; Things are not always the way they seem
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Things are not always the way they seem


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									46 • The Monitor • March 9, 2006

Things are not always the way they seem
CHAP. (MAJ.) MARK JOHNSTON                                         couple to take the wife, but I gave him the cow                                             what they seem to be.
USASMA                                                             instead! Things are not always the way they seem!”                                             The Apostle Paul said, “All things work together
                                                                      In Elmer Bendiner’s book, The Fall of                                                    for the good of them that love God and who are
   There is a story of two traveling angels who                    Fortresses, the story is related about the airplane                                         called according to His purpose.”
spend a couple of nights in a small village.                       pilot of a B-17 Flying Fortress who tells of one                                               This Scripture points to the fact that God has a
   The first night they are reluctantly hosted by a                bombing run when enemy anti-aircraft guns hit his                                           plan for all those who love Him. Sometimes that
very wealthy man, who is also a very selfish and                   plane’s fuel tanks. Instead of exploding, a seeming                                         plan only becomes apparent as difficult circum-
greedy person. Instead of placing his guests in one                                             miracle occurred and the                                       stances drive us into blessings we would otherwise
of his mansion’s many bedrooms, he places them in                                                     B-17 was able to                                         miss. Sometimes we are forced to endure uncom-
the cold, damp basement where the heavenly vis-                                                          make it back to                                       fortable situations in order to realize a greater way
itors spend a sleepless night.                                                                            base      safely.                                    of life, which may be a better job, a higher calling, a
   Early in the morning, one of the                                                                        Later,      the                                     more stable relationship, or a deepening spirituality
angels repairs a hole in the wall of the                                                                     crew chief                                        that we eventually recognize as necessary to experi-
basement as the other angel watches.                                                                          reported                                         ence real joy and peace. Paul also wrote from a
   “What are you doing?” asks the                                                                             that     not                                     prison cell, “In all things give thanks!” In fact, most
younger angel. The older one                                                                                  one,     but                                     of Paul’s writings occurred while he was incarcerat-
replies, “Things are not always                                                                               e l e v e n                                      ed for the cause of Jesus Christ. While Paul may not
the way they seem!”                                                                                           s h e l l s                                      have understood the future impact he would make
   That following night, the                                                                                 entered the                                       on the entire world, writing as he did from the dark-
angels are hosted by a very                                                                                  volatile fuel                                     ened and damp cells of Rome, we today can grate-
poor couple who gracious-                                                                                    tanks, and                                        fully acknowledge that had not Paul willingly suf-
ly share everything they                                                                               all     of    them                                      fered the hardships of prison, generations of people
own. The next morn-                                                                                     remained unex-                                         would never have known the blessedness of the
ing, the angels meet                                                                                     ploded. As each                                       message of God’s Kingdom which Paul so fervently
the tearful couple who                                                                                  shell          was                                     lived and preached.
have discovered that                                                                                   opened and exam-                                           So now let us ask and look at the following hard
their only milking                                                                                    ined, no explosive                                       questions. How much are we willing to surrender to
cow has died. The                                                                               charge was found. Each                                         the assurance and guidance of God? Can we possi-
younger angel questions                                                                           was      a     harmless                                      bly look beyond the immediate hardships of our dif-
the older angel, saying, “Why                                                                     dummy. A note found                                          ficult circumstances and await the blessing that will
did you allow this couple to                                                              in the last shell, written in                                        come?
suffer after they did so much                                                                  Czech, said: “This is all                                          That’s what God promises to any who love and
for us?”                                                                                       we can do for you now.”                                         serve Him because His promises are never empty or
   Finally, the older angel explained; “I patched                                              The pilot and crew’s                                            void. His blessings will come. Even though we may
the hole in the wealthy man’s mansion because                                  expectation of disaster was a natural con-                                      not understand a situation we’re faced with, let’s
there was undiscovered treasure there, and his                                 sequence of being fired upon. However,                                          remember that God does understand. He will make
greed and selfishness won’t be rewarded. Then                                the message that was discovered fostered                                          sense of everything in His timing, and for that rea-
last night the angel of death came to this older                    the realization that sometimes things are not always                                       son we can thank Him for all things!

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