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									Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
Bastiaan Wakkie                                       Website
Brouwerijstraat 64-3
B-1050 Brussels                                       Nationality Dutch
Tel: +32 (0)485 47 47 69                              Date of birth 23/04/1972
Email                             Driving licence B

Work experience professional
Global Webmaster

Period: 06/2007 - current

Employer: Eurofins Scientific Group

Type of Business or sector: Pharmacy

Main activities and responsibilities: Creating and
Maintaining Eurofins (a fast growing Bio-analytical company) websites all over the world.
Centralizing websites styles on an Open Source Umbraco CMS based on .Net. Maintaining around
200 domains, a-records, cnames, mx-records.

Languages: xslt, xml, html, css, javascript, .net, sql

Web Developer

Period 11/2006 till 05/2007

Employer: Infografic (now http://www.minotaur-

Type of Business or sector: Internet Website
design / Web solutions

Main activities and responsibilities: Restyling of
an old asp web site for the Walonian government. Setting up the website for the Woluwe parents
organisation in Typo3.

Languages: php, html, css, javascript, asp, sql, vb
Setting up a creche
Period: 01/2005 – 10/2006

Main activities and responsibilities: My girlfriend and me have been setting up a successful crèche
based in Brussels with a capacity of around 15 children.

Period: 05/2002 – 04/2005
Employer: Manpower Inc. EMEA HQ, Brussels,
Type of business or sector: Financial Business
Main activities and responsibilities: Apply a
complete new online design on existing web
applications and give support to countries within
EMEA and Asia Pacific. Create and maintain our
European Intranet. Responsible for website related
communication to countries, especially to not
technical public. Coordinating and analysing technical changes in the web technology used in
order to follow more web standards

Period: 10/1999 – 5/2002
Employer: Manpower The Netherlands HQ, Diemen, Holland
Type of business or sector: Financial Business
Main activities and responsibilities: Responsible to get all 7 websites from Manpower in the
Netherlands up and running. This involved a lot of designs. For every look and feel I created
additional banners.

PA of Maurice de Hond (Dutch internet guru at the time)
Period: 01/1999 – 10/1999
Employer: NewConomy
Type of business or sector: Financial Business
Main activities and responsibilities: Chauffeur and Technical assistance in setting-up internet
connection during seminars etc. Helped in setting up the Lotus Notes 5 structure within the

Work experience privately
Websites I have been involved in (please use Mozilla as browser!):

I have been building up this website from scratch and working
on it from 1999. The website is database driven (PostgreSQL) and shown through the scripting
language php.

A website about skin colour types and what colours in cloths
will fit best to it. It is written in html/css and is truly scalable!
Go there and hold the [ctrl] key while playing with the [–] and
[+] keys to see the effect. (Best viewed in Mozilla Firefox 1.5
or above.)

I created this mockup for the next generation of this
opensource online photo album. (Not yet active!)

Education and training
Higher Technical Education, Computer Science
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
From 1996 till 1998
Learned project management, programming in SQL and C++.

Middle Technical Education, Energy Transformation
Electro Technical School (ETS)
From 1990 till 1995
Learned how to calculate transformations of electrons in different ways

Lower Technical Education, Electro
Princes Irene Willemse School
From 1988 till 1989
Learned how to deal with all electricity in houses.

Special Education, General
From 1985 till 1987

Skills and competences
Mother tongue is Dutch (NL)
Other languages: EN (reading, writing and verbally good)
                      FR (Notice)
                      DE (Can follow a conversation)

Social skills and competences
My social skills are well developed. I understand and can anticipate on people quickly.

Organisational skills and competences
I can organise from quick fix projects to long term projects. Involve the right people at the right

Technical skills

This table shows a rough overview of my IT skills. Professionally speaking I have knowledge of
both Linux and Windows based systems. Privately I prefer to use Linux as I am in more favour of
the open source community mindset.

Category                   Windows                                  Linux
                           Dos, Windows 3.11, 95. 98. 2000. 2003,   Red Hat 5, Mandrake 8 till 10, Gentoo
Operating System           Vista                                    2004-2008, Ubuntu
Programming/Scripting Batch, Basic, Pascal, ASP, VB, Flash,         Bash, Perl, PHP, SQL, html, css, xml,
Languages             actionscript                                  javascript, ajax
Databases             MS SQL Server                                 PostgreSQL
                                                                    GIMP, Imagemagick, Open Office,
Other applications         Photoshop, MS Office, IIS
CMS                        Sharepoint, Umbraco                      Typo3

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