; This is quite literally a new chapter for the janitorial
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This is quite literally a new chapter for the janitorial


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									An Employee-Owned Company                                                                            Volume 25 November 2008

 The Latest Word on Cleaning Green
                                                                                              “We live, eat and breathe green
                                                                                           cleaning. We’re really passionate about
                                                                                           the subject,” said Ashkin. “However,
                                                                                           for most facility managers, cleaning
                                                                                           is just one of the dozens of things
                                                                                           they are responsible for. Because it’s
                                                                                           not necessarily their top priority,
                                                                                           we have to make it easy for them
                                                                                           to do. This book isn’t just a primer,
                                                                                           philosophy or a bunch of good ideas.
                                                                                           It provides a lot of really practical tools
                                                                                           facility professionals can use to help
                                                                                           implement green cleaning practices.”
                                                                                              The goal is to have the new book
                                                                                           incorporated into IFMA’s sustainability
                                                                                           educational track, with classes being
                                                                                           offered that utilize the book for course
                                                                                           material and
 FBG staff at IFMA’s World Workplace (from top left): Scott Hess, Barbara luna,            continuing
 Darrin Hay, Bernie tobin and terri Gogetap.                                               education units        This is quite
                                                                                           being awarded.
   Among the multitude of new ideas            volumes of information, an appendix         Because the           literally a
 introduced at the October IFMA                with practical green cleaning tools and     cleaning process
                                                                                           is continually
                                                                                                                 new chapter
 (International Facility Management            a collection of case studies from leading
 Association) World Workplace                  industry providers, whichincluding FBG.     evolving, the         for the
 Conference and Expo in Dallas, perhaps                                                    foundation
 most the exciting was a new book
                                                 Ashkin, president of The Ashkin
                                               Group, is a 27-year industry veteran and
                                                                                           also plans to         janitorial
                                                                                           provide annual
 sponsored by the IFMA Foundation
 entitled The Business of Green
                                               leading expert in the field of commercial
                                                                                           updates to the        maintenance
                                               green cleaning. A founding member
 Cleaning. Maybe because FBG is in it.         of the Presidential Green Chemistry
                                                                                           book. It is an
                                                                                           equally valuable
   Authored by noted industry experts          Challenge Awards Program and past
 Stephen Ashkin and David Holly, The           judge of the White House Closing the
                                                                                           for distributors and manufacturers
 Business of Green Cleaning was                Circle Awards, he’s also a recipient of
                                                                                           interested in starting a comprehensive
 developed as a “how-to” guide for facility    the 2006 Children’s Environmental
                                                                                           program for the built environment.
 managers implementing green cleaning          Health Excellence Award from the U.S.
 programs. The new book features               Environmental Protection Agency.                               continued on page 2

   InsIde             Page 2
                      ESOP News
                                              Page 4
                                              IFMA golf
                                                                    Page 5
                                                                    A Maintenance
                                                                                           Page 6
                                                                                                                    Page 8
                                                                                                                    Music Review
 SpOtlitE             Page 3                  tournament            Thank You!             Page 7
                      Donohue Retires         Green Holidays         Pennsylvania Kudos    From the Mailbag

                                         FBG is a national building maintenance company.
                                     esOP neWs
                                     by Terri Gogetap, CBSE, President
                                       As we close October’s Employee Ownership month
                                     we enter November, the month of Thanksgiving. At this
                                     time, I would like to thank all of our employee owners
                                     who make a significant contribution each day to the
                                     success of our company.
                                       As you read through the Spotlite every month, there is
                                     evidence of the pride of ownership so many individuals
                                     display. From finding personal belongings at an
                                     account and handing them into security to helping out
                                     an employee in need. I’m proud to be part of a company
                                     where ethics and integrity play a pivotal role.
      This is part of what our Employee Owner Committee will be calling upon as
    they begin to organize. There will be 12 active members that represent employees
    throughout the company. Over the next two or three issues, we will introduce (in no
    particular order) the committee members to you. Again, thank you EOC volunteers!

    Judy HOLLInGer
                                    Judy Hollinger is representing the corporate office. She
                                   works in the accounting department and expertly handles            The Latest Word on Cleaning Green
                                   all payroll. Thanks to Judy, we get paid accurately and            continued from page 1
                                   on time! Judy has been very supportive over the years
                                   whenever we have fund raisers (she is our contact for the
                                                                                                         “This is quite literally a new chapter
                                   Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo memberships) and many
                                                                                                      for the janitorial maintenance
                                   other corporate/Omaha events. Judy will bring 13 years of
    experience with FBG to the group. Thank you for volunteering once again Judy!                     industry.” FBG President Terri
                                                                                                      Gogetap said upon receiving a
                                                                            TArA sTALey               signed copy of the new book. “We’re
     Tara Staley is representing NSC (NetWork Services, Inc.) an LLC formed between FBG               honored to be included in such a
    and Varsity Contractors to provide facility maintenance service to all Qwest facilities across    landmark publication as this. Steve
    14 states. NSC is housed in the FBG corporate offices in Omaha. Tara came to us from the          has been a friend and colleague
    healthcare industry and has been with the company since                                           for years and FBG applauds him
    2006. In addition to being a Customer Support Specialist,                                         for his many contributions to
    she handles Accounts Payable for waste services. With the                                         our industry.” Gogetap added,
    amount of hauls we do every week, this is no small task.
                                                                                                      “We’d also like to thank Steve,
    Tara is the proud mother of a 16-year old boy who is now
                                                                                                      and IFMA, for recognizing the
    driving, and she doesn’t worry, “he’s a good driver,” she said.
    Thank you for volunteering Tara!                                                                  efforts of so many here at FBG.”

                                                                                                        This book won’t be the last word on
    BreT L. HennInG
                                                                                                      environmental issues in the workplace.
     Bret represents the Lincoln Branch office and comes to FBG with over 20 years of                 Underscoring the importance of going
    experience in the building service industry. He’s been with us just over two years and came
                                                                                                      green, 2008 marked the second year
    to us from Colorado, which he visits every chance he gets. He is Lincoln’s employee trainer
                                                                                                      the IFMA tradeshow featured an
                                        which covers all of Western Nebraska. He has serviced
                                        almost every one of our accounts in that area giving him      exclusive “Green Zone” for exhibitors
                                        a lot of contact with our employee base. This makes him       focused on sustainable practices.
                                        a perfect candidate for the committee. In his spare time,     Bestseller list, here we come! ■
                                        he collects rocks and coins, likes to go fishing and does a
                                        little gold prospecting as well. Thank you Bret for joining
                                        our Employee Ownership Committee (EOC)!

                                                                                       united Way Winner
                                                                                         Another successful United Way of the
                                                                                       Midlands Campaign has come to a close
                                                                                       and this year we exceeded the 2007
                                                                                       contributions by several hundred dollars
                                                                                       and raised $4,613.
                                                                                          From the contribution cards we
                                                                                       collected, we held a drawing for a $50
                                                                                       target gift card on the last day of the
                                                                                       fundraiser. pat McGrath (right) from
                                                                                       Accounting (payroll and dispatch for
                                                                                       Alliant Energy and level 3) drew the card
                                                                                       and DJ Van Nurden (Accounts Receivable)
                                                                                       was the lucky winner.
                                                                                         Apparently DJ is no stranger to winning
                                                                                       things, she’s pretty good at contests and
                                                                                       has been a winner many times before.
                                                                                       When her name was drawn, no one was
                                                                                       terribly surprised! Congratulations DJ and
                                                                                       thank you for your contribution to United
                                               Tom Montgomery, Mississippi River
Tom donohue                                  Regional Manager said, “He was the
                                                                                         thank you to everyone who made a
retirement Party                             best boss I’ve ever had. He has a sense
                                                                                       contribution. this will make an impact
                                             of urgency, he’s always to the point,
  Surprise! Tom arrives to the party with                                              on services that help people with the
                                             funny and very caring. He did a great
granddaughter Tessa and she looks more                                                 key ingredients for a good life: a solid
                                             job of taking care of our customers
surprised than he does!                                                                education, stable income and good
                                             and his employees.”
                                                                                       health. And, thank you especially to
   Now that Tom has retired, things are a
                                                Randy Zornes, Mountain States          Dawn Cunningham who handled all the
little quieter in the Omaha office. After
                                             Regional Manager, said, “One of the       accounting details and paper work. ■
15 years as COO of our janitorial division
                                             most important things I learned from
(aka Building Maintenance Services),
                                             Tom is, labor, labor, labor! And, he
Tom is now enjoying life playing golf and
                                             always said that gross margin is a good
racquetball, and practicing yoga, but
                                             disciplinarian. By managing our labor
mostly spending as much time as possible
                                             costs, we know that we are giving the
with his grandkids.
                                             customer what we promised as well as
  He and wife Linda have two daughters       our employee owners. Thanks Tom, now
and four grandchildren: Tessa, Blake,        go have fun on the links, and I know, I
Jaron and Noah.                              still owe you a round!
  Some of the managers who were not            Thank you Tom from all of us for the
able to be at the Sunday soiree wanted to    many contributions you made to our
add a few words to Tom here:                 success, we will miss you! ■

   dear Vendors, Please Help us reduce!
    speaking of dJ. . . in our continuing efforts to be as green as possible, she invites all our vendors
   and customers to use our Electronic transfer System for Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable.
   to get started, please call her at (409) 595-5029 or email her at dvannurden@fbgservices.com. ■ ■

                                                                                             IFMA utilities
                                                                                             Council Meeting &
                                                                                             Golf Tournament
                                                                                               The IFMA Utilities Council meets
                                                                                             twice a year to provide facility
                                                                                             managers with current information
                                                                                             on the utilities industry. This includes
                                                                                             benchmarking, LEED, space planning
                                                                                             and industry trends.
                                                                                               Each year, the Council also sponsors
                                                                                             the Doug Underwood/Utilities Council
                                                                                             Golf Tournament (a fundraiser that
                                                                                             raises scholarship money through
                                                                                             the IFMA Foundation). This year the
                                                                                             council awarded two scholarships
                                                                                             for $5,000 each to two facility
                                                                                             management students.
                                                                                               Pictured are the IFMA Utilities
                                                                                             Council golf tournament organizers and
                                                                                             players, Scott Hess, FBG, Tournament
    Greening the Holidays! from sierraclub.com                                               co-organizer; Terry Shields, Alliant Energy
                                                                                             (donning the knickers that were given to
    MAKe yOur OWn WrAPPInG PAPer.                                                            him as a gift for serving as the Council
    Most mass-produced wrapping paper you find in stores is not recyclable and ends          President for the last two years); and Rick
    up in landfills. Instead, here’s a great chance to get creative! Wrap presents with      Bond, Embarq, Council Treasurer. ■
    old maps, the comics section of a newspaper, or children’s artwork. If every family
    wrapped just three gifts this way, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000
    football fields.                                                                         PerFeCT sCOre
    sTOCKInG sTuFFers: TesT yOur eCO-KnOWLedGe.                                              From: Lisa La Rosa,
      Do you have a family member who loves the outdoors? Stuff their stockings with               Fairview Health Services,
    Sierra Club Knowledge Cards, which come in a variety of outdoor themes ranging                 Minneapolis, MN
    from survival skills to baby animals. Another great stocking stuffer is “guilt-free”     To:      Tina Ericson,
    chocolate! Give the gift of organic, fair-trade chocolate and you can eat your way to             FBG Branch Manager
    a better planet.                                                                                  Herbert Portillo,
                                                                                                      FBG Area Manager
    Add OrGAnIC & LOCAL FOOds TO yOur HOLIdAy FeAsT.
                                                                                             Subject: Quarterly Customer Critique
      Support local family farmers who grow sustainable meat and produce. Not                        Received a Perfect Score of 50!
    only does it taste better, you’ll be doing your part for the planet too. Looking for
    an organic turkey or ham for Christmas dinner? Find out where to get local green
    products in your neighborhood.                                                              Comments : I truly believe in your
                                                                                             company and the services you provide.
    dO A “COOL HOMe” TOur WITH Our enerGy-sAVInG                                             When I had to ask for an additional service
    CHeCKLIsT.                                                                               I was worried that it may not be received
       Take a pledge this New Years’ to reduce your home energy use by buying energy-        well, but you responded so willingly!
    efficient light bulbs. Installing only 6 compact fluorescent light bulbs will save the     I really appreciated that because we just
    average American family $60 per year. You can also use our handy “Cool Homes”            want to have good customer service, good
    checklist to see what easy things you can do in your home to save energy. If there’s     communication and good employees. You
    a fire in your fireplace this Christmas, turn down that thermostat! Lowering the         have managed to successfully capture all
    temperature even five degrees can take 10% off your energy bill. Check out a             three. We thank you! ■
    complete list of energy-saving tips at sierraclub.com. ■

Thank you
Maintenance Men!
By John Vaida,
FBG Corporate Asset Manager
   When you walk into a dark room and
flip the light switch, you expect the lights
to come on. When you go to wash your
hands and turn the faucet on, you expect
water to come out. Most of us take these
sorts of things for granted, like we do so
many other things as we proceed with
our day-to-day lives. The same is true for
our buildings, the equipment we use and
the vehicles we drive. We expect them to
work properly and upon demand.
  This expectation and our very own
FBG maintenance personnel’s skills
and abilities are why I’m writing this         Alliant Team Gets Green Cleaning Training
thank you to them. They are constantly           FBG Regional Manager Rich Leiknes met with our Western Iowa vendors Robin
working on equipment and building              Andrews from White Glove and Tom Adams for Bob’s Janitorial Service. These
repairs, removing snow, changing light         vendors assist us in servicing all our Alliant Energy accounts and they came to Omaha
bulbs, maintaining vehicles, filling supply    to attend a hands-on green cleaning training class.
orders and doing laundry.                        Johnson Diversey Market Manager, Tom Vacek, is providing the healthy, high-
   Their work is done in the background        performance cleaning instructions to all our cleaning teams. From using Green Seal
as they keep our operations running            certified products and high filtration vacuums to the proper use of microfiber cloths, we
safely, smoothly and efficiently. They         bring a holistic approach to creating a safe and healthy environment for our employees
have scheduled projects and priorities         and our customers. ■
like everyone else and yet they are
asked to respond to daily requests that
impact our health, safety and service          Pennsylvania Kudos
delivery needs. As you can guess, it can          Jose Rivera was chosen as the
be demanding at times, but they do             Employee of the Month for his big
their work willingly and professionally.       help covering absences and helping
Personally, I work with a lot of vendors
                                               with translation. Jose has been with
and I can tell you, we have the best crew
                                               FBG since August of 2005. He started
in the industry.
                                               as a Cleaning Specialist, then moved
  Next time you run into Mike                  to a Scrubber Operator, and is now a
Mailander and Bobby Case (Omaha),
                                               Floor Care Specialist. He has become
Gerald McArtor (Lincoln), Roy
                                               an expert in cleaning at our CNH,
James (Colorado), or Whitey Boyer
                                               Mountville and Southco accounts.
(Davenport) please give them a big
                                               thank you very much, Jose, for all your
Thank You for their dedication and
excellent service. How about giving            flexibility and help!
them a High Five next time they help             Yudy Martinez Cardona was the
you out when you are in a bind? You are        winner of our monthly safety training
all awesome teammates on this FBG              drawing. Both received gift cards.
Team! Thanks Guys! ■                           Congratulations! ■

                      B i r th days                ( B y D at e )                     a N N ive r sari es                      ( B y Ye a r s of S e r v i c e )

     1 Robert Rush Corporate                15 Alice Claxton Omaha                   1 Rebecca Barnes Lincoln                Robert Smith Omaha
       Gary Stewart Corporate                  Luella Coty Omaha                       Warren Bigelow Cedar Rapids           Travis Steichen Cedar Rapids
                                               Clara Tello Omaha                       Vanly Chittarat Colorado - North      Richard Vela Omaha
    4 Gail Burroughs Omaha                     Rhonda Tooley Lincoln                   Samuel Cromer Jr. Corporate
      Donald Elmer Davenport                                                           Bessie Greer Davenport             5 Rodolfo Heredia Omaha
      Donald Jones Lincoln                  16 Rebecca Becerra Omaha                   Lucinda Greer Omaha                  Candelaria Lopez Omaha
                                               Viviana Legarda Colorado - South        Herbert Hall Omaha                   Nilda Luciano Davenport
    5 Kathleen Clark Corporate                 Ruben Moore Davenport                   William Jenkins Jr. Davenport
                                                                                                                          6 Glenn Bottrall Lincoln
                                                                                       Daniel Kirkendoll Lincoln
    6   Brenda Littfin Minnesota            17 Sherrie Hale Omaha                                                           Rudolfo Elep Colorado - South
                                                                                       Brenda Littfin Minnesota
                                               Floyd Nott Davenport                                                         Martin Robles Lincoln
    7   Tina Donatsch Davenport                                                        Silvia Orellana Minnesota
                                               Scott Schrader Lincoln
        Jutta Hutchins Colorado - South                                                Luis Martinez Cedar Rapids
                                                                                                                          7 Dennis Breuer Davenport
        Daniel Runyon Omaha                                                            Maria Medina Colorado - North
                                            19 Terry Carter Davenport                                                       Richard Hejtmanek Lincoln
                                                                                       Norberto Medina Colorado - North
                                               Enrique Castro Mariscal Omaha                                                Eleazor Ramirez Cedar Rapids
    8 Alma Bonilla Hidalgo Minnesota                                                   Jerry Rodden Cedar Rapids
                                               Heather Donatsch Davenport                                                   Wayne Underdahl Davenport
      Peggy Brittel Omaha                                                              Rachael Saben Lincoln
                                               Gale Gember Lincoln                                                          Sergio Villalpando Cedar Rapids
      Dawn Cunningham Corporate                                                        Darla Tolbert Omaha
      Paola Jimenez Colorado - South        20 Robert Bartek Colorado - South                                             8 Fernando Calderon Cedar Rapids
      Mitchell Kent Omaha                                                           2 Michael Austin Colorado - South
                                               David Cortez Omaha                                                           Norma Castillo Davenport
      Eulalia Lucas Sebastian De-                                                     Evelyn Myers Omaha
                                               Michael Dekeuninck Davenport                                                 Martha Luna Davenport
      Francisco Omaha                                                                 Michael Miller Davenport
                                               Violet Flaitz Omaha                                                          Jose Torres Cedar Rapids
      Maria Nunez Colorado - North                                                    Tara Staley Corporate
                                               Donna Guerra Colorado - North
      Ricardo Robles Lincoln                                                          Loreen Stogdill Des Moines          10 Oscar Bauch Lincoln
                                               Lloyd Reeves Omaha
      Laurie Skoglund Omaha                    Shannon Winchester Cedar Rapids                                               Corey Gancos Lincoln
                                                                                    3 Jason Mangen Omaha
      John Tranthem Colorado - South           Michael Wurth Corporate                                                       Daniel Schuchart Omaha
                                                                                      Michael Morley Omaha
      Antonia Trujillo Colorado - South
                                                                                      Donald Scott Omaha
                                            21 Reina Reyes Omaha
    9   John Wagner Jr Lincoln                 Katherine Winchester Cedar Rapids                                          12 Richard Leiknes Corporate
                                                                                    4 Thomas Asby Des Moines
    10 Ronald Beckwith Omaha                                                          Tammy Jones Colorado - South        14 Debra Boltz Lincoln
                                            22 Marcela Murillo Colorado - North
       Veronica Campa Omaha                                                           Larry Karlovsky Des Moines             Annie Crawford Omaha
                                               Jose Salazar Omaha
       Juana Diaz Davenport                                                           Lisa Miller Omaha                      Judy Griffin Omaha
                                               Shauna Vittek Colorado - North
       Ipun Dineen Colorado - South                                                   Juan Rodriguez Cedar Rapids
       Luis Martinez Cedar Rapids           23 Cynthia Jones Lincoln                                                      26 Earnestine Albert Omaha
       Guillermina Pickett Colorado-North      David Stranberg Lincoln
       Saveng Thammavong Colorado-North
       Elizith Zepeda Omaha                 24 Maria Cardosa Davenport
                                               Wayne Pence Lincoln

                                                                                              It’s Quotable:
    11 Susie Doscher Des Moines                Gale Williams Omaha
       Cindy Story Lincoln
                                            25 Eliezer Torres Cedar Rapids
    12 Michael Biernacki Colorado - South                                            A collection of thoughts for our spotlite readers.
       Clarence Hadley Omaha                26 Lucy Allen Omaha
       Lillie Harris Omaha                     Derrick Dorsey Omaha
       Barb Kunzman Lincoln                    Karl Peterson Des Moines                “As we express our
       Carlos Pastrana Bonilla Colorado-S      Kimberly Steen Des Moines
                                                                                    gratitude, we must never
       Geraldine Piper Des Moines
                                            27 Mary Berner Omaha                     forget that the highest
    13 John Burroughs Omaha                    Laura Miramontes Omaha
                                               Michelle Nelson Lincoln
                                                                                   appreciation is not to utter
       Robert Mcghee Omaha
                                                                                   words, but to live by them.”               “People forget how
    14 Laurencio Estrada Colorado -South    28 Patricia Almazan Colorado - South
                                                                                      —John Fitzgerald Kennedy              fast you did a job - but
       Albert Martenson Lincoln                Marc Pyron Cedar Rapids
       Jerry Rodden Cedar Rapids                                                                                              they remember how
                                            30 Ernesto Cardona Omaha
       Rande Wagner Davenport
                                               Nancy Niehaus Davenport                                                          well you did it.”
       Nora Winchester Cedar Rapids
                                               Kathlina Newport Lincoln                                                            —Howard Newton
                                               Clifford Payne Lincoln
                                               Jacqueline Scott Colorado - South
                                               Sergio Villalpando Cedar Rapids

                                             SOMETIMES IT MAKES SENSE TO INCluDE THE STRING OF
                                             KuDOS THAT ARE SHARED AbOuT GOOD DEEDS DONE. . .

                                             An Innotrac thread:                          Another Innotrac thread:

                                             From: Kimberly Malone-Milbrett               From: Danielle Hart
                                             To:      Heather Ortega                            Operations Manager/Account
                                                                                                Executive, Innotrac
                                               First of all, I wanted to thank you,
                                             again, for that call back. I’m happy to      To:      William Nichols
                                             have a job here. Glad to be working AND         My staff has expressed how very pleased
                                             so far I believe I’m doing well.             they are with the work Zach Padilla is doing
From: Scott Community College                   Secondly, I don’t know who to tell but    in the facility. He is very consistent with
      Careers Assistance Center              I think the bathrooms here are always        cleaning our area and is always engaged.
                                             SO clean and that is something worth         I was also here on Sunday, and he was
To:     Tom Montgomery
                                             complimenting. Who can I tell?               working very hard buffing the floors and
        FBG Regional Manager
                                                                                          cleaning the facility. Please pass this on to
        Tina Donatsch,                         Heather, this is the end of my second      his Supervisor. I know she occasionally visits
        FBG Area Manager                     week at Innotrac. I’ve been in Colorado      the center.
Subject: Quarterly Customer Critique         6 weeks already! Time sure flies... Have
         (QCC) Evaluation                    a great weekend, Kimberly Malone-            From: William Nichols,
                                             Milbrett (One of your happy recruits!)             Facilities Manager, Innotrac
  Dennis Ornelis consistently does an
awesome job. His attention to detail and                                                  To:      Randy Zornes,
                                             From: Heather Ortega
doing the little “extra” things is noticed                                                         FBG Regional Manager
                                                   Associate Recruiter
by all. ■
                                                                                          Subject: Commendation for Zach Padilla
                                             To:      Kimberly Malone-Milbrett
From: Dave Miller                                                                            I’m forwarding an e-mail I received from
                                               Thank you so much for acknowledging
                                                                                          one of our top Operation Managers. I
To:      Martina Ventova                     the clean bathrooms. I have cc’d their
                                                                                          also want to add my appreciation as well.
Subject: Thank You                           boss on this and I’m sure he’ll get the
                                                                                          Zach works very hard and is extremely
                                             message to our janitors. I too believe
I would like to extend a thank you to you                                                 polite to all those that he serves. He is
                                             you can tell a lot about a company by
and your personnel for going out of the                                                   a great reflection of your company and
                                             how clean the restrooms are. They work
normal schedule and cleaning the CQA                                                      I would like to nominate him for your
                                             hard and I’m sure they enjoy receiving
room last Thursday.                                                                       employee of the month. ■
                                             compliments like this.
We had a number of special guests on           I am so happy to have you here. You
Monday and part of their visit was a         are a great asset to Innotrac. Keep up the
review of equipment displayed in the         good work!
CQA room. Thanks to FBG, the floor                                                        thank you to all our
and the office area were cleaned well        From: William Nichols,
and it helped compliment our display for           Facilities Manager, Innotrac
                                                                                          customers who take the
our visitors.
                                             To:      Che Giuliano,                       time to write and let us
Once again, thanks to the cleaning crew               FBG Regional Manager
who did a good job cleaning the room                  Pueblo, CO
                                                                                          know you appreciate
last Thursday evening. ■                     Subject: Two Things                          the work being done by
From: Kellogg Lawn & Snow, Inc.
                                               Looks like having that 3rd person          our employees!
                                             to tidy up the bathrooms and the
To:     Peggy Watts, Alliant Energy          breakroom has not gone unnoticed.
        Newton Service Center                Kudos to Silvia and Zach, and Yolanda
                                             Banuelos! This is a very difficult time
  Thank you for such a nice job on
                                             of the year for them and they deserve
cleaning out the young trees and weeds
                                             our thanks. ■
growing in the bushes. Great Job! ■

                        Our Mission: provide Our Customers A Clean, Safe, And Healthy Environment

LIFe deATH LOVe And FreedOM                      record, Campbell takes tunes from the
                                                                                               by Rodger Stroup
                                                                                                     The opening begins with the title piece,
John Mellencamp                                  likes of Jackson Browne, Tom Petty, and           originally recorded by Louis Armstrong.
  Of the four themes Mellencamp lists in         John Lennon and makes them his own.               The magical mystery tour to LA is underway
the title, Love only gets one song out of the      The opening track, “Sing,” gets the             with Brian Wilson as your tour guide.
14 songs that make up his latest record.         album off to a great start, followed by               “Morning Beat” greets the day with a
“My Sweet Love” is the album’s catchiest         two Tom Petty songs, “Walls” and “Angel           “dodger blue sky,” and before too long,
tune, and the only one that comes                Dream,” that were written for the movie           Wilson begins his look back with “Forever
remotely close to his previous work.             “She’s the One.” U2, Green Day, The Foo           She’ll be My Surfer Girl,” an ode to the
   If you enjoy the happy go lucky tunes         Fighters, and The Replacements also get           first love that inspired one of the Beach
from Mellencamp’s past work, pick up the         the Glen Campbell treatment here.                 Boys’ early hits.
new record at your own risk. Mellencamp            I’ve always enjoyed Campbell’s pop                Following a reprise of the title piece,
has put together an earthy sounding,             records, and to hear him sound this great         Wilson gives the listener a quick glimpse
almost blues-like record here. I like it, but    this late in his career is inspiring.             into his world with “Going Home,” before
it’s dark, with several songs dealing with                                                         closing with a salute to his late brothers on
death and the general struggles of life. You     THAT LuCKy OLd sun                                “Southern California.”
won’t hear any of these songs in a Chevy         brian Wilson                                        Brian Wilson is an American treasure,
commercial.                                                                                        unrivaled as a pop songwriter. That Lucky
                                                    If you held any doubts about who was
                                                 the driving force behind the Beach Boys,          Old Sun will lift your spirits and warm
                                                 Brian Wilson’s new release should make            your soul. ■
Glen Campbell
                                                 it clear.
  A friend of mine called this the best
comeback record by anyone over 65. I’d             The songs blend together thanks to              How about you? i love reading what
say it’s one of the best come-back records       some beautiful musical arrangements               other people are listening to. Send me
from anyone of any age.                          and some spoken word pieces penned by             a list of your five favorite songs to
                                                 one of Wilson’s collaborators, Van Dyke           rstroup@fbgservices.com. i’ll print your
  When Campbell was making pop music             Parks. Calling this a pop-opera would not         lists as i get them in upcoming editions.
back in the 60’s, he was interpreting the        be a stretch.
songs of other writers. For his newest

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FBG sPotLite is a publication of FBG
Service Corporation, published for our
employee owners, customers and friends.

Wayne simmonds CbSE, Chairman
Terri Gogetap CbSE, President
Barbara Luna Editor

FBG sPotLite is printed on 30%
post-consumer waste recycled paper.

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