               Matthew       
   Greenbaum               Sophia      
      Hartke                Jason             
   Houldsworth              Scott      
   Kampschroer              Kevin      
      Kennett               Earle             
      Loving                 Jim             
     McIntire              Donna           
      Merlino              Crystall       
     Michaels               Joelle     
      Nasseri               Cyrus       
      Paradis              Richard        
    Petermann                Nils           
      Pfister              Edward                 Edward.Pfister@HHS.GOV
    Rosenblum                Ian         
      Shaffer                Erin            
       Shaw                 Paula        
      Shindel                Cory            
      Stewart               Diane                  Diane.Stewart@HHS.GOV
       Talton              Dennis          
     Tutterow              Vestal            
     Weisman                Jacob      

ISWG April 15 Meeting Report                                                   6

       Last                First                  Email
       Atkin               Erica   
      Berlow              Cathy
     Carelock             James
   Farrar-Nagy             Sara
      Fowler               Kim   
     Freeman                Will
      Green               Bucky
    Halverson              Mark
     Johnson             Charles
   Kinn-Bennett           Alison
      Lintner               Will
      Lopez                Juan
      Lucas               Robert
      Matos              Barbara
       Miller            Edmund
      Morgan              Sandy    Sandy.Morgan@ARS.USDA.GOV
       Reilly              Judy
   Zimmerman              David

ISWG April 15 Meeting Report                                       7

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