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                   First Congregational UCC

XLVII                A Progressive, Inclusive, Spiritually Alive Church            No. 4

         Experiencing Holy Week Worship
              Enhances Joy of Easter
The Tenebrae worship service on Maundy Thursday is a service of
light. Tenebrae is Latin for the word shadows. It is the gradual ex-
tinguishing of candles while scripture is read that relates to the final
acts of Jesus including events leading up to the crucifixion. The choir
will present The Seven Last Words of Christ by Dubois. The service
recreates the emotional aspect of Jesus’ passion story and is very moving. Communion will
be served.

Kerby will be leading a Good Friday morning service at 10. Come to both services to
fully experience the meaning and joy of the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

                             Holy Week Worship
        April 17      Palm Sunday worship at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.
        April 21      Maundy Thursday: Tenenbrae worship service at 7 p.m.
                      Music for choir and soloists: John Vessels, John Bishop, and Becky
                      The Seven Last Words of Christ by Dubois will be presented in eight
                      movements along with scripture readings leading through Jesus’
        April 22      Good Friday morning service at 10 a.m.
        April 24      Easter Sunday worship at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.
     The Seven Last Words of Christ by Théodore Dubois
                         Excerpted notes by Yvonne Grover
The tradition of singing the passion story began in the early centuries of the Christian
church. To add solemnity to Holy Week services, priests would chant the appointed Gospel
account rather than simply read it. By the 13th century, these intonations had developed
into dramatic narrations with soloists playing the key roles. By the mid-17th century, the
Reformation had led to a distinctly German oratorio passion set in the vernacular, em-
ploying recitatives, arias, choruses, and instrumental movements. These oratorio passions
ultimately reached their pinnacle in the great St. Matthew Passion and St. John Passion of
Johann Sebastian Bach. Hadyn composed an instrumental work on the Seven Last Words
in 1787 and later added choral parts, but no composer is known to have created a major
choral setting of this unique version of the Passion story until Théodore Dubois.

Théodore Dubois (1837 - 1924) was an important organist, composer and teacher of
music on the Paris music scene during the late 1800’s. In 1861 he was awarded the presti-
gious Prix de Rome for composition. He studied at Reims and the Paris Conservatory where
he later was the director from 1896 - 1905. Dubois composed The Seven Last Words of
Christ in 1867 for Saint Clotilde in Paris, where he was the choir director. He scored the
work for full orchestra, chorus, and soloists, but later revised his orchestration to include
only organ, timpani, and harp, the version most often heard today.

The Seven Last Words of Christ is presented in eight movements: an introduction for so-
prano followed by a movement for each word of Christ from the cross. Composing for the
Catholic Church, Dubois used traditional texts from the Roman Catholic Holy Week litur-
gies to add meditations on the scriptural account. The opening soprano solo is the O Vos
Omnes traditionally sung at Tenebrae services. In the Third Word, Christ’s words to Mary,
his mother, are combined with the 13th-century sequence Stabat Mater Dolorosa; in the
Fourth Word, Christ’s anguish at being forsaken by God is combined with the liturgical text
Omnes Amici Mei. At the end of the Seventh Word, Dubois concludes his sacred cantata
with a hymn-like setting of the medieval antiphon Adoramus Te, Christe. This serene hymn,
much like a chorale at the end of an 18th century cantata, provides the listener with a
foretaste of the resurrection after the compelling drama of the Passion story. The story will
be sung in English.

 page 2                                The Pilgrim Colony                          April 2011
From the Pastor: Richard Clough
                          “Well, I do”
The billboards that went up recently have caused a modest stir
in some circles. They proclaim, “You don’t need God - to hope,
to care, to love, to live.” The posters of this message certainly
have a right to their opinions. I don’t condemn them for ‘shar-
ing their faith publicly.’ My only response is, “Well, I do.” I do
need God to hope, to care, to love and to live. Let me count
just a few of the ways.

I need God to love. It is by being in touch with God that I
get nudged to be more loving. I’m usually fulminating about
something or another. Right now, I’m angered and insulted by
the actions of our state legislators. I don’t apologize for this. I would hope that all people
of good will would be incensed by what they are proposing. I’m tempted to hate them and
hurl curses at them. But I don’t. I don’t because Jesus’ teaching reminds me of the need to
forgive and be reconciled. His words push me to see the full humanity of these folks and
recognize that they are brothers and sisters and not enemies.

I need God to care. There is a lot of suffering in the world. Japan and Libya are just the
newest additions to the list which includes Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and on and on.
Taken together, it is too much and I’m tempted to close my eyes to this suffering and just
think happy thoughts. But God calls me to care and so I do.

I need God to hope. So often, things seem to go in the wrong direction. I get discouraged
often and wonder “Is there any hope?” Without God, I don’t see much. However, my faith
helps me to see the big picture. It helps me to recognize that the great causes take more
than a lifetime. God will be at work long after I am gone.

I need God to live. I have no trouble existing without God, at least for the short term. But
there is a difference between existing and “Living” with a capital L. There is something
within me that calls out to a deeper source of being. I need God to fill my life with the
depth and breadth and wonder of being alive. By way of analogy, I could exist quite
nicely without music but how my life would be diminished. In like manner, I need God if I
am to know fully what it means to be truly human.

So my friends, you’re entitled to your own beliefs and I’m not going to condemn you. But I
need God in my life. I also have a sneaking suspicion that you do too.
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From the Pastor: Kerby Avedovech
                          Soul Shaking, World Changing Youth
“Adolescents are looking for a soul-shaking, heart-waking, world-changing God to fall in love
with; and if they do not find that God in the Christian church, they will most certainly settle
for lesser gods elsewhere... [And] so will we.”
                         (The Godbearing Life, Kenda Creasy Dean & Ron Foster)

                         March was a great month for our youth as we continued looking
                         for that soul-shaking, heart-waking, world-changing God! If you
                         missed the 1st Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner, you missed
                         watching our youth flip pancakes, show gracious hospitality to
                         over 40 diners, make some of the best scrambled eggs ever and
                         share some good laughs. But fear not, the 2nd Annual Shrove
                         Tuesday Pancake Dinner will happen on February 21, 2012.
                         Mark your calendars now!

                         On the heels of the pancake dinner, nine youth spent Saturday
                        evening eating pizza and bowling at Expo bowl. The youth hoped
that their bowling scores would be improved by rubbing Steve Bretthauer’s head – not so
much. They did have a great time, lots of laughs and some gutter balls.

So what is ahead? Well, we are going to have a day of servanthood later this spring.
We have pool parties planned for summer. And, in July we are going on a Mission Trip to
Harlan County, Kentucky for a week where we will help residents build ramps, put in stairs
and reroof houses.

And, lest we forget the youth of the next decade - on April 4 from 11a.m. to 12 p.m., pre-
schoolers and parents will meet in the parlor for a once a week gathering. We will read
stories, have crafts, blow bubbles and run around just for fun. When the weather is good,
we will head to Holliday Park for weekly outings. And, once a month we will go on field-
trips to see farm animals, fire personnel and feed the ducks.

Just watch out as our youth and our future youth fall in love with the soul-shaking, heart-
waking, world-changing God.

 page 4                                 The Pilgrim Colony                           April 2011
                              Making Room for . . .
Our lives are filled with things that demand our attention. As a result, often we don’t have
time for those practices that deepen and enrich our spiritual life and help us to grow. Dur-
ing Lent, we offer Sunday sessions that will provide a way for us to “make room” in our
busy lives, make room for God and for others. Through a variety of programs, we will
practice “making room” for God to be present. Dinner will be at 5 p.m. and most pro-
grams begin at 5:30 p.m.

Making Room for God through Buddha
A Buddhist monk offers insights about being open to God through his/her religion on
April 3

Making Room for People of Color
How can First Congregational embody God’s plan for uniting all people? April 10

Making Room for Kerby
Kerby’s installation service will be April 17 at 3 p.m.

                           Men’s Lenten Breakfasts
The Southeast Association, IKC of the United Church of Christ is holding Men’s Lenten
Breakfasts for the Saturday mornings of the Lenten season. Breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m.
with a worship service/program following immediately after breakfast. Please RSVP to
the church office ( if you plan to attend. Guests of all ages are
always welcome; so, bring your son, your dad, your nephew, your uncle, your cousin, your
neighbor or your friend!

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The schedule for those breakfast gatherings is:
April 2 - - - - -      Altenheim
                       3525 East Hanna Ave.                                788-4261
April 9 - - - - -      First Congregational UCC
April 16 - - - -       Zion (Downtown)
                       416 E. North Street                                 639-5411

                Calls to Serve Our Church and Others
                           “Here am I; send me!” Isaiah 6:8
l Mission of the Month, One Great Hour of Sharing: provide hope to people in more
than eighty countries. The UCC works with international partners, and together pro-
vides support to health, education, refugee, agricultural and emergency relief initiatives.
Through One Great Hour of Sharing and its global ecumenical partners, UCC members
are able to provide a critical presence in offering relief and development in such places
like Japan, Haiti and New Orleans. OGHS partners with Food Resource Bank, Oikocredit,
Church World Service and IMA WorldHealth. See our church’s involvement on page 8.
lFood of the Month, Canned Fruit: bring gifts of food and place them in the basket in the

coat room. With the continuing economic downturn, many of our needy neighbors are more
dependent than ever on food donations.
lFair Trade Store: purchase fair trade items from our coffee fellowship after worship on

the second Sunday of the month. This assures a decent income to the coffee farmers and
eliminates the many “middle men” that are part of the global coffee market.
lDress for Success clothing drive: help women in need prepare for job interviews. Bring

donations of clean, professional clothes (suits, skirts, pants, and blouses).
lSchool 42: give an hour or two each week or every other week to help children with their

reading or assist the teachers in other ways. Your efforts will be most appreciated.
lSpring Outdoor Work Day: bring your gloves, tools, energy and love of the outdoors to

the April 16 work day. There is lots to do, even if you’re not a gardener. Besides mulch-
ing and tidying up our grounds just in time for Easter, we want to remove a lot of honey-
suckle undergrowth along the edge of our parking lot. It’s not just work; it’s fun to share
some sweat equity with others in our church family! Bring your favorite garden tools, work
gloves and wheel barrows Does anyone have a chain saw? Please let Wendy know. The
event is from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Please contact Wendy Baldwin,,
844-5766, if you can help out!

    page 6                            The Pilgrim Colony                         April 2011
Education and Growth
                                      Easter Egg Hunt
On Easter Sunday, children (all ages) will gather for a story time and message and then
an outdoor Easter egg hunt at 10 a.m. on the front lawn (weather permitting). Goodies
like small toys, stickers and pencils are distributed instead of candy.

                            Our Whole Lives Up and Coming
April 10 at 12 p.m. Topic: Unintended Pregnancy Options
April 17 at 12 p.m. Topic: Sexual Decisions

                                    Mission Trip Promo
Youth, mark your calendars for our Mission Trip to Harlan County, Kentucky. We will leave
on July 17 and return on July 23. Harlan County is an economically depressed community
that was devastated by a flood approximately ten years ago. They are still in recovery
mode and each summer IN/KY conference sends volunteers to help rebuild the homes of
county residents. See Kerby for informational materials and plan to join in the opportunity
to serve God and God’s people, build community, learn new skills and have a week that
you will never forget.

                            VCS is Coming! Shake It Up Café!
“If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation. . .” 2 Corinthians 5:17a
Vacation Church School is scheduled for June 6-9; the final day is the celebration. Please
save the dates.

In VCS, kids will explore the Bible as a cookbook filled with recipes for living out God’s
word. Through interactive lessons that are easy for kids to apply to their lives today, chil-
dren will celebrate biblical festivals that reveal ingredients for being a follower of God.

April 2011                            The Pilgrim Colony                              page 7
Mission and Service
                     It Takes a Village to Host the Families of IHN
A big thank you is extended to all from the Interfaith Hospitality Network. Thank you for
participating, thinking or praying about our hosting week last month. The families appreci-
ated it. More information about IHN can be found on their website http://www.indyihn.
org/ or friend IndyIHN on Facebook. Also, we try to post the weekly newsletter on our own
website, Our next hosting week begins July 3rd. Thank you.

          First Congregational is Leader in OGHS Giving
In 2009, First Congregational UCC is a top-giving church. In the category of churches with
200 members or more, our church’s total giving was $31.51 per capita and we are the
number one contributor for a church our size. Our gifts helped people in New Orleans
after the hurricane and in Pakistan after the flood, provided micro loans to women in Viet-
nam, provided seeds, training and tools to assist small farmers and landless individuals in
developing countries grow food and supply kits to help women and infants in developing
countries have a safe delivery.

Living Green
                                   Companion Planting
It is time to finalize the plans for our gardens and flower beds. By the time The Pilgrim
Colony goes to print, spring will be really revving up. Have you ever heard of companion
planting? Companion planting is system of planting flowers and/or vegetables or fruit
plants in your garden with other plants that can be beneficial for each other. Benefits can
vary. They might be plants that: 1) attract beneficial insects like bees to encourage pollina-
tion or parasitic wasps that kill aphids; 2) smell bad or good to repel or attract other ani-
mals or insects; 3) improve the soil by adding nitrogen or converting certain trace minerals
which other plants need a lot of to grow properly; 4) provide a tall strong plant that a
vine can grow on; or 5) encourage other plants to flourish for reasons we don’t know yet.
You can combine plants in both flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. One of the latest
trends is to mix flowers and vegetables in any garden bed and companion planting pro-
vides an ideal guide to what plants might be planted together. I always grow patches of
zinnias, hyssop, and borage with my vegetables to invite the bees to the garden. Radishes
planted around my squash plants at the same time protect them from squash borers, and
marigolds and nasturtiums in the vegetable garden discourage the bunnies from eating my
tender greens.

 page 8                                 The Pilgrim Colony                          April 2011
There are a number of great resources for ideas on what plants to combine as well as
what plants do not go well together. One of the best books on the topic of companion
planting is Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte, and there are many internet resources
available with good lists of plants. Try it out. It can be a lot of fun and help our local gar-
dens be healthier and more productive.                           Ann Leatherman, Green Team

                                 Plymouth Rockers
Plymouth Rockers will meet April 26 at 12 p.m. for a luncheon and a program. Carol
Sowle will speak on the topic of “Hospice 101.’ Please bring a dish to share and join the
group for fellowship and helpful information regarding hospice care.

                 Mental Health Team Seeks your Input
The Mental Health Awareness would like your ideas in planning a May 22 Education hour
opportunity on the topic of bullying. See Susan Kent with your ideas.

  Dana Reno’s Autograph Collection on Display at Library
Since the 1970s, Dana Reno has collected thousands of autographs from politician, ac-
tors, musicians, athletes, astronauts etc. She is authoring a book about her vast collection,
and the Noblesville Public Library will display a small portion of the collection in April.
The Noblesville Library is located off of Cumberland Road 1/10th of a mile north of SR

On Saturday, April 9 at 2 p.m., Dana will speak about how she got started collecting
autographs, how to collect them, how to display and protect them and the different types
of autographs. She will also bring with her several examples of autographs she’s collected
over the years. This program is free and open to the public. Registration is not required
but is requested. To register call the library at 776-6939 or on-line at

April 2011                            The Pilgrim Colony                              page 9
                   Monthly Update from the Trustees
Our operating budget finances for 2011 are:
       Balance, as of 12/31/10        -$ 15,012.19
       Income, as of 2/28/11           $ 67,062.42
       Expense, as of 2/28/11         -$ 54,023.87
       Balance, as of 2/28/11         -$ 1,973.64

In February, our expenses were about $8,000 higher than our income, so we are now
back to a deficit position, due to starting the year in the red. Year-to-date, income is
11% above a year ago, while expenses are 3% higher. In March, expenses will be much
higher than the income, due to some quarterly payments, so the deficit will increase.

In 2011, we want to help our church family understand how our gifts and pledges are
used. Each quarter (March, June, September, and December), we will pay about $10,000
for benefits for our two full time staff (Dick and Kerby). We generally have a deficit after
each of these months, and try to bounce back in the months following. Expenses like these
may not seem like ‘ministry’, but they provide us with staff and a church building to have
our ministries and grow in our faith.

Your gifts in 2011 are warmly appreciated and will make a difference in funding our pro
grams for 2011. Thanks to all who help fund the ministries of First Congregational!

Reminders from the Trustees:
1.      Please turn off lights when leaving a room. Our electric bills are 9% higher than
last year – plus it’s more green to use less energy!

2.      Who does the cleaning at your house? At First Congregational, we have a part-
time custodian who cannot begin to clean up after all the people using our church building.
Please be considerate of the next person, and tidy up after using an area (especially the
kitchen and kitchenette).

3.      On Maundy Thursday, 4/21, we will have a very meaningful music event – The
Seven Last Words of Christ. Funding for this is not covered in our church budget. If you
would like to make a contribution, please note “Special Music” and the amount on your

 page 10                               The Pilgrim Colony                         April 2011
                           Easter Lily Order Form
                        Please reserve ______ Easter Lily plant(s)

In honor of:_______________________________________________

In remembrance of:_________________________________________

Donor’s name:_____________________________________________

Amount of money with this order ($10.00 per plant):______________-

_____Delivery to home-bound members, or
Other instructions:______________________________________


Place order form with check or money in the offering plate or give to Sally Coombs.
Order may also be mailed to or dropped off at the church office this week.

                                   Deadline: April 17
                                   Display: April 20

April 2011                          The Pilgrim Colony                          page 11

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