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Your guide to saving money and energy around the home


									Your guide to saving money
and energy around the home
The average household could save £250
by being more energy efficient around the home.
(Source: Energy Saving Trust)                     Why it pays
                                                  to save energy
                                                  Isn’t it great when you’re rewarded for doing your bit?
                                                  By saving energy in your home, you could save hundreds of pounds on
                                                  your energy bills. From small things like turning off lights to big changes
                                                  such as installing solar panels, there’s a lot you can do to save money and
                                                  reduce your energy consumption.

                                                  In the UK, we spend around £30 billion a year on heating, lighting and
                                                  using appliances in our homes. Over a quarter of our CO2 emissions in the
                                                  UK come from the energy we use in our households. So, with the threat of
                                                  global warming, it’s important we save energy in our homes.

                                                  All energy saving facts and figures are provided by the Energy Saving Trust,
                                                  and are current at the date of going to print, May 2010 and are based on a
                                                  typical 3 bedroom semi detached house and paying a gas price of 3.67p/
                                                  kWh and an electricity price of 12.5p/kWh.

                            rg  y with
                   Save ene
                                                  Hot spots
                                                  These symbols show where you can get the

               d e has re Gromit                  energy saving measures if you decide to
       This guillace and or                       give them a try:

       the Waf approval f nergy                            From most DIY stores
        seal ops on saving e
        top ti                                             From your local
                                                           water company

                                                           From npower

    Heating and hot water                              Keeping it warm and toasty
                                                       •   Turning down your thermostat by just 1°C could save
                                                           you around £50 a year and you may not even feel the
                                                           difference in temperature. Make sure though your home
                                                           is heated to the right temperature. Between 18 and 21
                                                           degrees centigrade is usually sufficient, however it may
                                                           need to be higher for the elderly or young children.
                                                       •   Closing your curtains at dusk reduces the heat escaping
                                                           through your windows.
                                                       •   Make sure heat coming from your radiators isn’t blocked
                                                           by large items of furniture.
    We all want to feel cosy in our homes.
                                                       •   Setting your hot water cylinder thermostat to
    But how can you stay warm without
                                                           60°C/140°F will make sure you don’t overheat your
    wasting energy and paying too much?                    water unnecessarily.
    Here are some simple tips on reducing                          •    Filling gaps under your skirting boards and
    your bills and energy use for heating                               between floorboards with mastic sealant
    and hot water.                                                      costs around £20 and could save you around
                                                                        £20 a year.
                                                                   •    Replacing your old boiler with a new high
    Talk to the experts                                                 efficiency condensing boiler and full set of
                                                                        heating controls could cut your bills by up to
                 For gas boiler servicing, repair or                    £225 a year. If everyone in the UK with gas or
                 installation, call npower hometeam.                    oil central heating switched to a high efficiency
                 Our expert team can also help with                     condensing boiler and full set of heating
                 anything from heating controls and                     controls, we’d save enough energy to heat
                 radiators to electrical appliances.                    nearly 1.7 million homes for a year.
                                                                   •    Regularly servicing your boiler will keep
    To find out more, call                                              it working efficiently, if you don’t want to
    0800 072 8601†                                                      replace it just yet. By having your boiler
                                                                        regularly serviced also helps to keep a check
    and quote npm5972
                                                                        on any safety issues that can arise with
    Lines are open Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm and                              boilers – old and new. It’s a bit like an MOT
    Sat 8am - 6pm                                                       for your boiler.

    or visit

    Did you know?                                                      How will you spend
                                                                       your savings?
    Us Brits say we are more likely to share
                                                                   Fitting the right controls to your central heating
    a bath or bed to save energy than                      system e.g installing a room thermostat could save you
    people in continental Europe.                          around £55 a year. That’s around the price of two tickets to
    (Source: Energy Saving Trust)                          a London show.

2                                                                                                                           3
    Energy efficient
                                                                       Brighter ideas for saving
    lighting                                                           • Turning off the lights when you leave a room will
                                                                         reduce your energy usage. In the UK, we waste around
                                                                         £85 million a year by leaving lights on unnecessarily.
                                                                       • Using lower wattage bulbs when you don’t need strong
                                                                         lights, such as when you’re reading, can also help lower
                                                                         energy waste – but be careful not to strain your eyes.
                                                                       • Replacing faulty bulbs and fittings will keep your
                                                                         lighting working efficiently and safely.
    Bright ways to save
                                                                       • Keeping your windows clean will make the most
    Light bulbs have come a long way since their invention               of natural daylight, and there is nothing nicer than
    in 1802. Energy saving light bulbs are a bright idea,                sunshine streaming in through your kitchen window.
    using up to 80% less electricity than standard bulbs               • Cleaning your lamp shades will make sure they can give
    and coming in a variety of attractive styles.                        the best light.

                                                                              Did you know?
                                                                              Energy saving light bulbs don’t take
                                                                              a long time to light up. Most bulbs
                                                                              take little more than a few seconds
                                                                              to warm up.
                                                                              (Source: Energy Saving Trust)
            Green electricity
            Switch to npower juice. juice supports the generation
            of clean, greener electricity in a very simple way.
            We estimate your electricity consumption throughout                                How will
            the year and feed the same amount of renewable
            electricity from renewable sources into the electricity                            you spend
            network. At the end of the year, we’ll check your annual                           your savings?
            consumption data and ensure the correct amount of
            renewable electricity has been purchased to cover your            An energy saving light bulb lasts around ten
            usage - it’s as simple as that.                                   times longer than an ordinary bulb and can
                                                                              save you approximately £45 in its lifetime

                                                    – around the cost of an annual subscription
                                                                              to your favourite magazine.

4                                                                                                                                   5
    Energy efficient                                                            From TVs and DVD players to washing machines, using appliances inefficiently
                                                                                can leave you counting the cost of high energy bills. However, by taking a few

    appliances                                                                  simple steps, it’s easy to save money and energy.

                                                                                Turn on to cutting costs
                                                                                • Choosing an efficient appliance with                 uld cut ts with
                                                                                                                                You co ity cos
                                                                                                                                electric y 7
                                                                                  the ‘Energy Saving Trust Recommended’
                                                                                  logo is your guarantee that it’s better for
                                                                                  the environment and your finances.             Econom r house with electsring
                                                                                • Unplugging your mobile phone when                        eat you              ater u
                                                                                                                                  If you h aters and hot w oney
                                                                                  it’s charged will reduce energy waste.
                                                                                                                                             h           ld save m
                                                                                                                                                 you cou my 7 – a tariff
                                                                                • Defrosting your freezer if ice is blocking        electricity,          no
                                                                                                                                                  g to Eco           -cost
                                                                                  the door seal will help it keep the cold in        by switchin en hours of low the
                                                                                                                                               rs sev             eans
                                                                                  more efficiently.                                  that offe at night. This m ill cost
                                                                                                                                                y                 tw
                                                                                • Washing your clothes at 30°C rather                 electricit you use at nigh           dard
                                                                                                                                                 y                 the stan
                                                                                  than higher temperatures could save                 electricit alf the price of
                                                                                  you around £10 over a year and your                  less tha te.
                                                                                  clothes are less likely to shrink or wear             daytime
                                                                                  out so quickly. And remember to turn
                                                                                  the machine off afterwards. Every year
                                                                                  in the UK, leaving gadgets appliances on
                                                                                  standby wastes £270 million of energy.

                                                                                   Did you know?
                                                                                   If everyone in the UK only boiled
                                                                                   the water they needed for a cup
                                                                                   of tea, the electricity saved could
                                                                                   power 70,000 homes for a year.
                                                                                   (Source: Energy Saving Trust)

                                                                                                                                           How will
    Look out for                                                                                                                           you spend
                                                                                                                                           your savings?
    the logo...
    If you’re shopping for a new dishwasher, boiler or even just light bulbs,                                                   Switching to a 30°C wash could save
                                                                                                                                you around £10 a year – the cost of
    always look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo. It’s your
                                                                                                                                an adult cinema ticket with change
    guarantee that these products have met the strict criteria on energy                                                        left over for popcorn.
    efficiency, will cost less to run and help reduce carbon emissions.

6                                                                                                                                                                                 7
    Insulating your home                                                                             Prevent heat escaping
                                                                                                     • Insulating your cavity walls will help to stop heat
    Without insulation, more than half your home’s heat can escape through your                        escaping from your home and could save you around
                                                                                                       £110 a year on your fuel bills. With npower you can
    roof and walls. So, to avoid unnecessary expense, it pays to make sure your                        get cavity wall insulation professionally installed from
    home is properly insulated.                                                                        just £149**.
                                                                                                     • Insulating your loft will help stop the heat in your
    FREE* and discounted** cavity wall                                                                 home rising through the roof, and could save you
    and loft insulation                                                                                around £145 a year on your fuel bills if you currently
    If you’re aged 70 or over or receive income-related or                                             have no insulation. With npower you can get loft
    disability benefits, you could qualify for FREE* home                                              insulation professionally installed from just £149**.
                                                                                                       Or you could install it yourself, with our great value
    insulation. Even if you don’t meet the criteria we can                                             DIY loft insulation with FREE home delivery. Find out
    offer you a great deal on cavity wall or loft insulation                                           more at
    from just £149 each.**
                                                                                                     • Draught proofing your home costs approximately
                                                                                                       £100 with a professional installer and £100 if you
    To find out more,                                                                                  do it yourself, saving you around £25 a year.
    call 0800 980 2135†                                                                                However, take care not to block up kitchen and
                                                                                                       bathroom windows, this will avoid damp, and always
    and quote ‘EE Literature’ Lines are open from
                                                                                                       make sure your gas and electric appliances have
    8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to
                                                                                                       adequate ventilation.
    6pm Saturday.

    or visit

                       How will you spend
                       your savings?
        Properly insulating your home with cavity wall and
        loft insulation could save you enough money to pay
        for a quality mountain bike, so you can get out and
        enjoy the environment you’re helping protect.                             Fancy doing it yourself?
                                                                                  For great value offers on DIY loft insulation with
                                                                                  FREE home delivery visit

8                                                                                                                                                                 9
     Other ways                                                                                       Solar hot water
     to save energy
     The cost and energy savings don’t end there. Doing
     a few simple things around the home and in your car
     can go a long way to saving money and reducing harm
     to the environment.

         • Installing water displacement
           devices in your toilet cisterns is a
           simple way to save water. Reducing
           flushed water usage by up to 3
           litres. An old cistern may hold up
           to 13 litres normally – so you can
           make a big reduction in that.
         • Investing in a water butt means
           you can use the collected rain water
           to water the garden, clean the patio
           and wash out your compost bins, for
           example. If you are on a water meter,
           a water butt can save you the cost of
                                                                                                            Enjoying renewable energy
           using litres of treated tap water –
                                                                                                            doesn’t have to cost the               Take a shower..
           and is better for your plants as well.
         • Hanging your clothes out to dry
                                                    Did you know?                                           earth. With npower Solar
                                                                                                            Thermal, you can enjoy hot
                                                                                                                                                     Taking a shower instead of
                                                                                                                                                     a bath can use as little as a
           when the weather is good will            Driving sensibly can save                    water, courtesy of the sun’s energy.     third of the water. However, be aware
           reduce your energy usage.                you money on fuel costs and cut              We’ll take care of installing a system   that many power-showers will use
                                                                                                 that could supply you with a third of
                                                    down CO2 emissions:                          your annual hot water needs. Prices      more water than a bath, if you tend to
                                                                                                 start from £5,000 but will depend        shower for more than 5 minutes. To be
                   How will                         • Drive smoothly and stay in higher gears.   on the size of your property and the     really water savvy you could swap your
                   you spend                        • Switch off your engine if you are going    number of panels you require^, it’s      power shower’s head for an aerating
                   your savings?                      to be stationary for a couple of minutes   more affordable than you might           shower head. This type of shower mixes
                                                      or more.                                   think. Finance may also be available.    air into the flow to keep the pressure
      Driving their car efficiently could save a    • Share your journeys whenever you can.
                                                                                                 To find out more,                        high but reduce the water used. Believe
      commuter driver around £200 to £300 a         • Reduce the weight in your car by not                                                it or not, by replacing their inefficient
      year – about the cost of a weekend break        carrying unnecessary items.                call 0800 072 7604†                      shower head with an aerated shower
      in the Lake District.                                                                      and quote npm 5972                       head, a four person family could save
                                                    • Use air conditioning sparingly.
             More information can be found at       • When buying your next car, choose
                                                                                                 Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am      around £50 a year in gas bills and
                                                                                                 to 8pm, and Saturday 9am to 5pm.
                the most fuel-efficient model which                                                 around £75 in metered water bills.
                                                      fits your needs.                           or visit

10                                                                                                                                                                                    11
     Start saving money                                                             The next steps...
                                                                                    We hope this guide has given you some tips on ways you can save

     around your home                                                               money and energy. If you’d like to find out more about cutting
                                                                                    costs and reducing energy use, our Energy Efficiency Helpline is
                                                                                    ready to take your call.

     From buying cheap items to making big changes, there are many ways you
     can start saving money around the home...
                                                                                    For more free advice, call the
                                                                                    Energy Efficiency Helpline free
                                                                                    on 0800 02 22 20†
                                                                                    Lines are open Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm
               SPEND                                           SAVE                 and Sat 8am - 6pm.
                                                                                    You can also email the team on
        Energy saving light bulb: Prices start                     £40 in its
        from approx £1                                             lifetime         or visit
        Filling gaps under skirting boards and                    Around £20

                                                                                                                                                    Climate the planet
        between floorboards: Around £20 for                       a year
        mastic sealant
        Turning gadgets and appliances off, not leaving
                                                          Around £40 a year
        them on standby: TOTALLY FREE

                                                          Up to £10 a year
                                                                                                                                                    fighting to save
        Washing your clothes at 30°C
                                                                                  Why not get your kids involved in helping you save money and energy?
        npower Solar Thermal: Costs around £5,000                  Around         Climate Cops is a great website for kids aged 7 to 11, packed with
        (Finance may also be available) and on                     £50 a year     games, challenges and bright ideas on energy efficiency.
        average could provide a third of your
        annual hot water needs
                                                                   replacing      Visit the site at    

        Insulating cavity walls: costs around £149,**              £110
        although this could be FREE*                               a year       Terms & Conditions:
                                                                                ** Home Insulation for £149 per measure: Offer applies to cavity wall and loft insulation and is subject to a successful survey on the property. Offer is limited and subject to
        if you’re aged 70 and over or on income or                                 availability. To be eligible for home insulation you must be resident in mainland Great Britain, you must own your own home or rent from a private landlord and have their
        disability related benefits.                                               consent (you will not qualify if your house is rented from a social housing provider). These prices are guide prices only, are subject to availability and subject to survey. A quote
                                                                                   for the work is given after site survey. Price of £149 per measure is based on the average size loft (55m2) of a 3 bedroom semi detached house. Loft insulation savings are based
        Visit:                                               on the customer’s current insulation being 0-60mm. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or incentive from any other energy supplier. Offer may be
                                                                                   withdrawn or amended at any time.
                                                                                * FREE home insulation: In addition to the above terms, to be eligible for free home insulation you or someone you live with must be aged 70 or over at the time of installation or
                                                                                   must be in receipt of one or more of the following: Council Tax Benefit, Income Support, Housing Benefit, Attendance Allowance, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Disability
        Fitting thermostatic radiator valves:                      Around          Allowance, War Disablement Pension which includes either a Mobility Supplement or Constant Attendance, Disablement Pension which includes Constant Attendance, State
                                                                                   Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit where the relevant annual income is £16,040 or less, Working Tax Credit where the relevant annual income is £16,040 or less or an income
        Variable costs                                             £10             related employment and support allowance under the Welfare Reform Act 2007.
        Visit:                                 a year          DIY loft insulation is for DIY use only. This product is subsidised under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target and is intended for insulating existing homes. It is not intended
                                                                                   for use in new buildings or extensions. Further subsidies cannot be claimed by professional installers on this product. Purchases are limited to 100m2 coverage per household.
                                                                                   DIY loft insulation is manufactured by Rockwool and supplied by Build Center in accordance with, and subject to, Build Center’s terms and conditions. Free delivery is subject
                                                                                   to Build Center’s terms and conditions. The purchase of the DIY loft insulation by you is a matter between you and Build Center and as such Build Center is responsible for
        Replacing your old boiler with a new                       Up to           the quality, fitness for purpose and delivery of the DIY insulation and for fulfilling your order and all subsequent service/product related queries and npower shall have no
        condensing model and full heating controls.                £225            liability or responsibility in respect of the same.
                                                                                ^ Where the hot water made by your Solar Thermal system is not enough for your needs, you will have to rely on your existing hot water system and the fuel that powers this
        Variable cost                                              a year          system to make extra hot water. Costs and savings provided by the Energy Saving Trust are based on a gas heated 3 bed semi detached property where applicable and a gas price
        Visit:                                                 of 3.67/kWh and an electricity cost of 12.5/kWh.
                                                                                † Calls may be monitored and recorded for training and security purposes. Price of call may vary depending on your operator and calls from mobiles may be considerably higher,
                                                                                   please check with your operator for exact charges.
                                                                                npower Solar Thermal, Climate Cops, npower and hometeam are registered trademarks and npower is the trading name of Npower Northern Limited (registered in England and
                                                                                Wales No. 3432100) and associated companies. Registered office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 6PB.

      Useful numbers                                                       Who else can help?
                                                                           The following organisations can also give you advice and support:
      For advice on saving energy in your home call
      0800 02 22 20†                                                       The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES Wales)
      Or visit                                     The Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES) is a Welsh Assembly
                                                                           Government funded initiative aimed at making homes in Wales
                                                                           warmer, healthier and more energy efficient.
      For insulation enquiries and to find out if                          Tel: 0800 316 2815
      you’re eligible for FREE* home insulation call                       Or visit
      0800 980 2135†                                                       Energy Assistance Package (Scotland)
      and quote ‘EE Literature’                                            The Energy Assistance Package is a holistic package to help
      Or visit                                     maximise incomes, reduce fuel bills and improve the energy
                                                                           efficiency of homes. The Energy Saving Trust manages delivery of
      For gas boiler service and installation call                         the package on behalf of the Scottish Government.
      npower hometeam on                                                   Tel: 0800 512 012
                                                                           Or visit
      0800 072 8601†
      Or visit                                         National Energy Action (NEA)
      (Terms, conditions and geographical restrictions apply)
                                                                           NEA is a national charity concerned with the energy needs of
                                                                           low-income households. It provides educational and training
                                                                           material relating to energy efficiency.
      For information on grant funding when you
                                                                           Tel: 0191 261 5677
      switch from coal or electric to gas home
                                                                           Or visit
      heating, call 0800 072 0221†
      and quote ‘EE Literature’                                            Your Local Authority
      Or visit                                    Your local authority may provide energy efficiency advice
                                                                           and their contact details can be found in your local phonebook
                                                                           or online.

      † Calls may be monitored and recorded for training and security
        purposes. Price of call may vary depending on your operator and
        calls from mobiles may be considerably higher, please check with
        your operator for exact charges. Lines are open from 8am to 8pm
        Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday (9am to 6pm on
        Saturday for insulation enquiries)

                                                                                                   It’s easy to stop wasting energy.
      The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation providing free,
      impartial advice to help you stop wasting energy and money and                               visit
      help fight climate change.                                                                   or call 0800 512 012

      Our advisors will:
      •	 	 ive you personalised advice on what’s practical for your home
      •	 Explain	any	technical	or	planning	issues
      •	 	 ell	you	about	grants	and	offers	available	in	your	area

                                                                                                                        Printed on recycled materials

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