Episode 94 by yaoyufang


									                                       English Episode 94

                                                                                     21.   MONDAY:   (MIMICKING) That’s not true daddy. I lost because of my
1.    Scene 1                                                                                        son’s stupidity. A son who turned my home into a disco hall,
2.    Location:    Ext. Monday’s Garage. Afternoon                                                   a son who got drunk and broke into my garage…
3.    B/G SFX:     Garage sounds
4.    MONDAY, ROBERT, JACK                                                           22.   ROBERT:   I am sorry, daddy.

5.    MONDAY:         Robert, what do you want here?                                 23.   MONDAY:   What sorry? The LC II seat is already taken by that
                                                                                                     woman-Mama Gloria.
6.    ROBERT:         (UNDISTRUCTED) Good afternoon daddy.
                                                                                     24.   ROBERT:   Daddy, I want to go back to school. I want to go back and
7.    MONDAY:         (WITH AN ATTITUDE) Good afternoon, what brings you                             study.
                      here at the garage?
                                                                                     25.   MONDAY:   (SURPRISED) What? And you think going back to school
8.    ROBERT:         Daddy, I came to talk to you.                                                  will help you at all?

9.    MONDAY:         Talk to me?! About what?                                       26.   ROBERT:   Yes. I am a nothing without education, I want to be a
                                                                                                     something, daddy.
10.   ROBERT:         It’s about…
                                                                                     27.   MONDAY:   You came here to tell me that?
11.   MONDAY:         Let me hope you are not asking me for job here again,
                      Robert.                                                        28.   ROBERT:   I need your help.

12.   ROBERT:         It’s not that Daddy…                                           29.   MONDAY:   What?

13.   MONDAY:         Because even if it were, I wouldn’t give it to you.            30.   ROBERT:   Dad, I can’t go back to school without school fees …

14.   ROBERT:         You wouldn’t?                                                  31.   MONDAY:   (LAUGHS) Me, Monday, to pay school fees for a man that
                                                                                                     has a wife at home? (LAUGHS).
15.   MONDAY:         You should know that better than anyone else Robert…or
                      you think I have forgotten the problems you caused when        32.   ROBERT:   Please dad.
                      you worked here last year?
                                                                                     33.   MONDAY:   I will give two simple reasons why I will not pay. One - you
16.   ROBERT:         Its different now, Dad…I am trying to fix my life now.                         have already proved you are too stupid to stay in school….

17.   MONDAY:         Your life?! You have ruined other people’s lives and future.   34.   ROBERT:   Daddy…

18.   ROBERT:         Daddy, I know that Carol and I …                               35.   MONDAY:   Secondly, you have a wife at home. You should be now
                                                                                                     looking for money to look after your pregnant wife.
19.   MONDAY:         Carol! Forget that confused girl. You ruined MY life. I lost
                      the elections because of you and your mother!                  36.   ROBERT:   (DISTURBED) Carol is not my wife, daddy!

20.   ROBERT:         That’s not true, daddy.                                        37.   MONDAY:   Whose is she then? Your mother’s or Rebecca’s?

                                 English Episode 94

38.   ROBERT:   Dad I need to go school so that I can be able to provide for
                my family when I grow up and get one.

39.   MONDAY:   Don’t be stupid Robert, you already have a family. A
                pregnant wife and a kid coming.


41.   MONDAY:   Ah?! Robert, have you come here to talk to me like that?
                Hm? Get out!

42.   ROBERT:   Father!

43.   MONDAY:   Is it your mother who is making you grow horns?

44.   ROBERT:   (ANGRY) Mummy has nothing to do with this!

45.   MONDAY:   Get out. There’s nothing coming from this side and you can
                tell your mother…

46.   ROBERT:   (ALMOST IN TEARS) Sincerely daddy what kind of father
                are you to me?!

47.   MONDAY:   I’ll show you!


49.   MONDAY:   Let me pull off these ears that never listened…

50.   ROBERT:   Daddy! Daddy! Aaaah!

51.   END.

                                       English Episode 94

                                                                                   65.   BLESSING:   Yes he is happy.

52.   Scene 2
                                                                                   66.   S.MOTHER:   (JOKINGLY) I remember it was difficult for Steve to go for
53.   Location:     Steve’s Home.        EXT,     Day.
                                                                                                     that trip and leave you here alone.
54.   B/G: SFX:     Sound of utensils crackling
                                                                                   67.   BLESSING:   (SHYKLY) Eieie but Mama Steve! Anyway it’s true we are
                                                                                                     now happy together and I am glad.
56.   S.MOTHER:     Eh Blessing, you are washing the dishes from the kitchen?

                                                                                   68.   S.MOTHER:   That’s all that matters in a marriage-to be happy with your
57.   BLESSING:     Yes Mama Steve, I needed to be near this fire.
                                                                                                     partner. (STUBORNLY) Are you now missing him,
58.   S.MOTHER:     Near the fire! Why? Are roasting some maize?

                                                                                   69.   BLESSING:   (STUBORN) Too much, Mama Steve. May be that’s why I
59.   BLESSING:     No. It’s just that I am feeling feverish-I needed some
                                                                                                     am even developing this feverish kind of feeling.

                                                                                   70.   S.MOTHER:   Hmmm! I had noticed, Blessing.
60.   S.MOTHER:     Ooh. But just be careful, those plastic cups are so near the
                                                                                   71.   BLESSING:   (ALARMED) What?

61.   BLESSING:     Ooh! I am sorry.
                                                                                   72.   S.MOTHER:   What a fine skin you have developed. (PAUSE) Did you say
                                                                                                     you are developing some feverish feeling?!
62.   S.MOTHER:     It’s okay. (PAUSE) Blessing, I am glad you look happy these
                    days-you even look healthy. You have really put on some
                                                                                   73.   BLESSING:   Yes, that’s why I am here near the fireplace, Mama Steve.

                                                                                   74.   S.MOTHER:   (REALISING) Ooooh. I now know what it is, Blessing.
63.   BLESSING:     Really? Yes, it’s true I am happy.

                                                                                   75.   BLESSING:   What is it?
64.   S.MOTHER:     That’s good. (INQUISITIVELY) Steve is happy too I guess.

                                                                                   76.   S.MOTHER:   (WHISPERING) You are pregnant, Blessing.

                                    English Episode 94

77.   BLESSING:   (SHOCKED) What?! Are you sure, Mama Steve?

78.   S.MOTHER:   My friend, I know these things. I have been around for
                  quite a long time.

79.   BLESSING:   (CONFUSED) But I haven’t seen any signs, Mama Steve!

80.   S.MOTHER:   The pregnancy is still young. I know Steve will be happy to
                  hear this news.

81.   BLESSING:   Oh! Steve.
82.   END.

                                     English Episode 94

                                                                                    100.   AKONYO:   How much money are you making! (SYMPATHETIC) You
                                                                                                     must be working very hard!
83.   Scene 3
84.   INT. MICRO FINANCE BANK                                                       101.   VICKY:    Of course it’s not that easy to maintain myself… you
85.   B/G SFX: BANKING HALL AMBIENCE                                                                 know…
                                                                                    102.   AKONYO:   I hear people who work in banks never sleep especially if
87.   VICKY:        (ANNOUNCING) Next!                                                               they are paying you well.

88.   AKONYO:       Excuse me madam, I would like to see… (SURPRISE)                103.   VICKY:    (SURPRISED)Akonyo!
                    Vicky! Oh my God. It’s you, Vicky?
                                                                                    104.   AKONYO:   What?
89.   VICKY:        Eh! Akonyo, what are you doing here?
                                                                                    105.   VICKY:    If I didn’t know you better, I would think you are a silent
90.   AKONYO:       Gosh, I almost didn’t recognize you, you in glasses and all.                     burner!
                    (ADMIRINGLY) Eh, that is a nice blouse you are wearing.
                                                                                    106.   AKONYO:   What do you mean?
                    MANNER) Come on Akonyo, you think these are real                107.   VICKY:    (LAUGHING) One day you will understand what you just
                    glasses I am wearing? I just want to look serious, corporate.                    said to me?

92.   AKONYO:       Eh, you look like you have a nice job! What’s your title?       108.   AKONYO:   What did I say?

93.   VICKY:        I have many. Sometimes I work on visitors, like                 109.   VICKY:    (JOCULAR BUT KNOWINGLY) Just be sure! With a job
                    today…other times I work in the records office.                                  like mine, I cannot sleep… I am on duty all the time.
                    (BOASTFUL) I am basically everywhere.
                                                                                    110.   AKONYO:   Also me as soon as I finish books, may be I will get a good
94.   AKONYO:       Eee mama! At least for you, Vicky. (DOUBTFUL) But how                            job and dress up like you… very smart.
                                                                                    111.   VICKY:    Me I don’t have that time… to grow old in school… what is
95.   VICKY:        What do you mean?                                                                the point?

96.   AKONYO:       You haven’t yet even finished your A-levels and here you        112.   AKONYO:   Wait till I tell the rest of the girls where I saw you!
                    are in a bank…
                                                                                    113.   VICKY:    (TEASING) Are you still running that Girl’s United club of
97.   VICKY:        Akonyo… nothing is impossible…                                                   yours?

98.   AKONYO:       You look at even the clothes you are wearing.                   114.   AKONYO:   Yes!
                    (WONDERING) They are very expensive I can see!
                                                                                    115.   VICKY:    You girls still dream in those things!
99.   VICKY:        (BOASTFULLY) Eeeh! Those things… u know!
                                                                                    116.   AKONYO:   Vicky, Girls United is very serious and that is why I came
                                                                                                     to see Isaac.

                                        English Episode 94

117.   VICKY:          (STUNNED) Isaac? (JEALOUSLY) What do you want Isaac         138.   JACKSON:   You are allowing these goats to eat my potatoes….
                                                                                   139.   TOM:       No… you are lying….
118.   AKONYO:         Business of course?
                                                                                   140.   JACKSON:   How dare you speak to someone older than you like that….
119.   VICKY:          (GROWING CROSS) You? What sort of business would you
                       have with him?                                              141.   TOM:       No the goats have not eaten your potatoes…

120.   AKONYO:         Vicky, am I going to see Isaac or not?                      142.   JACKSON:   You are calling me a liar…

121.   END.                                                                        143.   TOM:       But it’s not true Mr. Jackson…

                                                                                   144.   JACKSON:   You small rascal… ye have you forgotten how you burnt up
122.   Scene 4                                                                                       my business?
123.   Location:     Ext. Guma’s farm. Day.
124.   BG SFX:       Farm (Goats) sounds                                           145.   TOM:       But I have not disturbed anyone this time…
125.   TOM, JACKSON.
                                                                                   146.   JACKSON:   And your father has not even paid me for the damage you
126.   SFX: GOATS BLEETING                                                                           caused…

127.   TOM:            MIMICKING GOATS                                             147.   TOM:       Mr. Jackson I am going to report you to my father.

128.   JACKSON;        You boy!                                                    148.   SFX:       GOATS BLEETING FERVENTLY, BLEATING GETS
                                                                                                     LOUDER AND LOUDER
129.   TOM:            SCREAMS WITH A STARTLE
                                                                                   149.   TOM:       Leave the goats alone… (TEARFULLY) You are hurting the
130.   JACKSON:        Instead of going to school you are now watching goats?                        goats

131.   TOM:            (TIMIDLY) But today is Saturday, Mr Jackson.                150.   JACKSON:   (STRUGGLINGLY) Tell your father, Guma, to come and see
                                                                                                     me with my money… if he wants his goats…
132.   JACKSON:        Why are you here, Tom?
                                                                                   151.   TOM:       You are hurting them… bring them back….
133.   TOM:            I just wanted to play with goats.
                                                                                   152.   SFX:       GOATS (FADING OFF) BLEETING
134.   JACKSON:        I am confiscating these goats… you should not be bringing
                       them here…                                                  153.   JACKSON:   (OFF MIC) Tell your father that he should come with my
                                                                                                     money you rascal. Just like your father.
135.   TOM:            (STUBBORNLY) But no… no…
                                                                                   154.   TOM:       (CALLING OUT) Alfonse, Alfonse. Mr. Jackson I am going
136.   JACKSON:        Let go of this rope you brat…                                                 to report you to my father and tell him that you have
                                                                                                     abused him.
137.   TOM:            These are my father’s goats not yours!

              English Episode 94

155.   END.

                                       English Episode 94

                                                                                    172.   JUDITH:   (SINGLE HIT ACCOMPANED WITH NOISE) I told you I
                                                                                                     never miss. Let it ever make noise for us again.
156.   Scene 5
157.   Location:     Int. Judith’s Home, evening                                    173.   CAROLE:   You are so perfect. I thought you would fail to hit it!
158.   B/G SFX:      Cocks crowing, hens, birds
159.   JUDITH, CAROLE, MONDAY                                                       174.   SFX:      PHONE RINGS

160.   JUDITH:         Hey, Carole, it’s there. I have seen it pass behind you ….   175.   CAROLE:   Your phone…
                       There it is!
                                                                                    176.   JUDITH:   Give it to me, Carol… Oh… It’s Monday… What does he
161.   CAROLE:         Where, Mama Rebecca? (SCREAMS) I fear rats!                                   want this time? Hello!

162.   JUDITH:         It must be hiding in those rags behind you in the corner…    177.   MONDAY:   (ON SPEAKER PHONE) You woman!
                       let me get a strong stick… watch over it and make sure it
                       does not escape. And close all the other doors… (DOORS       178.   JUDITH:   What?
                       CLOSING, FOOTSTEPS)
                                                                                    179.   MONDAY:   (ANGRILY) I’m on my way to pick your head…
163.   CAROLE:         Mummy, I feel so weak… I won’t help you much though.
                                                                                    180.   JUDITH:   (SURPRISED) My head!
164.   JUDITH:         Ahaaa…. This stick will be enough… This rat has really
                       given us enough headaches. You can never keep any food in    181.   MONDAY:   Yes. Your head. You de campaigned me and I lost elections,
                       the house! Let me come…                                                       as if that is not enough, you send people to attack me in my
165.   CAROLE:         They use a stick with branches… but if you trust your
                       target, go ahead…                                            182.   JUDITH:   (SCARED) Send people… Monday, are you fine?

166.   JUDITH:         Now, you stand there and only direct me… watch its           183.   MONDAY:   You want to pretend as if you do not know. Why do you
                       directions and tell me. But where is Rebecca, Carol? You                      want to kill me and worse still, use my own son?
                       shouldn’t be running around with rats.
                                                                                    184.   JUDITH:   Your own son! Who, Robert?
167.   CAROLE:         She went to fetch water. But I can help.
                                                                                    185.   MONDAY:   He is just lucky. I almost sent him to his creator. You
168.   JUDITH:         Okay. I’m going to push the rags with this stick… just                        woman!
                       watch (SILENCE)
                                                                                    186.   JUDITH:   What have I done, and what has Robert done?
169.   CAROLE:         There it is! Hit it! (SCREAMS)
                                                                                    187.   MONDAY:   If Robert is going back to school, let him not come to abuse
170.   JUDITH:         (HITTING REPEATEDLY) Where will you escape… I must                            me. How does he stand in front of me and say that I am a
                       kill you…                                                                     bad father? I cannot pay school fees for a fellow father… I
                                                                                                     can’t… somebody who has ruined my life in Rock point!
171.   CAROLE:         (LAUGHING) You have it Maama Becky!
                                                                                    188.   JUDITH:   So do you think that’s being a good father, Monday?

                                 English Episode 94

189.   MONDAY:   What? I knew you had a hand it, Judith? Oooh… I see… Be
                 ready to face me. You will not know the time I will climb
                 your neck…(HANGS UP)

190.   CAROLE:   What is going on, Mama Rebecca?

191.   JUDITH:   Monday says Robert has been at his garage demanding for
                 school fees… Let me hope that he did not intend to provoke
                 his father…

192.   CAROLE:   Robert has a problem… I do not like the way he does

193.   JUDITH:   Like what…

194.   CAROLE:   Look at the way he ignores me…he hates me!

195.   JUDITH:   Carol, I will do all I can to make sure that Robert changes
                 his attitude.

196.   CAROLE:   I miss my family, Mama Rebecca… when can I go to see

197.   JUDITH:   You can always go when you are ready. But then, I will first
                 look through my timetable and see whether I can go with
                 you… wont you like that, Carol?

198.   CAROLE:   I would, Mama Rebecca. (SUDDEN SCREAM) Eee! Another

199.   END.

                                       English Episode 94

                                                                                      217.   PASTOR:    It’s a menu, in fact, for love in marriage. Respect your wife,
200.   Scene 6                                                                                          honour her – and if I may be so courageous…take delight in
201.   Location:     Ext. Church. Day.                                                                  her!!
202.   B/GSFX:       Church ground ambience
203.   MIKE, IMAM, GUMA, SOLOMON                                                      218.   ALL:       LAUGH

204.   MIKE:          Ha! Imam, at this rate! You are going to become more            219.   SOLOMON:   “Genuine affection” is the best answer to saving a marriage,
                      famous than the prophet Mohammed himself!                                         take it from me. I can’t even count the ways I love my Nana
                                                                                                        now that I am totally focused on her! (LAUGHS)
205.   ALL:           LAUGHTER
                                                                                      220.   PASTOR:    Eh, Solomon, that is the best news I heard in a month of
206.   MIKE:          (AMAZED) Your speech has been played on all the radios I                          Sundays. Being faithful! I like that.
                      know! Even in the city.
                                                                                      221.   GUMA:      Okay… so where does this entire love going? How is
207.   PASTOR:        I am telling you! Mike is right! If there is one thing I have                     “genuine affection” making a man stand up and march?
                      learnt, there are a thousand and one reasons why every                            That’s my question!
                      man should march.
                                                                                      222.   O/C:       It’s time for me to chip in…
208.   GUMA:          But you see that is just the problem
                                                                                      223.   GUMA:      OC?!!
209.   IMAM:          Come on Guma! What do you mean? I am telling you this
                      march is going to be unstoppable!                               224.   OC:        Yes. O/C, that’s me. Chief of police. And do you know what
                                                                                                        kind of men I have to deal with? The worst! Men who beat
210.   GUMA:          What I am saying is; if someone asked you why you are                             their wives until they can hardly walk. Verbal, physical and
                      going to march, what would you say?                                               mental torture that men think they can apply to discipline
                                                                                                        their wives. You should see the women! And men think they
211.   IMAM:          For my family and for my community. For my beliefs!                               are doing this to honour their marriages. They honestly
                      That’s what I would say.                                                          think they have a RIGHT to hurt their wives – their
                                                                                                        children. It’s sickening, I tell you. Cowardly. Men I could
212.   PASTOR:        Beliefs? Let me ask Guma - and I am sure, Imam, you shall                         beat with two fingers do that to their wives and children…
                      agree with me on this: Guma might you know what Romans                            So, just because of that other men should stand up and say:
                      10:12 says?                                                                       No! This doesn’t happen in our town. We won’t accept this
                                                                                                        cowardly behaviour where we live!
213.   GUMA:          Pastor… you are the one who studies the bible, me I just try
                      to follow it!                                                   225.   IMAM:      O/C, I see you feel strongly. I wish I had had you there
                                                                                                        when I was convincing the men in my religion.
214.   ALL:           LAUGHTER
                                                                                      226.   O/C:       You know you can always count on me, Imam. Pastor…
215.   PASTOR:        Well it goes like this: “Love each other with genuine                             truly. And when it comes to the march, I am going to see
                      affection and take delight in honouring each other.”                              that you get proper police protection so that it’s peaceful…
                                                                                                        Peaceful. In fact that’s it, Guma, I am against all kinds of
216.   MIKE:          That sounds like a true recipe for love.

                                    English Episode 94

                  violence. I am FOR peace and harmony – on the streets, at
                  home, in our communities.

227.   IMAM:      Yes indeed O/C!

228.   MIKE:      So, can I say that the police are giving the march a green
                  light, OC?

229.   O/C:       Mike, you can tell the people of Rock Point that we will see
                  to it that peace prevails on the march. And that every man
                  who turns up on the day will be voting to protect and
                  honour his wife and family. As a policeman, if I am not
                  protecting the community, what am I doing?

230.   PASTOR:    I agree, O/C. That has reminded of what the apostle Paul
                  wrote to the Romans; our sons are doomed by their fathers’
                  bad examples. Let that NOT happen in Rock Point.

231.   GUMA:      Or anywhere in this country…

232.   ALL:       AFFIRMING

233.   SOLOMON:   (JOCULAR) It’s true, Pastor. So men who come and march
                  will also be standing up for their sons and showing that
                  they also have a future.

234.   END.

                                      English Episode 94

                                                                                   249.   BETTY:      (EXCITED) Thank you very much, Steve. I am going to
235.   Scene: 7
                                                                                                      church next time with this very new dress.
236.   Location      Home.               INT          Night.
                                                                                   250.   STEVE:      Mum, I brought you a wrapper. I know you like them so

239.   BETTY:        Steve, we were really missing you. (STURBORN) Blessing
                                                                                   251.   S.MOTHER:   I really love them. Thank you my son.
                     even feared in the house.

                                                                                   252.   STEVE:      And for my wife, Blessing, I have brought you this dress.
240.   BLESSING:     Did I, Betty?
                                                                                                      It’s kind of tight-because it’s the fashion today.

241.   BETTY:        Yes. What about the other night when I told you to escort
                                                                                   253.   BLESSING:   (Delighted) Thank you Steve, my husband.
                     me to the latrine, Blessing?

                                                                                   254.   STEVE:      That’s it. Otherwise, the business went really well and we
242.   BLESSING:     But that was outside not in the house, Betty.
                                                                                                      will be rich very soon.

243.   S.MOTHER:     (STUBBORNLY) It’s true, Steve, Blessing was badly
                                                                                   255.   BETTY:      Steve, where did you buy my dress? Need to know so that I
                     missing you.
                                                                                                      can boast for my friends. (THEY LAUGH AT BETTY)

244.   BLESSING:     (SHYLY) Mum.
                                                                                   256.   STEVE:      But you have never been to Kampala, Betty. You don’t
                                                                                                      know the places there.
245.   STEVE:        I was also missing her by the way. (BETTY GIGGLES)

                                                                                   257.   BETTY:      You just tell me, Steve.
246.   BETTY:        Steve, give us the things you said you have brought for us.

                                                                                   258.   STEVE:      I bought in Owino market.

                                                                                   259.   BETTY:      And even Blessing’s? Her dress will bring out her figure
248.   STEVE:        That is a dress for you Betty.
                                                                                                      very well.

                                       English Episode 94

260.   S.MOTHER:   But not for long.

261.   STEVE:      Not for long? Why, Mother?

262.   S.MOTHER:   Blessing is pregnant.

263.   STEVE:      (SHOCKED BUT WITH JOY) Pregnant! Oh thank God. We
                   are going to have children, not so Blessing.

264.   BLESSING:   (HAPPY) Yes, Steve.

265.   STEVE:      (WILDLY EXCITED) Oh Blessing, my beautiful wife. I love,
                   I love you, I love you (FADES)
266.   END.

                                       English Episode 94

                                                                                    285.   GUMA:      How dare you come and take my property in front of my
267.   Scene 8
268.   Location:     Ext. Jackson’s home. Evening.
                                                                                    286.   JACKSON:   And you call the brat of yours a child? That kid is just the
269.   B/G SFX:      Goats and Chicken sounds.
                                                                                                      mark of the devil himself, Guma!
                                                                                    287.   SFX:        (OUTRAGE) Jackson… let me never hear you curse my son
271.   SFX:            (OFF MIC) GOATS BLEETING
                                                                                                      like that again…
272.   GUMA:           (IRATE, THREATENINGLY) Jackson, do not try to pluck a
                                                                                    288.   JACKSON:   (ADAMANTLY) That rascal set my house business on fire?
                       single wire off my head.
                                                                                                      That was all I had you man… what sort of heart?
273.   JACKSON:        But Guma; it’s you talking to me like a ma-wire! It is you
                                                                                    289.   GUMA:      Jackson, listen to me careful because this is the final time I
                       shaming your self among people.
                                                                                                      am saying it. You will not get a single coin from me…
274.   ALFONSE:        Ha, me am seeing CHOGM…. Me am seeing CHOGM!
                                                                                    290.   JACKSON:   Sir, you must be joking… (LAUGHS SARCARSTICALLY)…
275.   JACKSON:        And you, Alfonse, what are you talking about?
                                                                                    291.   GUMA:      If you think I am going to get into my pocket and pay you
                                                                                                      for illegal brewing and selling of alcohol…. Then something
276.   ALFONSE:        Eh, Jackson, today you have found us seeing, you want to
                                                                                                      else is coming!
                       sell the goats for CHOGM
                                                                                    292.   JACKSON:   Guma, is your head working fine?
277.   JACKSON:        Alfonse you are just a Kasuku… (CALLING OUT) And
                       Guma what do you think you are doing?
                                                                                    293.   GUMA:      Jackson… and I want you to know…
278.   GUMA:           (OFF MIC) What don’t you see, Jackson? I am freeing my
                                                                                    294.   JACKSON:   Now you want to teach me like I am a school kid?
                                                                                    295.   GUMA:      As a matter of fact you must understand this as well as I
279.   JACKSON:        Guma my friend! Be careful with me?
                                                                                                      must teach my own children…
                                                                                    296.   JACKSON:   LAUGHING (SCORNFULLY)
281.   GUMA:           Jackson, you better start putting the right words where
                                                                                    297.   GUMA:      I will not compensate you for an illegal brew… to me that is
                       your mouth is.
                                                                                                      a bribe… it is corruption… and I am totally against it…
282.   JACKSON:        Guma, do not annoy me in the middle of the day. Pay my
                                                                                    298.   JACKSON:   And you say you are businessman! You must be using
                       money or otherwise leave the goats alone?
                                                                                                      witchcraft but you will see!
283.   GUMA:           Do you know I can charge you for stealing my goats?
                                                                                    299.   GUMA:      I have made up my mind…
284.   JACKSON:        Ha! Me and you! Who is the thief?
                                                                                    300.   JACKSON:   Guma, what is it that is protecting you? What? Is it because
                                                                                                      you are rich and we are poor?

                                  English Episode 94

301.   GUMA:      I am just doing the right thing and I have put my foot down.

302.   JACKSON:   What sort of man lets his children do anything to any one
                  as they please?

303.   GUMA:      My boy made a mistake? You put his life at risk?

304.   JACKSON:   Did I bring him here and tell him to burn my factory down?

305.   GUMA:      This is a child we are talking about? Don’t harass my son!
                  And you should keep in mind that he is my heir!

306.   JACKSON:   Oh, I see what you mean… Guma I have laughed at you!

307.   ALFONSE:   Boss I think we should go! I even think the goats have
                  already reached home!

308.   JACKSON:   You rich people, one day you will see…

309.   GUMA:      And am warning you Jackson… keep my son out of your
                  dirty games…

310.   JACKSON:   Oh you think I am playing?

311.   GUMA:      I don’t want you to come near Tom. You better understand

312.   ALFONSE:   (PLEADINGLY) Jackson why don’t you just say sorry and
                  we go. Boss let us go!

313.   GUMA:      Alfonse make sure that those goats get home.

314.   JACKSON:   (THREATENINGLY) Let me tell you one thing Guma…
                  (CALLING OUT) you will pay! One day soon, you will
                  surely pay!

315.   END.


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