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                                    The American Physiological Society
MISSION                             AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY CONSOLIDATED –                                  Integrating the Life
The          American               AJP CONS.                                                                      Sciences from Molecule
P h y s i o l o g i c a l           The consolidated American Journal of Physiology (AJP) ranks as one of          to Organism
Society       (APS)      is     a   the most frequently cited publications among all physiology journals
nonprofit     devoted          to   listed in the Journal Citation Index. In continuous publication since 1898,
fostering       education,          the AJP Cons. contains the following 7 journals: AJP-Cell Physiology,
scientific   research,        and   AJP-Endocrinology and Metabolism, AJP-Gastrointestinal and Liver
dissemination                 of    Physiology, AJP-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, AJP-Heart and
information       in          the   Circulatory Physiology, AJP-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative
physiological sciences.             Physiology and AJP-Renal Physiology. The most economical way for
                                    institutions to purchase all seven sections.

                                    JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY – JAP
                                    Publishes original papers that deal with diverse areas of research in
                                    applied physiology, especially those papers emphasizing adaptive and
                                    integrative mechanisms. Adaptive physiology includes 1) inherent
                                    adaptations such as those related to development, aging, and
                                    pathophysiological conditions and 2) adaptations to the external
                                    environment such as those occurring with exercise, microgravity,
                                    hypoxia, hypo- and hyperbaria, and hypo- and hyperthermic conditions.
                                    Integrative physiology includes 1) horizontal integration across organ
                                    systems and 2) vertical integration from molecule to cell to organ. In all
                                    areas of applied physiology, the use of cutting-edge techniques including
                                    molecular and cellular biology is strongly encouraged.

                                    Continued on back cover

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                  The American Physiological Society

Journal Title                               American Journal of Physiology                               Journal of Applied Physiology                                            Journal of Neuro
                                                      Consolidated                                                    JAP                                                                   JNeur
                                                       AJP Cons.
Journal URL                                                                                   

ISSN                                                    0002-9513                                                   8750-7587                                                             0022-30
ESSN                                                                                                                1522-1601                                                              1522-15
Audience                            Medical Research, Academic, Hospital, Community        Medical Research, Academic, Hospital, Community College                  Medical Research, Academic, Ho

Impact Factor                         AJP-Cell 4.230             AJP-Lung 4.214                                          3.632                                                                 3.684
                                      AJP-Endo 4.138           AJP-Regulatory 3.661
                                     AJP-Gastro 3.761            AJP-Renal 4.416
                                     AJP-Heart 3.973
Issue Frequency                                Monthly 2 volumes / year                                     Monthly 2 volumes / year                                               Monthly 2 volu

Embargo to Open Access                                    12 months                                                 12 months                                                              12 mont

Platform                                                  HighWire                                                   HighWire                                                              HighWi
Legacy Content                        AJP 1898 – 1977               AJP-Regulatory                             July 1948 –Sept 1996                                                  Jan 1938 – D
                                     1977 Section jour-           AJP-Endo. & Gastro.
                                      nals and consoli-               (split 1980)
                                       dated formed:                  AJP-Heart
                                         AJP Cons.                    AJP-Fluid
Programs of Study                                 Education, Medicine,                     Education, Medicine, Nursing, Public Affairs/Public Health,              Education, Medicine, Nursing, P
                                                Nursing, Sports Medicine                        Sociology, Sports Medicine, Women’s Studies                              Sociology, Sports Medicin

Subject Areas Covered               Biochemistry                                        Accident and Emergency                   Neuroscience                   Accident and Emergency Medi-
                                    Cardiovascular Medicine and Stroke                  Medicine                                 Nutrition                      cine
                                    Cell Biology                                        Agriculture                              Oceanography                   Anesthesia, Analgesia, Pain
                                    Endocrinology                                       Anesthesia, Analgesia, Pain              Oncology                       Biochemistry
                                    Gastroenterology                                    Atmospheric Science                      Pathology                      Cardiovascular Medicine and
                                    Immunology                                          Biochemistry                             Pediatrics                     Stroke
                                    Medicine                                            Cardiovascular Medicine and              Pharmacology                   Cell Biology
                                    Neuroscience                                        Stroke                                   Physics                        Chemistry
                                    Nutrition                                           Cell Biology                             Physiology                     Computer Science
                                    Physiology                                          Chemistry                                Planetary Sciences             Dermatology
                                    Respiratory Medicine                                Computer Science                         Plant Biology                  Developmental Biology
                                                                                        Critical Care / Intensive Care           Psychiatry                     Endocrinology
                                                                                        Dermatology                              Psychology                     Evidence Based Practice
                                                                                        Developmental Biology                    Radiology                      Evolution
                                                                                        Ecology                                  Rehabilitation Medicine        Gastroenterology
                                                                                        Economic Science                         Renal and Urologic Medicine    Genetics
                                                                                        Endocrinology                            Respiratory Medicine           Immunology
                                                                                        Evidence Based Practice                  Rheumatology                   Infectious Diseases
                                                                                        Gastroenterology                         Sexual Medicine                Mathematics
                                                                                        Genetics                                 Sociology                      Materials Science
                                                                                        Immunology                               Sports and Exercise Medicine   Medicine
                                                                                        Infectious Diseases                      Statistics                     Microbiology
                                                                                        Mathematics                              Surgery                        Neuroscience
                                                                                        Materials Science                        Virology                       Nutrition
                                                                                        Medicine                                 Women's Health                 Pathology
                                                                                        Microbiology                                                            Pediatrics

ILL permitted with Online Version                           Yes                                                          Yes                                                                   Yes

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ophysiology                               Physiological Genomics                               Physiological Reviews                                               Physiology
o                                                   PG                                                  PR                                       http://                                           
077                                            1094-8341                                             0031-9333                                                      1548-9213
598                                              1531-2267                                           1522-1210                                                      1548-9221
ospital, Community College          Medical Research, Academic, Hospital,     Medical Research, Academic, Hospital, Community College                 Medical Research, Academic, Hospital,
                                       Community College, Public or                                                                                            Community College
                                             Community Library
4                                                  3.493                                                  29.600                                                      6.954

 mes / year                             Online monthly print quarterly                Quarterly Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct 1 volume/year                       Published bi-monthly 1 volume / year

ths                                              12 months                                           12 months                                                      12 months

 re                                               HighWire                                            HighWire                                                       HighWire
 ec 1996                                   First published in 1999                               Jan 1921- Dec 1997                             Formerly published as News In Physiological Science
                                                                                                                                                         1986 – 2004. Title change in 2004

Public Affairs/Public Health,           Education, Medicine, Nursing,                       Education, Medicine, Nursing,                         Education, Medicine, Nursing, Sports Medicine
ne, Women’s Studies,                          Sports Medicine                             Sports Medicine, Women’s Studies

    Pharmacology                   Biochemistry                             Accident and Emergency               Physics                                            Physiology
    Physics                        Cardiovascular Medicine and Stroke       Medicine                             Physiology
    Physiology                     Cell Biology                             Biochemistry                         Plant Biology
    Plant Biology                  Developmental Biology                    Cardiovascular Medicine and          Psychology
    Psychiatry                     Endocrinology                            Stroke                               Rehabilitation Medicine
    Psychology                     Gastroenterology                         Cell Biology                         Renal and Urologic Medicine
    Radiology                      Genetics                                 Chemistry                            Respiratory Medicine
    Rehabilitation Medicine        Genomics                                 Dermatology                          Sexual Medicine
    Respiratory Medicine           Medicine                                 Developmental Biology                Sports and Exercise Medicine
    Rheumatology                   Neuroscience                             Ecology                              Surgery
    Sexual Medicine                Nutrition                                Endocrinology                        Women's Health
    Signal Transduction            Physiology                               Gastroenterology
    Sociology                      Respiratory Medicine                     Genetics
    Sports and Exercise Medicine                                            Immunology
    Statistics                                                              Medicine
    Surgery                                                                 Microbiology
    Women's Health                                                          Neuroscience

                                                     Yes                                                   Yes                                                         Yes
The American Physiological Society
Articles of the highest quality science on the function of the nervous system, report on the investigations that use the techniques of
electrophysiology, experimental neuroanatomy, electron microscopy, and tissue culture. The fields of neurochemistry, cellular neurobiology,
developmental neurobiology and behavioral analysis contribute to the content of this respected journal.

Represents a bold new venture to publish the results of a wide variety of studies from human and from informative model systems with
techniques linking genes and pathways to physiology, from prokaryotes to eukaryotes. Strives to link innovation in genomics and proteomics
to complex physiological pathways. Published papers address the ultimate result of differential gene and protein expression in cells, organs
and whole organisms.

Provides comprehensive state-of-the-art coverage of timely issues in the physiological and biomedical sciences. These articles are a superb
resource for teaching and research as they provide interesting, clearly written updates on important new developments.

Invites peer-reviewed articles, written by leaders in their fields highlighting major advances in the broadly defined field of physiology. Also
published are shorter articles that either highlight important emerging topics and technologies or explore differing points of view. The journal
also identifies and briefly summarizes some of the most exciting new papers in physiology.

The Legacy content can be viewed as completely searchable scanned images of the printed page going back to the first issues of each of the
APS journals-including their first journal in 1898, the American Journal of Physiology.

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 Journal Title                                              Institutional                     Institutional              Groups and Consortia
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 Journal of Neurophysiology                                    $1,505                            $1,230                     Contact SPCNet

 Physiological Genomics                                         $350                              $295                      Contact SPCNet

 Physiological Reviews                                          $490                              $410                      Contact SPCNet

 Physiology                                                     $295                              $235                      Contact SPCNet

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