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					       Progress Report 2007                                Italy
Society/Corporate: Regione Lombardia. Direzione                  Generale
Culture Identità autonomie della Lombardia
Via Pola, 12-14
20124 Milano

Country: Italy

Web page:

Name: Ornella Foglieni - Soprintendente regionale per i beni librari


Phone:     +39 2 6765 2647

Fax:     +39 2 6765 2733

Mission Statement:           Cultural    heritage     preservation     and

Lombardia Beni Culturali (

It is a regional web site publishing the Regional Cultural Heritage Info
Systems’ data –SIRBeC started in 1992 -; about 65.000 files of Cultural
Heritage are available (catalogues of art goods and objects, architectures,
archeological finds, prints and engravings, pictures, ethnic and
anthropological pieces and sounds). SIRBeC’s catalogue is extimated to
contain about 600.000 records. Descriptions are based on national

Lombardia Storica (

It is a portal collecting historical and archival resources as old
municipalities archives, historical sources and ancient medieval
documents enhanced by Regione Lombardia, with the Statal Archive in
Milan and other Government institutions (about 40.000 items) started in
2002 and technically supported by Universiy of Pavia..
In “Lombardia Storica” 300.000 records of archival inventories are now
available and there is also the digitization of the most ancient medieval
texts (8th-12th century) in the “Diplomatic digital Code of the Medieval
Lombardy”,(5000 items) made with          XML language marquer        with a
special DTD

Software used
The input records in the catalogue of “Lombardia Beni Culturali” is
done with a stand alone Access application system s/w Sirbec. .
Afterwards, data are collected in the central database managed in Oracle
environment by Lombardia Informatica Spa – the institutional supporter
for informatics for Regione . Thereafter the data are sent into PostgreSql
tables where is operating a query-retrieval system and presentation with

The archive’s description data in the PLAIN project, part of “Lombardia
Storica”, works in the same way: data capture in local environment
collected by s/w Sesamo (Access application), data migration to the
SIUSA –main national project managing data for archives- in Oracle
environment , then to PostgreSql for queries.

Future projects:
A project is working since 2006 to integrate the different environments
within a unique portal including all the Cultural Heritage information
systems in Lombardy to assure:
 Interoperability and easy access to different data bases

   achievement of a remarkable scale economy
   improvement of new        services   including English translation for
    presentation and query
   connection with the national portal Cultura Italia and EU Culture Portal
   connection with national projects: SBN and MANUS environment and
    the (Internetculturale Portal including BDI and MICHAEL )

Main catalog / Union Catalog for books: SBN – Servizio
Bibliotecario Nazionale Since 1986

Now: General search and link services including Digital library