apr 08 - 09 final copy to parents by stariya


              ANNUAL PARENTS’ REPORT – SEPT 08/JULY 09

 1.      School Year 2009 – 2010

      Autumn Term 2009                   No of School Days             Non-Pupil Days

  Wednesday 2 September
            to                                   37                 Tuesday 1st September
               nd                                                              rd
   Thursday 22 October                                                Friday 23 October
                                   th                 th
Pupil Half Term Holiday: Monday 26 October to Friday 30 October
  Wednesday 4 November
             to                                  33                 Monday 2 November
            th                                                               rd
   Friday 18 December                                               Tuesday 3 November

       Spring Term 2010                 No of School Days              Non-Pupil Days

      Tuesday 4 January
              to                                30                          None
      Friday 12 February
                                   th                      th
Pupil Half Term Holiday: Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February
  Monday 22 February
           to                                   24                     Friday 26 March
   Thursday 25 March

       Summer Term 2010                 No of School Days              Non-Pupil Days

        Monday 12 April
                to                              34                          None
         Friday 28 May
                                   st            th
Pupil Half Term Holiday: Monday 31 May to Friday 4 June
        Monday 7 June
                to                              30                     Twilights planned
         Friday 16 July
      Good Friday: 2 April 2010
      Easter Monday: 5 April 2010
      May Day Bank Holiday: 3rd May 2010
      Spring Bank Holiday: 31 May 2010
      Royal Welsh Show: Monday 19 to Thursday 22nd July 2010

School Sessions: Morning: 9.15 am - 12.15 pm (12.00 for Classes 1 & 2)
                 Afternoon: 1.00 pm - 3.30 pm.


2.     Details of the Governing Body as at 31st October 2009

Name                        Appointed or elected by    Term of Office ends

Mr D. J. Gibson-Watt
(Chair), Doldowlod,
LD1 6HG                                 LEA            August 2012
Tel: 860208

Mrs J. K. Powell                  Parent Governor      October 31st 2010
Mrs E. Towns (Vice Chair)         Parent Governor      October 31st 2011
Mrs Michelle Woods                Parent Governor      October 31st 2013
Cllr J. Evans                           LEA            August 2012
Mrs R. Studman                  Foundation (Church)    Extended from
                                                       September 2005
Rev Ben Griffith                Foundation (Church)    Ex-officio
Mr Ben Humpheys                 Community Council      Nominated
Mr M. Hobbs                     Community Governor     Appointed
Mrs E. Kolano-Rogers               Teacher Rep         September 2013
Mrs H. Nixon                      Head Teacher

Clerk to the Governing Body: Mrs. C. Lewis, Penllys Fawr, Llysdinam,
Newbridge-on-Wye, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 6ND.

The next election will take place in September 2010 when Mrs Powell‟s term
of office expires.


3.    Changes in the Governing Body

Cllr John Evans is the new LEA representative on the Governing Body.
Parents will know him as a past Governor and a longstanding and
effective supporter of the School.

The Reverend Ben Griffith was inducted as vicar in July and became
an ex officio member of the Governing Body. His presence is very
welcome especially as he has previous experience as a school
governor and Chair. The Reverend John Stocker attended Governing
Body meetings during the year and came into school and his presence
has been much appreciated

Mr Ben Humphreys replaced Mr Stephen Powell in June as the
Community Council Representative on the Governing Body and Mrs
Michelle Woods replaced Dr Robert Luxton as a parent governor in May.

There were no claims for expenses by any member of the Governing
Body during the year.

4.    Review of the Year September 2008 - 2009

The year was again dominated by the Council‟s plans for the upgrading
and redevelopment of the School, the move into the new school
building in early June 2009 and subsequent problems with the new

In March 2009 the Governing Body, through the Chair, were reassured
that the contractors intended to meet their target handover date of May
22nd , the last day of the summer half term. The school was accordingly
closed for an extra week at half term for the move into the new
building. Parents were given good notice of this and it was felt that
extending half term would be much better than sending children home
for an isolated week of term at a late stage (and too late to change
the arrangements for parents). However, it became apparent that the
contractors had problems and would be late in completing the building.
The move into the new building therefore took place with contractors
still working on it and contractors continued to work after school hours
during the second half of term. It also became apparent that there
were a large number of defects or incomplete items, some of which
caused appreciable difficulties to staff and pupils. It is deeply regrettable
that the move to the new school, which should have been a matter of
happiness and celebration, has been spoiled by justified feelings of
annoyance and frustration.

In this situation the staff have responded splendidly and we are once
again very grateful to them for their hard work, perseverance and good
humour in tiresome (and tiring) situations. We are also very grateful to


all who have helped in various ways with the move from the temporary
buildings into the new school and in tackling the problems of the new
building. Parents should note the exceptional help and input from Mr
Hobbs and Cllr John Evans, both in negotiating with contractors and
PCC and in dealing with practical difficulties in the new school.

The necessary meetings and consultations throughout the year have
once again taken up a great deal of time for the Governors concerned
and in particular for the Head Teacher who has had to deal with
frequent calls, queries or visits concerning the works, in addition to
teaching a class and running the school. She has done so with
exceptional patience, good humour and stamina.

There still remain a number of outstanding matters. For instance, the
project includes redevelopment of the site of the temporary school (the
old sports pitch) into a MUGA (which is not a species of crocodile but
a “Multi-Use Games Area”). The work was originally intended to take
place in the past summer holidays but was put back by PCC for
further consideration of the design. The Governors‟ group dealing with
the construction project (Mr Hobbs, Cllr Evans, the Head Teacher and
the Chair) will continue to press for satisfactory resolution on this and
other issues.

During the year the school continued to develop its relations with
Howey school, which has now sadly closed, and we are glad to
welcome a number of Howey pupils from September 2009. Cllr Sarah
Millington, a Howey parent, has attended our meetings as an observer
and we are grateful for her help.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all these difficulties and excitements, pupils
have shown their usual resilience and seem to have enjoyed
themselves. They certainly seem to appreciate their new school. We believe
that the fact that school life has proceeded as successfully as it has
during a disruptive year is testimony to the character of staff and pupils
and to the ethos of the school.

We would particularly like to thank parents for their patience and their
positive and encouraging approach to the move to the new school and
the attendant problems. You appreciate, as we do, that despite the
(considerable) difficulties and frustrations we now have a well-equipped,
larger, modern school, complete with security door and cctv, whose future
is assured. This is a major asset for the community and we are
determined to look forward and build on the Council‟s investment in


5.    Community Centre

The Governing Body and the Community Centre Committee have
continued to co-operate successfully during the year as each body
negotiated its position with the County Council and pressed for the
rectification of defects or omissions in the building works, often in
alliance. The Chair of Governors attends meetings of the Hall
Committee to improve liaison and is in regular contact with the
Committee Chair and Treasurer.

 It is an integral part of the scheme for rebuilding the School that the
Community Hall becomes the School Hall during the school day (in
effect until about 5.30pm) and that in return the Council becomes a
tenant of the Hall and provides substantial financial support for the
Committee in running the Hall. It is important for everyone in the
Newbridge community to understand that if it was not for this scheme
the Community Centre would soon have had to close through lack of
financial support.

We believe that the School and the Community Centre will continue to
successfully work out the inevitable adjustments and teething troubles
arising from this new arrangement.

6.    Budget and Staff

The budget with future forecasts is included with this Report and is
kept under continuous review. It is particularly difficult to forecast the
true level of expenses in the new school and we suspect that the
surplus of income over expenditure which is currently forecast will be
much lower in reality

Miss Aimee Lewis returned to the school in the summer term to cover PPA
(planning preparation and assessment) non contact time allocated to each
teacher on a weekly basis. The school hosted two PGCE students from
Aberystwyth University during the year, Miss Melissa Mills joined Class 2 in
the school in the spring term followed by Mr Raymond O‟Sullivan in the
summer term.

Mrs Lyn Davies was successful in her application to take part in a language
programme based in Geneva and funded by the Welsh Assembly
Government. The course took place over the spring half term with the first
week spent on an intensive French programme along with fifteen other
teachers from Wales. Mrs Davies spent the second week in a small remote
country school in France and pupils have now received and sent emails to this
school. On return to school Mrs Davies has continued to deliver French to the
year 5/6 class.

On returning from secondment to Howey Primary school Mrs Erena Kolano-
Rogers joined the NPQH course which all teachers are now required to


complete in order to take up a Headteacher‟s post. A tutor has been assigned
and over the next 18 months Mrs Rogers will work towards this qualification.

Staff have continued to improve their skills and the following are examples
of training courses attended by them during the year:

PSE implementing the new framework.

Welsh Second language - Developing the linguistic and methodological skills
of Key Stage 2 teachers.

ICT Review Conference.

Safer Moving and Handling Training.

Welsh Assembly Government Foundation phase national training.

Primary Languages Project (British Council project).

Meeting the challenge of more able and talented pupils.

Creating developing and maintaining your school website and VLE Using
the new Schoolweb builder Facilities.

Human Resources Payroll Seminar.

Core Groups, Purpose & Function (Child Protection training).

ICT Self Review Framework –initial meeting.

Developing Assessment portfolio in mathematics at Key Stage2.

Use of Integris for pupil assessment.

3 year old settings.

In the zone training workshop.

Preparation for assessment.

Bilingual Resources NGFL.

Outdoor and adventurous.

N.P.Q.H. training.


7.    Grants and Other Sources of Income:

The School was delighted to receive a large donation from Penllergare Estate
Co Ltd towards the new stained glass window for the foyer. Mr P Willis from
Capita Symonds also personally donated £50 towards the window fund. Mrs
Mason from the Post Office very kindly donated £42 to the School which was
a percentage of her Christmas tree sales. Cllr Evans donated some money
towards a cupboard for the school. We are extremely grateful to all these
friends of the school for their generous donations.

8.    Early Years Education

Earlier in the year the school was informed that , due to a directive from
the Welsh Assembly Government , that the Early Years (3-year-old)
Provision could no longer be provided in a classroom setting and
schools providing it would have to go through the bureaucratic process
of registering for the purpose with the Care Inspectorate. This was
particularly annoying news because the 3 year old setting attached to the
School was running successfully and proving a great asset to the school.

It is not physically practicable for the school to satisfy the Care
Inspectorate standards and demands except in the area occupied by
Newbridge Nursery. The school therefore negotiated with Dr Jennings,
the owner of the Newbridge Nursery, and she is now providing Early
Years Provision and has registered to do so. While it may not be
possible to provide places in the Nursery for all children applying for
Early Years Provision, we believe that this is the best solution available
and are confident that the Nursery will provide a good service.

We kept parents seeking Early Years Provision informed during this
time of uncertainty and are grateful for their understanding and to those
who wrote to the LEA protesting at the government change of policy.
We are also grateful for the assistance provided by officers within the
LEA in facilitating the transition from school to Nursery provision.

9.     Newbridge Nursery

The Newbridge Nursery (creche) has had a year rather similar to that
of the school. It ran well in the temporary school between September
2008 and June 2009, but had considerable problems because of late
delivery and defects in that part of the new building to which it moved
in June. This led to problems with its registration which Dr Jennings,
the owner of the Nursery, tackled with skill and determination.

We are confident that the satisfactory relations between the school and
the Nursery will be maintained and that the Nursery will continue to be
a valuable asset for the school. The Head Teacher and the Chair of
Governors liaise closely with Dr Jennings. We have already commented
on the continuation of Early Years Provision through the Nursery.


10.    The School Council

The School Council has continued its work of discussing matters of
concern to pupils and making recommendations to staff and Governors.
It is now both a valuable feature of Personal and Social Education for
pupils and an established part of the running of the School. Each class
is represented by an elected boy and girl, with a full election process
including nominations, election manifestos of candidates displayed in
class, and a class question-and-answer session with the candidates,
before the class votes for their chosen candidate.
Staff can attend Council meetings but only as observers, although they
do give support to the pupil delegated to take the minutes. At their
regular meetings Councillors raise the issues of particular concern to their
class. Council recommendations then go to the teaching staff and to
the next Governing Body meeting for consideration and action. Mr John
Thompson, who until recently was a governor at the School, kindly continues
to attend all meetings to offer support.
The Government has now made the establishment of Councils
compulsory in all schools and has required that a member of staff be
designated to be responsible. We feel that this is a pity because
Government usually spoils things when it makes them compulsory and
a School Council will only succeed in a good school which feels ready
to develop one.       The Head Teacher has been designated as
responsible for the School Council with Mrs Lewis providing support.
However, as Mr Thompson and others have often witnessed, the elected
members of our Council conduct their business extremely well without
needing help or supervision.
The School Council representatives for 2008/09 were:

Geraint Mathias, Rhian Thomas, Jessica Bray, Sean Powell, Harry Hooper,
Ffion Corfield, Georgiana Winstanley, Steffan Towns, Theo Davies, Rhodri
Jones, Shannon Powell, Remi Bradbury, Millie Forkings, Jasmin Everton,
Lowri Thomas, Gethin Lawrence and Kieran Yates.

At the first meeting of the year the following pupils were elected as officers:
Chair: Geraint Mathias
Secretary: Rhian Thomas
Vice Chair: Sean Powell
Vice Secretary: Jessica Bray

All the School Council representatives were outstanding and proved to be
superb Ambassadors for the school. The School would like to thank everyone

involved and to wish the officers who have moved on to the local High
Schools every success.

              ANNUAL PARENTS’ REPORT – SEPT 08/JULY 09

Achievements of the School Council 2008/09:

         Making of new silver boxes.
         Minister for children at the Welsh Assembly Government accepted an
          invitation to visit the school.
         Considered the opening celebrations for the new school.
         Distribution of Powys Badges to all school council members.
         Howey school council joined Newbridge for school council meetings.
         Wrote to Highways Dept about safety concerns associated with the
          busy road in the village.
         Compettions.
         Raised funds to finance future competition prizes.

11.       Eco-Schools Committee
Committee 2008/2009

Chair:                Megan Powell
Vice Chair:           Charlotte Nixon
Secretary:            Mollie Wills
Vice Sec:             Jenna Myatt
Activities Chair:     Matthew Southerby

The committee helped organise the following activities:

         Yellow Woods Challenge
         ECO Event at the showground
         ECO Day
         Farmers Market
         Fait Trade sub committee
         Drafted a Fair Trade policy
         Banana day

12.       Road Safety Officers Club

2008/2009 Officers:

Chair:                Douglas Lewns
Vice Chair:           Sophie James
Secretary:            Joe Matthews
Ass Sec:              Rachel Southerby

The Road Safety Officers provided safe crossing for the pupils when attending
Church services. They also asked parents to move their cars if they were
parked on the yellow zig zag lines on the access road at the end of the school
day. This campaign proved to be very successful in keeping the access road
clear for the school buses.

              ANNUAL PARENTS’ REPORT – SEPT 08/JULY 09

13.       Buddy Group

This has been developed to support individual pupils and deal with any
incidents of bullying.

Buddy Leaders - Class representatives:

Chair:          Emma Kolano-Rogers
Secretary:      Shauna Jones
Class 4:        Year 6: Emma Kolano-Rogers and Shauna Jones
                Year 5: Rhiannon Towns, Sunnie Luxton, Oliver Woods and
                Billy Mason

Class 3:        Year 4: Laura Powell and Jade Pugh
                Year 3: Emyr Davies, Sam Forkings, Shaun Fairclough and
                Emmie Jones

Class 2:        Year 2: Jack Hughson, Cerys Fairclough, Lyndon Jones, Emily
                Lewis and John Gwillim

Class 1:        Katie Hughson, Benjamin Woods, Martha Watt and Connor

The Group:

         Supported new members
         Held regular meetings
         Organised competitions
         Raised issues in whole school assemblies
         Made Buddy bunting for the break out area.

14.       Healthy Eating Committee Representatives:-

Chair:                Grace Samuel
Vice Chair:           Evelyn Watt
Secretary:            Ashley Davies
Vice Secretary:       Tegfan Jones

Class representatives: Harriet Jones, Laura Jackson, Emily Matthews, Katie
Hughson, Colin Edwards, Adam Hough, Jessie Mason and Charlee Kolano-

         .Healthy schools Accreditation Bid
         Awarded phase 3 of the Healthy schools award


15.    Cultural Links and Links with the Community
Harvest Festival
The pupils led a Harvest Festival Service followed by harvest stalls organised
by pupils in year 6 who had decided all funds raised would be donated to the
local Bracken Trust.

Operation Christmas Child (Samaritans) Shoe Box Scheme
The school has participated in this scheme for a number of years and once
again the school and local community sent over 40 boxes to children in less
fortunate circumstances.

Children in Need
A non uniform day and a biscuit stall organised by the pupils succeeded in
raising over fifty pounds for this national charity.

National Welly Day
This popular event involved buying a ticket in order to wear wellington boots
and it raised over twenty five pounds for the Charity RABI (Royal Agricultural
Benevolent Institution). Pupils who took part in Welly day were awarded with
a sticker.

South Powys Youth Music
A string quartet playing a range of classical favourites captured the
imagination of our children. After the recital pupils were able to question the

Action Team
The Newbridge Baptist chapel once again sent along a group of young people
from an Action team who had recently returned from a 6 month stay in
Calcutta. They had been working in an orphanage and they talked about their
work during that time.

Theatre Powys
A workshop led by Theatre Powys involving all junior pupils from Newbridge
and Howey proved a great success. The school are fortunate in having the
opportunity to access the skills of this group who enable pupils to interact in a

Schools Police Officer
PC Heard, the Llandrindod based Schools Officer, visits the school termly
delivering a programme of sessions to pupils. Topics covered were internet
use and safety.

Science Week - Llysdinam Field centre
The field centre hosted an infant day during National Science week at the
Llysdinam centre looking at bugs and their habitats. There was an
enthusiastic response from the staff and pupils to the planned activities.


Climate Changing Workshop
The Llanidloes based group PEDEC play an increasingly important role in
curriculum input and their offer of a workshop covering Climate change with
the older pupils fitted perfectly into the “our planet“ topic.
Pupils from Years 5 and 6 spent three exciting days at Llangrannog Centre
near Llangrannog accompanied by Mrs Helen Nixon, Mrs Glover-West and
Mrs Amanda Jones. The children had a wonderful time taking part in
orienteering, skiing on a dry ski slope, cliff top walking, trampolining and go-
karting. In the evenings there was singing, disco dancing and games in the
gym. The children also had Welsh lessons and were able to use the welsh
they had learnt in the local shops.
Leominster Tengeru Link Project
The School continues to support the Tengeru project and we were delighted
to welcome visitors from Tanzania to the school.
Powys Writing Squad
Evelyn Watt is a member of the Powys writing squad which meets termly for a
series of workshops given by invited writers.

The School Eisteddfod was held in March 2009 in the community hall and it
was a very successful event with some wonderful performances. The
Eisteddfod this year was organised by the Friends of the School with the
support of the Davies family and the Eisteddfod committee who hope to be
back to full strength next year. Cups and prizes were provided by the usual
local families with the Friends of the School and the committee supplying the
popular purses awarded to all competitors. We are also grateful to the two
high schools for providing judges in the music (Mrs Kath Ealey-Fitzgerald from
Llandrindod High) and recitation sections (Dr Bernard Jones from Builth Wells
High School).

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust Quiz:
The School was delighted when our team, consisting of Emma Kolano-
Rogers, Douglas Lewns, Grace Samuel and Matthew Sotherby got through to
the final of the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust Quiz where they came creditable
runners up.

Bobby Busters
The school was delighted when the Bobby Busters team reached the fourth
round of the general knowledge quiz. In the third round past pupil acting Chief
Superintendent Steve Hughson joined the school for the quiz. This was the
best performance by any team for some years so although they missed out on
a place in the final they must be commended for their efforts.

The team was made up of Shauna Jones, Sophie James, Geraint Mathias
and Megan Powell.

               ANNUAL PARENTS’ REPORT – SEPT 08/JULY 09

Farmers Market
The pupils of Class 4 working with Mrs Janet Powell and Cafe project workers
organised, planned and held a Farmers Market in the Community Hall. The
class had been divided by the ECO committee into three groups: publicity,
production and organisation and all had a key role to play in the setting up
and running of the Farmers Market. Approximately 12 stalls, fitting the criteria
set, agreed to attend the first Newbridge Farmers Market. Despite torrential
rain pupils managed the event beautifully, reinforced by the feedback from
stallholders and customers, and they raised over £100!

WI Garden Party
The school was invited to folk dance in the grounds of Mr & Mrs Stirland‟s
home at a garden party organised by the WI. A group of infant and junior
pupils danced traditional welsh dances trained by Mrs Lyn Davies and Mrs
Rogers and helped by Mrs Amanda Jones. Gratitude was also expressed to
parents who helped with costumes and transport to the event. The WI kindly
donated £20 to the School Fund as a thank you.

Staylittle Problem Solving Workshop
As part of the transition links pupils were involved in a joint event held with
Howey and Newbridge pupils who were engaged in a day of practical tasks
planned by the Staylittle team.

Bilingual Day
The School held a Welsh day in the summer and pupils from Howey were
invited over to join in the fun. All the children had a great time playing welsh
games and trying out traditional welsh dances.

16.       Charities

As previously mentioned in section 15;

         £25 was raised for RABI (Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution) by
          Welly Day
         Over £50 was raised by a non uniform day for Children in Need.
         The Harvest Festival collection and stalls raised over £150 for the
          Bracken Trust.

17.       School Development Plan (“SDP”)

(a) The Governing Body again decided that self-evaluation was
inappropriate this year because of the uncertainties caused by the
anticipated move to the temporary School. We would however comment
that the resilience of everyone in the school in surviving and
confronting the problems associated with the new building should
feature in next year‟s self-evaluation which will form part of the School
Development Plan for 2009-10


Because of existing and anticipated pressure on staff we again asked
the Head Teacher to undertake a lighter SDP for this year.
(b) Each of the National Curriculum subjects taught in the School is
overseen by a teacher as Subject Curriculum Co-ordinator, with a non-
teaching Governor responsible for reporting to the Governing Body on
that subject. This system again appears to have worked satisfactorily
during the past year although there have been changes of governor for
a number of subjects.
(c) In general the      strategy for each subject should be apparent from
the SDP, although      the entries in the SDP are necessarily summarised.
Inevitably the staff   cannot concentrate on improvements in every subject
at once, so some       subjects will receive more attention than others from
time to time.

18.   Targets set by the Governing Body for the coming 3 years
      and progress towards recent targets.

The School has continued to make good progress towards achieving
the recommendations in the Estyn Inspection Report. Our objectives
over the next 3 years are set out in the School Development Plan.
The Governors do not regard it as beneficial to set more precise
objectives. Progress in meeting previous objectives will be summarised
in the School Annual Review / Self-Evaluation in the SDP.

19.   Action taken to review School policies and to implement and
      review School Strategies

The School has continued its 4 year cycle of policy and strategy review.

Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC)
ESDGC has been adopted as part of a long term strategy in Newbridge-on-
Wye. The whole school community working with the ECO committee has
achieved Green Flag status, a recognised environmental symbol. The school
curriculum reflects a broad range of environmental topics which is supported
by visiting speakers and outside agencies. The school is part of the Actions
Speak Louder than words focus group which has involved seminars with pupil
groups, and recently a visit to the Centre for Alternative Technology at
Machynlleth. Activities are planned for the pupil‟s parents and governors in the
coming year.

Since the introduction of Bilingualism the school has focused on strategies to
develop pupils‟ knowledge of spoken Welsh and its use across the curriculum.
The school as part of a cluster group pilot scheme just over two years ago
began to consider how bilingualism could best be introduced in a school with
no fluent Welsh speakers. The teaching staff worked alongside the Athrawon
Bro to develop planning and word banks to support the delivery of the
curriculum in a positive environment. Teaching staff have accessed training to


support the use of Welsh in the classroom. Initially input focused on D&T, Art
and PE with the foundation phase but this has now been extended to across
the curriculum.

Pie Corbett
The school identified the need to improve writing opportunities in the school
improvement plan and the chance for a member of staff to attend a Pie
Corbett writing course as a cluster group representative was taken. The
school has since begun to introduce the Pie Corbett programme beginning
with short burst creative writing. The structure of Pie Corbett‟s approach aims
at giving pupils a model to develop their own writing and pupils are
encouraged to share ideas otherwise known as “magpie”. The Pie Corbett
school leader will visit other schools to observe this approach and share ideas
on their return with colleagues.

20.   Attendance Information

The NAW rules for assessing attendances and non-attendances have
changed. The Head Teacher has sent a letter to parents explaining these
changes and the consequences for the School. Detailed attendance
information is attached below.

Attendance Return from 3 September 2008 to 17 July 2009

21.    Pupil Assessment Results

These are attached to the back of the APR for your information.

22.    Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy

The School has a well developed Special Education Needs Policy and
ensures that sufficient resources are made available to support this. Mrs Alis
Hobbs has continued as the SEN teacher and she liaises closely with the
School‟s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who is in our case
the Headteacher. She prepares the children‟s Individual Education Plans
(IEPs) in conjunction with the child‟s class teacher after extensive
consultation. After consultation with the LEA Extended School Action Plus


funding was granted for a short period for those children requiring additional

Mrs Hobbs regularly attends courses to update her skills and knowledge to
accommodate the range of learning needs to be addressed. The new school
building provides a designated room for SEN which should allow further
progress in SEN provision.

23.    Disabled Pupils

The School makes all reasonable efforts to accommodate pupils of all
abilities and the caring ethos promoted in the School is intended to
prevent disabled pupils being treated less favourably than others.

The new School is wheelchair friendly in line with current regulations and
includes a toilet designed for disabled pupils with shower and space for
a changing table and mobile hoist if and when required.

Once the disruption generated by the move, first to the temporary
school and now to the new building, has dissipated, the school will
prepare its Disability Enablement Scheme. There seemed little point in
doing so when using facilities which bore no relation to those which
will be available to the school in the future.

24.    Sporting Aims and Achievements

The School is concerned to ensure that the setting of sporting aims or
targets does not erode the School‟s standards for sportsmanship and
healthy competition and also the opportunity for a good number of
different pupils to represent the School. We are conscious that putting
out the best team may conflict with our wish to involve everyone with
ability and enthusiasm.

The School‟s aim, therefore, is         to provide a wide range of sports
opportunities for pupils and to        improve sporting performance where
possible. Over the last few years      we have been very successful in this,
largely because of the dedication      of staff and others who run or coach
after-school sports clubs.

The development of a Tag Rugby club is the latest example. Pupils are
enjoying a good range of sports and school teams are winning, or
doing well, in competitions in which the School did not compete a few
years ago.

The school joined the P.E.S.S project in September and Mrs Erena Kolano-
Rogers was appointed cluster coordinator during the year. The project
involves a three year rolling programme with training for teachers, coaching
for pupils and events held within the catchment. The dinner ladies were the
first to attend a training event at Irfon Valley primary school on the introduction
of the „In the zone‟ programme involving planned breaktime games. This


programme has had a big impact on breaktimes when pupils can be seen
engaged in a range of activities utilising resources purchased by the Friends
of the school and the games taught to the pupils. The school coordinator has
attended an outdoor and adventurous training session and there are training
days for all staff planned in the coming year.

25.   Sports and After-School Clubs

The pupils of year 6 enjoyed four weeks of bowling organised by the
Llandrindod Club at the outdoor bowling green. Certificates were presented to
the nine year 6 pupils by Mr Alan Price a bowling club official.
Franksbridge Football Evening:
U9s: Shaun Fairclough, Harry Hooper, Jordan Hughes, Rhodri Jones, Billy
Mason, Dafydd Powell and Steffan Towns
U11s: Rhiannon Towns, Ashley Davies, Geraint Mathias, Joe Matthews, Sean
Powell, Matthew Southerby and Oliver Woods

Llanelwedd Football
Tean U 9s: Ashley Davies, Jordan Hughes, Shaun Fairclough, Rhodri Jones,
Dafydd Powell and Steffan Towns
U11s: Rhiannon Towns, Geraint Mathias, Joe Matthews, Sean Powell,
Matthew Southerby and Oliver Woods

Penybont Football Tournament
U 11s : Jordan Hughes, Billy Mason, Geraint Mathias, Joe Matthews, Dafydd
Powell ,Sean Powell, Matthew Southerby, Rhiannon Towns and Oliver


The Cricket Club was again enthusiastically supported by pupils. The
Club played on the village field which proved very suitable. We are
grateful to Mr Raymond O‟Sullivan, the PGCE student attached to class 4,
for his help with the club.


Radnor Junior Netball League
The netball team was encouraged by their improving form throughout the
season. Having lost a number of experienced players this season who had
moved on to high school, it was encouraging to see a number of new players
taking their place in the team. A good turnout of pupils meant subs could be
used to allow these pupils to become more confident and become familiar with
the large sports hall which can initially be daunting to new players.


In the League they drew their first match against Trefonnen and then went on
to win against Cefnllys and Nantmel.
The team was made up of : Emma Kolano-Rogers (Captain), Jessica Bray,
Harry Hooper, Shauna Jones, Jenna Myatt , Megan Powell, Grace Samuel,
Rhian Thomas, Rhiannon Towns and Molly Wills.

Powys Swimming Gala

A large squad attended this years‟ gala at Llandrindod Sports Centre
demonstrating an excellent standard of swimming skills The school was
particularly pleased by the selection of three pupils to take part in the county
gala: Emma Kolano-Rogers, Rhiannon Towns and Steffan Towns were
selected to represent Mid Powys and swim in several races in the county


Llandrindod and District Rugby Tournament
The Community Focus Group sponsored joint tag rugby coaching sessions in
the Llandrindod area over the half term with Howey school, led by Katie
Hamer Dragon sports officer. Many of the local schools then took part in a
day of tag rugby. Newbridge and Howey joined forces for the day with all
pupils taking a full and active role in the day.

Ysgol Dolafon School Rugby Tournament
The school competed in the Ysgol Dolafon tournament. Mr Raymond
O‟Sullivan coached the team and they returned with the magnificent trophy for
the second year running.

26.    Sports Day

Once again the weather proved a defining factor in the running of sports day
and although the event had a promising start, the onset of a torrential storm
meant the event had to be abandoned much to the disappointment of all

27.    Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Governor again attended contract and site meetings
concerning the designs and building of the new school and raised HSW
issues on numerous occasions. The Governing Body are grateful for the
contribution of the LEA HSW Officer, Rachel Jones, on these issues and her
readiness to come on site for inspections during the works.

As they do every year, the Health and Safety Governor and the Head
Teacher continued to monitor matters and undertook periodic inspections
of the School grounds and risk assessments. The governors receive
regular Health & Safety Reports and they are quick to raise H&S aspects


of matters discussed and all H&S issues are addressed, even if they are
beyond the powers of the Governors to solve immediately. The School
Council, the Eco-Committee and the Road Safety Committee make
useful contributions to HSW issues from time to time.

The long awaited Safe Handling training took place with older pupils from the
school participating in a workshop followed by twilight sessions for all school
staff who were invited to participate.

28.    School Visits

Each class made several visits during the year, usually directed to their
particular educational projects. They included:

Classes 1 & 2:       Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans – House and Homes
                     Llandrindod Wells Bicycle Museum – Transport
                     Trip by bus and train to Llanwrtyd Wells – Transport
                     Llysdinam Field Centre – Winter and New Life

Class 3:             Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans – Houses and Homes
                     South Wales Borderers Museum, Brecon – World War II
                     Elan Valley – Habitats

Class 4:             Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans – The Celts
                     The Spaceguard Centre – Our Planet
                     Elan Valley – Water
                     Llangrannog – Welsh

29.    The Friends of the School

Despite the upheaval with the building work the Friends have continued to
support the work of the school, raising funds for extras and helping with
school events. In addition to these activities, the governors are grateful for the
additional support the Friends gave during the move out of the temporary
class rooms and into the new school.

The Friends funded and arranged for the installation of the "fitness trail"
previously purchased through a lottery grant and they also bought sports
equipment and games to enable the school to zone the school yard to
encourage play. They also purchased a portable electric piano for use in the
class rooms and school hall.

During the year the Friends helped with the Christmas party, Eisteddfod and
Farmers Market; they also maintained the traditions of the bun and apple at
the school harvest festival and giving the leavers a present to mark their
departure for high school.

              ANNUAL PARENTS’ REPORT – SEPT 08/JULY 09

30.    Cycling Proficiency

Year 6 took part in the Cycling Proficiency course and the majority of pupils
once again passed their tests.

31.    Christmas
Mrs Sue Williams, the school cook, served a marvellous Christmas dinner,
with all the trimmings, enjoyed by pupils, staff and guests. The School held a
Carol Service at the Church in the last week of term and the day after that the
pupils had a Christmas party to which Father Christmas invited himself!

32.    Music
Congratulations to the following pupils who passed grade examinations:

Clarinet:      Phebe Colley - Grade 1
Piano:         Emma Kolano Rogers Grade 4
               Megan Powell Grade 2
               Grace Samuel Grade 2
Guitar:        Dafydd Powell Grade 1

33.    Volunteers

The School continues to be extremely grateful for all the excellent support
from parents and others in the past year, both as part of the Friends‟ activities
and individually.

34.    Summer Projects

This year‟s projects were judged by Mr and Mrs Dave Price. They provided
placings and positive comments to all those pupils who produced a project:

1st    Grace Samuel         Global Warming
2nd    Jenna Myatt          Australia
3      Charlotte Nixon      Me and my ponies
Highly commended            Emma Kolano-Rogers
Commended                   Megan Powell and Teg Jones

35.       Transfers to High School

We shall miss the following children who have gone on to secondary
education: -
Builth Wells High School: Shauna Jones, Sophie James, Geraint Mathias,
Megan Powell, Grace Samuel, Matthew Southerby and Rhian Thomas.
Llandrindod High School: Emma Kolano-Rogers and Douglas Lewns


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