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Curriculum Vitae Contents: In the U.S., it's unlawful discrimination for employers to
deny you employment and schools to deny you an education, solely on the basis of
your age (if 40 or over), race, color, creed, gender, disability, religion, marital status
or number of children. Subsequently, you do not need to provide such personal
information in your U.S. curriculum vitae.
In fact, it's not a good idea to provide it even voluntarily. It might make employers or
schools feel uncomfortable, because of the potential discriminatory implications.
However, because the laws are different in other countries, employers or schools
might legally require you to provide personal information in your curriculum vitae,
such as your date and country of birth, marital status, number of children, religious
affiliation and nationality.
Below is a list of elements that a curriculum vitae might include. Which you'd include
depends on the purpose of your curriculum vitae, employer or school requirements,
your qualifications, and the country in which you are submitting it.
For example, in your U.S. curriculum vitae, you would not include those marked by
an asterisk (*). Those marked by double asterisks (**) are optional in the U.S.,
depending on employer or school requirements.

* Complete contact information

* Photo*

* Brief biography with personal details, such as age*, date and country
of birth*, marital status*, number of children*, religious affiliation*, nationality*,
and where you work or hold licenses

* Professional, career or research objective

* Education

* Study abroad

* Thesis or dissertation title and advisor

* Graduate fieldwork

* Awards, honors and patents

* Grants and fellowships
* Research experience

* Work experience

* Skills

* Publications and presentations

* Professional licenses and certifications

* Language skills

* Professional memberships

* Related extracurricular activities**

* Interests**

* References**

If you're not sure what you should include in your CV, contact the hiring authority or
school's admissions office and ask. Below are several curriculum vitae samples that
also serve as CV format examples. All are appropriate for the U.S., but employer or
school requirements might differ.

Sample Curriculum Vitae One
Sample Curriculum Vitae Three

Sample Curriculum Vitae Four
Sample Curriculum Vitae Five

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