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                 How to Convert Kindle to ePub for Free?

ePub is the most popular eBook format in eBook industry. Most
eBook readers support ePub format. If you have some eBooks
which are downloaded or purchased from Amazon, you may get
AZW eBooks. So most eReaders except for Kindle don't support
AZW format. So you may need to convert Kindle to ePub

Here I recommend the free method of converting Kindle to ePub step by step. Firstly,
you need to remove DRM from Kindle files. Then convert Kindle to ePub with Calibre.

Part 1: How to Remove DRM from Kindle Files?

DRM prevents users from copying, printing, editing Kindle files. To use Kindle files without
restrictions, you need to remove DRM from Kindle. Here is how to:

Step 1: Download and install Kindle for PC. Then download and install Kindle DRM
Remover. Then click "Browse" to add Kindle file.

Step 2: Click "View" to select an output folder where you wanna put the output file.

Step 3: Click "unDRM Directory" to remove Kindle DRM.

Part 2: How to Convert Kindle to ePub
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Download Calibre and install it to computer(Mac, Windows, Linux supported). Click "Add
Books" to add your Kindle books to the Calibre management system. Browse to the folder
where the books are located and select the books you want, then add them. Choose EPUB as
the output format. Then click "Ok" to start conversion.

Done! As you can see, the process to convert Kindle to ePub is very easy. If you like this
method, share it with more guys who need to convert Kindle to ePub!

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