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					                                             YOSEMITE CHAPTER OF THE
                                           INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL
                                                          P.O. Box 642
                                                       Modesto, Ca.95353
                                                       TEL: (209) 577-5332
                                                       FAX: (209) 571-5131
                                                                                                        CODE COUNCIL™

 2010 Officers: Will Crew, President, City of Modesto ~ Kevin Jorgensen, Vice President, City of Tracy,
       ~ Jeff White, Secretary, Calaveras County ~ Mike Brinkman, Treasurer, City of Newman
                              ~ Al Silva, Past President, City of Los Banos

                                YOSEMITE CHAPTER ICC
                                               Meeting Minutes
                                          Date: February 18, 2010

Meeting called to order at 11:32 A.M. by Chapter President, Will Crew, City of Modesto

Attendance: 26 (poised for action)

Guest Speaker Shawn Huff, HCD program manager. Shawn presented an overview of the Code Committee rule making
results of the upcoming codes. The BSC unanimously adopted the IRC to the Calif. Residential Code to go in effect on
January 1,2011. Some of the points of interest are the requirements for residential sprinklers and carbon monoxide detectors.
Residential sprinklers in rural counties may have some considerations for alternate provisions or modifications of the code
based on the availability of water supply.
Chapter R-301 requirements for light gauge steel amendments, and licensed Architects role in design for light gauge steel
Amendment to the plumbing code regarding performance availability of water closets. Section 7134 amended for the
availability for a sewer connection within 200 ft. to be determined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. The subject of
androgynous restroom and changing room facilities was not mentioned.
The Mechanical Code amendment to some sort of locking cap required for refrigeration ports to prevent inhalation of
dangerous gases. The Chapter 6 tables have been deleted and defer to the reference manual. AB 607 for the protection and
detection of carbon monoxide.
Shawn mentioned that the Residential Code 1 thru 10 adoptions are achievable in the adoption process.

Regarding a subject that is near and dear to the hearts of code followers everywhere is the Green Building Standards.
Mandatory measures on all new buildings beginning January 2011will include 20% reduction in water use, Storm Water
Implementation Prevention Plans ( SWIPP), the prohibition of VOCs ( volatile organic compounds) in paints and carpet
material and other interior finishes for the improvement of indoor air quality. So break out the chemistry books, lab coats, and
the periodic tables for better living through chemistry as we endeavor to persevere with LEED certified construction. Other
requirements included interior moisture reduction and 50% waste recycling. HCD to introduce a check list for plan review and
inspections to help follow the requirements.
Richard Graves raised a good point in that the increased amount of regulation will no doubt impact the staff of jurisdictions
through-out the entire permit process. LEED costs as compared to current methodology and understanding.
SB1258- Gray Water installations. The Govenator implemented emergency legislation allowing the installation of gray water
discharge. The emergency regulation, as in-acted August 4, 2009 in reaction to the drought conditions with a 45 day comment
period. January 2010 Emergency Gray Water 16A stands in an effort to encourage the use of gray water. There are currently
(3) permit exempt systems, ie: 250 gallons or less therefore simple systems. The concept being washer water and other like
gray water can be used for sub-surface irrigation and relieve to septic systems and water usage demands. No provisions for
indoor use at this time. The jurisdictions may choose to adopt or not adopt the gray water standards or make the standards
more restrictive for their jurisdiction. HCD has the authority to introduce the standards to the jurisdictions for acceptance. It is
still unclear as to possible problems that may surface or sub-surface with the State Regional Water Control Board.
AB-1473 BSC fee collection of permits to be used for education, green building, and outreach. Hopefully by April handbooks
and CDs will be available. Until then it may take the clairvoyance of a mystic visionary. Upcoming in March at Sacramento
Expo, Green Building will spring into full bloom for all interested visitors. As Cal Green requirements will be mandatory for
residential housing further information can be acquired on the State website. Learn about Green Building ,Gray Water, and
those pesky yellow stains in the bathtub, on the State websites.

Rick Reid somehow gained possession of the President’s gavel. An attempted vigorous auction ensued, resulting in the high
bid coming from Tom Ushing of $10.00, proceeds to go to Rick Reid’s committee.

Minutes:     A motion made to approve the minutes of the last meeting made by Al Silva , second by Bill Aiken and ratified
by the members present.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Brinkman submitted the Treasurer’s report to the membership. A written breakdown of the
report was available and a budget summary for 2010. Very nicely done.

Past President Al Silva presented Mark Ellis with an award of appreciation for his years of contribution to the Chapter. Mark
received his award and expressed his appreciation for his award of appreciation.

President’s Report:

Will Crew re-capped the Board of Directors’ meeting held in Merced on January 27,2010. The scope of that meeting was
geared toward the promotion of the organization. New committees, re-tooling, marketing and a chapter news letter was
discussed. Craig Tole would be asked to look into the marketing aspect. Other items of interest were membership fees and
I.D. cards for the paid members. Rick Reid was installed in the vacant Board of Directors’ seat. Mark Pereida installed to the
education position and Tom Ushing to the disaster post. Will advises the membership to go forward with an audit. Budget for
line items and expenditures for the up-coming year. Will presented a list of organization goals as follows:
      Open forum with dialog during the meetings
      More educational opportunities
      Victims of the economy fund for membership. Discussion, members in the business that may have been laid-off with
         an interest in staying connected with the Chapter. Application for acceptance based on qualifying criteria and
         eligibility. Will asked Al Silva to approach the Board to form an ADHOC committee to establish a protocol to review.
      Community projects to dovetail in with promotions.
      Scholarship and community service committee.
      Building Safety Week
Open Forum:
Introduction from Kevin of Troy Baker of Baker Roofing out of Stockton. Troy expressed his concerns about the cool roofing
Title-24 requirements causing illicit work. He is hoping for regulation on the permits and contractors from the building
departments to sustain an even playing field for licensed contractors. Several members discussed the process and procedure
in their respective jurisdictions. It was also pointed out that the license discipline for the type work being conducted be of the
proper class. The importance of the CF1R for the permit and CF6R for the final along with the break-down of the permit
requirements such as ventilation, insulation, roofing type, smoke detectors were touched on. The problem with unlicensed and
un-permitted work continues to be a problem and some chapter members have been working with the CSLB for coordinated
enforcement .

Richard Graves presented an interesting exercise that he has conducted in his jurisdiction. By the use of overhead imaging,
overlays and ARC-reader he has been able to locate various structures constructed without permits. To date he has found 35
buildings equating to $5.5 million in construction value,$60,000 in property values,$84,500 in permit fees,$74,000 in penalty
fees as lost revenues and assessments. A Notice & Order is sent out with 30 days to pay the penalty,45 days to submit plans
for a permit and 15 days to pick-up the permit, with the ability to apply collection fees if necessary. If the illicit building is
demolished the impact fees and the property taxes should be assessed for the life of the building while it existed. This is an
eye opener that should persuade complacent politicians of where they are missing some opportunities.

Al Silva reported that he had acquired a considerable amount of paper work over the years and was wondering what he
should do with it. No immediate response was forthcoming from the multitudes.
Al also brought up a question about spray booths and working with the Fire Department.
Kevin Jorgensen brought up a question regarding the occupancy class and use of a Tutorial Center. B or E ??

Kevin Jorgensen received an e-mail from Diana Todd to ask the membership if anyone has an outstanding complaint from a
homeowner about a licensed contractor who did work on their residenc ,for an HVAC change-out, without benefit of a permit?
Any outstanding stop work orders issued to contractors installing HVAC change-outs without permits? The CSLB is trying to
identify these contractors. Please compile the vital info and call Diana at 916-654-4521.

                                                   Committee Reports:

    Legislative: Greg Adams (No report)

    Check out Legislative bills at
    See also the Chapter’s website at

    Education: Mark Pereida ; Mark has lined up some educational folks up to or thru the month of May. If anyone
    has any ideas on subjects or presenters please give Mark a call or e-mail.

    Disaster Preparedness: Tom Ushing;         (no report) Please visit CALBO’s website for other
    information regarding emergency preparedness at

   Scholarship: ( no report)

   CALBO: Becky Fraser              ( no report)

    HCD: Doug Hensel           ( no report)

    CSLB: Jane Flint         ( no report)

    CEC: Diana Todd (see correspondence)

     ICC: No report

CHAPTER BY-LAWS: ( no report)

CODE INTERPRETATION:                 Mike Petersen; Will Crew encourages more participation. Board of Directors will
meet and discuss the make-up and process of that group.

COMMUNITY PROJECT: Rick Reid ; Rick reported that the recipient of the contribution made by the Chapter
was very grateful and was a proud recipient.


WEBSITE: Richard Graves
    Richard Graves will keep the Chapter website updated for training opportunities.
    You will find additional information and flyers related to these training opportunities here. Set-up a google code forum for
    members only as a code discussion question and answer group.( Test flight is in progress).

NOMINATIONS: Will Crew ( no report)

SCHOLARSHIP FUND RAISER: Craig Tole (no report)
CHAPTER BAR-B-QUE: Scott Wungluck ( no report )

NEW BUSINESS:            Jeff White reported sending the annual report for the chapter to I.C.C. listing the current officers
and meeting dates.

Old Business:          nothing of interest generated.

Announcements: nothing, nada ,zilch
Raffle:    Tom Ushing wins some gas, and Rick Reid wins a Lowes gift certificate. Tom with the gas can give Rick a ride to

NEXT GATHERING ;           March 18,2010

Meeting Adjourned 2:36 P.M ( on the same day)

Reading this should have kept you on the front of your seat…..
Respectfully submitted,

Jeff White
Secretary for Yosemite Chapter ICC