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    UNCF An Evening of Stars®

 Honoring Floyd and Norma Young
         Friday, January 28, 2011
Tribute to Floyd and Norma Young
                 UNCF An Evening of Stars®

                       State Honorary Chair
                   The Honorable Beverly Perdue
                  Governor, State of North Carolina
                           Carlenia Ivory
                          Honorary Co-Chairs
               The Honorable Anthony and Samara Foxx
                    Drs. Robert and Gloria Albright
                              Barbara Alston
                            Patrick Banducci
                                P.J. Benton
                       Jeanne and Joyce Brayboy
                          Dr. Ronald L. Carter
                      Vivian and Julius Chambers
                  Malcolm and Georgette “Gigi” Dixon
                        Dr. Lewis and Pat Dowdy
                            Fran Farrer-Nash
                           Jacqueline G. Ford
                The Honorable Harvey and Cindy Gantt
                          William and Mary Gill
               The Honorable Malcolm and Kim Graham
            Keith Haywood and Dr. Marilyn Sutton-Haywood
                Drs. Jimmy and Faleese Moore Jenkins
                             Gerald Johnson
                     Dr. Clifford and Brenda Jones
                       Harry and Rebecca Jones
                      C. Ray and Cynthia Kennedy
                                Leon Kerry
                     Gilbert and Barbara Peacock
                         Dr. Gloria Randle Scott
                        Stoney and Tonya Sellars
                    Sterling and Beverly Spainhour
                        Geraldine Sumpter, Esq.
                         Eric and Susan Watson
                  The Honorable Mel and Eulada Watt
                  Richard “Stick” and Teresa Williams
                       Dr. Dorothy Cowser Yancy
                      Marilyn Baldwin Richards
                        Sandra G. Johnson
Tribute to Floyd and Norma Young
           UNCF An Evening of Stars®


                 Summa Cum Laude

                      FDY, Inc.
                 Sysco Food Service

                  Magna Cum Laude

                HMSHost Corporation
             Johnson C. Smith University

                     Cum Laude

             Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc.
               Gourmet Services, Inc.


                      Food Lion
         Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
               Jeanne and Joyce Brayboy
        C. Ray and Cynthia Kennedy Foundation

On behalf of the state of North Carolina, it is a pleasure to offer warm greetings to everyone
attending UNCF’s An Evening of Stars® Tribute, in honor of Floyd and Norma Young. It is my
privilege to welcome you to this worthwhile event to benefit historically black colleges and
universities (HBCUs) in North Carolina and to join you in recognizing the Youngs and their
contributions to the city of Charlotte and beyond.

I am honored to serve as State Honorary Chair of the North Carolina UNCF campaign, which
brings together community, corporate and givernment agencies and organizations to raise
greatly needed funds for students. North Carolina is committed to ensuring that all of our
children leave school career or college-ready, and today’s efforts will go a long way to providing
resources for students to pursue a college education, regardless of circumstance.

Since 1865 when Shaw University opened its doors, North Carolina’s HBCUs have been a
source of pride and distinction. Graduates from these prestigious schools can be found in every
profession and are leaders in our communities and on the national stage. Your support is helping
to continue a tradition of excellence in education. Bob and I are so pleased to be a part of helping
UNCF make dreams come true.

Best wishes for health and happiness.


Bev Perdue
State of North Carolina

On behalf of the superb UNCF Tribute Leadership Committee, it is a pleasure to welcome you to
UNCF’s An Evening of Stars® Tribute honoring our wonderful friends Floyd and Norma Young, own-
ers of FDY, Inc. Thank you for sharing our commitment of supporting UNCF and its 39-member

Our youth deserve a chance to develop their creativity, realize their potential and make a difference.
They hold the solutions to our community’s challenges. UNCF helps provide the environment that
will encourage the minds of deserving young people through a challenging academic experience that
will create the launch pad to their success. UNCF students will emerge well prepared to be valued
leaders in all fields of endeavor.

Your generous support helps to provide opportunities to many who might not otherwise have them.
Thank you for believing in UNCF and the futures of those you will aid tonight. Their achievements will
make global impacts that will be recognized in numerous communities for decades to come.

Again, on behalf of UNCF’s Tribute Leadership Committee, welcome, and we are glad you are here.
With your participation, you help move a college education from mere hope to an achievement.

Kind regards,

Carlenia Ivory
UNCF An Evening of Stars® Tribute
Leadership Committee

On behalf of the UNCF, our 39-member colleges and universities, and the more than 3,500 students
from North Carolina who are attending UNCF schools and/or receiving UNCF support, welcome to
UNCF’s An Evening of Stars® Tribute honoring Floyd and Norma Young. They are two of the absolute
best people I know, and certainly they are two of the most humble and generous souls on this earth!

Your presence this evening demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that our member institutions are
able to provide a quality education and that deserving talented young people like Kneisha Gabriel, have
an opportunity to achieve their dreams of a college education.

With the support of corporations, foundations and individuals like all of you here tonight, many of our
students have become today’s leaders in business, education, medicine, government and many other
areas that affect all of our lives each day.

To all of our kind and generous sponsors and community partners, thank you for your commitment to
UNCF and tonight’s event! A heartfelt thanks to Gov. Beverly Perdue, our state honorary chair, and all
of our honorary co-chairs for leading and serving as ambassadors for UNCF.

Tonight’s event would not be what it is without the leadership of our chair, Carlenia Ivory, and UNCF’s
Tribute Leadership Committee as well as our entire cadre of committed volunteers. Together, your en-
ergy, vision and strategic leadership continues to move UNCF successfully forward to meet the challenge
of educating future leaders.

Continue to believe “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,”® and because of that belief, continue to sup-
port UNCF. Thank you, and enjoy the evening!


Marilyn Baldwin Richards
Area Development Director
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Tribute to Floyd and Norma Young
                      UNCF An Evening of Stars®

                       MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES
                                     Christine Nelson
                                 Anchor, WBTV Morning News

                               MUSIC SELECTION
                                Lift Every Voice and Sing

                                       Carlenia Ivory
                           Chair, UNCF An Evening Of Stars® Tribute

                                   Dr. Ronald L. Carter
                            President, Johnson C. Smith University

                                  Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins
                                 President, Livingstone College

                                 Norman A. Mitchell, Sr.
                        Chair, Charlotte Area UNCF Leadership Council

                                Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Sr.
                     Senior Minister, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

                              Kobi Kennedy-Brinson, Esq.
                         President, Charlotte Chapter, Girl Friends, Inc.

                                The Honorable Mel Watt
    12th Congressional District, North Carolina Representative, U.S. House of Representatives

                             The Video Tribute
                            THE PROCLAMATIONS
                             The Honorable Anthony Foxx
                                    Mayor, City of Charlotte

                                     Jennifer Roberts
                          Chair, Mecklenburg County Commissioners
Tribute to Floyd and Norma Young
                     UNCF An Evening of Stars®

                           PROGRAM                     cont’d
                         Budd D. Berro and David Belton
         Office of The Honorable Beverly Perdue, Governor, State of North Carolina

                       Kneisha Gabriel and Carlenia Ivory

                              Dr. Gloria Randle Scott
                      Former President, Bennett College For Women

                             Nathaniel R. Goldston, III
                        Chairman and CEO, Gourmet Services, Inc.

                                  Fred Formichella
                   Senior Vice President, Southern Region, Sodexo, Inc.

                       SPECIAL PRESENTATION
                             Marilyn Baldwin Richards
                            Area Development Director, UNCF

                            CLOSING REMARKS

                Reception in Grimes Lounge
            Immediately following program to greet and congratulate the Youngs

                                  Bea Thompson
                      News and Public Affairs Director, WBAV 101.9

                          CHAMPAGNE TOAST
                             Keith Haywood

                              The Bill Cummings Trio
Tribute to Floyd and Norma Young
         UNCF An Evening of Stars®
            Tribute to Floyd and Norma Young
                                            UNCF An Evening of Stars®

                                              FLOYD AND NORMA YOUNG

          loyd D. Young, Jr., serves as president and chief       Norma R. Young is currently the vice president of FDY, Inc.,
          executive officer of FDY, Inc. Founded in 1982, FDY     and acts as an advisor to the president regarding matters of
          represents Mr. Young’s commitments to enhance           strategic planning, client satisfaction, employee relations,
          the quality of life for others through gainful          policies and procedures, financial accountability and company
employment opportunities and to increase the bar for quality      stability. Since the founding of FDY in 1982, her mission has
food service. To date, FDY has served an impressive list of       been to strengthen the organization by creating a warm and
colleges, universities and corporations and has constantly        inviting workplace environment, built upon a framework of
been recognized for providing sustained employment                respect for each employee, responsible business practices
opportunities for hundreds of associates annually.                and customer service as a priority.

Prior to founding FDY, Mr. Young served as a founding             Mrs. Young has over 30 years of experience in financial
member and vice president for Gourmet Services, where             accounting. Prior to the founding of FDY, she worked with
he directed food services, personnel and purchasing. His          North Carolina National Bank (NCNB). After leaving NCNB,
professional experience also includes district manager            Norma joined the executive management staff at Friendship
at Catering Management, Inc., director of food services           Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. During her
at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC, and food         employment at Friendship, she became a founding board
service instructor at Indiana Vocational Technical College.       member of the church’s credit union, presently known as
                                                                  Legacy Federal Credit Union.
Originally from Brenham, TX, Mr. Young has an associate’s
degree in industrial education from Prairie View A&M              Mrs. Young has held numerous memberships and has made
University, a certificate of vocational license from Indiana      major contributions to several different associations including
State University and has completed advanced studies in            The Friends of the Arts, Inc., The Afro-American Cultural
foodservice, hospitality and advanced safety and sanitation,      Center, UNCF, NAFEO, Johnson C. Smith University Capital
and the Tuck’s Minority Business Executive Education              Campaigns and Scholarship Funds, North Carolina Central
Program for Building a High-Performing Minority Business.         University Foundation and the Thurgood Marshall Foundation.
                                                                  Currently, she is actively involved in The Girlfriends, Inc. She
Mr. Young has affiliations with various organizations including   and her husband have also served as guardian for a number
the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Food Service Executive         of students at Johnson C. Smith University.
Association of Charlotte, North Carolina Restaurant
Association, Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Council      Mrs. Young attended Central State Universary in Wilberforce,
and the North Carolina Institute for Minority Business. Floyd     OH, Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN, and Central
Young’s philanthropy includes scholarships and financial          Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC.
contributions to organizations such as the Thurgood Marshall
Foundation, National Association for Equal Opportunity in
Higher Education (NAFEO) and UNCF. He has also been the
recipient of numerous honors and awards.
Tribute to Floyd and Norma Young
         UNCF An Evening of Stars®


                    All Donors
                 All Supporters
                  All Volunteers
                 Margaret Davis
                    Stan Ervin
                 Chacara Evans
                     FDY, Inc.
         Foster’s Frame and Art Gallery
                 Keith Haywood
                 Najla Haywood
                 Keith Holcomb
                  Carlenia Ivory
                   Ora Jackson
                Corliss Johnson
              Marguerita Johnson
          Johnson C. Smith University
                   Ken Koontz
               Michael Meadows
                Christine Nelson
                    Liz Sboro
              Sysco Food Service
                 John Strayhorn
            The Bill Cummings Trio
                   WBAV 101.9
                 Jewel Williston
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                                     Please make checks payable to UNCF. Contributions are tax deductible according to applicable federal tax laws.
                                         NAME ________________________________________________________________________________________
UNCF-Member                                          UNCF—the United Negro College Fund—is the nation’s largest and most ef-
                                                     fective minority education organization.
Allen University Columbia, SC                        UNCF lives up to the ideal expressed in its universally recognized motto—A mind
Benedict College Columbia, SC                        is a terrible thing to waste®—by enabling more than 60,000 students each year
Bennett College Greensboro, NC
                                                     to attend college and get the education they need to launch their careers and
Bethune-Cookman University Daytona Beach, FL
Claflin University Orangeburg, SC
                                                     contribute to their communities.
Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, GA
Dillard University New Orleans, LA                   UNCF helps increase minority degree attainment by:
Edward Waters College Jacksonville, FL

                                                         Administering more than 400 scholarship and internship
Fisk University Nashville, TN
Florida Memorial University Miami, FL
Huston-Tillotson University Austin, TX                   programs, so students from low- and moderate-income families can afford col-
Interdenominational Theological Center Atlanta, GA       lege tuition, books and room and board;
Jarvis Christian College Hawkins, TX
Johnson C. Smith University Charlotte, NC
Lane College Jackson, TN
                                                     •   Providing operating funds for its 39 member colleges,
LeMoyne-Owen College Memphis, TN                         making it possible for them to offer their students 21st century academic
Livingstone College Salisbury, NC                        programs in a small-college environment and still keep their average tuition
Miles College Birmingham, AL                             to less than half the average of other private colleges;
Morehouse College Atlanta, GA

                                                         Serving as a national advocate for the importance of mi-
Morris College Sumter, SC
Oakwood University Huntsville, AL
Paine College Augusta, GA                                nority education by representing the public policy interests of its students
Paul Quinn College Dallas, TX                            and member colleges in Washington; in newspapers and on radio, TV and the
Philander Smith College Little Rock, AR
                                                         Web; and through the annual national broadcast of An Evening of Stars®, the
Rust College Holly Springs, MS
                                                         UNCF annual televised celebration of excellence in education and entertainment.
Saint Augustine’s College Raleigh, NC
Saint Paul’s College Lawrenceville, VA
Shaw University Raleigh, NC                          Although the historically black colleges and universities that belong to UNCF
Spelman College Atlanta, GA                          offer students the small-college experience, they have made major contributions
Stillman College Tuscaloosa, AL
                                                     to the communities in which their graduates live and raise their families and to
Talladega College Talladega, AL
Texas College Tyler, TX
                                                     the nation as a whole.
Tougaloo College Tougaloo, MS
Tuskegee University Tuskegee, AL                     UNCF Schools Dominate U.S. News & World Report Rankings
Virginia Union University Richmond, VA
                                                     In 2007, U.S. News & World Report published its first-ever ranking of black colleges
Voorhees College Denmark, SC
Wilberforce University Wilberforce, OH
                                                     and universities. UNCF-member colleges occupy eight of the top 10 places in U.S.
Wiley College Marshall, TX                           News’ 2008 “America’s Best Black Colleges” rankings and 14 of the top 25.
Xavier University New Orleans, LA
                Thank You.
           When you invest in a
     student by contributing to UNCF,
you make an investment in America’s future.

                  119 East 7th Street    T  704 377 8625
                  Suite 1B               F  704 377 4612
                  Charlotte, NC  28202   ncinfo@uncf.org

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