INVITATION TO CONTRACTORS
                           Exploration Drilling Prequalification
                     Kurdistan Regional Government / Norbest Limited

This is to inform you that Norbest Limited is going to select a drilling contractor for exploration
drilling on Hawler Block, Northern Iraq. The program will consist of 2 firm and 3 optional wells.
The start of exploration drilling is expected on Quarter 3, 2009.

Additional information on the project and prequalification criteria can be found on Norbest
Limited website or requested by e-mail:

Proposals from the potential bidders are accepted till December 12, 2008. The proposals shall be
prepared in accordance with the instructions published on website
The proposals shall be sent to Stepan Asaulov, Vice President of Norbest Limited to the
following e-mail address:

The pre-qualified companies will be further requested to submit the commercial offers by the
date assigned by Norbest Limited.
                                 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
             about drilling project on Hawler Block, Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq

I.      Location

The Hawler Block is located in the vicinity of Erbil city.

                                             LOCATION                                 Ku
                                         OF HAWLER BLOCK                                rd






                                                                  Preliminary Well Locations

               0      7,5     15 км

The coordinates of the block are shown in the following tables:

     Point     Latitude E    Longitude N                 Point     Latitude E               Longitude N
      A        36°26'24''     43°30'32''                   I       36°02'47''                43°37'05''
      B        36°24'29''     43°41'30''                   J       36°10'49''                43°27'33''
      C        36°18'05''     43°51'10''                  K        36°13'04''                43°33'10''
      D        36°17'06''     44°00'32''                  L        36°11'48''                43°35'07''
      E        36°10'45''     44°09'30''                  M        36°17'27''                43°41'25''
      F        36°02'59''     43°56'43''                  N        36°18'48''                43°33'01''
      G        35°58'25''     43°52'03''                  O        36°22'25''                43°31'58''
      H        36°05'21''     43°43'18''

UTM coordinates
  Point         X                 Y                      Point         X                             Y
   A         366358            4033785                     I         375507                       3989979
   B         382700            4030000                     J         361433                       4005036
   C         397000            4018000                    K          369919                       4009088
   D         411000            4016000                    L          372800                       4006700
   E         424308            4004160                    M          382400                       4017000
   F         405000            3990000                    N          369860                       4019675
   G         397891            3981622                    O          368376                       4026378
   H         384915            3994592
II.       Basic information

 #                        Item                                        Description
      1. Number of wells                                      2 firm wells and 3 optional

      2. Maximum depth of the well, m                                    4 500 m

      3. Simplified geological section             1000-2000 m – Pliocene, Low Miocene Clastics
                                                      50-150 m – Low Miocene Saliferous Beds
                                                     The Paleogene and MZ sections are mostly
                                                      presented with limestone and dolomite

      4. Other information                          Two wells were drilled within the area. Both
                                                        wells encountered gas reservoirs.

III.      Requirements to the Equipment

 #                        Item                                        Description
      1. Minimum Pulling Capacity of the                                320 tons
         Drilling Rig

      2. Type of the Drive                                                Diesel

      3. Blow Out Equipment                                      Not less then 700 atm

      4. Mud Circulation System                                  Zero Mud Discharge

      5. Drilling Pumps                                    Minimum 2 Pumps 950 kW each

      6. Drill string                                          127 mm (G 105 or S 135)

IV.       Drilling Schedule

It is expected to start drilling operations on Quarter 3, 2009

2 firm + 3 optional exploration wells will be drilled one by one without any delays.

V.        Contract Type

The Potential Contractor shall provide information about preferable contract type for this project:

       1. Daily Rate Contract (includes only drilling rig)
       2. Integrated Services Contract (includes drilling rig, drilling crew, drill string, cementing
          services, mud services, drill bit services, supply of materials, etc.)
VI.       Prequalification Criteria

      1. Company’s experience in drilling operations, (Years and Clients)
      2. Total volume of exploration drilling during 2006 and 2007, (Volume in meters,
         Location and Client)
      3. Copy of the annual report for 2007 (If any exists)
      4. Experience of drilling operations in the Middle East, (Years and Countries)
      5. Compliance with international HSE standards, (Copies of Company’s HSE
         standards, HSE history)
      6. Compliance with the Requirements to the Equipment (item III of this document)
      7. Compliance with the Drilling Schedule (item IV of this document)

The Proposal prepared by the potential contractor for Norbest Limited shall contain:

         Brief Information about the Company
         Technical Specifications of the equipment proposed for this project
         Expected Drilling Schedule with clearly indicated start date
         Proposed Contract type (daily rate, integrated services or else)
         Information requested by the Prequalification Criteria

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