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									SKILLS:          Operating Systems: Solaris, SunOS, HPUX, Linux, QNX (Real-time Unix), XENIX, VirtuOS, NT & XP.
                 Languages & GUI: Java, J2EE, C++, C, SWT, Swing, X-Windows, Photon (GUI on QNX). Application Servers:
                 WebSphere, BroadVision One-To-One, JRun, WebLogic, JBoss and Tomcat. Databases: JDBC, Oracle, Pro*C,
                 Sybase, DB2, DataComplete, MySql. Tools: CORBA (Orbix), TIBCO products (InConcert, Integration Manager,
                 PC/Client) Roguewave Objects, Ant, Rational Rose, Rational Clearcase, Lucent’s Sablime, PVCS, Eclipse, PdfBox,
                 JPedal, AutoSys. Middleware: MQ Series, JMS, BEA Message queues, TIBCO Rendezvous, TCP/IP, Sockets,
                 NIS,NFS, RPC, Zcom, NIPC, Tuxedo, Templar, CONNECT:Direct, and various other IPCs. Internet: JAVA,
                 Applets, JSP, Servlets, HTML, WAP, XML, EJB, J2EE, HTTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. Scripts: Perl,
                 Unix Shell (ksh,bsh,csh), sed, awk, JavaScript, JSP, XML, HTML and WML. Applications: Web Account System,
                 Communication and security management for Financial Industry, Customer Service Applications for Pharmaceutical
                 industry, Telecommunication OSS, Gateway, Order Manager, Enterprise Workflow systems, Internet packages
                 (Web Server, browser, e-mail and other applications)

            As a senior consultant, I am involved in the design, development of Peppy using Java, XML, RIXML, JDBC, JBoss,
            Tomcat, Eclipse, PdfBox, MySql, Informix and other apache tools. Peppy is to extract information from various
            financial reports (equity, industry and region) that are available in multiple formats and tag them for reliable and
            faster retrieval by equity or industry using Bloomberg terminal.
             Designed and implemented Peppy using Java, XML, RIXML, JDBC, JBoss, Tomcat, Eclipse, PdfBox, MySql,
                 Informix and other apache tools.
             Designed and implemented configuration tool for Peppy using Java, XML, Bloomberg API, Sockets, PdfBox,
                 JPedal, SWT, Swing, Informix and various apache tools. This tool has the following features: view live
                 financial reports in pdf and text format from most of the financial companies (around 2300); define visual
                 regions in those documents; extract, refine and symbology lookup against various sources for these regions.

                 CITIGROUP, NJ (Jan. 05 – May 06)
                 As a senior consultant, involved in the design, development and enhancement of WebNAS using Java, C++, Jrun,
                 Web Sphere, MQ Series, Roguewave objects, JavaScript, Orbix, DB2, XML, HTML, Perl, etc., on Solaris Platform.
                 WebNAS is a web-based system used by financial consultants in the brokerage divisions of Citigroup to open and
                 maintain brokerage and other financial accounts for their clients.
                  Designed and implemented various enhancements to WebNAS system using Java, C++, XML, JSP, DB2, MQ,
                     JDBC, Orbix and HTML.
                  Redesigned, Implemented and maintained AppServer that acts as an interface between WebNAS and other
                     proprietary system using Java, JDBC, C++, Roguewave, MQ, DB2 libraries.
                  Implemented and supported auto population of PDF forms using fdfmerge, appendpdf, and java reflection APIs.
                  Wrote various maintenance/conversion scripts using Perl, SQL and Shell scripts.
                  Involved and coordinated various COB (Continuity of Business) tests.

                 MEDCO HEALTH SOLUTIONS, NJ. (FORMERLY MERCK-MEDCO) (Mar. 02 – Dec. 04)
                 As an Application Architect, was involved in the architecture, design, development of Electronic Service Delivery
                 (eSD) using BroadVision One-To-One, Java, C++, MQ Series, Roguewave objects, Rational Rose, JavaScript,
                 XML, XSL, HTML, Perl, etc., on HP-UX Platform. Electronic Service Delivery (eSD) is a B2B system that
                 provides the Customer Service Representatives (CSR) with the following information related to the patients: Order
                 status/processing, Prescription history, Claim processing, Supply request, Drug coverage and Pricing, Account
                 Summary, and opportunities that could be presented.
                  Architectured, designed & managed the outsourcing team in implementing various changes to eSD system for
                      Medicare using Java, C++, XML, XSL, JSP, BV One-To-One, MQ, and HTML.
                  Implemented and maintained various components of the system using Java, C++, XML, XSL, JSP, MQ, HTML
                      & BV One-To-One.
                  Architectured, designed the opportunities sub system using RUP methodology, and Rational Rose
                  Developed opportunities, Profile, and Claims modules using BroadVision One-To-One, C++, Java, JavaScript,
                      XML, XSL, HTML, and Roguewave objects.
                  Implemented the Mainframe communication module using C++, MQ Series, and Roguewave objects.
                  Implemented a Java socket server for rules processing using Haley Rules Engine.
                  Wrote various maintenance/conversion scripts using Perl.

                 CAP GEMINI TELECOM, MEDIA & NETWORKS, NJ (Dec. 97 – Feb. 02)

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              As a senior Software Developer, was involved in the design, development, implementation, production support,
              transition and training of various enterprise wide workflow, web front-end and middleware applications, for a
              leading Tele-communication company using CORBA, Tibco products (Integration Manager, InConcert,
              Rendezvous, JMS), C++, Java, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, etc., on SunOS, Solaris and HP-UX Platforms. Catalyst is a
              transparent integrated provisioning system, enabling to move a customer’s network support from one type of
              infrastructure to another, using a generic configuration manager that can activate and deactivate all the disparate
              work elements based on the NGOSS (Next Generation Operating System Solutions) architecture.
               Designed and implemented business process flows (workflow) using Tibco’s Integration Manager
               Designed and developed a JMS adapter/router and a parser for XML using JAVA, XML, JMS and Tibco’s RV
               Installed, configured and administered all TIBCO products (IM, RV, Rep. Server, Enterprise JMS) on a Solaris
              Common Workflow Manager (CWM) and Full Status & Tracking System (FS&T) These projects were implemented
              based on 3-tier architecture involving various internet technologies, to track various events such as ordering, pre-
              ordering, pre-sales, post-sales, provisioning, billing and maintenance, that occur in a large telecom Company.
               Designed and developed a Model/View/Controller design pattern to control user activities using JAVA,
                   Servlets, JSP, Beans, JDBC and Oracle.
               Designed and developed web pages using HTML, DHTML, and JavaScript on NS and IE browsers.
               Implemented InConcert templates to replicate business flows using Tibco’s PC/Client.
               Developed a synchronous daemon process wrapping Tibco’s InConcert APIs and BEA Message queues APIs to
                   query InConcert and serve CGI requests using C++ on a SunOS platform.
               Improved the performance of CGI by using Shared memory and semaphores.
               Implemented CGI programs to wrap ObjectQ (middleware) APIs, Oracle, and SQL*NET to communicate with
                   remote systems.
               Wrote a generic web-testing tool to automate the testing and performance measurement of Web server and CGI
                   scripts using CGI, HTTP and Perl.
               Wrote transition guide and other technical documents and was involved in the training, and transition of the
                   project, and production installation and support.
              Business Local Integrated Support System (BLISS) was an order manager for a leading telecom company, to place,
              track, and route the orders to appropriate LECs through a gateway system.
               Led a team of developers and helped top management in time cost estimates and provided architectural
                   solutions for various releases.
               Designed, developed and supported various releases of BLISS Order Server, Pre-Order (On-line) Client,
                   Formatter, DB Store using CORBA (Iona’s Orbix), C++, g2++, NIPC, IDLGen, DataComplete and Oracle.
                   Also implemented CORBA Simulators for testing.
               Designed and implemented BLISS Communication library using NIPC, g2++, DataComplete, Oracle.
               Benchmarked various communication methods to improve the performance of communication library using
                   C++, shared memory, TCP/IP sockets, NIPC, BLISS Foundation Services (BFS).
               Implemented database conversion programs between various releases using C++, DataComplete, Pro*C,
                   Oracle, Perl, and Shell scripts.
               Installed and administered NIPC in development environment.
               Implemented an interfacing agent using C++, CONNECT:Direct, Tuxedo and Templar.
               Wrote design document and program specs for various releases, and mentored other team members. Involved in
                   production installation, and post-production support for various releases of BLISS.
              Local Factory was an order entry, processing and tracking system for a telecom company to automate the ordering
              and processing of user requests.
               Designed and developed the front-end system to place and query user orders using Java, Applets, AWT, JDBC
                   and Sybase.
               Designed and implemented the back-end server to poll and process the orders using Java, JDBC.
              WebCheck was to monitor and generate report of the traffic and status of an EDI request in a telecom System.
               Designed and developed web pages using HTML, and JavaScript.
               Implemented the CGI program to query the database using C++, EDI, and Sybase DB Libraries.
               Implemented a stand-alone monitoring tool to analyze the EDI traffic using JAVA, and awt.
               Wrote automatic installation scripts, EDI Parser and cron scripts using Perl and Unix Shell scripts.
               Involved in production installation, and post-production support.
               Installed and administered Apache web server.

              DOW JONES & COMPANY INC, NJ (May 97 – Nov. 97)

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              Software Access Server (SAS) was to deliver various financial and company information from content servers to
              clients, based on their access privileges.
               Developed, enhanced and supported SAS using C++, TCP/IP Sockets, Multi-threads, Shared memory,
                   semaphores, Rogue wave tools++, and FIX.
               Benchmarked and improved the performance of SAS by using Shared memory.
               Analyzed and suggested tuning kernel parameters in Solaris for better performance.
               Helped the test team in test cases and wrote test stubs.

              TECHNAUTS INC., NC (Feb'96 - Apr'97)
              Tardis was a set-top Internet device that includes a web browser, newsreader, mailer, an interface server and an auto
              down loader.
               Led the Tardis team and was involved in the entire SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) of the project.
               Designed and developed a generic auto down loader to receive software updates based on the Push Technology
                  using C, TCP/IP Sockets on QNX and Linux platforms.
               Architectured and implemented an Interface server with auto-dial and parental control mechanism based on
                  RSAC and Safesurf using C.
               Designed and developed a web browser based on HTTP, HTML, C, and Photon (X-windows).
               Implemented a NewsReader based on NNTP using C, and Photon and ported it to VirtuOS.
               Implemented the back-end of mailer package using C, POP3, SMTP, IMAP and Photon.
               Actively participated in the demo to potential clients.
               Designed and implemented common libraries that were used by other Tardis applications.
              EzWeb Server was a web server array that features client-sensitive document providing, Access Control lists, web
              based configuration, document proxy, CGI Scripts, and statistical logging.
               Designed and developed the web server array using C, TCP/IP Sockets, Shared memory, semaphores.
               Implemented access control list for the web server using HTML, and JavaScript on QNX, Linux.

              HEWLETT-PACKARD PTE LTD., SINGAPORE (Feb. 95 – Jan. 96)
              Service Provisioning Platform (SPP) was to automate the processes involved in controlling and monitoring various
              network elements in TMB, Malaysia’s telecom network.
               Designed and developed a connection oriented, reliable, heterogeneous, post-box style SPP Communication
                  library using C++, TCP/IP, Sockets, Shared memory, Semaphores, and Zcom.
               Designed and developed SPP Startup server, that mimics Unix rc command to start various SPP processes based
                  on their run level and to monitor their health. This was developed using C++, TCP/IP Sockets, Shared memory
                  and Semaphores on HPUX platform.
               Wrote a SPP monitoring tool to report message (data) traffic and health of the SPP system using C++ and
                  Shared memory.
               Wrote design and functional documents for these modules using FrameMaker.
               Co-coordinated in the system integration testing of SPP system.
              Singapore Polytechnic Intelligent Computing Environment (SPICE) was to integrate CAD/CAM workstations and
              PCs, addressing performance, access control, naming directory service, security, accounting, configuration and fault
               Designed and developed user management system to create and maintain Unix, Netware and Lotus notes user
                  accounts and to setup user directories using C, TCP/IP Sockets, NIS, NFS, Oracle, and Pro*C on HPUX
               Implemented a reporting tool to detect any discrepancies in the accounts using C, Oracle and Pro*C.
               Implemented access control for various services using C, NIS, and NFS.
               Developed Unix Client interface to restrict user access to services using HP VUE.
               Designed and helped in the implementation of Netware login using C and RPC
               Prepared technical document and trained end users.
               Administered the user logins, and naming service domain maps using NFS and NIS.

              CITIBANK N.A, INDIA (Jan. 93 – Jan. 95)
              Security Management System (SMS) was to provide a single login authentication for the entire ‘virtual mainframe’
              network, implemented over a cluster of heterogeneous Unix machines.
               Lead a group of developers and was involved in the entire SDLC of the project.
               Designed and implemented SMS daemon process to maintain user login states across the network using C,
                  TCP/IP Sockets, UDP, Message Queues, Oracle, Pro*C on SunOS, Solaris and HPUX.
               Implemented srlogin API. All production programs have to call this API, to get access to any application or
                  database using C, message queues, TCP/IP Sockets and pseudo terminals.

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                  Designed and developed Network Installation Manager daemon process to compile and install applications,
                   using C++, TCP/IP sockets, X-View, Curses and make on SunOS platform.
                Involved in the Integration testing, control testing and UAT, and also co-coordinated all deliveries
                Prepared user manual and all other technical documents and was involved in user training
                Installed the software in various data centers in the Asia region and involved in production support.
                Lead and involved in the porting of this application in to Solaris and HPUX.
                Wrote user manual and trouble shooting guide for end-users.
               Repair Manager was to provide a very restricted shell to the programmer to fix a bug in a production environment
               with activity logging and interaction with Data Center Officers (DCO).
                Involved in the entire SDLC of this project and lead the porting to Solaris and HPUX.
                Developed DCO authentication and interaction modules using C, TCP/IP sockets, RPC, and X-View.
                Designed and developed a restricted repair shell using C, Psuedo terminals on SunOS, Solaris, HPUX.
                Modified elvis (editor) to disable unauthorized commands.
                Involved in user training and production support.
                Designed and developed a TSR (memory resident) Unix2Dos Mail(UDM) Utility in DOS to act as a mail
                   daemon and route it to appropriate user directory using DOS Interrupts, Turbo C and MASM
                Developed a XENIX daemon for UDM to poll and route the mails to dos using C and Mail Utility.
                Designed and developed a UI to maintain student information, question bank and to evaluate and analyze
                   student’s performance using Turbo C for a Computer Based Training and Evaluation package.

EDUCATION: M.S. (Computer Science), University of Madras, India, (May 1993)
           B.S. (Physics), University of Madras, India, (May 1990)

                TIB/Rendezvous and TIB/Message Broker by Tibco Inc, (Jan 2001)
                TIB/InConcert 5.x API Developer: Hands On by Tibco Educational services (Apr 2000)
                TIB/InConcert V5 client Concepts&configuration: Hands On by Tibco Educational services (Mar 2000)
                Building Wireless Web Sites with WAP: Hands On by Learning Tree (Mar 1999)
                Building Distributed Applications with Orbix and CORBA: Hands On by IONA (April 1998)
                Java for Web application Development: Hands On by Learning Tree (Feb 1998)

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