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Hospital-Acquired Infections: Diagnostic Markets and
Testing Developments, Treatments, Key Competitors
and Trends


A hospital-acquired infection (HAI)is a new infection that develops in a
patient during hospitalization. It is usually defined as an infection that is
identified at least forty-eight to seventy-two hours following admission, so
infections incubating, but not clinically apparent, at admission are excluded.
This type of infection is also known as a nosocomial infection (or more
generically healthcare-associated infections).

The following market data is provided in this report:

Market for HAI Diagnostics

Forecast for HAI Diagnostics to 2015

HAI Tests on the Market

Market for Diagnostics by Infection Type (C. Diff., MRSA, Pneumonia,

Molecular HAI Market vs. Conventional HAI Market, Present and in 2015

Geographic Breakdown of Testing (U.S., Europe, Asia, ROW)

New Hospital Infection Product Testing Products in the Market

Company Profiles

Treatment Products on the Market, HAI Antibiotic market Size and Forecast

 Both diagnostics and treatment segments have unique circumstances for
growth which are discussed in detail in the report. Worldwide, both segments
combined are worth more than $9 billion for 2010 with 2015 sales expected to
reach $10.3 billion. The market has shown an increase of 3% annually with
sales increasing from $7.9 billion in 2005. Although the treatment segment
will continue to struggle to maintain growth, the testing segment will offset
declines beginning in 2012.

 This report primarily focuses on bacterial nosocomial infections with some
mention of viral infections. The major consideration is given to bacterial
nosocomial infections because a) they are the most frequent type of infections
spread in the hospital setting, and b) the practical aspects of diagnosis and
therapy are more meaningful based both on medical considerations and on
market considerations.

Some of the issues discussed in this report include:

Development of Potential Life-Saving Products

Development of Fast Testing Systems

Growing Drug Resistance

Development of Better Pharmacodiagnostics
Market Opportunity and Growth Rates Expected in Diagnostics versus

Hospital Procedures for Use of Testing and Antibiotics

Attention to Special Population Issues

 Market analysis in this report considers primarily the epidemiological
considerations and the size of patient groups both in the United States and
globally, where available. We have accumulated the most recent data
available, understanding that virtually no organization does extensive
studies on these applications on a regular basis. Many studies are highly
localized and may only apply to a community, state or country (more often
countries that are not a part of the major markets for nosocomial diagnostic
and therapeutic products). In many instances, we have had to draw from
broader epidemiologic data, that is, on data that reach outside of the hospital
environment in order to try and construct a picture of the nosocomial testing
and treatment needs.

Table of Contents :



Infection Control Summary

Scope and Methodology

Total Size and Growth of the Market

Issues and Trends Affecting Market
Molecular Testing vs. Conventional Testing

Leading Competitors



Introduction to Pathogens

Classification of Antibacterial Organisms

Common Hospital (nosocomial) Infections

Description of Infections

Acinetobacter Baumannii

Clostridium Difficile


Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia (HAP)

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

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